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Audie Murphy

Audie Leon Murphy (June 20, 1924 – May 28, 1971) was a highly decorated and famous soldier. Through LIFE magazine's July 16, 1945 issue (Most Decorated Soldier /cover photo), he became one the most famous soldiers of World War II and widely regarded as the most decorated American soldier of the war.

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Do you agree with Audie Murphy's definition of bravery?
Looks a bit like Audie Murphy, doesn't he?
So did the pilots who drop them & many Medal of Honor winners like Audie Murphy! Truman & these men are heroes!
Today's A visiting University Professor who was giving a lecture on to...
“*eats snack while looking for a better snack*” def us! Lol
Kinda want another lil girl, kinda want me a baby boy?!?!? Excited either way
So hoping we find out what we're having at the dr tmr!!! 🙌 💙💗
I'm earning rewards for watching TV with I love! Audie Murphy!
After talking about Audie Murphy & history this a.m. in Georgetown, I'm now at the impressive Temple Railroad Museum.
Lead from the front. Audie Murphy A leader is best heard and seen when he is first; it is hard to follow the leader when he is last.
Actress Wanda Hendrix and actor, World War II hero Audie Murphy in 1947. . Hendrix and Murphy were married from...
A rare photo of Captain Audie Murphy after his return to Paris in 1948...
I drank for 12 hours straight this weekend…. My liver is Audie Murphy
ICYMI this weekend: feature on biography of WWII hero Audie Murphy |
In an article in the Waco Tribune, I'm interviewed about Audie Murphy's struggle with PTSD
.is the Audie Murphy of transgenderism.
"I can't ever remember being young in my life." - Audie Murphy
Many people do not realize many important aspects about the life of the most decorated Soldier in WWII. He became...
When Audie Murphy starred in The Purple Heart,critics said he was too young to (cont)
I don't know why but I'm pretty sure Audie Murphy would not be pleased.
I'm interviewed about Audie Murphy for this story on PTSD
- many did: Jimmy Stewart, Audie Murphy, and Mel Brooks to name a few
5/28—The Spanish Armada sets sail, Ian Fleming is born, Audie Murphy dies, and it's Amnesty Day!
Great to be with Craig Johnson on WNTW's Really Real Deal to talk about Audie Murphy and Memorial Day.
Met the charming Terry Moore, who starred with Audie Murphy in 1959's "Cast A Long Shadow." Had lots of memories she shared with visitors.
New biography of Audie Murphy by ISI alum Dr. David A. Smith, just published by Regnery History.
Have a black flag stomping here in TEXAS for bait! TEXAS home of Audie Murphy and Chris Kyle! Flush em out & then take em out!
the ladies a badass but don't ever disrespect an American legend. Audie Murphy was way cooler than her. Also a Texan
Up next at 5pm, Jimmy Stewart faces off with Audie Murphy in 50s western Night Passage.
Movies baby watchin old *** War Movies like. Audie Murphy and John Wayne, yeahh
For the record, heroes don't take pride in kills. Alvin York, Hal Moore, Audie Murphy are heroes. Chris Kyle is a liar.
Justice Jeff Brown On this day January 26 in 1945, 70 years ago, Audie Murphy earned the Medal of Honor by single-handedly repelling a German attack against his unit despite being wounded himself. Murphy, a native Texan, was the most decorated American soldier of World War II. He became a movie star after the war, though he refused to appear in commercials for alcohol and cigarettes, mindful of the influence he would have on the youth market. He died in a plane crash in 1971 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The headstones of Medal of Honor recipients are normally decorated in gold leaf, but Murphy requested that his stone remain plain and inconspicuous, like that of an ordinary soldier. His is the second-most visited grave, after JFK's. His portrait hangs in the Texas House of Representatives.
1945: World War II: Audie Murphy in action that will later win him the Medal of Honor.
A good friend who received a Purple Heart in Vietnam sent me this. It is a long read but very interesting. We should never forget those that served our great country and defended our freedom. History you may never see again! DO YOU REMEMBER THESE MEN & Jane? And our military ??? I can only send this to people our age, (well close to our age) since most of today's people don't have any idea who these Men were and that's a pity. George Gobel comedian, Army Air Corps, taught fighter pilotsJ Johnny Carson made a big deal about it once on the Tonight Show, to which George said "the *** didn't get past us. Sterling Hayden, US Marines and OSS. Smuggled guns into Yugoslavia and parachuted into Croatia. Silver Star. James Stewart, US Army Air Corps. Bomber pilot who rose to the rank of General. Ernest Borgnine, US Navy. Gunners Mate 1c, destroyer USS Lamberton. 10 years active duty. Discharged 1941, re-enlisted after Pearl Harbor. Ed McMahon, US Marines. Fighter Pilot. (Flew OE-1 Bird Dogs over Korea as well.) ...
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Holtzwihr and of the memorial of one of the most decorated American Solider of all time: Audie Murphy. city of Holtzwihr, where he was wounded in combat during WWII's Colmar pocket battle, has been planning for this event over the last two years and will have a reenactment of the liberation with pyrotechnics. It is rumored there will be a fly over of a WWII fighter Jet. There will be a reception for AIA members. Check your emails for details.
Worth also asking about Audie Murphy, who played himself in his generation's American Sniper?
Do you think Sergeant York was a monster too? How about Audie Murphy? How about Manfred von Richthofen?
So, Audie Murphy was a mass killer? Our bomber pilots were mass killers? Submariners mass killers? What are you?
When I ponder Chris Kyle I tear up a little at our generation's Audie Murphy. Thank you for your service Chief. God bless your family.
Yeah that movie is very underrated. I read Tarantino based that part on a real WWII era US soldier and actor called Audie Murphy.
In WWII most decorated soldier Audie Murphy killed hundreds of NAZI’s to protect his friends. Hollywood hated him.
Did u like UNBROKEN? Do you think that the Japanese were portrayed in an unfavorable light? I won't mention Audie Murphy
Did Michael Moore like ? I bet he thinks the Japanese were portrayed in an unfavorable light. Don't mention Audie Murphy
wonder how they would have treated Sgt Alvin York or Sgt Audie Murphy?
people call him a hero even though he never served unlike Jimmy Stewart/Audie Murphy
Also no, not seeing American Sniper, ill watch a movie about a real hero, To *** & Back, which is about Audie Murphy
Audie Leon Murphy (20 June 1925 – 28 May 1971) was one of the most decorated American combat soldier
Hollywood morons don't remember Audie Murphy and would hate / persecute the crew of The Enola ***
What retard bubble do you live in? You're such a terrorist-sympathizing Hollywood fn moron. Have you heard of Audie Murphy?
Audie Murphy was an invader. He invaded was with the Sicily invasion during WW2. Hate him too, fatty?
He talks as though Audie Murphy was the second coming of Kurt Schlichter.
Well, he talks as though he's the second coming of Audie Murphy.
it makes me think Audie Murphy'd have been shredded if To *** And Back came out today.
Audie Murphy, Joe Galloway, Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle.all Texans. Coincidence? Don't think so.
Welcome Audie Murphy McKeel to the clan. Murphy for short. And yes, we gave him two names because he's…
I bet you $5 of your money that we hear about an Audie Murphy biopic/To *** and Back remake being in the works sometime very soon.
I guess we should look at it like Audie Murphy's "To *** and Back", "Red Badge of Courage" or other 1st person stories.
Perfect film for a Sunday afternoon, Audie Murphy in the Texican. Always good to see ole Aldo and Frank Brana too. Nico Fidenco score...
It's like the days of John Wayne and Audie Murphy all over again. Next thing you'll see is "The Ballad of the Green Berets" will go
Really Wikipedia? You're concerned I might confuse Eddie Murphy with Audie Murphy? Has that EVER happened? To anyone?
Everyone is freaking out about Chris Kyle, and obviously he deserves the respect he's receiving, but he wishes he was Audie Murphy.
"Audie Murphy wasn't as fast as you was." -Darvin 😂😂😂
almost more Audie Murphy like, to live through battle only to die in a more trivial matter.
Chris Kyle had more in common with Charles Whitman than Audie Murphy
thanx 4 the fllw bac @ ya! how many folks 2day KNOW the story of Audie Murphy?? ;-)
Bradley Cooper is NOT Chris Kyle. Transportation of recognition is why Audie Murphy lobbied only HE play his own image in "To *** & Back".
Meet up at Audie Murphy sports park at skate park tomorrow
Just curious...was Audie Murphy a mass murderer, too. You can look it up if you need to, I'll wait...
. MILLER: Obama's refusal to go to France makes Neville Chamberlain look like Audie Murphy. CAROLLA: Squirting is just pissing.
I remember seeing those films about Sgt York and Audie Murphy real crazies
Audie Murphy. 19 years old. A true man
Chris Kyle and Audie Murphy are two of the greatest Americans to ever live. Google both if you need too
To *** and Back - SIGNED by AUDIE MURPHY 6th Edition 1967, MOH winner
.I read that Audie Murphy slept with a loaded .45 under his pillow for the rest of his life.
An interesting column about post-traumatic stress disorder by the author of a forthcoming biography of Audie Murphy:
. Micky and Audie Murphy, short guys, standing TALL.
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IYR, Audie Murphy played himself in "To *** and Back," and his actual actions were considered too unrealitic for the film.
Maj. Audie L. Murphy's gravesite in covered under a peaceful blanket of snow.
Maybe combat related PTSD should be referred to as Audie Murphy's disease.
A beautiful French poster for the 1963 Audie Murphy western GUNFIGHT AT COMANCHE CREEK:
Menifee Valley Little League tryouts are this weekend at Audie Murphy Sports Park. There's still time to register...
Audie Murphy, who won the Congressional Medal of Honor.
A true American Hero. I wonder if Tom Cruize still thinks his job is tougher than Military Service Audie Murphy's will certainly enjoy Don't know if you remember Audie Murphy, but if you don't, you'll find this interesting. A udie Murphy's wife.. What a beautiful Lady. Audie was only 46 years old when he died in a helicopter crash in the Virginia Mts. He was bothered when he came back from the war and it really affected his life. He never got the medical help he needed. Not many young people know who Audie Murphy was or how big a war hero he was. Two or three of the medals he earned would make most service men proud, but to have earned his decorations in battle is truly unbelievable. Now to find out that his widow was also most certainly a hero. Truly fantastic. List of Decorations for Audie Murphy: Medal of Honor Distinguished Service Cross Silver Star (with oak leaf cluster) Legion of Merit Bronze Star (with oak leaf cluster and Valor Device) Purple Heart (with two oak leaf clusters ...
Jordan didn't win games himself, Audie Murphy didn't win battles himself Its never just 1 person, in the end its the team
Been here since 0730... not elected to leave for another hour and half or so (@ Audie Murphy Memorial VA Hospital)
Audie Murphy Middle School in Killeen ISD celebrated Thanksgiving on Tuesday with all the fixin's! Yum!
What can we learn from Audie Murphy? | LinkedIn
Next Business After Hours Thurs. 5-7pm at Audie Murphy Am. Cotton Museum on I-30 in Greenville. Make sure to mark the date on your calendar!
AUDIE MURPHY - ANOTHER SUPER Hero that would NOT survive today's strange PURGES:
ISIS murdered an Army Ranger time for a response that Audie Murphy would be proud of
Audie Murphy. Check him out, the guy's kind of incredible, more so in real life.
Who've played themselves or facsimiles and re-enacted terrible personal tragedy to do so? Audie Murphy, Richard Pryor...
Pretty even split on Eastwood and Wayne. No love for Audie Murphy, though?.
The Quiet American (Graham Greene 1955) has already been filmed twice, with Audie Murphy & then with Brendan Fraser
also to put things in perspective, read up on Audie Murphy. You might learn something.
About Audie Murphy, went through *** in war, then at home. his war was not over in 45.
My Dad is buried there; he served with Audie Murphy. It is a dignified, special place every citizen should visit.
Tony Wright and I at the Audie Murphy war memorial in Greenville Tx!
Audie Murphy Memorial in Texas! Dave Anderson MP pays his respects!
Audie Murphy is the reason why nobody can tell me I can't make it. Small people can achieve big things, anytime, anywhere. 🇺🇸
Rewatched 'No Name on the Bullet', Audie Murphy's finest western. He makes the best bad guy :)
U were right, sir, & HAVE been right. I don't care if the guy WZ Audie Murphy in that compound; he's WRNG to talk.
Thank you to all those who served. We leave you with one last veteran photo tonight ... Audie L. Murphy, who...
One last Veterans Day thought from Audie Murphy, most decorated US serviceman of World War II. "War robs you...
Audie Lee Murphy, the most decorated WWII soldier, got every medal including the Medal of Honor
If you don't know who Audie Lee Murphy is..Google him for Veterans Day
To *** and Back, Bio of Audie Murphy during WWII, war violence, the type from 50's and 60's little blood, if any. Great story!
To *** and Back with Medal of Honor winner Audie Murphy
I liked a video from Audie Murphy Tribute- "To *** And Back" Gmod Video
All jokes aside. The following are some soldiers who deserve some recognition. 1/5 - Audie Murphy
Dream big, you have the room at Big Sky in Menifee.
Audie Murphy is number one in the hearts of Americans
Kingston, Texas native Audie Murphy was one of the most decorated soldiers of World War II. Happy Veterans Day.
To Audie Murphy, Alvin York, Easy Company, and every other brave man and woman in our armed forces, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Me and my Sister & Brother in Arms inducted into the Prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.
Let us all remember and than our Veterans both men and women for their service and sacrifice.We owe you a great debt. But let us not forget the many celebrities who did not shirk their duty, honor and responsibility who served, either by enlisting, volunteering, or were drafted into their country's service. Here are but a few: Audie Murphy - Audi Murphy was the most decorated soldier in World War II and he received every decoration the United States awards, including the Medal of Honor. He not only received 33 medals from the United States, but also received decorations from the Belgium and French Armies. Neville Brand-He trained at Fort Carson, and served in World War II seeing action with the 331st Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division (Thunderbolt Division) in the Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central European campaigns. Brand, a Sergeant and platoon leader, was wounded in action along the Weser River on April 7, 1945. His upper right arm was hit by a bullet, and he nearly bled to death. His off . ...
On a recent trip to Tennessee I found a tribute to America’s Most Beloved Veteran LT Audie Murphy of Texas, a member of the 3ed ID. LT Murphy is the most highly decorated frontline warrior of WW II. LT Murphy’s time in combat left him with a unnamed disorder, today known as PTSD, that is a high price to pay for the love of his Country and brother warriors. Most of you know how bad it can get even if you try to hide it, it will jump out of the dark and get you. You are Americas best so get help at the local VA.
Thankful that instead of listening to my mind and staying home, I listened to my heart and went to revival. What a blessing !! Tucker thought Audie Murphy was awesome and he can't wait to go back tomorrow ☺️
Wow is all I can say Audie Murphy was so fantastic and was so full of the Holy spirit I feel so blessed that myself and my family were able to hear and witness it!!! Can't wait until tomorrow everyone please come to Locust Grove Baptist for the next 2 days for a blessing!!! Thank you Jesus for being my door!!!
Israel's Audie Murphy, one of the heroes of the Yom kippur war
He was second most highly decorated US Soldier in WWII, right after Audie Murphy.
Audie Murphy one of the most decorated combat soldiers. In the world :))
Israel's Audie Murphy, a true hero of Israel
Awesome day!!! So so tired now! Time to snuggle up with my sweet cutie pie husband 😍
Sooo excited... My movie producer friend Rex who is getting ready to film a movie about a war hero by the name of Audie Murphy with Mel Gibson and Icon Productions, just called me and asked if I wanted to tag along with him to the here in I am so blessed to have some amazing friends who believe in me and think of me when these things are in town and they have special VIP to the events. is good.
More of the best from the Wild West. Audie Murphy stars in "Destry" tonight at 8/7c on the new Grit.
The war hero n western star-Audie Murphy, was our "Uncle". I'm eyeing my Grandma's chocolate Birthday…
Audie Murphy was a true hero. Most of his heroic actions were done before he was twenty years old!
And of one of MY heroes, Audie Leon Murphy!
Dad is watching an Audie Murphy film and he isn't flicking at all unbelievable
After watching this afternoon, have ordered Audie Murphy's WWII memoir ...
Just got back from lovely day with my sat down wi brew to find old Audie Murphy film on
Audie Murphy's autobio on 5. Just hope doesn't rock up with a yellow and change the course of the war.
To *** And Back is on at 3.20pm. story based on Audie Murphy's autobiography, & starring the man himself. Intriguing.
I wish I was in an Audie Murphy western
It'd be so cool to be in the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club
The best part of tonight's race was _ Watching an Audie Murphy movie instead
Audie Murphy builds faith in a fortress of distrust in "Walk The Proud Land" tonight @ 8/7c on the new Grit.
A Salute to Audie Murphy - 'Most Decorated' Combat Soldier of WWII via
Steve Lamacq gave 'Audie Murphy' a spin on his bbc 6music '6music Recomends' show last night... Watch this space...
Check out the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club induction ceremony LIVE at 1414 EST.
Audie Murphy gets framed for a murder he didn’t commit in *** Bent for Leather” TON @ 8/7c on the new Grit.
sat ch5 15.20. To *** and back. Audie Murphy plays himself (the film I mentioned last week)
Duffelblog is to trolling what Audie Murphy was to WWII:
Everybody in Kouma went to Smith huh? Y'all was bad lol. I went to Audie Murphy 😕
Today in history: WW2 hero Audie Murphy joins the TX ARNG (36th ID) to bolster public support of the Korean War, 1950
Find your dream home at Big Sky in Audie Murphy Ranch.
Fact: James Cagney was the person who convinced decorated war hero Audie Murphy to pursue acting.
September is gonna be a great month! I can feel it!
Lunch Break Special today at Noon, Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum , Richard " Link " Linkenauger will give a...
FOLLOW THE 36TH ID. Did you know. After the 25 June 1950 commencement of the Korean War Audie Murphy...
Lol at watching the Audie Murphy movie.
Audie Murphy. When I think about who’d be a good draftee, he tops the list.
IB original book quiet American CIA looks stupid in 1958 movie w/ Audie Murphy CIA noble, in 2002 remake CIA stupid again
There are, he did same to Jeff Rense, Mike Adams, &Michael Murphy they worry about audie...
Jimmy Stewart and Audie Murphy 8x10 Photo nu... Reply w/ to add this via
Congratulations to SGT Ryder of C/526 BSB for selection as the battalion's next inductee into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club. BBP!
Audie Murphy Born June 20,1925 Died May 28, 1971. Starred in his own life story. "To *** and Back"
Decided this would have been a better movie if, say, Audie Murphy, had played Johnny McKay. Reason: my problem...
Audie Murphy, decorated American soldier and film star. Rabble rousing Labour careerist who runs when opposition appears.
Check out this nice kitchen in the Big Sky homes at Audie Murphy Ranch.
the Audie Murphy or the Brendan Fraser one?
Get this to 3000 likes and I'll post the winner!! Also follow 📷 - chandlerdunn1 @ Audie Murphy Ranch
Just think if we can get one of them in Murphy (no not Audie) can be cover, so why both
70 years ago this week, Audie Murphy was kicking Heine heinie.
Audie Murphy – What a Warrior!: . Seventy years ago this week, the great American soldier and his comrades in ...
I have had the great fortune of sitting on the USAREC Audie Murphy board this week. Dynamic NCOs!!
Find your dream home in Big Sky of Audie Murphy Ranch and save with this great deal.
going to physical therapy for my back again 😡 (@ Audie Murphy Memorial VA Hospital in San Antonio, TX)
Homemade chili and grilled cheese for super! Mmmm
I think every single western film I've ever seen has audie murphy in it
Congrats to the USAREC 2014 Audie Murphy candidates, meet them here:
Thank you for being there for me and being so sweet through this emotional roller coaster. I love you Hun
Going to the Audie Murphy Memorial when I finish today.
I was expecting more Gloria Gaynor and less Audie Murphy
"Nobody likes for his life to be disrupted. But when the country calls, they need you." - Audie Murphy
They were singing in French, but the melody was freedom and any American could understand that. -Audie Murphy
I just think it's to soon to tell yet! I'm scared to take a test. So afraid it will be negative
A lady at church had a dream I was preg! The last 3 ladies she had a dream about it was right! This makes me so excited
Chilling out after having yummy roast dinner with Audie Murphy in Destry
Slow dancing with my husband>>>> there just about ain't nothing better
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Most historical movies wouldn't be allowed, from Audie Murphy & John Wayne on! The Lone Ranger would never have existed!
an 18yr old kid is superhuman & can CHARGE full speed into gun fire. Audie Murphy wasn't that good.
Big garage sale at Audie Murphy Ranch today. Check out our classified ads.
Being the only two ppl out of a couple hundred not drinking watching the drunk *** acting cray! 😂😂😂
Had so so much fun tonight but the club life is just def not for me and Audie any more! Had a BLAST dancing tho!
Electric cowboys! It's been a long time! We're prob gonna be the only sober ones in here but hey, we like to dance lol😂😂
RIA Sgt. Audie Murphy Club inducts new members: Members of the Rock Island Arsenal Sgt. Audie Murphy Club welc...
TIL A small orphan teen named Audie Murphy was rejected by the Navy and Marines in 1942, but later went on to become the most decorated s...
“Are you in the military?” an old lady asks me while I wait in line at the store. “Yes, ma’am,” I reply. “I just wanted to say thank you for your service.” “Um … you’re welcome. Uh, thanks … I guess” Similar awkward exchanges are played out daily in a hundred towns throughout America. This awkwardness looms even larger at major sporting events. “Would all of our military heroes please stand?” blares the loudspeaker. “Everyone please give a round of applause for these brave men and women who put their lives on the line for us!” I slowly rise to my feet and accept the praise of strangers. I look out at the others standing. They’re shifting from side to side as well. Accepting the applause, yet at the same time, not wanting it to begin with. I find myself wondering what the crowd is applauding for. Do they know what people actually do in the military? Many of the people standing for applause put their lives on the line about as much as a 7-11 clerk in a marginal neighborhood ...
Fort Rucker Sergeant Audie Murphy Club inducts six of its newest members
Stopped to pay respects to Audie Murphy while visiting Arlington Cemetery today. A true American Hero.
Just as famous to vets was Mrs. Murphy, a legend.
Revolver given to Audie Murphy by Gary Cooper now on loan to Cody Firearms Museum
Come check out Audie Murphy's Colt Bisley Revolver! On display now
Audie Murphy Exhibit Installation in Progress. Here's some shots from this morning.
you guys are lookin like the Audie Murphy of clearly good grain makes giant deer and great
i always thought it was Audie Murphy Colosseum !?! Great bullridings, back in the day !!!
Lunch Break Special at the Audie Murphy - American Cotton Museum . Chris Kilmer and Nick Anderson will talk about...
You know you're at the VA a lot when you know which cafe has the good coffee ☕️☀️ @ Audie L Murphy…
Besides feeling like Audie L. Murphy in my own country, I would not mind owning that comic one day.
My sweetheart of a husband washing dishes. and he's cute! How'd I get so lucky☺️
How do I get to Audie Murphy gym from the px?
Hurry home! I'm gonna have an awesome supper cooked! Hope your hungry
Another great addition to our Hollywood gun collection: the loan of Audie Murphy's Colt .45!
It's as if Audie Murphy were playing shortstop.
Audie Murphy. Medal of Honor recipient, lied about his age to get in service. Hero and actor.
Do these remind you of Audie Murphy's saddlebags, .or is that just me?
back to the grind of studying for the Audie Murphy board. one more board to go!
respects to Audie Murphy at Arlington Cemetery today. A true American Hero.
Note the 3rd ID patch on Audie Murphy!
I thought he was also in both versions of The Quiet American, but I can't find him credited in the Audie Murphy take.
Audie Murphy: some of us grew up having real role models...
American Hero: Life and Death of Audie Murphy by Charles Whiting. 1st Edition Hardback. Proceeds to Fallen Heroes...
JFK, Sherman's March, Eleanor and Franklin, To *** and back (Audie Murphy), MacArthur, Ike: Ctdwn to D-day, midway (Nimitz)
The City of Menifee's solution to parking problems adjacent to the skate park on Newport Road is to establish a...
Love the Ranger dog! Thank you for your generosity to our Audie Murphy Golf Outing.
Shout out to !! Great job representing at the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club board!
A STRONG Military STATE as TEXAS IS, So rich in its league of greats Eisenhower Audie Murphy just can't put the friend of a
Only a Week away from the ASA Dix First Annual Audie Murphy Golf Outing.
Saw mum & dad today. Watched Heartbeat, half an old Audie Murphy western; my brother's Staffie was there dropping ripe ones. Felt like home.
: No Name on the Bullet. No Name on the BulletAudie Murphy (Actor), Charles Drake (Actor...
Today in 1945: War hero Audie Murphy is placed on the cover of Life magazine. Audie's fame:
"People are very quick to ridicule others for showing fear. But we rarely know the secret springboards behind human action. The man who shows great fear today may be tomorrow's hero. Who are we to judge? ". Audie Murphy, most decorated soldier of World War II, Congressional Medal of Honor Winner.
To the Right,Audie Murphy was a hero. To the left Bill Ayers is a hero. To the Right Molly Pitcher was a hero.
Tim Howard should get awarded Purple Heart after this&Audie Murphy play him in the film.My USA uncle will be saying 'can win with Touchdown'
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I just read the Wikipedia entries for Chesty Puller & Audie Murphy. Then I laughed at *** Cheney.
Where are the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's, the Audie Murphy's, the Nathaniel Greene's of the Iraqi Army?
Soldiers pay tribute to one of the most decorated Soldiers, Audie Murphy
My Grandfather (moms dad), grew up in Celeste, Texas with Audie Murphy. Not only did he come from the same hometown, but also personally knew him and proudly served in the war with him. Grandad was a Navy man though. I'm proud to be linked (in this small way) to a true American Hero!!!
Audie Murphy is one of my favorite American Heroes. I was privileged to meet him not too long before he passed away. What a soft-spoken and kind man he was!
Audie Murphy was a fine songwriter and poet. Did you know that? :))
Haven't found a valuable one yet. Highest is The Happenings:) Haven't gone through the 78s or 16s. Jacket for Audie Murphy
Some exciting news! The video that was made about Audie Murphy receiving the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor by Platinum Star Productions has received the 2014 Telly Award! Congrats to producer Deidre Woodard and the rest of her team.
A Four-Star Salute to Audie Murphy: via 85 Generals pay tribute to this great American soldier!
Eight-five four-star flag and general officers have endorsed the Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom...
Copied 6/17/14: Don Seabolt That is a false statement about Freemasons, the 33rd is a special group of men from all over the world and even great Americans Example George Washington - Audie Murphy- Audie Murphy- Gen. Douglas MacArthur- Ronald Reagan- Franklin D.Roosevelt- Harry...See More 2 hrs · Like Debi Boom Don, King Solomon and his builders used demonic intelligence to build the temple. Nimrod was the first Freemason with his satanic tower of babel. The Purpose of freemasonry is to establish the one world government, the new world order. I do not know if the Freemasons have people looking out to find people like me so those people can say 'That's not true"... But alas it is...the 33rd degree Does indeed take their oath to Allah. My daughter was in a home of a friend whose Freemason 33rd degree father died and was helping her sort through things and there on the wall were His And his fathers 33rd degree freemasonic Shriner pieces of paper framed and they said 'why does it say there is no god higher t ...
Going to in 2 days! I'm dying to visit Audie Murphy again! It's almost as if he's still alive and I'm going to see my buddy!
Hitting the Audie Murphy Sports Park in Menifee this Saturday. Bringing Jesus, freedom, hope to youth. Be there! 5:00pm
Oh dear, you're talking to me. I admire Audie Murphy, DWTS, Firefly, Game of Thrones, and You. What does that say about me?
"The true meaning of America, you ask? It's in a Texas rodeo, in a policeman's badge, in the sound of laughing c...
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So about 3 months ago I already gave up farmville for a while and now I am thinking of giving up fishing for awhile. It's time I put my country first, time to own at least a 3.8 GPA if not higher in college. Time to study for the Audie Murphy board, time to focus on making the next selection board fight to not select me. In this time of day it's to easy to not get picked up for the higher senior ranks and i will be damned if i don't see another first look selection.
My father served in the same unit as Audie Murphy. He held him in high esteem.
Audie Murphy wasn't RAISED and socially engineered in the government schools to be a cowardly dependent! Remember, that was over 60 years ago, and BEFORE the Democrat's "Great Society"...
Patrick; Thank-you for having me, I am humbled. My draft # in 1969 was 12.I tried to enlist, but having to many catastrophic injuries in school from high school sports. I was denied. Coming from a family of Marines I was totally devastated. . Instead I focused on working at: B.A.M.C.,Audie Murphy, Wilford Hall, and Oklahoma City VA. I did this all through college.By today's standards, the jobs I held would be considered menial;but to me they were very important. I lost friends, had some wounded, and some go MIA.I was Blessed in college to have coached a professional wheelchair basketball team, 99.9% were DAV. I would share some of our stories but I don't it would be appropriate in mixed company.Again thank-you for having me. My relatives would not forgive me if I didn't say: SEMPER FI.
Audie Murphy may be one of the baddest *** to ever walk the earth! All 110lbs of him. All heart! The idea of quitting anything never crossed his mind!
The Texas quote of the day this Memorial Day comes from none other than Audie Murphy: "In 1948, I returned to France at the invitation of French Government. It was still a war-ravaged country ... but this time there was something different. It wasn't the absence of fighting, nor the silence of the big guns, nor the disappearance of uniforms and chow lines ... I didn't know what it was until one morning when I was taken to the grounds of a small French school. The children had been assembled in the play yard. They were grouped close together and arranged in wobbly little rows, their dark heads bobbing around like flower buds on long stems. One of the teachers rapped for silence. The kids quieted immediately and turned their eyes towards her. Their Faces were scrubbed and bright in the sunshine. The teacher raised her arms, and for a moment, there was no sound ... Then the teacher brought her arms down and the kids began to sing ... I Knew why I felt at home. The spirit of freedom was hovering over that pl ...
3rd Infantry Division! The broken TV patch! Audie Murphy's WW11 unit! and Hooray for the Dogface soldier, Rock of the Marne 1918! Dough-boys in WW1. "I'm just a Dogface Soldier, with a rifle on my shoulder, eat raw meat for BF everyday. So feed me ammunition keep me in the 3rd Division, your Dogface Soldier is A OK!!!" Hooray!!!
My two favorite Medal of Honor recipients: Audie Murphy (WWII- France -1945) for his action on a tank destroyer, the other- Ardie Copas (Vietnam War- Cambodia-1970 ) for his action on an armored personnel carrier unfortunately losing his life in the process.Both were alone firing a 50 caliber machine gun. I was told by Ardie's Brother, that he was named after Audie, but at the time he was born, they didn't know the correct spelling of Audie...Can you say destiny? Both were age 19.
this is my equivalent of talking to Audie Murphy or Dan Daly
They get him to play the role. Think Audie Murphy.
My CSM Came up to me today and said "get ready, you're going to the Audie Murphy board the second week of September"
My world cup team to fight Ghana: Guile, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rocky, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson,Audie Murphy(cont)
It took Sgt. 1st Class Randall Johnson three tries to join the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.
Sheff commented on a post Audie Murphy.
Heh. I remember when I was a kid my mom being (mock) horrified that I'd never heard of Audie Murphy. =).
Troy Richards from First Command in Enterprise, provided lunch at today's SAMC meeting, and presented The Fort Rucker Sergeant Audie Murphy Club with a "BIG" check today. First Command is sponsoring the Club to aid the support of our local community.
It's only a week away! Mark your calendar's for the 15th annual Audie Murphy Day Saturday, June 21. It's not too...
watch Audie Murphy western movies free online . Hundreds of other Western Movies and Television shows all to watch for free.
Well here I am, in San Antonio, the day after the Spurs win it all. Hello Audie Murphy VA!!!
Subject: Audie Murphy's Wife. . With all the VA problems on the news, I thought that you would like to read...
Wanna wish my husband a very Happy Father's Day!! Such an amazing daddy!! You are Brycens hero❤️
Happy Fathers Day to Audie Murphy, I think about you everyday. I love you. R.I.P ❤️
Audie Murphy never walked away from the gunfire
feck sake I thought that was the 24 hour gun slinger Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy the most amazing soldier. Has been my hero for 55 years.
Today is my step-son Audie's birthday, yes he's named after Audie Murphy and it also happens to be the birthday. Happy birthday!
I grew up watching Audie Murphy westerns. Ninety percent of the time, Dan Duryea was the villain. Not a great...
Audie Murphy reminds us of American values - Obama is at the other end of the spectrum.
Contrary to what the idiotic liberals want you to believe, is not Audie Murphy.
When I go to I cannot visit Audie Murphy's resting place only once. I now do it twice...maybe three times next week!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Veterans asked to attend town hall meeting for testimonies about medical care - Audie L. Murphy Veterans...
The Army still has an Audie Murphy Club award which only given to soldiers of excellence.
A H.S. grad, I Audie Murphy'd my way into lying about my age, standing tall on PI days after my 16th B-day.
Can't wait to go to on Thursday! Looking forward to seeing my hero, Audie Murphy on the day before our birthday!
I like Gene Autry, all the ol' side kicks, to these Actors. Audie Murphy, James S. John W., luved Randolph Scott.
Flash Back Thursday As a small child right after WWII when I was about five years old, my Dad took me to the Army surplus store and bought a helmet liner for about 25 cents and I remember him painting it white and using electrical tape to make a stripe around it and put "MP" on the front. I used his WWII Army web belt and canteen and he would let me play Army with the neighborhood kids. I put his ribbons on my blue jean jacket and I terrorized the neighborhood a few months doing my Audie Murphy imitation. Growing up in west Texas, a "clod" of dirt made a great grenade! Regrettably, within about six months I lost my jacket along with all of his WWII ribbons. In 2014 I contacted the National Personnel Records Center giving them his name and service number and they provided me a list of which awards and decorations he earned during the war along with a notarized Certificate of Military Service and a notarized copy of his Honorable Discharge. Their records show he received the Good Conduct Medal, the Ame ...
Good afternoon team! Thank you to all that attended yesterday's meeting. Topics that were discussed were the following: May 30th- set up a table with SAMC brochures at the Torch Run in Fort DeRussy, 1700 May 31st- Hawaii SAMC Organization Day at Bellows AFB (Open to all our SAMC members and their families), 1200 June 14th- Resiliency Hike at the lighthouse, 0700 June 20th (Audie Murphy's Birthday) Hawaii SAMC call at Lehilani Club, Schofield Barracks, 1800 in civilian clothes Also, SAMA final selection boards are suspended until the re validation process is complete.
Is it just a coincidence that some of America's most decorated soldiers came from the South and or Texas? Robert L. Howard, Alabama(Most decorated) Audie Murphy, Texas(second most decorated) Chris Kyle, Texas(most kills as a sniper) Marcus Luttrell, Texas Billy Waugh. Texas Carlos Hathcock, Arkansas (second most kills as a sniper) According to yankees and lib *** the south is a racist hot bed. I don't believe that BS but we do have some very proficient killers:)
50 of our Nation's 80 living Medal of Honor recipients have personally hand signed the petition to bestow upon Audie Murphy, America's "most decorated" soldi...
I just filed a complaint with Congressman Lamar Smith, on the VA, Audie Murphy. Seems we or I, being denied my pain meds because they are cracking down on this, you see I have been on the same regiment for years, I am not addicted to my Meds, and that combination is the only one that keeps me not hurting as bad as I am now. It's a *** shame we veterans have to suffer in pain due to the abuse of others, being denied is unjust and wrong,,I am contacting the news media and hope they will help all of us..
I told her a 20yr old was hitting on me. She said it could be worse. Dr. K time:). — at Audie L Murphy Memorial...
AMERICA'S MOST BELOVED VETERANS From every generation of Americans that has gone to war, the names of a few veterans are added to our nation's collective memory – some for selflessness and courage under fire, some for national leadership in tough times, some for their celebrity. During the month of May, The American Legion Magazine invites you to choose who you believe to be America's most beloved veterans, casting up to 25 votes among the candidates on this page. Don't see your favorites on our list? Write in a candidate or two. Veterans receiving the most votes will be featured in the November American Legion Magazine and online. 110 43 78 American Revolution Deborah Sampson Disguised as a man, Sampson fought with the Continental Army, received wounds in combat and, with the help of Paul Revere, secured a pension. Francis Marion The "Swamp Fox" is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare. George Washington The founding father served as general and commander in chief of the Continental ...
What happened to the Audie Murphy's, the Roberto Clemete's, the Lou Gehrig's, the John Lennon's ?.We need another generation like that. A generation with Pride, Loyalty, selflessness, Love and Passion. A generation that lies about its age, not to get into a club or to drink, but to fight for the country that they love, and for a cause they are passionate about. A generation that wants to give back as much as they can, and become good stewards with the skills God has given them the ability to obtain. A generation that works their *** off to become the best at something, and doesn't cut corners. A generation that doesn't take sick days, or expect their living to be provided for, by other hard working Americans. A generation that isn't so *** pussified or offended by everything. A generation that stands firmly in their beliefs, and would actually fight for those beliefs, if need be. A generation that also shows love and compassion towards others, and practices what they preach...If you don't know any of the ...
Who's up for an Audie Murphy picture at the Majestic?
I don't care if someone is an 18 year old Audie Murphy - no booze got you!
Audie Murphy was the most decorated WW2 veteran..he was an actor. He wasn't a tough guy?
If you want to feel like you've done nothing with your life, go on google and look up Audie Murphy and read his Wikipedia page...
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