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Augustus Caesar

Augustus (September 23, 63 BC – August 19, 14 AD) is the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, ruling from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD.

Julius Caesar Roman Empire Roman Emperor

Julius Caesar was so full of himself that he added a month for himself (July) and a month for his nephew Augustus (August)
Caesar / Augustus were called Pontifex Maximus which was transferred to Bish…
it's to do with Roman history, July is named after Julius Caesar and August after Augustus Caesar
(((Academia))) became filled with morons. My political philo prof, with her UG in history didnt kno…
I hope they remember what Julius Caesar's successor, Augustus, did to those senators.
As was Liberace & Caesar Augustus. Very good luck in some cultures. A sign of divinity.
A political establishment kills Julius Caesar to be swept away by his "son" Augustus, these ***
That's Augustus. Kind of Caesar I guess... though I think of the OG Julius when people say Caesar
(Copied)*. Veni, Vedi, Veci . (translated as: . I came, I saw, I conquered) . Remember Caesar is the only non...
...I think you'll find that was a massacre... (If you're r…
Augustus was the adopted son of Julius Caesar and even though he was literally the most powerful person on the planet, lived humbly.
Domus Augusti (in green) was the very small and humble residence of the 1st emperor of the Roman Empire; Augustus Caesar.
The began when Augustus Caesar became the first emperor of (31 BCE)
Aided by wilful spouse Macron dreams of being an Augustus Caesar, creating new Empire out of EU but complex hormone…
I was in social studies and accidentally did this.. It was supposed to say Augustus Caesar but my inner…
Should Italians remove statues of Augustus Caesar because he owned slaves? Democrats and liberals act like…
They’re named after Julius and Augustus Caesar respectively, so they HAD to have come later.
It used to be the 8th and then a Caesar added July named after Julius Caesar and August named after Augustus Caesar.
Take a stroll through history with me today as I teach you to draw Augustus Caesar on Snapchat for
I'm against all these Months. Nobody should get a Month. Except, like, Augustus Caesar, and that's onl…
Julius and Augustus Caesar added months named after themselves changing it fr…
Thank you for the follow: Augustus Caesar (I !
These are some of the Augustus Caesar posters highlighting his reforms for
Note to all: I hate Augustus Caesar / Gaius Octavius. Spoiled annoying brat as a kid, a greedy emperor. But he did brought the Romans peace
I have always imagined Madhavrao of 1772 as young Octavius emerging victorious after civil war of 2nd triumvirate to become Augustus Caesar.
i just did so much aeneid 6 revision i'm starting think i might be Augustus Caesar, son of a god, the man who will bring the golden age,
As well, my favorite is Brian Blessed as Augustus, larger than life and much smarter than he was given credit, except by CAESAR
Yes, Caesar Augustus would have spun around in dismay in his Mausoleum (but for the fact that he had been cremated).
Augustus Caesar was lucky to have a Baez cam plx?
Check out Augustus Caesar's World 44 BC to 14 AD by Genevieve Foster Homeschool History via
it's because Julius Caesar and Augustus both wanted long months bc they were emperors
Julius Caesar, Augustus or Constantine: who was the best Roman Emperor?.
Julius Caesar was dictator for life before him and Augustus was granted a number of honours by the Senate
At my age, Augustus Caesar was emperor of the Roman Empire, I think as I take another 5 hour depression nap.
so undeniably good Caesar and Augustus kept this program. also, the gracchi passed undeniably good laws.
at the VERY LEAST Caesar (& later Augustus) adopted positions of populist leaders that won them favor w/ the people
Taking a short break in what has turned out to be an Octavius/Augustus Caesar weekend to read all the fab…
Why Augustus was one of history's greatest leaders via
You can't make a list of greatest leaders without listing Augustus Caesar. You are dead wrong with his exclusion.
TIL Augustus Caesar had a net worth of $4.6 trillion and he even owned Egypt.
After Julian Cesar death, his adopted son, Caesar Augustus, united Rome. The month august was named after him
Spending a wet Saturday afternoon with Octavius/Augustus Caesar
I beg to differ. A coup and martial law would be the end of the united states. Game over. Augustus is not the solution to Caesar.
39 is the year that Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula) and Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo become Roman consuls.
Would somebody tell Geico the Caesar salad was NOT named after Caesar Augustus?
We can't vote our way out of oligarchy. are like the Senate after Caesar Augustus...or like Charlie B…
because of a decree by Caesar Augustus; all must register So Joseph went to Judea because he was from the house of David
Isaiah 36:11 in purple, and scarlet, they made a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the people from the door of the priests could not be
45 BC: Battle of Munda, part of Caesar's Civil War. It resulted in a Caesarian victory led by Julius Caesar, Octavian (Augustus), and ~
well yeah hence for instance the census of Caesar Augustus
welcome back to steam train where we HATE augustus caesar
The imperial cult is so interesting it's wild how Caesar and Augustus started this trend even after death how iconic
if he survived another man said the same thing his name was Augustus Caesar watch out when they come around again
the last time I went was the live performance of Augustus Pollonium in during Caesar's reign
I am as as it gets. Caesar is my ancestor. Augustus and his Uncle. Nobody is interested in truly knowing o…
Coin minted by Augustus to commemorate “Caesar’s Comet,” a comet that was visible for seven days in 44 BCE.
Augustus questioning the people lined up about his daughter is hilarious. "only once, Caesar" "not slept..."
I just have to say Augustus Caesar is a total weedy guts-griping bugbear. Sad!
If Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus can take charge & burn all in his charge to the ground, then why shouldn't Jeremy…
Emperor Augustus's name is is actually is Octavian, adopted child of Caesar.
Augustus Caesar decided he should have a month named after him (as Julius did) and it should contain 31 days.
History nerds are really out there making moodboards for Augustus caesar or w/e?
"And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed." ~Luke 2:1
I love the name of honor, more than I fear death. -Gaius Julius Caesar
Augustus is literally Little Caesar in the ancient world
Caesar was a Smart Leader but became Infatuated with Power Augustus Learned "Fairness" realize caesar's death didn't signal the collapse of rome, right? First emperor was Augustus. Who succeeded Caesar...
. Octavian: I want a new name. Something that subtly suggests 'I'm in charge.'. "How about Imperator Caesar Augustus.". Octavian: Bingo.
Caesar's mistake was he moved too fast. Augustus learned to keep a fig leaf of legality: becoming "first citizen" rather than "dictator."
Toddy on the we'll take a closer look at Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus "Little Soldier's Boot"…
that is a statue or Augustus Caesar not Julius Caesar (Julius is the one that got stabbed)
Caesar's nephew Caesar Augustus, 1st Emperor of Rome, was known for public crying. Akin to known for public…
2 Caesar Augustus vs. 7 Otto von Bismarck. (do some research if not sure or don't know one or both)
Today's the Ides of March, the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. This led to Caesar Augustus becoming emperor - which led to Micah 5:2
Pencils backstabbing incorrect bust. Looks like Octavianus Augustus, not Julius Caesar. Octavian was his nephew/adopted son.
I love Caesar salad. It's the Augustus of salads.
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Ides of March and the following deification of Julius Caesar was the precedent for his adoptive son Augustus to claim himself a "son of god"
you can't fault Augustus for trying to fix what his adoptive father ruined, but Caesar was a Bad Dude
Caserarea was named after Julius Caesar son of Augustus Caesar ... Roman Theater... Roman toilets, Mediterranean Se…
This is craziness from Augustus Caesar.but what does one expect from someone with a steady diet of only Fox News?
Features the image of Augustus Caesar along with an inscription along the outer edge.
Augustus Caesar (63 BCE- AD 14) became the first Roman Emperor after the death of Julius Caesar and the end of the…
Augustus Caesar was a great man from what I've been reading about him. Very interesting story.
He gave me a coin with Augustus Caesar on it, who was the ruler of Rome at the time Jesus was born. 😲
"Festina lēnte." . ~Pithy Latin saying of Augustus Caesar, meaning 'hasten slowly'..or rather 'don't hasten.'😉.
How come no one ever comes out of one these meditation retreats and realizes he's the next Augustus Caesar?
Caesar salad controlled the Roman Empire from 27 BC to 14 AD, predating Augustus Caesar, who's first mentions were in a…
Young men, hear an old man to whom old men hearkened when he was young.-- Augustus Caesar
Creating "Fakebook" pages for Julius and Augustus Caesar and sharing to SS meets RealWorld
They seemed to have confused Julius Caesar with Augustus Caesar as a pressure valve for Africa will really appreciate you.
I wonder why people believe that Augustus Caesar existed but can't also believe that Jesus Christ also existed
12 BC: Augustus Caesar is named Pontifex Maximus and soon becomes the Roman Emperor
@ rdehainaut Augustus Caesar was made emperor when the senate gave him complete militarycontrol,@ the nickname A…
So the great Queen of Kush, Amanirenas defeats Augustus Caesar
Augustus Caesar the 2nd richest person of all time. His wealth of $4.6 trillion accounted for 25% to 30% of the world’s economic output.
Sir Brian ,I'm here in the U.S. and I just want to tell You I Loved You as Augustus Caesar,You're a great actor, God Bless
The most popular policy of Augustus Caesar was the organized firehouse. If he was a Republican he would've given tax credits to buy buckets
we know Rome and Judea Palestine existed Augustus Caesar , and the Jewish revolt existed.
Augustus Caesar names August after his name. He stole one day from Feb, to add to his month (Aug)
I look up to one man in HISTORY . Augustus Caesar. MIGHT BE THE GREAT MAN WHO EVER LiVED . ( more important than jesus ( if he was even real )
Julius and Augustus Caesar, Emperors of Rome, both decreed that only the Emperor could wear purple.
Out of time. The answer was: Augustus Caesar
~ that's the statue of emperor Augustus Caesar overlooking the sea from Mount Sola…
July is named after Julius Caesar, and August is named after his successor Augustus Caesar.
"I found Rome of clay; I leave it to you of marble." . ~ Augustus Caesar, 1st Roman Emperor.
Family that looted & thrived on legacy of *** may have never heard of adopted Augustus Caesar, Steve Jobs, Ratan Tata,…
ACCOUNTANT: I Just don't know how you can justify donating $700 to "Augustus Caesar". ME: i hope your chariot flips &you die…
I just remember July being named after Julius Caesar and Augus after Augustus Caesar
Happy Birthday to Augustus Caesar, first Roman Emperor, consul at 20. Started young, aimed high, studied hard, doubled th…
Augustus Caesar; the first Emperor of Rome was born on the 23rd of September 63 BC and passed away on the 19th of August in 14 AD
Watching and wondering why we, i.e. the West, revere Julius and Augustus Caesar.
watch she's gonna end up being the emperor of the United states, pull some real Augustus Caesar move
.Augustus Caesar would be Insulted. Julius Gets represented fully with July. Feb. was Turned Down, has Only 28 days.
I'm reminded of how Virgil's Aeneid was both approved hagiography of Augustus Caesar and a subtle critique of his rules
Reading Augustus by John Williams. A novelization of Augustus Caesar's life. Not an historically accurate account but it's entertaining.
I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble. -- Augustus Caesar
July and August are named after the Roman Emperors Julius and Augustus Caesar and replaced the months Quintilis and Sextilis.
The Roman Forum, where people like Augustus Caesar did their thanggg and stuff @ Roman Forum and…
Library flow. Doing some *** research on Augustus Caesar. Like ***
House of Augustus Caesar. Discovered 50 years ago and opened in March 2008, ...
I promised myself to never abandon that Byzantine Civ 5 game, but then fcking Augustus Caesar declared war and wrecked my capital. =.=
just like Augustus Caesar used to opine "Varus, Give Me Back My Legions", I gripe daily "Give my back my Byrd at CB!"
Augustus Caesar || 63 BC - 14 AD. Founder of the Roman Empire, & initiated the Pax Romana. (peace of Rome)
Do you think Augustus Caesar would eat Little Caesars pizza?
While a series of books relating to our greatest thinkers, politicians or commanders, like Plato or Augustus Caesar is 100% history!
Baby Ruth goes right next to Augustus Caesar in Brando's box of no no feelings.
murthered him,) how at Phillipi, the night before he gave battell to Augustus Caesar, he saw a fearfull apparition, which is
Download - The Battle of Actium: The Rise and Triumph of Augustus Caesar
It's actually Augustus Caesar, thank you very much!
Augustus Caesar? Pffft. What a nerd. *Trips, millions of pictures of Augustus pouring over the floor.* . Heh. These are for a amicum...
Grandfather fought and died for the glorious Roman Republic against the evil Augustus Caesar.
I think (and I could be totally wrong) that it was the 8th month till Julius and Augustus Caesar started playing w/ things.
who held the position was Augustus Caesar (pic, background image). Of course he later dropped the Maximus part and the person
LIVE on today were talking about Augustus Caesar join us l…
. Augustus Caesar: . To his friends, he said:. "Have I played the part well? Then applaud me as I exit."
“Applaud, my friends, the comedy is finished.”. Beethoven's last words, quoting Augustus Caesar on his death bed.
Caligula (The Little Boot), the great grandson of Augustus Caesar and the successor for Tiberius whom he was largely influenced with.
The Worship of Augustus Caesar, Derived from a Study of ... -
pure? Not when the title Maximus was first used on Augustus Caesar as head of the Roman state religion.
Just saw somebody wish a happy birthday to Augustus Caesar *pushes glasses up* Perhaps you haven't heard of the Gregorian calendar, my dear.
Caesar Augustus in front of San'Appolinaire in Classe.
Experience a fusion of beauty, luxury and seclusion at Hotel Caesar Augustus. The beauty of a villa suspended...
America’s One Enduring Legacy in History: Two millennia ago, “a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all ...
... After himself and his nephew, Augustus. . We should totally just stab Caesar..
believe it or not there is an IPL style. India pale lager. Try Caesar Augustus by Williams bros
Augustus Caesar personally owned all of Egypt at one point 😳
Pata nahin us donkey mein kya tha- 3 great men fell for it- Caesar, Antonius and the nephew Augustus himself
one thing is for sure. Augustus won the Roman Empire just after Caesar and tried to take over many things including Cleopatra
Augustus, Caesar's nephew wanted 31 days in the month named after him, just like July, named after Julius Caesar.
2003rd birth anniversary of Caligula – the popular nickname of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus…
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I really want to do that Augustus Caesar design now HA
Luke 2 NIV—In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the… via
It's almost the last day of the month!!! (Thank you Augustus Caesar for…
Starting the Linlithgow trail the right way, with a pint of Caesar Augustus
cause Augustus caesar wanted 31 days in his b'day month just like Julius Caesar's. Ego issues you see.
Caesar did NOT provide law and order. He was an incredibly ambitious man. Augustus DID provide law and order.
Caesar Augustus is my next candidate for bastardizing into a Fate OC
Pours like a lager, hoppy like an IPA. Just the thing with a curry! - Drinking a Caesar Augustus -
But do you know whom I hate more than Julius Caesar? Octavian/Augustus.
Light and floral with hints of citrus hops. It certainly has a lager m... (Caesar Augustus)
Microbrewed for maximum I love you you're my best mate you are - Drinking a Caesar Augustus -
Absolutely lovely IPALager soft and sweet on the tastebuds. Highly recommende... (Caesar Augustus)
Talented Qld pacer Caesar Augustus (24 wins from 46 starts - $223k) is close to a return for new trainer Chris Petroff. Last start in Nov.
My dad's friend mistook Augustus Caesar for Marcus Aurelius in a story and I just laughed and laughed.
Kuugenthefox's Servant is Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus of the Lancer class. >nero lancer. WUT
Good sunday morning, can't believe it is coming towards end of Beautiful August (named after Augustus Caesar)
In 8 B.C. the Roman Senate honored Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor, by changing the name of their month Sextilis to Augustus
Augustus Caesar's World : A Story of Ideas and Events from B. C. 44 to 14 A.
Dynasty tells the story of Rome's first dynasty of emperors, from its establishment by Augustus Caesar in the la...
I have two play ideas that need to be written based on original research that intrigues: Nelson & Wellington & Augustus Caesar
Happy August, the month of Augustus! Augustus Caesar called himself the son of Apollo. Maybe that's why his month is so …
Augustus Caesar: 10 interesting facts on Rome’s first emperor - Swide via
The Lady & I want to write a play/sketch written making a Big Brother version of Augustus Caesar's rise to power. We're creative & quite mad
This is the 2,001st-anniversary of the death of the emperor Octavian, renamed Augustus Caesar. This month carries hi…
Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Beethoven, Augustus Caesar, and Benjamin Franklin were nerds. I think we’re in good company.
Since the days of Augustus Caesar countries have tried to mess with the time space continuum:
What do Bill Gates, Joseph Stalin, Genghis Khan, Augustus Caesar and John D. Rockefeller have in common?
If Cincinnati wins the tournament Octavius Ellis will change his name to Augustus Caesar
Obama as Augustus Caesar is how he might imagine himself - in a magic mirror.
Temple of Dendur - Egyptian temple (15 BC) on the Nile during reign of Augustus Caesar. -given to US 1965. -at the Met
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The man himself, Augustus Caesar statue erected in the new Rome, Are you ready?
who's the Augustus Caesar of Luke 2? find out in today's Bible reading. share it for your friends!
:Technically Julius Caesar was never an emperor. The official first Roman Emperor was Augustus Caesar.
"Feud + blood + Italians = chaos." Words of truth from excellent musings on the Ides of March and the rise of Augustus Caesar.
the ultimate winner of which was J. Caesar's grand-nephew Octavian, who changed his name to Augustus
in fact: from Caesar Augustus' victory at Actium in 27BC to the death of Czar Nicholas II in 1917 there was 1/2
Ah, the Ides of March. Thankfully Augustus was able to establish the Empire after Caesar's death and make the transition from the Republic.
The Ides of March today. Caesar assassinated to stop him becoming a king and the act paved the way for the first Emperor, Augustus.
Whatever Augustus was my fav Caesar anyway. Even w/out a nose you can tell who's a real badass
So Augustus (unlike Julius Caesar before him) tread w/exceptional care upon Senate dignity, even as he relieved them of prerogatives.
Time, frankly, had become ripe for unitary government, & this is why ppl consider Octavian (soon to be renamed Augustus Caesar) a miracle.
150. Important among them was Peter who was crucified in Rome by Emperor Nero Augustus Caesar.
In honor of the ides of March, spend time with another Roman ruler.
Beware the Ides of March - 44BC Caesar was assassinated, sparking the civil war which made Augustus Rome's first emperor
Julius Caesar was murdered on this date. a very long time ago.
Night out in Glasgow enjoying Caesar Augustus on draft Very palatable and refreshing 😀👍
NG Roman Coin of Augustus Caesar with Countermark on Neck Very Rare i1383
.. It's the known story of Octavian, but the central story is about Caesar Augustus impregnating Mary in Herod's temple.
Marcus Agrippa: a blog about the challenges of writing the biography -
But out of Caesar's murder will emerge Augustus and the Pax Romana.
"currently on saturn hanging with Augustus Caesar of the Julii family in ancient rome on a palatine..."
This beautiful late 1800s library bust of Caesar Augustus came in this morning and is now online.…
one person can change the world-history is full of examples-Christ, Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, Lincoln, Hitler, Ect...
Best seller: Marcus Agrippa in stock at UK where it's in Books > Biography > Historical > BCE-500 AD
Joker IPA on keg is mighty fine! Managed to get Caesar Augustus too. Happy days!
well Joker IPA on keg is a *** fine drink! Caesar Augustus too should be sampled!
We have the image of Augustus Caesar cast on denarius coins, busts of Greek and Roman aristocrats, artwork of Napoleon, etc.
Quite proud of my drunk essay writing last night, other than the fact that I got Julius Caesar and Augustus confused
How about the documents relating to Caesar Augustus, Herod the Great, Nero, Pontius Pilate, etc...?
Laughed out loud this morning at one student's message from Caesar Augustus.
Zaragoza: I don't know why, but something tells me that isn't an original statue of Caesar Augustus...
"Take their land, marry their women, but never destroy their art." Augustus Caesar
Behold Augustus Caesar, and the dolphin riding Cupid. An actual Roman original..
Augustus Gloop comes up before Augustus Caesar on Google... Nahhh
Render unto - to remember, I painted my nails purple.
from bad to worse the Caesar edition—❤️ Julius & Augustus you know for dictators & all, but uh-oh Tiberius & Caligula
Another TC error. I got it right cuz I know how they think. Julius Caesar was never emperor. His "boy" Augustus was the first one.
Lucius Septimius was the chief assassin of Pompey in Egypt. Decimus Brutus was the 2nd heir of Caesar, behind Augustus.
This is what I came home to. "Look, I'm Caesar Augustus, ruler of Rome."
I keep reading this and thinking you're talking about Caesar Augustus' wife and it's really confusing.
Don't knock it. I had a uni lecturer called Augustus Caesar
This map of ancient Rome exposes Augustus Caesar as a windbag
I may have stayed up way too late playing Civ4 but I got the Augustus Caesar rank for the first time so I think it was worth it.
January 16, 27 BC – Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus is granted the title Augustus by the Roman Senate
Sounds to me like Caesar has just decided 2 Cross the Rubicon after all. Hail Obama Augustus -- Say, "Goodbye" to our Republic
Who's the Worst tyrant you have ever had or read about? . I have read about Nero Claudius Caesar. Augustus...
In the Italian Vanity Fair you said that "Veni, Vidi, Vici" was pronounced by Caesar Augustus, but it's not. It was Julius Caesar
Uncovering the Enigma of Marcus Agrippa, Right-Hand Man of Caesar Augustus: a piece I wrote for Casemate's Athena...
One of my favorite names belonged to an old doctor of mine. Augustus Fabius Marsella (No Caesar)
Acta est fabula, plaudite!(The play is over, applaud!) Augustus Caesar , las word before death
Come on down (or stay until) 10pm for our craft beer tasting. We'll definitely be sampling Caesar Augustus and 2 guests
From brick to marble: Did Augustus Caesar really transform Rome? | UCLA
Photo: last-of-the-romans: Tiberius Chosen to Succeed Augustus  Coin of Augustus, with Tiberius as Caesar.
The assassination of Julius Caesar led to the ascension of Augustus (octavian) to the seaf of power which led to Pax Romana
So far all I've gathered from my history notes is basically everyone was named either Caesar or Augustus.
The Book of Firsts: 150 World-Changing People and Events from Caesar Augustus to
So confirming his ignorance of history; Cæsar predeceased the empire, established by his adopted son Augustus.
Augustus Caesar is a must cover topic when taking about empire building. No doubt.
This bathroom is from the Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri, Italy. The tub overlooks Naples bay. Dreamy!
I think if you look at Augustus Caesar you'll find him. There actually might even be a month named after him
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Alexander the great, Julius Caesar, Augustus etc all have miracle events written about them
December was originally the tenth month but then Julius and Augustus Caesar were *** and shoved August and July into the year
My dog's name is Caesar Augustus. Good call.
Post-Augustus the concept of Rome changed. Spartacus’ uprising about 30 years before Julius Caesar died. Commodus is 200 years later
Caesar Augustus ruled as emperor of a big empire.
Hi exploring the ancient ruins built by Julius and Augustus Caesar as they expanded the Roman Empire *ES
That's more in the territory of Ancient Roman politics: Julius Caesar, Augustus etc.
Another "Lord" actually mentioned in the first verse of Luke's birth narrative: Augustus Caesar. Adopted by Julius, becomes world's king 4/?
Y'know this got me thinking--how did Augustus become Caesar? Adopted into Julius' line. He's referenced in the narrative, (1/2)
Even though Octavian (Augustus) lived longer, Julius Caesar was still a better person.
If august originates fm Augustus Caesar this is a august gathering.
People often think of 'The Romans' as Caesar, Augustus or even Gladiator. The late Roman Empire is fascinatingly different
Caesar Augustus. “If Bae doesn't want to be seized and you go ahead and seize bae regardless, what does that make you?”
A new one on me hybrid beer Caesar Augustus that as you may know is a lager/IPA mix, don't get the name but get the idea.
"Hiatus" comes from Hiatus Caesar, who served a dull, inconsequential term as Roman Emperor between Julius and Augustus Caesar.
Lets look at Christmas - Caesar Augustus NEVER had a census so Christianity begins with a lie.
Caesar Augustus had a palace. Joseph only had a promise. I'll choose a promise over palace any day!! A promise will outlast a palace.
History for Kids: The Illustrated Lives of Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus -
Some things are best shared. Experience Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri,
Helps soothe the double scotch bonnet effect! - Drinking a Caesar Augustus by -
Jan. 19, 379 - The Emperor Gratian elevates Flavius Theodosius to Augustus giving him power over the Eastern Provinces.
Some of the months were named after people from the Roman Empire, August was named after Caesar Augustus
Enjoying a bottle of Caesar Augustus a beer that allows me to be smug about my enjoyment of craft beer & of ancient history
I would consider Modi great if he even achieves 1/10th of what Caesar Augustus achieved. Augustus.
"This seems great you, me, and Caesar Augustus!!!
Goldsworthy's bio of Caesar was good RT“'Augustus is 'interesting to a general audience' -
If you could have dinner with any political figure, d... — augustus caesar. "OMG Hi Mr. Caesar, what was it like ...
I'm already a Reagan member, so no more $$$ from me until Rob and Peter establish the Caesar Augustus level.
good stuff that. I'm about to cracks Caesar Augustus once I bring it in from chilling outside.
Today in 27BC Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus becomes Augustus. So, my daughter gets to have the massive chocolate coin ht…
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Jan 44 BC Octavian (future is in Apollonia (now w/ legions preparing for Parthian War http…
Was Caesar Augustus honest and sincere, or a “hypocrite of genius”?
This morning with Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of Rome 😄 @ Vatican City
You were Augustus Caesar in your past life! You were the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor. You...
If you don't think roman history is important . ,the months July and August were named after Roman Emperors. Julius and Augustus Caesar
Here's a clue, this temple was built by Augustus Caesar during his reign around 15 BCE
he's the Augustus Caesar of the NBA
Augustus Caesar transformed it from a city of brick into a city of marble.
At talking Christmas duties, Augustus Caesar's cultural policy & how soon after arriving it's polite to ask someone's wifi code
such issues still imp in Oz in the 1970s. See Wran quote sewerage here re Whitlam and Augustus Caesar
DEC means 10, therefore December is the 10th month. The year had 10 months b4 the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and his son Augustus Caesar
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