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Audie Murphy

Audie Leon Murphy (June 20, 1924 – May 28, 1971) was a highly decorated and famous soldier. Through LIFE magazine's July 16, 1945 issue (Most Decorated Soldier /cover photo), he became one the most famous soldiers of World War II and widely regarded as the most decorated American soldier of the war.

Jimmy Stewart John Wayne Chesty Puller Sergeant York Captain America Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Medal of Honor Ronald Reagan

Take a Cold 10 second shower and watch an Audie Murphy Movie People
It's official! We'd like to welcome the newest member of the - To celebrate our partnership, we'…
I added a video to a playlist Walk the Proud Land. Audie Murphy, Anne Bancroft 1956. HD
Anglin is the Audie Murphy of the AR culture war. He’s one fkn guy taking on the planet. With a smile.
Lets honor him by making May 28 Audie Murphy day.
I know it's not the right day but, May 28, 1971 Audie Murphy was killed in a plane crash and in return the he got a…
Never has an actor been better cast for a role since Audie Murphy played himself in his biopic. Oh,…
TO *** AND BACK. No, this is not about Audie Murphy, our idol and actor-war hero won the most military medals in W…
Audie Murphy as Billy the Kid in The Kid from Texas (1950)
9/is pulled out of the ground, it dies, & the light goes out. PS--All of…
Well, this is what happens when OVER *SEVENTY-FIVE* PERCENT of the "candidate pool" are doped up, juvenile-offender…
I don't know about anyone else, but I've watched this over 2 dozen times now."Rock of The Marne!"...…
I even look like Audie Murphy in the mirror one day
Agreed. That is an excellent film, surprising for the time in which it was made -- the…
As I recall, Audie Murphy was 16 when he enlisted.
Audie Murphy was a great Hero of WWII and Thank God for all the Hero's that put on th…
Respects to Audie Murphy, America's most decorated soldier!!
Lot of people don't know that it was Audie Murphy started up programs? things to help vets with what was called "Ne…
In this lesson, students will consider the courage of Audie Murphy, who became the most decorated American soldier of Worl…
No. Listen to my Audie Murphy podcast and you wouldn't have to ask that question.
I liked a video Audie Murphy is the most decorated WWII veteran
This is one of my favorite Texans of all time. If you’ve never seen the movie To *** and Back, you should. This war hero…
If you ever watch ANY video-it should be this one! The story of a REAL Hero & VETERAN who must NEVER be forgotten!…
When they are a bit older visit the grave of Audie Murphy with them and let them learn about real he…
Hey John you ever see Audie Murphy? Guy was a savage. Some of those black and white actors were legends…
Philosophically speaking, I just think that the upcoming younger generation…
Audie Murphy, one of the most decorated soldiers from World War II. Audie was born the son of sharecroppers in Kingston…
No Name On the Bullet. Not only my favorite Audie Murphy film, but the name of a great biography on Audie.
Audie Murphy was one of the most decorated American combat soldiers of World War II, receiving every military combat aw…
Don't think I could go through a Veteran's Day Weekend without a salute to one of the most decorated US Soldiers of…
So many actors left Hollywood to fight in WW2. Audie Murphy, Jimmy Ste…
Not unaware to cases like Audie Murphy and Yogender Singh Yadav surviving more than they sh…
Wow: Audie Murphy only had one of each.
Audie Murphy is the most decorated WWII veteran via
Where are the combat veteran actors? Some guys like Jimmy Stewart, Lee Marvin, Audie Murphy ? Where is the love of…
Audie Murphy: Congressional Medal of Honor for holding off a German battalion. He was 5'5". Trump 6'2" had heel spurs.
Audie L. Murphy practiced with the gun since childhood, when the time came he was ready.
Have you ever heard of Lil Audie Murphy, . They wanted to send him home 4F. He end…
He will get it done. And he will replace George Washington. Abraham Lincoln and Au…
I feel most right-wingers would have kicked real war hero then actor Audie Murphy in the face to shake mere…
My answer to If it was discovered that a soldier lied to join, but had an otherwise exemplary service record, would…
Be your own sous chef in this gourmet kitchen at Province at Audie Murphy Ranch in Menifee – starting from the...
Every athlete or movie star I admired whent stupid on me.Audie Murphy is the only one I feel safe 2 admire.Boycott most all now.
The list actually includes the founding fathers, our military, farmers, ranchers, miners…
Who was Audie Murphy? Audie Leon Murphy (June 20, 1924-May 28, 1971) was an American soldier in World War (cont)
Your paper has been against pay to play.Neuhaus loves payers who want to play. He acts like A…
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Audie Murphy always stood proud for America and our flag. He would be proud of you for your stand against
Remember Audie Murphy the most decorated American in WWII fighting Nazis?
A real military hero was Audie Murphy... probably the most decorated sold…
Hobie Doyle reminded me of Audie Murphy a bit. I kinda wanted them to tell us he was a Medal of Honor winner.
Cool to let the guys who stopped the *** take the stage. Typically, Hollyw…
He was one of the first to safety. How many victims did he try…
Audie Murphy, most decorated soldier of WWII
Audie Murphy was 5 foot 5 inches tall and 112 pounds of REAL American. .🇺🇸
Hill County is lovely and places worth seeing! Hill County was GOOD ENOUGH FOR AUDIE MURPH…
Pretty hyped on the extension of this flip tuck knee 😈. 🎥-@ Jayradm @ Audie Murphy Ranch
I had a great time. I would do another run if i could✌. Audie Murphy was great hero.
Since we got into town late last night, we've a lighter day. Went to a talk on Audie Murphy, walked about, & napped…
Audie Murphy the most decorated solider in US history...i named my cat after him after watching the movie "To *** and Back".
*Respect! for the Audie Murphy profile pic, love it! 88 confirmed Axis kills with mostly M1 Garand shots. 🇺🇸😎
Rare chance to see Audie Murphy as himself.
Brave man acted way over the call of duty. He did not have a gun and behaved like Audie Murphy. One hero of many that night.
Audie Murphy was born in 1924. Murphy became one of the most decorated of earning the
Audie Murphy and Felicia Farr during filming between takes on set of *** BENT FOR LEATHER (1960). PHOTO:…
I don't get how this outta shape guy can handle full auto,.223,7.62,heck a 30 cal m60 like he's Audie Murphy..Elevated,long distance?
You should look into the effort to have the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to Audie Murphy.…
God bless you, Mr. President. I don't know how you do it. You're our Audie Murphy of politics. Defeat RINOs, democrats & media!
Come out to the Audie L. Murphy hospital on 10/6 to learn how to prevent a stroke, and what services are offered at…
Audie Murphy is a double crossin' cowboy in 1965 western Arizona Raiders at 1.10pm.
Audie Murphy uses a M-1 to hold off a company of Germans. Gen Patton called the M-1 the greatest tool of war invented. It’s all you need.
Me too. I was watching Audie Murphy the other day 👍. I am still there in foundation but, i have adapted accordingly.
With apologies to John Huston, I would put NO NAME ON THE BULLET at number one. . My top ten Audie Murphy...
It worked out for Audie Murphy, but he actually lived through the war.
Audie Murphy was also rejected. Standards of the day were different.
Audie Murphy, most decorated soldier in US history, wounded or killed 50 Germans at Colmar Pocket in 1945. Not 1/10th of today's casualties.
lets hear it for Audie Murphy a man that fought actual in WWII and earned himself the Medal of Honor.
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Audie Murphy straight white male. Medal of Honor WWII fought against actual
Character actor Morris Ankrum. Here with Nathan Juran and Audie Murphy on the set of Drums Across the River (…
From what I've heard about that sheriff, he'd make Gomer Pyle look like Audie Murphy.
Dear Nazi *** . Keep it up and I'm going to get them to clone Audie Murphy and bring him back. THEN You're gonn…
the courage I'm seeing from people risking punishment by six figure contributor gigs with recalls Audie Murphy
Well, maybe. They ain't all like that. I know some marines. They can't all be Audie Murphy.
You think Audie Murphy would have appreciated swastikas displayed in his country?
Claims the Alt-left were WWII soldiers. That's like claiming Audie Murphy was part of code pink. Lol
Yep, has more medals than Audie Murphy and never seen a bullet fired in anger.👌🏻
Dear google Audie Murphy you *** Did you cheer for the Nazis and Japanese during war movies Shame Shame Shame
I guess according to Trump, Audie Murphy was a member of the "alt left".
Heard they may topple Audie Murphy' s statue--guy was militaristic,…
Right? Why are Lee & Jackson the focus of martial pride when South can claim Audie Murphy, Chesty Puller, Alvin Yo…
My uncle, who fought with Audie Murphy
I would go with the Audie Murphy Underoos...
Amazing the number of "Go Easy on Nazis" posts. Know who knew how to deal with Nazis? Lt(s) *** Winters, Audie Murphy, Vernon Baker, etc.
Deep Throat was a Patriot... Audie Murphy was a Patriot ... bannon and arpaio are not !!!
I reckon Audie Murphy should've littered the European front with roses and love letters to combat the Nazis if you want to get down to it.
3 great Americans who killed Nazis: Audie Murphy, Texas Aggie James Rudder & Maj. Gen. James Gavin of the 82nd Abn…
Movie that doesn't get enough love is to *** and back the Audie Murphy story starring Audie Murphy
I trained at boot camp at Fort Benning Georgia at the same training company as Audie Murphy, his s…
Audie Murphy,John Wayne &Gen Patton must be spinning in their graves.I respect all whatever gender but tha…
Ronald Reagan and Audie Murphy were Americans. So were Sandra Bland and Mother Jones and Fred Hampton and Eugene Debs and Paul Robeson.
Abe Lincoln, Davy Crocket, Audie Murphy and Martin Luther King Jr. are still alive and form an elite task unit that battles the crab people.
There should be a story about him, Audie Murphy, Robert de La Rochefoucauld, and Simo Hä…
~ I hear she's gonna star in her own life story like Audie Murphy. It'll be called, "The Un-Terminatable"!!
Best of luck in Washington. I really mean it. But I still think that you think you that you are Audie Murphy.
Watch To *** And Back and tell me Audie Murphy isn't a legend since that was his life story
Old cowboy TV w/ Audie Murphy... anyone remember what else he was famous for besides acting?
Gemini Clint Eastwood v Gemini Audie L. Murphy v Gemini John Wayne. Would not like to predict outcome there..
Audie Murphy at 19 yrs. old. most decorated soldier in American History - wow, how yo…
My John Wayne brick has finally arrived at the Audie Murphy Museum in Greenville, TX.
The brick area is around a massive statue of Audie Murphy in front of the museum.
I got this picture from the Audie Murphy Museum in Greenville, TX. I bought a brick for John Wayne.…
Remember, Kelsey, while Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable and Audie Murphy risked death with each and every bombing run over Germany
Audie Murphy ( War Hero) went hunting to support his family, by HIMSELF, at SEVEN years old
Me and Nixon at The Audie Murphy museum...he wasn't so happy about wearing the helmet.
7am on a Saturday morning with a bowl of Lucky Charms watching Audie Murphy deal with the bad guys. :) Wonderful...
See you in two hours. @ Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital
I added a video to a playlist Tumbleweed Audie Murphy, Lee Van Cleff (1953)
I added a video to a playlist 0463 The Wild and the Innocent Western 1959 Audie Murphy, Joanne Dru &
When I was a child, my father would only read me one bedtime story...To *** and Back by Audie Murphy.
When Audie Murphy died in 1971 he got a 30 second sound bite on the evening news. Same with Admiral Jeremiah Denton…
You think it a shame college students have no idea about where Patrick Henry is buried. As anyone under 40 who Audie Murphy is.
Watched "To *** and Back" again last night...Audie Murphy was a true dog faced all his medals by the age of 19.
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Farmersville has been dispatched to a grass fire at Watch out for emergency vehicles in this area.
I added a video to a playlist 0451 Gunsmoke Audie Murphy 1953 DVDRip Oldies
Audie Murphy won the medal of honour. Also heroism awards from France and Belgium. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery
Clark Gable was a major in air corps and Audie Murphy the US's most decorated soldier of WW2, won Congressional Medal. Of Honour
Like Audie Murphy auditioning for the part of Audie Murphy in the film about him and being told have was nothing like him!
I'm glad that it didn't take as long to get Shepard off the ground a...
They haven't made a good movie since Audie Murphy died.
if Audie Murphy can receive the Medal of Honor at 20, I can get accepted into a film program at 20
Watching an Audie Murphy movie on TV. weird because he died not to far from here.
Enjoying Christmas party at Audie Murphy VA Hospital. Thank You to agencies who look out for our Vets!
I added a video to a playlist Annabel Jones x Nebbra - Stay
Audie Murphy in WWII was under age.
OK that's pretty sad. I'm watching a Audie Murphy western on @ 3:18 a.m. while playing on the Wii U.
Paulette Goddard, with Frederic March, Audie Murphy and Edward G. Robinson, on the anti-HUAC radio broadcast "Holly…
ACS partnered w/ Audie Murphy's Mix Tape to put on a Hunt the Good Stuff Concert! Rock on!
Audie L. Murphy, born June 20, 1925. The most decorated soldier of WWII, he never consider…
Audie Murphy - most decorated American war hero in history at age 19. Wow, have things changed!
I grew up with Hero's John Glenn, Audie Murphy, Ronald Reagan. Who will the next generation have to look up to?
One of my childhood heroes, Along with Audie Murphy, John Wayne, and Sam Kinison, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. RIP and...
The only way this picture could be more awesome is if the were talking to Audie Murphy.
News section: Mendoza earns his way into Sgt. Audie Murphy Club
Peroni Lager cuts through the coating that Audie Murphy leaves in your mouth..
I'm not sure but I think it's Audie Murphy.
America's answer to Full Brexit profiles is the guy with the Audie L Murphy pic saying union dues are a scam.
Congrats to SSG Bernick of H Co, 3/7 Inf on being selected for induction into the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy…
“...the chance to serve one’s country is a high privilege, not a wearisome sacrifice.”--Audie Murphy
Glenn- I'm currently working on a piece on the cinema of Audie Murphy. Curious if you have any thoughts on his films.
They were singing in French, but the melody was freedom and any Ame...
recipient Audie Murphy. We need more young men like him
He's the new Audie Murphy. You watch it, mister.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
31F . I figured that's where u got the Audie Murphy from.
Farmersville has been dispatched to an accident at Please watch out for responding emergency vehicle and personnel.
General James Mattis to be SECDEF. James Mattis and Audie Murphy cut from the same bolt of cloth.
Those are great but farther back. Audie Murphy, John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda.
Monica must look like Audie Murphy by now
Come to the crypt haunted house in farmersville 7-11 or last person friday Saturday and Monday (2990 Audie Murphy p…
THREE BADDIES were impressive in Carrickpanto. IRENE MALONE, Pat QUINN-BOLGER and Audie Murphy rocked and drove the show.
educate before entertain Audie Murphy not John Wayne Faye Ray not the kardashians Heroes before idols
Our Clinical Pastoral Education residents joined others for educational/theological reflection case studies hosted…
Ok so the letter transition from the postal stamp to Audie Murphy was a real cool move/link
Trump belittled vets who have PTSD as weaklings. I would have loved to see Trump call Audie Murphy weak to his face.
Please join us in congratulating the newest members of the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club. On 20 October 2016, . SSG (P)...
I Knew why I felt at home. The spirit of freedom was hovering over that...
Special thanks to Marlan Waldrop of Houston Regional Office & Dr. Julianne Flynn of Audie Murphy Hospital.
Coaches Hot Seat Quotes of the Day - Saturday, October 22, 2016 - Audie Murphy ->
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Checking in for the night... Sleep study! @ Audie L. Murphy Memorial…
I read Audie Murphy wanted to play him. Listen to Desmond Doss tell his own story. Then see.
I live in abject fear of the day I run out of the good westerns and have to watch the bad ones, the b&w's, the Audie Murphy ones...
Audie Murphy stars as a dashing gunslinger in Sidney Salkow's Western The Quick Gun next at 5.05pm.
Audie Murphy, June 1924 - May 1971, was the most decorated American soldier of world war 2. During twenty-seven mon…
So Audie Murphy is not a reliable source when it comes to combat?
You are my hero. After Audie Murphy, and Neil Sedaka of course.
I added a video to a playlist The Guns of Fort Petticoat (Western 1957) Audie Murphy, Kathryn Grant &
I'll take more Sergeant York's or Audie Murphy's. We have 10's upon 10's of millions who will not accept more commu…
Watching Audie Murphy instead of anything else on TV tonight
Thanks JR. I still like me some Audie Murphy
is that why Audie Murphy looked so old and haggard?
Congratulations to SSG Azocar, , 4 of 4 Sergeant Audie Murphy inductees today!
Just in case you didn't know who Audie Murphy is. click on the link.
while I have nothing but good to say about the Audie Murphy staff... your computer system is disastrous
Thanks to all who attended the 10/4 presentation by Audie Murphy biographer David A. Smith! Missed it? Stream it:
Reading Audie Murphy's Medal of Honor citation is basically that
Watching a great old western film called The Guns Of Fort Petticoat a great Audie Murphy film from 1957
Audie Leon Murphy Jun 20,1924 – May 28,1971 was the most highly decorated soldier in - htt…
proud to share the newest SGT Audie Murphy inductees from - all AMEDD 68 CMF NCOs!
🇺🇸Gary Cooper portrayed York in the 1941 film "Sergeant York," which 16-year-old Audie Murphy liked so much he went…
I added a video to a playlist Regina Spektor-Blue Lips
In San Antonio there is a veteran's hospital named Audie Murphy.The hospital took down all of Audie Murphy's memorabilia A very sad day
The from Covenant Presbyterian also groomed a couple of our foster dogs, including Mr. Audie Murphy.
Now that faux pas is a blessing in disguise. Ya got the Audie Murphy Memorial and Monty Stratton marker. Along the…
Melissa, are you aware that Audie Murphy won all of his medals by machine-gunning captured German soldiers? It's true!
Happy Birthday to Audie Murphy on what would have been his 91st birthday!
I liked a video from America's Generals Salute Audie Murphy ~~~ Presidential…
Yeah, right. Braver than Neil Armstrong, Audie Murphy, Chuck Yeager, the 9/11 first responders, Martin Luther King Jr.
I'll let the Audie Murphy's and Leigh Ann Hester's of the world they don't measure up for you.
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Rio Bravo is my number 1. Winchester 73 is right behind. Missing Audie Murphy on this list. So many Duke movies mis…
Interested in a run? There will be the annual Audie Murphy Day 5K run from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The run will...
Rare photo of Audie Murphy somewhere in Germany during World War II
Names to remember: Audie Murphy, the most decorated Filipino soldier with 27 awards, eclipsed by Marcos' ~*~completely bogus~*~ 30
most kids today have no idea who Audie Murphy is unless they look it up in wiki
Had a great time at bingo with the Veterans at the CLC Building at Audie L. Murphy VA hospital.
I joined the Maryland Wing CAP in 1967 as a Cadet. Earned my Pilots License in 1969. Friend, VA wing member found A…
useless trivia: Anor vertically challenged heart throb, Audie Murphy, was the most decorated US WWll soldier!
Morning, folks! Our day starts at 11am with Audie Murphy in Don Siegel's 1952 western The Duel At Silver Creek.
After 7 3/4 years? A little late... sorry but I was a victim at Audie Murphy in San Antonio. 2 little 2 late.
Audie Murphy is a true Hero and American icon. His life's story is extraordinary.
Truly, Trump is the Audie Murphy of this generation.
Coming up at 4.25pm, George Marshall directs Audie Murphy in 1950s western remake Destry.
SSG Smith newest member of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club!
JBL with an Audie Murphy reference in the year of our Lord 2016.
there's a gym on base man, it's called Audie Murphy, it's like a mile from subway
JBL with the Audie Murphy reference, sending fans to Google.
so you're saying it's second lieutenant Audie Murphy what's a play Soldier
I liked a video from Battle At Bloody Beach (1961) - Audie Murphy, Gary Crosby
Audie Murphy, born in Kingston, demonstrates bayonet training at Fort Hood, 1950's.
Why is it that all the biggest movie heroes -- except for Audie Murphy -- have had no military service.
Q: What movie character was played by both Jimmy Stewart & Audie Murphy?. Bonus Q: in what movie did Jimmy & Audie play brothers? Don't cheat
Will you join me in condemning Audie Murphy as a suspiciously Mexican-looking loser who hated America?
MOH that's great you no Audie Murphy. You ever support the politicizing of another brothers sacrifice again youll eat that MOH
your son in-law doesn't speak for all veterans. Please remind him he is no Audie Murphy. Vets love TRUMP
Audie Murphy uniform medals. Murphy died in a plane crash in Virginia in 1971, at age 45, just shy o
Exceeding standards: Sergeant Audie Murphy Club inducts new member
You may be but I bet you're not Audie Murphy cool!
The definition of "war hero" used to be Alvin York and Audie Murphy. Now it's John McCain and this Khan kid. Can you spot the difference?
My Dad is a huge fan of Audie Murphy. Thanks for sharing!   10% Off
I finally got to hear the great Tom Perkins read the audiobook version of my Audie Murphy biography. It's a treat.
I added a video to a playlist Peacock Affect - Autumn
I added a video to a playlist DJ Snake - Middle (Audio) ft. Bipolar Sunshine
I'm sorry but growing up I believed in John Wayne, Audie Murphy, etc... How can a captured soldier become a hera.hero
And freedom is what America means to the world.
Audie Murphy's Medal of Honor Citation. He was only 19 years old.
"Aw crap, I gotta PCS to Ft. Audie Murphy. I hate Texas in the summertime"
The idea that someone would want to get the purple heart is wild. I can see wanting to be Audie Murphy not a wound
And he got his Purple Heart today. Trump makes John Kerry look like Audie Murphy.
wow a whol 25 likes gues you going to retire OOPs you going to claim the WARHERO card you are no audie murphy
The Fort Carson Sergeant Audie Murphy Club and Shandy Clinic are hosting a free day at the Pueblo Zoo, Aug. 6...
If you don't know a real American Hero, I ask you to read about Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy was a war hero. Sergeant York was a war hero. George S. Patton was a war hero.
Term military hero is gen. used for soldier who does extraordinary things in combat at great personal peril (eg Audie Murphy).
Just like I have nothing against Audie Murphy, Buster Crabbe, Famke Jansen, etc. One need not start as an actor to be good.
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Become the best of the best! Attend the Audie Murphy board and support your local SAMC post.
I Agree! RIP Audie Murphy, Chesty Puller, George Patton, Chris Kyle and every other true fighter for this country.
Remember that Captain America was based on Audie Murphy-- a REAL American hero. Don't ruin his legacy.
There is both a Farmers Branch and Farmersville (hometown of Audie Murphy), both located just outside of Dallas.
for John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Steve McQueen. trump for Audie Murphy, Irene Dunne and Grace Kelly
Audie Murphy, movie actor? No! Most decorated combat soldier in WWII
I liked a video Battle at Bloody Beach War 1961 Audie Murphy
. It's about time someone filled that position. . Not since Audie Murphy have we seen anyone capable.
Audie Murphy is one of my all time Hero's. The story of his life is called: "To *** and Back". I recommend it...
1/2 AETC commander Lt Gen Roberson was at Audie Murphy VA Hospital today 4 the Nat'l Salute to Veteran Patients tour
Never assume anything. It is liable to make as *** of U and Me. (Audie Murphy)
Watt Pillow is an agent of the shadow conspiracy in. "High Noon at Cibolo Creek" starring Audie Murphy & Donald Trump
Solid list, but where are Audie Murphy and Roy Benavides? Who else would you add to this list?.
Audie Murphy should be more widely known and venerated
AND WE DID IT WITH OUR MOST SACRED OF MEMORIALS! He won the award. That's good…but he was an actor after that…Audie Murphy never went to A&M
Watching a Western with Audie Murphy and somebody needs to give him another biopic that also references when he played himself in a biopic.
If I don't hit what I shoot at, my family won't eat today. -- Audie Murphy
I watched a Western movie yesterday Audie Murphy starred the gal in it was the spit of you ..just sayin
So much for respect for war heroes. If he was really a hero he'd have put up a better fight. Maybe like Audie Murphy?
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: Battle at Bloody Beach War 1961 Audie Murphy
AUSA North Texas - Audie Murphy Leader Development Team at work again today. This time with Cadets from The...
he wasn't the lead nazi, he was just the pretty boy sniper/movie star ala Audie Murphy. That guy who liked milk was lead nazi
Audie Murphy was a hero. Dakota Meyer was a hero. In what way was Scalia a hero?
This Audie Murphy movie was written with Richard Widmark in mind -
speaking of Cap have you ever heard of Audie Murphy? He's like the real life Captain America, they wouldn't let him enlist
Audie L. Murphy not only did that but actually broke his drug addiction by locking himself in a hotel-room for a week
It's our pleasure at MOVING MASTERS to share with you the story of US veteran AUDIE MURPHY. A must-read it is! Here: https:…
...a 70 Maxims thing (though it's also inspired by Audie Murphy). I was wondering if I could...
Audie Murphy was the real "same origin story but he didn't need a serum to become a super soldier 😆
Audie Murphy was a hero. 911 responders were heroes. Scalia was a bigot.
Night Passage, a western with Jimmy Stewart and Audie Murphy, is a good Saturday afternoon movie.
Jimmy Stewart sings You Can't Get Far Without a Railroad from the film "Night Passage" with Audie Murphy.
With a couple of exceptions, Audie Murphy did better as an actor when he didn't have to carry a whole movie himself and had good co-stars...
For those who are Audie Murphy fans, there is a movie with Sandra Dee and him on at 11:00 am till 12:30pm Central...
Job : San Antonio TX - Physician Assistant Dermatology - Job Duties This position is located at the Audie L. M...
-NOT Audie Murphy! A great number of his medals were 'turning up' medals. Urban was Polish and not popular.
Your next book in my humble opinion should be about Audie Murphy.
Chesty Puller, or Audie Murphy, or Odysseus, or Boudica, or Napoleon, or Leon Trotsky, or Marie Curie, or Jimmy Carter, or Black Widow
Been to Audie Murphy's Grave at Arlington National Cemetary remember those heroes who fell
Ben Franklin was an amazing guy, huh? and Audie Murphy was a hero in every sense of the word!
Love the Gunnery Sergeant, my favorite! Plus Patton and Audie Murphy, amazing men!
He's one of my heroes. So is Audie Murphy. MT Have you ever been to Dunbar? Google it. The birthplace of John Muir.
Holding Audie Murphy's rifle at Fort Stewart, Ga. Just one more incredible experience on THE FIREBALL RUN!.
Film career of Audie Murphy: . ← Previous revision. Revision as of 17:14, 1 October 2015. Line 164:. Lin...
Oh nice you were thinking broader scope Im changing mine too I going w Audie Murphy
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Crazy to think how many people don't know who Audie Murphy is
The Decorations and Awards of Audie L. Murphy and Alvin C. York : The U. S. [link removed]
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