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Aunt May

May Reilly Parker-Jameson, commonly known as Aunt May, is a supporting character in Marvel Comics' Spider-Man series.

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One of the very first comic books I remember from my childhood...I don't think I really gave a *** about Aunt May back then…
:: If someone makes an Aunt May... .. I’ll larb you forever.
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- nervously. “Aunt May saw me with the costume. I tried to say that it was some fan thing, but she FLIPPED.”
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Snowblower all gassed up, nifty frost guards courtesy of my Aunt on my car (windshield & mirrors), enough food in t…
Spider-man’s parents were spies and died in a plane crash before Peter went to live with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben
My aunt gonna say well, I may not be able to take you to Atlanta tomorrow ... you better drive slow ... I need to…
Omg I’d freaking DIE. Imagine Kyle chandler dressed as Captain America in like a gritty HBO series of St…
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It goes to show you that whist she may have Princess in her title, she has no class. Does she think fo…
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*He took her hand and led her through the living room and off to his room. He closed the door, hop…
Yeah I mean they're so close to each other, I loved Garfield as Spider-Man and I love Holland but t…
My bf said I may not be able to visit him in February😢 cause he'll probably have work and doesn't know if his aunt…
That rumored Aunt May movie will come out before the Gambit movie that’s been in development *** for almost as long as Duke Nukem Forever.
Today I wanted to share advice my aunt gave me. She always said, "If you like something, buy two and in as many col…
You may love her, but don't just depend on aunt May for financial advice. We have 7 home truths to help you get ah…
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This is the other Agent May. Skye's favorite and only aunt.
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Aunt May sees Mj waiting by herself & offers her a ride home or if she’d like to wait for her parents at their house but…
Omg my grandparents and my aunt are on it and it’s HORRIBLE. But they’re so deep into it so it’s like a…
Hi. May I please go to brunch with you and your aunt?
Just had a phone call from my aunt - some of the kids who were at my assembly yesterday want to join badg…
My Dad declining me to pay for dinner is like when Peter won't take Aunt May's money from Spiderman 2 at his birthday
Thinking of My Beautiful Aunt Today An Every Day! I know this May Sound Silly, But With Every Pot of Greens I...
Yeah, Camuncoli is great, but faces are not his thing generally. You should see how he drew Aunt Ma…
and... in this transgendered world, his aunt may NOT be his uncle.
S.O.S. Band- Just Be Good To Me via Heard this today, I dedicate it to my mom an…
I’ll never forget this moment. I love you so much. My aunt said that Ukrainians celebrate god breaking through to o…
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Why is my 9 yr old cousin coming up on my People you may know on FB? My aunt trippin letting her having FB. But tha…
Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) dated at one point, and he recommended her for Aunt May…
We are definitely thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers my aunt died from brain cancer…
Spider-Man everything is the best modern take yet. My cousin Vinny as aunt May is great. “Wah she’s not old and she…
Spider-Man crashes the wedding of his Aunt May and Doctor Octopus. "With this ring, I thee--web?" Amazing Spider-Man 1974.
After abruptly abandoning Peter Parker and moving in with Doctor Octopus, Aunt May hits Spider-Man over the head wi…
So... All along this was about Aunt May's Johnny Depp impersonation.
Aunt May gets her daily vitamins from a news conference, a sham or slopping the hogs.
Seeing Marissa Tomei as Aunt May makes me wonder if Uncle Ben had washboard abs and a pompadour.
Do you want to be Aunt May or do you want to be Marissa Tomei?
The classic Aunt May, probably best written by J. Michael Straczynski:
Aunt May ain't gon' be able to gouge Nancy Grace like Rainbow Dash will.
I like Sally, but I didn't really connect with her Aunt May, tbh.
Marisa Tomei is actually a year older as Aunt May in Spider-Man Homecoming than Rue Mcclanahan was when she started film…
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(I know this Aunt May is like way younger than the other version we've gotten, I think like late 20s-30s)
I just realized how long I spent thinking Sally Yates played Aunt May
Not debating lol. Spider Man was Ok. It wasn't lit tho. Aunt May is young and Hot, Mary Jane is Black, Sp…
We were watching the new Spider-Man movie and I kept thinking about how Angie dresses a lot like Aunt May
'Why is Aunt May so young?'. As Marisa Tomei said: 'she is his aunt by marriage, so she could be any age'.
Aunt May? More like Aunt Bae . what else should I expect . from Marisa Tomei
you can give this Aunt May the thickest glasses and the highest waist pants, but she is still Maris…
I'm as big a fan of as... many. But lil research? Big shoes to fill. Rose Harris awesome Aunt May.
Oh Marisa Tomei was looking good as Aunt May too 👀
My only real complaint is that I'm not sure why they had to keep saying how hot Marisa Tomei is. Like, we get it. You made Aunt May hot.
Sissy Spacek would've been a great Aunt May. Also a great Mary Jane when she was younger.
Marisa Tomei wants to see more of Aunt May in future “Spider-Man” films — especially after *that* ending
Betty White as Aunt May and Peter Parker isn't in the movie, it's just about Aunt May going shopping, having dinner w pals, bingo night.
Yeah...but Aunt May is hot now. 😂 A statement I never thought I'd say.
that isn't needed like Aunt May or Jon Favreau or even Mary Jane and especially electro dude in the back
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Best thing of Aunt May and Franklin Richards vs Galactus feat Twinky is: it is canon!
Ma Kent supports Clark in all aspects of his life. Peter doesn't even trust Aunt May with his secret identity.
"I'm just surprised Aunt May allowed me to come with you to Germany but I do miss my friends and Liz Al…
Kate McKinnon or Aubrey Plaza as Aunt May is now my life's mission
Marisa Tomei wanted to be aged up as Aunt May in -
I'm going with Doc Ock. Doesn't he often end up knocking boots w/ 80 year old Aunt May?
If they ever make a live action Miles Morales Spider Man movie I think Octavia Spencer should be Aunt May
I don't dislike the Vulture. His best storyline was dirty-macking Aunt May. Marissa Tomei is too young so is Keaton. Commit
Both of these trailers are great...and I still can't get over the fact (for like one whole second) that Aunt May is…
"Thank you & 100.3 for all you have done for my GREAT Niece Ellie! May God's Blessings flow abundantly upon you!"💝Aunt Beverly
Aunt May*, sorry for the typo. I'm crazy hyped for this movie.
that movie looks good. Aunt may hot af.
New Spider-Man trailers look good, but can not wrap my mind around a hot Aunt May.
and I am not saying that because I happen to work for them.ITS BECAUSE THEY SO *** GOOD! JESUS AUNT MAY!
Just watched the "Spiderman: Homecoming" trailer and I have one weird, minor quibble: They made Aunt May ... hot. A…
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😃 it would mostly be about Aunt May trying to gather up rent money.
It's awkward when you realized that aunt may way hotter than pete's love interest in spider-man homecoming trailer...
“ᴏᴋᴀʏ, ᴛᴏᴜɢʜ ɢᴜʏ.”. — New Aunt May. — Not new to RP but new to this character. . — Scouting for SLs!. — RT's please? x https:/…
Marissa Tomei is the right age for Aunt May. But ***
Except Aunt May is Benjamin Buttoning. One more reboot and she'll be our age.
Moreover her family will object n they may even fear tht the same end like aunt may occur for her too..
Aunt May: "Henry Jackson from across the street...". Me: WHAT
So not enjoying the concept of hot Aunt May
Was that Aunt May or Aunt Bae thought am I right??? 😍😍😍
The lack of Donald Glover and aunt may in the trailer was disappointing
Pretty *** psyched! Although I still don't know how comfortable I am with Aunt May being hot. .
The only thing I'm excited about in the new Spider-Man is seeing hot Aunt May again
Aunt May keep lookin that good and Imma be the new Uncle Ben 😈
So, what did yall think of the Spiderman Homecoming trailer? It was just okay for me. Still can't get over Aunt May.
Aunt May was pretty much turned into a MILF and Peter Parker was sent back to elementary school? .
Tom Holland is adorable! Also, if I see someone hurting Aunt May.
I wish you nerds were as fired up about Scott Pruitt being head of the EPA as you were about Marissa Tomei being Aunt May in Spiderman.
Honestly I like the casting of Marissa Tomei as Aunt May. I agree with their reasoning for casting a younger actress.
Yup. A little dig at Tony and young Aunt May together in Civil War :P
I really wasn't going to bother watching the Spider Man trailer (not even seen Civil War yet) but then I remember Marissa Tomei is Aunt May.
Saw the trailer to Spider-Man Homecoming. Mixed feelings ; Why do they keep casting Marissa Tomei as Aunt May?!
"I've heard of Ant-Man, but Aunt May?!" - Tony Stark trying to get it in with Marisa Tomei
I am not okay with being sexually aroused by Peter Parker's Aunt May.
Peter Parker and Aunt May in the set of
“Aunt May will be decades younger and more attractive than in the comics.” . “Cool.” . “Mary Jane won’t be white.”. “TH…
I'd redo the entire Spiderman franchise. Have Jayden be Peter, Viola Davis as Aunt May, Idris Elba as Green Goblin
They just had Aunt May call the Scarlet Spider "Ben" on Ultimate Spider-Man. Excuse me, his name is Kaine Parker. . Ya'll slippin Marvel
How, in the comic book world, does Spiderman's Aunt May go from Rosemary Harris (traditional looking Aunt May) to Marisa Tomei (no comment)?
I love comics more than Spider-Man loves Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, and MJ Watson
pics of Darcy Lewis hanging out with Aunt May
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she's admittedly been more low key in recent years. But she's in Mrs Doubtfire, Aunt May in Amazing Spiderman 1&2 for example.
"Why did Tony Stark recruit Peter Parker and not Matt Murdock?" cuz Aunt May's hotter than Karen Page.
I don't remember the exact issue number but Brian Bendis wrote an entire issue of Ultimate Spider-Man as Aunt May's therapy apt
Friendly reminder that the new Aunt May in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an absolute worldie
If you saw Civil War and thought "Man I ship Aunt May and Tony Stark.". Well, there's this movie called "Only You". https:/…
Aunt May doesn't want me dating Mary Jane :( she flushed her as soon as she found her in my closet and now I'm grounded
Remember that time Aunt May died and Mephisto came to Spider-Man like "I want your marriage." and took away his marriage with Mary Jane?
lol or until Aunt May starts looking younger than Peter.
Are you a fan of the whole "young Mary Jane" thing? It felt weird and unnatural to see Aunt May so young... Idk Its weird to me..
That awkard moment when Aunt May is hotter than Mary Jane...there!..I said it!
Snyder will probably write Mary Jane as a prostitute, Aunt May as a benefit fraud, and Flash Thompson as a sociopath.
Only problem I had with Captain America Civil War was that they made Aunt May fine as *** why she prolly about to be finer…
Why do Spider-Man and Aunt May keep getting younger 🤔
. kay so here is a thing... Aunt May... is fine... and i was unready
Headcanon: If you're casting Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, make Ralph Macchio as Peter's dad with "Cousin Vinny" JP as Uncle Ben. :P
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
And I was sure Aunt May was Anna Kendrick. Turns out Marissa Tomei. 🙅 Are they related or sumthin'?
Also what is up with his semi affluent super young Aunt May. AND WHY DOES SHE HAVE NO CHARM
I don't quite understand why Marvel is Benjamin Button'ing Aunt May, but I guess I'm not complaining.
Aunt May needs to be nurturing and pure. That way when Peter rescues her from Green Goblin (or not) it isn't all Freudian.
The one where he fights the Green goblin in front of Aunt May's and everybody finds out who he really was
Biggest take away from Captain America: I shouldn't be having impure thoughts of Peter Parker's Aunt May...
We all get older, but Peter Parker and Aunt May get younger...
And the fact that Maggie from A Different World is playing as Aunt May lol
Tom Selleck as Loki, Eddie Murphy as Falcon, Angela Lansbury as Aunt May & Peter Falk as Uncle Ben
.and Aunt May seem to be getting younger every year... 🤔
Aunt May keeps getting better looking with each reboot. Next one will probably be Kate Beckinsale or something. 😂
I'm just wondering if Aunt May is that "young" how would Uncle Ben look like? Matthew McConaughey? Brad Pitt? Lol
Now with the MCU's version of Aunt May, you just now every guy in Queens is trying out to be Pete's new Uncle Ben.
For the first time ever. I'm glad Uncle Ben died. Aunt May = AILF
Here is the one negative thing about Civil War: I do not like that I find Aunt May attractive
Easily the best Marvel film ever made, Black Panther and Spider-Man are insane. Also hot Aunt May wins big points
I could see Melissa McBride aka Carol Peletier from TWD as Aunt May, no offense Tomei
Can someone explain why Marissa Tomei is playing Aunt May in the new Spidey flick and not Betty White?
And was the right ones all along. Why? Because it's the movie. Bam. Mind blown. Spidey is so young and Aunt May is hot.
Peter's relationship with Aunt May is so precious
Is this is aunt may how old does Mrs. Parker like is she 15
"non spoilery tidbit - Marisa Tomei as Aunt May gets very aggressively hit on by Tony Stark" :) this Civil War promo knows their audience
yeah that may be the deal breaker, tbh. Let Aunt Fel take care of her.
Although, original comic Aunt May looked about 112 and had a high school nephew, so that was also pretty weird.
aunt alice may have made cinnamon. rolls. and I may have eaten 15.
Marisa Tomei is 51 years old and Peter Parker is supposed to be a teen in this new Spider-Man film. How is it that she can't play Aunt May?
"Harry, I wish you were never Osborn." - . "Aunt May, May you have sex with me." - .
So my aunt may be unemployed tomorrow with KCTCS budget cuts... . ***
ahh nooo why the earliest delivery is may 10th Need to send Flowers to grandma, aunt, etc for mothers day.
Lord may your hand be on my sis Aunt and her healing be in your hands. We lift this family to you this evening in trust. Amen
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At least it's not a thousand different Aunt May's...I guess...
I don't know she's all he got except Aunt May
HellLLlo pet... You may call my Aunt Vicky!
I'm so sorry for your loss, may your aunt rest in peace, 🙏🏼
See my favorite aunt May 5th. She inspired me to do so much in life. Please pull through don't go yet only 15 days 😪
Can't wait for Anne Hathaway to play Aunt May in the next 'Spider-Man' reboot
2020 is Chloe Grace Moretz time to shine as Aunt May
Aunt May just Benjamin Buttoning through these Spider Man reboots is my favourite stupid thing
Spiderman Homecoming: film ends with Peter Parker slow-dancing with Aunt May to Lady in Red smirking at Gwen Stacy slapping Flash Thompson
Women over 40 don't just have to be Martha Kent and Aunt May in these movies, okay.
That scene must have been Tony going to the Parkers' house to recruit Pete. I'll die if Tony flirts with Aunt May 😂
Aunt May & Martha Kent, what a time to be alive..
A very old of my aunt Yoli and I. May she rest in peace.
"Yeah but I felt bad for Aunt May and Uncle Ben for having to pay the hospital bill..."
--tell Aunt May everything. And we both know she'll get the police involved, and I don't want that." probably wanted to--
--carefully, taking a deep breath before spouting his proposition. "You don't want Aunt May to know you're still around,--
For the performance in May My aunt will come to see me ^.^ . I'm so excited ✨
I'll just kidnap the niece. We're already bffs and I'm pretty much best aunt if I may say so.
the coolest thing since Aunt May murdered The Chameleon. (
The whole reboot was off. Aunt May was the least of the problems.
Spider-Man throws off Doc Ock's machinery to grab the ISO-36 serum, but only gives it to a dying Aunt May in exchange for wheatcakes
. Peter nodded and tried to get used to Wade's car, not having driven around much due to the fact that he or Aunt May didn't-
those abs are gonna make women adult nap you! beware! U may not see loved ones ever again if my aunt and pals get ya! lol
My aunt has been on my mind a lot lately. May she rest in peace.
Hey Peter didn't your Aunt May die in the future?
~ friend?". Peter rubbed at the back of his neck with a sheepish grin. "Aunt May, this is Maura. Maura, this is my Aunt May."
~ He could hear his aunt busying herself in the kitchen and smiled when she called out. "Peter, is that you?" came Aunt May's ~
I may or may not borrow my aunt's dslr (which is rotting away in one of the cabinets here) and go to xdubai skate park -
Why not get the Aunt May tv series on as well
of course she may!! Aunt-in-law isn't a thing, it's just Aunt. Tell her to go for a boy with lots of siblings 😜
"oh, fine. You may or not be and aunt one day."
m.. really horny for Aunt May today!!.
I think my aunt may be still mad at me tho idk .
Sally Field hated 'The Amazing Spider Man' but the reason she took the role anyway is sweet. http…
Now I'm archiving all the old family photos I may as well draw a few. I think this is my great-great aunt/cousin
Turns out Sally Field, truly madly deeply hates the movie.
News | : Hi! My mom and aunt are planning to travel to London (applied for UK visa) for a month (May-June…
2. Spider-man vs. Kingpin. Spidey humiliates Fisk for ordering a hit on Aunt May.
'Aunt May' Sally Fields gives thumbs down to Spidey series: London, Mar. 17 : Actress Sally Field, who is know...
In this week's superhero movie news roundup Iron Man gets vicious and Aunt May gets real. Oh, and Ben Affleck falls over. Read on to find o…
Sally Field kicks her Aunt May and The Amazing Spider-Man to the curb
Booked to see 'Travels with My Aunt' at in May to celebrate finishing my degree :D
A quick look at IMD shows... Sharon Carter, Pepper Potts, Aunt May (?), and a lot of wang.
If you want to get your Aunt May shot, sure.
what do you think of having Carol from Walking Dead playing Aunt May? Preferably in the new spidey film
At some point, people at Marvel had a meeting about making Aunt May "sexier" in Ultimate Spider Man.
If there can be a black Johnny Storm, anything is possible now. Aunt May is going to be Asian, gotta have diversity.
Finally unlocked Aunt May in LEGO Marvel Superheroes! Her weapon is an intense projection of crippling guilt!
--turning her attention fully to Aunt May] "Hello Ma'am. My name is Mary Jane Watson. I just moved in with my aunt next--
Also, Aunt May knowing Peter is spiderman is obvious too. She's playing coy too make Peter less guilty about being a hero.
I thought Andrew captured Parker better. I like Sally Fields, but I'm with you on Aunt May and Ben too.
as you may recall, my aunt lost her battle to breast cancer last March. Glad you're well & spreading awareness!
May be a bit biased because I'm his aunt but my nephew is the cutest! 😍💙
This wknd may not be good (unless y'all need to escape Super Bowl madness) cuz my aunt's in visiting but I'm game!
my aunt may try it again if she ever gets a chance, so to prevent the inevitable, her son might take Beth as his own.-
4 was nice. War goblins ambush a charity event that aunt may is apart of in Africa.
My aunt may be the worst person if all time. Like she's literally the cruelest person I've ever met.
Well actually in May when I'm married I'll be a aunt to Michaels sisters kids 😁
Seeing no signs of her dismissing him, he spoke again. "If I may ask, Aunt...I mean, your Grace, where are the dragons?"
[-- Phone call from a certain hospital about a certain someone, Peter hoped Aunt May would understand him rushing out --
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[Good news from Aunt May wasn't really a common event in the Parker household. So, after being told about a certain --
i don't really want to actually engage with the phalangist hillary man because he may have murdered my aunt, but heres my take: he's Bad
I'm not kidding: if these Marvel Women of Power variant covers don't include at least one o'Aunt May counting out her pills then why bother?
My aunt told me that how wild this life is. People do what they want without thinking the risk that may came up later.
My aunt just wished me a happy birthday. My birthday is at the end of May...
aunt and i can take me to this school of witchcraft and wizardry called Castle Witch that may appear in FBAWTFD
Suffering from cold/flu? We may not be a pharmacy but we do carry the best medicine going - Whiskey.
hope everything comes through so come May i can move with my aunt in Cali 😌👐
My aunt sent this to me and said it reminded her of me. Okay!!! Thx! !! 11! 1
Even though it may not be a big deal to others, but I feel touched that my aunt actually WhatsApp me to have dinner at her place just now...
This was the series where aunt may looks like a living dead.a classic
outlaws r freedom rider&help keep the gov in check once in a while if freewill occcur there may be prostution. My aunt thinks
Exercise may be the only way to prevent back pain
I bet Uncle Ben and Aunt May tried to give Peter Parker a sex talk the first time ge told them his spidey sense tingled.
Me when I do anything for my Aunt. . *Me getting my Aunt a napkin *. Aunt: may Allah bless your soul and grant you a very fine husband 🙊🙈
At least the new Aunt May is hot, aye?
The time JJJ sr proposed to Aunt May in
My aunt nd mom are also planning to go to Vegas with only 2 of them on May nd I'm like, right there,,, like???
I could always ask your aunt Margaret. Perhaps she may know
Your aunt may visit the nearest SSS office to determine what type of membership is applicable to her
Hillary reminds me of Meredith's mom in the Parent Trap.. "you may call me aunt Vicky!!!"
giving his aunt May May goodbye kisses. 😍
YES I THINK SO I turn 18 in May and my aunt was saying I could vote then so :')) 8'))
So far none. We may start one for aunt becky
Love you & may peace be upon your soul my brother - fallen angel. Aunt Pam, Unk Eddy, now…
Baby may be the cutest thing I've seen all year 😍😍😍
What happen was...I am going to go to NEW YORK with my aunt instead because of leaving early.she plans to take me in MAY but..
I just learned my aunt and uncle are here until next wednesday, so katsu plans may need some adjustment
The first documented selfies taken were by Peter Parker. To help his Aunt May with finances, Peter took a...
Went straight into heaven where Aunt Martha was waiting w/open arms!He always says w/out u it may've been different👏
My aunt Kim just told me she was proud of me & that I'm her hero and I may have shed a tear or two
One week until I meet this precious one. you may be loving on her right now but make room for aunt lali! http…
Rip grandpa Caitlyn and aunt Toni 🙏🏼😩may you rest in peace in forever be in my heart
(LOL) talks about her supporters knocking on 186,000 doors. They knocked on my Aunt May's door -- and she…
a love so great like Aunt May and Uncle Ben.
Marisa Tomei will be a hot Aunt May!
So, there you go. In 1971, Peter Parker, Norman and Harry Osborne, and Aunt May went to see Hair together. Mary Jane was in it.
then u should watch The Amazing Spider-Man since it has Bradley Cooper as Peter and Jennifer Carpenter as Aunt May.
Sally Fields is a great Aunt May though!
We love these ladies. Cheryl and Aunt May aren't playing any games in
We also could have had a refreshingly sassy Aunt May in the person of Thelma Ritter (a wonderful, underappreciated character actress).
Aunt May: "Peter, what are those odd noises coming from your room late at night..."
Best parallel I can think of is Peter Parker and Hank Pym. Peter Parker ate Mary Jane and Aunt May after saving Ash Williams and -c-
Treated myself to a comic about Aunt May's Terrible Ex. This Spidey has def. been swiped.
Oh yeah Duh. as Dr. Oct. as Aunt May. Update MJ to Damian Lewis as Larry-Pane
Wanda speaking in Russian saying how much she loves Peter and Aunt May both is my weakness. . *** you, Jan.
Aunt Katherine thinks they may be at The Hotel St James in Old Montreal :)
My aunt and uncle are coming up this weekend with their 6 kids. It's about to be a full house. I may go crazy
May we introduce you to Scotty Philip? This little Scottish Soldier was given to Giddy Aunt's Cheeky Nana when...
Is the issue that there aren't many roles for her in superhero movies? Turned down for Aunt May?
My cousin Steve still pimping my grandma still beautiful my aunt Johnny May still sipping and my and…
Hey man. Doing a bunch of research on how old Aunt May is for my own blog. Do you want the notes after? Seems up your alley
Doing research between classes for Omniverse. Trying to get the truth of... How old is Aunt May? Stay tuned!
I know this may come as a surprise but I don't care what your great aunt twice removed ate for lunch yesterday. Plz do not share in lecture😊
I'm reporting this 😐 very inappropriate Lillie, I may need to have a talk with Aunt Debbie
May Allah grant my aunt hajiya zainab El-rufai eternal peace and also may she rest in jannah..ameen
My Great Aunt's response to hearing that she may have to get her gallbladder removed:
sounds like a good plan! I feel like my job title may be changed to 'professional agony aunt' by the second week of term..
Me! I still don't understand this recasting. Andrew Garfield was great and even more Sally Field as Aunt May
gonna miss you guys lovely uncle & aunt. have a safe flight. may Allah bless. aamiinn :)
Aunt May delivered some lovely treats to cheer me up. Hope my appetite returns so I can enjoy them! 😷😢
I may or may not be on idk my aunt said we aren't going anywhere but my grandma said yes so idek
Today's the day you find out what you're having I'm totally team Girl🎀 aunt May can't wait❤️
Amadeus Cho is the new Hulk. So, is Aunt may the new She-Hulk? or The Thing's Aunt Petunia new head of SHIELD?
Their aunt, living in Canada gave their names as *Alan* and *Reham*, you may want to fact check.
dont know why but my little cousin calls me aunt may? he knows my name is ashley? But chooses to call me may instead?
I wish my back would like seriously quit hurting. Im debting if i oughta go to the hospital. My aunt says the may have to do surgery on it.
Emotional plea of little Aylan's aunt: Please don't let any more children die May her words echo.
I remember the same aunt made me a sandwich with a roach inside. Man she really lost it. May her soul rest in peace foreal.
Aunt May's character would be so much cooler...
My aunt can't make it for London in May 2016, thus my mum & I'll bring Melanie at LFCC 2016 🙌. But I have to wait Xmas for telling it to her
I had an odd dream last night. I was determined to make sure someone got to prom, but things kept going wrong. And Aunt May was there...
Not a good morning. 😔. My aunt lost her husband today to cancer. . May he rest in peace 🙏
I love fooling around with my aunt and mom !! can't wait till may ☺
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