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Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch is a fictional character and the protagonist of Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

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A1 "U don't understand a person till u consider things from his pt of view; climb into his skin & walk around in it" Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch, Perry Mason, even Vinny Gambini have been totally eclipsed, and they had a scr…
Where's Atticus Finch when ya need him?
Atticus for Atticus Finch! . The other is Asha, for Asha Bellinar, who can become a dragon. 3rd (passed…
Gowdy for President of Everything. Our modern day Atticus Finch.
“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.”. -Atticus Finch
BRENDAN O’NEILL: The Danger of “Believe the Victims.” And why Atticus Finch is an evil rape denier…
We're looking for someone to do a loft conversion and I would prefer that they trade under the name "Atticus Finch".
We can all learn a lot from Atticus Finch
"Before I can live with other folks I’ve got to live with myself.” Atticus finch.
Where is Atticus Finch when we really NEED him & his insight, conviction & courage? Thx David Flannery of Santa Rosa, FL.
—until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.". — Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird.
My students are reading it now. Perhaps we should send a copy to the WH: the current occupant might learn something…
Don't understand the reference so I'm going to pretend your Atticus Finch and she's Professor Trelawney
and some places Atticus Finch is too controversial. Wow.
My all time favorite many lessons about humanity, humility, & compassion for others. Boo Radley, Tom Rob…
I urge you all to rewatch “To Kill a Mockingbird” the acting is great and the story timeless. Atticus Finch is so amazingly cast.
Great Debate was awesome funtimes & good excuse to cosplay as Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. I…
2. I thought Atticus Finch’s defense of Robinson was inadequate. Atticus should’ve called witnesses to testify re client’s g…
Robert Mueller as Atticus Finch? Well they are both highly problematic heroes...
Really great movies, and really awful movies should never be remade. Could anyone, other than Gregory…
Faye Dunaway will misread the envelope. The Oscar will go to Adam Driver for his laconic portrayal of Atti…
Who wins this court case: . Atticus Finch or Barry B. Benson
I saw myself in the racism of Atticus Finch: A teacher reflects.
This sounds like the beginning of a lecture from Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch was voted the Number 1 Screen Hero of the last 100 years by the American Film Institute (AFI).
Atticus Finch made one teacher realize the misguided vision of heroism that harmed his classroom cashmeredaniel
Don’t do to Roland Deschain what Harper Lee did to Atticus Finch. A conclusion, not a perpetual existe…
Has to be Hieronymous Bosch. But Sirius Black a close second. And of course Atticus Finch!
Oh, good Lord. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, Bishop of Digne, George Bailey, Atticus Finch, Lennie Briscoe have all been r…
Atticus Finch ... and maybe Harry Potter? I was going to say Charles Xavier but he just grooms kids to do violence for him.
I Dani Vine, have a crush on Atticus Finch.
Great article about Tony Serra, one of Russell David Hunt's favs, and one of the greatest warriors of criminal...
Atticus Finch made me want to be a lawyer. . Also, Bruce Willis made me want to be a bad *** police d…
I call it the Atticus Finch strategy. Set a Watchman
This is my one of my favourite books. There is no better character than Atticus Finch.
I used to think Atticus Finch & Finnick Odair were my literary crushes. Then I started reading War and Peace.
Atticus Finch... nothing more true and liberating than that...
First I thought of Vincent LaGuardia Vinny Gambini then I felt none other than Atticus Finch to make the opening statement 😄
Live every day with integrity, as brought to you by Atticus Finch:
Today's prompt is favorite fictional literary character and I'm going to have to go with Atticus Finch from
I loved this book man. Atticus Finch is up there in the list of my fav fictional characters
On this day in 1960, Harber Lee created one of the greatest dads ever. Here's to you atticus Finch!
His attorney looks like Atticus Finch's evil twin.
Atticus Finch defending Tom Robinson makes me want to pursue a law career
ATTICUS FINCH got a really cool gift sent to him by his Auntie Clare Spivak - His other Auntie made it, Bert Chute - He LOVES his blanket!!!
57 years ago today we first came to know Atticus Finch, Scout and Boo Radley. Great literature. Great impact.…
In 2003, Atticus Finch from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD was named the top movie hero of all time.
Not sure if everyone is blinded by the dunks or 3s...but Miles Bridges has THE COOLEST name in sports going: even equal to Atticus Finch.
Must listen! "Atticus Finch and the simplicity of heroism" from -
Atticus Finch attorney law, maycomb Alabama, how to kill mockingbird, …
The land is dark, because Atticus Finch overshadows it,. his skills as a lawyer more important than the man he defends.
Happy 2nd Birthday from Atticus Finch & hooman I would be glad to chase you around, share some of that…
Donald Jr. has hired a lawyer known for defending the sleaziest white collar crooks. I guess Atticus Finch would have been…
When you're having any type of dilemma, just ask yourself, "What would Atticus Finch do?"
It's funny, two people kept going through my head today: Atticus Finch and Joseph Welch. Two peopl…
Sincerity is cool. Integrity is cool. Earnestness is cool. Just ask Atticus Finch, Cpt. America or Christopher Reev…
I have to amend-Preston reminds me of Atticus Finch AND Virgil Tibbs. Powerful performance by Stephan James.
She does pop around like a tiny bird but the original inspiration was To Kill a Mockingbird's Scout…
I care more about Atticus, the finch that just flew into my window and stunned itself, than I do about my degree at…
It's increasingly clear that this whole thing is coming down to Atticus Finch adults vs. petulant man-children
Also amazing: the biggest hero in American cinema is Atticus Finch, who pointedly ABSTAINS from violence.
Real men lean more towards Atticus Finch than Goofus from Highlights magazine
For a lawyer, Sessions is really bad at picking legal advisors . (Sessions was not a good lawyer. Just saying. Like…
"You just hold your head high and be a gentleman. Whatever she says to you, it's your job not to let her make you mad.". - Atticus Finch
racists hate ariana for being non racist...SHE IS THE ATTICUS FINCH OF THE WORLD (if you dont understand that go re…
I like Preston. He reminds me of Atticus Finch.
I added a video to a playlist Obama quotes Atticus Finch
He has the demeanor and sound of Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch.
I fully aspire to be much like Atticus Finch as a father
I just want to be a little more like Atticus Finch.
Tough choice between Atticus Finch and Michael Cera's character in Twin Peaks as my favorite fictional character of all time
'Don't need Atticus Finch to know convictions base on coached evidence are unsafe'.
Sharp 😉😉😎. Atticus Finch now belongs to abelungu bethu aba-nice, who give us soup in winter + other small th…
just watched Tuesday show on rebroadcast.. Anecdote about your daughter and And Atticus Finch was well done and well-chosen
Atticus Finch is my favorite fictional character ever
I had a real "come to life; full circle" moment today on the steps of Atticus Finch's front…
Holy moly , what's on earth happening now ? The Perry Mason Show ? Atticus Finch involve ??
2x10 👭👬. "Hey, you know who's good at finding loopholes where there aren't any?". "Atticus Finch?".
For some reason I thought of Atticus Finch and the rabid dog.
Same thing the public said about Tom Ewell after Atticus Finch's closing arguments in, "To Kill a Mockingbird".…
I was promised Atticus Finch, instead I was given Jefferson Sessions
"Bad language is a stage all children go through, and it dies when they learn they're not attracting attention with it." A…
great discussion on Atticus Finch and Harper Lee with and
total crush on Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch
Brennan is trying to talk to Gowdy like a very patient Atticus Finch to some racist hillbilly...
With our TG, students will become motivated by Scout and Atticus Finch's passion for justice!…
So if he gets rabies, and escapes the eyes of Atticus Finch, I guess it'll be "Mad Max 3"?
Can someone please put Atticus Finch glasses on Mueller so we can do this thing right?
The love I have for Atticus Finch is out of this world ❤️
You need to send your Dance Opp. 11 to , or at least the brilliant paragraph connecting Atticus Finch and Telemekos.
domain names
Never a man wiser than Atticus Finch
Yes. The one with the ornithologist, Atticus Finch.
Forget dressing like JFK, dress like Atticus Finch
My Father and Atticus Finch: A Lawyer's Fight for Justice in 1930s Alabama
Gregory Peck...the legend who played Atticus Finch, called Babe a "true hero with a pure heart". How wonderful and…
This is probably my favorite Gregory Peck role, too. Yes, even over Atticus Finch.
My Jim-Crow raised Mom would not allow any criticism of Atticus Finch and Gregory Peck 😆😆
If only Forrest Gump and Atticus Finch were real.
One of my great literary Heroes. Up there with Atticus Finch. . Harper Lee and Sue Townsend 👌
I'm wheezing from laughing relating any insult to Atticus finch is an automatic 10
Lmao dude in the uber just said his girl looked like Atticus finch's *** brother and she goes're not coming into my apartment 😂😂🤣
If you could find me a man as pure and true as Atticus Finch, I'd marry him in a heartbeat. Please hurry
.we've perhaps never needed Atticus Finch more. But of course he's a racist too, now...,
main character from To Kill A Mockingbird, you uncultured degenerate.The father figure of a nation, Atticus Finch
That's like finding out Atticus Finch was actually a racist
Like a stoned and psyched out Atticus Finch
Thanks Rob. Good to make my mark from "prison". Now - somebody call me a good lawyer film. Maybe Newm…
Need me a man like Atticus Finch from To kill a mockingbird
CO and I get along in no small part because we both idolize Atticus Finch and Detective Goren
Atticus Maxwell Finch, an original. Born on this day in 2002.
Neither of the books I read about Atticus Finch mentioned how good he was in the sack ...
The Final 4 are set! Atticus Finch vs. Piglet and Voldemort vs. Neville Longbottom. Voting resumes on Monday!
Hudson Swaford is the imaginary friend of Atticus Finch
Every Atticus Finch / Grisham fantasist in the south seems to have a law office on the square in Oxford, MS
When neighbor of Atticus Finch in TKAM says "We hire some men to do our hard jobs for us?" Was she talking about Trump, as well? Think so.
If Atticus Finch was a real person do y'all think he'd be a DILF?
King and King, Billy from The Giraffe the Pelly and Me. Atticus Finch of course.
Law school it is. If anyone needs an attorney in 10 years just let me know cause Im going to be the next Atticus Finch!…
"I do my best to love everybody.". -Atticus Finch. Thank you, Harper Lee. (1926-2016). We will never forget you.
it's literally Jimmy Fallon's cut lmao he looks like Atticus Finch when it's longer🙏
This is possibly the last ever Atticus Finch pocket watch necklace I will make. Sad to see the…
Atticus Finch is the father I aspire to be.
Limits of codes of pro. conduct & value of a lawyer following their own conscience: lessons from Atticus Finch
C. Ferreira compares ethical concerns facing articling students to those in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in
Looking forward to discussing work on Atticus Finch & southern white liberalism in the civil rights…
Delete the adjectives and you'll find the truth. Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird
The QC was livid - berated me outside the court. Atticus Finch, that's me. 😂
Me: So I took this quiz on what literary character I would be and I got Atticus Finch!. Tiff: I'd probably get Voldemort.
The Limits of Codes of Professional Conduct and the Value of a Lawyer Following Their Own Conscience:
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Directed by Michael Serrecchia. Featuring Todd Hart as Atticus Finch. April 7-23. Tickets are...
Remember when we were upset about Atticus Finch going racist and Captain America going fascist? Turns out our fiction was trying to warn us.
my gunner mii fighter in 3ds smash bros was atticus finch :V
Atticus Finch: I'd like to draw the attention of the courtroom to my client's crippled left arm. Bob Ewell:
toss up between Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch or Jimmy Stewart as Jefferson Smith
Atticus Finch, Perry Mason and Michael Clayton Have Nothing on the Legal Profession’s Favorite Attorney: Vinny. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Atticus Finch in a Burmese sarong. On the assassination of Myanmar's U Ko Ni
Atticus Finch: King of lawyers, legend, is capable of snatching your girl,oscar winning, will end your career. Uncle Jack: Finch sibling.
Tb tagging no one & everyone; INFJ - Remus Lupin, Atticus Finch, Maleficent
Judge Gorsuch on lawyers: "Our professions's reflected image in popular culture is no longer Atticus Finch but Saul Good…
Gregory Peck starring as Atticus Finch in the film adaptation of the Harper Lee classic "To Kill a Mockingbird" (19…
Oh no Harper Lee. Thank you for Atticus Finch & for teaching us that men should be kind & honourable. And for Scout, b/c tomb…
Most court rulings are boring reads for non-lawyers; here’s an exception. Serious (original) Atticus Finch-y vibes 😍—
Most people are nice, when you finally see them. -Atticus Finch
Uncle Iroh is one of my top fictional characters along side Atticus Finch and Charlie from Perks
I accidently called Atticus Finch Sportacus Finch and I've been horrified ever since.
No one could have played a better Atticus Finch :)
"Juan is a 21st century Atticus Finch in post Reagan candy colored ruinscape America "
When you attempt and draw Atticus Finch. (view on Instagram …
Just reached the "Atticus Finch is a racist" point of Go Set a Watchmen. Fortunately he's one of the nice racists
"The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.”~Atticus Finch 🕶
Show your admiration for Atticus Finch with your hair accessories. Follow the link in profile to…
Scout Finch *mc in the bestselling novel of the 20th century* just said "Atticus, ain't I a girl?"
I didn't say a thing about stalking. Why did you bring it up? Cross Examination tactics brought to you by Atticus Finch
Gabe is like the Atticus Finch of tho.
.I grew up wanting to be Atticus Finch. I guess some grew up wanting to be Bob Ewell.
So as I understand it, Atticus Finch is now the bad guy in "To Kill A Mockingbird," because he doubted a story about rape.
Atticus Finch was such a legendary character.
This book is not underrated. Atticus finch is iconic
hi i'll never be over my Hot Dad crush on atticus finch
If we all could be like Atticus Finch this world would be a perfect place.
Living? Elizabeth Warren. Dead? Robert Kennedy. Fictional? Atticus Finch, but only if it's the TKAM version, not GSAW.
In BvS is June Finch's name a reference to Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird? Both characters value fairness and justice.
"The one thing that does not abide by majority rule is a person's conscience." - Atticus Finch - Never has this been truer
Chaos is coming and soon: Atticus Finch foresaw it
If I'm a parent one day I hope I am as wise as Atticus Finch in the modern day
Gonna be a father like Atticus Finch
' Try fighting with your head for a change.' - Atticus Finch
That's just how I've always done it. Atticus Finch gives me more confidence than I have any business having.
Atticus Finch, young Gorby and Parker Posey being outdone by the extras again.
plays a southern lawyer a la Atticus Finch (but 1950s), sort of like if they made a series out of TKAM
Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird is actually my Papa in every way possible way
plus I got to meet Atticus the Finch, we had a deep conversation about the meaning of life & thought he wasn’t real :D
Passing through Monroeville, the literary setting for famed fictional attorney, Atticus Finch, &…
Jerry Buting is a modern Atticus Finch. Dean Strang is more like Alan Shore.
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch is a legend.
Both very unique and talented actors. Sometimes I can see James as Atticus Finch and Gregory as Macauley Connor. :)
14 ways of looking at Atticus Finch
Looking for something to do this weekend? . Atticus Finch is TURNING 2 ON 14 MAY 2016!. They are having a very...
loved Atticus Finch. And Gregory Peck an all time favorite actor of mine. But u knew that too
despite its capacity for evil, humanity also has a tremendous capacity for good- Atticus Finch
I know you like reading so I have to ask was he named after Atticus finch?
Atticus Finch...brave, wise, kind-hearted, honest...great qualities in a leader.
Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin. But you begin anyway and see it through, no matter what -Atticus Finch
That face you make when Bo Burnham mentions Atticus Finch
I know I'm not the only one to realize how hot Atticus Finch is on To Kill a Mockingbird
Everyone should be required to read To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus Finch could teach everyone about racism.
_8. Atticus Finch...he's honorable, courageous and willing to fight for what is right.
TV: Olivia Benson for her passion and integrity. Book: Atticus Finch (of To KiIl A Mockingbird, not Go Set A Mountain), obvious
Atticus Finch. He’s flawed, but honest… and he tries so hard to do the right thing.
Atticus Finch because we should all stand for something in this life.
i know I'm super *** but . atticus finch. fictional he may be, but my oh my . ;)
What would Atticus Finch have done? Learn from history and literature. Bigots lose.
knew it. Like the great Atticus Finch says, never ask a question you don't know the answer to in court.
Law Lit From Atticus Finch to the Practice a Collection of Great Writing About the Law Law Lit an Anthology of
"Watch carefully, the magic that occurs, when you give a person, enough comfort to be themselves." - Atticus Finch
Moving on to that film where Atticus Finch tries to clone Hitler.
All I can think of is Ella Mae Euell yelling at Atticus Finch in a courtroom.
'So for now, George and Lennie must join Atticus Finch and Holden Caulfield at the back of the cupboard ...'
"You know who is good at finding loopholes when there aren't any?". "ATTICUS FINCH". "Ummm..."
Blinn Paralegal students at Atticus Finch Day with Judge Jim Locke (Who is also a Paralegal program instructor).
I dibs Atticus Finch for the AP Eng party
Watching the 30for30 on the Duke Lacrosse case. Man, Mike Nifong makes Ken Kratz look like Atticus Finch.
Named my daughter Lorelai in 2014. Petrified that Lorelai Gilmore is a hateful racist in the new eps (see: Atticus Finch).
I want a new film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird, and I want Denis Quaid to play Atticus Finch.
Yes and my Atticus Finch was a bit Officer Dibble ...
You don't have to be a woman to be a mother-Atticus Finch-To Kill a Mockingbird
There's a rabid racoon in the neighborhood...Where is Atticus Finch when you need him?
Helen's made a run for it like Tom Robinson. Let's hope Anna is as good as Atticus Finch.
Atticus Finch is one of my favorite characters but his portrayal is extremely flawed.
right? And then Atticus Finch came in to defend Indiana Jones during the Klingon Invasion trial.
The heroism of Atticus Finch in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.
Khan associates with ISIS no more than Atticus Finch associates with rapists. Working as a human rights defence lawyer isn't some black spot
Aha I thought so! Atticus Finch is one of my favourite literary characters
Plus reminds me of Atticus Finch. so. that's a double win
hehehe.. Gregory Peck is one of fav actors of all time. Atticus Finch my homey!!
Sliding To Kill a Mockingbird quotes into my psychoanalysis essay on Jekyll and Hyde. Atticus Finch is always appropriate to quote, yes?
I'm visualising Ted Hastings as Atticus Finch and Kate & Steve as Jem & Scout in a reimagined To Kill a Mockingbird
On this day 1926. Harper Lee is born. And as a result, so are Scout, Atticus Finch, and Boo Radley. We are all the richer for it.
'You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them' - Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
To Kill a Mockingbird quote of the day: "Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public streets."
Meet my new friend Master Atticus Finch :3 isn't he adorable with his strong arms and puffy…
Low-energy Atticus Finch lost his most famous trial. I only like winners! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Atticus Finch Is Racist in Go Set a Watchman & the Internet I...
declared Atticus Finch the hero in its 100 top list of heroes & villains
Q: In to kill a mockingbird, who does Atticus finch lowkey get neck from on his days off?. A: miss Maudie Atkinson
let's not forget the time that Mrs Carter heard me say "kinda want him to be my dad, kinda want him to be my daddy" ab…
I refuse to believe that Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird is the same Atticus in To Set A Watchman
Today I feel a little like Atticus Finch...
Just want to be married to a dupe and live in New Orleans in a house with a wrap around porch and a dog named Atticus Finch
“The reality is the American legal system doesn’t need saviors. It needs clear-eyed lawyers who...
My man Atticus Finch had the invite since 1933
I think Atticus Finch says something like "when a man's life is on the line, I think he's entitled to a shadow of a doubt"
Tried reading rebuttal of Atticus Finch was clear, succinct and concise. This phony namesake is a pompous bore 1/n
"People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for" -- Atticus Finch, TKAM
Everybody needs Atticus Finch's empathy right now.
American lawyers have an Atticus Finch complex, and it’s killing the profession via
I'm in good company with Remus Lupin and Atticus Finch. What about you? 'The Myers-Briggs Types of 202 Characters'
I'm tryin to kick it with Atticus Finch
happy 14th birthday baby boy. wish you were still alive to celebrate it. love you Atticus Finch ♡
Atticus Finch will always be one of my favorite fictional characters.
Johnnie Cochran was in a league of his own. Watching his closing argument reminded me of the magic of Atticus Finch.
A1 Talking to kids about what it would be like to be less fortunate makes them stop and listen. Atticus Finch drives home point 2
What do reckon Atticus Finch would make of his creator's lawyer, Tonja Carter?
Looking at western concept art and stumbled upon Atticus Finch.
A dog named Atticus Finch just liked my photo on Instagram
and because you're in love with Atticus finch
I didn't read the answer but atticus finch's quote must be there I believe
have they cast the broadway play adaptation of to kill a mockingbird yet because raúl as atticus finch
"Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird.". -Atticus Finch
“Love her, but leave her wild.”. — Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird
That said the film is never bad and has a lot of great stuff. Gregory Peck was born to play Atticus Finch.
great piece - makes me think of Atticus Finch. What are the greatest challenges to moral courage for today's LDR?
If you want advice, be an Atticus Finch. .
This Scout is so proud of her very own Atticus Finch. His performance in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'…
Atticus Finch and the Life Lessons of Moral Courage -   10% Off
Exactly! He was like the (non-retconned) Atticus Finch of the Klingon Empire.
it's really hurt when your father becomes Atticus Finch in Go Set a Watchman version.
Grace Bible Church- where you get quotes from Clint Eastwood, Atticus Finch, and Darth Vader in…
You're on trial murder, what fictional character do you want as your litigator: Jack McCoy, Atticus Finch, or The Grinder?
Saw this and the first think that popped into my head was she looks like a female Atticus Finch! (In a good way)
TKM7AB "to her putting a man's life at stake, which she has done in an effort to get rid of her own guilt." ~ Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch and succeeded? Job did Jesus embraces everyone in to what God more fully you willing to tragic event God is a limited time ...
My choice is the 1962 film of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird with the wonderful Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch
Watching "The Omen" and recalled the "Antichrist's" adopted Daddy was also Atticus Finch. Think…
Atticus Finch is my father. Fight me.
True but Atticus Finch the hero & American fantasy was perhaps better left undisturbed.
Atticus Finch to Scout in "To Kill a Mockingbird." . R.I.P. Harper Lee. . Blessed were we to have read you.
Meet Atticus Finch the man defending Robinson in the heated upcoming rape trial, sits w/ his children Jem and Scout
.A less optimistic piece about Harper Lee, LAUSD, and the dangers of our desire for super-teachers:
I've been absolutely obsessed with Atticus Finch for the last week 😍
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Hofer vs YMCA continues to take coverage from the media over Super Tuesday. Atticus Finch, Hofer's lawyer demands, "This will not end..".
One of my favorite things about Atticus Finch is that he doesn't conform he stands up for exactly what he believes in
Did you believe your love is like no other love?💕 Did You Believe // Atticus Finch
Real courage is when u know ur licked before u begin but u begin anyway & u see it thru no matter what-Atticus Finch
From the Atticus Finch Naysayer in the NY Times via
In a world full of Bob Ewells, be a Atticus Finch.
Atticus Finch with a very good closing statement
got tipsy and used an Atticus Finch/Harper Lee quote to lowkey tell someone to stfu
One of NOSSCR's founders, Rudolph Patterson, has passed away. He was NOSSCR's Atticus Finch, a role model to us all.
Inspired by Atticus Finch: Caroline Laband on why she started lawyering
What To Kill a Mockingbird can teach parents via
the one thing I've learned in my 47 years is from atticus finch: never ask a question you don't already know the answer to
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