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Aunt Mary

Norwegian Prog Rock band from the seventies. Signed a contract with Polydor in Denmark to release 'Aunt Mary' in 1970. Gradually moved towards Progressive Rock with the records 'Loaded' in 1972 og 'Janus' in '73.

Uncle Fred Uncle John Uncle Drew Aunt Mary Lou

Turn away. If you could get me a drink. Of water cause my lips are chapped and faded call my aunt Mary.
I'm abt to be my aunt mary- come through maybe once a year, cut a mfckin rug, dip
And Aunt Mary let me tell you, I'm 25 and sing every song like I made it with you EVERY SINGLE DAY ‼️
90:: My Great Aunt Mary turned 90 last weekend and we all celebrated. What a life she is living! I can only hope s……
Happy 90th to our family matriarch Aunt Mary - great 20's themed celecbrstion to honor an amazing woman!
I love that Scripture. Read it at My Aunt Mary's funeral.
I love riding with my aunt Mary because she thinks I'm like the best rider ever even though I'm awful.
Lol I told my aunt mary that I'm going to a drag show tonight and her response was, "you mean like cars?"
great moving version of go lassie go lassie go. Reminded me of my wonderful aunt Mary. You are brill in
A lovely day for the Rees and Gaffney clans to celebrate the 90th birthday of Aunt Mary. A truly wonderful lady.
Aunt Rose Mary has delivered the bad news: "Sorry I sold it."
I found out from that the Nintendo 64 was given to Aunt Rose Mary to sell... ON EBAY!
Listening and watching my mom's phone conversation with my Aunt Mary is hysterical... 🤣🤣🤣 One is half blind the...
Picture of my aunt Mary, she's only other person in my mom's family that actually kept up with ASL. Her daughters i…
My favorite Mary was Mary in 7x07 painting with Alison and being all protective aunt mode
Mine wasn't really my aunt, she was my aunt's aunt, not a relative but still "Aunt Mary" to everybody.
I have an Aunt Mary. I suspect a lot of people do.
When Aunt Dot comes, oh brother. It's like 5 Bloody Mary's, one after another
I actually read this book. One of many 50's books at Aunt Mary's summer cottage I read after a hard day's beach-going as a kid.
"Aunt Mary." Truly is healing around her and Uncle James. Seeing Edward and her truly calmed her down.
Multiple Myeloma Philadelphia 5K in memory and celebration of Aunt Mary and Lou. In honor of friends who live...
Butter sculptures (fancy butter) of Hannah Mary Trenchard (1873-1950) farmer's daughter from Devon and my two-times…
Asking for donotions to help bury my Aunt Mary Dell Tyars. :(
Pray for soul. Rose McGuire (my Aunt). died last night. "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at th…
Gonna tell Aunt Mary about Uncle John. He claimed to have the music but he had a lot of f…
Nancy with her 98 years young aunt Mary.
Aunt Mary - Path of your dream, Mr kaye, 1973. Atmósferas Celestes... . Noruega . por…
No he did not and my aunt was shocked
My aunt brought him the antlers as a present
Please take the time to donate money towards my aunt's battle against brain cancer it would mean a lot to my family!. http…
We love aunt Mary so much we named a surrey after her.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Aunt Mary, Cathy, and Calvin up from Washington for a visit. Great to see you guys!
I don't smoke Mary Jane but my aunt May
Tonight at 9, Goodman's aunt Mary comes to visit him, but things take an unexpected turn. Don't miss all the myster…
Her Majesty is a direct descendent of Mary Boleyn, older sister of Queen Anne Boleyn and maternal aunt of Queen Elizabeth I of England.
My aunt and uncle are at Mary Black. Why did no one tell me Danny would be there. I'm actually crying 😭😭😭😭
Heaven gained an angel in my Aunt Mary today. Please send some prayers up for my mom. Lost her mom and her sister in these last few months.
In March of 1936, on the table in Aunt Liz’s kitchen, welcomed Mason Carter Junior into the world.
325 years ago today, my Aunt Mary Towne Estey was hanged in Salem, MA for the crime of
We always talk about the male crackhead GOATs but... . Whitney, Chaka, and Aunt Mary . A TRIO.
Aunt Mary Ann friends always boosting my head 😭
In Spider-man 3 when aunt May gives Peter her engagement ring to give to Mary Jane how is May so sure they got the same size fingers?
Ladies night out to watch To Kill a Mockingbird with Mama Workman, Aunt Claudia, Aunt Mary,…
My Aunt Mary was the matriarch of our family and the woven thread that bought generations of our family together. We love you. Rest In Peace
Loving my visit to Florida to visit my aunt Mary & to take in the sights!
Praise the Lord for answered prayers... Please keep my Aunt Mary in your prayers. Lots of people were praying...
Got the Bug back & it looks great! But they lost the 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar off the keyring that Aunt Mary gave me for my birthday. 😐😒
Aunt Mary-- died April 20th. sharing this with my friends because i have to many friends and cant send messages...
"Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary really want you to graduate with both hands"
And if Aunt Mary had balls she'd be Uncle Fred. Let's focus on what we CAN do now. Vote those *** out!
Congratulations to Ivey team Aunt Mary's for winning the IBK Ivey Business Plan Competition! See you
On this day last year My uncle Pat, Aunt Mary, Cousins Katie Jo, Donovan, and Maggie all died in a house fire. Its been a rough day.
Well, I saw Uncle John with long tall Sally. He saw Aunt Mary comin' and he ducked back in the alley oh baby,. Yeah baby, woo baby,
Aunt Mary: you know more about technology than I do!. Aunt Betty: why because I said email?.
Hi Lynn, hope you're doing well and we get to see one another next year. Happy Thanksgiving and big hug to Aunt Mary
Ann was a rock. Thankfully, she didn't suffer long after her diagnosis a few weeks ago, and my Aunt Mary was able to go there.
{{ Alison potters around her house Aunt Mary keeping her eye on my every move, like I'm going to break }}
my Grandma & Aunt Mary lived in Coos Bay. Still have a box full of agates fro…
Aunt Mary is getting out of hand , she should know that 1 Like = 1 Prayer
How else will we know that there are terrible things happening in the world and Aunt Mary has an opinion on it?
Come on Universe-I want a ticket to see Aunt Mary in Little Annie Rooney in LA at July 16 It’ll be fun!
Stuck in the beer tent with Aunt Mary and Alex. @ York & Martha
Henry and Aunt Mary with Sint Mary's phone booth turned lending library!
i want to send a gift to uncle SCOTTY AND AUNT MARY
More pics from Aunt Mary Lou Atkins cookout. Thanks for sharing.
Walking the Steps Of Cincinnatidon't forget this gem about city's steps! Written by my wife's aunt.
Turn away, if you could get me a drink of water cause my lips had chapped and faded. Call my aunt mary.
My niece, Grace Mary...rockin her fab hat from Aunt Patti! 💕
My cousins did right by Aunt Mary. This is just wonderful. 💜
Mary Fahey: Col. Rev. John Campbell, USAF; Beloved cousin of Eileen Bray and Mary Costello Makowski; Aunt of ...
& long story short I just almost said 'now that'd be a large *** in front of my parents and aunt mary
it's all adult activities w my aunt this year... Hamburger Mary's Drag show, improv, shopping... I'm getting old 👵🏼
I just realized my aunt and uncle names are Joseph and Mary. Like Jesus parents.
great job Mya. Aunt Mary said she is still scared.
my aunt ordered me Mary Kay makeup 😍😋
Watching the voice w Aunt Mary it's been bout 8 months since I've seen here
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I don't cut anyone off... To much time flicking a risk in front of you aunt Mary
Aunt Mary was Pentecostal and they didn't wear pants. So, dresses/skirts, full girdles, slips and pantyhose. OH GIRL.
"You smell really nice. Like my aunt Mary. She lost oxygen at birth and now she's retarded."
It's too gotdamn hot to be wearing 50-11 pieces of clothing. I don't know how my Aunt Mary did it, rest her soul. She ALWAYS had a girdle on
you look like a cross between a Labrador and my uncle Jim with my aunt Mary's hair, while wearing a velvet vest
Aunt Mary is a savage lmao probably gonna spend my summer with her & mamaw Baker ❤️😊
+ Aunt Clara, Dorothy Zbornak, Lucy Ricardo, Mary Tyrone, and just about every Kate character minus a few lame ones.
Had a most beautiful day driving with Mum and Aunt Mary. Had lunch in Ballyvourney and then onward to Kenmare for...
Why I never new aunt Mary was the voice for touch me tease me
Jerry brought his Aunt Mary and Uncle Leonard up from St. Joseph, MO to purchase this brand new Ford Fusion S.
What a great day. He heard the music on TV and ran to his train. Thank you Aunt Mary! This rocks! — playing Thomas the train toys
Hot Tip: I don't care about your kids or your birthing story. I will not touch or hold them. And stop calling me "Aunt Mary".
watching aunt Mary text on her iPhone is the cutest thing ever
Aunt Mary was a breast cancer survivor. Passed 2 months ago with cancer everywhere. Fly high my angel. I love you👼🏼💞
Meka is my cousin and Mary is my aunt. Donte'
domain names
Your aunt Chris (spelling?). Apparently, she works at the hospital with my Aunt Mary (mother of the bride).
Rih Aunt Mary.. You will truly be missed
Always remember my Aunt Mary from baking soda bread on a griddle over the range. food.
S/o to all WASPs (esp my great aunt Mary Holmes Howson) for being badasses &for getting the recognition they deserve
Did you know this school and Lake Mary High school graduates on the same day as my aunt's birthday isn't that cool.
When Aunt Flo comes to visit, she'll be accompanied by Mary Jane
Gwyneth is over here putting a thermometer up to her ear and chatting away to her Aunt Mary. ☎🎀
How does my aunt Mary find EVERYTHING out
Aunt Mary, does this sound like good instructions?
Mary j blige is the og black aunt yfm
hangout with my beautiful aunt Mary Grace Dexisne :)
Why everybody always talking about my aunt Mary J 😂😂
Are you saying your actual great aunt or are you calling Mary your great aunt?
aunt mary: "I should have ran that boy over for run"
My great Aunt Mary is the nicest person on the planet 💙
Thank you Aunt Mary & Uncle Joe for a wonderful brunch at my favorite spot! ❤️🍳
Mary J dance like that drunk aunt at the cookout
Aunt Michelle, this video reminds me of you. Anytime I hear old Mary J., I think about you. And the Camry.
I'm tryna tell y'all Aunt Mary didn't come to play games... At all!
Literally blessed to have my great Aunt Mary
yes I used to tell my grandma that all her and cousin Mary and aunt Alice did was gossip at church when I was younger lol
Ppl say "Mary looks like my drunk aunt at the barbeque." You mean free, joyful and not caring what you think? May we all be…
These are the statements:. Uncle Jack: Uncle Jim committed the murder. Aunt Mary: I did not do it. Cousin Stewart: It was not Cousin Margaret
Meanwhile I can guarantee Aunt Mary and Uncle Doug are hammered singing All I Do Is Win because they were there the last time Nova won
Get screened. In memory of Aunt Mary and Rachel (
"many things interest you, but nothing can fuel your passion and drive, Jill, find that" thx Aunt Mary
Sara: Ben doesn't do anything but game and farm. Aunt Mary: he could do both with Farmville. . 😂😂😂😂
Emotional day at my aunt's funeral while hearing distressing news about the future of The Independent. Could do with some more rakija now.
SERIOUSLY! My aunt's and stuff will ask oh Mary you have so much money when are you gonna share. Like psh never I have bills
I have an amazing,so strange,crazy and little.aunt.👅
Cancer is a crazy thing... She was diagnosed last month.. Now she's living a painless live.. RIP Aunt Mary K. 💕
Aunt Mary? Im so sorry to hear about this. Yall are in my prayers.
Losing my aunt Mary has been so hard for me these past few days..
aunt Mary needs to take a pill too smh
Thanks to my aunt I love watching Being Mary Jane.
RIP Aunt Mary, you was a great Christian lady. Your finally free of dementia. Love you always! !😢😇👼
“It's so lovely to meet you Mary Jane.” He glanced to his Aunt and the red headed girl. "I'm Peter, nice to meet you."
Mary Matloga is THAT aunt wao dula "toropong/makgoweng" with style and money...not everyone got that aunt doe 🔥🔥
--turning her attention fully to Aunt May] "Hello Ma'am. My name is Mary Jane Watson. I just moved in with my aunt next--
Well then I just got a voicemail from my aunt yelling because I left the clicker in the fridge I told her dont blame me blame mary jane 😂😚💨
Lovely letter from my aunt re Long-gone Mary, my pocketbook: reminiscing about her teenage 'gropes'!
😩😩 Aunt Mary has to get out of the paint.
Aunt Mary passed. Funeral homes have a lot of nerve! They know they have everyone over a barrel and they feel no shame!! I'm Sick & Tired!!
Thanks Mary. I'm going to bed. My wonderful Aunt died of cancer & her funeral is tomorrow afternoon.
Rest in paradise Aunt Mary Lu. You were a fighter ❤️ I love you, I'm sorry to see you go so soon
Hamilton Collection
Thanks for my new Cubs jersey Uncle Jon and Aunt Mary! Love, Jameson!
Killed a spider for arianna & she goes "aunt Mary thanks for slaying the beast you're the best" 😂❤️ I love her
I know that you are a wonderful Aunt Mary!!!
"Praise God from whom all blessings flow."- a legitimate thing my Aunt Mary says when Republican candidates suspend their campaigns
The kicker is that we had a great-something aunt named Jeanne Marie & she married into a crew redneck enough to change her name to Jane Mary
Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!. I've got some cool news. My aunt Mary ha...
Sorry, Steve, but, as luck would have it, I'm going to be at my aunt's funeral tomorrow.
...on this day in 1956 Little Richard recorded 'Long Tall Sally' =D. Gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John,. He...
I'm really going to miss your checking up on my relationship status, Aunt Mary
Which drink translated into English means Aunt Mary?. Thursday night is Quiz Night at The Belle. Book your table now!
Circle of life-35 yrs ago Aunt Mary gave me The River when I turned 11. Tonight I take my 11 yr old to see play The River live.
Thankful that is so awesome my kids decided to call her "Aunt Mary"
Never had Aunt Bonnie as a clinical instructor, but she still scares me 😁
Valentine's Week celebrated now through Sunday at Muriale's, and we thought you may enjoy our "Aunt Mary's...
His "family" consisted of Frances, his aunt Mary and paternal GPs Leland and Iris.
I expected laughter and applause when I pulled great aunt Mary's chair out from under her but apparently it's "not funny" and "childish"
Corbyn: "what does PM say to Mary and her sister Clare complaining at cuts in children's services in Witney?"
I hardly read but this book really grabbed my attention and with my aunt passing I actually feel closure
Happy birthday to my dear Aunt Mary frankierobbins gina_kitchens…
I have the taste for some Jamaican beef patties... I miss my aunt Mary's cooking...
Moondial When 13-year-old Minty goes to stay with her Aunt Mary, she discovers a...
No, Aunt Mary that's a compliment to Kailey.
I miss you aunt mary .. Just thinking about you 😘😞
Day 40 Aunt Mary still hasn't realised I don't eat meat
😂 "you should have made the other one your profile pic. I don't like this one very much. Love you -aunt Mary"
I keep dropping hints to my aunt that I really love mary kate and I really want to meet her in hopes she's relaying my messages to Dale
And I also have an Aunt Mary but she's about 40 years younger!
For every Mary-Kate and Ashley doll my aunt bought me my mother had to get me a Brandy Barbie 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Why Mary J Blige always dancing your drunk Aunt at the family get together 😭😭
when your aunt mary joe gets you socks for christmas (Vine by
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Our verdict on tonight's episode: Wendy Craig steals the show as Humphrey’s Aunt Mary -
Friday, February 1, 1935: Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up all day, had breakfast, dinner…
Answer the phone when Uncle Chuck or Aunt Mary calls. They are missing someone tonight and you are a direct connection …
Aunt Mary, Adwoa and Geri, I feel your pain. But we'll be alright. Take heart and take your time. I mourn with you.
My 90 year old great aunt Mary has a bunch of ugly Christmas sweaters but she doesn't wear them ironically and I love her so much for that
When your aunt get that Mary j blige haircut😭
I have more Dehn's in album then Shiflett's BC I loved Aunt Mary and her kids, Really nice bike, Enjoy Dec. n Christmas! luv, Mark
Mary. . Adorable picture, your Aunt looks amazing for 94 years young. .
John the Baptist.. Elizabeth was aunt to Mary so..Jesus was a Cousin ama Uncle???. Thuita hakuna stima since juzi
Have fun seeing my cousins Tricia Saxon-smith and her husband Chad Smith Jeremy Saxon. But missed seeing Aunt Mary and Uncle Ted.
I hope my aunt Mary comes down tomorrow.
Mm Yummy... Ok so the twist don't look like my aunt Mary's 😱
Omg aunt mary 2.0 in that second pic 😭😍
Need a hostess gift, or something for your aunt, cousin, or coworker? Here's just the thing-
Found another use for my homemade strawberry jam! Aunt Mary's Italian nut cookies…
Electronic Device Insurance
My great aunt just showed me a pic of Mary & Jesus and said: isn't that a nice picture of Mother and Child? . ... .. .
All I've been hearing today is "OMG you look just like your aunt Mary!!"
Last-minute shopping means last-minute wrapping. If you're running out of time, bring your gifts to Aunt Mary's...
my Aunt Mary trying to make us go caroling 💀
Mary was such a common name in the Mid East in those days that it is very possible this is refering to an aunt
Tired of shopping? Ready to forget that awful thing your Great Aunt Mary said about your kids? Head to WOB 4 our Barrel Aged Night
Before y'all hit the Holiday Party circuit tonight (and Aunt Mary's house on Christmas Eve), check out these...
It's Mary Jane, and Mephisto ret-conned her marriage to Peter Parker so he could save aunt May.
I just realized I have an aunt named Mary Jane.
I promise you my Aunt Mary Kay doesn't even say hi before she says something so bogus.
"You haven't been to a croc store lately, have you?? They are not what you think anymore!" . No, Aunt Mary.
When Aunt Mary J. come to the family functions during the holidays
Happy 55th Birthday to my Aunt Mary. 😘 I was to her, what Jaylen is…
I once had dinner with Mary Margaret once and it was honestly like being out with an aunt. Hilariously normal.
Just a regular Aunt. One should be getting out of Nicu today for temp drops
Happy 30th Birthday ! The first person to call me Aunt Mary. Love you.
My great great great uncle Peter and aunt Mary. They're 102 and 103 years old. They've been married OVER 80 years😍 htt…
Love how my Jewish aunt wraps our gifts in paper with the Virgin Mary on it... We arn't Catholic but it's cool 🙃
Mary J. Blige is that fun but also the "life advice giving" aunt we all need.
I feel like a divorced aunt...sit'n in the dark, 3 candles lit, drinking, and listening to Mary J Blige 'Not Gon Cry'
At a loss for words. My aunt, Mary Radzvilowicz Conway passed away today. Keeping her family in my heart.
I've never heard anybody sing Mary Did You Know like my aunt.
Chickie hard at work at her new grill from Uncle Drew and Aunt Mary.
Mary Koliha, any signs your way Aunt Mary???
hoo mah gawd 😭 aunt Mary strong as *** cause I'd be panicking right about now
Me all miss you so much this year, Aunt Mary. We're so thankful you…
can you give my niece stephanie guzman a get well soon shot out from her aunt Mary. She just had her appendix removed.
Just found out my Aunt Mary just passed away. Such a sweet sweet lady.
Sad Day for my family. Rest in Peace, Aunt Mary Lou.
Im weak my aunt put up a flipgram with a bunch of selfies of her & has the song take me as I am by Mary j blidge playing in the background 😭
Update your maps at Navteq
be good friends with your Aunt Mary. She might be drunk enough to give you her money again😂
When Madonna encouraged me to express myself.. she reminded me of my Aunt Mary. I was all: hm, I like encouragement.
If I can get rid of my aunt Mary by the end of the day LIFE WOULD BE WONDERFUL. Wonder how rude I can be to get her to leave.
My Great Aunt Mary could sense 12 motes of grime in a 7000sq. ft house. Now I know who she was in a prior life.
Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1934: Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was up, got there sausage, & kettle fat. We…
Hey this is for my aunt mary we need help for expences please my lovelys help ill be greatly apreciative
When I was small, Great Aunt Mary would take us down on the train to see Wanamaker's. It was nothing like this... Beautiful!
I'm FTing and Aunt Mary Sue nearly just called the cops on Rebekah bc she thought she was an intruder in her own house😂😂
Thinking about going to live in Aunt Mary's trailer in the Hill Country. It's having to replumb & sink a well that's holding me back.
Awaiting today's Daily Bailey because is taking her first plane flight to Aunt Mary and…
My cousin Brianna is so funny 😂 my Aunt Mary and cousin Ruby are clowning so bad 😂😂😂
so sorry for your loss of Aunt Mary and thank you for beautiful review!
How did I end up in a group chat with my Aunt Mary, Aunt Lisa and Aunt Sandra.. I'm so weak. 😂❓
with Mom, Aunt Mary, and her friend Linda. Was a fun day.
my aunt Mary can't take care of hers anymore because she's going back to work and doesn't wanna leave her home all day
Continue praying for Lisa&Linda and their Aunt Mary as well as the rest of the family as the heal from their loss.
It's been 10 years since I last saw this beautiful soul in the flesh. My Aunt Mary lives in France. She is...
"I already have 17 messages in my inbox from various relatives with medical questions. Aunt Mary wants to know if...
The fried pickles my Aunt Mary and I made:)
Welcome back uncle Chris and aunt Mary from Germany😘💖
"Sign it: To Mary, Aunt Betty, Granny, Mom and Sis. Then add something about love, travel, creativi…
If you don't know my aunt Mary then your missin out. 💜
next because we have a gift card his aunt gave us and I want to go before he has to go back to school 😊
My crazy aunt is climbing Kili to raise money for Mary Anne Evans Hospice in Nuneaton. Please support her & donate.
well at least it's pretty in there and the music is good 😅😂 Isaac's aunt works there, she does the desserts and the sauces😊
you're going to aunt Mary and uncle Allen's?!!!
Shopping day with aunt Mary and mommy😍👠
I have the worlds best family, bar none. Thank you for the lovely shower, Aunt Mary, Aunt Maggie, Aunt Rosie,...
Looks like my Aunt Mary from all angles.
I'm only friends with you cause I love aunt mary and Uncle John
Made by my fabulous Aunt Mary of Cake Elaborations 😊🐝
check with the paper who placed the ad. It was placed their bye Aunt Mary Lou. You forget I know everything. Her daughhte
So I remember every summer when papaw was doing yard work I'd always walk down the old dirt road down to Aunt Mary's house and bother her. 😂
Aunt Mary rocking out to in the car.
This is my friend cliff. My aunt jokingly told me to kiss him and I did. He's not a prince. Bummer...
Aunt Mary Will's ... Not digging the blue ... I may start all over ... But Jackson likes blue…
Because Mary Parker is the absolute cutest!.
I'm glad that Russ' cousin, Mary, stood by him. His Aunt Linda, as well.
My aunt Mary. She's so chill and young at heart
Something is very wrong, that is not your Aunt Mary and Uncle Ben selling.
when ur having an anxiety attack and ur aunt makes U say the Hail Mary and says "breathe out of ur ***
My fam is weird why is Uncle Mikes real name William Uncle Pat's real name is Joe, Aunt Kay is actually Mary and Aunt Tootie is Carolyn ?
RIP Aunt Mary. I love you. You will be missed.
Thanks to Aunt Mary for donating books! 📚🐾
"Happy Birthday Mom, Aunt Suzy, Grandma, Mary. We love you to the moon and back! Smooches!" Thanks to…
Paris and her great great aunt Mary sheeddaa_boo
I miss Walter D. Fountain. Mom Ruby. Aunt Mary. My granny who I never got to meet. Mrs. Alva Downs. Mr Edwin...
"Hail Mary full of grace, sorry for shoving chicken in my face" - the Hail Mary I told my aunt she had to say for eating before we prayed.
Angela Lewis Mary Freese and Sara Freese saw this on my page and thought of Aunt Cindy, Thought about getting it...
.-He gives her a warm smile.-Thank you, aunt Mary.-He calls her like that for the first time.-
"Dearest Amara, are you alright?" Her aunt was concerned a little bit. Or her Aunt-In-Law. Mary looked upon her.
Forgot our sandcastle supplies, but aunt Mary got resourceful & went into her recycle bin!
Unlimited texting my great aunt Mary's dog who was ran over by a car and then eaten alive by a stray cat
RWG aunt Mary. I miss you. I know your with me tonight.
Aunt Mary is the cutest thing ever.
My aunt Mary came , it's hard to get her out the house lol
Mary is a tad dodgy but not evil. She &Aunt Deb recur w/about the same frequency as Chef Morimoto.
The first Religious Book I read was a Book on Our Holy Mother Mary that an Aunt gave me & I tell u I could not put it down
My reaction to my aunt Jenny giving my mom the nick name slurp dawg during beer pong. Mary Massa is now slurp dawg
F U aunt mary for coming on a busy day
Reminiscing. This beautiful lacquer bowl was a gift from my long departed sweet Aunt Mary-Louise. She…
So help me, if Aunt Deb or Mary turn out as Bad characters, I am done with simple!!
Aunt Mary: *passes out hand wipes*. Dad: oh wow! I haven't seen these since we had kids! . Mom: we still have kids.
I don't find Kono, Mary, Or Aunt Deb devious or a back stabber.
Birthday girl opening her present from Aunt Mary and Uncle Drew.
Got a new aunt Mary, so that's cool.
My stepmom was talking about Michael Kors and my aunt said ohhh I thought that was Mary Kay! 😭😭😭
ŒV: My late aunt Mary had loved TOS’ 1st run, watched reruns with me in the ’70s, and took me to an early con.
Because there will be no better meal today. Being able to serve my Aunt Mary her breakfast. My…
who are you most excited to see today at the reunion... Aunt Sue or Aunt Mary-Jo?
Time to say a final goodbye to Alex Rocco and my Aunt Mary.
Tutored, then Boys to Parkersburg to the pool, nancy jane to Aunt Mary's, picked up kaylin @ 4H, dropped her off to ashley
I'm absolutely loving my new pink converse all stars from my awesome Aunt Mary!!! Thank you again, I…
Absolutely love my new pink converse all stars and my beautiful Aunt Mary for sending them to me!!!…
Saturday, June 23, 1934: Papa got crushing done. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, him & papa…
Or.Stop at Stella's and get a nice cup from my Aunt Mary or cousin Deb.
Almost time for a proper Yorkshire Sunday dinner, courtesy of Sheffield's finest, Aunt Mary.
A3: That would be my Aunt Rosie-She loved animals And my Aunt Mary loves animals too
Margaret Powell Cummer Psst.Aunt Mary, Elijah was just wondering??? LOL Call me later :)
Tonight I post this message with a heavy heart. My grandmother went on to be with the Lord this morning. My heart is not only heavy for myself but my Aunt Tammy, Aunt Mary, Uncle Rob and my mother. Most of all my grandfather who means more to me than he'll ever know. Wednesday the 21st, they celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary, a mark many in my generation would be blessed to see. I watched as a love story was told right before my eyes and a word was never said. It was told by my grandfather's eyes and body language as he watched his first and only true love be taken away by a horrible and debilitating disease. As the remarkable women my grandfather fell in love with got further and further away, he grew closer and closer to her. To get them few glimpses of the person she was that would show through from time to time. He held faith to the very end believing God would restore her to him. In the end God called her home knowing that she ran the race and fought the good fight. The apostle Paul said "to ...
"THANK-YOU, Dr. Thomas NORRELL for letting President Obama hear Miss Natalie Woods "Terrorist Statements around Alliance 4 Afganistans Students, then you will understand why dropping the sound of my daughter Janelle, Logistics Director at Fort BELVOIR VA is making ENOCH put bombs under her LINCOLN, my Aunt Marie Glover's LINCOLN and my Aunt Mary's Lincoln Continential 2015. White women like USAF Lois Sholl can not take orders from black women in Washington, DC, but they will make fools out of AFRICAN men instead of marrying them;the first "BJ", MELANIE Dawn Moats should have married GAMBIAN Son Of A King, Ishmael Sisay. Deceit causes a lot of problems. How is MUSA Touray, GAMBIAN Law Enforcement Officer." "THANK-YOU, Mother Reese, 1 year medication free, Retired APD Pastor Willis 1.907.351.5941." fax number for access alaska - Google Search "Uncle Bob! Bob BUHITE, JUNEAU AK Director of Juvenile Justice Bob Labbe, JUNEAU AK Director of Medical Assistance Bob Urlich, BALTIMORE MD Former Govenor and Bob' ...
Tuesday, Jan. 2, 1934: We washed, it isn’t so nice out today. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up…
We'd love for you to come visit Say hi to Scott's Aunt Mary and sing with us!
Well Danny and I am taking my Aunt Mary from the nursing home. We bought her fried pies in Davis. We went and ate at Davis. We went to Sulfer and looked at Christmas lights. Danny is taking us to Ardmore. Mary is just happy getting out the nursing home for a while. She is really enjoying herself.
RIP Mary Ann Mobley, former Miss America. Here she is back in the day at Ole Miss with my Aunt Mary.
Rachel looks at him and smiles softly and they walk inside the house. Aunt Mary walks over smiling softly. "Finn is that--
Has your Aunt Mary or your sister Charlotte been logging the miles this fall? Get her the with the...
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