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Attah Igala

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To n fro Badagri today and must say Gov Ambode is really doing some great job, impeacable... Kudos...
Bayern can't so twill prob be Sevilla...
On the left side of a strong woman, stands a strong man. When Attah Igala introduces his daughter😁
This one that they'll soon loan out of Arsenal
Spiritual music is cooking people. . The first verse and the chorus of my song: WE WORSHIP YOU 🎤 🎶
a lot of us know God is speaking to us we just try to turn the volume down and turn our life up because it's not what we…
Mad over dis — listening to runtown mad over you at Palace of the Attah of Igala Kingdom Idah Kogi State
Giroud wants to be forming Ramos nw.
Ogugu coach receiving his trophy, medal and cash price from Orego Attah of Igala Land and Prince Mustapha Mona Abub…
Lol ... My son gonna marry the daughter of Attah of Igala
The origin of IGALA Who is an Attah of Igala
The present Attah Igala, Micheal Ameh Oboni, worked with FCDA before retirement. He also got a degree in Political Science from UniAbuja.
HRM Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni (Attah of Igala land) began his civil service carrier at the Fed Capital Development Authority (FCDA) in 1981.
The Attah of Igala lost the heir to the throne. The heir died in Canada while studying abroad...
Easy on dat Oga “Mbok, anyone has a draft of a resignation letter?”
Game 3 is where we r nw Game two is history Steph Steph
Nice, hope we win game 2 “In the Bay Area supporting the homie tonight.
A humble person is happy to be who they are.
Fruit dates 👍“Gonna have so many dates this month ;)
jst so u knw I was dere wen it all started.
He was “Photos: Muhammad Ali, the three-time heavyweight boxing champion who called himself "The Greatest."
Satan's biggest weapon against us is to stir up our desires, create doubt & havoc in our minds that we're losing out in worl…
Attah (meaning father) of Igala is the title of the paramount ruler of the Igala people
Hello Kogi people seize the day,people going somewhere don't do public holidays,keep working
It's now warriors game to lose. Just sad
who is the person on his profile picture, "Attah" of Igala? .
These are king of boys . From Oluwo's funky jean wear to Attah of Igala's stud. . Their mode of dressing must...
Wenger can't win d Epl again, too late..
Leonard Ravenhill: "No man is greater than his prayer life"
He's limitless “the problem with superman tho is they never really state limits to his powers! he just does strange
Celebrating the enduring legacies of Attah Igala, HRM Dr Idakwo Micheal, Ameh Oboni II at his 3rd year Anniversary https:/…
domain names
Kogi State Governor at the 3rd anniversary of the Attah of Igala, HRM Michael Ameh Oboni, in Idah LG
are U serious?...been peaking since high school bruh
Lol bt James is nt peak period abi “Pls joor..peak period..that's all..”
Pls joor..peak period..that's all..
Lol seems u need more curry in ur meals “and I don't like the warriors..😒”'m not an arsenal fan did U get there?..Im a barca fan..
Oniru “Where can I stream man utd's match Pls”
Leonardo Di caprio“Loftus on for Oscar. . Pato on for Oscar. Begovic on for Oscar. Anyone on for Oscar.”
I have just one question. Why does the attah of igala have earrings on? 😩
Real death is not breathlessness. It is not cessation of life. It is when God rejects you.
However Chelsea will go tru to d next stage.
Lol “What's that? Europa when we go still comot from.
There's still Europa “After all the struggle to finish 4th last season, this is where it ends. 😭😢”
And Sevilla will beat them in Europa
Lol “Manchester United fans, keep your Thursday nights free...
Champions league is not for hustlers.
Ronaldo it's too late, Messi's got d ballon d'ior
they won't get it. There's this myth that Edo/Benin jazz can't work on us cos 1st Attah Igala wore their king's crown on his neck😂
Getting paid exuberantly for wat u derive pleasure in doing. Smooth
Joke?“Yes, yes. Today I read about a lady who quit college to become a professional video game player. Earning about $30k a month.
Lol “Harmattan has started again... And am still single 😔”
4 records in just 10 mins. Its not hw fa
What an Honour. Just Paid a Courtesy call to the Attah Igala's Residence.
Jobless “When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect Pebble
at list mikel is more recognised more Dan u...even attah igala knows him...who knw u?
lol. Pipe. Wat does dat v to do with this
Bayo nw has beards 🙌 “All men were equal until some decided to be Christians.”
Mourinho steadily creating his own record with Newcastle.
Chelsea should be having contingency plans.I mean relegation is by d corner 😀😂
Lol, well it's brand loyalty.😄“Bro, you might have to rethink, Audi anytime :)
If only I hadn't had a tin for Benz “Black Audi RS6 💀
LoooL hw can one say Neymar is jst bk frm hajj cost of his hair style. Terrible 😄
Goes without a saying “Low key I want a Newcastle win. The banter on Chelsea would be enormous 😂”
Ronaldo can't win best player award dis yr regardless of Messi's absence
First player to score an hattrick against Leicester since Henry's hattrick!
LooL u knw “You know it's our day when Cazorla is clearing corners”
deal with him well , barca are God on uefa. .
😂😂 “When you catch the guy that said juventus would win
Lol “Arsenal get £3 million because Vermaelen won the Champions League. We're the real winners tonight.”
This has to b an easy run for barca tbh.
Inikpi Statue - the legendary beloved daughter of Attah Igala, who offered to be buried alive in order to save her father’s kingdom.
Where the devil can't go himself, he sends an old woman.
Lol guy u heartless oo “K It's been an awesome Saturday. I caught the bouquet btw. :)”
Wada receives report on the procedure for the ascension to Attah Igala throne -
lol na by force "Magic Johnson's son is jes waste of DNA"
imagin make landlord talk sey u dey test im patient.RT Lol "Imagine make ur parent no pay rent"
Gov. Idris Wada today received the report of the committee on the procedure for ascending the throne of Attah Igala
no Attah igala is the father of the whole igala land while onu ajeokuta is the chief in charge of ajeakuta.
Attah Ameh Oboni is regarded by most Igalas as the last real Attah Igala.
Attah of Igala will neva leaves his palace to visit GEJ sometin d northern fail to understand! Smh
He who serves small masters, is himself one of them.
When need is greatest, God is nearest.
| Oganyiganyi - This is an annual masquerade festival celebrated at Idah by the Attah Igala.
| Uloja Native Authority Guest House - The Attah Igala is renowned for his brave resistance of the British.
Insurance coys too Sad times for Airlines."
Look at these ones “[TODAY] NYSC to place corps members on public service salary scale
Its wahala abeg. Jst want to resume my job :D"why not?"
God I don't want to write an aptitude test b4 I get a job.
The Executive Governor of Kogi State, Capt. Idris Wada with the Attah of Igala Kingdom @ the groundbreaking ceremony
The Attah of Igala in a chat with the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Arch. Namandi Sambo
Wow “BREAKING: Apple just announced the release date for the iPhone 6:.
Chief Isah Edime, a veteran broadcaster/producer famous for his radio program tagged, Democracy in Action, is dead. Isah, a onetime general manager of Radio Kogi and Benue, who produced 'Democracy in Action' for Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN Kaduna between 1979 and 1983,wasabducted from his house and killed by unknown gunmenon the morning of Wednesday May 28, 2014in Egume,Dekina local government of Kogi State. Though sources said Chief Isah was not an astute politician and was not known to be involved in any chieftaincy tussle, findings revealed that the incident may not be unconnected with a power tussle between the leadership of Egume Ome descendant union which has been lingering for some time now in the community. It was also gathered from sources that as a traditional ruler, Egena Attah Igala, Chief Isah Edime had towering influence in the union's long standing dispute over who leads the community which allegedly had political undertone. Another prominent indigene of the community/former ...
Speaking with this Professor is just hard.
If you look for the positive things in life; you will find them.
Lol."Scotland with their skirts we cudnt even beat."
Nigeria will so drop in FiFA's ranking
did they wear skirts to play? C'mon "Scotland with their skirts we cudnt even beat."
Scotland with their skirts we cudnt even beat.
So we'll bcoming bk from Brazil with 3pts from 3 draws it'll seem
Keep reminding yourself. If it is supposed to happen, it will.
Mehn Ath. Mad may b left with no players soon
Yop tru dis “Knowing God is so comforting... Life is all kinds of crazy”
I implore the authorities in Kogi State to fish out the *** that assassinated the Amana Attah Igala of...
So this boy's mumsy bot a toy car 4 him celebrating today. So much love.
Lol Soon Balotteli "[DailyPost] Seedorf to be sacked as Milan manager and replaced by Inzaghi
2 d children Happy children's day while we adults continue d hustle
We may know what we want, but God knows what we need.
Babaz Stingy“Zong Qinghou, China's 3rd richest citizen, lives on $20 a day and eats the same meals as his workers.”
These no makeup girls must hv some sorta confidence.
Abeg hw will one jst automatically get 10yrs working experience .Sad
Thank you for Yesterday, Today n forever
Bet Y do d Balotteli? He had d chance 2 do sometin of Trademark
Lol "So its not of him dat beateth Barca."
So its not of him dat beateth Barca.
lol c dis one “More kids..chai..why my Papa no play football win UCL?..cold cold world..😂😂”
The scenario where one good deed cancels all bad one. Fball
Baba Ronaldo gat to jump cos of Wcup
N Pk “Legend has it that Cristiano Ronaldo just magically appears when there is a free kick.”
Ramos has to b a hero mehn, semis n final again. Dat head
C senior man celebration 4 claps n dats it
of metabolism “Bale, Benzema and Carvajal are just waste products”
The font type on R. Madrid's Jersey tho, so kul.
Gabaidu.!gabaidu.!!gabaidu.!!! Is a great previllege to let you know that HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, CHIEF IDAKWO MICHAEL AMEH OBONI (ATTAH IGALA) is going to AFFAH tomorrow which is Monday 24TH march 2014 for a special visit, is a previllege because He did it to few Igala Land and only Odeke in Ibaji. We thank God for the recongination of AFFAH by his Royal Highness.
civilisation is good,but we should not wipe out our cultural value, it must be worshiping gods but that trust&respect igala is known of.long live attah igala .AGABAIDU MAY U LIVE LONG.GOD BLEES IGALA LAND.GOD BLESS OGBOGBO THE LAND PEACE & EQUITY.
A high GPA looks good on paper, but networking and building friendship is what gets you a job.
The number of 'followers' you have does not make you better. Hitler had millions, and Jesus had 12.
BREAKING NEWS: Malaysian Airline Finally Found. Be careful of this scam going around
I should own a club though, Its lucrative.
Dem suppose dey slap dis Wenger on a staedy.
Proud owner in d person of R. Abrahomovic
Leave am na young pipes e dey scout 4 "Wenger where were you when M. sallah was bought"
The invincible "How did i even become an arsenal fan.."
Ukd."Will never 4get dis 1000th game will dey."
Never"Will never 4get dis 1000th game will dey."
Will never 4get dis 1000th game will dey.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Mourinho's post match comment will b lethal
U jst decided 2 abandon me cos of d match abi? Issorai!"Lol c dis prudence "Honeypie! Sugarbanana!!"
"Just cming in now...Who got a red card?"
Some defeats should b more dan 3 points.
Ilaboya, Hw art thou enjoying d match.
UKD "There's only one man who could help Arsenal win this game - Yaya Toure."
Honeypie! Sugarbanana!!"Or its Arsene falling arsenal's hand"
Or its Arsene falling arsenal's hand
So ManU is out, who did chelsea get
One day it'll all work out, def will.
Loneliness is not a lack of company. Loneliness is a lack of purpose.
Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. -Guillaume Apollinaire
It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste. -Henry Ford
It took Isaac Newton 5 years to discover the laws of gravity. Zlatan Ibrahimović defied it in 9 seconds. http…
CL RECORD: For FIRST time in current format (2003/04), all 8 GROUP WINNERS have reached the QF: MNU, PSG, Real, FCB, BA…
Learning from your mistakes is a good thing but learning from the mistakes of others is better.
All my Kogites here, follow our Governor. Let's rub minds. Cc:
He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses & renounces them finds mercy. -Proverbs 28:13
Strong "Take note of this and please don't forget it: "Earthly actions have eternal consequences.""
Sorry man "Got away with a dislocated left leg by the hip and some bruises. Currently in the hospital. But I should be fine"
Chock noris "Oh well, last night I was in an auto crash. Car tumbled, pulled myself out through the shattered windows."
Sleeping in d church is jst so sad.
Kogi State Governor, Captain Idris Wada has emphasised the need for people in the state to be actively involved in agriculture to enhance food production and reduce poverty among the citizenry. He made the call when the State Council of Traditional Rulers led by its chairman, His Royal Majesty, Idakwo Michael Ameh-Oboni 11, the Attah Igala paid him a courtesy visit at Government House, Lokoja. Wada said that his administration was determined to make Kogi State the food basket of the country stressing that traditional rulers must take the message of going back to agriculture as the only antidote to poverty to their domains. The governor therefore called on the traditional rulers to continue to pray for him for God’s guidance, protection, strength and wisdom to pilot the affairs of the state. He assured them that he will do his best to commence the renovation of their palaces across the state stressing that his administration has renovated the palace of Oguma in Bassa local government area of the state. H ...
Idakwo Ameh Oboni the second would wipe away all the suffering and the poverty in Igala Land
hm “Jesus had to separate Himself for empowerment. Just as He is, so we are. (- -)”
It takes about 4 seconds for a silence to become awkward.
A Moment of silence for people who still wear "MY MONEY GROWS LIKE GRASS" & "AMA KIP KIP" T-Shirts ☹
idah.. The home of attah.. The monarch of Igala Kingdom... Now added to my lyf i leave.. May others dat come tap also from d blessing of God around you..
To b successful means for u to hv gud qualities that outnumber & overshadow bad ones. When this becomes a reality, u 'll find that pple 'll shower compliments upon u, even for qualities that u do nt possess. Today we the gud pple of this great Egbura community we re dispointed with the behaviours & manners of our royal father bcz a true man accepted & brought by d right way to d trone of OHIMEGE will nt do all mess we re seeing today. I want u to remember my royal father that d man u re fighting today sat u down & turban u. Here me my pple Abdullrazak Isah Koto Ohimege went ahead & attendat Mugambo's name d sole candidate of Ahmadu Musa as our next Madaki of koto before the council of chief bt with God behind us bt nt all of us, the Attah of Igala the rightfull oner of d throne Agabaidu rejected it & told him that he has no right to remove or suspend third class nt even second class what a disgraced to our kingdom. U re where u re today bcz u stand on Ahmadu Musa's shoulder. & whenever u re heading, u can ...
^ _^ " Don't lay your hand on you woman ever if its to beat her. Other things maybe be allowed ;)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
– Update: 2nd seed Roger Federer takes the 4th set to level the match 2-2 against Gilles Simon.
Behold naija's oldest prison is found in Idah, h/qtrs of Igala Kingdom in Kogi State. It was built in 1901 by d British govt. Its 112 yrs old. D prison has a capacity of 102 inmates, only37 inmates are there when their conterpartts in other prisons are competing 4 space. D prison is under-utilized & dis calls 4 d dicongestn of other prisons in Niaja which have been turned into Hitler's concentratn camps rather dan reformatn centres. D origin is traced 2 d Attah of Igala. It was a detentn centre situated in d Attah's palace were offenders were kept 2 do menial jobs 4 a period b4 they are released. But when d number of criminals increased,it was relocated & situated opposite d palace. It was no longer d Attah's prison but a native authority prison until d fed govt took over d prison in 1987.
Research project is just over rated
Victor na "This one is crashing during tutorial again
who? This one is crashing during tutorial again
This one is crashing during tutorial again
Bollywood Has Taught Me that once you decide to start dancing on the street, everyone you meet will know the steps and join you.
We will never rest until negativity is brought to a standstill in Nigeria...una hembelembeh!
The myth about ATTAH AMEH OBONI-1 By Sule Isa Akagwu (Kpaleko) _ "Ogbaikolo Ototolo, Oli kima bun ki arotulaka tulaka" Meaning, the tree that does not bud but bear fruits to the envy of others. Prominence has smiled on the man Prince Ameh Oboni before his ascendance to the most revered traditional institution among the Igala people. Nursing ambition to become Ata Igala is forbidden among the hair apparent to the throne. Records shows that those who have nursed the ambition of becoming Ata Igala never realised it. That accounts for why most princes live far away from Idah. This is to avert the temtation of lust for power which has a fatalistic tendency. In late 1945 Ata Obaje Ocheje, the predecessor of Ata Ameh Oboni was old and well stricken in age. It was being rumored that the Odogo walls will soon fall (Traditional indication of the transition of an Ata) members of Aju Ocholi Clan who were traditionally the successive clan in the chronological order of ascendancy to the throne became full of expectatio ...
The late Attah of Igala Aliyu Ogbaje...GUESS THE YEAR of this picture
like a boss" – Round 2 Update: Novak Djokovic wins the 2nd set to take a 6-2, 6-0 lead over *** Pella
f"44s Dere is Reinery defense 2morrow after Dr. Ayo's class and tutorial after the defense.Exam is on
Beware subs flying in d air.don't b caught
lots of work 2 do 2day may God bless d hustle.nite
Attah of Igala has vow to send hunger to ***
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
The old is a child for the second time
IDAH TO GET AIRPORT SOON In what could be termed as his most daring move since assumption of office, the Atta of Igala is bent on constructing an airport in Idah and very soon. You will recall that Igala NA during the reign of Ameh Oboni had constructed an aerodrome where small carrier planes could operate from. The aerodrome however stopped functioning several years back for reasons that may not necessarily be disassociated from non-usage. The old aerodrome located along Idah - Ogbogbo road is now wearing a different look as work has since commenced on it in a bid to developing it to a standard local airport. The question that comes to the mind of anybody who hears this news is whether it is a project of the Government of Kogi State. We reliably gathered that the State Government has no stake in the airport project. We do not know if the State Government would decide to contribute or even take over the construction of the airport in the future; but as it stands today, the project can best be described as ...
Ayuba Idakwo wrote: My father has been officially anounced as Attah of Igala in the kingdom of Idah formerlly the Nigeria capital in 18 century.Oli ki ke bi afu kimo gbadu.The tree that grow with sadness. Baba DOGBA
Ayuba Idakwo wrote: Officially my dady is now Attah IGALA.I'm now the Prince of Igala Kingdom.
I've seen Alake of Egba, Attah of Igala, Sultan of Sokoto, governors prensent and past none is like Jesus
Kusugh Ferdinard Terwase wrote: "In deep pain, people don't need logic, advice, encouragement, or even Scripture. They just need you to show up and shut up! - Rick Warren". Very true!
Umaru Dikko Noah Jnr wrote: Gabaidu, THE INSTALLATION AND CORRONATION OF THE NEW ATTAH IGALA (GABAIDU!) HRM, IDAKWO AMEH OBONI II, The Man the Cap fit and the task ahead. Gabaidu! Idakwo Ameh Oboni II is the twenty second (22nd ) Attah Igala i.e taking the record from Ayegba Oma-Idoko. Before the reign of Ayegba Oma-Idoko, there have been many Attah Igala centuries to that time. Attah Ayegba Oma-Idoko rei...
Here i come 2see the new Attah Igala.
All road leads to Idah LG of Kogi State for making of another history. Official Staff handling ceremony of Attah Igala.
Hanging out with the Attah of Igala
Corper's in idah are paying a visit to the Attah of Igala now"Faith (from our sister station Coolfm Abuja) is here in the
Its true everything has a price. But not everything is for sale
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. -Rom 12:2
Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone fall because of a banana..
april fool"We ♥ u guys aswear"BREAKING: fake9janews ordered to be closed down by the FG ...we really sorry guys :(
‏" Real *** don't let the microwave hit 00:00.
Tank God dis is d last ooo, it wasn't easy (O_o)
Good aftunoon my fans, As u all knw the ATTAH OF Igala Kingdom album is out, be an igala anywhere u re try grab ur copy b4 27-28 of april
u mean robe? Prosper with his rope of many colours
Prosper with his rope of many colours
I can't believe that I wanted to grow up..
It is raining virtually everywhere except is attah igala collecting em waters in a basket? Creepy state here.
Peace necessary for development – Attah Igala New Attah Igala Michael Idakwo Ame Oboni has said that peace was necessary for development to thrive in his domain, Kogi State and the country at large. The traditional ruler, who went through all the traditional rites at the weekend at Idah, said for peace to have meaning in the country, the Boko Haram sect should embrace peace. Attah Igala said with partial paralysis of some parts of the north through the activities of the sect, most families who earn their living in the north have been forced to relocate to other areas reducing the economic potentials of the north. “Peace is the first condition for development in the country and catalyst that engenders development,” he said He called on all Igala sons and daughters at home and in Diaspora to live exemplary life to represent the philosophy and aspirations of the fathers of the land which is honesty and transparency. The monarch said the time had come for Nigeria to assume its rightful position as the . ...
Attah Igala: The INSTALLATION Process of Prince Idakwo Ameh Oboni II Begins Tuesday 5th March, 2013, at Ugwolawo. Date for the Grande Finale (CORONATION) Will Be Announced Soon. All the good people of Igala Kingdom and Friends are Cordially Invited to witness/grace this Rare Occassion... ARISE IGALA Magazine will be there LIVE!
my good people of IGALA KINDOM,i say congratulation on the grand ascention of prince Ameboni as Attah Igala.(Gabaidu)may Allah bless Igala land.longlive Igala land,Kogi State,Nigeria.
President Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated Prince Idakwo Michael Ameh-oboni on his emergence as the new Attah of Igalaland. This was made public Thursday through a statement by the Special Adviser to the president on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati. Jonathan also applauded the adherence to due process and Igala native laws and customs by the Igala Traditional Council and the Kogi State Government to ensure a peaceful and orderly succession to the revered late Attah of Igalaland, Alhaji Aliyu Obaje who passed on last year. The President also urges the new Attah Igala to put the vast knowledge and experience gained from a successful career in the Armed Forces and public service of Nigeria to very good use in the service of his people. As Prince Ameoboni prepares for his formal coronation and ascension to the ancient and highly-respected throne of the traditional rulers of his people, President Jonathan urged him to do his utmost best to foster peace and progress in his domain.
Wada appoints Ameh Oboni as new Attah Igala: The Kogi State governor, Capt. Idris Wada, on Wednesday approved ...
KNOW YOUR ATTA 1. Attah Ayegba Omidoki 2. Atta Akumabi Ayegba (2nd Atta from Ayegba) 3. Atta Akogbu Ayegba (3rd Atta from Ayegba) 4. Attah Ohiemi Obogo (Ocholi Ayegba) 4th Attah Igala from Ayegba 5. Attah Amacho and Attah Itodo Aduga….The above named Attahs were brothers and sons of Attah Akumabi, Amacho was the first son. When it was the turn of the Attah Igala after the death of Attah Ohiemi Obogo (Ocholi), Prince Amacho was chosen. Unfortunately Amacho died after his installation. The Attah Igala ruling houses and the king makers then met and asked his younger brother prince Itodo Aduga to replace him. Since then the children of Amacho and Itodo Aduga formed separate lineage with succession to the throne of the Attah Igala together with the children of Ocholi and Akogu lineages. 6. Attah Ekelaga (Circa 1824-1839( (11th Attah Igala from Ayegba) 7. Attah Omocheje (Circa 1840-1858) (The 12th Atta Igala from Ayegba) 8. Atta Aku Odiba (Circa 1859-62) (The 13th Atta Igala from Attah Ayegba) 9. Atta Okoliko ...
Wada Approves Appointment Of Ameoboni As new Attah Igala: The governor of Kogi State, Idris Wada, has approved...
Governor wada of Kogi State appoints Ameh Oboni as new Attah Igala
We now have a new Attah Igala...Capt Wada,weldone jare!!
Congratulations 2 all Igala sons and daugthers, 4 Idakwo Micheal Ameh Oboni has been elected as a paramount ruler of Igala kindom. AGABAIDU! AGABAIDU!! AGABAIDU!!!.ADAGBA KIMA GBEMINI. Long life Attah Igala, Long life Igala sons and Daughters, Long life Kogi State in general.
Kogi State Government has approved the appointment of Attah Igala he is Prince Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni. Agaabaidu
let only d 9 pages I've read come out in dis last paper pls.
shud I go 4 dis last semester service meeting.lots of chal at stake.
me last week.RT 2002 manchester united fan since 2000
highest goal scorer was I, 4 pen, 6 goals
this is not a political statement I can assure u we r on it" give us light na :(
shey u get letter blindness ni.u no c "an" "GBAGAUN!!! as 'a' a
Choice of discipline as a youth determines your dignity as an adult.Dr. David Oyedepo
u develop Maturity U don't learn it.
BOYS: Ask for pictures with no clothes. MEN: Ask for pictures with no make up."
LOL, this is self imposed coronation.hw U bin?" attah of igala indeed! Dint knw U̶̲̥̅̊ wea a titled man
LOL, 24 Pcks of pizza coming tru" i tell yu ma brova. maybe d guy go shock us i dont eat cake like that but this
Gaga; so famous, even babies know her name...
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Jesus, the same yestaday, today and for ever... He is the king of glory, the king of kings and everlasting lord... He sits on the right hand of the almighty God, He is proclaimed the Lord of all. That means He is the Lord over the olu of warri, oba of benin, attah of igala, toh tiv, oche of idoma, ooni of ife, alafin of oyo etc. He is the Lord over all the heads of all confratanities. The sit of the Lord most high is far above principalities and powers... Which means He is the head of all witches and wizards. This is the more reason i will walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil. It is high time all christian began to understand there is only one true God. To all my friends, I am proud to announce that i have chosen the true way. The part that leads to the land that is full of milk and honey!! I know it will take God the neccessary time to purge and purify me. He is the head over me and my family. Thank you Jesus
elo am sunny by name u don't know ♍ε̲ buff I saw D̶̲̥̅̊ name attah n tot of to say hi to ma igala or idoma broda
A new paramount ruler for Igala Kingdom traditional council has emerged. He is Mr. Idakwo Micheal Ameh – the son of the former Attah of Igala, late Ameh Oboni.  The appointment of Mr. Idakwo was an...
Success doesn't come to you, you have to go out and get it.
"Ameh Oboni blessed me during his reign, so, my son can't stand against his son; Idakwo to become Attah Igala." Omale Wada Ejiga.
Igala cultural values has not gone under extinction despite the effect of Western education a typical example is the sellection of Attah Igala the coronation and the burial rite! ostensibly speaking Igala cultural values is a typical example of Africanism!!
Did you ever have the privileged of meeting ILABIJA? He was such a creative man.
The above is a question that has brought untold embarrassment to the Igala Kingdom, one of the most entrenched and revered kingdoms that has been existing since the pre-colonial Nigeria.
Igalas’ Long Wait for New Monarch (THISDAY 28-01-2013) By Ishola Oyeyipo and Paulinus Omale Igala, a dominant ethnic group in Kogi State, has been without a traditional ruler for over six months. The stool of the Attah Igala became vacant on July 16, last year when the last monarch, Alhaji Aliyu Obaje, joined his ancestors after a glorious reign. In keeping with the customs and traditions of the Igala people, the deceased monarch was given a befitting funeral three months after his passage. Thereafter, the throne was formally declared vacant and the race for a new king began among the four royal houses. It is the responsibility of the kingmakers to screen candidates and endorse the most suitable one as the people's choice for the throne. The Igala Kingdom is one of the oldest monarchies in Nigeria. Some historians have described it as one of the classical examples of divine kingship in Africa. Unlike some monarchies where succession to the throne is directly from father to son, four ruling houses compet ...
I was with d gr8, idahkwo Ameh oboni today he is The next ATTAH OF Igala Kingdom He spoke 2 us gr8ly abt our land and the gr8 destiny' iam so previlaged boc what my generation has never experience iam nw part of it. I recieve d last Hand shake frm hem boc inauguration what a previlage Igala students association national hav given me. Father i thank u fr bein ther fr me and making me into d Selected ones in Igala Kingdom.
Contrary to speculations that a new Attah has been nominated, a reliable source among the king makers who spoke to our correspondent (pleaded anonymous) said the struggle for the emergence of a new Attah for the kingdom is still on. His words: "Choosing a new Attah is not like choosing a governor. For any mistake thereof will amount to a great calamity. We the king makers are busy ensuring such mistakes are overcomed. The struggle is still on, and soon we shall be having a people minded Atta-Igala, but for now no nomination has been made. Thanks." From the above information reaching us, it is clear that a new Attah has not been norminated but will emerge soon. Igala News Update shall keep you posted on any latest development.
Bcos all the so call stakerholder in igala land are only figth for themself of which i can name or still give reference to their previous act like attah igala sit that is full of embodiment of culture wanted to be politicized may the god help igala land
I smile even though am hurting. U look so much better when u SMILE So Smile everyone Cuz nobody can take that away from u. Goodmorning my lovelies...
HBD to d next ATTAH of IGALA GGMUB bro
Mohammad Ahmad 14 January 10:02 ATTAH IGALA STOOL: Group urges Jonathan to intervene President Goodluck Jonathan has been called upon to, as a matter of urgency, intervene in the lingering crisis rocking the selection of a new Attah Igala following the death of Dr. Aliyu Obaje last year. A group, Unyogba Igala Project (UIP), made this call in a statement made available to journalists in Lokoja at the weekend, saying President Jonathan should “please arrest the looming crisis before it snowballs into an uncontrollable situation”. In a statement signed by the group’s spokespersons, Dr. Goodman Akwu and Prince Umoru Obaje, dated January 12, 2013, they enjoined the President to act fast in order to sustain the relative peace being enjoyed by the people of the area for decades, insisting that he should prevail on the Kogi State government to approve there commendation of the Igala kingmakers on that subject to avoid a looming crisis in the region. While the group wished Governor Idris Wada a quick recove ...
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Pls guys, how true is the rumor about the coronation of the new Attah of IGALA On sunday?
As we await the coronation of Prince Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni as the substantial Attah Igala, we pray for peace in the land & in our hearts
A SHORT HISTORY OF ETTE COMMUNITY. ETTE (meaning 'root' or foundation in Igala) is a community of about 285,000 Igala-speaking people in Olamaboro Local Goverment Area of Kogi State. The name Ette drives frm that of the Grand patriarch of Ette, Ette Akwu Adogo, father of Ogbe Atta Akwu (Ogbataku). Ette Akwu Adogo was Son of Onu Oda Akwu Amanabo of the Igala ruling dynasty of Idah, Kogi State. Ette shares a comon ancestry with other decendants of Onu Oda Akwu Amanabo, viz: Ette-Mahi (Ajaka in Igalamela LGA) and Onu Oda Ojiji (Imane in Olamaboro LGA) all in Kogi State. All the eight lineages of Ette are male descendants of Ogbe Atta Akwu (Ogbataku), through his two wives named Oda and Ebi-ega (Ebiga). Ette People are entirely Igala in Origin, Culture, affinity, orientation, and tongue. some Ette people also communicate in Idoma as a second language. Litrature by European nd Nigerian reserchers, as well as the records of His Royal Magesty, the Attah Igala, Alhaji Aliyu Obaje, who is the leading living lege . ...
Idah is a town in Kogi State, Nigeria, on the eastern bank of the Niger River in the middle belt region of Nigeria. It is the headquarters of the Igala Kingdom, whose traditional ruler, the Attah Igala, Alhaji Aliyu Obaje died in July 2012. Idah is also a smaller Local Government Area with an area o...
The first being the mode of burial that will be fitting to him, since he was a Muslim but held the traditional position. The other is the politics of who will succeed him. Though the apprehensions have been there since the late royal father stopped appearing in the public some few years ago apparently due to his failing health, the discussions has been scaled up since his demise and has become a major subject matter among the Igalas in Kogi State. There are issues of when the burial should take place and the manner it will take as there are arguments of whether Islamic or traditional rites should be adopted. The late Attah Igala was the first Muslim to ascend the throne. In fact, the coronation and burial rites of Attah Igalas have always been shrouded in traditions and there are arguments by core traditionalists that that of the late royal father should not be different. Already, there is a division in the camps. To some, though he was a Muslim, the traditional method of burying the Attah should take pre ...
Mad man..attah of Igala "Na 2ru talk nau"Guy wat is dis?"Food no dey stay for belle spoil..."""
Why is it taken Kogi State govt this long to install the new Attah Igala when succession procedures are clearly spelt out?
Traditional council resolves Akpanya-Ogboligbo land dispute The Igalamela -Odolu Local Government Traditional Council in Kogi State, has resolved the land dispute between Oyo-Akpanya and Ogboligbo communities. Chief Abel Etuh, the Etemahi of Igalamela and Chairman of the Traditional Council, disclosed this at the end of the council's meeting at Ajaka, at the weekend. He said the land was ceded to Oyo community in line with evidence of both written and oral traditions, stressing the decision of the council was based on the recommendations of the peace panel set up to look into the matter. Etuh said the council also considered the 1989 judgement of the High Court in Ankpa on the matter. According to him, the late Attah Igala, Alhaji Aliyu Obaje, also ruled on the matter and held that the Oyo-Akpanya was the traditional owner of the land. He said these rulings formed the basis of the decision of the traditional council. On the insinuation that the council was misguided, the Etuh said, ``We, on the council, t ...
Kingmakers face tough task in choosing 22nd Attah Igala When will a new Attah Igala and Chairman of the Kogi State Traditional Council emerge? Not very soon. Perhaps, in another three months. Yes. Attah Igala, the Supreme Leader of the Igala Kingdom never dies. A successor can only emerge if it is discovered that he has ‘slept’ for three months without waking up. Only then will the Prime Minister of the Igala Kingdom, the Achadu of Igalaland, announce a replacement of the head of the thrown at Idah, a replacement who must be a direct son of Attah. As the kingmakers engage in the traditional rites they still have to unravel a knotty tradition, an admixture of power rotation and quest for natural justice, among the ruling clans. The clans include the Aj’Akwu, Aj’Ocholi, Ame’cho, and Aj’Akogu ruling houses. A palace chief told Sunday Trust last night that “Since the 15th AD, there has been a zoning and democratic system of appointing Attah Igala, but in 1956, the British Colonialists distorte ...
The deputy governor of Kogi State. Architect Yomi Awoniyi, yesterday paid a condolence visit to the palace of the late Attah Igala, Dr. Aliyu Obaje.
The longest reigning First Class Traditional Ruler in Nigeria, the Attah Igala, His Royal Highness, Alhaji (Dr) Aliyu Ocheja Obaje is  dead. He died in his palace on Monday at the age of 102, having spent 56 years on the throne.
Condolence Message on Attah Igala from a prominent community and PDP leader in Yagba East Local Government of Kogi State, Chief Frank Ayedun:
The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) yesterday described the death of the Attah Igala as a loss of a nation builder.
Omale Sule wrote: President Jonathan Commiserates With Government and People of Kogi State on Death of Attah Igala
Nigeria’s longest reigning monarch the Attah Igala in Kogi State Alhaji Aliyu Obaje ...
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Born in 1920, Dr. Aliyu Obaje was the youngest person ever to be installed as Attah Igala. He mounted the stool at the age of 36.
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