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Austin Rivers

Austin James Rivers (born August 1, 1992, in Santa Monica, California) is an American college basketball player for Duke University.

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I need to start watching NBA again. Apparently Austin Rivers is good enough for an 80 in the new 2k? Have I slipped dimensions?
Austin Rivers for Faried or Davis might make sense
Austin Rivers a 80 on 2k its ovawit
Austin Rivers tape was sick lowkey too
Do the Cavaliers legend Austin Rivers says, YES. Mike Conley/Marc Gasol/Vince Carter joins us to his second
Whole offense is Austin rivers .. sad
5 of 5 stars to Rivers of Living Water by T. Austin-Sparks
I mean, Austin Rivers was a top 10 pick
Since the cats out of the bag... yes, I am an Austin Rivers burner account.
Can't ever trust Austin Rivers at kicker though
My duke Austin Rivers jersey is better than that😂
Rivers said Zach told him Shayne Austin killed himself, "because he felt so bad." about what they had been involved with.
Austin Rivers joins us to discuss the Patriots played a pretty good in Cle uniform.
Austin Rivers joins us to risk getting torched the
Is it just me or does Rivers Cuomo looks a bit like Austin Powers?
ahh... well I don't think AJ can go, he's got a match in South Africa. I'll ask Addy though.
Yeah, but in case you have a match or something
Depends... how long are you staying over there m
Only if others are fine with you flying
I'll find you and we're going to get chicken wings... for real for real
Bruh this hurts about the same as the Austin Rivers Buzzer beater VS UNC.Nvm I take that back
Most discussed topic in Austin right now: Rivers
Someone's gotta explain to me how Austin Rivers is an 80 on 2k. 80! That's absurd
The only thing offensive about is that she said Austin Rivers would be better than John Wall. For that…
interested in Austin Rivers? Over Pop's dead body lol. is wildin...
Blake Griffin's spot on impersonation of Austin Rivers 😂😂😂
Austin Rivers says, YES. Mike Williams should be his next 48 hours are struggling? NOW on
Austin Rivers was nasty in high school 🔥🔥🔥
Austin Rivers was nasty in high school
Like Jayson Tatum, Kyrie Irving, Jabari Parker, Austin Rivers, lived up to the hype for Dook!
We put em in rivers like they name was Austin
Little Giant Ladders
player A is KCP and B is Austin Rivers.
DeAndre Jordan pulling up to CP3's house after he forced him to stay, just so he could leave him with Austin Rivers https:/…
Austin Rivers will win the most improved award next season.
I liked a video Austin Rivers on Glen Davis ripping CP3, guarding Steph Curry and more | THE HERD
"If Jayson Tatum lives up to his hype..". "If Austin Rivers lives up to his hype...". "If Jabari Parker lives up to…
Austin Rivers, my nan, Bron, a slice of baloney, Kwame. White Chocolate off the bench
Ha it was considered. Still need to fit that damned Austin Rivers in there too
Your source on Blake Griffin December return was wrong. Same source that fed you the line on Austin Rivers/CP3 issues?
John Walls & Austin Rivers are easily the top 2 bro
"If Austin Rivers was my son, I'd trade him for free, because he's terrible." - Capn. Jack.
Now can we fire Doc Rivers and trade Austin Rivers?
Nah not til I get my Austin Rivers chest tattoo
Marcellus Wiley killing me with Doc Rivers. How do u go from this to this
Might win 50. Austin Rivers and Pat Bev running your offense now not Chris Paul.
Austin Rivers a better defender though? 🤔
watch out, Austin Rivers needs the ball and money and freedom and everything!
Austin Rivers, also noted as a very solid defender (but I'd agree KCP is better).
I think Austin rivers and Blake Griffin going to surprise some people this year
I mean to be fair KCP has almost the exact same stats as Austin Rivers, and Austin is a Clipper with a 2…
88' Rivers United captain, Festus Austin is booked for a foul on Henry Ayodele.
Lmao remember when the Pelicans drafted Austin Rivers tenth
On Chris Paul's exit from the Clippers & Austin Rivers' long phone call with him that cleared the air
He have you pat, Lou williams, Austin Rivers, and that new European PG. Plus we drafted Evans & have Marshall in the SL.
And Johnny Flynn, and Austin Rivers and Tyreke Evans and OJ Mayo and Joey Graham and MCW
New Clipper teammates Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverly and Austin Rivers sitting court side at the
Austin Rivers: \'Expect fireworks\' when CP3 returns to LA with Houston. (SPEEDonFOX)
Rondo going to the Clippers would be a great idea...but the Clippers got Pat Bev, Austin Rivers who can play PG already.
Doc Rivers' preferential treatment of Austin Rivers caused Chris Paul to lose faith in the Clippers coach. .
Clippers got Jawun Evans and Sindarius Thornwell. Both are gonna rot on the pine behind CP3 and Austin Rivers and Ray Felton.
Rodney Hood. Mason Plumlee has his moments. Gerald Henderson. JJ Redick. Austin Rivers has been improving.
Ya because teams definitely would want a package built around Austin Rivers or Jamal Crawford 😂😂😂😂
What do you think about this trade?. Cavs Get: DeAndre Jordan, Austin Rivers . Clippers Get: Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson
That trade was a win. I think the two marginal losses were Austin Rivers for a 2nd and Courtney Lee for Jerryd Bayless
Glen Davis has some harsh words in response to Austin Rivers' comments.
Something tells us that 'Big Baby' Glen Davis was not a fan of what Austin Rivers said about him... (some adult language he…
We need more Big Babies in the world, less Stephen A.s, Austin Rivers, Kevin Durants, etc.
Nick Young, Jared Dudley, Wesley Johnson, Reggie Evans, Bledsoe, and Austin Rivers (i'm assuming we can wait for Du…
Some of the media stuff is total BS but Austin Rivers chose to…
Sadly, it's on record that Phil thinks highly of Austin Rivers.…
i can't wait for Phil to trade Kristaps for Austin Rivers & Mbah a Moute
i don't know but i've always liked Austin Rivers' game
Austin Rivers has the best hoopmixtape ever made don't @ me.. Aquille Carr a close second
Austin Rivers called it the day KD left for Oakland.
Austin Rivers looks like illegitimate son from one of Doc's one night stands with Lou Diamond Phillips.
Till this day Austin Rivers, John Wall and Aquille Carr have the best hoop Mixtapes ever made I stamp✍🏾
The best high school mixtapes I've seen is Austin Rivers and Aquille Carr
Austin Rivers lost to Lehigh. Jabari lost to Mercer. Jayson Tatum, please don't lose to Troy.
ACC voting always been whack. Kendall Marshall won the Cousy award and got 2nd team All-ACC behind Austin Rivers...
Austin Rivers trying to guard James Harden is like
Austin Rivers, MKG, Beal, Waiters, Jeremy Lamb and Harrison Barns came and went but they jury is still out on Drummond
Austin Rivers going at KD and the Warriors 🔥
Mark Jackson in a nutshell. "There may have been some contact there. No, actually not!". As David West's palm drags across Austin Rivers' face
Who says no. Clippers get: Wilson Chandler. Nuggets get: Austin Rivers, future 2nd
Mike Miller and Wilson Chandler to the . Austin Rivers and Cameron Payne to the . Kyle Singler a…
The Clips are 3-7 without Chris Paul. How much of that is Austin Rivers' fault? via
Today is one of two days each year I convince myself that Austin Rivers is a great basketball player.
Austin Rivers needs to learn when to throw oops cause Chris Paul would've hit Jordan just then
Clippers are 4-12 and about to lose to the Knicks without Paul, and people pretend like Austin Rivers is even a mediocre replacement? 😂
Not when you throw Austin Rivers into the deal.
. Austin Rivers and W Johnson + Clips 1st rounder to the Knicks. Melo to the Clippers. Jamal Crawford to a 3rd team
If the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony with Austin Rivers as the main return, Phil Jackson should personally hand in his re…
❗️BREAKING NEWS❗️. The New York Knicks have traded Carmelo Anthony to the Los Angeles Clippers for Austin Rivers and Ja…
Melo for Luc Richard, Austin Rivers, Alan Anderson, and a future 1st rounder
Phil gonna send Melo to Clippers for greatness of Austin Rivers, lol
Clippers got no 1st round picks & Phil really about to trade Melo for Mbah a Mounte, Austin Rivers & Mo Speights. P…
looks like Phil Jackson probably wants JJ Redick, Jamal Crawford and/or Austin Rivers for Carmelo A…
If Phil Jackson trades Melo for Austin Rivers, he should be fired. It's that simple.
even if they ASKED for Austin Rivers only, they may get turned down. Hilarious actually. Phil is as competent as Trump
Austin Rivers is a good kid, but to give up Melo for him... Phil must be going senile.
Phil Jackson is disrespectful. give up Melo for Austin Rivers 😭😭
If Phil accepted a Melo trade to the Clippers centered around Austin Rivers he'd deserve to be hung outside MSG.
Phil Jackson is a straight up clown to trade Melo for Austin Rivers and JJ Reddick
Phil Jackson on some very high level "peyote" if he trades Carmelo Anthony for guys like Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford.
Phil Jackson so fed up with Melo he willing to give him up for Austin Rivers. That tells the story right there
Phil Jackson is about to trade Melo for some Carmex, a $10 Subway gift card, and Austin Rivers. 🤦‍♂️
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Phil is really going all out to trade Melo smh. Melo for Jamal Crawford & Austin Rivers/ Jj Redick? Are you serious ???
Phil Jackson tryna let him go for Austin Rivers & Jamal Crawford finesse.
Phil Jackson is going to end up trading Carmelo Anthony for a pack of five gum, a chipotle gift card and Austin Rivers
How bad does Phil want Melo out of NY that we're at the point he's like 'Well, at least we can get Austin Rivers. Let's try & do that!'
why Phil Jackson talkin bout he'll let melo go fa Jamal Crawford & Austin Rivers..Finesse😂
Austin Rivers for Melo ? Phil if you could actually get Austin Rivers for that cheap you'd be the greatest GM ever
Imma tell y'all who I'll never draft again on FanDuel, Lou Williams, Austin Rivers, TJ Warren and old *** ZBo !
mine is either Austin Rivers or Brian Zoubek
NBA referee Jason Phillips explains why Austin Rivers and Doc Rivers were ejected.
Like father, like son: Clippers' Doc and Austin Rivers get ejected against Rockets.
Austin Rivers ejected for contact with an official?
Looked like Austin Rivers got a piece of J.T. Orr, earning his ejection. Doc just ripped Orr until Jason Phillips stepped in, tossed him.
Austin Rivers brought out 24 Olive Crest foster kids to Walmart to shop for Christmas gift…
[LA Daily News] Clippers' Austin Rivers out tonight with 'mild concussion'
Austin Rivers or Gabe York got that spot. Or maybe even Dominic Artis cause he used to cook
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
When they say Austin Rivers is on the team because he’s your son...
Should the clippers have signed Jarret Jack instead of Austin Rivers? via
From most camera TV angles, the only way to tell JJ Reddick from Austin Rivers are the sleeve tattoos on JJ 😂
Austin Rivers is having his way with the Kings. Yes, THAT Austin Rivers.
Chris Paul is a master at this. Is . Austin Rivers open in the corner? Sure, but Blake hasn't touched the ball in 5…
Idk why I feel like Austin Rivers cries to Doc everytime he doesn't get his way on the court😂
I specifically remember writing about how you can't let Austin Rivers beat you tonight.
Still my biggest concern for the Clippers is Austin Rivers being on the court in the NBA, in general, and even in preseason.
Doc liked the 3 guard lineup with CP3, Austin Rivers, and Felton. Believes it could be an effective unit
Austin Rivers has not looked good so far this preseason.
Austin Rivers really plays like he's a star lmao
Terrence Ross and Austin Rivers both fall down within five seconds of one another. The NBA is back, baby
Austin Rivers took a fall, rubbing the back of his head.
Dont sleep on austin rivers this year
Love that Blake pass to Austin Rivers cutting backdoor for an and-1. Would love to see more of that in the Clippers offense
"One good thing about Austin Rivers... he can jump off both feet, he can jump off the left, off the right". - Clippers broadcast diiigginnng
this is the first time in my life I am now rooting for Austin Rivers
Austin rivers will reach his full potential.
Austin Rivers playing at the 3 tonight has worked out in limited minutes.
Austin Rivers has no choice but to have Steph Curry beat up for this
Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green laugh at Austin Rivers for missing open 3
did you think that when Austin Rivers played Lehigh?
The Dodger holding Clippers Night, and once again a Clipper is booed at Dodger Stadium, Austin Rivers, no wonder most Cli…
why beat the gotta be the best. Austin Rivers cant beat Lebron James in 1 on 1 right? It takes skill.
Jamal Crawford - Basketball player: Clippers offered Jamal Crawford less than Austin Rivers, so he's: via
Clippers had to hold back on resigning their own free agents -Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford- until they had a read on…
Since are gonna experiment whith young guys. How about Jennings, Monteijunas, Myers Leonard, Waiters and Austin Rivers..??
Clippers reportedly offered Jamal Crawford less than they gave Austin Rivers. Insulting.
Austin Rivers got $11 million. Wolves CANNOT trade Rubio in this market, he's a bargain
Hey Taylor Swift, Austin Rivers, Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson earned a combined $168 million in contracts today.
ohh *** Naww you can't get rid of Austin Rivers .. If you do then they not going to the conf. Finals
keep JJ,get a SF,get rid of Austin Rivers,and get a better backup PG
Sources: Austin Rivers agrees to three-year, $35 million-plus deal with Clippers. on https:/…
Clippers signing of Austin Rivers effectively means they're out of the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, unless they're... htt…
Austin Rivers re-signing with the Clippers mathematically eliminates the Clippers' "Big 4" pitch to Kevin Durant.
Free agent guard Austin Rivers has agreed to a deal to return to the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources tell
I look forward to the reaction when Austin Rivers gets over 10m/y
Knicks contacted Courtney Lee about being their starting SG & Austin Rivers as their back up PG (NYPost)
They should sign some bench players as well. Such as Austin Rivers, Josh Smith and maybe Ty Lawson bc you never know about D Rose
Current Riotable Knicks offenses:. 1) Noah's contract 3 years or longer. 2) Austin Rivers in ANY FORM signs with the Kni…
Austin Rivers had an NBA coach dad of course he was getting five stars
Shabazz Muhammad, Allonzo Trier, John Wall, Austin Rivers (and he never used his left hand lol) and Aquille Carr
Looking at the next tier of PG's -- Seth Curry, Brandon Jennings, Austin Rivers via
Kyrie hooping, Winslow hooping, Austin Rivers is better than Michael Jordan and Kendall Marshall is joe budden
Presumably Anthony Davis will be the last active New Orleans Hornet. Or if the world is cursed: Austin Rivers.
Riley Curry needs to play Bill Murray role, Austin Rivers for Wayne Knight
Jamal Crawford believed in Austin Rivers when others didn't. Austin couldn't help but think of that Friday night.
Austin Rivers after Clippers fall to Trail Blazers in Game 6.WATCH NOW:
*** ..Austin Rivers tears up as he explains how much means to him.
Austin Rivers gained some major respect in my book last night. The dude showed pure heart.
Say what you want about Austin Rivers but this man laid his guts on the line tonight. So much respect for him. 💯 https:/…
RESPECT to Austin Rivers. True definition of Blood, Sweat and Tears tonight. Balled out with 21 Pts, 8 Ast, 6 Reb https…
Austin Rivers was defiantly eating last night. You have to respect my son.
Austin Rivers had 21 points, 8 assists, and 6 rebounds. He also had 0 turnovers. God bless that young man. Just .. proud.
I have new respecc for Austin Rivers
Austin Rivers in tears in this post-game presser might be my favorite Austin Rivers moment
I hate the Clippers but you gotta respect Austin Rivers heart
Ball really is life for Austin Rivers.
An emotional Austin Rivers on Jamal Crawford believing in him
So much respect for Austin Rivers tonight. He gets rocked and then gets 11 stitches and comes back and fights for his…
After this collision, Austin Rivers got 11 stitches near his left eye then returned to the game. WATCH:
[Orange Country Register] Clippers notes: Austin Rivers latest to go down, needs 11 stitches over his left
Tough series for the Clips. Austin Rivers has heart. Doc is all class. Lillard & Terry Stotts = most underrated player/coach in the league.
Austin Rivers put some respek on his name tonight.
"For anyone who questions Austin Rivers, I'll take him on my time" - Neil Everett. Couldn't have said it better. 21, 8, an 6 tonight.
A lot of respect for Austin Rivers you put your heart on the floor tonight
Paul Pierce passed the ball to Austin Rivers instead of Jamaal Crawford or J.J Reddick for the last shot😂
3 things we learned tonight:. 1) Clippers gon clip. 2) I want Austin Rivers on my squad. 3) Terry Stotts got snubbed of "Coach of the Year"
Obviously I wnted Portland to win but I feel bad for Jamaal Crawford he such a great player. Also respect to Austin Rivers for not giving up
Austin Rivers doing a bang-up Joey Mercury impression with that eye.
Jamaal Crawford is gonna hit Austin Rivers in his other eye
Austin Rivers playing like he's tired of people saying "look it's Doc's kid"
What happened to Austin Rivers eye? He look like the ending of a Rocky movie
Please no more close ups of Austin Rivers. Terry doesn't do well with blood.
After getting 11 stitches total, Austin Rivers is ready to play again.
Here is how Austin Rivers got hurt. He's bleeding a lot.
Blake Griffins quad, CP3'S hand, and now Austin Rivers' face... what more could go wrong for the Clippers?
Doc & Austin Rivers reveal the dynamics of their distant relationship:
Austin Rivers strikes a nerve with Steve Gorman: After hearing Austin Rivers' comments on his somewhat distan...
Austin Rivers on his relationship with his dad. They were together when Doc's mother passed. http…
Terry. This. Is. Dumb. Are you this terrified of Austin Rivers?
Austin Rivers might just live up to the player everybody thought he would be coming out of college🤔 now would be the time to show it
Austin Rivers is very underestimated. Hopefully not by Terry Stotts.
Replacing replace Chris Paul with Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin with Jeff Green is like going from a Ferrari to a Honda…
maybe the world's worst silver lining is people might finally notice how good Austin Rivers is, he's like the NBA Tom Swift
The fate of the 15-16 Clippers rests on the shoulders of Austin Rivers, Jeff Green, & Deandre Jordan. Rest in peace 15-16 Clippers
UPDATE: Jamaal Crawford and Austin Rivers both playing ahead of
On the bright side, it's great news for diehard fans of Austin Rivers.
Chris Paul was traded to the Clippers for Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, AlFarouq Aminu & a pick that became Austin Rivers. Pelicans got kawalled
Just wait Austin rivers is about to be a nice starter in the next to years
Ik I might sound dumb asl but I really like that moments Austin Rivers. 🤘🏽
bro a long time ago you told me this was the Austin Rivers move 👌🏀 he stay doing this
Austin Rivers will be 15 years deep into his NBA career with people still saying he's trash and only has a spot because…
looking at this season's schedule...Brees x2, Wilson, Rivers, Palmer are prob. the best QBs they'll deal w/
probably talking about when you said Austin rivers would be better than John Wall. 🤔
Jermaine Dupri dated Janet Jackson. Obama is POTUS. Tiger isn't golfing. And Austin Rivers is in the NBA. Anything is possible, guys.
Austin Rivers just looks like the type of dude to tell you how good he is
Blazers (my favorite story line all year.) won't prosper this series under any circumstance when Austin Rivers is behaving that way.
Rivers, Clippers' bench aids in Game 2 victory: Austin Rivers explains how successful play by the Clippers' be...
Austin Rivers crosses-over the defender with the quick move and drives to the hole for the layup.
Austin rivers like rly just playing cos his dad wants him to lol
Clippers guard Austin Rivers on strength of the second unit via
Austin Rivers said the Clippers have one of the best benches in the league. Right now, it looks like he's right
that never would've happened last year. I like playoffs Austin rivers
Austin rivers a player with all the talent in the world but can't put everything together when the game starts. He should be better already
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Austin Rivers gives hope to every kid out there. If u work hard & have dad who coaches in the NBA, you too will make it too.
transfer 50% of all future Austin Rivers earnings payable by Clippers to Cole?
Austin Rivers gets the TOUGH finish to fall on
If Austin Rivers hasn't gotten Doc a "World's Greatest Dad❤️" mug then I dunno what to think about him man
How you gunna let Austin rivers light you up 😂
Austin Rivers on Cole Aldrich: "Excuse my language, but he's been f-n' unbelievable."
Also my mom swears Austin Rivers is adopted cuz he's too light skin to be Doc's son she says 😅
Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford, Wesley Johnson, Jeff Green, Cole Aldrich and Paul Pierce. Clippers bench is strong and can play.
I know it fun to make the jokes but Austin Rivers isn't a terrible NBA player. He is a goofy lite brite.
what about Sebastian Telfair, and Austin Rivers, and Rashad McCants
Jeff Green will play. Austin Rivers (ankle) is out. That leaves nine guys tonight.
They STILL got nothing out of that trade: Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farooq Aminu, and a draft pick that became Austin Rivers!
Kris Jenkins. Mario Chalmers. Cole Aldrich. George Niang. Austin Rivers. Can all catch my fade on sight ***
I like Paul George and Brook Lopez and Austin Rivers too. Basically anyone picked tenth
If I would've told you tomorrow morning that Austin Rivers scored 32 pts & was 7-9 from downtown, would U think it was…
The same dude that let Austin Rivers score 30?
We know Austin rivers isn't better than Leonard
lol doc *** but nah I don't think he drew it up like this. Plus Austin rivers had 32 points
Just watched Austin Rivers highlights from last night. And he's not terrible
Austin Rivers had the game of his life against "elite defender" Russell Westbrook. He not even better than Leonard right now
Nobody really talkin bout Westbrook letting AUSTIN RIVERS give him buckets.
Kawhi and Austin Rivers now have the same career high, thus invalidating all statistics
Austin Rivers is gone glo up soon. Wait on it
Westbrook got torched by Austin Rivers. No way is he better than KD.
This Jamal Crawford-Austin Rivers "Dynamic Duo" graphic is pretty much the best thing ever. htt…
Austin Rivers has some of the worst mechanics I've ever seen, for a guard who can sometimes find the bottom of the net.
Austin Rivers has a career game on March 31st, guaranteeing all headlines about it will be dismissed as satire
I actually broke 290 and still didn't win much. I also swapped out Austin Rivers and it cost me 30
Austin Rivers really started at PG and dropped an efficient 30 on OKC Dont tell me Westbrook is better than KD or Steph until further notice
After he let Austin Rivers score 30? No thanks
Never did Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers almost beat the Thunder 😂😂😂 no CP3, JJ, Paul Pierce or DJ.
I just remembered how Austin rivers was balling last night!
NBA should fine OKC at least $15 million for letting Austin Rivers score 30 on them.
Austin Rivers is having one of those 4 games he has every season that makes people think we shouldn't give up on him I…
Austin Rivers & Jamal Crawford both over 30 - 2nd time this season the Clippers have had 2 with 30 in a gm (Nov 14 Blake…
Austin Rivers really went iso in clutch time lol. All the talent in the world but man my boy don't be thinking
Austin Rivers still blew the game at the end. All is right with the world.
& let Austin Rivers set a new career high in points lol
when the game bogged down, Doc appeared to count on Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers creating offense out of nothing.
Austin Rivers scored a career-high 32 and Michael Beasley almost won a game in the same night.
OKC should be eliminated from the playoffs for allowing Austin Rivers to score 30
OKC making Austin Rivers look like the player and son Doc Rivers always wished he had
Austin Rivers really just gave Russ a 32 piece LOL
Austin Rivers still being in the league because dad is still the most trash thing allowed to happen
I like the list for the most part, but Jamal Murray is not Austin Rivers. A way better 3pt% and free throw%. Huge diff
With the playoffs right around the corner, Austin Rivers played his best game:
I played you on fanduel head to head last night. Thought I had you because you started Austin rivers 🙄
I had faith in OKC until I saw them almost lose at home to a Clippers team led by Austin Rivers. That shoulda been a 20 pt blowout at least
I need to watch the film because if I find out Austin Rivers dropped 30 on Westbrook I'm done entertaining CurryvsRW htt…
Watching Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford outplay Westbrook and KD last night was excellent
What if I told you Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers had more points than Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.
Thursday yielded career highs for both Austin Rivers and Al-Farouq Aminu. Who else got buckets?
how you expect to beat the Clips/Spurs/Warriors when you barely beat Austin Rivers & Cole Aldrich ?
"Great defender" Russell Westbrook has gotten 25+ from Mario Chalmers, Marcus Smart & Austin Rivers this season
Steven Adams tip-in spoils Epic night for Austin Rivers & Reggie Jackson...
Cole Aldrich, Austin Rivers and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute are getting crunch time minutes for the Clippers... Yikes.
Jeff Green, Austin Rivers, Cole Aldrich, Wesley Johnson. A bunch of dudes where "they weren't in the irght situation"
The Clippers are missing CP3, DeAndre Jordan and PP. How are they only down 2? Why do Austin Rivers and Jeff Green have a…
[lose to the Pistons]. [complain about Reggie Jackson]. [give up >60 points to Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford]
Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers are on FIRE on with a combined 11-12 3PMs.
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Kevin Durant just asked stat keepers how many 3s has Austin Rivers made. Told Rivers was 6/6, KD just shook his head
A lineup with Jamal Crawford, Jeff Green, Austin Rivers, and Cole Aldrich is leading against the Thunder with 4 of 5 starters on the court.
Austin Rivers tryna get a starting PG spot somewhere playing like he is.
To this day Austin Rivers and Aquille Carr got some of the nastiest hoopmixtapes ever seen
Linden Vey is the Austin Rivers of the Vancouver Canucks.
In an effort to increase his likability, Grayson Allen has decided to mimic Austin Rivers' game
Grayson Allen looking like Austin Rivers with all that falling lmao
We still win this game though folks. Brandon Ingram not trying to go out like Jabari Parker, Rodney Hood or Austin Rivers
List of top draft picks to lose (& about to lose) in 2nd rd - Austin Rivers, Jabari Parker, Brandon Ingram, Grayson Allen, Kennard.
Grayson Allen continuing the tradition of Duke guards with a punchable face - doing Austin Rivers, JJ Reddick, Wojo, and Greg Paulus proud
Austin Rivers use to be soo nasty in high school
ah I thought you meant high school, he played at winter park w/ Austin Rivers
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