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Aunt Judy

Aunt Judy's Magazine was a British magazine for young people founded in 1866 by Margaret Gatty and continued after her death in 1873 by her daughter Horatia Eden until 1885. It published much of the work of Juliana Horatia Ewing and perhaps most notably Fairy Sylvie and Bruno's Revenge , two early parts of Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Carroll, in 1867.

Happy Birthday New Years

Why my aunt got 273 episodes of Judge Judy recorded??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm your aunt Judy and this is my punk child amber
. Turns out it was my Aunt Judy. She's fun!
Finally home after an all-day excursion to attend my aunt's funeral. Rest in peace, Judy.
please keep my aunt Judy in your prayers. She went into hosp 2 days ago and has since lost brain activity. We are saying bye.
Beef n boards with Grandma, aunt wilma, aunt jeri, Judy, and baby
I respect the political differences in my family, but my aunt Judy maybe went too far in asserting that Trump signalled the Second Coming
Serendipity, your book, Judy Garland, geeky, 1970s, Aunt Melba = my Aunt Gertrude. Compelled to say hi! See ya on pg 25!
I think you'll have to settle for Aunt Judy!
Birthday card from my great aunt Judy and my cousin. So cute!
My Aunt Judy wants a
jelly cake, my aunt Judy's specialty. Only 2 things wrong with Oatmeal Raisin. Oatmeal and Raisins.
Awe, I like these results. Love you Aunt Judy
Amazing ceviche at Lolo Cevicheria with my aunt. @ Loló…
Just got emailed from my Geni Family Tree saying you might be "possible match".LOL. Must be from Aunt Ronny & Penny, judy,Wendy!
Lunch with aunt Connie and cousin judy @ Brio Tuscan Grille
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Lunch with cousin judy and aunt Connie β€” eating lunch at Brio Tuscan Grille
Got to spend some time with Aunt Hoody (Judy) and Bill over the…
My Aunt Judy gave me this purse almost a year ago.
2 days left to get books for 25% off, code CATS25 bc my cats are expensive Also Aunt Judy's!
Who do you miss?. LIVE in . viewing WITH Mom. or an Aunt Margie. or even Jud…
we support in honor of Aunt Judy who did not win her battle, but her grandmother did.
I love it when Aunt Judy and Uncle Gary send me a birthday card.
I am really gonna miss this lady & her big heart ❀ much love for you Aunt Judy.. save some seats in heaven for us..
Judy and her sister Maria's story of their aunt being sent back because of the was just aired on PBS Chicago.
but last month you said your were? lol do you remember Judy Saul my Aunt? she was your agent. I saw u…
My last living aunt passed away today. My dad's sister Judy Hyer. It's been a sad day but Heaven…
Kathryn wore some new jammies last night from great Aunt Judy and they are super soft, comfy and…
I still love Kim Burrell... Since I was a kid going to church with my Uncle Vernon & Aunt Judy LeDay at Greater...
Just got back from my Aunt Judy's funeral; she is loved by many. Two pluses to going to a…
my aunt would love to see Taylor in Houston!
Paris Madison of playing in memory of her Aunt Judy Johnson who battled with lung cancer
Happy bday wishes to Uncle Hillel, Aunt Judy, and Shalom! Happiness and health AMVS!:)
Aunt Judy, Do I even have to say it? ;) xo
Being a middle child, it was easy to get lost in the fray and feel left out. Aunt Judy always…
peeps Huddy loving his new tractor from his awesome Aunt JudyπŸ‘πŸ˜˜ . TY 4…
done!! I can't wait to see y'all in Houston with my aunt!…
Lexi doing Aunt Judy's hair. When the cats away, the mice will play, πŸ˜› though we miss you…
for me MTM was a stylized version of my beloved Aunt Judy, a school teacher in Seattle.
Wishing my aunt Judy Hewitt Cox a very Happy Birthday hope you have many more love ya
Very proud to share this. Have a great time Judy!
Happy Birthday to my Aunt Judy in Heaven. I miss you so much.πŸ’ž
Enjoying having Uncle Paul and Aunt Judy with us so much! ❀ β€” eating dinner with beloved familyβ™₯ at Demos' Steak...
Rest In Peace Aunt Judy, you're in a much better place now.
I wonder what aunt Judy is doing right now.
"Aunt Judy, here's a copy of 'Oh, the Places You'll Go.' Need you to tell him it's about not settling for Conference USA."
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Why not take a break and learn about each other!. 1. Who are you named after? My wonderful aunt. I think. 2.
Good boys celebrating the new year with a homemade treat from Aunt Judy.
Judy an my aunt making some tomorrow
We had a great morning with Aunt Judy. Went to a local park in…
Celebrating the life of my baby aunt Judy- gone but not forgotten!…
My aunt Judy calls Starbucks Starbuck so now that's what me and my aunt Debbie say πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is Judy Hollaway's devotional. She's a godly lady and my Aunt. Please follow her blog. Thanks!
Right before 2017! My aunt carried it back from Australia and thanks Judy for finding me the…
Being fabulous is in my DNA πŸ‘‘ Thank you Aunt Judy for coming to Cocktails & Conversation βœ¨β€¦
My aunt loved Pete Rose. She always prayed for the day he would be inducted into the Hall off Fame.
My Aunt Judy does it again. A happy Hamilton Hanukkah.
Helping Aunt Judy make dinner. I was told to sit down and relax. I…
I'm. Bout to dm you my number i got to take aunt Judy to her house first then yeah
yep Aunt Judy, she looks JUST like her brother!
SQUALOR, NEW MEXICO: Her mystery aunt lived in the dark corners of conversation. πŸ”‘ . A 1970s novel πŸ“™
Corinne just knocked over one of Aunt Judy's decorations and broke all but 2 ornaments
2016 strikes again. Rest in peace, Aunt Judy. I love you and will miss you forever.
Last night we lost my Aunt all the sisters are together again..Jerry, Peggy and Judy..
4/ Because you're Taiwanese, network thru your Uncle Larry/Tom/John or better Aunt Cindy/Judy/Wendy https…
She is still currently talking to her aunt Judy
Bella looks like a very happy Nice work Aunt Judy and Drea!
You're very wise and smart grandpa grande and your aunt Judy would've been very proud of you
I decided to help mom open the present from aunt Judy early *trouble now!
It's hard losing family. Especially when they live in another state. Rest In Peace, Aunt JudyπŸ–€
The girls modeling their new ensemble from Aunt Judy n Uncle Joe Tamashasky. The look good riding Flower.
"We could run there" - my brother . "I'm not running anywhere unless someone is chasing me" -my Aunt Judy
Enjoyed a visit to the to see my great aunt Judy. Beautiful view of the Mississippi!
Take a sad song and make it better Aunt Judy β™₯️
RIP Aunt Judy.. I know you're up there watching over me and giving me strength when I need it
just so glad that the agony aunt from Richard & Judy made it on there
Aunt Judy makes me cry. She's the sweetest.
My aunt Judy just passed away please keep the Lee family in your prayers. Rest in peace Aunt Judy I love you.
My Aunt Judy needs prayers...she's sick and in Indiana ( though I'm not sure Indiana 's germane here)...please and thank you.
If you are able, my Uncle Ron Gotto & my aunt Judy Gotto could use your help. He has a huge fight in front of him...
.Just a couple months ago, But my aunt loved meeting you. RIP Judy.
It was you! Have a Nice day. Say hi to your aunt Judy for me!
.so aunt Judy can fire up the Google. Fantastic.
Labor Day party with old cousins Km & Kerri with Aunt Judy & Uncle Joe Rad! And the rest of the…
uncle lito! Hope you and aunt judy are doing good. Keep in touch
D'leja and aunt Judy.dd did so well in !!!…
I'm about to watch football, malika at work and they went to aunt Judy house
Aunt Judy, uncle dickie, kev ,murda ,kyron πŸ™πŸΎ wish I could bring all y'all back 😒😒
My mom bought a bed, comforter, and pillows for my aunt Judy bc she couldn't afford it. Please get on my moms level
I have to drink sitting around listening to youse. -Aunt Judy
RIP Aunt Judy. Love you, but glad your suffering is finally over. Rest easy.
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I love what an amazing person my Aunt Judy is.❀
me and aunt Judy are drinking straight 151 on Delaware avenue tonigh
Me and Aunt Judy are drinking Disaronno minis while playing mini golf.
Happy Birthday cousin see you at aunt Judy's tomorrow
My aunt Judy just came in my room like " I thought you left with your boyfriend all day niece" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ girl I'm single-ish don't play
My mom: P!nk is a Virgo like me... Your Aunt Judy is a Leo like you. .ok.
you have to go today bc she's going to Aunt Judy's tomorrow
Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Aunt Janice and Aunt Judy.
"It was either Ralph Waldo Emerson or Anna Nicole Smith." - Aunt Judy
yeah I already know about Lani. She's the daughter of Aunt Judy. Ari's Aunty and Joan's sister.
"Hey, it's mommy" "Hey Mary, it's Aunt Judy" "It's grandma" like can you not do this please lol 😩
Tattoo for my Aunt Judy and Cousin Cindy. And all others who have battled and are battling…
play and ideas: Thinking of Aunt Judy: RIP Judith S Kaye
okay. my Uncle Brian killed it. best. gift. ever. this was given to my Aunt Judy when she became…
Best cookies, Aunt Judy's recipe made by my sister Deb! Horns!!!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Helping support the fight against breast cancer for my angel, Aunt Judy. will donate $1…
It's 55 and raining here in Bath County while my Aunt Judy is sending me pictures like this of her vacation in Maui 😐
"Aunt Judy and uncle Jesse had a book of Walmart that you can sleep in the parking lot off". The white trash struggle though
Haven't talked to your Aunt Judy of late how's your cousin Peter Doing ?
1st Hot Bench now Judge Judy sent my Aunt 2 come on their show she might b mentally challenged but she said thats not happening
you're staying at the hotel, right? I think grandma is getting 2 rooms for Friday and & Saturday night. Aunt Judy & Jessica also
Nice dinner made by my aunt tonight. Thank you Aunt Judy it was very good! Loved seeing my uncle Jorge too.
party at my house! my mom, joy, aunt Judy, and a random man come hang! 🍻
First birthday without having my Aunt Judy call and sing me Happy Birthday really *** ..
For my cousins: Aunt Judy, Aunt Sandra, my mom.
I love my Aunt Judy. She makes me feel so much better.
, , how will I know what Aunt Judy made for dinner, or if my bff from school has a daughter she is proud of?
I don't want to hear complaining about long distance relationships. Zenon's aunt Judy and Commander Plank made it work on different planets
I have my G'aunt's hand written recipe book She was a cook/housekeeper for a family in Rowington Warks.
Hi, my mother Judy lived with your aunt Masha during degree at Norwich. She recently discovered your blog! Be great to speak? A
Aunt Tiffy: Why are you sweating?. Grandpa: I'm hot, thinking about Judy tonight πŸ˜πŸ˜‰. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rip aunt judy ugh bro I'm going to miss you so much thank you for everything bro I miss you πŸ˜” πŸ˜”
Barbara Luthy, tell Dad this is where Jim's Aunt Theron Polin lives. Dad can sit on their dock and dangle...
Called my aunt big booty Judy and she almost tore my *** up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I cooked for two hours. Now I know why Aunt Judy always fell asleep during Christmas.
11 Marion Fort Edward NY- I remember going over to My Uncle Ron & Aunt Lisa's to play with my cousins...we use to...
My thoughts and prayers this evening are with my family in Clintonville, especially my cousin Katie and my Aunt Judy.
Letting the family know-- on top of everything else... aunt Judy died today for those who care. β€” feeling emotional
that is fantastic ..he used to date my aunt ..small world J :))
Thanks Aunt Judy! My brass pedagogy class enjoyed the cookies before our…
I didn't know aunt Judy can talk this much
Seeing my aunt Judy on her death bed was really one of the hardest things I've had to see. I won't step foot back in another hospital
it's always a treat when Uncle Mark & Aunt Judy treat you to Common Grounds β€οΈβ˜•οΈ †
I love my aunt Judy more than life itself and I want to see her get married
If my aunt Judy doesn't invite us to the wedding I'll literally cry
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Aunt Judy, where did y'all get that ABC playmat?
When u see Jamie's aunt Teresa, and Judy's cousin all in one day
Talking about me being 18 by this New Years & my aunt Judy says. "I'll buy the big variety pack of Smirnoffs" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Œ
I just found a birthday card in my bed that my aunt Judy left for me without me knowing😊 so nice of her😊
Growing up it was ALWAYS me my mom my dad and my brother and that was it. No great uncle rob or aunt Judy. It was just us and I loved it.
I've picked up the hobby of cross stitching. They say you become like your parents so I think I might be turning into my Aunt Judy lolol
Aunt Judy Berry, I miss you so much. May You Rest In Peace! Alexis Gimmaka and I went to the Washington State...
Great time at Aunt Judy & Uncle Mark's at Marblehead this afternoon!
sorry u r sad. Miss you at wedding. Aunt Judy
Thank you Aunt Judy for introducing me to the arts & loving me unconditionally. Julia was written for her. Aki-piano.
It was a Harry Potter birthday for my Aunt Judy. What do you think
Every time I go to my aunt judy's I just think of great grandma and it feels weird that she isn't there
my great aunt posts like 'SHARE if you think the AMERICAN FLAG should NEVER be banned from a classroom' dammit judy no one's doing that
First night ever that I will be without Savannah! Thanks Aunt Judy for watching her!
get aunt Judy to knock some sense into herπŸ˜‰
Tell your friends, Tell your aunt Judy
WHAT'S TO KNOW, AUNT JUDGE JUDY?? I do the opposite of what you, WOULD DO!!
Alright aunt Judy I'm gonna need you to pump the brakes
Bailee's aunt Judy and uncle Ron are my favorite
Now I'm home bored😭😩I wish I was over my aunt house still
I love you aunt Judy. I'm still your little flower child. You're most definitely missed here.
Here we are with our Aunt Susie, Aunt Judy and her kids, cousins Carrie, Branden and Courtney. I am…
Don't know which of my cousins to cheer for. I can only imagine how my Aunt Judy must feel.
My flight this morning had so much turbulence, I was freaking out like Aunt Judy from the Zenon movies.
My Aunt Oralene and her friend Judy took their first selfie today
I enjoyed the young lady singing at my aunt Judy Grundy church! she said; Sometimes you have to encourage...
My dads a lawyer, and my aunt is Judge Judy. So try something. I bet I'll win, like always. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’…πŸΌ
Just got back from a mini family reunion with a few of my cousins, aunt and uncle at Milich's Village Inn (yes,...
I feel like everyone has an Aunt Judy
When your aunt judy comes over with veg so me and her can make a vegetable soup, love her πŸ™ˆπŸ’•
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Grandmas prayers. I must thank her. Grandpa and Aunt Judy too.
In my aunt room watching tv while she knocked out
Hi Aunt Judy! I know that's what mom always says too I do look just like him. I miss him still so much
Aunt Becky: "there's only one judge!". Keri and I at the same time . Keri: "Judge Judy!". Me: "God!"
Moma and the bride's mom Aunt Judy by candyk802
I am So Proud of my Aunt Judy and All the Hard work she has put into our family's genealogy! She's been working...
My Aunt Judy loved Bombeck’s column. That one is familiar and may have come from Auntie.
Aunt Judy said she'll pay me $5000 if Hill wins the election. In other news, I am for sure caucusing for her in January.
My aunt ain't even warn me got me walking in front people looking like this 😑
Aunt Judy's over with a friend and I'm watching descendants
Received a bad call that seems so unbelievable... 😒 R.I.P Aunt Judy πŸ™ I can't believe I just put R.I.P in front of your name.
Theodore is just *** over his great aunt Judy's gift to the Saint John of Damascus Society!
Haven't seen my aunt Judy in 20 years!
Pray for our family❀️ we lost a precious family member today😒 RIP aunt Judy
Great day hanging with my dad and Aunt Judy in Chicago.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Baking cookies with my aunt Judy McCarty Dungan
I love afternoons with my grams, Aunt Judy, & Uncle Carl ☺️
No Limits family please keep Tamara in your prayers. Her aunt Judy just passed away and they are going to tell their grandma now.
Aswrr literally everybody, you will come to my hse and my aunt would recognize uπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
i'm watchin' judy moody and the not bummer summer & the aunt is so CUTE
I really wish I had an aunt like Aunt Opal from that movie Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
Every time my aunt calls me she says "Hello D it's me, its Aunt Judy" as if I don't recognize her voice or have caller ID πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
When i was telling my aunt this, she dey form I to know πŸ˜‚
Just found out that on Monday my aunt Judy passed away im Beside myself , she used to play the piano while I sang I
R.i.p aunt Margie smh I wish they waited til I was at hme then at work to tell me i dnt how Ima hold up at the funeral on Saturday
my aunt Judy and My Mom graduating from R. I. P.…
Aunt Judy called said she needed help in the kitchen, i got there she was bent over the table her *** spread for me htt…
I know it's a little late, but Happy Birthday, Aunt Judy! I hope you have had a great day! I love you!
lol oh ok. Kelli & Aunt Judy sent us some pics so I was wondering
I ask y'all to pray for my aunt judy as she has surgery in the morning, and just pray that it isn't cancer.
mom said we are going to see aunt judy tomorrow and I couldn't be any happier about it πŸ˜‹
yooo, aunt judy said "why you up there shaking your butt in the air" πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ I'm weak.
With the family holidaysnackbar lunch then pool day TY Aunt Judy!
Look for the good in all people and things, and not only shall you find it, you will become it. -message on a birthday card from Aunt Judy
Aunt Judy presents- Disgusting jelly bean challenges as your post-family dinner entertainment nannylyons
My lovely aunt Judy an my guy uncle Rex back in Arizona. Love them so much
Me my bro and my Aunt Judy. Love you guys!
Brandi haven blast at aunt judy james and uncle bobs house
A note from Millie Rose... Thank you aunt Lorraine Russo for my new toys. I only destroyed one and half of...
Thanks Deanna and Aunt Judy for my outfit! :D Im already picking up the chicks in the neighborhood!
Logging Dream/Vision-July17, 2015- Dreamed of my daughters Aunt Rita Kay, Sharon and Judy. I was living in a...
Okay, I have waited years but, do you remember my mom Judy Petch and Joane Petch (my late aunt) from your youth in Hull?
Hi Austin! I'm Scott's Aunt Sandy (Judy's sister). Excited for you and your girl's amazing success in Nashville!
I can't believe my aunt just past away, rest in peace Judy, you'll be missed πŸ’” I love you xoxo
Aunt Judy and Uncle Bill's PacaVacunas! They just had three babies. One caught on camera delivering. And Miles...
Aunt Judy said they having a dinner for my grandma at red lobster
K. Moruzi on Aunt Judy's Magazine's list of donations to Great Ormond St. - public acknowledgement of children's charitable giving
Happy anniversary to my Uncle Kenny and Aunt Judy!! Love love love you both!! Have a wonderful day!!
. 's exploitation of persons w/ mental illness for commercial gain is wrong. Stop"Aunt Judy" ad.
Your "Aunt Judy" ad is offensive and stigmatizing. …
Every two seconds, I look over at Aunt Judy and ask for Mary Martin.
Some pics from the Yerington State Championship game in Las Vegas compliments of Aunt Judy ;)
My aunt judy got me my new phone love it thanks
important detail question for you: Is Aunt Judy just like an "aunt" or really their aunt? If so, Shelly or Maura's sister?
Q3:Think of your aunt Judy who never let diabetes define her or rule her life - find the + among all the -.
Bob McNair or Jim Irsay .my great aunt will be at the game postponing cancer treatment 1 day. Show love 4 Judy Miller.
Quote of the week: "Are you sure Ken Wheaton isn't a woman?" -- 's Aunt Marty. Find out why:
Gotta love great aunt Judy always showin the love...
We had an "aunt Judy" that would do that. She was the coolest
My mom and I have had Aunt Judy's for the past 3 weeks. πŸ˜‚
To the Canadian who just disrespected his 80 year old Aunt. It is in my nature to be kind, loving and...
Collectible book for quilters. Judy Rothermel, 30s reproduction.
Hey Kevin, how us your Aunt Judy faring?
Happy Birthday to my mother and my aunt judy. Stay strong and keep them both in your prayers please πŸ™
β€œOh, my lord. What did you just say?””: What she said Aunt Jemima, is she has left your plantation.
I'm going to shepherd on November 8th, you should come, aunt judy is 😘
my Moms name is Judy and my sisters name at Jenna Jillian Janine and me Julia . Oh and my aunt is Jenn
Aunt Judy and are two peas in a pod. This is just cracking me up.
Been a few years, just know I miss you and I know your looking over me! RIP Aunt Judy
Aunt judy tell me put on my boyfriend coat lmfao.
Remembering my aunt... Judy Bahlokazi Ngwenya today... Forever in our hearts
That's a good question Qwyneth but why does your barley field smell of Aunt Judy's face?
Aunt Judy and her best buddy. Move over Jake.
My aunt Judy painted this picture for my son chaz birthday thank you Aunt Judy Link 2 Link
I need Andy but then I need aunt judy. Aunt Judy knows what to do at all times
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Dad: Well you do have a corvette aunt Judy! . Aunt Judy: man does that thing go fast! I've gotten up to 100mph, 120's on my bucket list!!
omg Luke Ikr I'm here Rn cause my Uncile sister and aunt Judy want to watch football !
Happy Birthday to my aunt Judy!!! You're the greatest aunt I ever even hadπŸ’ƒ πŸ’‹β€
Always a good time talking to my aunt Judy on the phone ☺️
Just wanted to say that my sister and I dedicated our tournament to our aunt Judy and good friend Pat. πŸ’•
"God doesn't want me and the devil doesn't either" -Aunt Judy, 107 years old
Aunt Judy and Jayden, love dis pic. Atlanta Fish Market.
Happy Birthday aunt Mary Ann & papadaddio. it was an amazing day love y'all. Sis Judy me mom Judith aunt mary...
I loved seeing my aunt Judy & just talking with her for over a hour! πŸ’—
Mom and Aunt Judy tried to get a picture with Larry.. Did not succeed.
It's so sad seeing my aunt Judy like this..
My aunt gave me $100 before dropping me off at Union Station and said, "Don't drink too much in Vegas.". Ohkaaayyy Judy, sure.
Three sweetie pies sweetiepies lol my mom and my beautiful sweet Aunt Judy and myself πŸ˜‰ what a fun…
Judy Murray puts me in mind of Aunt Sally from Worzol Gummidge, bless her.
Adding the and fresh from Aunt Judy's garden.
Hamilton Collection
Photo by my aunt Judy (who doesn't really know how to work my phone.) @ De Leon Springs State Park
Aunt Judy Coble. If I end up in IU medical I want for you to come be my mommy. I love you.
Aunt Judy went to donut connection and got me a pumpkin muffin. She's da real MVP
"Breyanna your pelvic thrusting does not count as exercising" - Aunt Judy
"Do you see your *** no white guy will want that. Proud of you for going after who you want"- Aunt Judy. Gotta love herπŸ˜‚
Getting drunk with my aunt judy is one of my fave parts about coming homeπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
Aunt Judy just told me that she's being Elvira for Halloween 😨
Aunt Judy this is what we have here
If you love feedsack 30s fabrics, you need this book.
My Aunt Judy my aunt Colleen and my mom used to hang out at porkys
How's it going my friend? Aunt Judy reaches out of the grave with her voice and says hello. She always loved being your agent
So Dad met Andre the Giants stomach, Aunt Judy dated the Million Dollar Man and today T'Jon gets his school shirt signed by Jerry "the King" Lawler
Aunt Judy Baker aunt Regina Baker do we have any ideas on when we are going to do the baker family Christmas?
Nothing worse than your final goodbyes.. R.I.P. Aunt JudyπŸ‘ΌπŸ™
It was so nice catching up with my Aunt Judy. πŸ’ž
Little Giant Ladders
After that Aunt judy said NOPE not again
😭😭😭😭 now ya'll see why Aunt Judy nd Lisa never let Terrance nd Darius come visit me 😭😭😭😭 lol
I'm forgetting my name tonight I'm partying. See you soon aunt judy, me and Nathan are stealing your alcohol and inviting people over.
sorry mom but christmas in Liberia might be put on hold this year. Call aunt Judy and let her know before she starts cooking.
Happy Birthday to my Aunt Judy who lost a battle with lung cancer way too young.One of the strongest ladies I know.You are missed so much.πŸ’•
did you go down for aunt Judy's birthday
same, but it was my aunt Judy and we had run out of food.
My aunt Judy so dope lettin me go her house in Vegas for New Years and payin my flight dopest Christmas present ever
Well I finally had a good application for "great aunt Judy's arm fat"
Mom has informed me that Judy Chicago is going give a lecture on the dinner party in Santa Fe to a bunch of Your Aunt Diane's. Homesick!
Pilates with Aunt Judy this morning is a great start to an eleven hour school day
Update on aunt Judy she home and doing OK and thanks for the prayers
And I clearly love him the most because I wrote the most on his birthday card. Mom, dad, and aunt Judy…
My Aunt calls me Judy, I can't remember the last time I heard her call me my name. She just said "Nai", it confused me for a minute πŸ˜©πŸ˜†
My Mom (with unbrushed hair) is enjoying her lap blanket from Aunt Judy. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Today I discovered my aunt Judy looks like Ashton
Love my aunt Judy for getting me a late birthday present 😍 More makeup/brushes/ tweezers/ etc πŸ˜›
Today begins breast cancer awareness month. Shoutout to Grandma Flo, Aunt Judy, and Candy. Three of the strongest women I know.πŸ’ͺπŸ’—
Judge Judy is my aunt so back the blank up.
shut up the same thing happened to my aunt Judy last Christmas!
So glad my aunt Judy is done with chemo!
Judy Murray seems like a really sweet woman. Complete double of my aunt!
Secret Service now admits my Aunt Judy had Christmas with the Obamas at the White House. They didn't know
RIP cousin Carla & aunt Judy . Gone but never forgotten πŸ˜‡πŸŽ€πŸ’—
When I was a pre-teen/teenager, I went to stay with my Aunt Betty for a weekend. I worked in her pharmacy while...
3 years ago today i lost the most courageous and selfless person, my aunt Judy πŸ‘Ό Rest easy miss you β€οΈπŸ‘Ό
In memory of my beautiful Aunt Judy
iWant Able to go upstairs and come back a new like Judy or dark skin Aunt Viv...
πŸƒπŸ‚and it's fall at lastπŸ‚πŸƒ ((p.s. my aunt Judy makes the most beautiful mugs))
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