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Augustus Waters

The Fault in Our Stars is the sixth novel by author John Green, published in January 2012. The story is narrated by a sixteen-year-old cancer patient named Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is forced by her parents to attend a support group where she subsequently meets and falls in love with the seventeen-year-old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee.

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The thing i liked about Augustus Waters is he kept trying. Even though Hazel repeatedly told him she was a grenade, he didn't give up
Someday I will find my Augustus waters ❀️
That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt. -Augustus Waters
Huhu ang sweet ni ansel sa gf nia. Real life augustus waters is you ask me 😭😭😭😭
I'm just a Hazel Grace Lancaster looking for my Augustus Waters minus the whole cancer thing
"I can't imagine a world without Augustus Waters". ~The Fault in Our Stars
I wish all boys were like Augustus Waters 😭
Every girl deserves their own Augustus Waters... Well at least some do
When Augustus Waters tells Hazel Grace he's in love with her in Austria, my heart melts into a puddle
if only there were more boys like Augustus Waters.
hazel grace and augustus waters are the most pretentious names and augustus waters is an unrealistic character I'm suing
Augustus Waters, god bless your soul. RIP :(
Every girl deserves to be treated the way Augustus Waters treats Hazel Grace Lancaster in The Fault in our Stars!! Soo cuteπŸ’‘
"It would be a privilege you broke my heart. " Augustus Waters
β€œAugustus Waters was a self-aggrandizing *** But we forgive him. We forgive him not because he...”
"you never know you could go to a support group and meet your Augustus waters" I rlly love ainsleigh
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"Augustus Waters did not die after a lengthy battle with cancer. He died after a lengthy battle with human consciousness."
4.the fault in our stars . cried for like 10 years and I'm still in need of an augustus waters
"It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you." - Augustus Waters. This kind of boy. ❀😍😭😭 πŸ‘‹.
AUGUSTUS WATERS - Why did this movie have to make every cry for? I'm STILL UPSET.
I'd very much like to have a child like Augustus Waters some day.
I want a boy to treat me like augustus waters treated hazel grace
forever wishing to have a boy look at me like Augustus Waters looks at Hazel Grace.
Dear Girls, find a boyfriend like Augustus Waters. Okay
forever searching for my Augustus Waters, talk about the perfect man
gotta find a guy like Augustus Waters
I need to find an Augustus waters..just where he doesn't die within in a couple months
I love Hazel Grace Lancaster. I love Augustus Waters. I love this story. . I love this movie.
I want /need/ someone to love me the way Augustus Waters loves Hazel Grace Lancaster πŸ˜ͺ🌟
wish someone saw me the way Augustus Waters saw Hazel Grace Lancaster
and played the best Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters 😭
fictional deaths im still not over : Augustus Waters & Tris Pryor
"The world is not a wish granting factory.". -Augustus Waters, TFiOS
loving the characters Hazel Grace n Augustus Waters
Augustus Waters it is then. And just like the real Augustus, it's going to die.
My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations . Augustus Waters - The Fault in Our Stars
Etienne St. Claire is Augustus Waters without his cancer and obsession with the oblivion. Period
The way Augustus Waters loved Hazel Grace is they way everyone should be loved πŸ’œ
Literally never been better , I feel like Augustus waters . On a roller coaster that only goes up .πŸ’›
want an Augustus waters in my life 😩😍
I need to find someone like Augustus Waters .. 😍
I'm still not over the fact that augustus waters died on my birthday.
"You know what I want? A guy like Augustus Waters, but who doesn't have cancer, and is real."-
my mom just said she wanted an Augustus Waters πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚
"The world is not a wish granting factor" - Augustus Waters
They need to remake 'The Fault in Our Stars' and have Zach Effron play Augustus Waters.
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Niall would've been such a good Augustus Waters 🌚
Talk to me like Augustus Waters talks to Hazel Grace 😭❀️
Hey guys remember that time Augustus Waters apologized for loving Hazel Grace? you've ruined my life.
Except no one is dying yet. You're the Hazel Grace to my Augustus Waters.
everyone wants someone to adore them like Augustus Waters does to Hazel Grace Lancaster. 🌌
I may not be smart as Hazel Grace Lancaster, but can you still be my Augustus Waters? Would it be pleasure to you if I break your heart?
Thank you Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters for ruining my eye makeup again. 😭😭
go find the bench that Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster sat on 😳😜
where do you go to school at?! No boys? my college has boys for days. one of my classmates looks like Augustus Waters!
I've witnessed Augustus Waters die 100 times and I still get emotional when I watch this movie.
Augustus Waters shoe game is weak af
My coworker says i somewhat look like the actor who played augustus waters in tfios. Does anyone agree
"Pain demands to be felt." ~Augustus Waters . The Fault In Our Stars
"I'm on a rollercoaster that only goes up my friend" -Augustus waters😍
*drops cereal on floor* *cries harder than when Augustus Waters dies in TFIOS*
I told myself I'd never watch this movie. But guys I think I'm in love with Augustus Waters.
At this time of the night out of NOWHERE I remember Augustus Waters. Lol
If you could save 1 fictional character from dying, who would u save Jack from Titanic or Augustus Waters?
His voice was low, smoky, and dead sexy. β€œMy name is Augustus Waters,”he said. β€œI’m seventeen. I had a little touch of osteosarcoma a year
The only thing 1 like about TFIOS is the last letter that Augustus Waters wrote to Peter about Hazel Grace
Augustus Waters died eight days after his prefuneral..
But Augustus Waters is and always will be bae ?
"It'd be a privilage to have my heart broken by you"-augustus waters
Augustus Waters offered to write Hazel a sequal to her favorite book and you can't reply to my text messages
and i need to pull a Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters together. "Okay?". "Okay."
Augustus Waters: Hazel Grace?. Hazel Grace Lancaster: Hm?. Augustus Waters: I love it when you talk medical to me. (2/2)
Augustus Waters: Your hands are so cold. Hazel Grace Lancaster: Oh, they're not so much cold as just under oxygenated. (1/2)
Chelsea and I are talking about the relationship goals between Augustus Waters & Hazel Grace Lancaster
Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters are true relationship goals.
Still not over the fact that Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace are brother and sister in Divergent
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Tega: he looks like Augustus Waters. Nat: You mean the fat kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Augustus Waters died eight days after his prefuneral" Trying to hold back my tears after this phrase is definitely hard
what about Hazel Grace after Augustus Waters die?
Augustus Waters: I have Hazel Grace Lancaster. Peeta Mellark: I have Katniss Everdeen. Gale: I have two legs.
44 minutes remaining and I have not cried yet. Oh, this will hit me hard. *** you Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster!
I want to be as smooth as Augustus Waters.
Wanted to watch sad romantic movies though but meh. I've had enough tears last night. All thanks to Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace :)
The truth is every Hazel Grace has their own Augustus Waters out there somewhere
" I want more numbers than I'm likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Waters than he got." - Hazel Grace
When you save your bfs name as Augustus Waters and he saves yours as Hazel Grace Lancaster πŸ™ˆπŸ’ž
They said that Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters are the most favorite couple of teenagers or…
Even if you're Tommy Ross, Caleb Prior, Augustus Waters, and Ansølo, you're still the Ansel Elgort in my Heart. ❀ iloveyou
bless John Green for creating Augustus Waters
A portion of Hazel Grace Lancaster's eulogy for Augustus Waters.
Really and truly need a guy who looks at me the way augustus waters looks at hazel grace
if all guys were like Augustus Waters, I promise u would get laid every night 😟
I can't with this movie πŸ˜­πŸ’” forever in love with Augustus Waters
1. Girls haircuts do not depend on a boys opinion and nor do they care. 2. Say that to Augustus Waters
If you want a rainbow you have to deal with the rain - Augustus Waters
I'll be ur augustus waters to ur hazel grace babe
Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters will always be my favorite
Augustus waters is the most adorable human being on the planet
all I'm asking for is Augustus Waters to be my boyfriend
I just want to find my augustus waters one day ⭐️
treat me how Augustus waters treated hazel grace.
Is it weird if I feel like Augustus Waters
Maybe I should go to t1d support group and find my augustus waters
This is not okay this is the opposite of okay. This is "Augustus waters is dead" kind of Okay
you: i wish i had a terminal illness so i could get a make-a-wish and meet my augustus waters. me: No
Apparently I'm a mix of Jim Halpert and Augustus Waters. How'd people know that my goals are to be a one legged paper salesman?
β€œI feel like Sebastian would be like Augustus Waters” :)
The way you said "Augustus Waters" with your eyes smiling, nose crinkling and lungs struggling.
everyone is asking for Augustus Waters and I'm here finding my Landon Carter
I have my own Hazel Grace Lancaster, and I hope so I am her one-legged freak Augustus Waters.
will you please be the Augustus Waters to my Hazel Grace Lancaster? πŸ’•πŸ’–
QOTD:. What 5 fictional characters would you take on a... β€” Augustus Waters. Hazel Grace Lancaster. Klaus Mikaelson...
My name is Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters was the star cross love of my life.
John Green compared Augustus Waters to Anne Frank tho is that serious
Getting slightly hackneyed in its approach (thank you Margo Roth, Q, Augustus Waters, Hazel-Grace, John Green)
Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters in Amsterdam a while ago 5 seconds of summer
Dear Gus, you don't have to be anybody's Peter Van Houten because you're my Augustus Waters.
John Green brought back Augustus Waters as a cashier in Paper Towns and my soul died. 😭
β€œI fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” - Augustus Waters from "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green.
I Got: 'Augustus Waters from β€œThe Fault in Our Stars” by John Green '. 'Quiz: Who is Your Book Boyfriend? '
Sabe ni Augustus Waters, "If you want a rainbow, deal it with the rain".
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Oh?! Do you mean Augustus Waters and Tris Prior and Sirius Black?!?
I still want to punch the fictional yet annoying Augustus Waters every time he gives his little spiel on the metaphorical cigarette he chews
- I have an Augustus Waters fetisch -
Augustus Waters be like, "I like it when you talk medical to me." πŸ˜‚
hahha. Handsome kan? Sweet plak tu. Ouh yeah augustus waters. I suka the way he smile when he look at hazel grace😍😚
i still havent read it but i've been spoiled *** it it's like augustus waters all over again that's why I'm scared to read it
I will never find my own Augustus Waters :(
"Augustus Waters vs the male population you guys do realize that Augustus Waters is a fictional charact…
The sad thing is Augustus Waters acted like any normal gentleman would & girls are freaking out over it because it…
Can someone love me like Augustus Waters loves Hazel Grace Lancaster?
"Augustus Waters died 8 days after his prefuneral"
"Because I do not want to see a world without Augustus Waters"
"My name is Hazel. Augustus Waters was the great star-crossed love of my life." - Hazel Grace Lancaster,...
Don't be mean to someone and expect them to have feelings 4 u tf u think u is augustus waters
I watched the fault in our stars so many times and everytime I watch it, I cry why Augustus Waters dies.. 😭
Augustus Waters will always have my heart sorry
Hazel Grace Lancaster...looking for Augustus Waters...RP...not new to RP...RT
Everyone wants to find someone like Augustus Waters or Chuck Bass. I want to find someone like Joshua David Evans
Am I the only person who thinks that Alaska Young's death is more tragic than Augustus Waters'? . lol okay bye
Augustus Waters and Alaska Young. Never. Thanks for breaking my fragile and dry heart forever
I'm a mixture of Augustus Waters and Kevin Gates
This *** Augustus Waters is a real *** He def is winning for life, I aspire to be him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Fictional deaths I will never get over:. Dumbledore, Dobby, Fred, Joe Dubois, Rita Morgan, Derek Shepherd, Augustus Waters
"Be the my hazel Grace & I'l be your Augustus Waters". lol fug that. Be the Dan Lambton to my Joe Taylor.
I want someone to look at me the way that Augustus Waters looked at Hazel Grace...
I want someone to love me like Augustus Waters love Hazel Grace Lancaster.
Re-watching The Fault in our Stars because I miss Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters.
"I love you like Augustus Waters loves Hazel Grace Lancaster"
I want to be the HEALTHY AND FILIPINO version of Hazel Grace Lancaster. Sino kaya si . Augustus Waters?. by John Green
So, Augustus Waters went back to Erudite, while Hazel Grace Lancaster fought against Rose (from Titanic). Insurgent was nice.
Basically fan girling rn bc Hazel Grace Lancaster AND Augustus Waters is in Insurgent
We got Augustus Waters: AND Caleb: as our soul-mates- must ship us and Ansel Elgort!
Which John Green Hero Is Your Soulmate?: Disclaimer: you might not get Augustus Waters.
Oh hi dylan. Ur hot but i love my Crush and then i love George Shelley and then Augustus Waters . And i Dont Love u
'I can't believe I've a crush on a girl with such cliche wishes' - Augustus Waters
Augustus Waters, I am in love with YOU
I need an Augustus Waters in my life except can he not die at the end.
why isn't Augustus Waters a real person?
Augustus Waters is and always will be my favorite character in the world
Follow because i want my augustus waters 😭😍 at
I'm on a roller coster that just goes up - augustus waters
You don't need to have cancer, i'll be your Augustus Waters.
Funerals are not for the dead but for the living - Augustus Waters πŸ’ž
You know what would be great?. A real life Augustus Waters walking into my life right now😍. Minus the cancer part, that'd…
How can you authors make such sexy and handsome names?! Like *** Parker Adams?! Caleb Lockhart?! Augustus Waters?! 😩😍❀
He's just the worst. Any dreams of Augustus Waters have been shattered by Caleb's cowardliness
The guy in the suit actually looks like a weird version of Augustus Waters. This gets weirder and weirder.
I can't stand losing another Augustus Waters stop this iditoic hashtag
I just have to see the names "Hazel Grace" or "Augustus Waters" and I'm automatically punched so hard in the feels.
Every girl should have an Augustus Waters in their life.
Give me an Augustus Waters and my life will be perfect
β€œStill Not over Augustus Waters. I will never forget this moment
"you don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do get a say in who hurts you." -Augustus Waters πŸ™Œ
Augustus waters be like . snapchat: swifferme
Someone please get me a boyfriend like Augustus Waters
aw I love u too Augustus waters ur a one legged virgin :-))
You know I will, Augustus Waters. And because I said so.
Look at me like Augustus Waters looked at Hazel Grace. ❀️
I'm a full time Master student, looking for a permanent job and Augustus Waters - in his 30s and in baju melayu version.
I want a relationship like Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster
Little Giant Ladders
Be my Hazel Grace "I need an Augustus Waters in my life πŸ˜”"
I need an Augustus Waters in my life πŸ˜”
Quit crying. You've seen the movie twice and read the book. We already knew Augustus Waters dies at the end.
I am 100% guilty of having a huge crush on Augustus Waters
Okay now my Mr. Right is Augustus Waters. I really liked the movie, and I will read the book again 😊
I wouldn't mind if Augustus Waters was my boyfriend lol
I want a mix of him and Augustus waters and connor it be a dream
I am officially in love with Augustus waters
I'm a bit obsessed with making a difference like Augustus Waters in TFIOS.
When Augustus Waters tells Hazel Grace 'I'm in love with you' I melt. So CUTE
Watching fault in our stars, wow Augustus waters is a fantastic looking young fella
Need more Augustus Waters in this world
Tagged by . my name in fictional characters:. Cinna. Augustus waters. Rosie dunne. Lynn (insurgent). Effie trinket. Elena lincoln
you can be my Brazilian Augustus Waters and say okay to me πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
Yeah, maybe he is your Augustus Waters πŸ‘πŸ˜
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Was Augustus Waters just an extremely poignant 18-year old or did he only allow himself to fall in love because he knew he was dying.
Augustus Waters is so annoying why is he put on a pedistool
Augustus Waters is alive and is my father
plot twist: Hazel grace is pregnant and Augustus waters really isn't dead and they make another movie
Augustus waters🌚 I'll delete this upon your request lv
β€œto my Augustus waters girls most beautiful boy
I would love an Augustus Waters in my life. A healthier one, of course.
Can I please find me an Augustus Waters😁
Idc about this lineup.. I just want to see and not as but bc he was Augustus Waters LMAO
We want a boyfriend like Augustus Waters.
My Augustus Waters where are you? Im waiting to your lanky metaphor ;) :3
Nobody told me Augustus Waters was a Pacers/Rik Smits fan..
To be honest, I don't need you to be Augustus Waters or Adam Wilde to get my attention.
Did Hazel Grace ever find love after Augustus Waters?
β€œOkay the way Augustus Waters says "Hazel Grace" is really cute. Like I wanna be called "Catherine Mae" sometimesπŸ˜…β€
Someone be my Hazel Grace Lancaster and Ill be your Augustus Waters without the cancerπŸ’•
"I'm in love with you, Hazel Grace Lancaster" - Augustus Waters. Hola Mar, ΒΏComo estas? zD
I need a love like Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Minus all the cancer and dying. Just the love ❀️
Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters are amazing people even though they are characters they inspire me to believe
Hi my Gus ❀ I really love you ❀😘. I feel better when I call u gus especially Augustus Waters bcs I'm ur Hazel Grace Lancaster πŸ˜‚
Dilmma: Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster are stuck in the DVD player. This is an issue.
*watching Hazel Grace be genuinely loved and respected by Augustus Waters* . Kate: my heart feels like a bruised piece of fruit.
Hazel Grace Lancaster & Augustus Waters. Best love story I've ever read. I am inlove with how they saw each other without the diseases.
Augustus Waters may be a character, but he is so relatable! (And John Green)
Someday I will be your Augustus Waters and you will be my Hazel Grace Lancaster. But I don't want to die at the...
Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters have ruined my life.
Hazel Grace Lancaster: "Why are you looking at me like that?". Augustus Waters:" Because you're beautiful."
The way Hazel Grace Lancaster cries when she finds out Augustus Waters has passed, reminds me of myself
I want a Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters kind of relationship minus the cancer πŸ’‘πŸ’
I long to be loved by a man like Augustus Waters loved Hazel Grace Lancaster.
He's no Augustus Waters, but you're no Hazel Grace, either.
Chem has been able to put me in an emotional state quicker than the love between Hazel Grace & Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars
Stuck between wanting an Augustus Waters personality and a John Tucker body do you see my issue here
I'll never forgive John Green for killing Augustus Waters or Alaska Young
Augustus Waters + Alaska Young: Two of the most metaphysical literary characters of recent years and John Green took them from me. ***
I don't want an Augustus Waters. I just want more John Greens.
I'm still mad at John Green for creating Augustus Waters.
dats so true tho, I now want everyone to be like Augustus Waters, Peeta Mellark, Four/ Tobias Eaton, and wow I could go on! 😨πŸ˜₯
Can I please have a love like Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace?😭😭
forever in love with Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters
I want a 'Hazel Grace Lancaster, and Augustus Waters' love story. ❀❀❀
Steven Universe. Hazel Lancaster. Augustus Waters. Yogi Bear. I tag anyone who sees this!
"You can be my Hazel Grace Lancaster and I'll be your Augustus Waters" . "Hah? You want me to water you on August? Sure!" .
Everyone wants an Augustus Waters, but all I want is a John Bender. Not because I just watched The Breakfast Club 5 times in a row.
"every girl deserves a boyfriend like augustus waters!!" "and they can find him, in the friendzone waiting.". ALRIGHT FIRST OF ALL
(Not) Every girl deserves a boy like Augustus Waters.
Be my Augustus Waters, and I in return will be your Hazel Grace 😌😍
Every girl needs a boy like Augustus Waters
Will u be my Augustus waters but without the cancer cause I wouldn't want to loose you
Don't be sad, remember you aren't hazel from the fault in our stars, you're sad, but don't have any Augustus Waters... be devastated.
I don't care if Augustus Waters is a fictional character.. I want him to marry me!! 😭😍
Straight disappointed with all these lame *** guys.. Can god just create a billion Augustus waters and replace all these lames. 😍
Sometimes I'm still asking myself why did Augustus Waters have to die fml
Can someone please get me Augustus Waters for Christmas? Yay thanks
Ill be your Hazel Grace, if you will be my Augustus Waters!😏😘
Trace Montgomery,Lucien Black,Augustus Waters,Adam Wilde,Travis Maddox & Will Cooper are fictional characters that have …
all I want from life is my very own augustus waters
And Augustus Waters was just perfect. Almost too perfect.
Still waiting for boys to act like Augustus waters
I'd forgotten how in love I am with augustus waters
lord thank you for this wonderful creation named Ansel Elgort/THE Augustus waters
You can't have Augustus Waters for Christmas , Because he's dead
Every girl needs an Augustus Waters in her life! 😍
Shawn wouldve been a beautiful Augustus WatersπŸ’•
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