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Aunt Marge

The following are supporting characters in the Harry Potter series written by J. K. Rowling.

Harry Potter Miss Trunchbull Pam Ferris Uncle Vernon Tom Riddle Edward Cullen Triwizard Tournament Aunt Petunia

Mom and Aunt Marge with their nephews, my 3 cousins !
My amazing aunt, Marge Paul, won city clerk in Berwyn yesterday. She fights harder than anyone I know. All my love
It's time to go sing our relative Aunt Marge home. She fought a good fight with her illness. Go pay my respects and celebrate her life.
Haven't seen the speech, but it sounds like Trump pulled a Dudley when Aunt Marge came to visit, and he's reaping the rewards.
just realized that Ms Trunchbull & Aunt Marge are THE SAME ACTRESS and this is a very important piece of history
At [the] fifth birthday party, Aunt Marge had [been whacking people around the shins with her walking stick to stop people]
Aunt Marge lived in the country, in a house with a large garden just off [the drive], where she bred bulldogs. She didn't often
Just now realized aunt marge from HP3 is the trunchbull.. the *** am i doin with my life?!
my gorgeous woman.. omg she also played aunt Marge in poa
Crazy traveling lately, missing my nugget like crazy. Thx Aunt and Uncle for taking such g…
Marge, swelling with fury. ‘You are an insolent, ungrateful little –’ . But Aunt Marge suddenly stopped speaking.
Aunt Marge’s voice seemed to be boring into him like one of Uncle Vernon’s drills.
How do people eat enough food without putting on weight? I'm pretty much Aunt Marge after a week of eating when I'm…
Yo Miss Trunchbull from Matilda is Aunt Marge in Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban 😳😭😭
...; then Aunt Petunia made coffee and Uncle Vernon brought out a bottle of brandy. . ‘Can I tempt you, Marge?’
I literally JUST found out Miss Trunchbull from Matilda was Aunt Marge in the fifth Harry Potter movie. I have been shaken.
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By the time he got back to the kitchen, Aunt Marge had been supplied with tea and fruitcake and Ripper was lapping noisily in the corner.
But Harry stood his ground. . ‘Knocking the stuffing out of me won’t make Aunt Marge forget what I could tell her,’ he said grimly.
‘Well,’ said Harry, choosing his words carefully, ‘it’ll be hard work, pretending to Aunt Marge I go to that St Whatsits …’
I am home from the hospital ,This hip is much better then the right one was !! Aunt Marge, Ginny Uncle Bill and...
Harry Potters aunt Marge is literally me today when I left the house because of the wind 😭😭
my Aunt Marge lives in Seaford. Maybe she's no 5! Hope you enjoy it when you get it 😊
With apologies to after a day of food poisoning, I look like Marge Simpson's jaundiced great-aunt.
Wednesday is like your aunt Marge with the mustache who always wants to kiss you on the lips. Just do it quickly and get it over with!
On page 31 of 435 of Harry Potter and the, by J.K. Rowling: Aunt Marge got what she dese...
Just played: Aunt Marge's Waltz - John Williams - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(Warner Bros)
Here is Pam Ferris behind the scenes as Aunt Marge. It took the crew MANY hours each day to get her into character. https…
11th May 1948: Pam Ferris, who played Aunt Marge, is born. 
Wonder if Aunt Marge and Professor Umbridge are related🤔
The Aunt Marge scene in the Prisoner of Azkaban is pure gold & I still laugh like a dork every time I watch it
Real talk I look like Harry Potter's aunt Marge after she's been fully inflated
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salami --. "MARGE!" yelled Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia together as Aunt
hardworking relatives!" scream Aunt Marge, swelling with fury. "You are an
"No, Vernon," hiccuped Aunt Marge, holding up a hand, her tiny bloodshot eyes
him like one of Uncle Vernon's drills. "This Potter," said Aunt Marge loudly,
couldn't remember what came next. Aunt Marge's voice seemed to be boring into
Watching Harry Potter 3 my favorite because Malfoy gets punched my Hermione. And aunt Marge get blown up!!!
Is it just me or the woman playing Aunt Marge in HP3, the same bully woman in Matilda? Waaah Harry Potter ya never fail to cease to amaze 😱
Aunt Marge blowing up like a balloon is one of the best moments of Harry Potter captured on film.
he would have to sit it out. "Aah," said Aunt Marge, smacking her lips and
Chamber of Secrets, aunt marge is such a grump. No one likes Vernon, Simon, we're on your side.
last, the final evening of Marge's stay arrived. Aunt Petunia cooked a fancy
quite well, though it seemed to give him a glazed look, because Aunt Marge
of Do-It-Yourself Broomcare whenever Aunt Marge started on him. This worked
"Not to worry," grunted Aunt Marge, mopping her face with her napkin. "Must
My aunt Marge looks great for being 95 years old!
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Every time I watch the Prisoner of Azkaban, I can only see Pam Ferris/Aunt Marge as the Trunchbull..
sputtered and blinked, her great ruddy face dripping. "Marge!" squealed Aunt
exploded in her hand. Shards of glass flew in every direction and Aunt Marge
wrong with the pup --". At that moment, the wineglass Aunt Marge was holding
Don't say anything. Don't rise --. Aunt Marge reached for her glass of wine.
happy to do. Aunt Marge, on the other hand, wanted Harry under her eye at all
Aunt Marge started to make herself at home, Harry caught himself thinking almost
Aunt Marge. "Do they use the face at St. Brutus's, boy?" she barked across the
What I would do for your tuna salad right now. Miss you so much Aunt Marge ❤️
Is it worth it. Is it worth having to explain to Aunt Marge at this summer's family reunion that no, you're not engaged, you're single AF?
During the filming of Prisoner of Azkaban, 38 tweed suits of different sizes were created for blowing up Aunt Marge.
Aunt Marge is like the Umbridge of the Dursleys.
This directed Aunt Marge's attention to Harry for the first time. "So!" she
any excuse not to be with Aunt Marge was fine by him, so he began to heave the
out of my saucer," said Aunt Marge as they all proceeded into the kitchen,
kissed, or rather, Aunt Marge bumped her large jaw against Aunt Petunia's bony
striding past Harry as though he was a hat stand. Aunt Marge and Aunt Petunia
twenty-pound note clutched in his fat fist. "Petunia!" shouted Aunt Marge,
perfectly well that Dudley only put up with Aunt Marge's hugs because he was
head, a bow tie just visible under his many chins. Aunt Marge thrust the
Aunt Marge. She was very like Uncle Vernon: large, beefy, and purple-faced, she
Harry couldn't see the point of trying to make his hair lie flat. Aunt Marge
humour too, like blowing up Aunt Marge, the Knight bus, and then other stuff like the time time turner and hermione punching
redflags dad ignored: his dear aunt marge, god rest her soul, tellin him mom's mom & grandma were a Real Piece of Work. Henpeckers of men!
Aunt Marge's full name is Marjorie Eileen Dursley. She is the elder sister of Vernon Dursley. (Source: Pottermore)
I hope all of your selfies get 0 likes and one comment being like “hello it’s aunt marge how’s your mom doing? tell her to visi…
I relate to Aunt Marge so much. 12 dogs, "a bit more" alcohol, sharing dinner with her dog and bursting out of my clothes after a meal...
Aunt Marge's original Pretzel Bell table is coming home to Ann Arbor!
hardly able to believe it. Aunt Marge coming for a week-long visit -- it was the
up a tree, and Aunt Marge had refused to call him off until past midnight. The
"She -- she's not coming here, is she?". Aunt Marge was Uncle Vernon's sister.
brought back to earth with an unpleasant bump. "Aunt Marge?" he blurted out.
aunt Marge pass my house on the way
Remember that speech Aunt Marge in Harry Potter gives about "Bad blood will out"? If you pretend she's talking about the Trumps, it's ok.
I was wondering what petunia might have been thinking when harry blew up aunt Marge?
Aunt Marge already "swelled w rage" b4 Harry blew her up. Does his inherent magic align with the moral forces of the cosmos?
Uncle Vernon and Aunt Marge are off the henny in prisoner of azkaban. No wonder they were being so mean to Harry
Aunt Marge's mustache! This is the funniest thing I've seen in years
I never realised that Miss Trunchbull from Matilda was Aunt Marge from Harry Potter
Once again, the casting in this film is simply incredible. Trelawney is perfect, Aunt Marge was an early highlight, and Scabbers is awesome
When Aunt Marge blows up it reminds me of the last time I had Velveeta macaroni and cheese.
I just realized that the actress that plays aunt marge in Harry Potter also plays ms trunchbull in Matilda.
Harry blows up Aunt Marge. The dementors come and take charge. Lupin is a wolf, the rat's a man and now the prisoner is at large
acquaintance: "Star Wars deserved the token blockbuster best picture nomination more than Fury Road". me: *slowly swells up like Aunt Marge*
thought yo'd like to know .My aunt Marge has been so ill for so long that we've started to call her 'I can't believe she's not better'
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he is trying to fit in with the muggles. is Aunt Marge visiting again!?
she lied to Aunt Marge she couldn't say he was an Auror so she said he didn't have a job
Random fact: Aunt Marge from Harry Potter and Miss Trunchbull from Matilda were both played by Pam Ferris.
that scene in Harry Potter 3 when aunt marge inflates like a balloon is actually me whenever I consume cider
- Trunchbull, Aunt Marge, and Sister Evangelina are all played by the same actress (Pam Ferris)
LOL-❤️hearing Dd read w/ expression when discovering Aunt Marge has mustache like Uncle Vernon's! readers
aunt marge's waltz from HP 3 is like the same as gioacchino rossini's la gazza ladra? the heck john williams?
Well, aunt Marge git what she deserves. That woman had it coming!
|| Marge from Kickin it is basically my Aunt's cooking
Harry Potter: blows up aunt marge. ministry: lololol its all good. Harry Potter: protects himself against dementors. ministry: EXPELLED!
The early signs that Marge is losing her mind
Go check out orchards feed store and buy some of my aunt Marge Studebaker Herz's honey. Look for honey house farms. Local honey right here …
Already missing Penny. Hope she has a blast with Aunt Marge this week :)
Everything I do is for you Aunt Marge ima miss you😪😪❤
Aunt Marge keeps comparing Harry and his dead parents to dogs. Aunt Marge doesn't deserve the love of dogs.
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So many visual details etched in my brain. Like Aunt Marge pointing her finger at Harry only to realize it's swelling into a balloon.
So jealous of girls with long skinny fingers who can wear rings without looking like Aunt Marge when she was inflated in Harry Potter
Ms. Trunchbull and Aunt Marge are the same actress.
I think aunt marge should be the most hated muggle after the dursleys.
What I wouldn't do right now to be at my tio Jamie's on this Friday night with foe viv ash the kids aunt Marge just chillin laughin & eating
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...because seeing Aunt Marge blow up like a balloon always improves my mood
Just realized I get my socialness from aunt Marge
Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda is Aunt Marge from Prisoner of Azkaban. PSA over and out.
I hate u too no marge my aunt told grandma
Aunt Marge was played by Miss Trunchbull. It all makes so much sense.
Aunt Jackie and Doris ... month, join the fight so we can one day 🎀 💞
Heaven gained one amazing angel❤️ rest in peace aunt marge and say hi to everyone for me❤️
My aunt Marge's 96th birthday. Seems like she doesn't change from year to year. Thankful that I was able to be there.
Id be honored with a prayer for my Aunt Marge, who is battling cancer & is not in a good place right now. Also, my Uncle Bill🙏
I hate aunt marge more than voldemort
6 August 1993: During dinner Aunt Marge upsets Harry so much that he accidentally blows her up like a balloon.
*lol* Never gets old seeing Aunt Marge getting blown up and Dudley hit by the buttons of her jackett. xD
Aunt Marge from Harry Potter is Miss Trunchbull from Matilda, and she has the same birthday as me.
Just found out the same woman that played Trunchbull in Matilda also played Aunt Marge in the third Harry Potter movie 😳
On this day in 1993, Harry blew up Aunt Marge
⚡️ ⚡️ . Harry with the Minister of Magic at the Leaky Cauldron thinking he's going to go to Azkaban for…
I've just found out Ms Trunchball is Laura Thyme from Rosemary and Thyme and Aunt Marge in HP3. My mind is blown. Well done Pam, well done.
I just realized Miss Trunchbull is Aunt Marge from Prisoner of Azkaban.
Gah I can't handle Harry Potter right now I'm crying already and I'm only at Aunt Marge visiting. I know what's coming :(
Missing the south. Grits, guns and Great Aunt Marge.
they miss you cuz. I heard Uncle Randy and Aunt Marge miss you riding your horse thru out the country side
If you're wondering who aunt marge is, shame on u.
Yesterday a huge balloon flew up the sky, still wondering if it cud be Aunt Marge.
This is awful I feel like aunt marge in Harry Potter before she floats into the sky
Like, Daenerys is all good and fine, but let's face it, my ideal dragon mother is the booming, asexual aromantic Aunt Marge posh fanatic.
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I'd blame aunt Marge. And the wine.
Prisoner of Azkaban or Penny Dreadful? hmmm.. choices.. Oh look, Aunt Marge is floating!
thought occurred to me in the shower, what happened to the Durselys & Aunt Marge? Did Dudley ever find a wife to feed him? ⚡️
Just found out that my dads great aunt Marge who is 92 years old is going to drive to Arizona😳
Aunt Marge and Fubster still kept enough of a relationship for him to watch after her dogs when she was away.
Great day with my dad and family. Aunt Marge is 96 and SHARP!
"That's aunt Marge..she gets blown up" XD
I know when I need a laugh I have my Aunt Marge 😂😂
Day 2 of my week to visit TRT friends and family on the way to/from Vancouver. My aunt Marge Loverin is travelling with me. :-)
All my prayers and love to my family today, rest in peace Aunt Marge 👼🏼💕
The right side of my face is so congested and puffy, I look like the beginning of when Harry blew up Aunt Marge
I am in favor of the new princess being named after her Great-great-aunt ... Princess Margaret Rose
Yeah it's 7:19 am and we are just now getting home from a long night of drinking. Aunt Marge is not happy with us...
For those of you who knew her. Aunt Marge passed away tonight. She was an amazing woman. Who made an impact on all who knew her.
Hi I would like to audition for the role of Aunt Marge from Harry Potter, and I will be singing "Defying Gravity" from the musi…
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my Aunt Marge has been ill for that long we've started calling her "I can't believe she's not better" 😉
I need my marge aunt and grandma rn, they the only people in this whole world who kno how to feed me right
Aunt Marge. Nobody would be thankful for that balloon...
If Cameron gets any more 'pumped up' he'll float off into the sky like Aunt Marge in The Prisoner of Azkaban
If Bob encrypts, and Jane doesn't, they are going to try to watch Bob talk to his aunt Marge in Iowa.
my great aunt marge is 100 years old this July. when she was 26 she worked at a department store making .25 cents an hour.
Aunt Marge had her memory modified by the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad of the Ministry of Magic when Harry accidentally blew her up.
Am I the only person that didn't realize Miss Trunchbull from Matilda and Aunt Marge from HP were played by the same person?
Things I did not know: Miss Trunchbull and Aunt Marge were played by the same person.
*** why have I only just realised Aunt Marge and Miss Trunchbull are the same person?
could you ever beleive that Miss Trunchbull, was Harry's Aunt Marge that he blew up in PofA
Ok so the actress who played Miss Trunchbull in the film Matila also played Aunt Marge in hp and sister Evangelina in call the midwife WHAT
Pam Ferris looks so motherly and lovely. Whenever I see her my mind cannot comprehend her as The Trunchbull and Aunt Marge!
21 Years ago today, Harry Potter blew up Aunt Marge.
Wonder if the Aunt Marge scene in Prisoner of Azkaban inspired Alfonso Cuarón's to make Gravity?
No way. Ms. Trunchbull was Aunt Marge in Harry Potter? How did I miss this?
So long Aunt Marge! We had a lifetime together! I so remember spending a lot of my childhood with you and the...
Oh my goodness what a weekend for the Vasiloff family. Started off with dinner Friday night with the Perraults at La Charita. Saturday morning soccer game for Joseph then off to Barberton. We visited with Aunt Marge and Uncle Carl Vasiloff. Shared stories and laughed. From there it was on to Poppys farm where we cooked out and had a bonfire. Poppy got a little close to the fire. There was a small flare that singed the whole side of his head, eyebrows and eyelashes. He was totally unaware that he was sporting a new hair style. His response was he just saved ten dollars on a haircut. The kids, Rayna and Joseph and the dad's Mark and Bruce played laser tag. Next stop Mark and Marnies. The kids slept over at Grandma Bobbies. Sunday morning we were treated to Marnies fabulous pecan French toast ( I hope I got that right). It was heaven on earth. Scrambled eggs and bacon. That girl sure can cook. Marnie I went shopping, the men and kids went to the hangar so Joseph could see Uncle Marks airplane. Then they wen ...
A story for my next book: "We’re Leaving” For St Patrick's Day, we went over to the Clanhouse for a feast of corned-beef, cabbage, potatoes and fresh soda biscuits all made fresh by Cousin Erik. In the background to his kitchen labor, there was some imbibing of alcoholic beverages by Uncle Jim, Paulie and me; some blaring of Irish pub music; and Aunt Marge and Erik's daughter, Olivia, eating their non-corned-beef McDonald's burgers and fries... with Shamrock shakes for each. Grandma was downstairs. She is recovering from a broken hip (that she walked around on for two days), and is happy to be home. When the night was over, we went down to visit. We see her all the time, and Paulie checks-in at least weekly to make sure she's taking her meds, etc. This is routine for them, and this part of their relationship has been going on for years. He's a very good nurse, and his grandmother is honest about when she forgets to take her meds, and she answers his twenty questions about how well she's pooping, sleep ...
So I love this idea and think it's super cute and funny, but I can't help but imagine Aunt Marge from Harry Potter...
Aunt marge from Harry Potter for my halloween costume because Vikings is happening lol
Sorry we missed game tonight. Aunt Marge and my mom are Cousins. Nice goal tonight . Proud of you. Hope to see you at wrldcup
I'll frogsplash in ya great aunt Marge tho
Puppy intently watched the whole HP scene of Aunt Marge expanding and floating away... I'm pretty sure she wanted to jump out and pop her!
I really want to see an aunt marge hot air balloon. Who's with me peeps?
Pam Ferris played two of the most hated characters, Aunt Marge in and Miss. Trunchball in
Getting the Bullseye job was 90 per cent luck, I always said Aunt Marge used to fall in love with Fubster, a r
Dunno how people can drink fizzy juice all the time. Had one bottle of irn bru and feel like Harry Potter's aunt marge
Don't ever let your past look better than your future played Aunt Marge, was born, Happy 64th birthday!
he brought me n aunt Marge wine :) n dropped it off lol I was impatient
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What if Aunt Marge bred corgis instead?
And to think she's Aunt Marge in Prisoner of Azkaban.
Omg, I can't. I feel I'm going to bloat up like Harry's Aunt Marge and bob up and down near the ceiling.
OMG Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda was also Aunt Marge in Harry Potter!!
Just realized Aunt Marge in is also the Trunchbull in
Thanks uncle Gail, for my picture that my Aunt Marge painted years ago:) I love it!
Ms trunchbull and Harry Potters aunt marge are the same actress.
Aunt marge offered her S3. S4 so fancy. Ion need all this.
I look forward to worshiping the Lord tomorrow, visiting Aunt Marge and catching up on music and reading.
I hate how Aunt Marge treats Harry~ idk how some people can be so mean.
Aunt Marge has a favorite dog, what is his name?? . 60-R. 0-G. 0-S. 0-H
My dads phone convo has brought up my aunt marge too many times
HP plays on the telly.Now I clearly remember how much I hated aunt Marge. So annoying.
POTTER QUIZ. Q3. What happens to Harry's Aunt Marge in the third book?
No wayyy!!! Mrs Trunchbull off Matilda is Aunt Marge off Harry Potter
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And Harry's in mortal danger! Tom Riddle hides his snake inside the ginormous Secret Chamber. Harry blows up Aunt Marge..
Aunt Marge being the same actress as the Trunchbull from Matilda is so appropriate.
Aunt Marge from S.F. said a man judges himself by the size of his *** A woman judges a man by the size of his balls. GROW BALLS GUYS!
be choosy as to which ones you open to and entertain :):)o played Aunt Marge, was born, Happy 64th birthday!
Sundays allergic reaction transformed me into the blown up version of Aunt Marge glad I'm getting back to my usual self!
"Getting Aunt Marge (Pam Ferris) to blow up and fly away was a complicated and humorous process…"
Long day, but worth it. I'll miss seeing your smiling face, Uncle Pete. I'm sure the Pinochle game has already started. Love to my cousins- Pete Muffley & Chrissy Muffley and Aunt Marge. Good to see Dawn Muffley Pettit, Debbie Muffley, Bob Muffley, Jeff Compton, Barry Muffley, Jennifer Muffley-Huff, Sandra Lynn Compton, Frances Macera Muffley.
I just had a talk with my Aunt Marge so much wisdom I can't wait to see my family this weekend.
This week we added a lot of purchased flowers to our front entryway and back yard - hanging baskets, small plants to fill large urns, a few more herbs for my beside-the-back-door kitchen herb planters. Rob moved the two pots of dahlias from the protected north side of the house to the walkway south of the pool. He moved the big old hoya to its outdoor summer home, a hook beside the front door, 6+ feet above the walkway where it hangs to the ground in a thick cascade of near-6-foot-long tendrils. It is probably 40 years old, inherited from my gardener wizard Aunt Marge. It already has buds, hard as cold wax, that will open into what will look like 2-3-inch diameter Queen Anne's lace blossoms sculpted from pale pink wax. Those blossoms will fill the front entryway with a sweet scent in the evenings. We'll move the other tropicals outside to their summer spots in the next few days - pittosporum, taro (green elephant ear), night-blooming cereus, Christmas cacti. This year, for the first time, I brought home a ...
Miss Trunchbull's actor is also Aunt Marge in Harry Potter.
Remember how Ms. Trunchbell from Matilda plays Aunt Marge in The Prisoner of Azkaban?
Today we bury the last of my mom's siblings. RIP Aunt Marge! The Sullivan circle is now complete!
Still miss Grandma Liillian its been 44 yrs that she pass away and only 2 years for my Aunt Marge yesterday!!! Love Thelma
PHC & POINTS QUIZ! Each question is worth 10 points and the first person to PADFOOT wins a PHC! Iris: PADF Katrina: PA Nusrat: P Meghan: PADFO Severus: PA Darshana: PA Gracie: P Karlee: P S: 50 | G: 40 | R: 40 | H: 10 This one's two letters, since I have to go soon. What is the name of Aunt Marge's dog? ~ TA4
RIP Aunt Marge :-( sorry Taylor and I won't be in town for the services ... Glad I got to see her and do her hair last week
Cleaning out the beach house is going to be bitter-sweet. THOUSANDS of photos to go through. Today I came across a few treasures: Lisa Smith Comella's Homecoming Queen photo Baby announcement for Judah Smith Graduation photo of Wendell & Gini Wedding photo of Aunt Marge & Uncle Jack Wedding photo of Aunt Nina & Uncle Moe Baby pictures of Barb Perrotta Karen Smith holding baby Wendy Perez, me holding baby Kristen Wilde. Dating pictures of Kathy Slonaker Johnson & Dennis, Fred Slonaker and Karla Slonaker, Sheryl Lynn Slonaker Sandros & Billy, David & Jenea. And EVERY OTHER COUSIN! . and LITERALLY hundreds more!
My neck is so swollen because of my glands, that could be Aunt Marge without the special effects. I think this may be serious
NewBo Market was a bunch o fun last night!! Only had a handful of stuff left...It was good to see Aunt Marge and Max. Thanks to everyone that supported me and I am glad you enjoyed your yummies!
A teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment: Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it. The next day the kids came back and one by one began to tell their stories. Kathy said, "My father's a farmer and we have a lot of egg-laying hens. One time we were taking our eggs to market in a basket on the front seat of the pickup when we hit a bump in the road and all the eggs went flying and broke and made a mess." "And what's the moral of the story?" asked the teacher. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket!" "Very good," said the teacher. Next little Lucy raised a hand and said, "Our family are farmers, too. But we raise chickens for the meat market. We had a dozen eggs one time, but when they hatched we only got ten live chicks and the moral to this story is, don't count your chickens until they're hatched." "That was a fine story Lucy. Johnny, do you have a story to share?" "Yes, ma'am! My daddy told me this story about my Aunt Marge. She was a flight engineer during Desert S ...
I thank God for my wonderful family. Thank you Aunt Marge and Uncle Rick for cooking up a fabulous feast and having us all over at your place. There's no place like home... I love you dearly.
Today is 10 years since Mom passed. She slipped away at 4:32am as the sun rose….. She took so much with her and left so much behind. We won’t get to see her until we all meet again. Traditions did not mean much to me as a child but, they do now. Thank you for each one of them Mom… I woke early to enjoy coffee as the sun rose this morning to be alone and think about you. I gave a big bird a butter bath by hand this morning. I cried as I chopped onions for the dressing because I miss you. I minced giblets for the dressing because you said “They hate these but always have two helpings of dressing when I add them.” I cooked down the pumpkin for fresh pumpkin pie because the recipe in your cook book from Christmas 1961 from Aunt Marge says fresh is best. I rolled pie-crust because Grandma South said store bought doesn’t flake as well. I added just enough salt to the coleslaw to offset the sweetness of the pinapple. I used Grandma’s pyrex dish because anything made in it always tastes better. I .. ...
I am thankful for my blessings everyday, but today I am especially thankful for holiday pay and flex staffing so I could come home a little early:) Love you all, hope you are having a great Thanksgiving! SN: Holidays never have been, and never will be the same without you all. I miss big family dinners and hanging with friends. I hope you are all eating the biggest, most tender, and sleepy hormone filled turkey that heaven has to offer. I love you Dad, Aiti, Poppa, Grandpa and Margaret, Aunt Marge and Uncle Ted, Grandma West, Ma, Judy, Nikki, Brad, Jane, and all the others we are missing...*alwaysonmymind*
UPDATE: Arrangements are... Visitation at DeVol Funeral Home 2-4pm, Saturday November 24 10 E. Deer Park Drive Gaithersburg, MD Funeral Mass at St. Miartins Catholic Church 1pm, Monday November 26 201 South Frederick Avenue Gaithersburg, MD Aunt Marge is being cremated I believe that's why the 2 days. My Mom and I are probably just going on Saturday, I think the ride back and forth may be *** her to do both. We take one day at a time
Who do you hate more, Aunt Marge or Dolores Umbridge?
I was very lucky in life to have such wonderful contrasting grandmothers. My La Mama and Mary Sue---two extraordinary women who totally detested each other. My La Mama had Papa, but Mary Sue (my father's mother) had my very sweet Aunt Margie. Aunt Marge and my grandmother were literally inseparable and when Mary Sue passed on to eternity a few years back I couldnt bear to be around her sister because invariably it caused too many deep tears. But time passes (sometimes too quickly) and I had the privilege today of reconnecting with Margie, who turned 90 this year. The Seasons change, don't they. And the flowers are all the sweeter after the barren winters.
What a week, First I hear of the death of my uncle George when a piano fell on him, so my sister Denise and l are headedup to the funeral home for that and we find out that his wife Aunt Marge fell and she died this morning at 11:30. Please pray for the family it is really a mixed up time.
This is my Aunt Marge and My beloved Grandma Bamford - thank you Scott for sharing.
Hey Cousins, doesn't she remind you of Aunt Marge?
There is nothing like good food, and great family members for a nice visit. It was really good to see my cousin Jim, havent seen him in ages. Nice visit with my Uncle Joe and Aunt Marge. Guess maybe I will have to have a family get together next summer.
Four years ago today, you departed this life. How I wish I could stroll along the beach tonight, and be there for the sunrise. I love you and miss you Aunt Marge. No Canadian Mist, so I hope you will forgive me, as I toast you with Southern Comfort instead.
Thanks too all for the birthday wishes! But, Kathy Wagner, I DON'T share a b-day with Jerry Garcia. he was born on Aug. 1. But I DO share a b-day with the late Carroll O'Connor aka Archie Bunker, as well as Lance Ito. P.S. I would love to party with your Aunt Marge!
Thanks Darla , There is still a huge hole and emptiness and sorrow in my heart after 7 years! I will share this with my Aunt Marge who just lost her husband Uncle John !
Just finished up our movie night. Thank you CJ for bringing ur projector, Aunt Marge for the meat & cheese tray, Jenna for all the yummy snacks, Mom & Dad for letting us set up on the side of the house & everyone for chipping in on pizza We need more movie nights on the big screen that was so cool. 21 Jump Street was hilarious!! Of course we were in good company as always. Love you all.
Please every one, pray for my aunt Marg,the doctors beleave she has lung cancer and its at stage 4,she is at South Shore hospital,it was Sea way Hospital.Aunt Marge really needs the lord right now.
Can honestly say I hate Umbridge, Petunia, Aunt Marge and Rita Skeeter more then I'll ever hate Voldemort
Mom had uterine cancer, Aunt Marge had lung cancer, Grandpa had esophigeal cancer, Dad had lung cancer.
Looking forward to a nice, long quiet weekend in Destin Beach. I so freakin need it. Havent been to the Gulf in years. Can't wait to see my Aunt Marge & Uncle Tom.
In loving memory of my Aunt Marge that died this morning on the West Coast. We will always love you and miss you. R.I.P.
To Great Grandma Madge Moses, Isibell Denny, Grandma Mary Roach, and Aunt Marge McFall who have passed on, and to all the other Mother's out there I want to wish you a very special Mother's Day!!!
Remembering all the "Moms" in my life . . . There was my Grandma Nell. A short little lady, born and raised in Oklahoma -- actually it was still Indian Territory even when she married my Grandpa. She raised a big family and was a hard worker and "brooked no nonsense" from her many grandkids -- didn't have time for that. We all took care to behave around her lest we'd hear the infamous "well for pity sake" in her high pitched voice. Yet as stern as she seemed when we were young, I well remember her sitting for hours, letting a little granddaughter "play beauty shop" and roll her hair on curlers over and over. She was thrifty to distraction but her influence is truly present when I contemplate some extravagant purchase. My parents were both from large families so we had a boat load of Aunts around us when we were kids. Aunt Opal, so like our Grandma Nell, thrifty but who started and ran a small grocery very successfully in Kansas. She was a smart, smart woman. Aunt Marge, a fiery red head who insti ...
We are in Baton Rouge, at Uncle Keith's and Aunt Marge's house. Aunt Marge made Shrimp Etouffe last night, and cousin Bonnie Jackson Brignac husband, Arthur, fried catfish, shrimp, and crawdads for supper tonight. I ate all of them, and I really loved them. Michael has always liked them, but the way Arthur cooked them, Michael says they were beyond belief! Bonnie, please tell Arthur that Michael said that!
Today's Grandma+Natalie dance party brought to you by Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape". Aunt Marge whistled in the backseat. I seriously have not seen my grandma get down like that in the last 2 years. Pure greatness.
The wacky murder of mean Aunt Marge, soon to be Richard Linklater movie w/ Jack Black & Shirley MacLaine:
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