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Austin Powers

Austin Powers in Goldmember is a 2002 American spy comedy film. It is the third and final installment of the Austin Powers trilogy starring Mike Myers in the title role.

Spy Who Shagged Me Mike Myers James Bond Austin Powers 4 Robert Wagner Comedy Central Las Vegas Tim Robbins Soul Bossa Nova Rob Lowe

“Does anyone want have a chill movie night and watch Star Wars and/or…
Death, taxes, Austin powers in fights and Kyle whittingham in bowls. All inevitable.
Looking vern the midget guy from the movies (austin powers) 😂😂
Good deal cuz I shaved my head today expecting to look like Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard…
My life would be so much better if I always had the Austin Powers theme on a loop in the background.
I woke up this morning with the Austin powers theme song stuck in my head
Did You Know: The DP for MULHOLLAND DRIVE, EVIL DEAD 2 & AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER are the same person.
This Broken Matt Hardy is lame. Originally I thought it felt very Zoolander now it feels like Dr. Evil from Austin Pow…
At least Alan Carr & Austin Powers will now not feel so different now when they pop and see their M…
They just legitimately paged Austin Powers on the speaker in the Las Vegas airport. Twice. Guess that makes sense
Vou fazer burps então. Ou como dizia o Austin Powers: "Margaret Thatcher on a cold day, Margaret Thatcher on a cold day"...
Why do this look like a fembot from Austin Powers lol?
Mike Myers stars in Austin Powers: international Man of Mystery
I just found out Mike Myers played multiple people in Austin Powers and I feel dumb
Even Mike Meyers did a parody of it in Austin Powers! Jay may not have ruled a specific era in time, but…
I feel like Austin Powers coming out of suspended animation -- Gomer Pyle was *** Liberace? Matt Lauer is straight… really a man baby” said Austin Powers about Ann Coulter...
This reminds me of the scene from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. 😂
New life aesthetic is in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
I hope that you still enjoy “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” as much as you did when you publi…
It also made me laugh I was going to throw in a picture of Austin Powers but that other one caug…
My wife dropped on Austin Powers reference on my sandwich today.
Austin Powers in the Spy Who Shagged Me
I keep thinking of Will Farrell in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Ask him three times and see i…
Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbooks des Wochenendes: "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" und "Lost in Tr…
there having an Austin Powers movie marathon on CMT. yes
I’m going to have a Austin Powers marathon soon , who down ?
Mike Myers as Dr Evil from Austin Powers would be perfect as Chip Kelly in a movie 🎥
I'm having an Austin Powers marathon tomorrow.
All I want to do is watch an Austin Powers marathon right now, is that to much to ask?? can you put it on already?
Our 4x2 relay legs will be Super Bowl half time shark, Austin Powers, Jason Vorhees, with a Cheetah Girl Anchoring.…
I'm pretty sure Barry Scott just said "Shag-tastic" 🤔 When did Cillit Bang get so Austin Powers?
Sometimes I lay awake at night remembering that Kanye rhymed Collin Powell(s) and Austin Powers
watchin corey and john dance to the Austin Powers theme song while on the bed of a truck wi…
Tim Robbins' performance in the Shawkshank Redemption is only second to his role as the president in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
"Richard is some sort of Norma Desmond mixed w/ Austin Powers, all doused in British nostalgia". MINDHORN https:…
Feeling like Austin Powers with the mini
Lmao I’m trying but I can’t drank a bottle and 3/4 of wine and I’m feeling like Austin Powers biiihhh
Pence is to Robin as the grand KKK Inquisitor to MLK. Trump is to Batman as Austin Powers is to James Bond.
Groovy, baby, we now have Austin Powers animation on our Mirror Booth as well as Eddy!
Is it just me or does Rivers Cuomo looks a bit like Austin Powers?
4 more times this week B4 Friday I quote Mustafa in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery & say "VERY BADLY BURNT WEATHER!"
sorry guys but this year's homecoming theme has been changed to Austin Powers @ the last min!! so sorry 4 this unavoidable inconvenience
TIL That the famous actor Verne Troyer, from films such as Austin Powers, is an active FIFA player on his Xbox One…
*makes youtube video of me as Austin Powers as Louie Anderson as a woman*. *breaks internet*
NEW! Dive into the insane intro to 2002's GOLDMEMBER, where Tom Cruise is Austin Powers and is Dr. Evil. htt…
Omg I kept thinking there's something odd with the hosts face. I thought he reminded me of Austin Powers! Lol I was right!
It's creeping me out. I swear it's Robin Williams doing an Austin Powers impression.
Are British people offended by the Austin Powers movies?
I'm not sure I like this reboot of Austin Powers.
I've given this some serious thought...seems like the Lazenby of Austin Powers would have to be: Be…
Austin Powers, starring Bette Middler and Mark Wahlberg. Directed by Lee Daniels, music by Brandy. Budget: $10m
My life goal is to reenact Austin Powers dinner date on an open bus driving down Las Vegas. Classic.
I don't know if I'm more weirded out by the zombie ballerinas or Mike Myers in prosthetics & Austin Powers accent hosting T…
John Doe was a British spy and we didn't work a single Austin Powers reference into this episode. We let you all down.
Then they both talked about how they aspire to be Austin Powers
Bill looks like a zombie from the walking dead, and Hillary looks like Austin Powers!
Pitch this to & make it happen. The director of Austin Powers & Meet the Focker…
Austin Powers thought what we had to show was "Quite smashing baby, Yeahh!" Come see us today at booth 425!…
Austin Powers is on Comedy Central. Well I know what I'm doing now.
an Austin Powers marathon... what a day
Austin Powers in Goldmember starting on Comedy Central in 4 mins
Austin Powers is on Comedy Central and I’m delighted. What a good lunch break movie
"Family time" consists of watching an Austin Powers marathon
Fun electric trivia question of the day: finishing our "Austin Powers" week, who played "Scott Evil?" Like and/or...
Literally did Austin Powers marathon last week. Falls of a bit with Goldmember, but still funny
Austin Powers came out 20 years ago today. Time for a marathon.
Twenty years ago I flew to Denver to meet richest man in Denver's 2 mining vice presidents. Same year of Austin Powers introduction to World
20 years ago today, May 2:. Austin Powers and Dr. Evil make their screen debut in Austin Powers: International Man o…
20 years ago, may 2,1997 the world was introduced to "Austin Powers" Int'l man of mystery.
'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery’ was released 20 years ago today
Austin Powers was release on 5/2/97 20 years ago, its about time we need a new Austin Power
🎬'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery' premiered in theaters 20 years ago today, May 2, 1997
Larry 2, in particular, was a whimsical espionage thriller, like a more surreal, '70s Austin Powers
"In the words of Austin Powers and David Gibson 'Yeah Baby'"
if you don't like any of the Austin Powers movies I'm really asking myself what is wrong with you 😅
The first film I worked on and an unforgettable experience
Love Burt Bacharach's moment? He says it wasn't a tough ask: "You just say yes to something like that"
"I thought it would be easier." says of Presidency.That's like Austin Powers saying he was shocked to learn Liberace was ***
I forgot how much I loved Austin Powers lmao
Austin Powers was 1997, borat was 2006, what 2015/2... — nothing will ever beat borat imo
So creepy . and is that from Austin Powers? Proably not but that's what i'm reminded of when I see those…
You ... Bill Hader as villian brothers in Austin Powers movie... that's all I have
COMING UP ON 20 years after the release of 'Austin Powers,' find out what Mike Myers is saying now about the film franchise!…
Me to my wife in an Austin Powers voice: " Do I make u HAPPY baby?"
I just heard Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers say, "There's nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster." In 1997. 1. 9. 9. 7.
We're going to have to get an expert opinion. Mr Powers? . "That's a man, baby, yeah!". Thank you Austin.
Come again? It's the 20th Anniversary of Austin Powers (my fav Brit Spy)! I need 2 buy a gift to celebrate, I have…
Congrats! If you're ever in AUSTIN look me up. I'm sure the POWERS that be have made a great choice.
Want to see Austin Powers 4? The star and director are definitely considering it:.
Red America was never gonna follow two terms of a Black POTUS w a woman, the concept makes th…
The Austin Powers movies are so great I'm so happy they and Mike Myers exist
Mike Myers on 20 years of Austin Powers and the possibility of a fourth film
I forgot how dumb Austin Powers Movies are.
Austin powers is a beautiful movie series because someone somewhere sat down and signed off on Mike Myers being a bunch of characters.
at 20: Mike Myers, Jay Roach and more spill secrets in a shagadelic oral history
'Austin Powers' turns 20 years old next week on May 2, 1997.
I love Austin Powers movies so much😂😂😂
This movie was a key moment in the Coppersmith household - 'Austin Powers' at 20: An Oral History via
Mike Myers would “love” to do another Austin Powers movie.
RTd a great article on Austin Powers a bit earlier. Original is definitely one of my favourite comedies ever. Don't @ me, etc...
A couple classic movies playing right now on DirecTV, in the 200's: Austin Powers and Forrest Gump.
As a fan of 60s spy films I adore this little oral history of the original Austin Powers movie.
Casino Royale (1967), the original Austin Powers, starring Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress and Orson Welles, turns 50 today.
Jane as Lara Croft. Alice Liddel as Buffy Summers. Quasimodo as Austin Powers. Li Shang as Mako.
Dang, Timothy Dalton sort of had the Austin Powers look at one point;) loved him as 007 but maybe good he was older…
Bus wedged across street in City 'like scene from Austin Powers' | London Evening Standard
do you like Alan Tudyk? Add Tucker and Dale vs Evil. And if you are going to watch the 3rd Austin Powers you might as well add WW2
South by, ride out, no Suzuki. Got the Austin Powers, a man's extra groovy
VIDEO: The latest cover of ‘New York Daily News’ casts Trump as the evil villain from the 'Austin Powers' film series. https…
It's like Michael Caine and Beyonce being in the final Austin Powers movie. Then just disappear into cult pop-culture memory.
Steven Vo, Austin Powers, and Grant Jones had a Great Day in the Weight Room!! Way to push yourselves! Keep up the good work!!
Is it Mike Myers or Austin Powers? One of these two! No, no maybe it is Martin Short Yes! Yes! It's Ji…
I'm pretty sure that British caller on last night was a fusion of Austin Powers and Dudley Moore as Arthur.
Good thing I'm going into my Spanish test with Soul Bossa Nova from Austin Powers stuck in my head
How about a little up beat this morning? "Soul Bossa Nova" you know.Austin Powers
Dr. Cook made an Austin Powers reference and then a South Park reference in the same day of class
id rather have Austin Powers. yeah baby!
Gunfondler - sounds like a great name for a James Bond / Austin Powers movie villain.
Trumps wife looks like she could be one of the James Bond girls. Or one of the fembots from Austin Powers.
To me, the Big Lebowski is the best comedic movie ever followed by the Austin Powers series and then by Happy Gilmore & Billy Madison.
Little Giant Ladders
That fox gonna thaw out in 30 years like Austin Powers
Unfollow/unfriend if you don't agree that Mike Meyers is an absolute genius for all of his Austin Powers movies
Give me one more Tarantino, one more Wes Anderson, and one more Austin Powers and I'm cool with shutting down Hollywood forever
Truly a mini me...almost like bros. Hangin' with Verne Troyer of Austin Powers fame in Miami.
Dr. Rex with his pinky action reminds me of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.
How about "Austin Powers" revisited for RR casting? Rob Lowe early, Robert Wagner late, and the versatile Meyers can play Nancy!
I think "Austin Powers" needs to be revisited in the RR casting. Robert Wagner old, Rob Lowe early. Meyers as Nancy, lol
Blonde ken Austin powers dude saying how he doesn't say a joke unless it's about me // Johnson mentions sometimes I knew who he was
if u try to start anything with me my literal retaliation will be to quote anything from Austin powers movies I'm not even joking
My family just spent the last 5 hours watching all of the Austin Powers movies 😭 ok
I love Austin powers but you're so much hotter😂😂
Okay but is it a literal trillion or like an Austin Powers one MILLION dollars?? 🙄
When I think troll bot I have images of Austin Powers.;)
Austin Powers: You're insane, Goldmember. . Goldmember: And that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it 😂😂
Basil Smotherman. What a sweet name. Wasn't he a character on Austin Powers???
Wyatt bought me every Austin Powers movie for Christmas ❤️
For some reason if I don't see a girl as a wifey my game is nicer than austin powers w his mojo but if I do chances are I'm hopeless
That was like the scene in Austin Powers where Dr. Evil was spitballing evil scheme ideas and being let down by Number 2.
Austin Powers movies are still some of my favourites 😂
I stay groovy like a Austin Powers movie
with Austin powers comes great responsibilities
Adulting so hard the day after Christmas - Cheetos & Cooks w Austin Powers in my underwear in front of the fireplace
woke folks know Putin has programmed the fembots from Austin Powers to convert Trump to Leninism.
Even Austin Powers draws the line at puke green crushed velvet.
Simon Birch looks like if Austin Powers had a Mini-Me.
The new Austin Powers movie looks good
Sophie's switching between quoting Austin powers and singing Adele why are we related
Is it ok that I still find the Austin Powers movies funny?
Genuinely wondering where all the food goes after I spend all night eating like fat *** from Austin powers
Can't actually breathe from the last two days of eating like 'Fat *** from Austin powers 😫
Austin powers is the best movie series out there don't @ me
You like gin, runaway animals and Austin Powers-style vehicle mishaps
Once my friend (age 19 at the time) got sold a case of beer with a fake ID that said he was austin powers and the photo was of austin powers
me at the Trump Youth next year that goes by without a new Austin Powers movie is another year of increasing despair for me
Not posting bikini pics after a breakup is so hard it feels like Austin Powers in Gold Member trying not to shout mole at F…
Feel like watching Austin Powers Goldmember. It's been a while
Beyoncé co-starred (with Michael Myers) in the third Austin Powers movie lol
Need to find me a man like Austin Powers. but less hairy! Yeah Babyyy Yeah!
Home form in the Championship this season
Austin Powers could be the most important male role model of my childhood.
Remember when Austin Powers had to dance to make the Fembots self destruct?. That's how I dance all of the time.
personally after seeing Beyoncé in Austin Powers, I don't find her as attractive anymore 🤥
I wonder what Russell Brand is like when he's not doing his Austin Powers impression.
I wondered whether to expect Austin Powers like levels of camera angles for a moment there in the opening scene.
Torn between Trump metaphor and Austin Powers reference
Samuel is the perfwct sub for this team. Should never be starting though.
looks like Austin Powers... with better teeth.
I read this in all the funniest ways and remembered the Dr Evil submarine in Austin Powers..loool 😂😂😂😂
Me being able to beat up Austin Powers? I mean, how great can that be?...
Austin Powers taught you nobody holds your mojo but you...better learn you something
They're like Scott in 1st Austin Powers movie. "You come back wanting a relationship. Pfft, I hate you"
Demi Moore has a producer credit on all three of the Austin Powers films.
Rosanna Arquette from Austin Powers in Goldmember stars in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days about an impatient Acupuncturist named Darnell
“When you perform random acts of kindness, magic appears. Some people call it social capital, if I were Austin Powe…
just wanna say I love your videos! PS: you should check out James Bond vs Austin Powers ERB 😉
I have the best Austin Powers video for any argument lmfao
got a movie fights question for you, not sure if its been done, pitch an Austin Powers 4 plot
I need to watch all of the Austin Powers movies again.
Come party 2016 away and welcome in 2017 with Mark performing as Dean Martin, Danny Zuko ,Tom Jones Austin Powers...
Hmmm... Austin Powers Erotica could be a thing?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
comparing the to Austin Powers losing his 'mojo' is the best thing ever.
oh there's a lot to like! I'll just never understand Austin powers' appeal specifically
Nah. It's a rehash of Austin Powers. A for effort tho. Well done.
In the mood to rewatch the Austin Powers movies lmao.
My biggest regret from high school is not having the Austin Powers theme song as my alarm every morning
I would be thrilled if a Austin Powers 4 released.
Watching Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me. I've seen it more times than I can count but it's still just as hilarious as the first time
So is Austin Powers a spy or a photographer?
This is like bad Austin Powers movie where Trump takes over US to unite world’s villains, start war & make 💵. Only terrifying…
This commentary box has turned into Austin Powers jokes
Canon Mettaton: Wants to be popular, well known, has a wide-array of talents. Fanon Mettaton: austin powers
dear god I found an 06 picture of me dressed as Austin Powers.
A scene from the second Austin Powers movie came to mind. lol
My brother also just said I look like Austin powers with my glasses on... 🆒
Remember Scotty Evil from Austin Powers & his disbelief that Dr. E didn't just shoot AP? That's how I'm feeling tonight over
I still find the Austin Powers movies legitimately funny 🙂
Remember when Austin Powers in Goldmember made a joke about black hair and shrinkage that wasn’t offensive...
Bored is my middle name. (Read that in an Austin Powers voice)
Idk why people say Trump isn't qualified. Look at his resume. Multiple WWE appearances, hosted a reality show, appe…
Knowing that the guy who played OddJob in Austin Powers was a brutal rapist who hadn't been caught yet makes it hard to stomach his scenes.
Time for a nice evening of single-ness, pink moscato and Austin powers
Does anyone have a gif of Tim Robbins from Austin Powers saying "that amount of money hasn't been invented yet"?
Anyway, if yall wanna see how the Asian dude that threw shoes in Austin Powers went to prison in real life, turn to the ID Channel.
Bills just didn't have it these last 20-25 minutes. They were like Austin Powers without his mojo. Like Derek Roy withou…
I just take it one day at a time. Austin Powers has given me a lot o...
Tom Brady is wearing a turtleneck and blazer and he looks like Number Two from Austin Powers
America is like a bad Austin Powers movie right now.
I think Shane relates so well with Austin Powers because they are man candy and both so great at puns
Big fan of Alex Turners' John Lennon/Austin Powers vibe in that new Shadow Puppets video.
How did Mike Myers not win an Oscar for Austin Powers?
A new favorite: James Bond vs Austin Powers by on
I'd rather Mike Myers and the writer work on another Austin Powers...
she looks like Michael Cain in Austin Powers movie Gold Member
Castaway, Austin Powers, and Shawshank Redemption references lol. Not to mention the "Make Week 1-4 Great Again" cap
I liked a video from James Bond vs Austin Powers - Epic Rap Battles of His…
ya know, if anyone had not seen Austin Powers (a felony) that would be really creepy
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. 1999. You keep your money, I get your baby.
Day 24: Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me (1999). The original Austin Powers is stuff of comed…
Guys, I got a trophy on cymbal for being the first person to post Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 🏆😍💦
Work - actual work - has led to me watching the opening sequence of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.
last night i smoked weed with a fellow dhhs alum and watched the acclaimed 1999 film, "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"
MOVIE: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me for $6.99(SD) [30% off] or $6.99(HD) [53% off]
BREAKING: DE Austin Powers will not play today. No specifics on injury. TE Manute Bol will be game-time decision
3-foot-5 Eric Cartman monster at LT, heard Austin Powers a disrupter at DE, and Stewie Griffin can flat out fly @ FS
Austin Powers in Goldmember, starring Ingrid Bergman and Carrie-Anne Moss. Directed by James Cameron, music by Sir Mixalot. Budget: $100m
Meet Black Singles 300x250
J. Jonah Jameson from the Toby Maguire Spiderman movies, and the German villain from the Austin Powers movies
Remember in Austin Powers 3 when Dr. Evil named his plan Preparation H?
"Yea baby Yea" (said in Austin Powers type voice) 😂 Love the feeling strong gives. And when you…
I can watch Austin Powers all day everyday lol
Austin Powers’ star Mike Myers in and his favourite spot in the city is...
(Winnipeg Free Press):talks 'Wayne's World,' the Leafs, 'Austin Powers' : TORONTO - Party time,..
omg I can't remember the last time I watched Austin Powers
Update: it is 2 am and we have switched to Austin powers. I have to wake up at 7 am
Everything "Austin" is cool. Austin Powers, Austin Creed, Austin Texas, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Kudos to you Austins. K…
Just put on an Austin Powers playlist on best decision I've made in a while. Please do yourself a favor and dance…
15. Boys. The album version is way better, pharell Williams ruined it. Used for the Austin powers's soundtrack.
You know you're in good company when there are not one but two Austin Powers references in class lol
Austin powers is the funniest movie
That IS Austin Powers, dear. And don't let anyone tell you differently.
I thought that was Austin Powers. My life is a LIE.
Austin powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is the funniest from them all 😆
no he looks like the skinny version of fat *** from Austin Powers
Maybe she used that time traveling Cadillac from Austin Powers.
The Austin powers movies are even funnier now that I'm grown lol
Drew Gulak has boots like the fembots in Austin Powers
I want an Austin Powers-like compilation of cameos from old and current wrestlers.
Austin Powers films would have so much fun with this aircraft!
Watching "Wild Yellowstone" and realized that Austin Powers has forever changed the way I hear "magma."
Lol still making Austin Powers references in 2016
Austin Powers owes as much to Matt Helm as he does James Bond.
But i dont like bailey..she reminds me of austin powers...
Do bee keepers still make Austin Powers "oh bee hive" jokes? If so, how do I get a degree in bee keeping?
naughty is a word i have not said in a long, long time. I feel like austin powers.
While it's sort of great when you realize that's what Austin Powers parodies, but that's the only positive of those shirts.
Oh, but who doesn't love the Dutch? Other than Austin Powers' father, I mean...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Every time I meet someone from the Netherlands I think of Austin Powers gold member
Who else would compare Donald Trump to Dr. Evil , from Austin Powers?
Isn't there always a scene in Bond/Austin Powers films where the world's evil masterminds meet? Discount version:
Just watched a guy Austin Powers his way out of a parking spot while hitting the car parked in front 5 times. Best, but worst thing to see.
'don't think I could handle having a boyfriend like Austin powers tbh'
I don't know you'd have to ask Austin Powers. I'm guessing no if they need a pump:
I'd bet more of them have heard of Austin Powers than Nigel.
oh yes, & CNEdom is upon us. the circus comes to town. what was it austin powers feared other…
I forgot how much i loved the austin powers movies
The people in that crowd probably think he's Austin Powers.
hey I need an Austin Powers impersonator by Saturday make it happen
Asuka is like if all 3 Austin Powers movies crashed together.
Beyoncé was a year younger than I am now when she was in Austin Powers. That's nuts
I'm looking thru my mom's scrapbooks and she gave me an Austin Powers movie when I was 8.
50 years ago today: Austin Powers (centre) and two friends celebrate England’s World Cup victory in Trafalgar Square
The only good James Bond film is Austin Powers. Don't @ me.
Epic Rap Battle: James Bond vs Austin Powers. Powers swings it, I think.
for the next show, if you do top 5 spy movie franchises, my picks are James Bond, Austin Powers and Mission Impossible.
Austin Powers is a lowkey underrated comedy classic
Loving Patrick Bristow's work in Curb Your Enthusiasm. He was funny in Showgirls & Austin Powers 😂
every time i see MOO i think Austin powers saying" thats man babay she stands to pee".
pmsl.. yeah I watched Austin Powers the night before..xx
no idea. Enjoyed the speech by Austin Powers, tho.
saw film of one used for real in Afghan, soldier in Austin Powers voice said 'Yeah, Javelin baby' as it hit
Dad: when to the dermatologist, it's not skin cancer. It's an ugly mole. . Me: *play the moley moley part from Austin Powers*
Sounds like a case for Austin Powers.
Hoping she's a Fembot ala Austin Powers and can put those wee lungs to some use.
well they have started to change that. It had become a parody of itself, just watch any Austin Powers Film! :-D
Today is the day if Austin Powers gifs
Question of the Day: What character is played by Robert Wagner in the Austin Powers film series? Check back at 7pm for the answer!
lot of 5 1999 McFarlane Austin Powers figurines in packages
I just want to go home, make a quesadilla, and watch Austin Powers.
Has anyone ever noticed that speaks almost exactly like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies?
*** been calling me Austin powers all day on snap 😭
Whens Tomodachi Survivor?! I need to know what Erkel and Austin Powers have been up to. Is Obama still partyin?!
Groovy Baby, it's your Birthday. Austin Powers and Dr. Evil are just a few of the impressions…
I have a roommate who sounds exactly like Austin Powers when he talks and it kills me 😂
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