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Austin Ligon

William Austin Ligon (born ca. 1951) is the co-founder and retired CEO of CarMax, Inc. He retired in June 2006, and is now a private angel-stage investor.

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Jake pagel is going to be a first round draft pick in 2021. Mark my words.
I'm so content with making dinner at 1:30 am
About to take my first Fightin' Texas Aggie L
on Tuesdays their pizza rolls are 75 cents
I'm ready to be able to walk outside without getting attacked by love bugs
We just going to pretend like y'all aren't wearing jackets in 80 degree weather?
Just had a dream that I had to collect 100 box tops for extra credit and I could only find 99.. what's wrong with me
Should I be doing homework right now? Yes . Am I laying in bed instead? Yes
The earth needs to stop ending for a moment bc i gotta get my degree, get my dream job, get married, buy a house and have kids…
Hmm, it seems I've been consumed by these things called feelings.
Presidents weigh in on Police issues
Chip and Jo off of Fixer Upper are for real relationship goals
Anyone know who we were supposed to take cap and gown pictures with?
It may be hot but at least it's not raining
well I'm going to defiantly spell definitely in a definite act of defiance
I can't wait! Then later on we can talk about our future job opportunities as McDonald's!
as long as it means I'm finally cool now😩
To those of you who have been trying to get me to cover songs... I finally caved 😂
The Obama administration took rapid and decisive action to restructure GM and Chrysler. Wit...
Hopefully going for a test flight next week to begin training for my private pilots license 😁😁😁
President Obama has shown he has the vision to support average consumers and taxpayers.
what a nice picture, I wonder what inspired you to post this
he made the decision to deploy troops to fight Isis a week ago. Also this meeting has been set for a long time
Islamic terrorists are attacking various places in the world and he's worried about "global warming" ?
how can you blame him? Several world leaders are counting on him to organize it, terroristic threat or not he's under pressure
yes lol I do, his main concern is the global warming meeting that is supposed to be held in France in about two weeks
Obama actually made a live announcement about an hour after the attack.. Do you know what you're talking about?
When you're creeping on someone's IG and you like something from 47 weeks ago😅😅
Starting no shave November 10 days into the month? I could have Already had a beard..
Pan Ligon , Austin Ligon and Supanya Lamsam thought you might like this :-)
Has been the best vacation in a while. I'm so sad I have to go home tomorrow. It's going to be great to see my girls Andy favs but ill miss this place like no one will ever know. Thank you Casey Flanagan Dustin Lewis Justin Flanagan Austin Walker Jordan Ligon Angelica Faith Howard Bridget Savage for making sure I have a great time. I promise ill be bac.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Bk Boreyko I love getting these kinds of emails: Hey Vemma Family, today (May 22) is an important day for me, one that I will remember forever. One year ago today, I was placed into a home for those who don't care or value whether they live or die, I was in a place emotionally that death was the better of the two options in my mind at the time. I was finding myself back in that state mentally and emotionally up until the day that Brook Barnes texted me to come to her boyfriend Austin Lauzon's house to check this out. That day was March 24, 2013. Brook, you didn't know this, but I was within days of either not being here anymore, or being back in one of those houses. I don't usually willingly share this information with people, but this is a significant part of my "WHY". Vemma gives me hope. Not just for financial freedom or for time freedom or to get my friends and family out of their situations they're stuck in. What Vemma does for me, is something that I will fight for until the day the Lord takes me on ...
What Can Obama do in Second Term to Boost the Economy?
Please pray today for: US Rep. Austin Scott, Sen. William Ligon, Rep. Lynmore James Click link for info
Even the most casual viewer of last week's Democratic National Convention would get the point: President Barack Obama saved the American auto industry. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick called him the president "who saved the American auto industry from extinction." The former CEO of the supersized used car dealership CarMax, Austin Ligon, said the president's decisive action to restructure General Motors and Chrysler "helped prevent a domino effect that would have taken down everything in the auto industry, from the factories that manufactured auto parts to the dealers who sold the cars." And Michelle Obama talked about how her husband "fought to get the auto industry back on its feet."
Costco opens in Fargo!! Rember who your supporting when you shop at Costco!! Costco co-founder and former CEO Jim Sinegal will speak at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Costco co-founder and former CEO Jim Sinegal, who retired as CEO in January, was named a DNC convention speaker Friday along with CarMax co-founder Austin Ligon. The pair of business leaders will “make the case for why President Barack Obama should keep command of the U.S. economy,” according to a Democratic official quoted by The Associated Press. Sinegal is a major Democratic donor and hosted Obama for a fundraiser at his Hunts Point home in June. SCREW COSTCO & OBAMA!
Co-founder and former CEO of CarMax Inc., Austin Ligon addresses the second session of Democratic National Conve ...
Carmax boss Austin Ligon: "We worked hard to succeed, but we didn't do it alone."
Should business put people before profits?
Sunday on has exclusive interviews w/& Plus, Carlos Gutierrez & Austin Ligon. 9aET
Did President Obama save the US auto industry?
Looks like Barney Frank was bumped tonight. Probably to make room for more high-profile speakers like former CarMax CEO Austin Ligon.
via Daily Kos 6:30 PM PT: The breadth and diversity of the Democratic Party is really stunning: from Cristina Saralegui to Austin Ligon to Emanuel Cleaver to Sandra Fluke, who will soon take the stage. We just "fired up" thread of the live discussion at the link below. And if you'd like to join the conversation without picking up a fight with your Fox News watching family members/friends, sign up for a free account at
CEO death match. CarMax CEO Austin Ligon tells "As a businisman, I'll tell U, Mitt Romney jst doesn't get it."
Austin Ligon at the The President deserves credit for the enormous success of saving the auto industry.
Austin Ligon of CarMax: "As a businessman, I can tell you, Mitt Romney doesn't get it."
"And now the Democrats turn to a used-car salesman...Austin Ligon, co-founder of CarMax"
CarMax co-founder Austin Ligon up now, saying Obama knows what it takes to spark economic growth & inherited economy in free fall.
And now Austin Ligon from is on stage at
Austin Ligon looks like Pat Sajak if Pat Sajak was one of those balloons you shoot water into at the fair until it explodes.
Ousted CarMax CEO to stump for incumbent car czar president
Getting stoked for Longhorn alum and businessman Austin Ligon's speech about why he supports President Obama!
Glad to see CarMax's Austin Ligon is DNC speaker. Solid member of UVA BOV; off before recent unpleasantness.
Our interview w/ CarMax co-founder & former CEO, Austin Ligon on why he thinks Pres. Obama is best for business http ...
Former CarMax CEO Austin Ligon will speak at DNC tonight. The real story behind why he left the company:
Why Austin Ligon really left CarMax: The real reason tonight's DNC speaker left the company he helped create. FO...
Ligon: Other countries love Pres. Obama: Chairman of Austin Ligon tells CNN's Max Foster why...
Okay, I'm biased. But by far, the best convention coverage last week and this week belongs to Neil Cavuto on Fox Business. So far tonight, I've seen him interview Dennis Kuncinich, governor Don Siegelman, Sheila Jackson Lee, Doug Lebda, Austin Ligon and more.
Austin Ligon, co-founder and retired CEO of CarMax, America's largest auto retailer, is here in Tampa.
CarMax Founder Austin Ligon: as a businessman, I know has what it takes to build growth. Seen him in action with auto industry
Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal to speak at Democratic National Convention
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dems add business leaders to convention speaking roster
Full statement from former Board of Visitors member Austin Ligon | Daily Progress
Terry says she might stay on as president if Rector Dragas leaves
“... the entire board should resign as a group out of shame and embarrassment," said former BOV member Austin Ligon.
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