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In most common law jurisdictions, the attorney general, or attorney-general, is the main legal advisor to the government, and in some jurisdictions he or she may also have executive responsibility for law enforcement or responsibility for public prosecutions. Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. (born January 21, 1951) is the 82nd and current Attorney General of the United States and the first African American to hold the position, serving under President Barack Obama. 5.0/5

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– If Jeanine Pirro or Jay Sekulow were the Attorney General, Eric Holder, would…
Eric Holder was the worst Attorney General in American history. Just like Clinton and Obama he won’t shut up or go away!
Holder, Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein. Eric Holder was the Attorney General when the FBI began uncovering the...
So let us not waste anytime together: Democrats Turn on Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch & Eric Holder; these three can go to Prison
In the immortal words of Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder when they fired Republican appointed attorneys, "Elections matter” 46 US
Eric Holder was 1st ever Attorney General found in contempt of Congress. He was not "found innocent." It takes a tr…
Eric Holder, Attorney General. Lied to Congress about the ATF operation where guns were purposely trafficked into Mexi…
Senator Session is a good man but he supported Eric Holder, Trey Gowdy should be the new Attorney General.
You must be mixed up from smoking your peace pipe. Eric Holder was already the Attorney General.
Rock Calendar 2-3-09: Eric Holder is sworn in as the first African-American to serve as Attorney General. No.1 Song: Just Dance- Lady Gaga
Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States: Arrest Donald Trump for either sedition or treaso... via
REMINDER: Obama appointed Eric Holder as first Attorney General. Eric Holder ... let that sink in. (EH made history-1st held in contempt)
Eric Holder, Attorney General insisted voters not required prove identity when voting.
Now you know how many of us felt when Obama appointed Eric Holder as Attorney General
Eric Holder (Obama's Attorney General) calls Ed Snowden a "hero" despite the fact that Snowden gave away our military secrets to Russia!!
Grateful to have the opportunity to meet the 82nd US Attorney General, Eric Holder, last night at the Owen Brown In…
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Dear Select an Attorney General who will put Hillary, Ben Rhodes, and Eric Holder in jail.
Who wore the title of Attorney General worse between Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch? You can flip a coin tbh. Both are trash.
I can't imagine an Attorney General worse than Eric Holder. Nor a president who could find/appoint such evil
Eric Holder, just shut your liberal mouth. U were the worst Attorney General ever your law degree probably came in a crackerjax box !
Listened to Eric Holder (former Attorney General) at the SHRM Legislative Conference. Wow!!!
Eric Holder: One Bad Brutha! Former Attorney General of the United States. Thanks for all you did & do for America!
The right to vote is under siege and that right must be defended. - Eric Holder, former Attorney General of thr United States
Eric Holder from Queens,NY to Attorney General . You make us proud
''When the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, made the following statement he turned the “too...
Eric Holder while Attorney General "we must repeat the anti-gun message, over & over until we BRAINWASH the people" Actual quote. MOLON LABE
Former US Attorney General, Eric Holder, used Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's birth name, Lew Alcindor, as an alias for his official De…
Obama appointed a Wall St Lawyer, Eric Holder, to be Attorney General. So nobody from Wall St ever went to jail.
Neither has Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General. People of color are stuck in limbo
I would love to see him become the Attorney General - Eric Holder really made a mess of things.
.Like your and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, did to and
Happy Birthday to Eric Holder. He was the first African American to hold the position of U.S. Attorney General...
You do understand Eric Holder was the Attorney General & in charge of bringing any punishments?
Happy 65th birthday to the first African American U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder! . Since…
You may recall that before he was appointed Attorney General, Eric Holder gave an interview in which he said that the way …
I know. They stopped Eric Holder one night in Georgtown. While he was still Attorney General.
Eric Holder the former Attorney General was held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to surrender documents, yes?
US Attorney General = Chief law enforcement officer for the US govt. Loretta Lynch & her predecessor Eric Holder
Obama’s Attorney General the female Eric Holder l: Planned Parenthood Attack ‘A Crime Against Women’.they never waste a crisis do they ??
Loretta Lynch: You now!, Eric Holder and Janet Reno have all denigrated the position of Attorney General to the status of a"Political Hack"!
...excited to hear from Eric Holder, former U.S. Attorney General, in just a few minutes.
Just saying, Eric Holder (a black male) was Attorney General of the USA for years and never did anything about it.
Sorry, but Eric Holder is no longer Attorney General. But I do agree with your sentiment.
Eric Holder was the worst corrupt criminal Attorney General this Nation has ever seen, this man needs to be in a PRISON NOW!
Eric Holder is asked why he failed to prosecute huge banks while he was Attorney General. He bristles and defends...
there's a reason they were investigated by Eric Holder when he was Attorney General
"There is a common cause that binds the black U.S. Attorney General with the black criminal." - Eric Holder, quoted by a DOJ whistleblower.
A quick update:. The former US Attorney General, Eric Holder, has an Apple Watch.
Beauty is in the eye of the Eric Holder, former US Attorney General.
"We weep again as a nation." Former US Attorney General, Eric Holder on the shootings in Oregon
What else to expect with the Justice Department run by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney General?
Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent. Served his masters well as Attorney General and is now rewarded.
Eric Holder was the worst Attorney General for the press in a generation.
Who is the current Attorney General of the United States?. A. Eric Holder. B. Loretta Lynch. C. Janet Reno. D. Rudy Giuliani
We wish, but with guys like Eric Holder as Attorney General?.
Eric Holder's went from the Attorney General's office, to a corner office at a corporate white-collar firm https:…
Why aren't they talking to Eric Holder or Hillary was Secretary of State not Attorney General of the United States.
We have a new Attorney General. Let's see if she will do her job & go after crooks that Eric Holder failed to prosecute,like James O'Keefe.
Eric Holder keeping an office at C&B while Attorney General is crazy. Did he sit in it regularly to keep it warm?
Byron Dorgon should have been Attorney General, not Eric Holder. Dorgon would have gone after the banks.
No...according to (black) Eric Holder the Attorney General of the US...appointed by Obama.
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What is wrong with AMERICAN JUSTICE just look at Baltimore's Attorney General and look at Eric Holder. Who should behind Bars.
Any Republican that voted to confirm Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch as Attorney General isn't fit to be President!
So basically in 1 month, Loretta Lynch has had more success as Attorney General than Eric Holder had in 6 years
Senate confirmed as Attorney General in 2009 a senior BO campaign official--Eric Holder--who protected many from prosecution.
This was the first time I've drawn an Attorney General that wasn't Eric Holder since I was in my 20s.
“In 2012, Eric Holder became the first Attorney General in American history to be held in contempt.
Prosecute Eric Holder for what? Being an ex Attorney General! Being President Obama's friend! Doubt any court would take up either of those!
I guarantee this wouldn't be happening if Eric Holder was still the Attorney General. (/sarcasm)
My goal is to have GOP president nominate the next Attorney General so we will not be forced to choose between Eric Holder …
in debates Eric Holder's tenure as U.S. Attorney General in relation to
Eric Holder, the unprofessional Attorney General of the United States, allowed people to make serious violations of Feder…
It's been 5 months since President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General. Keep Eric Holder forever. I'm totes cool with that!
"Nor a woman, I swear Hey, his Attorney General nominees would definitely not be Eric Holder
Do you think that Eric Holder is the most corrupt and racist Attorney General in your life time?. Don't you think...
great then Eric Holder will stay on as Attorney General, there is no difference between both of them. U will end up looking bad
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Like us he must like Eric Holder as Attorney General
STOP Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General - National Pro-Life Alliance
The apparently wants Eric Holder to continue to be Attorney General?
This means more days for Eric Holder as Attorney General. Gun nuts vs Neo-Confederates. Obama must be smiling.
MUST NOT BE CONFIRMED As the Attorney General of the USA! We DO NOT WANT another Eric Holder!
Loretta Lynch has been nominated to succeed Eric Holder as Attorney General.
Pass a bill that restricts access to safe abortions, or we'll make you keep Eric Holder as Attorney General -actual threat from the
**The challenge to the Obama sponsored replacement of Eric Holder as Attorney General is alleged to have been...
Eric Holder has resigned his post as Attorney General. Hillary is being turned out to pasture by this...
Eric Holder is the worst Attorney General in the history of the US. He has caused more problems & more division & more harm than good.
Fool. Eric Holder is your Attorney General. Unless you're not Amerucan.
We may have written off Mr. Eric Holder, do nothing Attorney General , but he delivered a fatal Parthian shot to racism in America.
Eric Holder: We're Prepared To Dismantle Ferguson PD If Necessary. Read more of what the Attorney General had to say.
US Attorney General, Eric Holder, to speak on at 3PM today
Eric Holder Blocked Search Of Lois Lerner Emails, that is becuz Eric is the most corrupt Attorney General inhistory
President Obama Sheds Tears as He says Farewell to Eric Holder as Attorney General – Video 2/27/15
The James Risen case and Eric Holder's tarnished press freedom legacy: The outgoing Attorney General raised ey...
"I am Eric Holder and I’m proud of that fact" the defiant Attorney General tells
Listening to the Attorney General confirmation hearings, it seems the GOP is still hung up on Eric Holder and has an immediate bias on Lynch
Obama's attorney general pick aims to smooth DOJ ties with Congress via Lynch not Eric Holder eeh?
I am confident will be confirmed as the first AA woman as US Attorney General. Otherwise GOP will be stuck with Eric Holder.
CRUZ: "If confirmed how would your tenure as Attorney General differ than Eric Holder's?"
Attny Gen Eric Holder Finally Did Something Right, Halts Local Cops from Using Asset Seizure Laws Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been the single worst AG in American history. His every move has been about politics, not justice, he has abused his position of authority to punish Obama’s political enemies and has forcefully advanced an extremist left-wing agenda. But finally, as he has one foot out the door, Eric Holder has done something right. He’s put an end to local police using federal law to seize property. The single biggest misdeed perpetrated by police forces across the nation has been the outright theft under color of law of the property of citizens cops claim are suspects in some crime, real or imaginary. This law is entirely un-American as it declares all suspects guilty before a trial is even scheduled. The civil asset forfeiture program called Equitable Sharing was initially meant as a way to instantly seize the assets and property of drug dealers to prevent them from shifting ...
Eric Holder allowed Zimmerman and Wilson to walk away without federal charges.what exactly has he really done as Attorney General?
An Open Letter to (disgraced) ATTORNEY GENERAL, ERIC HOLDER! "I have observed you closely during your tenure as Attorney General and notably during these last tumultuous years; watching you negotiate a number of controversial public matters to include the ATF Fast and Furious scandal, Black Panther Party intimidation at voting booths, IRS targeting of American citizens (citizen groups opposed to the Obama Administration,) the ignoring of US Immigration laws, DOJ criminal indictments of select news reporters and your management of several high profile criminal investigations involving subjects of race, notably African Americans." Former FBI Special Agent K. Dee McCown wrote an open letter to Eric Holder. The response has been epic. Here is the letter: K. Dee McCown College Station, Texas December 28, 2014 Attorney General Eric Holder U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001 Dear Attorney General Holder, It is unlikely that we met while I served in the FBI. That being ...
The United States is a “violator” of human rights and it practices apartheid against the black people, a researcher and historian in Washington says. Dr. Randy Short made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday while commenting on a report which says the US Justice Department will recommend that no Civil Rights charges be brought against a white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer. “There is not a living soul that is African and American in the United States that expected the United States Justice of Department to bring any charges against Darren Wilson, as it has done nothing in the cases of thousands and thousands of African Americans murdered by the law enforcement for decades,” Dr. Short said. “What’s most insulting is a fraud that Mr. Eric Holder, who allegedly resigned from being attorney general, was Obama’s appointed person to go to Paris, France, for the Charlie Hebdo false flag shooting, as the representati ...
"Guantanamo is a chief recruiting tool for al-Qaida.". -- US Attorney General and birthday boy Eric Holder (64 today)
Happy Birthday to Attorney General of the US Eric Holder, Billy Ocean (Caribbean Queen), Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon (Retired NBA Baller), Rick Ross, Geena Davis, Placido Domingo and to everyone who is celebrating their birthday today. Have A Happy! Tune In:
With the holiday season underway and Eric Holder on his way out the door as Attorney General, many Puerto Ricans...
Eric Holder’s two decades of concealing murder Information provided congressional committees by ATF whistleblowers and leaks within the Department of Justice prove Eric Holder to be either criminally complicit in the Fast and Furious scheme and cover-up, or the most incompetent, congenitally comatose Attorney General in the nation’s history. Though Holder is many things, he is not incompetent, at least not in the willful “execution-upon-command” of illegal and despicable enterprises; especially when those enterprises involve Administration generated murder. “You need to know that Eric Holder…played a key role in covering up the torture-murder death of my brother, Kenneth Michael Trentadue.” This is what Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue wrote in December of 2008 to prospective incoming chairman of the Senate Justice Committee, Patrick Leahy. The newly elected Barack Obama had made Holder his choice for Attorney General and Trentadue was going to do everything in his power to stop this ...
Call the hold a choke, Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder. Pleas
Loretta Lynch - Gatekeeper? (You decide) By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ I started investigating Loretta Lynch, Obama’s pick for Attorney General (Succeeding Att'y Gen. Holder) and immediately could see an interesting connection. I read an article stating that when Loretta Lynch started Harvard, she co-founded an African-American sorority. There was only one other girl in this sorority, Sharon Malone. The name rang a bell.. The name of the wife of AG Holder is Sharon Malone, she is the sister of a known Civil Rights leader Vivien Malone -Jones (one of 2 black students who enrolled in all white University of Alabama).I checked the age: both were born in 1959 and both went to Harvard at the same time. There were very few African American students in Harvard in 1977-1981, so I am rather certain that Loretta Lynch is an old college friend of Sharon Malone, the wife of the current AG Eric Holder. Why this connection is important? Holder will be investigated by Congress for totally lawless gun trafficking to Mexican . ...
Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder: Call the hold used by
With everything I have seen on the news in the last few days it looks like the Attorney General and the President are going to re-try every case of when an police officer arrested and or killed any person who is of a different race or back ground than the officer. I can understand not agreeing with the ruling of the Grand Jury, but when you bring up a case before them you need to go with there decision not march or riot or burn down most of your very owon town. At this point the president has an attitude of us and them he very callously ignores the laws of the USA are tries to illegally change them when he doesn't have the power to do so. When I studied government and history in school it very clearly begins with. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE United States OF AMERICA, we are the ones that the government is supposed to be answering to as it is with this administration all of our rights have been dissolved or just plain taken away. Now we have to deal with Eric Holder and Barack Obama to protect our God given rig . ...
Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that a federal investigation of nearly 600 incidents involving Cleveland officers indicates that the city's Police Department systematically uses excessive force. The investigation was opened in March 2013, well predating the recent killing of 12-year-old…
Loretta Lynch, who was part of the trial team that prosecuted Justin Volpe in 1997, is the nominee to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General.
I just signed a petition to Barack Obama, President, Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, and United States Department of Justice: A St. Louis Grand Jury has refused to indict Officer Darren Wilson, who targeted and killed 18-year-old Black teenager, Mike Brown, more than three months ago. I urge you…
At Ebeneezer Baptist Church, Eric Holder's climactic wrap up of his speech on Ferguson, led him to declare that he would end racial profiling forever... But he must have forgotten, President George W. Bush had already done that... How nice it would have been for the Attorney General to acknowledge all of the shoulders he was standing on as he took the stage. Perhaps grace that wouldn't suit the Obama White House's brand of political theatre... too bad.
You complain about Eric Holder, but George W. Bush's Attorney General could not recall 70 times in one testi…
Ridiculous ... Eric Holder is grasping at straws.wait- didn't he resign? Why is he still the Attorney General?
Why is the Attorney General rambling on? All he needed to say in his statement was that a Grand Jury decision has been reached. "We at the DOJ acquiesce to the Grand Jury findings as the FBI acted in conjunction with this due process investigation." He should have simply stated that from a federal perspective, this matter is concluded. There will be no further federal probe. Eric Holder just complicated the matter, but then what do you expect from an avowed social activist masquerading as our Attorney General? And let's be very clear - the standard of proof is far higher to try and bring forth a Civil Rights suit. Race had no bearing in this case as a vehicle inciting any "criminal intent" or to restrict Civil Rights. Just because Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson were of different races has no bearing. It seems Obama and Holder are dead set in achieving their ends, their definition of justice -- by any means necessary -- politics, not rule of law. They are now exacerbating an already incendiary sit ...
Is it time for Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States to condemn law enforcement yet again?
And did you notice that he shaded the Attorney General of the United States? LAW Enforcement in DC - Eric Holder.
Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, Get Ready to be a Defendant
Eric Holder, the first, openly Racist, Attorney General of the United States!
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Eric Holder issues new police guidelines in anticipation of Ferguson decision: WASHINGTON -- Attorney General ...
How did Eric Holder get the Attorney General job when he DOESN'T know the difference between the good (& bad (Ferguson Mob) guys??
AG Eric Holder tells people to "behave" in Ferguson: Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, the t...
Not a peep out of Julian as US names new female Attorney General to replace his sworn nemesis Eric Holder.
My only question is this: If she is not political, how can she think Eric Holder is the model for an Attorney General?
Obummer's choice for Attorney General is the friend of Eric Holder's wife.
Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch was a sorority sister of Eric Holder's wife, the Washington Post reports.
Out of the gate, Loretta Lynch thanks Eric Holder as the model Attorney General
MORE: Obama names prosecutor Loretta Lynch as his pick to succeed Eric Holder as attorney general:
Interesting Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch. Unlike Eric Holder, her life's work *may* indicate she believes in America, to some degree. And that would really put her at odds with the Obama regime.
Obama is nominating Loretta Lynn for Attorney General.?She is a Country Singer. Is she qualified? Oh wait, she's replacing Eric Holder.
Loretta Lynch cannot even possibly be worse than Eric Holder. No one could. He was the worst Attorney General ever.
U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch is reportedly the top candidate for Attorney General, now that Eric Holder's resigned. Learn more about her record inside.
That is if she is approved. President Obama is reported to have decided, but yet to announce Loretta Lynch as his nominee for the post of US Attorney General following the resignation of Eric Holder last month.Loretta Lynch is currently a US Attorney serving for the second time in the Eastern Dist
According to CNN, President Barack Obama is expected to name current U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Loretta E. Lynch as Eric Holder's replacement for Attorney General.
Obama says he has a number of "outstanding" candidates for Attorney General. (Full disclosure: He thinks Eric Holder is an outstanding AG.)
Also asks if Obama has picked a new Attorney General to replace Eric Holder. Obama demurs. Hasn't picked anyone yet.
Eric Holder, who recently resigned as Attorney General and has been widely praised for his efforts at combating drug addiction was responsible for allowing Mexican drug cartels to obtain firearms smuggled into Mexico from the United States. It now seems Holder may also be responsible for providing the cartels with much more than firearms: "Gunwalking" subpoena for AG Holder imminent CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, who has reported on this story from the beginning, said on "The Early Show" that the investigation into the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)'s so-called "Fast and Furious" operation branches out to a case involving grenades. Sources tell her a suspect was left to traffic and manufacture them for Mexican drug cartels. Police say Jean Baptiste Kingery, a U.S. citizen, was a veritable grenade machine. He's accused of smuggling parts for as many as 2,000 grenades into Mexico for killer drug cartels -- sometimes under the direct watch of U.S. law enfor ...
For months we have seen riots and protests that have been happening in Ferguson, MO. These events have all taken place before the facts surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown have had a chance to be fully disclosed. These people have demanded that our entire judicial system be bypassed in the name of justice. They have burned down businesses, stolen property, shut down interstate systems, opened fire on law enforcement officers, and en-cited racial tension in our country. Now that the forensic evidence has began to be released, our Attorney General (Eric Holder) has accused those of trying to "Sway Public Opinion" by reporting the truth regarding the incident. This is because the forensic evidence has proven that this "gentle young man" attacked a police officer and attempted to steal his firearm from him. So it appears that as long as we continue to allow these people to dictate the direction of our country, I guess we will have to accept the fact that our judicial system, conventional wisdom and ordi ...
If there’s one thing that Eric Holder regrets during his time as attorney general for the United States, it’s his failure to press through a Second Amendment crackdown on the heels of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead, he said.
Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States: My son drowned in police custody. Please...
Some of those most likely to succeed Eric Holder as next U.S Attorney General …
Former WI Gov Jim Doyle for US Attorney General? Wasn't he mentioned at one point before Eric Holder was picked?
Eric Holder has been compared to Robert Kennedy as one of the bedt Attorney General's ever what is DOJ DEPT of justice
It's only a matter of time before he has Eric Holder's old job as Attorney General.
Listen to Attorney General, Eric Holder's, Welcome Message to NAMWOLF Attendees at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Philly.
The "People's Lawyer" Eric Holder is a Criminal Do you agree he is the worst Attorney General?…
Attorney General Eric Holder surprised the country by stepping down suddenly as Attorney General of ...
Honored to be with US Attorney General, Eric Holder, at the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington DC.
I received a call this morning from Attorney General Eric Holder... It is heartbreaking for me to see the Attorney General leave the administration, but it is understandable that, after six years of outstanding work on domestic and international legal issues, he would desire to return to private life. We in the District of Columbia are especially proud and grateful that it was his outstanding record as U.S. Attorney here that first brought Eric to the attention of President Clinton and, ultimately, to President Obama. This morning, we discussed his exceptional work to avoid the harshness of federal mandatory minimum sentencing in selected cases, when the results would have been particularly unfair, by using the local courts. This was possible because of the U.S. Attorney’s dual local and federal jurisdiction. His work influenced the changes now underway with federal mandatory minimums that are reducing the sentences of thousands of low-level drug offenders.
The way we see it, Republicans have two choices...(1.) Confirm the President's choice for Attorney General or (2.) Learn to live with Eric Holder until you do.
Beheading terrorist identified! FBI identifies masked executioner “Jihadi John”. And Eric Holder is out. But who is in line to replace the Attorney General of almost 6 years? We’ll break it all down at 5am ET.
It is being said that Eric Holder will be remembered in history as a Civil Rights Attorney General. How so? Since when did reversing racism serve as a Civil Rights leader. It is illegal to threaten/intimidate voters at the polling place, which it should be. Why then is it ok for the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters at polling places? I will pass it along to my kids and grandkids how much of a racist he is!
Eric Holder should be able to turn his time as Attorney General into a high paying job as a lobbyist or black market arms dealer.
.Care to elaborate?. Exactly WHAT has Eric Holder done as Attorney General?
Bob Beckel (Who thinks he's blacker than Holder) claims Eric Holder was the best Attorney General in History and were a…
Obama will have a tough time finding a bigger RACIST for Attorney General than Eric Holder. No wonder he's consulting …
The biggest controversies of Eric Holder's term as Attorney General: .
Obama is going to have a hard time finding an Attorney General as corrupt as Eric Holder. Still I don't doubt his competence in this area.
Eric Holder is stepping down as Attorney General. Best news I heard all day. Time to celebrate with a
Breaking: Eric Holder resigns as Attorney General. Thanks President for the opportunity past six years
A look back at Eric Holder's tenure as Attorney General:
Eric Holder resigns politically driven role as Attorney General
Eric Holder's greatest accomplishment as Attorney General was today. The day he resigned.
Gov. Patrick: I won't be next Attorney General... as Eric Holder announces his resignation.
Who will replace Eric Holder as Attorney General? Some possible successors:
Attorney General Eric Holder To Resign - Eric Holder, the 82nd attorney general and the first African-American to...
Many believe this is the reason Eric Holder stepped down today!! . .
Eric Holder's out. And AG nominees face more opposition than other Cabinet nominees.
YES! Eric Holder is stepping down as Attorney General. Now take Obama with you!!
Eric Holder to resign as Attorney General. via
Cabinet of Corruption dropping like flies "Eric Holder to Step Down as Attorney General
Eric Holder is the most divisive U.S. Attorney General in modern history.
Eric Holder, who served as the public face of the Obama administration's legal fight against terrorism and weighed in on issues of racial fairness, is resigning after six years on the job. He is the nation's first black attorney general. The White House said that President Barack Obama...
I can't help it, or maybe I can but don't want to. ok, I can help it but I feel it is necessary to share. When it was reported today that Eric Holder was stepping down from his position as Attorney General, I immediately sent 2 texts, 1 to my husband and 1 to my sister. When my sister, Cyndi, got home from work she told me that upon reading my text she broke out in song and dance... yes... at work... in a deli... at the front counter... singing and dancing in celebration :) Three customers were present and 1 fellow employee. Of course they all wanted to know why she was overjoyed and she happily told them... I'm sad to say that out of the 4 adults she told, ZERO knew who Eric Holder was. I'm not shocked just dumbfounded. Why? Because THAT is how Obama got elected.
Now that Eric Holder is stepping down as US Attorney General, I think Kris Kobach would be an excellent replacement... but the odds are probably greater that the Kansas City Royals will win the Super Bowl this year.
RANT: So it's Christmas in September. Corrupt, racist crony Eric Holder is resigning? I've no doubt the next "Attorney General" will be an equally vile creature, but because I value justice, I'm reveling. This opportunistic monster blatantly twisted the law for political advantage, the marks of despotic regimes, and I hope he'll be professionally humiliated when the (likely sanitized) Fast and Furious details are released. He should have been impeached and imprisoned years ago. Holder has lied under oath, abused his powers to prosecute Americans unfairly, asserted the right of the President to assassinate American citizens. Holder argued that “due process” does not mean what centuries of legal tradition have defined it to mean, but that 2001’s Authorization for Use of Military Force granted the president execution powers for anyone deemed a terrorist. “Terrorist” status, which according to Biden includes the Tea Party, can be exclusively decided by the president and his elite group of counselors ...
What can be said about Eric Holder's six years as Attorney General that PJ Media hasn't already said? The news that Holder is going to resign should be bittersweet to anyone who cares about racial
I think it's absolutely asinine that racism is still an issue in America today. It's understandable because cultural diffusion is a hard thing to grasp, especially when there are individuals in this generation who have been raised by previous generations, who were raised in an era in which racial inequality wasn't viewed as an issue. I also understand society isn't expected to be perfect. There is no such thing as a utopia. I understand that. However, racial tension could be much looser than it is now if only the media would stop slipping race into every story that makes it into the paper. I like to keep up on current events, both global and national. This morning alone, I read about the shooting of John Crawford III in an Ohio Wal-Mart and the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder. Both of these individuals happen to be African-American males. Now, I can understand why Eric Holder's resignation would gain traction as far as national news. I get that, I really do. He is a major judicial figure in ...
Eric Holder is resigning as Attorney Phil Robertson would say, that makes me "happy happy happy!!"
Good news: Eric Holder resigns. Arguably the most divisive, polarizing, politicized, hacktastic Attorney General in our history is leaving. Bad news: Obama gets to pick his replacement and Al Sharpton says the Obama White House is seeking his input. What can even POSSIBLY go wrong?
My words about Eric Holder are strong, but are appropriate given his abysmal record as our Attorney General.
Eric Holder has been a PHENOMENAL Attorney General. I am hopeful that Senators will confirm Pres. Obama's chosen successor. …
Breaking: AG Eric Holder is set to resign. We want an Attorney General who will investigate all of the Obama scandals http:…
Throughout his service as Attorney General, Eric Holder has worked tirelessly to ensure that no American faces discrimination based on their race, gender, ancestry or zip code. From standing against efforts to impede access to the ballot box to protecting the right to marry who you love, Mr. Holder has continued our country’s march towards tolerance and equality. I wish him, Dr. Sharon Malone and their family the best as they explore a new chapter in their service to our country.
The 5 Biggest Controversies of Eric Holder's Term as Attorney General: After five-and-a half years leading the Justice Department, At...
After six years on the job Eric Holder, the nation's first African-American Attorney General is stepping down as soon as his replacement is chosen.
Just heard on the radio that Eric Holder, the crook that holds the Attorney General office in Washington will be announcing his resignation. That's great news! Now prosecute him!
I nominate Mark Levin to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General.
WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) issued the following statement today in response to the announcement of Eric Holder’s impending resignation as U.S. Attorney General.
Eric Holder will announce he plans to resign as Attorney General. A formal announcement is planned for Thursday afternoon at the White House.
Project 21's Horace Cooper is thankful that Eric Holder's term as the Attorney General is finally coming to an end.
On his first day as Attorney General, Eric Holder promised the Department's top priority — and its chief responsibility — would be protecting the security, rights and interests of the American people. Five years later, together with the extraordinary men and women who serve at the Department of Ju…
One of Obama’s longest-serving Cabinet members is preparing to Step Down Thursday, sources at NPR report. Eric Holder, who has served with the President since his inauguration, is the fourth longest-serving Attorney General in U.S. history. His tenure has been marked by controversy; the…
Eric Holder becomes NFL Commissioner. Derek Jeter becomes Attorney General. Roger Goodell bats in the spot for Yankees.
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According to the Attorney General, Eric Holder, the recent attacks on ISIS have interrupted a planned attack by Al Qaeda. Do You Believe Him?
HR411 [NEW] Impeaching Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors. http:…
A Tough Love Message for Black America The democratic party has strategically and cynically injected race into the fatal shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown as it recognizes that President Obama's performance record is a hindrance headed into November's election. Today, for example, Eric Holder is expected to announce that the DOJ will launch a broad Civil Rights investigation into the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department. It is part of an overall democratic strategy to "get out the black vote" in November. Meanwhile still no word yet on whether or not Eric Holder's DOJ will initiate investigations in to the "false scandals" of Benghazi, IRS targeting of Tea Party groups or Fast and Furious. Eric Holder has initiated reviews of Police Departments across America for possible violations at a rate twice that of any other previous Attorney General in history. Brace yourself America. The race card and charges of racism are about to become very ugly over the next few months as democrats try to take the nation's a ...
Eric Holder has to be worst U.S. Attorney General to ever hold that office!
.TRUE FACT: If Hillary wins, she will turn Eric Holder into a vampire and make him Attorney General for eternity.
Attorney General to visit Ferguson - 20 August 2014. Last updated at 13:00 Eric Holder is the first African...
How can there be any justice with a race hating Attorney General like Eric Holder and his so called Civil Rights dept htt…
Eric Holder from "I understand that mistrust. I am the Attorney General, but I am also a Black Man"
ERIC HOLDER was in Ferguson, Missouri today and met with Michael Brown's parents, community leaders, and local clergy to assure them that a full investigation would be conducted by his office and the Federal government to insure that "justice is done". I couldn't help but notice that he did NOT meet with Officer Darren Wilson and his family to offer the same assurances... that the Federal government's involvement was to guarantee that the truth was revealed... whatever that truth turns out to be. It would have been refreshing to see Holder in his role as a representative of the Obama administration step in firmly with both feet and assure EVERYONE that the Federal government represents us all equally, and so is interested only in the truth. If Darren Wilson acted in defense of his own life, he would I'm sure welcome such assurances from his government... HIS Attorney General, as well as Michael Brown's. That he got no such assurances speaks volumes to the impartiality that Eric "Every White Man is a Bigot ...
Obama vacations while an American citizen gets decapitated and no response yet but a man who, so far as the evidence suggests, attacks a cop and is killed and Obama sends the Attorney General to investigate. Hey how about sending Eric Holder out of the country! permanently! That would be progress
Eric Holder is in Ferguson "as a Black man" in addition to being the Attorney General of the US. WHAT? What does that mean? Can you imagine a white AG uttering such a vile and none too hidden threat based on race? This administration has actually set back racial harmony. Obama and Holder have risen to the heights, but these immature officials have huge chips on their shoulders.
“Ferguson. don't get Eric Holder mad -cant act bad against attorney general
Rioters and Protesters in Ferguson, please welcome YOUR Attorney General, Eric Holder!! yay (Don't worry Chicago, the number of deaths there are a priority too, they just don't garner enough special attention like the ONE death in Ferguson.)
Can somebody, anybody, tell me why Eric Holder, the Attorney General for those who don't pay attention to such things, is going to Ferguson, MO. There has been ZERO evidence presented that there was any federal crime committed. Given the problems with the IRS, the NSA, Fast and Furious, and complete lawlessness on the border with Mexico, doesn't the Attorney General have something to do?
It is just outrageous that this cowardly, craven, governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, is being judge, jury, and executioner of this police officer, for someone who was the State Attorney General, how dare you make such a despicable statement, we have a legal system in this country that must go thru the process, and you sir, should know better, stop giving in to mob rule, and stop trying to appease the contemptable Eric Holder, you should not be taking sides in this matter, and you are only inflaming a terrible situation even more
Good Morning. The National Guard did not quiet the protests in Ferguson. For a ninth night parts of the protesting crowd rioted. Police say some threw Molotov cocktails. Two people were shot. 31 arrested. And 4 police officers were injured. Again, schools are closed and businesses shut down. State Police Captain Ron Johnson delivered an emotional news conference early this morning. "It's gotta stop," he said. According to the police outside agitators are to blame. They're coming into Ferguson from Detroit, Chicago and Brooklyn. The Washington Post describes them this way: "...They are known here as “the militants” — a faction inhabiting the hard-core end of a spectrum that includes online organizers and opportunistic looters — and their numbers have been growing with the severity of their tactics since the shooting..." The big dilemma: How to deal with these "militants?" It's fair to say police are still trying to figure that out. In the meantime, the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, will make hi ...
I've got an urgent warning for gun owners in Tennessee. Your U.S. Senator, Lamar Alexander supported and voted for Barack Obama's anti-gun agenda. That's right. Last year — during the largest fight over your right to keep and bear arms in a quarter century —Lamar Alexander betrayed gun owners when it counted the most and voted to advance the President's gun control bill.1 If ever there was a time gun owners needed Lamar Alexander to stand with us, against our anti-gun enemies and their sympathizers, that was it. But I'm afraid Lamar Alexander sided with radical anti-gun Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid instead. And it wasn't the first time Lamar Alexander voted anti-gun. Senator Alexander also voted to confirm Barack Obama's anti-gun nominee for Attorney General, Eric Holder.2 Thanks to Lamar Alexander, Eric Holder's confirmation sailed through, leading to the Operation Fast and Furious gun running scheme and a no-holds-barred crack down on gun owners by the Justice Department. If that . ...
Blog: What to do about the politicization of the Attorney General's office Eric Holder should be in shackles.
Eric Holder is the Attorney General he's on the Cabinet.he's in charge of the Justice Department and works for President Obama
so no comment on Eric Holder, Top Cop, Attorney General of the DOJ facilitating weapons transfers to DRUG CARTELS? Go away.
One more reason why President Obama made the right choice in nominating Eric Holder as Attorney General.
Eric Holder serving as Attorney General is akin to John Dillinger being hired as a bank-guard!
We all knew it, and now Eric Holder concedes it: he has instituted fundamental change at the Department of Justice; he is openly and proudly an "activist". The Attorney General of the United States...
And we give you...Govenour McLowlife!! The election board in Fairfax Country, Virginia has determined that 278 people on the voter rolls have claimed that they are not citizens, according to They excused themselves from jury duty in 2010 and 2011 because, they said, they’re not legal. Of the group, 117 had a history of voting. Despite clear evidence, the Fairfax Country prosecutor won’t take the case, however. You think he wants Eric Holder calling him a racist? From Watchdog: "Catherine Engelbrecht, president of the Texas-based group, True the Vote, said the Obama administration has chilled the atmosphere for warranted prosecutions. “The kind of selective justice being meted out by the Fairfax County prosecutor, though clearly a violation of voters’ rights, is part of the ‘new normal’ standard supported nationwide by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice,” Engelbrecht told Watchdog. Engelbrecht noted that in 2009, U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandez “set o ...
The Establishment has no basis to call out Eric Holder on covering for Obama's lawlessness and crimes because that's exactly what Attorney General Jim Hood is doing for the Cochran campaign in Mississippi. You always wonder the reasons why the Establishment let's Obama get away with what he gets away with. We've heard the typical reasons, afraid of the press, bad consultant advice, they are weak, but here's another reason you may have not thought of. They let Obama get away with his lawlessness and UNaccountability because they like it and they want the same UNaccountability and want to get away with similar crimes. They want to capitalize on the corrupt political environment.
Eric Holder racism has been very very good to me it's make me rich and Attorney General, no I lie and coverup scandals for Obama
"I filed Articles of Impeachment against our Attorney General, Eric Holder. This was a serious action. I am not hap…
8 Stellar examples of why Eric Holder is "the realest" U.S. Attorney General via
in todays vid @ 3:15 the guy who got choked by da NYPD his name Eric Garner not Eric Holder. Eric Holder is the US Attorney General
Eric Holder "What Attorney General has EVER had to deal with the kind of treatment" // Well let's see anyone remember Gonz…
Just a reminder, not one republican senator opposed Eric Holder's nomination to attorney general.
Eric Holder, Attorney General, issued some stinging criticisms of Sarah Palin this weekend. Palin, a failed GOP vice presidential candidate... Read more »
Eric Holder, who is perhaps. the most corrupt Attorney General in U.S. history, said that he and Obama are victims of a “racial animus.”
I find it offensive that Eric Holder is still the Attorney General.
Obama appointed an Attorney General, Eric Holder, who does not believe the 2nd Amendment is an individual right,
Hard to believe Bill Ayers isn't serving a life sentence. Then again, Obama's still President & Eric Holder's still Attorney General.
Congress should move immediately and remove Eric Holder as Attorney General. So we can get to the bottom of the scandals he is blocking.
Not if they're radical leftists and Eric Holder is the Attorney General.
What Pizza Has to Do With Eric Holder’s Survival as Attorney General - . ,...
The man that should have been all over this was Eric Holder ,Attorney General, But He & Obama Choose no
Your ideal Attorney General is Eric Holder. Mine is Trey Gowdy. We'll never settle this, except how Gowdy prudently knows and uses the law.
Actually, the only reason Eric Holder is Attorney General is Dennis Rodman's urine sample glowed in the dark.
"Lamar Alexander ALSO voted to confirm that POS Eric Holder as Attorney General.Tennessee: Vote…" — inquirer_2point0
.President Obama asked the US Attorney General to investigate Eric Holder earlier today..,
U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder insists journalists will not be arrested "for doing their job."
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HOSED with Kerry and Hillary Holder, Obama, Sebelius, Emanuel and Duncan (H. O. S. E. D.) Eric Holder runs defense for Obama. There is no way, regardless of crimes against the USA, that any of Obama’s top aides or Obama himself, will face prosecution or investigation by the Attorney General. Therefore, the law has no teeth and the POTUS becomes KOTUS (King of the United States). During his reign, he is safe; untouchable. The KOTUS, Obama, needs no introduction. His litany of lies, scandals and assaults on business and the general population is well known. Sebelius, with the botched AHC, is well known as well, though she is appointed as being the place where the buck stops. The real problem goes much higher and spreads wide. You may wonder why I am including Rahm Emanuel. He was involved during much of the administration and has a great deal to do with the problems, but there is more to the story. He, as Mayor of Chicago, is aiding in the bankruptcy of Illinois. Decades of liberal rule in Il ...
Well, it seems that finally one of the four MAJOR scandals that involve the current US President, the low down dirty vato called Obama, is being unraveled. The four Major scandals are the IRS, Benghazi, NSA, and Fast and Furious scandals. Keep in mind that the Watergate scandal that destroyed Nixon, is NOTHING compared to any one of these scandals. The Obama administration has been refusing to provide information, they've lied, they've stalled, and hoped it will all go away, it's called "Stonewalling" Worrying times for Barry Soetoro aka 'Barack Obama', and I wouldn't want to be in Lois Lerner's shoes right now ! Eric Holder (US Attorney General), I think you're going to be next buddy.Hilary Clinton? all in good time !!!
IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM CHRIST TROUPIS! Posted by: C "Chris" Troupis The Spokesman article makes it appear that at the time I said I would support Wasden as our next Attorney General, I had full knowledge of Bistline's comments. When, as a true conservative Republican, and in accordance with my statement in the publicly televised debate, I made my UNITY comments at the Capitol yesterday, I did not have any proof that Bistline and Wasden were in agreement on all important issues or that Bistline had made the statement that he wouldn't campaign because he was in agreement with Wasden on all but 'nominal' issues. Given the fact that he has now been endorsed by the Democrat representative of Eric Holder and Barack Obama in Idaho, who says he agrees with Wasden on everything but 'nominal' issues, I reserve the right to withdraw my 'endorsement' of Mr. Wasden. Also, it should be noted that my endorsement was for a "Republican Attorney General" who will protect Idaho's sovereignty and independence. If Mr. Wasden ...
Andrea Tantaros: "If a white Attorney General said 'My People' like Eric Holder did, he would be gone immediately."
There is never a bad time to condemn Eric Holder. I am cynical but I assume anyone with the title "Attorney General" is corrupt.
You don't think there has been a serious coverup among the major news services in this country to protect the Obama administration? You think even suggesting such an idea is a tin hat conspiracy paranoid illusion? How about this. Yesterday, Dan Issa subpoenaed documents from Eric Holder that he has refused to turn over -- yes, the Attorney General of the United States has been obstructing congressional proceedings -- regarding the IRS's targeting of American citizens based on first amendment protected political beliefs. You didn't see this on any of the networks or CNN. Here are some headlines from CNN that they thought were more important. You can go online and see them now: Spacey's selfie sparks political furor. Teen faces life for hash brownies. Robots will replace fast food workers. TV host peeved over Sam's kiss. Whatever happened to Freddie Adu? (yeh, I don't know who he is either, but this soccer player missing longer than the Malaysian airliner is apparently more important than the Attorney Gener ...
Weasels like Barron usually end up as Attorney General (see Alberto Gonzalez, Eric Holder, and John Mitchell).
Weel. I just watched the ABC evening news. Believe it or not Attorney General , Eric Holder was successful in removing the spotlight from the horrendous treatment of our veterans under this administration, by dropping the bombshell unpresedented charges of Cyber-spying against the Chinese. Nice choreography! As a matter of fact the complicite national media failed to even mention the VA scandel at all, .but they did tell us about the nasal strips that a horse wears and Michael Jacksons new video.
READ THIS ARTICLE AS JON COLSON ADDRESSES US Attorney General Eric Holder'S CALL TO STATES' ATTORNEY GENERALS TO IGNORE LAWS THEY WANT TO. ~Benghazi~MLB Holder – A Chip off the Obama Block ~JonC I guess it should be no surprise that Eric Holder would think that he could ignore any laws that he chooses. After all, Mr. Obama has set a fine example for that. However, for a US Attorney General to tell the state attorneys general that they should ignore defending laws is even something that I doubt that Mr. Obama would do. Not that Mr. Obama would consider it beyond what he has built up in his mind as his own unlimited authority, but because he would look at the number of republican attorneys general that he had just declared that they could use their judgement in which laws they enforce and he would be afraid of the potential outcome. Mr. Holder was not only acting well beyond his authority, but he was also unintentionally setting the administration up for consequences which neither he nor Mr. Obama could p ...
LOL Although the comment by the 'Attorney General' does sound a LOT like something Eric Holder would say!
This video of Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, was played at OAR's Annual Second Chance Breakfast in 2014. OAR is celebrating 40 Years of Service.…
Eric Holder. U.S. attorney general, who hates conservatives & doesn’t believe in enforcing Civil Rights laws when white p…
According to our attorney general, Eric Holder, it is racist because so many African Americans are in jail. Did it ever occur to our AG that they might be in jail for the crimes they committed and not for the color of their skin? Are these clueless *** hoping to start a RACE war in the US. Haven't we learned anything from our civil war...??
The U.S. Attorney General (AG) is the head of the federal government’s Department of Justice and the chief law enforcement officer of the United States government. On Thursday, April 24, 2014, AG Eric Holder was scheduled to address 42 new police officers … Continue reading →
Secondly, I also repudiate Sterling, as I repudiate ALL racism, including the racism of US Attorney General, Eric Holder!
Happy Passover-Easter-Cannabis Day everyone! I know its been a minute since I posted... We have a lot to celebrate this year in cannabis activism... Hemp cultivation was effectively decriminalized on a federal level through the 2014 Farm Bill, just this week Tennessee legalized hemp cultivation passing the "strongest pro-hemp bill in the country," and Maryland legalized medical marijuana and decriminalized possession! The attorney general and the president of the US have both admitted to "youthful experimentation" of marijuana, and Eric Holder (the AG) is working with Colorado and Washington to make it easier for cannabis-related businesses to keep their money in the banks. He has also suggested that while he isn't willing to reschedule marijuana himself, he would fully be willing to work with Congress should they show the courage to do it. It is TIME! No one should be in prison for growing, selling, or smoking one of GOD's greatest plants!
Will somebody PLEASE inform Ted Cruz of my endorsement of Trey Gowdy as special prosecutor, in order to actually GET SOMETHING ACCOMPLISHED! Better yet, appoint Trey Gowdy as U.S. Attorney General. after firing Eric Holder... then, let Trey Gowdy at him!!!
Senator Ted Cruz says Eric Holder is the "most partisan Attorney General the country has ever had," and that he should be impeached! "Share" if you agree, and sign the petition to impeach Eric Holder: FOR IT!
Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) refused to question Eric Holder because he believes the Attorney General should be in jail!
Texas Representative Louie Gohmert once again thought he could disrespect the office of the Attorney General. Eric Holder had other ideas.
Eric Holder the most corrupt Attorney General in USA History, again pulls race card so he can again obstruct justice
Eric Holder believes everyone who calls him out is racist. Guilty until proven innocent shouldn't be mindset of Attorney General
Why did a Republican Candidate for Governor endorse Eric Holder for Attorney General?...
say to U & Eric Holder, no president and/or Attorney General has Ever been this Lawless! U Both R Despicable!!!
The House Oversight Committee referred Lerner's case to Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, for criminal prosecution.
Eric Holder says, an Attorney General has never been treated so poorly. Ever heard of John Ashcroft? Called a racist and fascist constantly.
Good luck with your asparagus’: Tense exchange between Gohmert and Holder ends with bizarre dis Wednesday, Apr 9, 2014 at 12:29 PM EDT A tense exchange between Attorney General Eric Holder and Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) during a joint hearing with the House Natural Resources Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Tuesday ended with the Attorney General hurling an insult at Rep. Gohmert that was nearly a year in the making. “Look what happened yesterday with Eric Holder and Louie Gohmert. This is one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Louie Gohmert is on the Oversight Committee. Now, if there’s anybody that needs oversight, it’s Eric Holder. But they can’t seem to get him to do anything.” Last May, Holder and Gohmert got into a heated back-and-forth about whether the United States government could have done more to prevent the Boston Marathon bombings. The exchange ended with the Congressman declaring: “T ...
I can't decide if Eric Holder is a worst Attorney General than Janet Reno.
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