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Aunt Bee

Beatrice Taylor (commonly known as Aunt Bee) is a fictional character from the 1960s American television sitcom The Andy Griffith Show.

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that's awesome. She was my great aunt. I love hearing all the random connections people have to it
Rip Denise, aunt bee , Rosie dad. You were all great people. Show then up there. And we will meet on the other side.
I found this wonderful - extra special - out of the ordinary to extraordinary recipe from Hadia's Lebanese Cuisine, at our Aunt Bee's Recipes. Sometimes you just have to splurge!
At the dentist and Andy Is on. Aunt Bee says "It's like pulling teeth to get Opie to do anything!" I don't think that's the thing you want to hear while waiting on the dentist. Lol
Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Molly Kathryn! Aunt bee, Uncle Jonathan, and Georgia love you! Ashley Adams Dupuis Travis Dupuis
1967 POST GRAPE NUTS FLAKES cereal with "Andy Griffith Show" Aunt Bee's pie recipe on the back | Fli... -
Also because the museum is awesome --> “Come to HC Museum at 13 this SAT 4/19 to audition for Aunt Bee!
We usually do something at my aunt's or he's with his dad so they take care of it but I wanted to do one this year just because.
Come to the Hendricks County Historical Museum at noon this Saturday, April 19, to audition for Aunt Bee! Aunt...
(Bacon & Egg) Fried Rice from Aunt Bee's Recipes. I love fried rice! :)
Well it certainly is COLD! Time to pick up some delicious soups (Asparagus, Potato, Leek; Smoked Turkey & Corn; and Creamy Chicken Tomato Florentine) for the week AND for Easter week festivities! We also have plenty of Rettland Farm LAMB and HAM...nitrate free! Great Basket fillers-- Fisher's Popcorn, Aunt Bee's Candies, Wash Your Mouth Out Soap Company, and more!! Great local things are ALWAYS happening at the CHM!
Slow Cooker Bourbon Pulled Chicken, look so good by Aunt Bee's Recipes
Lowkey I wanted to go to Tracy for a week with my aunt...
Lmao Jay stupid &Aunt Bee prolly believe it, she gone be asking youu whn youu due soon soo get ready
Happy Anniversary my Aunt Bee Bee and Uncle Dougie, you are the most amazing people i know and i love you so very much, I hope that i am blessed with the kind of love that the both of you share, Its a wonderful and beautiful love that is meant to last for eternity.
ah, man, it's one of the best ones! It's my mom's favorite, too. Also, the Aunt Bee's Medicine Man episode. :)
Easter is this weekend. If you're having ham we have leftover ideas from Aunt Bee!
LIME and COCONUT CRUSTED HADDOCK ** I think this would be great on TILAPIA or catfish too ** From Wholesome Frugal Mama, via a link from my friend Aunt Bee's Recipes **
LMAO! Watching The Andy Griffith Show when Aunt Bee is talking about her freezer. She said "Andy was ragging me about this just this morning." I had no idea that expression was around back then! :D
Aunt Bee call the man, all that beef
When he cries, Oscar Pistorious sounds like Aunt Bee.
The spirits of Mayberry and Aunt Bee -- especially her delicious pies -- live on in Danville, IN, at The Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery.
Come see us at "Mayberry Days" in Bowling Green, Virginia! Saturday, April 19th from 9am to 4pm Farmer’s Market – Craft Show – Music – Vendors-Food – Pie Eating Contest And so much more! This small town festival is one not to miss! You never know, you just might see Aunt Bee, Andy and Opie there!
Yum! another great one from Aunt Bee's Recipes :) Diane
Bee hive build outside my aunt hse. Currently she called the men to clear it. So sad, it gonna go.
Bourbon Pulled Chicken in the slow cooker from Aunt Bee's Recipes. Looks so good! :)
Going to accompany my aunt to sonogram!
Would someone please get Mary Catherine out of that Aunt Bee hair-do!
Ah, come on, Ry! It's Aunt River! She lives to be controversial and tease!
see. Lol its clear that shawty aunt holy nomo
sizes ranging from bee stings to Aunt Jemima pancake
Little Giant Ladders
Today is this little princess's 5th birthday, crazy how time flies. Your Aunt Bee loves you, even if…
Hop on over and check out my new friend Aunt Bee's Recipes! She has some delicious ones I'm sure you'll enjoy!
Aunt teena always told me im to pretty && to worthy to ever bee unhappy ! && it hurts me to knoo iLet her down !
*** I hear my aunt yelling from 2 houses away lolz
please aunt lisa HELP me too bee the u girl please it means a lot to me please
David John's teacher is about to get it. Hi I'm Grizsy... the aunt from *** Mess w/my kids. Well here I am booboo. Come at me bee :)
Aunt Bee gave us tips on an Easter brunch that uses up all that leftover ham! Even the kids can help
Kenya's aunt looks like an old retired Storm (from Xmen)
- Went to Apple Bee's 🍎🐝 w/ my Aunt Vicki & momma 💕 . Had a really fun & good day . I'm lovin' this weather 😍☀️ .
My little Bee bee 🐝 Isabella.. Love you sweet girl. So proud to be your Aunt.
Just found the grave of the woman who played the role of Aunt Bee in The Andy Griffith Show, how is your Sunday
We've got great Easter recipes that even your kids can help make in today's "Around the Table with Aunt Bee".
😧😳 enjoy! “Look what my aunt brought me from the mother land 👀
Done! Sounds great. I still need a trip to Aunt Bee's...
Just finished my hair my aunt said I look like Annie with all these curls
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Awkward moment when you're sitting at your relatives' house trying to avoid being attacked by a bee and make conversation with your aunt
Imaa Bee aa aunt for the 8th time O.O 😲
lil myree and Ty we gon come throught aunt juicy ain't gon trip?
Aunt Nee Nee and Bee team up to colour the greatest picture EVER: a boat on the water, in washable…
Praise heaven for having a great aunt with a bee farm out in pugwash, nothing compares with free and local.
Here's a young " Aunt Bee"... I loved her voice ... Everyone's favorite Aunt on the Andy Griffith Show
Now I have been watching Andy Griffith basically all my life. The episode of Aunt Bee's bday present was just on. I have always seen it end with Aunt Bee on the phone talking to Clara about the bed jacket. Now today it ends with them eating chocolate cake and Andy bargaining with the mayor for Eagle eye the fishing rod.
On Premiere: THE Andy Griffith Show - Widower Sheriff Andy and his son Opie live with Andy's Aunt Bee in...
Think I ' m going to take some time and spend the day and visit with some old friends of mine . First I think I ' ll go to Dodge City and visit with Marshal Matt Dillon and Festus at the Marshal ' s office and stop att the Long Branch and visit with Miss Kitty , Sam the Bartender and Doc Adams and have a few cold beers , and then maybe head on down to Mayberry and stop in and see Andy Taylor and Barney Fife and have some of Aunt Bee ' s home cooking , then head on over to Hazzard County and visit with The Duke Family and listen to some of Uncle Jesse ' s stories , and see what kind of trouble Bo and Luke are trying to get of , and see what kind of schemes Boss Hogg and Roscoe are trying to think of next , and there is always getting to spend some time with Daisy . Then I ' ll head on out to Walnut Grove and see how The Ingalls family is doing . And then head on out to Virginia City and stop into the Ponderosa and see the Cartwrights . And finally stop in at The 4077 MASH and see how Hawkeye and the res .. ...
Tomorrow the rain will largely be gone, and Karen will take her first solo ride, meaning I won't be riding alongside, I have some maintenance work to do on my own bike. She'll fire up Lil' Dink and ride over to Lucero's for olive oil, then ride to wherever she wants to go, then put her bike away. This is her "Aunt Bee Flies The Cessna" moment.
"is that a pie from aunt Bee?" Don't recall her ever making one, but if anyone could it would be her.
does that aunt Fury ur. Back together with uncle bee?
Lord I drop my kids off to come home to more *** kids lmao I love my nephews they say Aunt bee bee lol like it's the best thing ever lol hki started crying when I put him down I'm sick and I'm sleepy gotta work in the morning lil boy kay nite fb lol smh
Wow this is great!! Here with my four kids,and aunt bee, and az. Mike.
Had a great time with my Aunt Bee outing # 3 her son John Brown is still older than me and note to self let my kids know when I go to a no cell service zone !!!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Spent the afternoon with Uncle Bill and Aunt Bee and the both my grand babies. Having both my kids and nephews, I dont get to see enough with good food. Wonderful day.
Well my aunt has just been discharged from the hospital, thank god!
I went on the jumper for like 5 minutes with eight other kids... and I jumped on a bee. All my aunt said was YOU KILLED THE BEE??
Aunt bee loves her nieces and nephew!!! Xxoo
Aunt Bee is gettin it in her Viking helmet! I think she is throwing the rock out hand gesture up as well(:
Thanks to Aunt Bee's Recipes for posting the recipes for this great meal of Peppercorn Pork Loin, Salt Encrusted Baked Potato, & Salad with Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing.
Thanks for all the great birthday wishes for Landen. I read each to him. A Big Thank You to Aunt Bee Bee (Beth Fitzgerald) for making Landens birthday awesome, not to speak of you guys slumber party.
*** will be like trying to eat a never-ending supply of Aunt Bee’s pickles.
Wishkng my aunt bee a very very happy brithday love u so much xoxo
Lol Aunt Bee just trolled Andy so hard
Oppressively windy week in Massachusetts. It might've blown one over. Luckily I wore the trusty cap that Bee Storck made me for Christmas. The wind never stood a chance. Thanks Aunt Bee! :)
I should tease rich children more often. "Sorry, Aunt River.
Thank you aunt bee . I love you very much
[Thank you, Aunt River. She hates me. I haven't even had a chance to follow your advice.]
I think my aunt is having this braai ro tell us she's getting married. I'd be so happy! *booty hops* \(* *,)/
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R.i.h. Kleeman I miss u and hate I couldn't hold u r say ily sis to ur face to hear u say ily 2 bro :( listen too m.j. gone to soon thinking of till my aunt bee and my grandfather James s.boyd 2 and uncle Fred & uncle juffery & my family up in haven and michael jackskon I said hi I love them now u with him danceing :)
lmao my aunt started crying and my cousin ran outside and I as still just chillin on the couch (x
In memory of Michelle Holly Goins, Jakki Mann, Tausha Jones, Aunt Bee Bee, Aunt Shelvie Davis, and so many more, I loved their courage, they all fought a good race and God Won, I Love you all so much, Gone but never forgotten, RIP to my family.
I absolutely love shopping with my aunt💕
[Who said that about you, Aunt River???]
This is for Aunt Bee I got a Hawaiian songbook go in to enter karaoke contest before we leave !
Look what Aunt Bee's Recipes has brought to share today! Caramelized Onion and Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas!...
With aunt bee at Maggie's she her done to preach tomorrow in Smithfield nc
Love my turkeys so much my rolley turns big 3 tomorrow so he stayed the night at aunt bee's house tonight
My daughter forced to eat at Red Lobster with her aunt wondering if they serve hamburgers. LMAO! Too funny Bee
Chicken Orzo Skillet…can you say oh yeah? Looks like a fiesta in a pan from Aunt Bee's Recipes. Looks amazing…get...
That one African aunt in church who tries to hit the high note but sounds like Icejjfish 😭😭😂
hi honey its aunt bee-bop I just wanted to write and tell you that I heard your going to have surgery. I know your probably worried because this is open heart surgery but I know youll be fine but I will pray for you everyday that you will get well soon. I will keep in touch with your mom and hope to talk to you soon.. I love you lots.
I sense others in the room Opey, Aunt Bee, I presume They take turns and cut me up I died smothered in Andy's butt.
Golly Aunt Bee,,, you don't think that Obama and Kerry are COMMUNISTS just like Putin and are actually in cahoots with him,,, do you ? Why Opie you really are an ASTUTE young man !
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Go back to Mayberry & spend time w/ Andy, Opie & Aunt Bee. Andy Griffith Show coming to Blu-ray for 1st time on 5/6.
Well family we lost another one. Lillie Bee died today .Now Mama has all her closest friends with her . I know they'll be watching over us all. I'll miss you Aunt Bee Bee.
I like this recipe for Slow-Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef from Aunt Bee's Recipes.
Penelope in her bee outfit from her Aunt Shauna.
Yore on the ch-arm off- fence-if two knight aunt ewe suite ! Yule bee may king me bl'shh bee fore long lol ;-) xx
Happy Birthday love.i will enjoy this day with you RIP aunt Bee...fam lets turn up Shantanek Steward Sapphire Steward Leslie Steward Robin Mcfarland Brutally Blount Terrell Stuart Diamond Hinton Yvette Bluntson Tony Bluntson Patrice Knox
Maybe I'll name my baby Bee in homage to Yoncé. Or does Bee sound like a great aunt? Or idk an insect?
Mark your calendars and round up your girlfriends! Aunt Bee's House Farmhouse Show is coming to town...
At king bee. We're celebrating aunt and uncle's wedding anniversary
Aunt Bee's Aunt Bee's Recipes for lots of yummy recipes and lovely food. Visit and relish the menu out there :)
The number of "aunt *insert name* salon* I see around ... Y'all can't come up with a business name or whah?
If I've ever introduced you or you've ever met my aunt...then your DEFINITLEY a real one. She's queen bee.
Good idea. I know everyone loves the Doctor, and he's pretty cool, but he's not my Aunt River. Sometimes, when I miss -
I want her back, Aunt River. She doesn't really have to die, does she?
Is there an episode of the Andy Griffith Show where Aunt Bee gets off a bus from Siler City?
My niece won the spelling bee in her grade today. 😌💁 proud aunt.
Random. I totally love it when people say "and whatnot." It's so Andy of Mayberry / Aunt Bee and you hear it from the most surprising folks.
"just watched the episode where otis is in aunt bees jail,otis calls it the rock,awesome show" Aunt Bee=Bloody Mary!
nah I'm at my aunt house on Garfield
RecipeTin App is at it again... Now yu can go sample some of Aunt Bee's Recipes!!! Perfect!!
Lets see if I can talk my aunt into coming over and going out to eat lol
I love recipes like this!! Baked Chicken with Crushed Garlic Crouton Topping from Aunt Bee's Recipes!! (BTW-...
I have a few that respects me an is truly there for me which is U aunt Care bear an my cousin Bee
You all know that Brandi at Aunt Bee's Recipes is my favorite. Now RecipeTin App has gone and made this album of...
one time my aunt killed a bee in a bottle of diet mountain dew and i CRIED and then everyone made fun of me for like 3 years
N CHS exc din quite bit diff Aunt Bee's & my 1st meeting w/ Mayor Tuorto done good
I didn't bring him into this world so I can't take him out of it but, as an aunt, I can come pretty darn close to...
😅 oh sorry sorry baby I'm at my aunt house so my phone doesn't have service but I'm about to text you some sexy pics of me😉
Well, all I have to say is; "totally drool worthy"!! From our gorgeous friend Brandi from Aunt Bee's Recipes
I remember thinking I wanted hair like my aunt Carmen, now idk what to do with it. lawd this spongy slick 3b wanna be hair.
Kinda neat how Aunt Bee is running the Federal Reserve now.
Zucchini, Tomato and Ground Beef Soup!!! Yes, indeed! Thank you Aunt Bee's Recipes for sharing this incredible...
Aunt Bee's Recipes another previous Featured Food Page with a fantastic blog filled with great recipes. BUZ on...
Okay. What is not to love about these 'Caramelized Onions & Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas' from Aunt Bee's...
Today's my Great great Aunts 100th birthday! And she's still acts like she's 70. Happy Birthday Aunt Bee!
Frances Bavier. You might know her as "Aunt Bee" on The Andy Griffith Show!
My aunt moving back home... Serenity is going to be mad...
My Aunt even asked if it's boys or girls playing. :')
This looks incredible from our friend Brandi over Aunt Bee's Recipes
Sofia got her Mani and pedi done by mommy for her Uncle Ricky & Aunt Bee wedding on Saturday. 3-25-14
Hopefully heading down london town in july so broniece can snuggle aunt bee
Aunt Bee's Recipes shared so generously by RecipeTin App on The Social Chef's Page where he honors so many of the...
In my country there's no winter or aunt im nor spring only summer 24/7
Raykell my niece Forreal she jus dnt no how to respect her aunt Keisha 😂😂😂
Breakfast for supper and watching The Andy Griffith Show. Briscoe Darling is declaring for Aunt Bee. Lol!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
The wonderful Brandi over at Aunt Bee's Recipes has done it again! Today she has shared her crock pot roasted...
Me & bee are talking about how cool of an aunt she's going to be, lmao.
Looking for Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee and Gober but it appears Mayberry shuts down at 5:00 or earlier. Must have all gone fish in'
JuJu Bee! You and 4point text Aunt Ramona Happy Birthday lol my mama just reminded me so I'm passing it on 😘 love you!!!
me and cali have had a long day! went with aunt bee this morning so i can try and get me and cali into an apartment and been hanging out with Rachel Whitlatch this afternoon :) waiting on my prescription so i can kick this sore throats *** then back to relax❤️ it was nice being out and about today
We have arrived! In Mt Airy, NC. Time to find Andy, Opie and Aunt Bee!
Bourbon Street Rib-Eye Steak I ran across this delicious recipe by way of Aunt Bee's Recipes and I just had to share it with you! It was originally posted by Canning and Cooking at Home.
My Aunties always wanted the young in the family to gain knowledge and take the meat and throw away the bones. Y'all will always be missed Aunt Bee and Aunt carrie
Another great Sunday is shaping up for March 23! Dr. Hazlett ' sermon at the Traditional 11 AM worship service will continue his sermon series on "Following in the Footsteps of Jesus. " This week's focus da will call be Jesus' calming the storm in Mark 4:35-41. Membership Class for persons interested in joining Oaklette will be held at noon. Mayberry Church is at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall. This week we will be watching the classic Andy Griffin Show episode "Roscoe Declares for Aunt Bee." Our worship theme will be hospitality. Our Key Scripture is 3 John 1:5.
Currently listening to a paper called "Aunt Bee and the Queering of Mayberry."
Kabobs totally remind me of spring/summer when we are able to get out and BBQ again!! Thanks to Aunt Bee's Recipes for bringing these over to the party!!
Aunt Silver Heart Floating Locket Charm: Shop latest New Charms styles at . Free shipping and returns on quali...
I seriously don't know what is do or where is be without my bestfriend , my sister & my aunt . I know they got me through whatever ✋
Happy Birthday in heaven baby girl! I miss you so much! I know you're still here with me because Luke talks to you all the time. He missed his Aunt Bee. Until I see you again, keep watching over us. I love you sweet girl.
I guess aunt bee got a burning feeling.
Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee, Barney, Zorro, coffee and me that's the way I'm waking up this morning
Sunday Suppers Around the Table with Aunt Bee - a new series on Rocket City Mom
My mom is sleeping cuz she has to work so my aunt is up taking care of me. 😏
Everybody says I look just like my mother. Everybody says I'm the image of Aunt Bee. Everybody says My nose Is like my father's. But I want to look like ME! :)
Introduced Andy Griffith to munchkin tonight, telling her who Opie, Aunt Bee, Andy & Barney are she says "Mom why is it all Gray?" I explain to her black & white tv! Only my child replies back "Mom do you know what the color gray looks like, it's like your shirt! (Points to shirt returns back to point @ tv) This is grey & black Mom! Now do you know the color Gray?" SMH couldn't help but laugh!
He misses his aunt Bee so very much!
I'll bet his great Aunt runs a top notch quilting bee.
My 70 year old aunt just told me I'm "pretty funny" so obviously I'm floating on cloud 9 and franticly plotting my next com…
if you like these KD VI Aunt Pearl's! 😍
Kennedy had a blast with Aunt Bee today.
Well, you and Aunt Bee are having fried chicken. I'm having crow.
lol ri-now ri-now? I'm getting ready to head out to SD right now with my aunt for her weekly check up, when do you leave?
:o( Am hosting the knitting bee today, so baking for the aunties, cleaning house to aunt standard, lol have orders to post
My aunt asked was I feeling sick and about to cry because I had to leave. I didn't even respond I just looked at her.
example A) Aunt:Lizzi I'm sorry I kept calling you Lexi! Dad:Lexi is just your stripper name right? Me:guzzles wine and walks away nodding.
Aunt Bee's Recipes shares her first Sunday Supper's with Aunt Bee post and it is a great one! She tells of the...
so my aunt and my grandma both agreed to do the Drunk Spelling Bee challenge for my birthday that and did.
OOOps I did it again. You cant see me. It cant be aunt bee. OK lets begin with a sigh and grin
My aunt steady talking & nobodies really paying attention to her
and the joke my aunt cracked..."at the rate Man U is going down,they'd soon discover crude oil" :p
There's a new series on RCM that starts today - "Sunday Suppers with Aunt Bee"! Read on: .
“My aunt told me I got to many schemes to get rich. Ima get there” broke *** on
dang I thought y'all stayed at aunt bee house
My great Aunts birthday is today, Happy Birthday Aunt Bee 🎂🎉🎁
When I was 3 my aunt and my mom told me that they were running to CVS quick and they actually went on a cruise to the Bahamas
I had to share this because I am so proud of Aunt Bee's Recipes one of the past Featured Food Pages. Tomorrow is...
Do you ever see something and it makes you smile? Every time I see this Bee logo from Aunt Bee's Recipes I smile.
I was having such a great day and had came home to finding out my aunt died . Everyone please keep me and my family in your prays .
Love this touching sentiment on Frances "Aunt Bee" Bavier's headstone.
. Wasn't Floyd the barber from the Andy Griffith's Show? Mayberry and wee Ronnie Howard and Aunt Bee..
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"golly Aunt Bee,that there looks like a "liberal" trying to fix some sort of a website." http:…
God every time talia says aunt bee it melts my heart 😫😍❤️
A bus, mimossas, and Salamanca with the fam. Can't ask for a better Saturday!!! Uncle Rodger, aunt shed, and my...
A brief visit with Aunt Bee. Should have brought some pickles.
I just felt like it had been too long since my Instagram had seen Aunt Bee. This picture is also…
Tickets are FREE for students and $10 general admission for all fans, AND Aunt Jane
Kennedy is ready to meet, Aunt Bee.
My uncle and aunt from Kansas are here aw :-)
My mama and aunt in here feening over ! Talking bout he so handsome 😷😷😂 they work with your mama .
Called my aunt at 1:30 and just got off the phone with her...whoa
It makes me think of a cereal cult in Highland Park Ill. run by some sexy Babe girl. Also a crazed Aunt Bea, and her bee farm.
My mom and my aunt are going out tonight and yet I have no plans :-)
Shopping with queen BEE aka My aunt
I just had a dream that I was in a spelling bee against someone called "aunt CeeLo" but it was really just CeeLo Green in drag
Steak and Veggie Kabobs, what my friend Brandi at Aunt Bee's Recipes from Alabama has on the menu for tonight. A...
REPLY: Which sex gossips more: Men or Women? Find out when Aunt Bee puts Mayberry to the test on The Andy Griffith Show tonight at 5/4c
The Toronto premiere of Return to Nuke Em High was a definite success last night. Thanks to Rue Morgue's Dave Alexander for hosting & the Carlton for making it happen. Nice to see T.J. Shakey Smith & 'Brenda' Brandy Rickert aka Aunt Bee there representing as well. No thanks to border patrol detaining me & my gf for over an hour (I guess my beard is a threat to national security). You were all there in spirit nonetheless. Zac Amico, Vito Trigo, Mike Baez, Mark ToxicLife, Reiki Tsuno, Tara Miller, Asta Maria Paredes, Catie Elizabeth.
One of the most beloved sitcoms of all is THE Andy Griffith Show. Created by Sheldon Leonard, and spinoff from MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY, the show revolved around Andy Taylor (Griffith), his Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) and son Opie (Ronny Howard - yes, THAT Ron(ny) Howard!) and Andy's job as Sherriff of the little North Carolina town, Mayberry. That set the stage for many hilarious episodes with classic characters, none more entertaining than Don Knotts, as wannabe tough guy lawman, Barney Fife! Barney was also a Playboy wannabe, always trying to hook up with Juanita the waitress, but he loved his Thelma Lou (Betty Lynn) best of all. Andy had quite a few dates before he found Helen Crump (Aneta Corsaut) whom he would eventually marry. Then there are Otis, the town drunk (Hal Smith), Floyd the chatty Barber (Howard McNear), pump jockey Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors, who would spin off into Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.), Gomer's motorhead cousin, Goober (George Lindsey), The Darlings (The Dillards), a mountain family who make wond ...
My aunt just did a detox massage for me cause face too swollen. And drop bee propolis down my nostrils. Nearly died.
If you don't know, this is aunt bee from the Andy Griffith Show. I base my standard for a woman from
This month's Ask business column's out! "Should I relocate to Australia for a promotion?"
I remember my aunt had a huge thing of glass in her foot and I like played doctor & helped her. It was so much blood 😳😐😖
My aunt said the Bee Gees reminded her of sexy tribbles; they make high pitched sounds, then there is the Chewbacca chest hair.
I WONDER WHY A handwritten note on the back of the photo says: “Aunt Velma, she never married.” 1888
Now I am at the hospital that they took aunt bee too. I just had words with them. They are going to tell me what is going on in ten minutes.
“I better bee invited !” I would if I could but it's not for me, it's for my other aunt!
"Of course I got my speeding ticket when a song came on and I was bee-bopping and went 10 miles over." - my aunt 😂
Everybody always talk about Fresh prince of bel air having two Aunt Vivian's , what about my wife and kids though ?? http:…
Something just dawned on me. The darling boys do speak when they thank Aunt Bee for dinner at the jail.
My aunt's last day of chemo was yesterday, I'm happy, and I will bee going to Houston to visit soon
As Andy Griffith once said, "Pay the man Aunt Bee, just pay the man," well I beg you to just pay the man!
Aw, heck. The folks at the NSA are too busy fishin' and playin' softball to go nosin' around in your metadata, Aunt Bee.
if all else fails take your clothes off, Manny. (had a drunk elderly aunt tell me that before a spelling bee)
The rain or sunshine?: OUR business agony aunt Bee is here to answer all your problems. This month: "Sho...
😪how does one go from aunt Jemima to Jet Beauty of the week?
My aunt legit wants to be a bee keeper. Lol in the middle of a neighborhood in bentonville. Lol good luck with that
Every time I see a "blacks never crack" pic it's always a celeb with makeup on. How about Posting ya diabetic aunt with t…
Here's how TV was: (from my chapter called: Challah and Star Trek—My First Addiction. "I try not to let the outside world affect my world unless it’s coming in through the television. I zone out to The Twilight Zone. I love the episodes where you disappear through the bottom of a pond and pop up in a home where you’re treated nicely. Or you become part of a soap opera, and you play a much better role than you do in real life. You’re the star—not an extra. The Flying Nun, Mr. Ed, My Mother the Car . . . I’m Lost in Space, I’m That Girl flipping channels, looking for life in all the wrong places. On TV, life is funny and fair, and no matter how screw-boiled everything is, it all gets resolved in thirty minutes. I develop a half-hour attention span. We may have a new color portable, but the picture I get is still black and white. TV land is simply defined. People are divided into good and bad. Samantha, a blonde, is a good witch; Serena, her black-haired cousin, is the bad witch. We Get Smart i ...
not tryna a be funny at all. But my alcoholic aunt sent the family this same quote when she tried to rebuild bridges.
I bet my big head aunt didn't call to make my hair appointment
I totally agree. I Loved Andy Taylor, Barney, Aunt Bee and Opee. It's a Wonderful show and it teaches young and older a like caring, sharing, feelings especially for the young.
“😩🙈she look dirty😂”lol I be the same way when Peyton aunt put her up looking crazy
First thing my aunt says to me is "You gotta do your hair?" She just won't let my fro flourish.
Had an amazing day in Pompeii with my granma, aunt bee bee and
"Woman was so drunk she attacked her elderly aunt because she thought that she was a zombie"
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My niece came in second place at her school-wide spelling bee! I'm such a proud aunt :)
I could write an entire book on excuses, . but I have to pick my Aunt up at the airport.
Aunt's fried bee hoon was so good I can't -
An Andy episode this morning is about choir robes vs structure and the budget. Aunt Bee says "No new robes, no choir." Andy is the deciding vote. Howard figures things out, and gave credit to the Great problem solver. Even in Mayberry things happen. I've not seen this one.
I think she was because of her family lineage Gladys Knight is her aunt plus ppl said she was a sweet girl
So I called my mom and talked to my niece and she said hey I wuv you aunt bee
Hello Hun. I'm Bianca's Aunt. Excuse me to bother, but have u seen her?She left the house w/ all her bags&just left her phone
Not when she wit aunt bee bee sorry we turnt up all night *hits nae nae Rian sleep *** ! Its been past bed time
I'm about to read one of my favorite book again called Little Bee cuz my aunt is finally reading it. Read it too!!!
Every family needs an uncle Si . We have an aunt bee bop!!
“My aunt be thumping makeup. Everybody get booked! ! It's only right ♡” it bee soo many people thou! You need to learn to!
- Is Aunt Bee going to enter her homemade pickles in the fair again? There's so much going on in Mayberry!
S/o to my aunt Ashley for my salad... Tia and I had a wonderful dinner date... Now she knocked out!!!
“Blue ivy hair is gonna be Loong when she get older... I just hope she doesn't wear it like her aunt ..”😂😂😂 dead wrong
Yes!!! I bet Aunt Bee would get honey boo straightened out pretty quickly...
Cream cheese and olive sandwiches from Aunt Bee today. She even cut the crusts off, bless her heart.
Took Parker to surgery at 10:05 , praying everything goes well ! Thanks so much Uncle Ernie, Aunt Bee and Mom for taking him and caring for him we love you all !
Happy Birthday aunt Anne, I miss you so much and think about you daily
hehe. I'm sure in the office of Conde Nast they think of the new yorker as a stubborn strange aunt, stuck in her ways.
Such is life put them together and you have Andy and Aunt Bee!
NOOO!!! why do you do this to me aunt jemima
I've been know as aunt bee for the longest time because she couldn't say SHELBY! I am so freaking excited! 😍
Who got 2 thumbs and the best aunt since Aunt Bee?. This guy
My aunt is calling up my school trying to apply me for scholarships 😶
Heard a rumor that Aunt Flo is coming to town, so I'm making a pan of brownies before the Mrs gets home with her.
Oh *** Aunt Bee is in this first Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode. I hope the mystery is what happened to a can of creamed corn.
Just don't become Aunt Bee...if unsure google Beatrice Taylor ;p
Aunt Bee, making sense for generations.
Actress Francis Bavier was born on this day in 1903... She was Aunt Bee on "The Andy Griffith Show," the aunt we'd all like to have: to take care of us, give us subtle advice, not try to run our lives, and when we don't have time, be nice to all our Goobers... :o)~
I think it would have been a good idea for Aunt Bee to keep the Chinese restaurant and for Andy to keep the Laundromat.
When Aunt Bee says he can go out and play
Aren't you gone yet?? Pick it up Aunt Bee we have a life to live here Cha Cha.
I really have to buy him tho kool-aid packets tho aunt wrong for never giving that boy Kool-aid
*** you!" My aunt while killing a spider in her room :'''D
My aunt killed me today nkosi yam aowa nna I wana sleep phela
This ep. when Barney needs to gain weight by eating Aunt Bee's food makes me sooo jealous! 🍞🍴🍗 I'd love to sit down at her table!
I miss when my aunt & I were bff. Now she acts like she doesn't know me.
My aunt bribed my cousin into doing the spelling bee with Legend of Zelda games
Everybody tune in right now to tvland. Jack Nicholson is going to have a guest appearance on Andy Griffith. He should be on in about 5 minutes or so. He is a criminal on trial and Aunt Bee is on the jury.
Better late than never! Great dish from Aunt Bee's Recipes Thank you for bringing this delicious dish. Please...
U nd the cream of wheat man head backta Mayberry Nd tell Aunt Bee she better have my bean pies r imma kick her A**
Yummy! Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs from our friend Brandi over at Aunt Bee's Recipes!
Jacqueline Bissett's speech at the Golden Globes reminded me of what happened at Andy's house after Aunt Bee and all her friends had a little too much of Colonel Harvey's Indian Elixer.
Just thinking back on my Christmas...and it kinda sucked. My aunt caused such a scene. Plus, my uncle has to move to a different state.
It's funny when my aunt gets caught up in a lie 😂😂
Is that Aunt Bee and what's she doing on the GG?
White Lightning Trail at the Arizona Snowbowl. I heard Andy Griffith do a stand-up comedy routine on White Lightning on Serius Radio last night. He is a funny dude even without Aunt Bee and Barney, but that moonshine sounds nasty like this trail. LIKE Vyto Starinskas Photography PAGE
Just look how much fun he's having. Thanks Aunt Bee. Would you ever consider going fishing at WDW?
Tonight we lost a very strong woman. She had many nick names. But the one I think fit her so well was aunt bee. She was always loving and caring to everyone. Even to me, all I did was live across the street. But she brought me in and made me part of the family. I'll miss talking to her everyday and all the great cheese she bought me. I must say I can't wait to walk thru those gates and see nanas face. She's in a better place now and The Lord has gained a great woman.
Happy Birthday to one of our favorite nieces which your Dad would swear that Aunt Bee made you a little more crazy! Love you Sarah Beth!.Uncle Bruce, Aunt Bee, Shaun and Jenna
Andy Griffin! If it ain't Gunsmoke it's Andy, Aunt Bee and Opey!
Oh lawd, Mr. Darlin's hitting on some Aunt Bee hard!
Watching the very FIRST episode of the Andy Griffith Show!!! Love the end when he tells Aunt Bee to come back..."If she goes, who'll take care of her, she can't DO anything!!" PRICELESS!!!
Just had a ah ha moment Andy Griffith Show on tv, I need to get me an Aunt Bee!
Please Welcome, Aunt Bee who has ask to join us. Aunt Bee please check-in and tell us about your Fiber Hobby.
Jimbo and Gus sounds like they straight from Mayberry where is Andy, Barney Fife, Gomer Pyle and Aunt Bee...
Aunt Bee was using cast iron on Andy Griffith Show!!! It never goes out of style.
I liked the old Andy Griffith Show: Andy, Barney, Opie and Aunt Bee, along with Floyd, Goober, Otis and Ernest T., just some of my favorite characters I watched on TV. Of course, there were the Darlings and Gomer, too, and, as memorable, Barney's girl, Thelma Lou. These icons of the Andy Griffith Show take me back to an era we never again will know. This show represents what I long for today, sadly, most of those good times long ago went away. Back to a time when I had few worries in mind, to a time, once again, where I could leave my problems behind. I will never forget watching those wonderful shows and of a time and a place where my mind often goes.
Tried to go to work today and didn't make it. Still home sick. Looking for Aunt Bee Taylor to show up and take care of me. Ughhh
Watching Andy Griffith Show. It's the city council election episode between Aunt Bee and Howard Sprague.
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"According to you God made only two sexes; men and blabbermouths." - Aunt Bee to Sheriff Andy Taylor circa 1960
The Andy Griffith Show "The Pickle Story" (1961) Aunt Bee and Clara Johnson are both jarring homemade pickles. The only difference is that Clara's are good enough to have won the blue ribbon at the fair eleven years counting while Aunt Bee's taste like they've been floating in kerosene. The boys are too polite to tell Aunt bee the truth about her pickles and come up with a plan to switch Aunt Bee's pickles with store bought pickles. The plan backfires when Bee decides to enter her pickles in the contest. Aunt Bee is a wonderful cook but she just can't seem to make a tasty pickle. She's at it again, though, putting up another batch for the boys, who have never had the heart to tell her they taste terrible. Rather than choke down any more of her "kerosene cucumbers", Andy, Barney, and Opie substitute good store-bought pickles for her bad homemade ones. Having lost to Clara Johnson in the best pickles contest at the fair eleven years in a row, Bee thinks her latest batch is a winner and decides to enter. Kno ...
I grew up going to this store in Wilson County NC. as well as my children. It was the place for men to gather around the pot bellied stove. The hoop cheese was delish and you could buy penny candy .. pickled eggs and just about anything you needed. Aunt Bee is sitting out front.. everyone called her Aunt Bee whether they were kin or not and she always made a big to do over kids in the store. . Uncle Fonzie Joyner ran the store .. and he was a character himself. On the side of the store he hung his prize fish heads after his catch at nearby Silver Lake.. Many memories for multiple generations in my family. The store burned down and Aunt Bee and Uncle Fonzie are long gone...but the memories will never die.
Katie Larrabee, Happy Birthday! I hope your day was wonderful and blessed and all your wishes comes true. Love Aunt Bee & Uncle Toby
Ginette reno aunt bee separated at birth?
Khao Paik sen. Lao rice/tapioca noodle soup from last night. Thanks Aunt Bee.
Let me see if they got new videos of aunt CC on IG
And Barney and Gomer and Goober and Opie and Aunt Bee.
Aunt Bee just had some man tickle her.
When I grow up I want to be Aunt Bee.
I came home to my tv being on the family feud; aunt bee is haunting me!
Aunt Bee's pickles were made in an Absinthe brine & spiced with a Psilocybin- Peyote compote.
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