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Audie Murphy

Audie Leon Murphy (June 20, 1924 – May 28, 1971) was a highly decorated and famous soldier. Through LIFE magazine's July 16, 1945 issue (Most Decorated Soldier /cover photo), he became one the most famous soldiers of World War II and widely regarded as the most decorated American soldier of the war.

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the Audie Murphy or the Brendan Fraser one?
Get this to 3000 likes and I'll post the winner!! Also follow 📷 - chandlerdunn1 @ Audie Murphy Ranch
Just think if we can get one of them in Murphy (no not Audie) can be cover, so why both
70 years ago this week, Audie Murphy was kicking Heine heinie.
Audie Murphy – What a Warrior!: . Seventy years ago this week, the great American soldier and his comrades in ...
I have had the great fortune of sitting on the USAREC Audie Murphy board this week. Dynamic NCOs!!
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going to physical therapy for my back again 😡 (@ Audie Murphy Memorial VA Hospital in San Antonio, TX)
Homemade chili and grilled cheese for super! Mmmm
I think every single western film I've ever seen has audie murphy in it
Congrats to the USAREC 2014 Audie Murphy candidates, meet them here:
Thank you for being there for me and being so sweet through this emotional roller coaster. I love you Hun
Going to the Audie Murphy Memorial when I finish today.
I was expecting more Gloria Gaynor and less Audie Murphy
"Nobody likes for his life to be disrupted. But when the country calls, they need you." - Audie Murphy
They were singing in French, but the melody was freedom and any American could understand that. -Audie Murphy
I just think it's to soon to tell yet! I'm scared to take a test. So afraid it will be negative
A lady at church had a dream I was preg! The last 3 ladies she had a dream about it was right! This makes me so excited
Chilling out after having yummy roast dinner with Audie Murphy in Destry
Slow dancing with my husband>>>> there just about ain't nothing better
Most historical movies wouldn't be allowed, from Audie Murphy & John Wayne on! The Lone Ranger would never have existed!
an 18yr old kid is superhuman & can CHARGE full speed into gun fire. Audie Murphy wasn't that good.
Big garage sale at Audie Murphy Ranch today. Check out our classified ads.
Being the only two ppl out of a couple hundred not drinking watching the drunk *** acting cray! 😂😂😂
Had so so much fun tonight but the club life is just def not for me and Audie any more! Had a BLAST dancing tho!
Electric cowboys! It's been a long time! We're prob gonna be the only sober ones in here but hey, we like to dance lol😂😂
RIA Sgt. Audie Murphy Club inducts new members: Members of the Rock Island Arsenal Sgt. Audie Murphy Club welc...
TIL A small orphan teen named Audie Murphy was rejected by the Navy and Marines in 1942, but later went on to become the most decorated s...
In light of the latest VA problems, it sounds like they need a lot more people like Pam Murphy!! Audie Murphy's wife... worth the read What a beautiful Lady. Audie was only 46 years old when he died in a helicopter crash into the Virginia Mts. He was bothered all his life when he came back from the war and it really affected his life. He never got the medical help like he should have gotten. Not many young people know who Audie Murphy was or how big a war hero he was. Two or three of the medals he earned would make most service men proud, but to have earned his decorations in battle is truly unbelievable. Now to find out that his widow was also most certainly a hero. Truly fantastic. List of Decorations for Audie Murphy: Medal of Honor Distinguished Service Cross Silver Star (with oak leaf cluster) Legion of Merit Bronze Star (with oak leaf cluster and Valor Device) Purple Heart (with two oak leaf clusters) U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal Presidential Unit Cita .. ...
“Are you in the military?” an old lady asks me while I wait in line at the store. “Yes, ma’am,” I reply. “I just wanted to say thank you for your service.” “Um … you’re welcome. Uh, thanks … I guess” Similar awkward exchanges are played out daily in a hundred towns throughout America. This awkwardness looms even larger at major sporting events. “Would all of our military heroes please stand?” blares the loudspeaker. “Everyone please give a round of applause for these brave men and women who put their lives on the line for us!” I slowly rise to my feet and accept the praise of strangers. I look out at the others standing. They’re shifting from side to side as well. Accepting the applause, yet at the same time, not wanting it to begin with. I find myself wondering what the crowd is applauding for. Do they know what people actually do in the military? Many of the people standing for applause put their lives on the line about as much as a 7-11 clerk in a marginal neighborhood ...
Fort Rucker Sergeant Audie Murphy Club inducts six of its newest members
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Stopped to pay respects to Audie Murphy while visiting Arlington Cemetery today. A true American Hero.
Just as famous to vets was Mrs. Murphy, a legend.
Revolver given to Audie Murphy by Gary Cooper now on loan to Cody Firearms Museum
Come check out Audie Murphy's Colt Bisley Revolver! On display now
Audie Murphy Exhibit Installation in Progress. Here's some shots from this morning.
you guys are lookin like the Audie Murphy of clearly good grain makes giant deer and great
A real life Rambo. Audie Leon Murphy (20 June 1925 – 28 May 1971) was one of the most decorated American combat...
i always thought it was Audie Murphy Colosseum !?! Great bullridings, back in the day !!!
Lunch Break Special at the Audie Murphy - American Cotton Museum . Chris Kilmer and Nick Anderson will talk about...
You know you're at the VA a lot when you know which cafe has the good coffee ☕️☀️ @ Audie L Murphy…
Besides feeling like Audie L. Murphy in my own country, I would not mind owning that comic one day.
My sweetheart of a husband washing dishes. and he's cute! How'd I get so lucky☺️
How do I get to Audie Murphy gym from the px?
Hurry home! I'm gonna have an awesome supper cooked! Hope your hungry
Another great addition to our Hollywood gun collection: the loan of Audie Murphy's Colt .45!
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It's as if Audie Murphy were playing shortstop.
Audie Murphy. Medal of Honor recipient, lied about his age to get in service. Hero and actor.
Do these remind you of Audie Murphy's saddlebags, .or is that just me?
back to the grind of studying for the Audie Murphy board. one more board to go!
respects to Audie Murphy at Arlington Cemetery today. A true American Hero.
Note the 3rd ID patch on Audie Murphy!
I thought he was also in both versions of The Quiet American, but I can't find him credited in the Audie Murphy take.
Audie Murphy: some of us grew up having real role models...
American Hero: Life and Death of Audie Murphy by Charles Whiting. 1st Edition Hardback. Proceeds to Fallen Heroes...
JFK, Sherman's March, Eleanor and Franklin, To *** and back (Audie Murphy), MacArthur, Ike: Ctdwn to D-day, midway (Nimitz)
The City of Menifee's solution to parking problems adjacent to the skate park on Newport Road is to establish a...
Love the Ranger dog! Thank you for your generosity to our Audie Murphy Golf Outing.
Shout out to !! Great job representing at the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club board!
A STRONG Military STATE as TEXAS IS, So rich in its league of greats Eisenhower Audie Murphy just can't put the friend of a
Only a Week away from the ASA Dix First Annual Audie Murphy Golf Outing.
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Saw mum & dad today. Watched Heartbeat, half an old Audie Murphy western; my brother's Staffie was there dropping ripe ones. Felt like home.
: No Name on the Bullet. No Name on the BulletAudie Murphy (Actor), Charles Drake (Actor...
Today in 1945: War hero Audie Murphy is placed on the cover of Life magazine. Audie's fame:
"People are very quick to ridicule others for showing fear. But we rarely know the secret springboards behind human action. The man who shows great fear today may be tomorrow's hero. Who are we to judge? ". Audie Murphy, most decorated soldier of World War II, Congressional Medal of Honor Winner.
To the Right,Audie Murphy was a hero. To the left Bill Ayers is a hero. To the Right Molly Pitcher was a hero.
Tim Howard should get awarded Purple Heart after this&Audie Murphy play him in the film.My USA uncle will be saying 'can win with Touchdown'
I just read the Wikipedia entries for Chesty Puller & Audie Murphy. Then I laughed at *** Cheney.
Where are the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's, the Audie Murphy's, the Nathaniel Greene's of the Iraqi Army?
Soldiers pay tribute to one of the most decorated Soldiers, Audie Murphy
My Grandfather (moms dad), grew up in Celeste, Texas with Audie Murphy. Not only did he come from the same hometown, but also personally knew him and proudly served in the war with him. Grandad was a Navy man though. I'm proud to be linked (in this small way) to a true American Hero!!!
Audie Murphy is one of my favorite American Heroes. I was privileged to meet him not too long before he passed away. What a soft-spoken and kind man he was!
Audie Murphy was a fine songwriter and poet. Did you know that? :))
Haven't found a valuable one yet. Highest is The Happenings:) Haven't gone through the 78s or 16s. Jacket for Audie Murphy
Some exciting news! The video that was made about Audie Murphy receiving the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor by Platinum Star Productions has received the 2014 Telly Award! Congrats to producer Deidre Woodard and the rest of her team.
A Four-Star Salute to Audie Murphy: via 85 Generals pay tribute to this great American soldier!
Eight-five four-star flag and general officers have endorsed the Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom...
Copied 6/17/14: Don Seabolt That is a false statement about Freemasons, the 33rd is a special group of men from all over the world and even great Americans Example George Washington - Audie Murphy- Audie Murphy- Gen. Douglas MacArthur- Ronald Reagan- Franklin D.Roosevelt- Harry...See More 2 hrs · Like Debi Boom Don, King Solomon and his builders used demonic intelligence to build the temple. Nimrod was the first Freemason with his satanic tower of babel. The Purpose of freemasonry is to establish the one world government, the new world order. I do not know if the Freemasons have people looking out to find people like me so those people can say 'That's not true"... But alas it is...the 33rd degree Does indeed take their oath to Allah. My daughter was in a home of a friend whose Freemason 33rd degree father died and was helping her sort through things and there on the wall were His And his fathers 33rd degree freemasonic Shriner pieces of paper framed and they said 'why does it say there is no god higher t ...
Going to in 2 days! I'm dying to visit Audie Murphy again! It's almost as if he's still alive and I'm going to see my buddy!
Hitting the Audie Murphy Sports Park in Menifee this Saturday. Bringing Jesus, freedom, hope to youth. Be there! 5:00pm
Oh dear, you're talking to me. I admire Audie Murphy, DWTS, Firefly, Game of Thrones, and You. What does that say about me?
"The true meaning of America, you ask? It's in a Texas rodeo, in a policeman's badge, in the sound of laughing c...
So about 3 months ago I already gave up farmville for a while and now I am thinking of giving up fishing for awhile. It's time I put my country first, time to own at least a 3.8 GPA if not higher in college. Time to study for the Audie Murphy board, time to focus on making the next selection board fight to not select me. In this time of day it's to easy to not get picked up for the higher senior ranks and i will be damned if i don't see another first look selection.
My father served in the same unit as Audie Murphy. He held him in high esteem.
Audie Murphy wasn't RAISED and socially engineered in the government schools to be a cowardly dependent! Remember, that was over 60 years ago, and BEFORE the Democrat's "Great Society"...
Patrick; Thank-you for having me, I am humbled. My draft # in 1969 was 12.I tried to enlist, but having to many catastrophic injuries in school from high school sports. I was denied. Coming from a family of Marines I was totally devastated. . Instead I focused on working at: B.A.M.C.,Audie Murphy, Wilford Hall, and Oklahoma City VA. I did this all through college.By today's standards, the jobs I held would be considered menial;but to me they were very important. I lost friends, had some wounded, and some go MIA.I was Blessed in college to have coached a professional wheelchair basketball team, 99.9% were DAV. I would share some of our stories but I don't it would be appropriate in mixed company.Again thank-you for having me. My relatives would not forgive me if I didn't say: SEMPER FI.
Audie Murphy may be one of the baddest *** to ever walk the earth! All 110lbs of him. All heart! The idea of quitting anything never crossed his mind!
The Texas quote of the day this Memorial Day comes from none other than Audie Murphy: "In 1948, I returned to France at the invitation of French Government. It was still a war-ravaged country ... but this time there was something different. It wasn't the absence of fighting, nor the silence of the big guns, nor the disappearance of uniforms and chow lines ... I didn't know what it was until one morning when I was taken to the grounds of a small French school. The children had been assembled in the play yard. They were grouped close together and arranged in wobbly little rows, their dark heads bobbing around like flower buds on long stems. One of the teachers rapped for silence. The kids quieted immediately and turned their eyes towards her. Their Faces were scrubbed and bright in the sunshine. The teacher raised her arms, and for a moment, there was no sound ... Then the teacher brought her arms down and the kids began to sing ... I Knew why I felt at home. The spirit of freedom was hovering over that pl ...
3rd Infantry Division! The broken TV patch! Audie Murphy's WW11 unit! and Hooray for the Dogface soldier, Rock of the Marne 1918! Dough-boys in WW1. "I'm just a Dogface Soldier, with a rifle on my shoulder, eat raw meat for BF everyday. So feed me ammunition keep me in the 3rd Division, your Dogface Soldier is A OK!!!" Hooray!!!
My two favorite Medal Of Honor recipients: Audie Murphy (WWII- France -1945) for his action on a tank destroyer, the other- Ardie Copas (Vietnam War- Cambodia-1970 ) for his action on an armored personnel carrier unfortunately losing his life in the process.Both were alone firing a 50 caliber machine gun. I was told by Ardie's Brother, that he was named after Audie, but at the time he was born, they didn't know the correct spelling of Audie...Can you say destiny? Both were age 19.
this is my equivalent of talking to Audie Murphy or Dan Daly
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They get him to play the role. Think Audie Murphy.
My CSM Came up to me today and said "get ready, you're going to the Audie Murphy board the second week of September"
My world cup team to fight Ghana: Guile, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rocky, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson,Audie Murphy(cont)
It took Sgt. 1st Class Randall Johnson three tries to join the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.
Sheff commented on a post Audie Murphy.
Heh. I remember when I was a kid my mom being (mock) horrified that I'd never heard of Audie Murphy. =).
Troy Richards from First Command in Enterprise, provided lunch at today's SAMC meeting, and presented The Fort Rucker Sergeant Audie Murphy Club with a "BIG" check today. First Command is sponsoring the Club to aid the support of our local community.
It's only a week away! Mark your calendar's for the 15th annual Audie Murphy Day Saturday, June 21. It's not too...
watch Audie Murphy western movies free online . Hundreds of other Western Movies and Television shows all to watch for free.
Well here I am, in San Antonio, the day after the Spurs win it all. Hello Audie Murphy VA!!!
Subject: Audie Murphy's Wife. . With all the VA problems on the news, I thought that you would like to read...
Wanna wish my husband a very Happy Father's Day!! Such an amazing daddy!! You are Brycens hero❤️
Happy Fathers Day to Audie Murphy, I think about you everyday. I love you. R.I.P ❤️
Audie Murphy never walked away from the gunfire
feck sake I thought that was the 24 hour gun slinger Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy the most amazing soldier. Has been my hero for 55 years.
Today is my step-son Audie's birthday, yes he's named after Audie Murphy and it also happens to be the birthday. Happy birthday!
I grew up watching Audie Murphy westerns. Ninety percent of the time, Dan Duryea was the villain. Not a great...
Audie Murphy reminds us of American values - Obama is at the other end of the spectrum.
Contrary to what the idiotic liberals want you to believe, is not Audie Murphy.
When I go to I cannot visit Audie Murphy's resting place only once. I now do it twice...maybe three times next week!
Veterans asked to attend town hall meeting for testimonies about medical care - Audie L. Murphy Veterans...
The Army still has an Audie Murphy Club award which only given to soldiers of excellence.
A H.S. grad, I Audie Murphy'd my way into lying about my age, standing tall on PI days after my 16th B-day.
Can't wait to go to on Thursday! Looking forward to seeing my hero, Audie Murphy on the day before our birthday!
This Memorial Day weekend might be a good time to reflect on our heroes from the wars. There has been only one Baton Rougan to win the Congressional Medal of Honor. Staff Sgt. Homer L. Wise enlisted in the Army in Baton Rouge in 1941. He was born in Baton Rouge in 1917, dropped out of a Baton Rouge School in the eight grade , because he preferred to fish and hunt. He won the Medal of Honor in fighting at Magliano , Italy in June 1944. Severely wounded three times in Italy and France he also garnered three Purple Hearts, the Silver Star, and two Bronze Stars as well as the Croix de Guerre from France. He was one of the six honorary Pallbearers at the dedication of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. He settled in his wife's hometown in Stamford Ct., died in 1974 and is buried in Stamford ; a city that erected a life size stature in his memory in their Town Square. He is the second highest decorated American Soldier , after Audie Murphy, in the History of the US Army. Stamford re ...
I like Gene Autry, all the ol' side kicks, to these Actors. Audie Murphy, James S. John W., luved Randolph Scott.
Flash Back Thursday As a small child right after WWII when I was about five years old, my Dad took me to the Army surplus store and bought a helmet liner for about 25 cents and I remember him painting it white and using electrical tape to make a stripe around it and put "MP" on the front. I used his WWII Army web belt and canteen and he would let me play Army with the neighborhood kids. I put his ribbons on my blue jean jacket and I terrorized the neighborhood a few months doing my Audie Murphy imitation. Growing up in west Texas, a "clod" of dirt made a great grenade! Regrettably, within about six months I lost my jacket along with all of his WWII ribbons. In 2014 I contacted the National Personnel Records Center giving them his name and service number and they provided me a list of which awards and decorations he earned during the war along with a notarized Certificate of Military Service and a notarized copy of his Honorable Discharge. Their records show he received the Good Conduct Medal, the Ame ...
Good afternoon team! Thank you to all that attended yesterday's meeting. Topics that were discussed were the following: May 30th- set up a table with SAMC brochures at the Torch Run in Fort DeRussy, 1700 May 31st- Hawaii SAMC Organization Day at Bellows AFB (Open to all our SAMC members and their families), 1200 June 14th- Resiliency Hike at the lighthouse, 0700 June 20th (Audie Murphy's Birthday) Hawaii SAMC call at Lehilani Club, Schofield Barracks, 1800 in civilian clothes Also, SAMA final selection boards are suspended until the re validation process is complete.
Is it just a coincidence that some of America's most decorated soldiers came from the South and or Texas? Robert L. Howard, Alabama(Most decorated) Audie Murphy, Texas(second most decorated) Chris Kyle, Texas(most kills as a sniper) Marcus Luttrell, Texas Billy Waugh. Texas Carlos Hathcock, Arkansas (second most kills as a sniper) According to yankees and lib *** the south is a racist hot bed. I don't believe that BS but we do have some very proficient killers:)
50 of our Nation's 80 living Medal of Honor recipients have personally hand signed the petition to bestow upon Audie Murphy, America's "most decorated" soldi...
I just filed a complaint with Congressman Lamar Smith, on the VA, Audie Murphy. Seems we or I, being denied my pain meds because they are cracking down on this, you see I have been on the same regiment for years, I am not addicted to my Meds, and that combination is the only one that keeps me not hurting as bad as I am now. It's a *** shame we veterans have to suffer in pain due to the abuse of others, being denied is unjust and wrong,,I am contacting the news media and hope they will help all of us..
I told her a 20yr old was hitting on me. She said it could be worse. Dr. K time:). — at Audie L Murphy Memorial...
AMERICA'S MOST BELOVED VETERANS From every generation of Americans that has gone to war, the names of a few veterans are added to our nation's collective memory – some for selflessness and courage under fire, some for national leadership in tough times, some for their celebrity. During the month of May, The American Legion Magazine invites you to choose who you believe to be America's most beloved veterans, casting up to 25 votes among the candidates on this page. Don't see your favorites on our list? Write in a candidate or two. Veterans receiving the most votes will be featured in the November American Legion Magazine and online. 110 43 78 American Revolution Deborah Sampson Disguised as a man, Sampson fought with the Continental Army, received wounds in combat and, with the help of Paul Revere, secured a pension. Francis Marion The "Swamp Fox" is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare. George Washington The founding father served as general and commander in chief of the Continental ...
What happened to the Audie Murphy's, the Roberto Clemete's, the Lou Gehrig's, the John Lennon's ?.We need another generation like that. A generation with Pride, Loyalty, selflessness, Love and Passion. A generation that lies about its age, not to get into a club or to drink, but to fight for the country that they love, and for a cause they are passionate about. A generation that wants to give back as much as they can, and become good stewards with the skills God has given them the ability to obtain. A generation that works their *** off to become the best at something, and doesn't cut corners. A generation that doesn't take sick days, or expect their living to be provided for, by other hard working Americans. A generation that isn't so *** pussified or offended by everything. A generation that stands firmly in their beliefs, and would actually fight for those beliefs, if need be. A generation that also shows love and compassion towards others, and practices what they preach...If you don't know any of the ...
Who's up for an Audie Murphy picture at the Majestic?
I don't care if someone is an 18 year old Audie Murphy - no booze got you!
Audie Murphy was the most decorated WW2 veteran..he was an actor. He wasn't a tough guy?
If you want to feel like you've done nothing with your life, go on google and look up Audie Murphy and read his Wikipedia page...
Most know who Audie Murphy is, the most decorated soldier in history. How many know who Joe Robbie Hooper is? He was awarded one less medal that Murphy. Included in his honor roll of medals are 8 Purple Hearts. One might think he was just unlucky to have been wounded on 8 different occasions. Also included in his medals are 6 Bronze Stars, 2 Silver Stars and the Congressional Medal of Honor. This should lead to the obvious conclusion that he got those Purple Hearts from repeatedly placing himself in harms way during numerous acts of valor.He wasn't just running out in the middle of firefights or the fun of it. He was credited with 115 kills in Vietnam, 22 on the day of the action for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor. He did this with his rifle, hand grenades, his pistol and a bayonet, all while seriously wounded himself. His repeated actions were beyond heroic. The following is the citation for his Medal of Honor. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and ...
For those of you who understand why I'm posting this pray for me. Just got the word I have a month to get it ALL...
Follow the career of war hero turned movie star Audie Murphy, who fought in World War II and starred in films like The Red Badge of Courage.
Looks like I'm going to the Audie Murphy Board before I PCS to Germany.
Took Scout to be groomed and shaved...WOW! He sure looks different and is STILL mad at me...will post pics if he ever comes out of the garage.Browns Veterinary Service did a great job and at a great price.and got a little Goodwill fix (GW, Ltd.) with my sis, Anna :) ...looking forward to another great night of revival at East Lynn Church of God...come out and hear Audie Murphy Sr and some great singing...service starts at 7:00 pm.What an Awesome God we serve!
my first child's name will be Audie Murphy Dobo. No exceptions.
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We are looking for another Great Night of Revival. Rev Audie Murphy preached an awesome message: "God takes...
At our monthly VFW Meeting the discussion surrounded the need for heroes for our youth today. We spoke of the military heroes of the past i.e. Sergeant York of WWI, Audie Murphy of WWII along with discussions about John Wayne and many other heroes we had, when growing up. A suggestion was presented...THAT WE BECOME THE NEEDED HEROES. The following entry for our bimonthly newsletter was submitted for publication to our membership: The Chaplain's Corner."We must be the HEROES for the current generation of youth. Our track record has proven that we remain patriots and ready to step up and continue the mission to protect our citizens. That call to DUTY didn't die when we were separated from active duty with the Armed Forces. Our association with the Veterans of Foreign Wars seals our desire to continue THE MARCH in the right direction. We are the HEROES to this generation and the future ones as well. We just need to SOUND OFF with a VERY LOUD CADENCE announcing that fact: 'We are heroes, mighty migh ...
Audie Murphy the most highly decorated American soldier of WW II.
40 Guns to Apache Pass: Audie Murphy on a dangerous mission takes on angry Apaches & army traitors: on 5.00pm:
I have never been a fan of John Ford's " The Searchers" , which I think is over-rated . A much better movie but vastly under-rated , and is based on the same novel that The Searchers uses as material , is The Unforgiven. The actors in the latter movie are much better- Charles Bickford, Audie Murphy, Burt Lancaster , Lilian Gish ( who I interviewed once in her home) , the great Joseph Wiseman, Doug McClure , Albert Salmi and the incandescently lovely Audrey Hepburn. Ford's movie has the usual suspects- Ford's Irish drinking cronies and the acting is strange and perfunctory with a master camera and stage like performances with the usual Ford fondness for silly humor.. The only two movies that I love by John Ford are not Westerns- The Quiet Man and The Long Grey Line. I have never understood why liberals worship The Searchers and hate The Unforgiven ?
WONDERFUL service tonight at East Lynn Church of God.Brother Audie Murphy Sr was on fire!!! Can't wait until tomorrow night! Would love to see YOU won't be disappointed.
Does any one have or know where I could get the movie "to *** and back" starring Audie Murphy before the end of the week??? Apparently its a must watch for me. Thanks in advance!!!
I don't know if I want to live in a world that doesn't know who Audie Murphy is , or John Wayne .
God bless you Audie Murphy my Masonic brother .
Audie Murphy & Dan Duryea in Ride Clear of Diablo (1954)
We had an awesome Meeting last night! Rev. Audie Murphy's message last night was on Bringing in His Praise! When...
Everyone knows Bonnie and Clyde how many know Audie Murphy WWIIs most decorated war hero including the Congressional Medal of Honor??
‘Audie Murphy Days’ military salute May 16-17 in Greenville: Audie Murphy Days' Salute to the Military will fe...
Seven years for Sgt White to receive MOH? Why so long for awards? Audie Murphy received his MOH within six months!
Captain America is pretty much just Audie Murphy, tbh.
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THE CHEVY SHOW 1959. Roy Rogers' guest on the episode were Eddie Arnold and Audie Murphy. Courtesy Rob...
Audie Murphy - decorated WW II hero and accomplished actor.
Not lately. Audie Murphy? In modern terms, what he did would be considered a mental disorder by many. Not me. War is ***
NEWSFLASH: Real heroes at willing to put women and children in harm's way in the face of "the enemy". Just like Audie Murphy.
If you do not know of Audie Murphy a quick google search is what you need!
Go to to see what your next home could look like at Big...
Audie Murphy was an enlisted man promoted to lieutenant after all the shooting was done.
Some officers do work for a living. MOH Recipient Cpt swenson is proof. How about audie murphy?
if I had Audie Murphy flag from funeral I wouldn't sell ever
I love my VA hosp Audie Murphy in SA TX. Saved my life. Along with my Endocrine Doc Koops who so Rocks,
TEN PILLARS OF PATRIOTISM April 3, 2014 By Don Feder Language-corruption is endemic. Sodomy is an "alternative life style," jihad-murder is "workplace-related violence" and Catholic institutions not providing contraception through their health insurance are part of a "war on women." Even patriotism doesn't mean what it once did. A patriot used to be Nathan Hale, Andrew Jackson, Sergeant York and Audie Murphy. Now we're told that it's patriotic to support whatever foreign policy idiocy an anti-American administration dreams up. According to the most recent Pew Research Center survey, 52% completely agree with the statement: "I am very patriotic." Another 36% "mostly agree." But what does this mean? Delving a bit deeper, 69% say they're "very likely" to sing the National Anthem, 59% to display the American flag on their home or car and 53% to attend a public celebration of the 4th of July. But will America be saved by watching a parade pass by, singing the first verse of the National Anthem off-key or attac ...
James Best is an Actor, Director, Screen Writer and Artist perhaps best known for his role as "Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane" on TV's "The Dukes of Hazzard" and as "Jim Lindsey" on "The Andy Griffith Show". He has appeared in well over 80 feature films and more than 600 television shows. His film credits include works with Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Audie Murphy, Randolph Scott, Henry Fonda, Rock Hudson, Anthony Quinn, Burt Reynolds and countless others. Experience a one-man show that incorporates non-stop humor and memories from the Golden Years of Hollywood. Show includes: • Unique stories from James Best's Hollywood Experiences • Video clips from Film & Television • Autograph session - meet James Best! If you are interested in bringing "Best in Hollywood" to your town - please contact us using the form below. About
No surprise that the most decorated soldiers of WWI & WWII were from the South. Audie Murphy and Alvin York.
Aidan and his pals did their history fair project on Audie Murphy and other Medal of Honor recipients!…
Hey! Just saw the opening credits to Audie Murphy's "To *** and Back". There's an actor named Richard Castle in it.
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Audie Murphy American Hero presents Audie Murphy Screen Legend! Screen legend Audie Murphy remembered through 50 color photographs taken from various Western scenes of his long Hollywood movie career. Small in stature, Audie Murphy stood tall among men and will always be remembered as the 'most decorated' soldier of World War II.
SUNDAY, March 23, 2014 at 7PM PST & 10PM EST Jack Marino Warriorfilmmaker Show on on Channel 2 My guest is Award Winning Actor Michael Dante has appeared in approximately 30 films and 150 television shows and spent several years under contract to three major studios; MGM, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. Michael was a bonus ball player with the Boston Braves and later went to the big leagues with the Washington Senators. He has won many awards in and out of Hollywood and has a street named after him, Michael Dante Way, in his hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. Michael’s first starring role was in Westbound with Randolph Scott, co-starred in two films with Audie Murphy, Apache Rifles and Arizona Raiders, Seven Thieves with Rod Stieger, Sammy Fuller’s film noir,The Naked Kiss and starred in the title role in the film Winterhawk. He co-starred in classic TV shows such as Desilu Playhouse, Star Trek, Bonanza, General Hospital and the Custer Series, just to name a few. Michael hosted ...
Need a drink come to vip liquor with Audie Murphy come one come all
The most decorated soldier of WWII and his guns are in Greenville, Texas at the Audie Murphy Cotton Museum
Movies - Arizona Raiders.-1965-Audie Murphy-A jailed member of a renegade band of raiders is released to help hunt down the remnants of the gang. -
Working from home today due to errands that took most of the morning. Had to go to Navy Federal Credit Union to pick up car check, then off to dealership to deliver check. Then to car insurance agent to switch coverage to new car and then to Audie Murphy VA Hospital for a lab appointment. All done and now working at home with Earmark cuddled next to me. I am loving the new Hybrid Camry. Have only used a "pinch" of gas.
*** Looking to buy ANY Western DVD Movies with Audie Murphy in them, my aunt who is blind loves listening to them and he is her favorite actor *** Thank you in advance ...
Don't forget to come out and support the Audie Murphy Girls Athletics! . Thanks for all you do Coach Colunga!...
My first real ride on my new donkey Audie Murphy. He was a very good boy and we had a great day with Shannon and friends.
Officially ALC complete! Now it's time to focus attention towards this Audie Murphy Nomination Board. — feeling blessed
Yeah it's sad. Hollywood used to have heroes, like Jimmy Stewart, Audie Murphy etc. not any more. :(
1thing I hate about this generation.we love people who can act/sing, but I'm sure almost no one knows who audie Murphy is without google
2/2 Audie Murphy, US Army service that included his being awarded the Medal of Honor.
1/2 Audie Murphy, America's most-decorated soldier, who became a Hollywood star as a result of his
This is the site whereSecond Lieutenant Audie Murphy, Company B, 15th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division, on 26 January 1945 north of Holtzwihr France, won his Medal of Honor.
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Mickey Rooney. Loved him and Audie Murphy. And of course, John Wayne.
Putin knows Mom Pants and Audie Murphy Kerry are soft. He must be creaming in his jeans right now knowing these morons are
Frankie, Just watched your BF4 War Stories. Thought of a soldier some people don't know about. Audie Murphy. Give him a look.
Role models in my youth John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Lone Ranger, Ward Clever. Today they have Kanye, Kardashians, Miley,Obama! We in trouble!
Went to the Audie Murphy museum yesterday. Great place to learn about America's most decorated Soldier
Not much flooding inside the Audie Murphy Ranch development. Drainage channel isn't that full and the streets are in good shape.
Salt Creek is a rushing river as it flows under Goetz Road near the Audie Murphy Ranch development. Video coming...
Audie Murphy was one of the US' greatest & the most decorated soldier in American history.
.did anyone tell You that you look like Audie Murphy! He was one that the Marine Corps missed well the Army lucked out!
Saturday Movies: No Name on the Bullet, directed by Jack Arnold, starring Audie Murphy today @ 2
A real-life "Manuel Mendoza" who is a war hero right up there with Audie Murphy!
Chris, don't forget Audie Murphy in he was a union soldier
Audie Murphy stars in our Saturday Movie: Free screening of "No Name on the Bullet" at 2pm tomorrow.
is in full swing at Audie Murphy Middle School!
Audie Murphy like wiped out a German mg trench alone after it killed his friend
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I love Jack. I also love badasses Alvin York and Audie Murphy
THIS! MT If Cinco de Mayo causes issues cancel the celebration & replace it with an AUDIE MURPHY DAY.”
If celebrating Cinco de Mayo will cause issues simply cancel the celebration and replace it with an Audie Murphy day.
Nice photo of him. 4th Infantry...yes? Audie Murphy's division?
Letter: Golf Course Sale Questions: If you vote to sell the golf course, I'm sure Audie Murphy Ranch and Canyo...
Would you like to call this home? Learn more about Big Sky at Audie Murphy Ranch at...
But seriously, Audie Murphy was a complete badass. As well as Jack Churchill.
Photoset: ninjabowties: I like to think Captain America was based off Audie Murphy (most decorated solider...
Ronald Reagan, Johnny Unitas, Audie Murphy, Charlton Heston, John Wayne- some of our great Americans. Who's going to fill their shoes?
Audie Murphy's guys hated him as his gung *** Purple Heart approach usually meant they bought it
I liked a video No Name on the Bullet 1959 ^ Audie Murphy
Please come out and support The Audie Murphy Middle School Girls Athletic Program...this coming Tuesday from...
A Salute to Audie Murphy - 'Most Decorated' Combat Soldier of WWII with slide show of photos!
I didn't know who Audie Murphy was, looked him up. Amazing guy, a hero. Learned something.
Know who else "didn't even have a college degree"? Audie Murphy. I'd put him on the border before I put you there
Sgt. Audie Murphy Club poker run coming up:
mostly mutually exclusive. I mean there was Audie Murphy, but most of today's crop of actors I wouldn't trust to have my six.
Holy crap... Audie Murphy was a compete, and total, badass! 33 medals for his service in world war 2.
"Just hold the phone and I'll let you talk to one" Audie Murphy when asked by artillerymen how close the germans were to his position.
This fantastic New Build just fell out of Escrow. If your looking to move into Audie Murphy Ranch this Woodside...
Live a beautiful life in the naturally majestic, master-planned community of Big Sky at Audie Murphy Ranch in...
'Aint worried bout nothin,except the man GOD wants me to be... We all have our time .
My e-book RAMBO: THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY, discusses how Audie Murphy, America's most decorated soldier of WWII, was the model for Rambo.
This patch is a depiction of a model featured in a magazine from the WWII era. The name given was Audie Murphy, which I assume to be a stage name.
DYK after John F. Kennedy, the second most visited grave at Arlington National Cemetery is WW2 soldier & CMH recipient Audie Murphy
Have you ever looked at a map of the world? Look at Texas with me just for a second. That picture, with the Panhandle and the Gulf Coast, and the Red River and the Rio Grande is as much a part of you as anything ever will be. As soon as anyone anywhere in the world looks at it, they know what it is. It's Texas. Pick any kid off the street in Japan and draw him a picture of Texas in the dirt, and he'll know what it is. What happens if I show you a picture of any other state? You might get it maybe after a second or two, but who else would? And even if you do, does it ever stir any feelings in you? In every man, woman and child on this planet, there is a person who wishes just once he could be a real live Texan and get up on a horse or ride off in a pickup. There is a little bit of Texas in everyone. Texas is the Alamo. Texas is 183 men standing in a church, facing thousands of Mexican nationals, fighting for freedom, who had the chance to walk out and save themselves, but stayed instead to fight and die fo ...
TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER This must take a very special kind of person. 1. How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why? 21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary. 2. How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin his return walk and why? 21 seconds for the same reason as answer number 1. 3. Why are his gloves wet? His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle. 4. Does he carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time, and if not, why not? He carries the rifle on the shoulder away from the tomb. After his march across the path, he executes an about face, and moves the rifle to the outside shoulder. 5. How often are the guards changed? Guards are changed every thirty minutes, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. 6. What are the physical traits of the guard limited to? For a person to apply for guard duty at the tomb, he must be between 5` 10" an ...
Audie Murphy American Hero presents Audie Murphy Army Interview 1960 (ref: The Broken Bridge.) conducted by Armed Forces Radio 1960 as Audie revisits Germany in conjunction with his filming of the Department of Defense film "The Broken Bridge," a film highlighting the dangers of the Cold War. This great American patriot, offers great commentary on the Soviets and the readiness of the U.S. Army in Germany. The closing clips are of Audie revisiting Nurenberg Stadium which his unit helped take (capture) in the final stages of World War Two and from where Hitler gave his many speeches on the podium on which Audie stands 15 years later. His answer may surprise you as we get a peek at the humbleness of this great American Hero and Patriot! Audie Leon Murphy (1925-1971) America's Most Decorated Soldier of WWII Medal of Honor Citation: "Second Lieutenant Audie L. Murphy, 01692509, 15th Infantry, Army of the United States, on 26 January 1945, near Holtzwihr, France, commanded Company B, which was attacked by six t ...
I find it ironic that the marine corps turned Audie Murphy down. He then went to the army and was accepted.
If Audie Murphy were alive today, Al Qaida would have already been decimated!   10% Off
Audie Murphy was my biggest childhood hero. I'd watch him 10 times over a John Wayne movie. There was none better!
Southern Honor, Southern Pride Any Southerner worth their salt will know that a big part of the Southern culture is a "love affair" with the profession of arms. Such is the cultural attitude toward combat in the South that when the War for Southern Independence was looming, it was readily said that one Southerner was equal to ten Yankees when it came to battle. Service in the military is so interwoven with our Southern heritage and culture that if a Southerner hasn't served in the military in some fashion themselves, be it active duty, National Guard or reserves, then they need only look to their parents or grandparents to find this service in their family tree. In the 1880s, through the end of the 19th century, when the federal government started providing money and/or land to the states for creating colleges and universities, the South jumped on this. These were known as "Land Grant Universities." Many of these schools were all male, military-style schools. Many "State" universities (Mississippi State, ...
This has been such a blessed weekend.We had a wonderful anniversary with family and friends on Friday night.On Saturday we were in an amazing service at Crossfire Assembly Church.Such wonderful worship and fellowship.Brother Audie Murphy preached a great message.Tonight was another anointed message from Brother Brian Wellman on Covenants.Delighted to see all of his family come with him to worship with us.Pastor Paul Caudill gave us good words of encouragement,as well.God has poured out His blessings in abundance.For that I give Him the praise He so richly deserves.Praying everyone has a great night!
Thanks to Bro. Audie Murphy for a great revival, we were so blessed.
Today my dear, dear friend Shirleyjean passed into God's hands. She is finally out of pain and worry with people who loved her. She'll finally get to see her hero Audie Murphy. I will miss her terribly she was my FRIEND and I loved her.
3rd day on a row, another puzzle knocked out! @ Audie Murphy Memorial VA Hospital
. is that the one with Audie Murphy in it?. it won't be - he won WW2 single handedly - he didn't save the world
Audie Murphy was a very attractive man & in his old westerns, he always left the women wanting! Lucky you!
Omgoodness, first it was Arizona Raiders, then Texicans, now Quick Gun. It definitely is Audie Murphy movie night!
Audie Murphy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Wow, Catfish was right, this fellow was an American Hero!
Catfish tells me I need to read up on HOW Audie Murphy won all those medals on his chest. He says I would be impressed ...
Audie Murphy, the MOST decorated soldier in the The U.S. Army during WWII. He retells about his story in his...
The major news networks, ABC, CBS, nbc, etc dedicated 1min and 30 seconds to Audie Murphy, the most decorated war Veteran of WWII
We don't watch 'Mainstream Programing' anymore. . We're watching Arizona Raiders movie w Audie Murphy, who BTW, was highly decorated in WWII
FROM OUR COMMUNITY CALENDAR -- Fort Polk Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Poker Run set March 15 LEESVILLE -- The "Bayou Chapter" of the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club will host a benefit poker run on Saturday, March 15. All proceeds will go toward a college scholarship fund to support local military, veterans and their families. Register at VFW Post 3106 in Leesville (the run also ends there). Registration will be from 9 a.m.-11 a.m., with kickstands up at 11 a.m. Cost is $20 per biker and $5 for extra rider. Great food and fellowship! Lots of door prizes and raffles. All area riders are welcome to ride and enjoy.
At least we'll always have Audie Murphy
Medal of Honor Roll Call: Audie L. Murphy Read the Guns & Patriots article by ,
HI >> AUDIE MURPHY one of the finest solders ever. .308saiga
Audie Murphy- one of the most decorated US soldiers in WW2. He was awarded every US military combat award avaliable, decorated by France too
Audie Murphy is the most badass man to ever have walked this earth. If you don't know him, look him up.
Audie Murphy may not have been a big man physically -- he almost didn't have chest enough for all of
Audie Murphy ~ Texan and WWII war hero. See the Audie Murphy website
From Crispus Attucks to Nathan Hale to Joshua Chamberlain to Sgt. Alvin York to Audie Murphy to Marcus Luttrell. this is one constant that never changes...
If you want to know what war is really, truly like, then read 'To *** and Back' by Audie Murphy. It'll teach you right quick.
Audie Murphy should be venerated to such a respect as soon as we start ww2 in class but no. Absolutely not. We talk culture instead
I hate how the name Audie Murphy has not been uttered from Ms. B and yet we're In the ww2 unit
1964 SUPERSTITION MOUNTAIN VIDEO showing Superstition Mountain on the set of "ARIZONA RAIDERS" with Audie Murphy & Michael Dante. This clip has some great shots of the Superstitions as well as Apacheland Main Street and the Apacheland Barn. Filmed on location in Apache Junction December 5-12, 1964.
USA is the black hat. You watch too many Rambo/Audie Murphy movies
Four NCOs make a jump into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club: Four soldiers were inducted into the Area IV Korea ...
Which celebrity would you like to meet? — Audie Murphy or will smith or Michael Jordan
Well sports fans and FB friends and acquaintances I am off to the Veterans Administration Audie Murphy Hospital here in the lovely but somewhat Progressive San Antonio Texas. I will see my Cardiologist and if I am lucky she will tell me I do indeed have a heart. Seriously just routine after my little false alarm in October. Audie Murphy is a wonderful hospital as are most VA hospitals but over worked and funded using the low cost bidder formula for drugs etc. Still they care very much for veterans and do an amazing job although it can take some time to get treatment. The rating and compensation side of VA is a different animal although other than the lady in Houston who took my medical record home in 1998 and lost it and did not report it for a year I have had very few if any problems with them. They too are overworked especially with constant war since 2003 and a slightly antiquated records keeping and sharing system. They are working hard with minimal funding from congress to overcome these probl ...
In my house, my parents watched Randolph Scott and Audie Murphy westerns and we watched "Tarzan," "Andy Hardy," and Shirley Temple flicks. I hope the evening news accounts are better than those I saw this morning on TV, which failed to identify Temple's on-screen dancing partners, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Buddy "Jed Clampett" Ebsen.
Oh my boys Malachi is all into Audie Murphy and watching war movies, Colton umm surprise Lane Frost or JB or Bushwhacker or Redrock, and Jase is just into well learning he is watching animal atlas at the moment , and Rowdy well Elmo and Bob from Veggie tales ;) love their different personalities as we are up am getting ready for church this morning :) so thankful for my mom for staying home with Rowdy so we can go :)
Everybody knows who Tom Brady is yet have no clue who Audie Murphy is! Thats the problem with America
TODAY DURING WWII - January 26 1934 – German–Polish Non-Aggression Pact is signed. 1939 – Spanish Civil War – Catalonia Offensive: Troops loyal to nationalist General Francisco Franco and aided by Italy take Barcelona. 1942 – The first United States forces arrive in Europe landing in Northern Ireland. 1945 – The Red Army begins encircling the German Fourth Army near Heiligenbeil in East Prussia, which will end in destruction of the 4th Army two months later. 1945 – Audie Murphy in action that will later win him the Medal of Honor.
Last night, my western-watching group convened again. (Johnny D. Boggs, one of the finest western novelists; Tom Clagett, who worked as an editor on classic TV series such as ST. ELSEWHERE; and Robert Nott, a reporter for our local newspaper The Santa Fe New Mexican and author of a book about Audie Murphy, Randolph Scott, and Joel McCrea). We started with a homage to stunt men by watching a half hour episode of the 1950s western series, RANGE RIDER, with legendary stunt man Jock Mahoney as the star and rodeo star *** Jones as his sidekick. It's a wonder these guys lived to complete the series, so intense and frequent are the stunts. They don't just get on horses--they leap onto them. They don't open gates and walk through--they leap over. It's a hoot when all the characters call Mahoney's character "Rider." Then we ate dinner and had an animated conversation about whether COOGAN'S BLUFF (Clint Eastwood as a western lawman in modern New York City) is a western. The feature was 1964's RIO CONCHOS with a ve ...
For those of us who grew up watching TV in the 60s and 70s, R.I.P., Russell Johnson (1924-2014) A.K.A. the Professor from "Gilligan's Island" and Dave Madden1931-2014) A.K.A. Reuben Kincaid from "The Partridge Family." Johnson fought in World War II with the U.S. Air Force. He earned a Purple Heart while on a mission as a navigator in a B-24. His plane and two other B-24s were shot down over the Philippines in March 1945. When the planes had to ditch in the water, both of his ankles were broken and the radioman sitting next to him was killed. After the war, he went to college to study acting. Johnson was a close friend of Audie Murphy and appeared in three of Murphy's films. He appeared twice in "The Twilight Zone." One of those appearances he played a professor who traveled back in time to April 1864 in Washington D.C. He tried to prevent Lincoln's assassination but was not believed. He played the Professor on "Gilligan's Island" from 1964-1967. After Gilligan, some of the shows he appeared on wer ...
A great use of Flamenco in film. Arizona Raiders, 1965 w/Audie Murphy & Buster Crabbe. Dont know the dancer/actress &/or the guitarist's name (s), but they're good. The actress dances flamenco while performing dialogue w/Audie's character, a Texas Ranger. Very good handwork as she seductively delivers both her acting & dancing lines. Ole'!
ARIZONA RAIDERS trailer - Filmed at Apacheland Studio & Old Tucson in December 1964 with Audie Murphy, Michael Dante & Buster Crabbe. Movie was released in 1965.
And now ladies and gentleman I know you've all been dying for this, my top ten films of 2013. I apologize for not posting more articles I am actually working on writing an adaptation of a book about Audie Murphy (don't get excited nothing is in production, the author gave me permission to try). There will be an article for this I promise. Top Ten Films of 2013: 1. Spring Breakers - Harmony Korine 2. The Wolf of Wall Street - Martin Scorsese 3. Upstream Color - Shane Caruth 4. Gravity - Alfonso Cauron 5. Her - Spike Jonze 6. Nebraska - Alexander Payne 7. Trance - Danny Boyle 8. The Counselor - Ridley Scott (HUGELY underrated) 9. Only God Forgives - Nicolas Winding Refn (Misunderstood, you know your film is something special when it provokes such a polarizing reaction at Cannes) 10. Stoker - Park Chan Wook (Everyone forgot about this film) Sure there were movies I also really liked like 12 Years a Slave and a lot of these awards contenders but these were the most personal for me.
We need more Hero's these days, not the ones that the Media wants us to to idolize; but ones like I grew up with and you can watch on the oldies channel. I'm talking hero's like Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Buster Crabbe, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Audie Murphy, just to mention a few. But in today's society, our Media has lost focus on what and who is important these days. Its not about getting us the information we need or want, its about who has the money to buy what news we hear. Its sad that our Media has to take sides, deciding that you the people don't need to know some particular news story because it just might bring down the rating of the sitting President or Political party. They want our children to idolize and emulate singers and stars, that even in my wildest days I wouldn't have even thought about wanting to be like. They are pushing movies and video games where kids can use automatic weapons to indiscriminately kill hundreds of people; but the can't play Cowboys and Indians without the pol ...
If you're afraid of anything, why not take a chance and do the thing you fear. -Audie Murphy
"I can't be a leader, I'm a nobody. I can't be instrumental in a revolution for freedom, or for Christ and for true and real freedom of religion or an oppressive government who ignores its own Constitution. I am just an untrained nobody unsuited to be a leader." REALLY? Emiliano Zapata was a horse trainer, Poncho Villa a thief and an outlaw, Sam Houston a drunk, as was US Grant. Lincoln a lawyer, William Travis and Jim Bowie destitute land speculators both running from indictments in their home states. Audie Murphy was a 17 year old farm boy. Ronald Regan an actor. Who would have thought a 68 year old bearded duck hunter from Louisiana would become the defender of the faith. You can be a leader, you can make a difference, never forget Jesus was a carpenter. Chipism: Never too young, never too old, never too weak never too strong. God Bless Texas God Save the USA.
Congratulations Sgt. 1st Class Rochiqneu Jones on your induction into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club!
The Promotion System. E5 and below promotions is fine the way it is. Promotion to E6, the only change I would make is; make it a Brigade Level Board and Platoon Sergeants are the Sponsors. Currently at the BN and below level, there’s too much familiarity with the person, especially if they are “board-babies”, they would be required to not only answer questions, but in scenario driven questions based on the board topics (similar to Audie Murphy boards). Then they would provide their records file like for the E7 boards for review. This way they can be head-on questioned about anything questionable in their files. E7 boards I think should be done the same way, but at Installation level. Sure, the process may take a long time, but the fix, give notice and break it down by alphabetical order or numbers according to days to convene. This would force a “self-weed out” process, whereas those know they may not be worthy of promotion at that time won’t compete or even show-up. Screenings are done at ...
15th Inf Regt Drinking Glass by CafePress - White, UKPK,R3UJ7RUE. See all details on this website: similar products /VW79CFN/: A paper on the transportation by air of the 104th armored inf. regt. (15th panzer division) from italy to the place of employment at tobruch [i.e. tobruk], april 1941; Flag of regt., 44th n.y. inf. poster print of an authentic civil war photograph; 15th inf regt drinking glass by cafepress - white; Dogface soldiers: the story of b company, 15th regiment, 3rd infantry division - from fedala to salzburg: audie murphy and his brothers in arms.
GUY MITCHELL: Guy Mitchell, born Albert George Cernik (February 22, 1927 – July 1, 1999) was an American pop singer, successful in his homeland, the U.K. and Australia. As an international recording star of the 1950s he achieved record sales in excess of 44 million units and this included six million-selling singles. In the fall of 1957, Mitchell starred in his own ABC variety show, The Guy Mitchell Show. He also appeared as George Romack on the 1961 NBC western detective series Whispering Smith, with World War II hero Audie Murphy in the leading role.
Everytime I pass the Audie Murphy museum it reminds me that no matter how much of a badass you become, you'll never one up him
So glad kids stopped leaving pennies on graves at Arlington. But, did see two Hershey kisses on Audie Murphy's grave.
I liked a video Drums Across The River(1954) with Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy; proof you don't need to be tall to accomplish great things.
Audie Murphy, an American legend and hero. Recipient of the Medal of Honor. Plus 2 more dozens of Medals from the European theater of operations. Killed over 250 German soldiers in combat. Died on May 28th, 1971. Buried in Arlington Cemetery, Virginia.
Anyone want a new home? Audie Murphy Ranch in Menifee. 4/3 3100sqft lrg loft, 3car garage, brand new, never lived in. $380,000
Well, went through the Black Forest today, was snowing!!! Saw a beautiful church, St Peters. Lit candles and said prayers for my mammam, paps, brother-in-law, great nephew and uncle. Then saw the spot where Audie Murphy earned the Congressional Medal of Honor. All were very moving. All packed : ) leave tomorrow at 8:30 am, 9 hrs to Phila. I need a vacation from this vacation!!! Will be very happy to see family, friends and my kitties!
It's always nice talking to people I knew from Audie Murphy and seeing what they're doing with their lives ☺️
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