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Aunt Viv

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I remember every time I used to see my uncle he was introducing my to a new aunt 😭 the aunt Viv switch on fresh pri…
Light skin Aunt Viv made no sense, how did Carlton, Ashley & Nicky come out so dark? πŸ€”
The same way they went from dark skin Aunt Viv to light skin Aunt Viv
Can't help looking at the fires in bel air and think. Thank God aunt viv and Uncle Phil sold the house
Know that love is continuous behaviour and understand that it’ll be that aunt Viv love , not having to ask if it’s…
The original Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince is out there installing DirecTV
I want a real love. Durag and dark skinned Aunt Viv love.
i switch jobs like Uncle Phil switch aunt Viv’s lol i need that check tho!!!
Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I…
Geoffrey was the best thing about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Even greater than Dark Skinned Aunt Viv.
Although I like the new Aunt Viv, I like the original a lot more.
Deceiving. U are the reason I don’t feel like finding the love that I need and I’m Uncle Phil I switch wifeys like…
Fantastic day meeting my mums sister, my aunt Viv, for the first time ever today. Mum hasn’t seen her in over 40 years.
Wonder if you'll dismiss me, maybe light-skin Aunt Viv me
I want a real love, dark skinned and Aunt Viv love that Jada and that Will love that leave a toothbrush at your cri…
Won't see me disappear like the old Aunt Viv!!!
Look, if Marvel could replace War Machine, and Fresh Prince could replace Aunt Viv...we can definitely replace Johnny Depp i…
IK they got a real love . dark skinned aunt viv love
WHO alright hey aunt viv Uncle Phil kids why don't you so nice to have the house
I think it’s been established. Dark skinned Aunt Viv was trill af.
Sooo I'm the only one that didn't know Ray and lightskin Aunt Viv were married?
The dark always comes to light like Aunt Viv in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
"Up is something that I cant give, wont see me disappear like the old Aunt Viv"
I want to be the dark skin aunt viv when I grow up
A friend of mine texted me the video of Aunt Viv in dance class and said "this is you". I'm so happy right now.
Viv will FOREVER be my favorite from my Uncle Sean side (outside of him & aunt ginny) ❀️
Colorism is only when you lie like you can't say light skin aunt viv is cuter than dark skin aunt viv.
I want a real love an aunt Viv love. J Cole - No Role Models (2014 Forest Hills Drive) via
Switching light skinned aunt viv with dark skinned on viv on Fresh Prince of bellaire like no one would notice
I've been dead since they switched Aunt Viv so it won't be that much of a change.
Got a light skinned friend that look like Aunt Viv. Got a dark skinned friend that look like Aunt Viv.
Minus the part where they pull an Aunt Viv on you and switch actors for a main character.
I remember seeing the new aunt Viv for the first time and thinkin
"people only in your life for season's" word to Aunt Viv. Sometimes you gotta remind yourself…
I want that real love , that dark skin aunt viv love
What if they pull an Aunt Viv and just make him Asian for season 2?
Brandy holding on to grudges long than the original Aunt Viv 😁😁
I request that his special aunt Viv nickname be ham Samwich
goodnight to everyone except those two women from The Fresh Prince who said the original Aunt Viv was too old to be a…
Original Aunt Viv actress was seriously not happy at that β€˜Fresh Prince’ reunion photo
I want to go to a dance studio, learn a choreographed dance, record it, post it & never go back. Like aunt Viv.
4. Dark skin Aunt Viv with the dance moves πŸ’€πŸ˜‚
I aim to have as much confidence as the producer who carried out the Aunt Viv switch on Fresh Prince.
I'm looking at a real live Aunt Viv and Hollywood.
Want a real love, dark skinned aunt Viv love
Aunt Viv was don't be lying to the masses
"To the last, I grapple with thee; From *** s heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."~ Aunt Viv
Candace and I are watching Fresh Prince on Netflix. I miss the old Aunt Viv.
I just got the ultimate vengeance on my old job and waked out like Aunt Viv after a fitness class, never ever underestimate.
Channel your inner Aunt Viv and kick your weekend off with a little fun! .
Can we talk about how the original Aunt Viv Janet Hubart's wardrobe was always on point πŸ’―
At least darkskin Aunt Viv said more than two words the whole show
Need me a relationship like Uncle Phil and aunt viv... or better yet like and
Fresh Prince during the REAL Aunt Viv's time on the show
I want that real love darkskinned aunt viv love that Jada and that Pac love. Nah that don't work
Sorry Aunt Viv, but Charley's being real with Ralph Angel.
They changed mama rose...I noticed right away they tried to pull an aunt viv
That girl really thought she was gonna step to Aunt Viv.
Aunt Viv giving women from the halfway house jobs makes my heart flutter.
Aunt Viv looks FANTASTIC!! The actress has to be at least 60 by now.
Hopefully the strawberries don't get Aunt Viv thrown out the patch eh?
My 80 yr old aunt never fails to call me so she can sing happy birthday to me❀️
HD but dark skin aunt viv was better
I would run to temple square w/ a torch, see missionaries ready to talk to me, get anxiety, and go bur…
Aunt Viv's Homestyle Cooking on Pork ribs with collard greens, yams, mac and cheese and cornbread.
Those Fresh Prince episodes with dark skin Aunt Viv and all the aunties were so lit
Same with Fresh Prince and aunt viv
Can we talk about how they switched Darnell on Girlfriends like they did Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
At least one person was definitely not happy with that 'Fresh Prince' reunion.
I want that real love, dark skinned and aunt viv love, that jada and that will love
When the world tries to drown you with their misogynoir, give it to them just like Aunt Viv did
With Daphne and Uncle Phil, causing Aunt Viv to threaten to never return.
1. So instead of just switching Aunt Viv, she could've gotten killed off, sending Uncle Phil into a spiraling depression, and making him.
"Every man dies, but not every man lives. And I'm thankful for my banks, like I married aunt viv" Rap God πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Bro the Lightskin Aunt Viv was fine as *** Ÿ™†πŸΎβ€β™‚️
Like Hellen in drake and Josh or Aunt Viv in the Fresh Prince
Late night arts and crafts with Aunt Viv ! 😊
Episode where Uncle Phil had high cholesterol, and had to sneak burgers behind Aunt Viv's back.
If Emily is Viv's mom. is Emily my aunt?
I barely even saw them,okay let's change the name of the show and put(Shakti - the au…
I know that's right with OG Aunt Viv. πŸ‘πŸΎ
I liked a video Struggle Actress Aunt Viv DEMANDS that i take down my video or ELSE
I'm gonna do a called "it ain't easy being light" and its gonna be about all the struggles light skin Aunt Viv and Harriet face
'Cause I've seen Daphne Reid in other roles and she had more flair and personality than as Aunt Viv.
She's like Becky from Roseanne or Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire 😐
Pam's Mom in The Office pulled a Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince
Did y'all know that the light skin Aunt Viv is real life married to Ray Campbell from Sister Sister?
Janet Hubert aka Aunt Viv is going to be at the Fresh Prince of bel air reunion like
In Honor of the REAL Aunt Viv, Ima go head and drop this
People keep asking for other Aunt Viv. Real Fresh Prince fans know Aunt Viv and Will don't fw each other😫
biggest betrayal has got to be the replacement of Aunt Viv in the Fresh Prince
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I thought for sure you were Aunt Helen Smith and is the original Aunt Viv
"Everyone was happy when old Aunt Viv got replaced by new Aunt Viv. Period."
"The second Aunt Viv was just as good, if not better than, the first."
Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv, Michael and Jay, Martin and Gina etc
Everyone is always talking about the Aunt Viv switch on Fresh Prince. However few argue about the Harriet switch on Family Matters.
I think you're confusing Harriet with Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince
Here is the tea about Aunt Viv coming for Kenya!
I want that Aunt Viv looking out for Uncle Phil kinda loveπŸ˜ŒπŸ‘€
They pulled an Aunt Viv real quick LOOL
Dos Equis trying to pull an Aunt Viv on us right now
Seeing the new Dos Equis guy on tv is as jarring as when they changed Aunt Viv's on Fresh Prince
It's like Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv was cool wit Hillary bein a lil thottie πŸ’€
People be forgetting how they disrespectfully replaced Harriet Winslow on Family Matters. Another Aunt Viv.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air... ONLY because WE KNOW *** WELL that's not Aunt Viv in that picture!
She didn't save Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv's marriage for this!!
What if I told you I wanted to love you the way dark skinned Aunt Viv loved Uncle Phil?
like slapping in a lightskin aunt Viv, no integrity
I like the dark skin Aunt Viv better on Fresh Prince
Hillary Clinton lowkey looks like the new Aunt Viv.
I want my Hillary Banks, but I want her to look like Aunt Viv!
Fresh Prince only if they bring back the original aunt viv and Uncle Phil come back to life
Won't see me disappear, like the old aunt Viv
Shows that recast main characters like we won't notice get me tight. It's just the constant Aunt Viv betrayal of '93
You're Aunt Amanda loves you, baby matter how stubborn you were getting here! πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ ❀️
it's like the first time you saw the NEW Aunt Viv
Ima post a video of me hittin the aunt Viv dance soon
Btw it was the OG aunt Viv, not the other one.
Aunt Viv was my mom and I had a dream she died and the whole time I was crying super bad.
not over a Martin marathon tho and early Fresh Prince not light skin Aunt viv
Feeling like the modern day dark skin aunt Viv lol
Light skin aunt Viv annoying when she mad. Dark skin aunt Viv demanded that respect when mad
Light skinned Aunt Viv annoyed me lol
can't forget when they replaced the OG aunt Viv on Fresh Prince. Wasn't the same without her!
light skin aunt viv. Gotta be bc darkskin aunt viv went on that Lil rant about Jada and will earlier this yr.
I want that aunt viv and Uncle Phill type of relationship.
Lol I understood what you meant. I agree. I feel like once DS Aunt Viv left, they tried too hard to be funny.
yea, light skinned Aunt Viv was whack; not Bc she was light skinned, but Bc she just was not as good of an actress.
Working on a playlist that would have Uncle Phil & Aunt Viv dancing in my mind.
Listen to # 540 Hanging Out with AUNT VIV from Fresh Prince! by Da Sacriphice on
I got a whole story son she that aunt viv type the darkskin one
Dark skinned Aunt Viv or light skinned Aunt Viv...?
πŸ“Ή sad-black: trebled-negrita-princess: Black girl magic Aunt Viv is that you
Lmao exactly Looking like Aunt Viv off that one episode on Fresh Prince.
All I do is fill up banks, Aunt Viv it
I want that real love darkskin and aunt viv love
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Last night I was told I resemble.. *wait for it*. Light skin Aunt Viv
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still rude af for changing Aunt Viv from chocolate to straight beige like that
Want that real love, darkskinned Aunt Viv love
I'll never work with another 'Aunt Viv' ever again!
bc they sadly pulled an Aunt Viv and replaced the original Harriet Winslow
Nobody told you to update on your own I don't wanna see this light-skin Aunt Viv *** logo.
Everything happens for a reason. People only in your life for seasons. Word to Aunt Viv
Kelly Rowland and another woman playing Luscious's mom is like switching up on Aunt Viv and Harriet Winslow
I just recieved a email from Janet Hubert aka Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince. She took issue with me making a...
The black aunt Viv was fire, they played themselves with that waffle colored one
I want that dark skinned Aunt Viv love
*** I knew you looked familiar,you the first Aunt Viv
Black Aunt Viv was a real black mom πŸ˜‚
Replacing JR with Michael Cole is the worst downgrade since the 2nd Aunt Viv
People in ya life for seasons.. Word to aunt viv
I want that aunt viv love, that Jada & Will loveπŸ’•
Venus looks so regal tonight. She really does look like dark skinned Aunt Viv lol
People are only in ya life for seasons, word to aunt viv
I need a real love .. That aunt viv & Uncle Phil love!!
Remind me of aunt Viv off of Fresh Prince
Not only did Cory Matthews have a younger sister, but she was Aunt Viv'd in season 3. I'm sure that actress has no regrets.
Who was the better Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Thought this was Aunt Viv real quick RT
WATCH: reveals what he thinks about his former Aunt Viv via
Best Halloween costume EVER! This guy has the crown πŸ‘‘ He dressed up as Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince Of Bel Ai...
you serving the girls Aunt Viv realness in your Avi girl
Aunt Viv came downstairs to Let the Choppa sing
Black aunt Viv telling it like it is πŸ‘πŸΎ
all i do if fill up banks, Aunt Viv it
Aunt Viv : Veeluminati, D0 u want to get FREE iPh0ne 6s N0W? Check my bi0 for rules. Thanks
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv's house pop-up bar in Toronto
So I'm watching Fresh Prince of belair and they have lightskin aunt viv, my heart hurts πŸ˜žπŸ˜‚
Light skin aunt Viv was just not funny at all
Carlton had the perfect response for Aunt Viv after she came for Will Smith
Missed Tune in to Carlton boxing Aunt Viv out the paint bc she's salty
Lmao y'all got Aunt Viv doing appearances on Huff Post Live
I'm spilling the Tea on Aunt Viv going in on Stacey Dash. You gotta hear what she said on Huff Post LIVE. People...
Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert) says ghetto has become the new black
In a perfect world, Aaron McGruder would be writing a legendary episode of The Boondocks around those Jada and Aunt Viv videos. Ugh, ***
Black Americans don't understand.that BEFORE SLAVERY they would choose Aunt Viv's beauty over Lena Horne.
She kinda said something along the same lines as Aunt Viv without directly attacking the Smiths... Said we need to support Chris Rock.
Isn't gettin Divorce & she's takin / of his fortune? I'm sorry but like Aunt Viv said some people like Chris got bills 2 pay
Why is it that irrelevant people like Stacy Dash and Aunt Viv feel like they speak for all African Americans? No boo.
1st it was Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert) & now it's Stacey Dash with the foolery. *** daaamn *** Florida Evans voice
Um...I never knew Aunt Viv married Ray Campbell from Sister Sister
I didn't know Tim Reid ( A.KA Ray Campbell from Sister Sister) was 71 and married to The lite skin Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
You know it's about to go left when Aunt Viv says "First of all Miss Thang..." lol. It's about to go down.
V for Vendetta: Aunt Viv materializes to drag the Fresh Prince over Oscars
Aunt Viv gone try to read Tyrese also or was that just a Jada and Will thing?
Pam from Martin went on to Everybody Hates Chris. Gina did My Wife & Kids. Aunt Viv shot herself in the foot she can't blame anyone
Swear I didn't know that Ray(Tim Reid) from Sister, Sister was married to the light skin Aunt Viv
Aunt Viv has a point but I won't watch the Oscars (sorry, Chris Rock). I'll watch Straight Outta Compton instead
The original "Aunt Viv" called out Jada Pinkett Smith over possible Oscars boycott.
Aunt Viv went in *** Jada Pinkett Smith... "You ain't Barack and Michelle Obama, get over yourselves."
I love Aunt Viv and the Smiths and I still wont watch the Oscars but I hope Chris Rock do really well!!! Do this make sense??
Genuine question. Has Will Smith ever put on black actors the way Tyler Perry, Chris Rock & Eddie Murphy had? Aunt Viv had a point...
I don't see where Aunt Viv is holding a grudge, etc. She just don't like them cause they fake 2Her. Bottom line. .
"Aunt Viv" is not happy with Will and Jada Smith over their Oscar boycott! She goes in.
The original Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince goes off on Will Smith & Jada Pinkett!
Lemme look at this video of Aunt Viv everybody's talkin about
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Chris Rock and Aunt Viv going to be the only two black folks watching the
please watch Aunt Viv go off and give not a single πŸ’©πŸ’©
If Sallie Mae calls me I'm passing the phone to the 1st Aunt Viv. *** if Suge Knight calls I'm passing the phone to the 1st
Aunt Viv was waiting 20 years to clap back for being fired
When Jazz meets lightskin Aunt Viv for the first time πŸ˜‚
As much as I love Fresh Prince, I'm still glad that the decision to get rid of Dark Skinned Aunt Viv backfired on them.
*** I still do! They got the wrong Aunt Viv in that photo but I'll let it slide..
I want a real love, a darkskin and aunt Viv love. The Jada and that Will love πŸ’•
This jazz audition πŸ™ŒπŸ½ She killed it and her body is amazing! Yes Aunt Viv πŸ’ƒπŸ½.
I want that Jada and that will love β€πŸ’¦ aunt viv and Uncle Phil love πŸ’πŸ˜˜πŸ’―
And Claire was badder than both Aunt Viv's combined lol
when black Aunt Viv showed out in dance class..
Aunt Viv: The man is on thin ice. Geoffrey: I'll warn the fish!!. Geoffrey is the roasting king!! Hands down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Carlton with the gun, Carlton on drugs, Aunt Viv tearing it up, Richard Pryor/Chevy Chase on SNL,
'I want a real love, that dark skinned and Aunt Viv love'
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ By Oh you thought Halloween was over? Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince of Bel-air is ready to SERVE! http…
Actress Janet Hubert (ORIGINAL 'Aunt Viv') shares memories growing up in Englewood neighborhood.
"All I do is Phillip Banks, Aunt Viv it. Drink Belaire champagne and club Liv it". You guys are most definitely sleeping on Fab man sheesh
ALSO on all these great black actors. Janet Hubert (1st Aunt Viv), Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (dad in Jacksons: An American Dream)
Aunt Viv came thru and made sure they'll never forget.
So did Uncle Phil divorce Aunt Viv after season 3 and in the meantime marry another lady named Vivian who looked nothing…
Venus Williams reminds me of Aunt Viv from seasons 1-3 of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Why Venus Williams kinda look like Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince
Did we all miss this part on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air after they changed Aunt Viv!?
I don't call anyone my relationship goals but if I did it would Martin and Gina, Dwayne and Whitley, & Aunt Viv & Uncle Phil.
LMFAO this is a hilarious show by comedian Nicole Arbour about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air & Aunt Viv
This is why as Aunt Viv, I liked Janet Hubert-Whitten better than Daphne Maxwell Reid
When somebody tries to argue the second Aunt Viv was better than the first one
Hm I got the Fresh Prince...I can see that. let me carry my butt to sleep before Aunt Viv wakes up!
Need some of that Uncle Phil and Dark skin Aunt Viv lovin..
Mrs. Winslow would have to go for me. Wanda is bae, Aunt Viv is great and Cookie would cut me if I picked her.
That Will & Jada, Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv, Martin and Gina type love >>>>
I need that real love, dark skin Aunt Viv love
LRT proves that Janet Hubert-Whitten is the ONLY Aunt Viv that ever mattered.
My ex switched up on me like Aunt Viv and Claire
Light skin aunt viv, Claire and Harriet, y they always make em light skin
I wonder what dark skin Aunt Viv up to these days
I want a real love. a dark skinned Aunt Viv love
it was over in season 2, when they switched aunt viv's lol the original Vivian was fed up with will
I hate how Rebecca talks omg. Can they just aunt viv her please and get someone else?
I almost fell down the *** steps bc I felt like Dark skin aunt Viv after that dance routine.
give Aunt Viv my love!! Keeping you guys in my prayers, love you!
CAN YALL WRITE OFF HAKEEM PLEASE? or replace him like they did aunt viv on
Ok Badass Mare, would you do that to Aunt Viv? Notty not not
late to the party, but had absolutely no idea that Aunt Viv was going to change!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
People only in ya life for a couple seasons word to aunt Viv
a commenter on blog post about Vivica Fox said, "I miss Aunt Viv's original face, she hasn't looked right since Independence day..."
I used to have the hugest crushes on Clair Huxtable, Aunt Viv, Hilary, Ashley (Fresh Prince), and Lisa from Saved By The Bell
i don't call that second lady "Aunt Viv". i call her Uncle Phil's second wife. because.
Dark skinned Aunt Viv loved Uncle Phil better than light skin Aunt Viv
This *** Jaden Smith need to go see Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv
So when this time of year comes around it is always a special time for me. No not Halloween or Columbus Day. I'm talking about the greatest National Holiday that isn't a National Holiday yet but give it some time. I'm talking my Mom's Bday. Today is the day we celebrate a woman who ran the Free World before Michelle Obama. A woman so beautiful and intelligent that she could only be from one place. Brooklyn, NY. Only there could you develop the skills to raise 4 boys successfully and trick them into babysitting each other. My mother is a genius. Before Buzzfeed put you on to "14 Lifehacks to save you time and money," My mom was making breakfast, packing lunches, warming up the car, disciplining children, getting her husband dressed, and feeding the dog all while in a robe and house slippers. So while I respect all of the mothers of the world I know my mother to be the greatest. I actually think she is a robot from the future sent back to keep us all in line. She is a hybrid of Aunt Viv (both of them), Clai ...
I just feel bad for Karen because she has Aunt Viv's disease. Entire appearance just switched up from one season to th…
And is this a different Karen than last season? Like a different Aunt Viv?
I hope new Karen is not like new Aunt Viv...
iWant Able to go upstairs and come back a new like Judy or dark skin Aunt Viv...
Join Janet Hubert(Aunt Viv) and activist Melanie Campbell at in Orlando on Sat. call 321.285.6297 to get your ticket.
I hope Ray Donovan pulls a "Aunt Viv" and comes back with a new wife AND daughter on the show. They're almost as bad as Brodie's daughter.
I still don't understand how Aunt Viv went from dark skinned to light skinned.
Remember when The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air changed Aunt Viv from dark skinned and skinny to lighter skinned and chubbier, snide
Who was your Aunt Viv, mine was david tennant
I want a Fresh Prince reunion where both Aunt Viv's fight to the death.My money would be on the original (and best) Aunt Viv.
Taking Aunt Viv out to dinner at the "The Clam Bake" Restr. Its just wonderful. Then to her favorite Little Casino for the evening.
Man why they change aunt viv on Fresh Prince. Im still mad about that
Jaiden needs to go live with Aunt Viv & Uncle Phil
WOW! Thank You Aunt Viv for this AWESOME reminder of how LOVING our FATHER in Heaven is. Be Thankful in ALL THINGS - Good AND Bad!
I wasn't though, nothing wrong with Aunt Viv lol
it wouldn't be Fresh Prince without an aunt Viv
nope you and vivica both aunt Viv ... She just vivv
Watching Fresh Prince and all I can say is I need an aunt Viv in my life
I don't like light skinned aunt viv.. πŸ˜’
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