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Aurora Borealis

An aurora (plural: aurorae or auroras) is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere).

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Just got a wild hair up my behind... I'm chasing the Aurora Borealis tonight. Anyone want to ride along?
The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis over the Sycamore Gap at Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, in northeast England. By O…
The magic of the Northern Lights. While an Aurora Borealis might take a second place to a total…
Have you ever wondered what is the best time to visit Iceland for the Aurora Borealis? So did I so I wrote this post h…
Capture the mesmerising beauty of the Aurora Borealis with photographer Doug Allan, on our new Telegraph Tour.
Alvar & Aino Aalto's take on the Aurora Borealis in for the 1939 Finnish Pavilion; great to get up close t…
Aurora Borealis in Norway! Learn more about our beautiful world - get your education - learn and know...
Breathtaking timelapse of Aurora Borealis filmed from International Space Station | London Evening Standard
Not looking like the Aurora Borealis is gonna get anywhere near the Lower Peninsula tonight
Typical Sunday night: hanging out up at Trillium Lake trying to get Aurora Borealis shots
Late night adventures exploring northern Manitoba on the hunt for Aurora Borealis
Wow! This picture of the Aurora Borealis over Scotland was taken by astronaut Terry W Virts and I think it is absolutely…
The British version of the Aurora Borealis is when the sun glimmers through the racing clouds and decorates the hills with shades of green
Aurora Borealis also occurs in Principal Skinner's kitchen.
📷 Aurora Borealis show lit up skies in Scotland last night. stunning pics. 💡
I'll put a shorted plasma coil in geosynchronous orbit of Earth, the White House, where it will project rainbow Aurora Borealis
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On a quest to see the Aurora Borealis. (@ Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT))
I watched a documentary. The natives of Alaska beleive the Aurora Borealis are the Spirits of thise who'never came back'
Aurora Borealis in the Lofoten Islands Norway 24-11-2016. Free to share if you like :-)
Celebrate new horizons this New Year's Day with Jaak Sarv's otherworldly image of the Aurora Borealis over Finland. ht…
Aurora Borealis - Looks like another planet. Photographed in Finland by Marko Airismeri
How to Photograph the Aurora Borealis or Australis (Northern or Southern Lights)
Maybe I should take a picture of Aurora Borealis & Aurora Australis to show they are different colours from opposite ends of the spectrum.
Listen to *** Jenkins and Kaytranada reconnect on “Aurora Borealis.”
The Aurora Borealis is on my bucket list.
"Aurora Borealis. At this time of year! At this time of day! Localized entirely in your kitchen!"
Dazzling Designer Aurora Borealis Wide 1950s by outrageousbling via
In 55 minutes the Aurora Borealis should be Active. (4 Kp) For Aurora Alerts:
First on my bucket list because... Aurora Borealis. ✨
Saw a beautiful Aurora Borealis from my apartment window around 1 am today!
Aurora borealis - The amazing Northern Lights in Norway
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National Geographic posted this incredible photo of the Aurora Borealis in Greenland. Check it Out!
Aurora Borealis and the Milky Way. - by Kaila Walton Photography
An incredible view of the Aurora Borealis from the International Space Station.
Aurora Borealis curtains for the Hyperion Theatre the Musical
Photo by: . Aurora Borealis explodes with light and color over the Snake River and Jackson Hole Valley - Th…
NASA TV UHD ultra-high definition video shows aurora borealis from . More:
Keep watching the skies. For the next few more days, you might catch the last until after the summer.
These pictures of the over are too impressive not to share...
Thank you to all who made donations to Aurora Borealis Lodge No. 201 in Ft. McMurray at Saturday night's Emergent Meeting!
Reflections of the Aurora Borealis over the frozen waters of Flakstadøya Island, Norway.
"Moral light, diffused at the North, is like the Aurora Borealis; it will travel onward to the South." - Henry B Stanton, 1837.
Aurora Borealis danced above glow of massive Fort McMurray fire in Canada on Saturday.
Did you see the Northern Lights above North Vancouver a few nights ago?
Take a look at these photos of a rare sighting of the Aurora Borealis spotted over Seattle:
Incredible photos of the Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis! Thank you Roger Porter for letting us share. Incredible.
Update your maps at Navteq
Vintage Aurora Borealis necklace and clip earrings demi parure
Seattle residents treated to spectacular display of Northern Lights
How to Chase the Elusive Aurora Borealis: Add an ethereal feel to your ph..
Aurora Borealis lit up our sky this weekend! Is there a show more delightful? Pic
Aurora Borealis 1, 2 and 3 limited edition prints now sold through
Stunning UHD visuals of the Aurora Borealis seen from space released by
Best options to see the Northern Lights.
"The cloud is moving nearer still. Aurora borealis comes in view;. Aurora comes in view..."
A DIY glow-in-the dark Aurora Borealis cocktail... yum!
Aurora Borealis from my back yard on the west side of Port Angeles, 1:30 a.m. Sunday.
"the same God that created the Aurora Borealis and Mt Everest has called you beautiful"
Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights over University of Birmingham (Images: IG: ryancarmellini)
Were you lucky enough to see the Northern Lights first hand?. Look out for more Aurora Borealis tonight...
&Thank you all the Daily Post readers who sent us these amazing photos of the Aurora Borealis&
Some amazing photos of Souter Point in South Shields and the Aurora Borealis! (By Andy Gibbons)
And the theater uproots, rises into the air... and explodes in a light brighter than the Aurora Borealis.
Amazing photo of Aurora Borealis in shape of a huge phoenix rising from the ground and flying over Iceland.
ICYMI, Today's (2/25/16) Bing Search engine home page has a fantastic video of the Aurora Borealis, don't miss it.
Nothing compares to the enigmatic light show of the Aurora Borealis. Photo captured last Wednesday by our guide,...
put up the only tb picture!. "I deserve me a palace up in the aurora borealis" -Failure
This event may be ending . . . in 57 minutes the Aurora Borealis should be Quiet (2 Kp)
Illuminating: a history of light and the science of the aurora borealis (£)
Orkney, Grimbister: "Northern Long-Exposure" (Aurora Borealis over Wide Firth from my garden last night 17-Feb-2016) http…
Really, really want to see the Aurora Borealis, even thought about driving to the coast last night. Just in case.
The spectacular aurora borealis over Skagsanden Beach. Photo by Daniel Kordan:
A spectacular sight to illuminate the sky: last night's Aurora Borealis over Inverness, Scotland. (Photo via...
paint some aurora Borealis. I hope it's the moment near the Fjords. "
The Earth opened her womb to contemplate the Aurora borealis that sings softly to me making my eyes rain exultantly.
Winter blues in They're not so bad! Last night's Aurora Borealis over 📷: FB/Roy Mackay
Last night's Sentinel-3A launch with aurora borealis on the background, observed in northern Finland
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I mean the moon aurora borealis here! 😀
Aurora Borealis is an example of why you should never name anything when you're drunk.
Radiate on the court. Introducing the Aurora Borealis and 2.5.
An active Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, hovers over downtown Juneau and the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska.
Sure. Maybe tomorrow I can take you to see the aurora borealis.
St. Petersburg, residents treated to stunning show of
Stars collide in Toronto. . Watch out for the Aurora Borealis 2.5 at the
Radiant realms: a dazzling history of light and the science behind aurora borealis (£)
Well, no. Not this time of year. You have to go when the Aurora Borealis is out.
Leading space research on Aurora Borealis and GPS signals draws new Canadian Space Agency funding
Wow... One of my life goals is to travel to the north pole and witness the beauty of Aurora Borealis.
Rep the North. Introducing the Aurora Borealis featuring Boost and Primeknit for the first time.
Maybe way up north to the Arctic Circle to see the Aurora Borealis??? 😀
Spectacular photos of the Aurora Borealis over North Wales
Aurora Borealis by a group from Laurentian University,
I want to see the aurora borealis so bad. It's amazing 😍😍
"A wish Unfulfilled Reaches back beyond beneath... on in the
Gorgeous aurora borealis and starry night!🌟💕
Aurora Borealis seen from Ampleforth at 11.30pm last night. Happy New Year.
The Aurora Borealis is going to be visible in Seattle, Oregon & Illinois tonight 😭
Aurora borealis auditions for role of staging lighting on the next Dadolescents' world tour.
I captured this image of an Aurora Borealis and the Milky Way at Sycamore Gap in Northumberland on New Year's Eve.
See the Aurora Borealis close to home in region
Solar storm to deliver brilliant aurora just before New Year's Eve: The aurora borealis or Northern Lights are...
GOOD NEWS! Big chances to experience the worlds greatest firework, Aurora Borealis, all over TONIGHT.
I added a video to a playlist Aurora Borealis - Night Vision Goggles - Helicopter
Aurora borealis at the Glacier Lagoon in Iceland... by Raymond Hoffmann
We might not be able to see the aurora borealis in Arizona, but more meteors are supposed to be visible Sunday...
Seeing Salar de Uyuni after it rains is right next to seeing the Aurora Borealis on my bucket list
For all those waiting, here is a picture of a Aurora Borealis
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VIDEO: The last aurora borealis of 2015-natures fireworks via
"There's no such thing as climate change". Me: "You can see the aurora borealis regularly from Ireland". "oh, er"
Just written a tutorial on photographing the Aurora in the UK specifically!
Our this week is of the Aurora Borealis seen from Skye last month
Aurora Borealis from Northern Ireland two days ago. (Image credit: ovenproofjet from Reddit)
Stunning images capture aurora borealis dazzling over North Wales at New Year
The Aurora Borealis (also called danced in the sky for over 3 h... .
Amazing Aurora Borealis taken by Colin Leslie Photography in Nairn yesterday! Like his page for more beautiful...
This photo of the aurora borealis in is one of Best Travel Photos of 2015 ht…
MindYoga: Aurora Borealis in the shape of a wolf. Taken in Pajala, Sweden >
No, you probably won't see the aurora borealis on New Year's Eve - via
there's two reasons to go to Iceland . the aurora borealis and riley blue
New blog post: Watching the Borealis for the first time in
The surprising science behind aurora borealis - the Northern Lights.
Aurora Borealis visible in Oregon, Washington, and possibly as far south as Utah tonight.
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Aurora Borealis over Newgrange by Anthony Murphy as featured in the Irish Times...
oops Paul Higgins (weather tonight) - Aurora Borealis can't be seen from downunder,... must be Aurora Australis
Hello, my name is Shawn Spencer, psychic detective, and this is my partner, Aurora Borealis.
Aurora Borealis — The Northern Lights over the Lyngen Alps during wintertime
Best attempt at capturing the very active Aurora Borealis over the Northwest Territories & Hudson…
An evening of star gazing on Holy Island this evening followed by the Aurora Borealis.
vy2hf: At Dalvay Beach, National Park, doing nightlapse photos of the Aurora Borealis with the GoPro -
The night time view of the Aurora Borealis: Share By Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Casey…
One more shot of the Aurora Borealis as we made our way into Port Dolomite on Northern Lake Huron this morning...
Some images of the Aurora Borealis aka The Northern Lights last night over Donegal. Images from Rita Wilson, Owen...
Aurora Borealis like you've never seen before - CNN Video
News Update: The Northern Lights as seen from space - Astronaut Scott Kelly shot timelapses of the Aurora Borealis...
Aurora Borealis like you've never seen before
Amazing photo of Aurora Borealis in Finland by 😍
Northern Lights: Timelapse shows Aurora Borealis from space -
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Sherman champagne Earrings aurora borealis by popgoesmyvintage via
Long time I didn't stalk timeline. I miss it so much. These days I realize Aurora Borealis comes home. :') ♥♥♥
Want to see the Northern Lights? Our Lodging Gem is where researchers study them
"Aurora Borealis, at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localised entirely within your kitchen?"
many thanks Aurora Borealis at the Artcic Circle htt…
Aurora Borealis over Banff National Park in Canada by Mountain's Breeze by Daniel Kordan.
Aurora Borealis is a model and burlesque performer from northern Minnesota – Read More:
În this picture of the Northwest Territories you get a beautiful view of Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.
I added a video to a playlist Relaxing Music - Erik Satie Gymnopedie No 1- Aurora Borealis by Rainbow
Aurora Borealis (1865) by Frederic Edwin Church This masterful panorama is one of the world's best-... -
Colorful bands of the Aurora Borealis above Lake Mendota . via
More this morning. Featuring Aleister Crowley, Neil Gaiman, exploding bouncers and an Aurora Borealis of *** Need coffee.
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) visible over our area very early this morning. Battle Ground view (Tyler Mode)
I hope the skies are clear tonight when I'm coming back from Tulsa, because the Aurora Borealis might be visible this far south!
Aurora Borealis lower left corner, Airglow right, and the Milky Way over it all. Priest Lake; Idaho, United States http:…
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To sit in the cinema and reach out to the night sky and Northern Lights in Ikuo Nakamura's Aurora Borealis is an experience.
Aurora Borealis light up the sky over a Sami village in northern Sweden.
The gorgeousness of the Aurora Borealis on Lake Superior. Just makes you feel inspired, doesn't it?
A touch of Aurora Borealis can be seen walking around inspired by photog Keating Smith http…
Travel tip: too far South to see the Aurora Borealis?. For an identical effect simply heat chicken pot pie by microwaving it …
Northern Lights in Bragg Creek - a few photographs of the Aurora Borealis dancing from April 10th:
Watch the skies tonight - the Aurora Borealis might be visible again
Aurora Borealis could not settle down her bones. Her blood was humming softly to explosions in her toes.
Aurora Borealis to light up northern UK tonight - News - The Weather Network via
Aurora Borealis was all bright feelings and passionate highs; her afterglow was rushing brooks encompassing the skies.
Here are some aurora borealis photos you sent in. Thanks!
Stunning - See the 9 most breathtaking photos of the Northern Lights via
Aurora Borealis: Photos of Northern Lights over Alaska following geomagnetic storm
There was a shooting star between her bright lights; Aurora Borealis was wishing for the earth.
A panoramic view of the aurora borealis dancing over lava fields in Iceland by
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Aurora Borealis is rising above your bed. She's whisping like an angel but she's coming for your head.
Aurora Borealis is going for a stroll. She's rolling down the avenue and promising a toll.
Aurora Borealis brooch! What better way to commemorate an eclipse, visit Antiques & Everything http…
Aurora Borealis, that goddess is just trying to brush her hair.
Aurora borealis is a trickster, rough and mean. She dances like a ghost to crack your jaw and break your spleen.
Aurora borealis is walls of ice, she puts you inside caverns until you play nice.
The aurora borealis was not ready to sleep; it was not ready to die. It dwindled low to then rekindle, crack like fire in your eye.
The aurora borealis was being quiet & green & gliding & steady & then it came with flashes of red and purple & started singing in the sky.
The aurora borealis is basically spells in the sky.
Video: Spectacular light show of Aurora Borealis above Oxfordshire: YOU may have missed it, but the skies over... http…
In 35 minutes the Aurora Borealis should be Active. (4.33 Kp)
Aurora Borealis 17.03.2015 . This was one in a decade opportunity.
Video and photos: Stunning aurora borealis lights up Duluth skies:
Northern Lights pictured over Bangor and Antrim last night - the stunning pics http:/…
Breathtaking Photos of the Northern Lights from yesterday
Missed this one yesterday! Wow MT Aurora Borealis captured Tuesday night in Milton
Aurora borealis spotted in Japan for first time since 2004 | The Japan Times
Another beautiful image of the Aurora Borealis too good not to share...
I hope someday, I'll see an aurora borealis.. :-)
Sycamore Gap looked amazing in the light of the Aurora Borealis last night Thanks Graeme Peacock for sharing,. Missed it but looks brilliant
Aurora Borealis captured last night in Milton
Seen in Ireland: Gorgeous pictures of the Northern Lights (via
Watch our Aurora rotating gallery on the Islay Photo Blog
Video: Stunning time-lapse of Aurora borealis captured over Lough Neagh
WATCH: NASA astronaut captures the aurora borealis stretching across the North Pole from space.
The aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, as seen over Derwent water near Keswick, England on Wednesday. AP, EPA htt…
Now this is incredible! And in Cornwall! . Please take a look at the images and SHARE on :) :)
Stunning pictures from Northern Lights as Earth experiences biggest solar flare in 20 years
Colors in the Sky: With a severe solar storm raging, the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, could be seen fr...
Northern Lights: Astronaut shoots stunning footage of Aurora Borealis from the edge of space
Aurora Borealis dazzles in the night sky over the UK
Aurora Borealis is like if MURS and Robb Bank$ combined into one person to make a song about a girl.
DTN Italy: VIDEO: Aurora Borealis filmed from space: The European Space Agency releases time-lapse footage of ...
The Enterprise did visit earth recently to refuel in the Aurora Borealis
I want to see the aurora borealis before I die 🌌
This is not a time-lapse. Photographer Kwon O Chul shows what aurora borealis looks like in real-time in this jaw-dropping video filmed in Yellowknife, Canada. What an incredible phenomenon to experience in-person. Video was shot on a Nikon D4, at ISO 6400, 24mm f/1.4G lens at f/2.0 or f/1.4.
I want to see the Aurora Borealis for myself one day...
Offered to you by The Fashion Den is this fabulous vintage glass necklace with two strands, a wonderfully colorful aurora borealis coating and a
I'd give anything to see the aurora borealis just once 😩😍
but... They already have 4 seasons... And I saw a spoiler where they go off into some aurora borealis type thing
"Dear Journal, It's quite strange. Somehow, I miss the overcrowded streets of Cheydinhal. I miss the sweet smell of the flowers that grew on our shop's windowsills. I miss Mother's cooking and I miss seeing Astriah and her two elder sisters, Firorah and Kariel. It's lonely venturing alone. My stomach hurts from being homesick and this tough venison doesn't help calm my nerves. As I sit here in my lonely little camp, set up in a lonely little valley, in goodness knows where, I'm beginning to question why I've strayed away from home. The sky is now a deep shade of violet with a hint of crimson and I've never seen such beautiful stars. The moonlight casts a blue lighting over the vast landscape, leaving the ground an enchanting turquoise color, along with blots of pink and purple flowers. Some say the night sky is even better in Skyrim, due to the Aurora Borealis, but nothing compares to the beauty I'm witnessing with my eyes. If only I had my paints and canvas to recreate this spectacle. I feel more adventu ...
Bright lights of the northern sky. The Aurora Borealis . You southerners sure do miss out :P
Remembering this sky in Iceland! An adventure following the aurora borealis & seeing these dancing across the sky.
See the Aurora Borealis. Icelandair turn on the Northern Lights on this 757.
Before I die I wanna see the aurora borealis
Nature’s greatest light show without the trek: the aurora borealis on
Compose in darkness. Expect aurora borealis. in the long foray. but no cascade of light.
Green and red borealis visible right now in Svalbard, Norway!
“Plan a trip to see Aurora Borealis.
Plan a trip to see Aurora Borealis.
Aurora Borealis dancing over the Haul Road (James Dalton Highway) and the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline on the North...
Peter Marshall God knows each one of you, and He has a plan for you. God made one you - and only one. You're a Wonder They are called the seven natural wonders of the world: Aurora Borealis, Grand Canyon, Paricutin, Victoria Falls, Mount Everest, Great Barrier Reef, Harbor of Rio de Janeiro. When you see them they evoke a sense of wonder and awe. They're one of a kind. Go ahead and add yourself to that list. You are a wonder. You're one of a kind. God made just one of you - only one person with your exact looks, your exact set of abilities and interests and background and experiences. And while those seven wonders of the world are there for us to simply look at and enjoy, you are created for a reason. You have a job to do on this planet in this particular span of years that only you can accomplish. The New Year will dawn tomorrow. A New Year of hopes and possibilities. They're all yours for the taking. They're all yours for the doing. Are you ready? Read Psalm 103 Lord, help me see how I may praise You an ...
Wainwright Airport. Oh My. I think Santa and his helpers made an early stop here last night, as we were on our way out at 10 pm to chance a view of the Northern Lights, a plane came in and about 50 ski doos showed up at the airport, cops too. We got to view a band of the Aurora Borealis. You gain some perspective looking south to see the Northern Lights. LOL. photos did not come out well as electronics freeze up pretty quick. This place has a stark beauty to it. The warmth comes from the people who inhabit the Arctic. They are welcoming, funny, generous, and beautiful.
What is Aurora Borealis commonly known as? - Northern Lights
this day in history On December 11 1719 The first recorded sighting of the Aurora Borealis was in New England. 1844 Dr. Horace Wells became the first person to have a tooth extracted after receiving an anesthetic for the dental procedure. Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, was the anesthetic. 1928 In Buenos Aires, police thwarted an attempt on the life of President-elect Herbert Hoover. 1941 Germany and Italy declared war on the United States. The U.S in turn declared war on the two countries. 1961 The first direct American military support for South Vietnam occurred when a U.S. aircraft carrier carrying Army helicopters arrived in Saigon. 1985 General Electric Company agreed to buy RCA Corporation for $6.3 billion. Also included in the deal was NBC Radio and Television. 1991 Salman Rushdie, under an Islamic death sentence for blasphemy, made his first public appearance since 1989 in New York, at a dinner marking the 200th anniversary of the First Amendment (which guarantees freedom of speech in the U ...
Iceland: Aurora Borealis flashes over the Hotel Ion near Thingvellir National Park
Aurora Borealis: The Artist is the Bodhisattva of the Aquarian Age. Art is Enlightenment
Aurora Borealis, Green Waves of Airglow, and the Milky Way at Priest Lake in North Idaho (OC) [2000x822] via Pais...
Vibrant red and green Aurora Borealis above the birch tree forest - Fairbanks, Alaska
Northern Lights in Greenland. Aurora Borealis is named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora...
Check out American classic Arctic landscape art print: Aurora Borealis by Frederic Church via
Aurora Borealis claims it won't appear again until people stop listening to Sarah Palin
Aurora Borealis, the Milky Way, and a meteor in the same picture.
Planning a Northern Lights holiday this winter? As if witnessing the Aurora Borealis isn't enough of a treat, travel companies are now offering...
Visible displays of the Northern Lights have been spectacular recently, for those in the far north, away from city lights. Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis recently took a trip to northern Norway, joining others making the journey to admire and try to capture the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis in photographs. Below is a collection of these images, looking to the skies above Troms County, Norway, last week. Full entry:
- Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are the result of geomagnetic storms.
Aurora Borealis ... one example of how incredible nature is!
Northern Lights live feed: See the Aurora Borealis after the solar storm
“Stunning photos of Aurora Borealis . from Brother bear shut up
I grew up thinking Aurora Borealis was a gemstone because my mom watched so much Home Shopping Network.
Aurora Borealis seen from the Mount Washington Observatory in N.H.
Aurora Borealis will be visible tonight on Long Island 9/13. 🎆.
PLEASE SHARE... solar flares that ignite the Aurora Borealis are expected to hit earth tonight causing one of the most beautiful and fascinating spectacles! You have to go out and check it out! SHARE and tell your friends about it!
Tacoma is screwing me out of Aurora Borealis! Too many frickin streetlights!
Going to drive to a state park to try and see the aurora borealis 🌌
Awesome aurora borealis over Greenland if ...
Wel, we didn't see the aurora borealis :( but it was a good time, just the same. Weird guy aside. Thank goodness for Brett.
Reason to ❤️ my mom: she drove with me to Dayton, ID at one in the morning because I wanted to see the aurora borealis.
Aurora borealis.. We will meet one day.. And when we meet... We will dance till sunrise, my beautiful lady.
Day 57: Technically yesterday at the point... We went aurora borealis hunting. This isn't my picture…
Anyone catch a good view of the aurora borealis?
Wow "Sky filled with Aurora Borealis an hour ago!
What are the ? Jay W explains the science behind the Aurora Borealis. Alina J http:/…
1915 Northern Lights. Step outside tonight to see the Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights outing was a bust. A gajillion lovely stars but no aurora borealis. I'm going to bed now I think.
If you happen to spot Northern Lights over the UK tonight share your photos & videos via
No big deal, just sitting by the ocean, stargazing and photographing the Aurora Borealis.
Chance to see the Northern Lights as display could be visible from UK UK.
Did anyone in the Portland area actually see aurora borealis?
Drove all the way up to Ogden trying to find the aurora borealis with no luck.
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I've already said it is lifted from the net.Google 'aurora borealis out to sea' it's about 4th
"Aurora Borealis seen tonight from Mount Washington Observatory in N.H. -
Anybody see any Aurora Borealis last night 🌌🌌🌌
Aurora BOREalis was a complete bust =[
Aurora borealis last night in Photo by Atacan Ergin
Time lapse of the Aurora Borealis. God is SO cool!!
Sv: Explosions on the sun could cause Aurora Borealis to be more colourful and visible in uncommon locations...
Looking for the aurora borealis! A woman took a great photo from NY state at 9:15pm.and now the moon is up to do its own light pollution! Moon says “Yesterday I was the super moon:today I’m light pollution,thanks a lot.
Couldn't really see the aurora borealis clearly today. I'll try again tomorrow.
Amazing photo of the intense Aurora Borealis from the in New Hampshire tonight. Caused by latest CME
→ → Aurora Borealis: What to look out for if Northern Lights are seen above Essex → Experts say the Northern...
Another group (unsuccessfully) attempting to see the aurora borealis from Issaquah Highlands.
Sky filled with Aurora Borealis an hour ago! http:/…
Northern Lights may put on a show over the UK tonight
I wish I could see the aurora borealis this weekend.
Aftermath of the geomagnetic activity; Borealis, by Y. Takasaka on Sept. 3 in Yellowknife, Canada. http:/…
Geomagnetic activity already around 6kp = aurora borealis potentially visible at our latitude soon. Camera/tripod in car. To t…
Sky filled with Aurora Borealis an hour ago!
Anyone out there seeing the aurora borealis?
I'm very sleepy, aurora borealis. Won't you please make an appearance?
Aurora Borealis with my mom. . Not too shabby for a Friday night. .
Not seeing aurora borealis tonight. Guess we're not high enough into the mountains...Maybe tomorrow evening. I don't know.. Whatever. To good to be true, I guess...
Anyone manage to see the Aurora Borealis yet tonight?
Off on an adventure to find the Aurora Borealis at 12:07am
Am I waiting up to see me some Aurora Borealis? Kind of--But I think I just killed a moth.
The aurora borealis is not the spectacle people make it out to be, lost sleep for that?
Drove to the Idaho border to see the aurora borealis. I sat there expecting to see the heavens glory. I had 5 of the greatest kids with me. They fell asleep in the middle of nowhere with bellies full of junk listening to the Book of Mormon. Now it's just me, my bestie, Zac Brown Band and the open road and it just occurred to me...THIS is heaven.
We're not the only ones that decided to go out, find a dark place & gaze at the hazy sky hoping to witness the aurora borealis.
Tonight marks the great Aurora Borealis hoax of 2014: Where they asked us all to look to the sky promising pretty green waves, and all we got was a spaceship's view into the vast, slow swirl of space. Or fog, if you live on the coast
Hoping we get to see the Aurora borealis tonight ❤️
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Not much of an Aurora Borealis experience - not like the Yukon. BUT, Laura Tetzlaff and I met some cool guys on the dock with a bag of Kokanee beers and a boat cranked out some old tunes... Fun evening - no pics Domaine de Soulisse (Karin), malheureusement. The super moon was magnificent. Deep Cove people are awesome
Aurora Borealis Fail! Oh well! Thank you 24 diner truck stop in the Columbia Gorge playing Whitney Houston.
I wish I was able to see the aurora borealis
Headed off to see if we cant catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis tonight. Wish me luck!!
*** you Connecticut!! Your lights were too bright tonight, so I couldn't see the Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky over the Long Island Sound. I hope my Canadian family got some cool pics to share, 'cuz I didn't get sheiiit. Oh well.
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