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Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Christina Plaza (born June 26, 1984) is an American actress and comedian who has gained popularity through her deadpan-style comedy, and currently co-stars in Parks and Recreation as April Ludgate.

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I'd probably suck some other guy's condom out of Aubrey Plaza's ***
How the *** did I forget Aubrey Plaza is in Scott Pilgrim? I'm so stupid
I get that I remind people of Aubrey Plaza way too much lol
My coworker asked me what 5 women I’d have in my witches coven and I said Stevie Nicks (obvi), Aubrey Plaza, Lady…
I just saw Aubrey Plaza on this new episode of Easy and my heart actually dropped is this love
Name a woman more badass than Aubrey Plaza.
Here’s the clip of “Angel” by Fifth Harmony featured on Aubrey Plaza’s Netflix Original Show ‘Easy’
Man oh man, super into Ingrid Goes West. An unhinged and unsettling comedy (/thriller?) that sees Aubrey Plaza give…
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen star in Instagram drama, Ingrid Goes West, out tomorrow.. Read our review here:…
Aubrey Plaza (talks sliding into DMs to get him on board for
Aubrey Plaza reveals the apt way she got O'shea Jackson Jr on board for Ingrid Goes West >>>
WiredUK "Aubrey Plaza evilhag on social media anxiety and Instagram influencers
Aubrey Plaza on social media anxiety and Instagram influencers
From the writers of:. LEGALLY BLONDE. 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. & more. Comes a new comedy starring. Aubrey Plaza. Gle…
Aubrey Plaza attended an all-girls Catholic school from grades 4-12. She graduated from Ursuline Academy in 2002, a…
Be careful who you follow. Aubrey Plaza & Elizabeth Olsen star in Instagram horror story Oct 28! 🌴
Still hoping she appears in a Star Wars movie some day. (Probably played by Aubrey Plaza.)
Bonus for Aubrey Plaza imitates what i do every night when my GF is not here😜😜😍
goodnight I love Aubrey Plaza so much
After Mulan and lion king if Disney doesn't do a live action Hercules with Aubrey plaza/Chris Pratt as meg and Hercules I swear
Maybe I'll do a mini April Ludgate costume since everyone tells me I look like Aubrey Plaza lmao
All in all, I think Aubrey Plaza was great as Wonder Woman.
I wholly blame it for giving me an everlasting crush on Aubrey Plaza.
📸 Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza are featured on Total Film (November 2017)
Aubrey Plaza was actually my Grail choice
I liked a video Keke Palmer’s Sexy Balloon Trick (with Aubrey Plaza, Charlie Carver, and Brittani
REVIEW: 'Mike and Dave' need script help | Movies |
And that's when my robot version of Aubrey Plaza became self aware and tried to kill me
I wanna see the little hours bc Aubrey Plaza
In the home league, the final playoff spot is determined by total points, regardless of record. And also, Aubrey Pl…
Great review! Looking forward to a film that lives up to Aubrey Plaza's talent
Aubrey Plaza, John Gallagher Jr. and more locally grown stars at this big Block Party and performance on...
Aubrey Plaza is 'on top form, in what is perhaps her best role yet' in
NEW! Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza attends the FX and Vanity Fair Emmy Celebration last night.
starring Aubrey Plaza, Dave Franco & more, is now available to stream:
NEW | rachel, Dan Stevens, and aubrey plaza at the vanity fair emmy celebration
REVIEW: starring Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza, examines our relationship with social media:…
Lol anna faris and aubrey plaza together in that podcast is the best thing
Vron has anybody ever told you that you look remarkably like Aubrey Plaza in Scott Pilgrim?
My mood is Aubrey Plaza in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings music video
Aubrey Plaza, Jenny Slate Join Miles Teller’s ‘Ark and the Aardvark’ Animated Movie. Rob Riggle is on board to voi……
Me: [watches Aubrey Plaza use pages of Joan Didion as toilet paper]. Also me: "I need to write a book."
Scott Pilgrim vs the World has my 3 favs in it aka Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Brie Larson and Aubrey Plaza. No wonder I lo…
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates this film so funny Zac Efron and Aubrey Plaza. 😍😘😂😁
And so many people are in it: Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Aubrey Plaza, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, Michael wow
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen's is now at 85% on the 🍅.
Elizabeth Olsen & Aubrey Plaza breaks the film down with emojis!
Sound clip on "Kevin" from Aubrey Plaza on last night's Tonight Show game. 💗 Her!
TIL that Jozy is a big fan of Aubrey Plaza's character in Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Read my review of starring Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen:
I liked a video Aubrey Plaza's Very Filthy Housewarming Present - CONAN on TBS
I liked a video Conan Launched Aubrey Plaza’s Career - CONAN on TBS
Aubrey Plaza teases more dancing for Legion’s second season -
Aubrey Plaza freaks me out bc of her Criminal minds role so I can't deal with her.
Everyone's sad about Chris Pratt's divorce, but I'm just hoping he wife's up Aubrey Plaza and all my Parks and Rec dreams will come true
"It was really fun for me to figure out how a psychopath moves around."-Aubrey Plaza on the physicality of her role.
Too soon to wish for Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt to get together?
SCREENTIMES: Conversation with the central duo & - LIVE at 8.30pmEDT
If Chris Pratt is single now, that means he can finally marry Aubrey Plaza... Right?
Waiting for Aubrey Plaza and to pull a Mila / Ashton and finally bring April and Andy to reality
Really wanna see that new Aubrey Plaza movie Ingrid Goes West lol
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Stephen Miller was born in 1985. The same year as me, Anna Kendrick, Tatiana Maslany and Dave Franco. He is 13mos younger t…
Jimmy Fallon asks Aubrey plaza to answer questions with the first things that pops into her head, curse words ensue:
Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza portrait at The New York Times presents ScreenTimes on Aug 7, 2017.
Aubrey Plaza takes charge by losing control in ‘Ingrid Goes West
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen wear matching dresses to movie premiere -
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen just showed up to a premiere In the same dress:
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen just wore the same dress to the same event
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen Wore the Same Dress to Their Premiere -
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen show their funny side and tell why they work well together! For more news like thi…
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen wore the same dress to the premiere of
Aubrey Plaza plays a woman obsessed with being like Elizabeth Olsen's character so they wore the same outfit to the premie…
Hm. I think Aubrey Plaza, with honorable mentions for Cate Blanchett & Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
A little salty Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aubrey Plaza were not nominated, but overall, looks like a very tasty lineup.
Aubrey Plaza got zero Emmy nominations for Legion but Barb from stranger things got one for her 2 seconds appearing??? http…
Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza and Molly Shannon talk f-bombs and faith in 'The Little Hours'
Aubrey Plaza reacts to 21st century etiquette rules about social media.
My brain: "Look at that. If you were in Los Angeles, you could be enjoying Aubrey Plaza is all her holy glory.". Me:…
might b a lil in love with Aubrey Plaza
A great read about this inspiring woman!
I kind of like Aubrey Plaza's fried voice. Anyway, this article gives a name to another affectation
Read what THR's critics are saying about Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler in 'The House' and Aubrey Plaza, Alison Br...
If lady gaga and aubrey plaza had a love child it w... — I love this concept so much thank you
After watching her straight up hijack Legion, I need more Aubrey Plaza in my life. Thanks for the heads up!
Did I just mentioned Aubrey Plaza and Legion in my fanart??. Yes I did and now I shall live in exile byE.
Aw sweet the Q&A is both the director and Aubrey Plaza! Definitely going to this.
Oh hey! The insane Aubrey Plaza/John C. Reilly nun comedy THE LITTLE HOURS is out today. Cracked me up at Sundance.
With their new film THE LITTLE HOURS now playing in New York, Aubrey Plaza & Jeff Baena stopped by for a visit!
I found it very entertaining. Aubrey Plaza being a jerk is something I find ... comforting.
Aubrey Plaza should be where Jennifer Lawerence is in term of relevance
Here's what I know about THE LITTLE HOURS:. Aubrey Plaza came up w/the title. Kate Micucci always wanted to be a nun. It is hilarious + sweet
We caught up with the ladies of the new comedy 'The Little Hours'
I wanna see this. Now. Aubrey Plaza plays unhinged so well she never disappoints 😂
Aubrey Plaza is blonde, psychotic in red-band trailer for “Ingrid Goes West
Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie and Molly Shannon had a lot to say about the Nun life.
Trailer: Aubrey Plaza takes Instagram stalking to a whole new level in 'Ingrid Goes West'
Hilarious new trailer arrives for Ingrid Goes West, starring Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen
Aubrey Plaza in Vanity Fair oh my lord
.returned to to explain what he and Aubrey Plaza were doing last time he was here.
Aubrey Plaza has been the star to watch for years... getwith it!!!
This obsession of Aubrey Plaza takes me so deeply.
best thing i watched this morning 😂 Aubrey Plaza Responds to Social Media Etiquette | Vanity Fair
Aubrey Plaza (Dave Franco, and writer-director Jeff Baena are here tonight with a look at
Aubrey Plaza can say anything with that beautiful grumpy face.
Aubrey Plaza and Director Jeff Baena Reveal the Highs and Lows of Dating Your Creative Collaborator
Movie Review: The Little Hours - Aubrey Plaza and Dave Franco get medieval in an under-powered clerical...
If I'm not the Filipino Aubrey Plaza by this time next year this will all have been for nothing
Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate Micucci pass The Little Hours in this medieval farce
And then there are Steve Carell, Aubrey Plaza, and T.J. Miller, who will always be funny.
From Up On Poppy Hill (2011). I never finished this, but I just found out Aubrey Plaza is in this so I'm giving it another…
It makes me sad that Chris Pratt isn't married to Aubrey Plaza irl but then I get happy bc he's married to Anna Farris and they're so happy
Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate is my spirit animal 😆
agent: what work do you see yourself doing? me: remember Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt making out in front of Werner…
Kate McKinnon or Aubrey Plaza as Aunt May is now my life's mission
starring Dave Franco, and Aubrey Plaza. Composed by Watch the trailer:
Chris Pratt doing Aubrey Plaza's makeup on the set of Parks and Recreation.
Do I wanna watch this because of Aubrey Plaza, James Franco and Nick Offerman? . Yes, yes I do. .
You know, April Ludgate would really really love Aubrey Plaza's character on
The only celebrity I ever get compared to is Aubrey Plaza specifically her as April Ludgate and I must say I am so proud
Have you seen Aubrey Plaza in 'Ingrid Goes West?' The film premiered at this year's .- check it out!
Aubrey Plaza is real good tho. She really nails every role.
love Legion. Got all my friends to watch. Hoping for many seasons ! Aubrey Plaza definitely deserves an award. 👏
just started Aubrey Plaza is actually freaking me out
In trailer, obsession with social media star (gets a little too real…
Aubrey Plaza loses her *** mind in the NSFW trailer for 'Ingrid Goes West'
I hope Aubrey Plaza gets nominated for an Emmy for her work on
The best thing about Legion is they told Aubrey Plaza to be as weird and creepy as she's always wanted to be.
Aubrey plaza eh?. The only person in your following list.
Ingrid Goes West will be fun and Aubrey Plaza will rise this year so jot that down
Aubrey Plaza in new dark-comedy Ingrid Goes West. Looks good.
Aubrey Plaza Plays an Instagram-Obsessed Stalker in the Ingrid Goes West Trailer via
Aubrey Plaza's latest takes Instagram stalking to the extreme.
Aubrey Plaza (is uncontrollable in new 'Ingrid Goes West’ trailer.
Aubrey Plaza, will be creepy at "Ingrid Goes West", is creepy and even was creepy I love…
Dan Stevens & Aubrey Plaza performance is outstanding. Their acting is so brillant and nuanced. GIVE THEM ALL THE AWAR…
And I had no idea how good Aubrey Plaza was until I saw this show. She really steals every scene
Aubrey Plaza is a social Media psycho in the first ‘Ingrid Goes West’ trailer:
Aubrey Plaza goes full on... well, Aubrey Plaza... in the Red Band trailer for Ingrid Goes West!...
Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza to star in Noah Hawley's new FX drama series
Imagine not giving Aubrey Plaza an Emmy for her work in Legion
I'm thinking Aubrey Plaza's look in like ep 7
Aubrey Plaza giving me Tim Curry RHPS vibes and I am loving it
Today's makeup: Aubrey Plaza episode 6 of Legion. The styling on this show is 😍
Aubrey Plaza stalks a social media star in the Ingrid Goes West trailer. Watch it here
What if I just watched that one scene from Legion with Aubrey Plaza and "Feelin' Good" until something stops sucking?
Aubrey Plaza has a dangerous obsession with Elizabeth Olsen. Watch the NSFW teaser:
. Tim (whispering to his model town): Female Beetlejuice Female Beetlejuice Female Beetlejuice. Tiny Aubrey Plaza: its show time
Idea. Aubrey Plaza to be the next Doctor Who.
Coming up on star Aubrey Plaza, and The
Aubrey Plaza's character is involved with women! Interestingly, she was originally written as male...
Didn't think I could like Aubrey Plaza more but then she came out to "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" on Colbert. Nice.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Aubrey Plaza is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Plaza zepco…
it appears to have Aubrey Plaza in it, so i think im in!
Watch Aubrey Plaza remember her experience & recite the pledge! We're
Even as a crazy woman Aubrey Plaza is still 😍Legion is pretty cool so far!
My *** is on fire. Dude i cant believe i am the gayest when it comes to Aubrey plaza being a hitman
Props to and Aubrey Plaza for promoting animal rescue and adoption 👍
Ok but like, can someone give Aubrey Plaza an actual weekly show where she lies about puppies to give them homes I WOULD WATCH THAT
"I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.” - Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza looked real good in that episode tho
It's a bit absurd the number of times people have told me I remind them of Aubrey Plaza but I'm into it
Actress Aubrey Plaza spoke on the late show with Stephen Colbert about her 4-H experience! Check it out!
Stephen Colbert and Aubrey Plaza use fake news to get dogs adopted via
that's surprising. Aubrey Plaza is the main draw for me.
I just read that Aubrey Plaza is playing Lenny in Legion as gender neutral. That means Lenny is a *** + gender neutral. This is amazing.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Well this is a nice breath of adorable fresh air
Aubrey Plaza would be perfect for the live action movie of Daria. Just puttin that out there.
Aubrey Plaza is so hot but so awkward 😂 and not the cute awkward but like how an awkward silence is awkward
All of these need homes. Meet them at
I keep thinking about how I gave Aubrey Plaza a heartfelt letter and some cool socks yesterday like I'm cryingG
Hearing Aubrey Plaza say the pledge on made my night.
I have such a big crush on Aubrey Plaza 😍😍
Aubrey Plaza, to star in indie comedy "An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn"
Aubrey Plaza and are set to star in 'An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn.'
UCB tomorrow 1/31 at 9:30pm- BADGER'S PROMISE hosted by me and Armen. w/ Aubrey Plaza, Natasha Leggero, Duncan Trussell, Garf…
And Robert De Niro just did an ejaculation joke... All over Aubrey Plaza's *** ..
Aubrey Plaza speech. This all being coincidence is simply not possible.
Aubrey Plaza is unreal. She might sound like a chain of hotels, but she is lovely.
Aubrey plaza's awkwardness on parks and rec and irl is too good 😂😂
Seriously how do I get Aubrey Plaza's attention cause I'm trynna marry the crap out of that girl!
I added a video to a playlist Aubrey Plaza does Sarah Silverman
I believe Aubrey plaza did once at some award show. She's great
there's a couple weird ones but eric andre's, aubrey plaza, the podcast switch with HDTGM and jason
I would put my whole head inside of Aubrey Plaza's ***
yes, awhile back though. Liked Aubrey Plaza in it. At the time dug DGs stand up more
Aubrey Plaza said if I make the All Star game she'll weld a nail onto a steel-toed boot & kick me in the nuts with it Boobie Styles
wait... Aubrey Plaza just told Robert de Niro she wants him to die in the middle of giving her oral sex. That was funny
The things I would do for Aubrey Plaza😩
I like Aubrey Plaza because even though she doesn't know me she already hates me and I like knowing where I stand.
I wish I could make April Ludgate or Aubrey Plaza my wife. I mean in my mind I just assume she's just like she is in parks and rec.
Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza (were seen out getting lunch in Los Angeles on Nov. 30th 2016.
Haven't laughed so hard in a long time, but thanks to & Aubrey Plaza for making a great comedy.
Aubrey Plaza Bikini Candids at a beach in Hawaii
mystery team is very A1 and bruh aubrey plaza doe 👀
I added a video to a playlist The Dark Side of Ring Pop! (Starring Aubrey Plaza)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The To Do List with Aubrey Plaza was funny and weird af lol
It has Aubrey Plaza, Alia Shawkat, Donald Glover, Bill Hader and Mclovin in it and is set in 1993 signs point 2 yes
Finally saw the Alexander Hamilton last night. Can't decide if I loved Alia Shawkat or Aubrey Plaza (or Tony Hale!) best
!!! (I don't mean to cause any alarm but the Hamilton ep of Drunk History with Aubrey Plaza and Alia Shawka as Burr and A-Ham airs tonight)
- Life After Beth. This was a cute horror-comedy with my fav Aubrey Plaza. Grade - B-
I do love me some Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza...
DeNiro, the fountain of morality. Makes movie about Old Man f***ing. "College age girl" Aubrey Plaza!
Michael and I are in the city and we just passed Aubrey Plaza on the street!!!
only one. Aubrey Plaza fingers her in a steam room lmao
Aubrey Plaza and Kate McKinnon are the same age HOW
Aubrey Plaza stalking a social media star (Elizabeth Olsen) is today's most plausible movie:
Aubrey Plaza... Adam Devine.. Christopher Walken.. RDJ... I don't kno if this is making any sense
I don't like the ghost busters casting but mostly because I would prefer to see Maria Bamford, Amy Poehler, and Aubrey Plaza.
Could you imagine Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza as the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? It would be awesome.
Funny thing the article doesn't mention, this isn't even the first Aubrey Plaza film based on a classified ad.
The biggest compliments I receive are when people say I remind them of either Selena or Aubrey Plaza like *** yeah Im doing something right
Aubrey Plaza came out as bisexual oh my god what a beautiful day
Just froze for at least three minutes because I couldn't decide which *** friend to text "Aubrey Plaza just came ou…
'Aubrey Plaza just opened up about her sexuality, and we're so happy for her' -... via http…
Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza comes out as bisexual:
Aubrey Plaza came out as bisexual!! What a good day for ladies who love ladies!!! (i.e. me)
Aubrey Plaza is built like Olive Oyl but acts thug-o-rama and cusses at children. This is Grade A schtick.
What's Aubrey Plaza's dream role? Definitely not a sexy lawyer who's secretly an alien.
I found my crush Aubrey Plaza in Vancouver. This Google thing really is the cats pajama's.
'Parks and Rec' hero Aubrey Plaza comes out as ***
I have awaken. aubrey plaza still likes girls
Okay, but Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick as Rachel Summers and Kitty Pryde respectively ... discuss.
Trying to see the next Jack McBrayer, Kate McKinnon, or Aubrey Plaza before they blow up? UCB @ Woolly in 1 week!.
Aubrey Plaza throws first pitch out at the LA Dodgers game vs the Colorado Rockies - Daily Mail
Aubrey Plaza is a great actress holy crap
Aubrey Plaza holding a gun to Matthew Gray Gubler 's head IS my sexuality for those of you who are confused
Actress Aubrey Plaza reveals she's had *** experience...
Aubrey Plaza has this aura that I find extremely attractive
Lol everyone telling me I look like Aubrey Plaza 😭
Aubrey Plaza is the criminal or something in this episode and I'M SO UNCOMFORTABLE
yeah, that's the one. Only 'cos we get the hook ups at work. Aubrey Plaza is pretty funny at least.
"How are you doing that with your mouth?" Aubrey Plaza again. I love her.
I'm watching the one where Aubrey Plaza is bored of time travel in King Arthur's court it's great
Aubrey Plaza wore a Resort 2016 sequin dress with chain link straps to the Hollywood premiere. htt…
I liked a video from Celebrity Stencils Ep.1 | Aubrey Plaza
Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza are my faves I wanna see that wedding date movie just for them
I can never keep Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza straight.
Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza are my faves so I need to see this 👌
Decided that I am the love child of Mindy Kaling & Aubrey Plaza. They get me. They are me.
I was like why did the verified account using Aubrey Plaza's photos swipe right on me? And it turned out to be an ad for her new movie.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Gotta see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates if only for the double bae action that is Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza.
I think Aubrey Plaza is the only one who can do the former now.
What can I say, Aubrey Plaza is a pretty lady.
Aubrey Plaza in parks a rec is pretty much my sister to a T. They look alike too.
I have the fattest crush on Aubrey plaza woe
Aubrey Plaza & Adam Devine offer up firework safety tips from Mike & Dave
Rachelle reminds me of Aubrey Plaza from Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.
Nope, get your butt back here. There is only ONE Aubrey Plaza. ONLY ONE!
the proclamation of love is enough. thanks. *goes to social security office to change name to Aubrey Plaza*
Watch Aubrey Plaza and the hilarious ladies of the Pistol Shrimps basketball team on tonight
I love you. But not getting anything free from me unless your name is "Aubrey Plaza". LOL
Rashida Jones isn't the ONLY opp that Aubrey Plaza is friends with, our very own Nora Sagal is now on her best...
honestly I don't know who I think is hotter, Aubrey Plaza or Selena Gomez!!!???!!
I never really followed Aubrey Plaza much before she worked with Zac but I wish I had. She has the funniest personality 😂
I'm not, like, Daniel Day Lewis. Yet. I will get there!...
Aubrey Plaza – Throwing Out First Pitch at Dodgers Game in Los Angeles @
I need a wedding date, preferably Aubrey Plaza or Anna Kendrick not picky, either or both
At now Aubrey Plaza warms up for ceremonial first pitch - great arm!
Aubrey Plaza should play live action
ICYMI: "I was taught at a young age to have no expression and not move my arms" - Aubrey Plaza (
Aubrey Plaza just got REAL about sex
🌟I just watched 'Addicted to Fresno' which should've been good considering it has Aubrey Plaza, Judy Greer and Natasha Lyonne...
I'm watching a movie with Natasha Lyonne, Judy Greer, and Aubrey Plaza and it's like this cast was handpicked by Jesus himself
This episode was worth it to hear Aubrey Plaza make a bunch of time travel movie references and to hear Dave Foley say "Bazinga"
I'm biased because I like anything that Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Aubrey Plaza, and Anna Kendrick are in...
Santana is one of those people that makes the hispanic half of my heart swell with pride. Also: El Duque, Aubrey Plaza, Tony Gonzalez, JLo
Why does Kate Micucci look like Aubrey Plaza but with a scrunched face?
Aubrey Plaza, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer and Nasim Pedrad. Put all of em in an-all lady sitcom, sure gonna be madness.
I love that Adam Scott & Aubrey Plaza are essentially still Ben & April.
JGJ & Aubrey Plaza dated as teens in Delaware and in an interview he fondly describes her as "the teenage female version of…
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Plus all of my boos (Anna Kendrick. Brie Larson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aubrey Plaza) are in it. Allison Pill is cute in this too.
Safety Not Guaranteed is probably the best film Aubrey Plaza will ever be in.
petition to have Aubrey Plaza play Kennedy
I think it has. It didn't sound like Aubrey Plaza this time.
Sex Scene for Aubrey Plaza revealing some body in new 'Dirty Grandpa' trailer [ 2 more in comments]
Dan Stevens set to front Legion pilot, along with Aubrey Plaza & Jean Smart
What's with the Aubrey Plaza/snub, CinemaCon? It is, after all, MIKE AND Dave Need Wedding Dates, plural...
look can we just get to the bit where I point out our app is featured in the same ad as Aubrey Plaza?
New stills of Zoey Deutch with Zac Efron, Robert De Niro & Aubrey Plaza.
The Criminal Minds episode with Aubrey plaza is great
Watching Crim Minds just for Aubrey Plaza. I think she'll make it worth it
I dreamt I was friends with Aubrey Plaza and it was the best thing to ever happen to me.
If you make a or just a film, Cast . (Aubrey Plaza) as DO! IT!
I'm pretty sure I'm hella late, but Aubrey Plaza is cute as ***
Parks & Rec's Aubrey Plaza had a STROKE when she was 20 b/c of the Pill.
domain names
Any moment where Aubrey Plaza looks sardonically into camera is perfect.
Women I'd love to be berated by:. Chelsea Peretti. Stephanie Beatriz. Aubrey Plaza
that movie is amazing and Aubrey plaza is amazing. I totally relate to that movie😍😂
Aubrey Plaza is the person we all wish to be
I'm like the less attractive, male Aubrey Plaza.
Aubrey Plaza and Zoey Deutch on the set of Dirty Grandpa in Tybee Island, May 2015
"A Joseph Prince service in San Fran this Sunday would be a dream come true. " -Aubrey Plaza future kid.
when are we all going to agree that Aubrey Plaza is unbearable and not funny at all?
Aubrey Plaza in a Bikini at a Beach in Hawaii, July 2015
OHMY. I love Aubrey Plaza. Bet she engaged Roger with that unique humor of hers.
I can't wait for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates where Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza play a *** couple.
There are always parts of me that come out in the characters that I play - ...
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