Atrocities Prevention Board & Samantha Power

Samantha Power (born September 21, 1970) is an Irish American academic, governmental official and writer. 5.0/5

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MT profile of Samantha Power and her contributions to the Atrocities Prevention Board
Samantha Power, President Obama's pick to be America's Ambassador to the United Nations, had previously been in charge of the Atrocities Prevention Board. How did she do in that role?
REMEMBER HER? ANOTHER ANTI ISRAEL.. ANTI AMERICAN CONSTITUTION CREATURE... WIFE OF CAS SUNSETIN... Obama To Appoint Women Who Called For Invading Israel To Be Next U.N. Ambassador… REVOLUTION PATRIOTS... THIS MAN IS GUTTING AMERICA IN FRONT OF OUR EYES AND WE ARE DOING VERY LITTLE. A White House official says President Barack Obama will name former aide Samantha Power as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Power will replace Susan Rice, who will take over as Obama’s National Security adviser. The official says Obama will announce both appointments from the White House Wednesday afternoon. Power is a longtime Obama adviser who worked on his 2008 presidential campaign and ran the Human Rights office in the White House. She left the administration in February but was considered the favorite to replace Rice at the U.N. The chair of President Obama’s new Atrocities Prevention Board once called for the United States to force troops into Israeli-controlled territory in order to end abuses she said w ...
Fernando O'Connor Former Obama adviser and extremist, Samantha Power, is Obama’s choice for US Ambassador to the UN. To give you an idea of how extreme she is, Power once said she wanted to invade Israel. She encourages shifting support from Israel to Palestine. She believes, as does Obama, that he must follow HIS values, not the will of the people. Most problematic is the fact that Obama never clearly states about his values before his election and re-election. Her nomination is a slap in the face of Israel and the US electorate. Power believes in talking to all enemies without military threats or actual action against them. She does not see the threat of radical Islam as the problem. She is the former Chair of Obama’s new Atrocities Prevention Board (a Genocide Panel). This appointment was made immediately after Obama’s speech at the Holocaust Museum. When she was foreign policy adviser to the Obama campaign in 2008, she objected to focusing on the Israelis and to the “US’s axiomatic support f ...
President Barack Obama will on Wednesday nominate Samantha Power as his new ambassador to the United Nations, administration officials tell POLITICO. Power would replace Susan Rice, his new pick for National Security adviser. Power, an Irish-born author on Human Rights and genocide, served as an aide at the National Security Council as the Senior Director for multilateral affairs and was named chair of the Atrocities Prevention Board that Obama created last year.
from Commonweal magazine Reckless Ardor Yesterday Iraq, Today Syria David Rieff May 30, 2013 - 4:58pm The great American journalist Murray Kempton once wrote that the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini demonstrated the iron rule that, in international relations, the drunk driver had the right of way. Anyone searching for a contemporary vindication of the same rule need look no further than the enthusiasm for an American military intervention in Syria now being exhibited by the same incongruous alliance that brought us the war in Iraq and the transformation of what began (to use the more accurate nineteenth-century imperial term for it) as a punitive expedition in Afghanistan after 9/11 into a vast exercise in nation building. This alliance includes liberal interventionists such as Samantha Power, one of the key advocates within the Obama administration for U.S. involvement in the overthrow of the Qaddafi regime in Libya and currently head of the president’s hubristically named Atrocities Prevention Board, a ...
23 April 2012 During a speech at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, President Obama confirmed that atrocity prevention is "a core National Security interest and core moral responsibility." The President's speech outlined an unprecedented effort to institutionalize normative commitments to atrocity prevention by creating a high-level interagency Atrocities Prevention Board, the APB, under the chairmanship of the National Security Council’s Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, Samantha Power. (USIP) Click here: read the official press release from the White House Office of the Press Secretary. President Obama of the United States of America: Mass Atrocities of Cannabis Human Rights Violations: How can the United Nations and the Government of Canada / USA Federal Government Advocate for Human Rights and Prosecute Crimes Against Humanity with CANNABIS AS A SCHEDULED SUBSTANCE. The United Nations Conventions Against Cannabis are Crimes Against Humanity. The United Nations is CAUSING T ...
Samantha Power, Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, National Security Council of the Obama administration, and a long time advocate of genocide prevention in Bosnia and around the world will chair the newly created Atrocities Prevention Board.
"Today President Obama spoke at the US Holocaust Museum, his words were pretty but it is his actions that tell the tale... In her own words Samantha Powers has attacked Israel when it had done no wrong, and blamed the Jews for Obama's campaign troubles. The appointment of Samantha Power to head up the new Atrocities Prevention Board, which under her tutelage is sure to become a forum for false attacks against Israel, is just one more example of Obama's actions not matching his words."
Samantha Power to chair Obama's Atrocities Prevention Board - Lynn Sweet: Im so glad she will be in on this 1!Congrats
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