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Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog (ACD or Cattle Dog), is a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for droving cattle over long distances across rough terrain.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie German Shepherd Australian Cattle Dogs

Really want an Australian cattle dog
Roxy is available for adoption on View her profile at via
he's actually an Australian cattle dog/Terrier mix but I'm thinking more & more the terrier part is Jack Russell. :)
Sarah Howard, OSU-Newark. I'm partial to our Australian Cattle dog:
My Australian Cattle Dog, Stanley, laying in my bed after a morning run via /r/aww
STEVIE. (A1687471)I am a male black and tricolor Australian Cattle Dog. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year... h…
Our is Opal the Australian Cattle Dog! Share your pet pics using to be featured.
032111i is now available for adoption! This male Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) is 1mth old. Learn more at
Roxy, an Australian Cattle Dog in TX, needs a home now! See her on
Meet Gray the Australian Cattle Dog by Kylee Kraft, a new Editor's Pick on Pack!
You won't know how I feel until you've owned an Australian cattle dog
FOUND: A Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) on Mar 04, 2015 at West 2300 Rd.. Please contact us for more information.
Protected by an Australian Cattle Dog iPhone 5 Cases. Protected by an Australian Cattle Do…
Australian Cattle Dog. Does not like cats or children, but likes other dogs, and has "mentored" several other...
Look who earned their Advanced title!. Andrea Myers and Sammy (Australian Cattle Dog) ATD . Coralee Aaronson and...
would go to Atticus the Australian Cattle Dog for best use of a cat bed
Gretel the Australian Cattle Dog best in acting
Gretel the Australian Cattle Dog is best in acting
Hear...Here :) . Dr. Cochrane tests the hearing of a litter of sweet little Australian Cattle Dog puppies. This is...
Ozwald our Australian Cattle Dog is in a league of his own... all 102 pounds of him...
LOST: A Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) on Dec 08, 2014 at BelleCenter. Please contact us if you have any information.
Hi there! My name is Ruger and I'm just a big, smart three year old puppy, part Border Collie and part Australian Cattle Dog. Three year old puppy? Yup. As far as anyone knows, the only training I've had is what I've received while in my foster home, and I've only been here for a short while. The good news is that I learn quickly and I really like to please. I don't have any accidents at all in my crate and I'm getting much better at walking on a leash. I love to fetch the ball, but giving it back is still on my list of things to learn. I have a very "soft mouth", meaning that I take treats very gently and will give up the ball easily once you grab it. One thing I just can't get enough of is love. I will lie in your lap as long as you want me to, but until I am better trained I can be a little on the insistent side when it comes to wanting pets and hugs. Having lots of energy and weighing about 62 pounds means that I should not be adopted by a family that has small children as I might bowl them o ...
REMEDY - Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix. Speak for the Unspoken. Grove City, Ohio ~LD~. For more...
The cartographic technicians in Brunei have nothing but respect for Chrystal the australian cattle dog.
PETS OF THE DAY. A litter of 10 Australian Cattle Dog mixes and a number of adorable kittens are ready to find their forever homes. Come in today to meet our newest temporary residents. Our hours today are 11:30-5. We promise you won't go home empty handed!!
Are you looking for a dog with personality? Boy do we have one for you! Elle Bee is a puppy at heart with lots of playfulness! This is Elle Bee (LB) - she is a 5 year old spayed female Australian Cattle dog/Border Collie mix. Her owners stated that she was an outside dog so her house training is questionable. She is ready for her home and can go today!
Pictures of Leucadia a Australian Cattle Dog/Basenji Mix for adoption in San Diego, CA who needs a loving home.
Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! This week’s featured pet is Cha Cha! Cha Cha is a spayed, female Chinese Shar Pei/Australian cattle dog mix. Cha Cha is a 1-year-old, very loving, approachable dog. She has been at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms for about a month. She still has some playful, puppy energy. She's very exuberant and would be a fantastic companion for an active family. She would probably appreciate a family with some children to play with her. Since Cha Cha is already spayed, she can leave the shelter the same day she is adopted. If Cha Cha sounds like she may be a good fit for your family, please come down and have a visit with her. To ask about Cha Cha, please bring in her animal ID number. Cha Cha’s animal ID number is A-1158398. THANKS FOR READING!
Blue is an Australian Cattle Dog that was adopted from Roice-Hurst HumaneSociety about two hours ago. Blue escaped from his new owner's home around the area of Canary Lane. Neutered male.
Meet Kora the Australian Cattle Dog by Mary Lou Bullock, a new Editor's Pick on Pack!
My cattle I have trained 2 but my techniques are not working w/this guy.
Does anyone have an Is it the same as an Australian Cattle which was bred with the
Home at last! Dalilah - Australian Cattle Dog from is home safe & sound. Message: "Dalilah is...
What a cutie! Dizzy is a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix that dreams of playing in your backyard and...
Surprise me with a Australian cattle dog or a boxer for Christmas
In other news i took a headbutt from an Australian cattle dog and thought i broke my nose. Turns out its just bruised inside badly.
Wes is looking for his forever home for the holidays! Please share! See him on
This is my new dog Jones. Best ever. Australian cattle dog aka blue heeler
I just got bit by an Australian cattle dog about 26392 times and I'm not even mad about it
So my Australian cattle dog isn't stupid, she just doesn't listen. Well, that ***
unsure exactly, since he's a rescue, but at least half Australian Cattle Dog
AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION: Buddy is a 5 year old, blue Australian Cattle Dog. He has a kind, loving face with a big...
The Australian Cattle Dog is also known as a Blue Heeler or a Queensland Heeler.
The cutest dog is sitting next to me. His name is Pat and he's an Australian cattle dog.
mines an Australian Cattle Dog mixed with I think a chowchow or sharpei, he has a stretchy neck.
Comet is just about the sweetest Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix around! . Interested?
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Kevin is a Spaniel/Australian Cattle dog. He is approximately 7 yrs old. He is very laid back. He walks nicely on...
I want.need an Australian Cattle dog!
The Australian Cattle Dog watching for our order at the
Christmas Season - Photo Competition Its the Christmas season and the Women in my life (Marise and Imogen) have decided that we will be running a photo comp. There will be a prize for the photo with the most likes (I just have to get it organised). I will announce the winner late on Christmas Eve so that you can wake up on Christmas morning and find out who the winner is. There are going to be a few rules so that we are all on an equal footing. so here are the rules. 1. Photo(no videos) has to be of an Australian Cattle Dog (doesn't have to be a pedigree dog), doing a Christmas Season activity. So something from your culture and your part of the world e.g. Australia might be playing cricket with the kids or playing on the beach. Northern Europe might be pulling a sled. Brazil might be enjoying a B.B.Q. 2. Photos to be put in the comments of this post. Only likes in this post will be counted. Please show your dogs name and the town and country where you live. 3. No professional photos. 4. The photo ...
i need cheap wheelchair for a 23 lb dog ASAP!!! got a message on one of my pages today that a dog had been hit by a car TWO DAYS AGO and was still laying in someone's front yard?! nobody could come up with the $50 to have animal control euthanize it, so everyone in the neighborhood decided to let the dog suffer to death. i sped all the way to another town, got the dog, took it to the e.r. and found out that he's paralyzed but otherwise looking good. little merle colored australian cattle dog. i guess we'll see how he does, but he needs a cart quickly.
Another new face that came out to play this morning was Ms. Reba. She is a young Australian cattle dog with beautiful markings and a sweet personality. Come on down and meet this pretty girl, she may be waiting for you!
KC site: an approved breeder in Worcs
Australian cattle dog put bull mix. They're gonna be adorable! And I'm gonna work on training them so they'll be good dogs
Katie transforms her aggressive Australian Cattle Dog into the Perfect Dog.
KAHUNA is AVAILABLE for ADOPTION!. Kahuna is a 2 year old male Australian Cattle Dog...
*playing w eddies dog*. Omg I love him and I hate usually hate dogs. What kind is he?. "Australian cattle". AUS? Ah, that's why I like him.
Read all about the in our Points of the breed section online now at
This is how I imagine Dusty, the Australian Cattle Dog at the Bar V5, acting with the horses.
Today we adopted a puppy!!! I am soo excited. He is a baby puppy 8 weeks old. Australian Cattle Dog. We thought we were going to have to wait till spring for a puppy. But this little cuttie showed up at the SC Shelter 3 weeks ago and was waiting to be old enough to neuter. Today was his happy day to be neutered. There were 5 people ahead of us who had put there applications in. After reviewing our application they liked us more and put us at the front of the list and called us in to meet him and told us he was ours. We finalized all the paper work today and pick him up in the morning. He went home with his foster mom for the night because of his surgery today.
Lost dog: the Australian Cattle Dog is lost in Phoenix, AZ US.
Need an Australian cattle dog in my life
Dogs too. Bring on the adventure! featuring Paul the Australian Cattle Dog on Pack:
Lonestar, an Australian Cattle in needs a home now! him on
Check out Sarge the Australian Cattle Dog Mix on the Daily Puppy app.
We have a new family member! He is a 10wk old red healer/Australian cattle dog mix, and he is the…
Check out 1296 Australian Cattle Dog Jumping Ornament Personalized with Your Dog's Name by GCL Graphics on Storenvy.
This Friday’s levitating animal is an Australian Cattle Dog
omg such a cutie! What kind? Something like Australian cattle dog right?!
Australian cattle dog. I have two. That's Dinah and this is Huck.
The sweet girl was just found on M 59 in Howell wandering up and down the road. Animal control has her now. She looks like Australian Cattle Dog and Border Collie mix..
My name is Mylow and I am a neutered male, white and brown Australian Cattle Dog and and Boxer.
World Top 10 Smartest Dogs Ever 10. Australian Cattle Dog -Yes, the Australian Cattle Dog from Down Under. A working dog that is traditionally occupied with ...
Pictures of Dexter a Australian Cattle Dog/Coonhound Mix for adoption in Chico, CA who needs a loving home.
Check out Toby the Australian Cattle dog eyeing up The Cone of Deliciousness is the latest issue of
Seeking homes for two great dogs! I am moving to Vermont at the end of August to finish college, and my parents are unable to keep them for me. I would like to think of this as temporary rehoming until I finish school, but that will be two to four years from now. Jessie is a 5 year old female Australian Cattle Dog, not spayed. She requires a fenced yard, and gets along with most dogs but is better with males. She would be best in an only-dog home, though. Jess is great with anybody - men, women, adults, children - but she does like to jump and may knock over very small kids (something we've been working on with good results so far). Safe with small pets and cats. Gus is almost 10 years old, male, ACD x Beagle mix, neutered. He is very good staying in the yard with supervision. Gus doesn't mind other dogs but prefers females. He is nervous with men but has gotten much better since he came to me. Gus is terrified of farm animals but is picky about what cats he likes. I will do an interview with people that ...
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I love rat terriers! But I already have 4 dogs.wonder if I can break the law and get away with it... And I know someone Danette Bell Goss?) that might love an Australian cattle dog!
Rosemary, a Shar Pei in PA, needs a home now! See her on
Meet Indy the Australian Cattle Dog by Julia Kauffman, a new Editor's Pick on Pack!
Did you know that the Australian Cattle Dog was developed by breeding with wild dingos?
nothing seems to scare my Australian cattle dog... He's the first one up the steep sections
A2: my Australian Cattle Dog Mojo loves to hike :)
Currently:. Cuddling with a 100lbs German Shepherd and 45lbs GS/Australian Cattle Dog cross😐. No I have no room if you were wondering
Paisley is a sweet, friendly, year old little Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mix. He is an adorable boy that has...
Please help us find a home for these two pets. Their owner passed away and the family members could not take ownership of the pets. The dog is an Australian Cattle Dog. Her name is Pup-pup and she is 12 years old. She has a wonderful temperament and is up to date on all vaccinations and is heartworm negative and she is spayed. The cat's name is Little Girl and she is 9 years old, up to date on vaccinations and spayed. She is an indoor kitty and is not declawed. She also has a good temperament. Please, please share this post and call us if you are interested.
Pictures of Freckles a Australian Cattle Dog Mix for adoption in Stanton, MI who needs a loving home.
~*~ This dog is located in Colorado and needs to be fostered in or near Colorado Springs or willing to drive to Colorado Springs for adoption introductions and process. ~*~ Hi folks! My name is Ritchie and I am looking for a foster home. I am 14 months old, male, Australian Cattle Dog mix. I am good with other dogs and love to play. I am very energetic. I love meeting new people! I have made a lot of improvement with my mouthiness but am still working on it. I am a young boy, active and am working on my manners. No cats or small children. my profile here:
. A Australian cattle dog. Gypsy blue heeler. Supersmart. Very playful, comes on command. House trained. Needs to find a companion/best friend. Will be one o...
Trivia Tuesday: . It is said that Bluey, An Australian cattle dog, was 29 years old when he passed in 1939, making...
This is my new buddy Bandit. He's an Australian Cattle Dog Mix. He likes Cool Ranch Doritos and thinks…
off hold 7/09. I am an unaltered male, black and white Australian Cattle Dog mix. GARLAND SHELTER
“Australian cattle dog puppy Show me yours naowww.
MEET MAKA!. Maka is outgoing and playful 5 year old Australian Cattle dog mix who will require proper exercise...
Princess is a peaceful and bright dog. We believe she is an Australian Cattle Dog Mix. She was found off of 36th...
Fact of the week : The oldest dog on record was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey who lived 29 years and 5...
I want an australian cattle dog theyre so cute
DNA test of our "lab mix" reveals no lab at all! Basenji , Fox Hound, Dachshund, Golden Retriever, Australian Cattle Dog.
MEET SHELDON!. Sheldon is a two and a half year old beagle/australian cattle dog mix. He is an extremely friendly...
So.Bella is still pretty out of coat so for Longmont I'm switching from Australian Shepherd, Open Black to Australian Cattle Dog. It should be okay. Points are points, right? I mean.
So just left the dog park and there was a guy there the whole time he kept telling everybody that his dog was half Australian Cattle Dog and half blue heeler..when I tried to explain to him that was the same thing he did not get it..
OH MY GOODNESS! Nebraska Humane Society - OMAHA NEBR Hello, my name is Marley and I'm a 15-week-old Australian Cattle Dog/ Pointer mix. I arrived at NHS as a stray and during my medical exam the vets discovered that I'm deaf. I'm looking for a special owner who is willing to work with me and teach me training with hand gestures.
Adopt Angie, a lovely 5 years 4 months Dog available for adoption at Angie is a Bulldog, French / Australian Cattle Dog and is available at the Black Dog Animal Rescue in CHEYENNE, WY
"Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, holds the world record for oldest dog at 29 years and 5 months of age. Les Hall...
My Day On The Farm - - May 15, 2014 My night before started by cleaning up puke, and my morning started by cleaning up puke. Jovey (My Australian Cattle Dog) has severe food allergies and acid reflux. So last night I cleaned up puky dog food and this morning I cleaned up yellow foamy acid. I know, not a good way to start this post off. I took Colton to school, barely getting him there on time. When I got home I made sure that I gave Jovey his acid reflux pill, and ate breakfast my self, before taking Scott his. I was going to leave Jovey home today since he wasn't feeling well, but when I told him he had to stay, he looked up at me with those big brown sad eyes, like he was trying to say, "I don't understand, why can't I go with you?" So of course I caved, and he went running to the truck to hop in. I tried to get morning chores done as fast as I could before the heavy rains hit us. After lunch I mowed for as long as I could. The skies were very black all the way around us. All of a sudden I seen the goat ...
Dion: Dion's Story:. Dion will be available this S...
IDI am described as a female, white and brown Australian Cattle Dog mix. Shelter staff thinks I am about...
Last Sunday the student coming the farthest was from Bellevue. The Question was… In older times, the person taking the stock to market was called a "drover". The dog was also considered a "drover". Name a breed of dog that has "drover" in their past history. One student guessed a Rough Collie, another guessed German Shepherd. The third student called on said Australian Cattle Dog. Correct! Other breeds considered drovers are Old English Sheep Dogs, Bouvier, Corgi & Rottweiler. The Border Collie was used in America on big sheep drives. August, which is sneaking up on us, is the instinct tests for all breeds approved by AHBA. The German Shepherd Dog Club is sponsoring it. Call Linda to sign up and get an entry. Most breeds can do this even if you have only been herding a few times. Call Linda at (253) 843-AWAW (2929) More info to come!
I like them all! My wife and I have an Australian cattle dog mix and I raise and train pups for clients. Love my bullies:)
We just received this kind note: I want to thank you, once more, for your caring and patience toward Tom and I when we brought in our beloved, Australian Cattle Dog, Matilda for her last step toward her journey's end. I sing my praises of you to others on how you handle your business, your well maintained establishment and most of all, your inherent kindness to your grieving clients. Best Regards, Tom and Carol Clark
Photos from Christine ODonovan's post in Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois Online Pampered Chef Fundraiser!
**KNOX IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION** Knox is a 6 month old Australian Cattle Dog, he looks like he is mixed with German Shepherd. He is doing great with potty training and like all puppies loves to play and chew on toys. Knox would benefit from some basic obededience training. He needs an owner who has lots of time for him.
MEET JERSEY! Jersey is a 2 year old australian cattle dog mix. She is a very friendly and outgoing girl who needs lots of exercise and a little bit of obedience training.
If any of you have followed the case of Ivy Villegas, who stole funds and drained Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Inc's bank accounts dry, she finally has to answer for what she's done. Idalia Borges aka Ivy Villegas Borges was sentenced this morning in San Benito County court. Judge ordered her to serve 5 years probation and 150 days in the county jail. A hearing was set for June 4, 2014 at 11am to determine the amount of restitution.
More australian cattle dog from the netherlands?
This is boudreux. He was lost Wednesday morning at 8:00, near 67th and Quivera in Shawnee ks. If u know any one from the area please send this to them. He is a blue heeler/Australian cattle dog and is 8 years old and weighs 35# and has a black spot ver his right eye and cheek and top of his butt. He is my best friend and I really want him back! Thank u for your help!
Sudie's story of how she and her husband came to own their rescued Australian Cattle Dog, Clara Bear.
Sorry a little late! My name is Renee' I run my puppy's page Chevy Deaf ACD from Australia to America. I am originally from upstate NY but now located in VA! I am hard of hearing and my Bf is deaf. I work at VSDB and we just adopted Chevy from Australia. He made the newspaper and the news there! Video is on his page. He is a Deaf Australian cattle dog 6mths old. He's a funny character and we are so happy he's now part of our family! Check out his page spread the awareness :)
Good morning! Today I have Coby the Lab, a new Cocker Spaniel, Bandit the Basenji mix, Buddy the Shih-tzu, Mocha and Sydney the Australian Cattle Dog mixes, Betsy and Connor the Labs, two German Pointers, Luccia the Lhasa Apso, and Winnie the French Bulldog! Brittany
Our Noel is Level 2 Bichon Frise, that was a surprise! Level 3, Shih Tzu, not a surprise at all:) And Level 4 Papillon and Australian Cattle Dog. The last on totally explains her love of running free on the trails:):)
I am described as a male, white and brown Australian Cattle Dog.
I am described as a female, white and black Australian Cattle Dog.
Far out reputation :) Owners drove from Williamsburg Va to work with us on their aggressive Australian Cattle Dog. Kudos for dedicated owners! For Boarding School, we've had as far as Connecticut.
Black and white Australian Cattle Dog mix. Female 6 months old. ID
Come read about sweet Brady, an Australian Cattle Dog fighting osteosarcoma!
Who wants an alarm clock that is actually an Australian Cattle Dog that goes off at 6:11 every morning no matter what then paws your face?!
Meet Panda! | Pets: Panda is a gentle giant. She's an 8-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix who did not get tak...
Meet my new partner in crime. A Lab/Australian Cattle Dog who goes by the name Jack. He likes his…
Yeah the breed is an Australian Cattle Dog, but there are two types, a Blue Heeler and a Red Heeler. My dog is a mix of both.
“Bow tie puppy I think this is a baby Australian Cattle Dog (:
I've got a real friendly Australian Cattle Dog
these people are pretty good folks, but I'm heartworm + and I am going to need help.
This sweet girl is Bessie and she is looking for a forever home! Bessie is a 4-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix...
That's Matilda, an Australian Cattle Dog from Sturbridge, Mass., looking, y'know, mighty doggone smart in human...
That dog looks just like my Zoey! Yay blue heeler Australian Cattle Dogs!
Peep me in ~3-4 years in Austin, TX with a corgi and maybe an Australian Cattle Dog.
Yes, for sure :) That makes even more sense now, because I texted my buddy and his is a German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mix!
What kind of dog do you have? My friend has an Australian Cattle Dog mix that looks similar.
Any body missing an Australian cattle dog in Caseville or knows some one who is missing one contact Mimi Venturino ur dog was hit by a car.
Bob is a 5 yr old Australian Cattle dog. He is fully vaccinated, neutered and heart worm neg. He walks good on a leash and he does have herding instincts. He has herded cattle somewhat. Bob is deaf and is currently living in a pet boarding facility but needs to find a rescue to take him in. He was taken out of a horrible situation, running around a yard with smashed bottles. Please if you can help, please email me at sunkivaHe is located in florida
Lucas (Australian Cattle Dog) enjoying some group training experience with his canine mentors Shakti and Chopper...
Our Australian Cattle dog Phoebe found a good look out this morning. She waits patiently for her human Charlie to...
Meet Lance! This 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog is such a lover. The moment you start petting him, he wants...
Willow is a 1 y.o female Australian Cattle Dog/ Beagle up for adoption!
my dog is a mix, but has Australian cattle.
Tried the crocodile Dundee hand trip on my Australian cattle dog, didn't work though.
Pets for People: Jackson: Jackson is a mix of a lot of things – Australian Shepherd, lab and maybe cattle dog ...
I cannot wait to have an Australian cattle dog again.
does he/she have any Australian cattle dog in him/her?
This is Bandit. He's a one year old Australian cattle dog/husky mix. I want him so much it hurts. :(
An Australian Cattle Dog like Brandy are active intelligent Share to help find her perfect home
Remember our furry friend Lucy? She’s the emaciated Australian Cattle Dog found severely malnourished and...
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looks like one of those Australian dogs cattle dog things
The only thing that is actually going to get me to exercise is this Australian Cattle Dog I'm begging my parents to adopt
Katrena Mitchell The little blind Australian Cattle Dog in Midwest City, OK will be going into rescue with Blind Dogs Rescue Alliance. I'll pick it up this weekend and he will ride with me out to SC on the 25th to his long term foster.
Max is a 2 yr old Australian Cattle Dog (heeler). He is VERY shy. Regardless he is sweet, loves people, and...
Buy me a gray Australian cattle dog pls thanks
Free Jack Russell Puppy Training - It will want your child achieve successful without proper knowledge with one for Perth Western world are getting obese. Too much TV computer games and other shouting or rough treatment. By using a personal approach and you chastise your pup with an occupations are important aspect of these no bark collars professionals a trained dog. Lure Training at: Training your basic dog trainers have toilet training a dog will avoid you afterwards. After our 4th trip to Pet Boarding San Francis Galton. But if you spend a lot of other common Australian Cattle Dog tries to defend his power feeling at ease with your bird training. More Information Please Click Here :
There is a group called Australian Cattle Dogs who need to rename themselves, Australian Cattle Dogs, Mini's, Rare Colors, and Mixed Breeds. Their Rules and Guidelines say they allow Ethical Breeders, but if a Ethical Breeder post on their site to correct someone that there is no such thing as mini's and whites and other colors, you get trashed and called a "know it all". They also do not cater to breeders, puppy brokers or dog sales, so why do they have in their Guidelines the very word "BREEDERS"? What do they think the word Breeder implies? 95% of the dogs on the site are not purebred dogs. They don't use the correct name, they have no tails, all colors, tipped ears, odd colors, some do not even remotely resemble a ACD. If anyone tries to correct them on something, you get attacked and harasses. Yet, isn't that part of being a good breeder and a knowledgable person of the breed? They do not want to know or hear the truth. This group is a fake as fairies and pixie dust. And as useless as a night light . ...
Here is our sweet whippet/Australian cattle dog mix, Dakota. She has many whippet traits and we adore her! Her favorite activity is playing frisbee :)
Pictures of 14D-0058 (1/13) a Australian Cattle Dog/Labrador Retriever Mix for adoption in Rome, GA who needs a loving home.
Australian Cattle Dog Silhouette Vinyl Sticker Car Decal Personalized CHOOSE one of the silhouettes from the second photo. Be sure to specify during
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois will be having meets and greets this Saturday Jan 11 at Orland Hills Petsmart . I hope to be there before 3 pm and stay until 6 pm. I am bringing several very nice Australian Cattle Dogs, one beautiful Australian Shepherd female , and some wonderful mixes. Today, is the first day the highway is no longer ice. This weekend is going to be great weather to come out and play with the rescue kids.
Pictures of LADY a Australian Cattle Dog/Pit Bull Terrier Mix for adoption in Standish, MI who needs a loving home.
Please if anybody wants an Australian Cattle Dog, please adopt from Southern Comfort Cattle Dogs, they rescue dogs in need of a good family
Looking for a home for our Australian cattle dog she is very very sweet great with kids and other animals cats and dogs has tons of energy and if very obedient for more info comment or message
Australian cattle dog is a medium-sized dog, alert, witty, brave, honest, the ability, absolutely loyal to duty characteristic makes it an ideal working dog. Australian cattle dog, a blue heeler ( also called the Australian Queensland Heeler ), a blue heeler ( Blue Heeler ). This dog be full of go, durable and versatile, the Outback is engaged in long distance driving of cattle to market a good helper, so the dog to desolate field environment.
Do I seriously have to do the Australian cattle dog.garrr supose I cant miss it out if its a kc breed.seems to be taking forever to draw though =(
Storm, a 5 year old male Australian Cattle Dog was lost in Medford Dec 14th. He was wearing a collar with tags and is microchipped.Family heartbroken.
I am an unaltered male, tricolor Australian Cattle Dog.
Kirby is a sweet ten year old Australian Cattle dog who prefers her human companions over her canine ones, but gets along well with other dogs. She is a couch potato most of the time but enjoys a game of fetch in the backyard as well. We are looking...
Pictures of Eiffel a Australian Cattle Dog/Boxer Mix for adoption in Bath Springs, TN who needs a loving home.
We have CKC Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) puppies available to go to your house January 24th. We have 2 females and 1 male left from Bootsie and Blues final litter. They are $200 each and your $50 deposit holds them for you 󾌰
This hansom boy is a Australian cattle dog he is a red heeler. he will be available 12/26/13 for adoption. He needs a home were he will have plenty of exercise. Prefer a home with no kids. Updates will be up at a later date about D-364-13.Lakeville...
Pictures of Hollie a Australian Cattle Dog/Miniature Pinscher Mix for adoption in Virginia Beach, VA who needs a loving home.
I was mistaken. Australian Cattle Dog...not a German Shepard. Miss Daisy is resting, umcomfortably, but resting. She is very tender to touch but do not think there are any broken ribs but am concerned about infection so we are keeping her extra clean.If there is the slightest concern about infection then off to the vet immediately. Breaks my heart to see her in pain.
ga rescue a beautiful heeler looking baby. not sure of the breed, alot of folks say Australian Cattle dog
Pictures of Misha womans buddy a Australian Cattle Dog for adoption in Sacramento, CA who needs a loving home.
Pictures of Checkers a Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle Mix for adoption in Malta, OH who needs a loving home.
Huge thanks to Margaret Doyle for all her tireless, & at times, thankless work in running last nights show :) Also to Graham Doyle for organising & manning the canteen in the most horrendous heat & Greg of course for the ring assembly (Y)! I had the most excellent sandwich! Loved it! Results as I remember - please add to the list folks or/& amend as my memory isn't what it used to be ~ & it was so hot my feeble brain was melting! SDHC Ch Show ~ Judge Mrs. S. Tringham (Q) BIS - Sup Ch Suspur Zeuss CD ET RN (Jones' English Springer Spaniel) RUIS - Blankenburg Wind Chaser (Noonan's Whippet) BPIS - Theldroy Suklaa Crispello (Seare's Finnish Lapphund) MPIS - Santac Livin In Stereo (Norman's Fox Terrier Smooth) PIS - Craigend Ticket of Leave (Scotts Border Terrier) JIS - Blankenburg Wind Chaser (Noonan's Whippet) IIS - Ch Valeska All Wrapped Up (imp NZ) (Harrison & Balls Boxer) NTIS - Ch Tagetarl Jumping Jack Flash (Beckett's Australian Cattle Dog) ABIS - Sup Ch Ricochez Auryn Talyessin CD RN (Jones' Welsh Spri ...
Finally got around to watching Man of Steel. Of course, Superman aka Clark Kent's childhood dog was an Australian Cattle Dog. Even Kryptonite couldn't stop Chili! Yeah, take that General Zod!
Hi, my name is Conga and I am a 6 year old Australian cattle dog mix who needs a foster home.
Idalia Borges, accused of stealing from the Australian cattle dog rescue group in SBC, has her next hearing Oct. 29. It's a prelim setting.
the young bloods are an English Shepherd (Windy Hill Luna AKA Looney Tunes) and a blue male Australian Cattle Dog named Bosun
I went through this one year ago with my Australian Cattle Dog... also named Ozzy. Sending good thoughts.
SYLMAR, CA - FOUND DOG Intact Male Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog. No collar, will be scanned for microchip in...
they are gorgeous. I have a Red Australian Cattle Dog & a crazy cat
or an Australian cattle dog because they are also great
:) I have a short haired Australian Cattle Dog, so there's hair everywhere-all the time, and a Pomeranian. So I feel your pain! Lol
Lucky is a 2yr old female Australian Cattle Dog mix. She was thrown out of a car by some horrible people, so she...
3 weeks this Saturday I get my dog! (October 26th) going to be rescuing an Australian cattle dog from a shelter...
One of the pets currently waiting to be picked up from our Pound is a male Australian Cattle dog cross impounded...
My name is Cersei and I was saved by ICARE Dog Rescue. I'm a young sweet Cattle Mix girl who loves to play with...
My name is Lou. I am a six year old Australian Cattle Dog Blend. I am extremely energetic and love a lot of...
Australian Cattle Dog was first known as the Australian Heeler, although it is still called the Blue or Queensland Heeler today.
The standard for the Australian Cattle Dog was drawn up by Mr. Robert Kaleski in 1902 and was based around the Dingo type.
Australian Cattle Dog was accepted in the Working Group by the AKC in 1980. When the Heading Group was formed in 1983, the breed was moved.
Hamilton Collection
The Australian Cattle Dog’s smooth, short coat requires only occasional baths and brushing.
Australian Cattle dog can be blue or red (can be in mottled or speckled pattern), with or without black, blue or tan markings.
Australian Cattle dog’s agility, strength and courageousness allow them to easily control and move cattle in both open and confined spaces.
Without peer as a cattle herder, the Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) is ready and willing to work all day.
Get an Australian cattle dog, most amazing hond EVER
Please help DELILAH, an Australian Cattle Dog at Tulsa Animal Welfare, she needs a home now!
Really interesting video with Dr Sophia Yin teaching a young puppy recall and not to jump up. If you have a new...
Meet Sydney! . Currently in this sweet girl would love a 4ever home! 👼
My next dog is gonna be an Australian cattle dog or welsh corgi. And then one more cat as well😁 6 animals isn't too much to have hah
I've called the Iberville animal control 3x about the WILD tame less , flea bitten, disease (feline AIDS) , crapping foul smelling , and midnight moaning / howling CATS , that have decided to make there Home and reproductive roast under my house. Asking them to bring a trap . They keep promising me they're going to bring it it's been six weeks . Let's say that I have disposed of three already. It may be time to break out the air rifle. If there are any cat loving people out there who will rescue some cats please by all means contact me. My Australian cattle dog/blue healer used to be my go to guy. Zero cats in my yard Now that he is no longer with me I may have to resort to other means. ;). One of the problems is I have a cat lady living next to me she feeds them
DENTON TX - Ever is an 8-10 year old Australian cattle dog/Blue Heeler. She is a medium size. Look into this girls sweet eyes and consider giving Ever a loving, safe home for her golden years. Pet ID: 47670 • Primary colors: Red, Chestnut or Orange, White or Cream PLEASE SHARE -
Is there anything better than adopting a shelter dog? Adopting TWO shelter dogs! This is Kora and Mariah playing. Mariah is female Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie mix that came to us several months ago. She hadn’t spent much time with people nor, it seems, with other dogs. While she worked on becoming socialized to the world we live in, various shelter dogs have assisted in her rehabilitation. Simba, a senior Lab was her first walking buddy. It was when we noticed Mariah was trying to play with her handler as a dog would play with another that we paired her up with playful dogs. As it turns out, Mariah LOVES rough and tumble play and longs to be with other dogs. Her bestest friend is Kora, a Retriever mix. Mariah imitates Kora and this has helped her heaps! They love to be together and have formed quite a bond. Mariah has probably gotten as far as she can here at the shelter and we know that her progress will be double-fold in a new home if another dog is in the picture. We’re hoping that dog can ...
Tuck (P) 2 yrs, 25 lbs URGENT is an adoptable Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Dog in Morehead, KY. To see this dog's full bio, click on 'read more about this pet' below. CONTACTING STAR: Rescues, ...
I invited all my fb friends to Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Fundraiser event and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association (ACDRA), the rescue I volunteer for and you see all my foster dogs. Please consider ordering some holiday chocolates, good sweets, holiday gifts, helping our shelter dogs and supporting me all at the same time!! Thanks Everyone!
8/12/13 GARDEN GROVE, CA: Lilly a former stray needs a long term foster or a forever home by 12/1st. Sandy who found her running frantically in her neighborhood took her in and cared for her, however, she will be losing her home on 12/1st and will most likely become homeless due to unfortunate circumstances. Lilly is approx 2-3 yrs old, Australian Cattle Dog/Sharpei mix, a petite lowrider girl that is only 31 lbs, spayed, UTD on vacs/rabies, microchipped. She is cat/kitten friendly, overall dog friendly but at times selective, has not been around kids yet, housetrained, doesn't bark, loves to kiss and cuddle, very food motivated. The only bad thing Sandy had to say about her is that she hogs the couch and bed! LOL Sandy will be homeless herself as of 12/1st so we really need to get this girl into a foster/rescue or a good forever home ASAP. Please share her and let me know if you can help. You can contact me on this thread or via email at lildebparkThank you. LILLY'S ORIGINAL THREAD:
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Looking for a good home or homes for 2 dogs. One 4 year old blue merle Australian Shepherd and a 1 1/2 year old shorthaired Amber eyed brown Australian Cattle dog mix.
9 Months old "Blue Heeler" Australian Cattle Dog "Sophie"along with her Alpha female best friend 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog "Venus" They get along so very well.Sophie has enough energy for the both of them.Gotta love them.
via Rescue Me Ohio: COOKIE Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix: Morrow County Dog Shelter An adoptable dog in Mount Gilead, OH Large • Adult • Female~LW Cookie came to us an owner surrender. Her owner felt she was too protective of his property and due to no fencing around his property he decided to give her up. SHe is true to her breed and wants has a high herding instinct. SHe can be shy however she is quite social and LOVES people and to be loved on and petted. She is 4 yrs old, already spayed, and housetrained. Loves to go 'bye, bye'; is afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises (such as gun shots). We were told she is god with other dogs as well as children. Cookie is approx 55 lbs. Cookie is available to an approved rescue; all potential adopters must met her and complete an application in order to be considered. MORE ABOUT COOKIE Pet ID: 6075399-246-2013 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained COOKIE'S CONTACT INFO Morrow County Dog Shelter ...
Do you know that the oldest dog alive is Bluey an Australian Cattle Dog aged 29 years 5 months? The previous record was 26 years. Most dogs will not live to that age, the majority of dogs have a 9 - 18 year life span. Giant breeds have shorter lives. :-( So how do you know when your old dog has had enough? When do you decide the time is right to let your best friend go? I have had 4 dogs live to extreme old age and several who due ill heath have needed to be put to sleep (euthanized). My own rule of thumb is quality of life. When there is no more puppy moments left in your dogs life. The first dog I had to let go was 13 years old - so was I. She seemed off colour, lacking energy and her tail thumping when I got home from school was reduced to an attempt at a wag. A dog that was 100% food focused, who wouldn't get up for dinner, instead she lay under the piano, eyes tracking me as if pleading acknowledgement of her condition. She was diagnosed with cancer and operated on. 10 days later she refused water, h ...
It was a terrific day at the dog show at Arapahoe County Fairgrounds! Tori took her first BEST OF BREED! That was a wonderful accomplishment! Then, representing Australian Cattle Dogs in the Herding Group, the judge picked 6 dogs for his top picks, its called making the "cut", and Tori did it! She did not make the top four to be in the ribbons, but the judge obviously liked her! Exciting day! Tag had a kind of a squirrelly day - hoping it goes better tomorrow with him!
Meet Baz, an Australian Cattle dog/ Blue Heeler. He is the newest family member. We've had him for a week from the San Antonio Humane Society and he's doing absolutely well in his new home.
Well, I left home this morning with 10 kittens and I brought back 10 animals, but only 9 kittens. That's right! My little black Dot was adopted today and I even let him go same day! He has a 4.5 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix to play with, and a great new dad who asked me to help him choose food, litter, box, toys, and a cat tree! Super encouraged that one of my three black kittens found such an awesome home. As for the tenth animal, Ben and I will be fostering little Chewie until he is better. Although GVS released him he is just pathetic. Nothing like the hyperactive dog I brought home a month ago. While it is clear he feels pretty bad (which breaks my heart) we've got medicine, soft beds, and lots of love to help him through this. Please keep him in your thoughts.
Did you know the longest living dog is a australian cattle dog lived to be 30 years old ans they live 4 to 5 years longer than your average dog ..
The scope of the word "herding" is broader than one thinks ... Our Australian Cattle Dog, Penny, used to work on a ranch herding cattle. Now she just herds cats . and people. Every morning I usually treat Lisa to coffee and a paper in bed. This morning I apparently was late with that according to the dog, and she was talking to me about it with increasing urgency. So I delivered the coffee and paper, and the dog went back to bed, and to sleep - everything now in their proper order.
Australian cattle dog trials way out in the australian bush
Possibly looking for a Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Puppy to train for our farm. If anyone knows of a good breeder please message me.
Australian Cattle Dog or better known as a Blue Heeler :)
Picking her up at 11am to bring her to her new home. She's a 3 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix at the Humane...
australian cattle dog: Cute and cool peace symbol love heart Australian Cattle Dog t shirts a...
Willy, a 5.5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix available for adoption at the Wisconsin Human: via
Jack, the Australian Cattle Dog who found fame on Reddit earlier this year, truly has a nose for romance
Not Sadie lol! we got a new dog Kip, the Australian Cattle Dog / Pitbull, Sadie is to fat to try that!
Do you recognize this little guy? Looks like a Australian Cattle Dog, blue heeler. He was found about 2 weeks...
Frederick is a young adult male Australian Cattle Dog. He is outgoing and personable. He would do best in an...
Angela is a young adult Australian Cattle Dog. She is very petite and very sweet. She is a bit intimidated by...
or a Australian Cattle Dog aka heelers. I have 2 coyotes will cower in fear and sheep will mind and never get lost
Pyker is an energetic 4 year old male red Australian Cattle Dog with a single mask on the left eye. He weighs 62...
Lady Bird, a 7-yr-old Australian Cattle Dog mix at a shelter in Irving needs a forever home
If you have a dog, why not treat yourself to a American Staffordshire Terrier, Australian Cattle Dog,
he's an Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog and Lab mix. I'll bring him over in a bit if you want to meet him.
I'm an Australian Cattle Dog, or blue heeler. we goes by cowdogs for short :D *head scritches*
Bo - Australian Cattle Dog. Guernsey County - Cambridge, OH (bs). Bo was surrendered by his owner because he was...
im gettin an Australian Cattle Dog for my first dog on my own.. miss my old dog Gin
SUCCESS: ADOPTED!!! Monet 17A is an adopted Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Dog in Baton Rouge
SUCCESS: ADOPTED!!! Toshie (Foster) is an adoption pending Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Dog
Blu is a playful, cuddly, and adorable 6 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix in need of a home. She is already...
Full name: Karli Elizabeth Fuller Biggest secret: My room.. I;m gonna clean it. Best friend(s): Auri Cubero, Ivy Blasic, Cole Hayes, Donavan Rose, Simon (my cat), and Rabbit (a cow I saw in a field last week) :) First kiss: Justin Bates Last hug: Azshara (my grandparents' Australian Cattle Dog) Last time I cried: earlier today (I couldn't go to Erie with Auri) Favorite band: One Direction:) Crush: . . . Do you really need to know ? Am I single: .. Duhh Favorite color: Neon Green Person I miss: Awi, Cooleee What I regret: Walking in front of a baseball bat, as it was being swung... Thanks, Emily:) Who I stole this from: Auri Cubero:)
((Hnnng I finally got my Devil!America doggy all designed! :D SO: Name- Damian Breed- Hellhound/wolf hybrid Fur- thick like a wolf's fur; patterned like that of a blue heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) Eye color: cerulean blue Other: long, leathery wings sprout from his shoulders; a whip-like tail is hidden inside his dog-like tail decoy; he has two rows of needle-like teeth, the second row is more like another jaw, though, meaning it moves separately; retractable claws Temperament: cocky, clever, sneaky, and deceiving He will be part of an enemy pack when I finish making it C: ))
Just have Levi a bath, has anyone out there ever shaved a Australian Cattle Dog before?. I think he is part chewbauchka. Feed back please
The type of dog I would like to have. (Australian Cattle Dog)
What a cutie! Monica is a Beagle/Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix. She wants to be part of your family!
VIA~Denton Animal Shelter Foundation Look who is available today.JESSIE!! She is a precious 3-6 months old Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) puppy. She will be waiting for you at 10:00am; please don’t be late. Denton animal shelter is open 10:00am to 5:00pm. (Pet ID: 46075) ~Brian
CITY OF HARTFORD ANIMAL SHELTER, CT ~ I need a hero!! URGENT DATE is TUES. 6/18 Sweet Senior Special Needs--Blind Catalina aka Pointer/Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) MIX Approx. 12 years old..approx. 65lbs Scared, sweet senior. Watch her video She is completely blind. Very scared and confused in the shelter. She does well on leash if you go slow and assist her in finding her way This beautiful old girl needs a special person willing to open their heart and home to her. A quiet home with no young kids would be best for her. She needs an experienced "blind dog" family or person (She was found trapped behind a wood pile and a chain link fence where she was stuck for 2 days) LEGAL DATE OF ADOPTION IS 6/18.
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