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Atomic Kitten

Atomic Kitten are an English pop girl group formed in Liverpool in 1997. Consisting of members Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost, the original line-up included Heidi Range (who later joined the Sugababes) and Kerry Katona (who left in 2001 when she became pregnant).

Kerry Katona Whole Again Eternal Flame Natasha Hamilton Spice Girls Liz McClarnon Jenny Frost Girls Aloud Danni Minogue Matt Cardle Little Mix Milton Keynes Dons Rick Astley

Safari Nights announced Peter Andre, Union J, Boyzlife and Atomic Kitten to appear at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Don… http…
Does anyone remember S Club and Atomic Kitten? Those were my bop🎼
Kerry Katona's eldest daughter Molly joins Atomic Kitten to sing at festival -
Kerry Katona's eldest daughter Molly joins Atomic Kitten on stage to perform at the Big Day Out festival…
Kerry Katona is certainly putting her shock split behind her – by performing on stage with daughter Molly!
The rest of Atomic Kitten didn't show... and trust me it was painful listening to her go on about be…
Going through the old CD collection with Matt, find my old Atomic Kitten CD all scratched up
Whole Again - Atomic Kitten, absolute tune and if you don't agree you're a beast imo
WATCH VIDEO: 'pride' as daughter Molly performs LIVE on stage - weeks before she's to fly the nest..
£18.50 instead of £32 for a two adult tickets to Safari Nights at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, or £34 for a family…
she was amazing you should be super-proud I was their and you smashed it who needs ato…
Newly single Kerry Katona looks SO happy following split from 3rd husband – as daughter Molly sings with her live..
Newly single Kerry Katona gets back to work after split. . The former Atomic Kitten singer, 36, put the hear…
The former Atomic Kitten singer, 36, put the heartache behind her as she got back to work with a huge smile at t...
NP: the tide is high by: Atomic Kitten 🎤
Nobody appreciates Atomic Kitten and Liberty X puns like you and Ryan do 😊😊😊
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Quiet one the night but Kasabian and catfish next weekend and then atomic kitten and s-club the weekend after. What a time to be alive 🕺🏿
Suga Babes and Atomic Kitten were my childhood faves 💕
Atomic kitten meant to be at our festival and only Kerry Katona has showed up, awks
Now on Atomic Kitten - 'Love Doesn't Have to Hurt'. Is it just me that thought they were utterly dull without Kerry Katona?
That moment during brunch when "Eternal Flame" comes on and you recognize its Atomic Kitten. before your wife. 😂🤣😂🤣
Binge-watched music videos from All Saints, Sugababes, and Atomic Kitten. Pop music used to sound so good.
Atomic Kitten's and will be performing today at
I saw the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud in their prime. And Atomic Kitten when they had that good 4 months. Little Mix top the…
Interesting - The Sun says Kerry Katona was due to be one of celeb guests in week 2, but had to pull out:
Edge Lane sinkhole latest. Sonia, Atomic Kitten and Flock of Seagulls unite for charity single. Je Suis Edge Lane.
Baby number SIX is on the cards for the Atomic Kitten star
Best selling song by a girl group in the U.K. goes to Atomic Kitten. Little Mix come in at Your girlies aren't on th…
Can't wait to see Charlize in Atomic Blonde (thanks to that Brit girl group I keep wanting to write Atomic Kitten)
she's using it again in Liberty X girls & Atomic Kitten 😭😭😭
The Tide is High by Atomic Kitten will forever be a favourite
just spotted him .. trying to think now .. girl from atomic kitten ? Take Dawson out he knows nothing .. Austin Healy
atomic kitten and liberty x. Don't know how you do it. I'd sing the wrong songs during the wrong set! 😂 you're awesome! X
Atomic Kitten touring again and this Mirror article links to Kerry and Tash singing one of my songs in NZ
I'd marry the atomic kitten girl who presented it.
Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton 'has awkward clash with Kerry Katona'
Would love a follow always supported you throughout your career in Atomic Kitten and loved you in :-) x
Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton 'has awkward tension with pitchy Kerry Katona as they clash during reunion...
Fans praise Kerry Katona's INCREDIBLE new body as she returns to Atomic Kitten
This tour looks tragic. Only 3 of Liberty X, Atomic Kitten with Michelle Heaton instead of Liz, 2 of S Club *** ),…
'Awkward tension' between 'pitchy' Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton as Atomic Kitten……
Somehow ended up listening to the only Atomic Kitten song I've never actually heard.
Atomic Kitten's shows off her toned and tanned bikini bod
any chance of Atomic Kitten to celebrate, Jimmy Inforricky? You're keeping us going post-sesh
One time I lost my job I treated myself to all the music dvds I could find for £3. Darius, Atomic Kitte…
More top names added to Festival in - and confirmed to appear:. https:/…
but you see... I'm an honorary Atomic Kitten! (I can't believe I just posted that) 💀😂
Atomic Kitten working on a song with MGMT in a power-pop style, produced by Lil Jon
and that 90s concert as well with S club, Atomic kitten and B*witched
Natasha Hamilton shows off her toned and tanned bikini bod as she kicks off Atomic Kitten tour in New Zealand
Atomic Kitten with Heaton standing in for Mclarnon on overseas gigs. Hot. -.
Michelle actually sounds so good singing Atomic Kitten songs 🙌🏻
Auckland city was packed lastnight! Atomic Kitten and S club 7 had a gig here AND Guns n Roses were in town! *** And i…
you post this like the only song on your blackberry curve isn't Whole Again by Atomic Kitten
Crappy Wednesday? Cheer up! Catch comedian Rhys Nicholson at 14h30 + Matthew Mole, Atomic Kitten and Meghan Trainor
The last time Swansea beat Stoke City away, Atomic Kitten topped the charts. The wait goes on...
It's my last month as a teenager and I still sing in the mirror pretending I'm in Atomic Kitten. This can't be happening I'm not ready!! 😪😵😬
All I can hear is my mom belting her heart out to Atomic Kitten, go on trace x
Are you that one from atomic kitten?
Pop master on radio 2 is the hardest music quiz on radio. Today a contestant got the Beatles and atomic kitten mixed up.
I think society started going downhill when Kerry Katona left Atomic Kitten
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Shout out to the guy on popmaster who answered "atomic kitten" when he had to name an artist who was singing. It was the Beatles 😂
Statistically only one person on the planet could confuse The Beatles with Atomic Kitten. And he was on today
Caught up with 39, 30, 3in10. Still recovering from epic Beatles/Atomic Kitten confusion though
You know how it is, you're on a quiz and you mix up The Beatles and Atomic Kitten. .
I can picture hurrying out of the studio, grabbing a snifter of scotch right now. Atomic bloody Kitten indeed!
Man who didn't know the difference between Atomic Kitten and the Beatles wins . I may phone in.
Man who thought The Beatles were Atomic Kitten has won
3 in 10, please please be Atomic Kitten
It was the answer to one of the bonus questions. Another highlight was playing Beatles song and the c…
How is it even possible to mix The Beatles up with Atomic Kitten?!?! FFS 😂
Probably one of the best wrong answers on ever thinking that the Beatles were Atomic Kitten 😳😳
So you missed him answering that Atomic Kitten were singing when he played Real Love by the Beatles
No idea what my score was on that round, still struggling to breathe after Beatles/Atomic Kitten confusion
Did someone really just guess Atomic Kitten when played 'Real Love' by John Lennon and asked to identify the artist 😂
Beatles song on Ken Bruce asks bloke for name of the band. Moron caller replies 'Atomic Kitten' 😂😂😂
Which Band is this, Err Atomic Kitten? No its the beatles,
Awkwardness all around when contestant mistakes The Beatles for Atomic Kitten. . 2016 really is the end of days.
Some fella on the Popmaster music quiz on Radio 2, listening to The Beatles' Real Love. "Is that Atomic Kitten?"
Popmaster today:. 'This is this band's last top 20 hit to date. Can you name them?'. 'Is it Atomic Kitten?'. 'No... It's The Beatles.'
I admit I had to think about the Beatles then. But Atomic Kitten never came into my head
Did he just confuse Atomic Kitten with The Beatles ???😳.
Only on could someone think a Beatles song was Atomic Kitten.
Prince William meets 'Atomic Kitten' in the grounds of Buckingham Palace in June 2002
I said Kerry Katona instead of Cerys Matthews last night. I now have Whole Again by Atomic Kitten as an ear worm - HELP ME
I once sat next to Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon drinking wine in the Blackfriars pub in London
Spice and Spiceworld sold more copies than All Saints, Sugababes, Atomic Kitten and Girls Aloud's discography combined! …
Close you eyes, give me your hand darling ;-) ♫ Eternal Flame (Single Version) by Atomic Kitten —
Atomic kitten are Deffo on my Spotify
We need a big reunion tour with atomic kitten and everyone from the first series 😅😭😍
Throwback to the days of s club 7, atomic kitten and the cheeky girls
Update your maps at Navteq
Listen into BuzzBeat Radio to hear The Tide Is High by Atomic Kitten
Who's Kimberley? Well she's Scouse, so she must be Brookside, Hollyoaks or Atomic Kitten. 👍
she looks just like you did in atomic kitten days X
I listened to 'It's OK!' by Atomic Kitten today and I got to thinking: I wonder how many takes it took whoever to nail the "HOUSE!" ad lib.
My ills have lead to me watching the Top 40 Biggest Selling Female Hits on Viva. Current song: Atomic Kitten - Whole Again.
Were there not enough atomic kitten references in there for you?
Atomic kitten so takes me back to childhood love it
she looks so much like you did in the atomic kitten years Kerry xx
she really is a mini you. Reminds me of you back when atomic kitten first launched
wow! She really does look just like you in early atomic kitten days xx
omfg I honestly thought it was atomic kitten I'm so dumb
Anyone remember the episode of Big Brothers Bit On The Side when Atomic Kitten performed the whole way through?
a good reporter does his research. Atomic Kitten? Nice call
looks fun girl's. I'm getting first car next week.can't wait to blast atomic kitten when driving.Molly's so big.💖
When? Reply or QPR beat Mansfield 4-0 .. while Atomic Kitten topped the charts with "The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)"
Reminiscing the days when The Tide Is High by Atomic Kitten was my jam. Year 3 banger
was heidi bro. also made 2 of atomic kitten laugh at a story when I got accosted by prostitutes in dubai
Hello Natasha, your so beautiful. I miss Atomic Kitten gorgeous girl.
One Atomic Kitten song is stuck in my head. Only Lord knows why.
It's been charting for 28 weeks! If it charts for 2+ weeks, it will tie Atomic Kitten's Whole Again, for 30 weeks! https…
Busted, steps, atomic kitten and now s club 7! Gonna end up cryin' at this rate! shouldn't DJ at 1:35am 😂
Have to send my brother regular texts reminding him that Aqua was the 1 of the first albums he owned & he used to like an Atomic Kitten song
The very beautiful Liz McClarnon,loved her in Atomic Kitten 🐱 she's my ideal woman,still hot as ever xx love her xx
brilliant panto tonight!Loved every minute especially the atomic kitten/5ive medley at the end!
you were missed tonight at the panto! My favourite part was the 5ive/atomic kitten medley at the end! Amazing panto!!!
Atomic kitten just came on in my taxi and I couldn't be loving life anymore
Why I love my barber's, only place where listening to Atomic Kitten as you wait is acceptable! That n the many Nigerian dialects!
The tide is high but I'm holding on. I'm gonna be the number one. I'm not… ♫ The Tide Is High by Atomic Kitten —
Atomic sex kitten treatments in passage to detention if that sweat room is behalf number one: HEaQd
I appreciate that one of the neighbours is playing the Atomic Kitten album.
domain names
best of album comes out Friday Whole Again - The Best Of Atomic ;) Kitten
well your new best of comes out fri ;) Whole Again - The Best Of Atomic Kitten
is it cause he likes Atomic Kitten, You Nick My Hole Again
or atomic kitten et al. V forgettable, Adele is amazing singer, terrible songs. How bad were the ones she threw away???
Now playing: Ladies Night by Atomic Kitten listen at
The Band Perry's Heart And Beat is on Big Machine on 20 Nov., and Atomic Kitten's Whole Again is on Spectrum.
When? Reply or Stoke beat Peterboro 4-0 .. while Atomic Kitten topped the charts with "Whole Again"
never say never! look how far you've come and you even reformed Atomic kitten 🐱
It's never too early for an Atomic Kitten reference babes
It's not the things you do that tease and wound me bad. But it's the way you… ♫ The Tide Is High by Atomic Kitten —
EXCLUSIVE: Kerry Katona opens up about 'heartbreaking' George Kay split: 'It’s like somebody died': Atomic Kitten singer reveals how...
Atomic Kitten - Whole Again via only 90s kids will know this lol
Found a smash hits cd at work with atomic kitten and all that on it and we're having an absolute ball on floor 2 telling ya 📣
Answer! Millwall beat Norwich 4-0 at home on ... 11th Aug 2001 ... while Atomic Kitten reached with "Eternal Flame"
📷 Derby’s Christmas lights switch-on: Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton talks about her move to Derby and...
Atomic Kitten’s talks about moving to at lights...
Atomic Kitten's talks about moving to at lights switch-on...
| This morning's featured artist are Atomic Kitten. Tune in NOW to hear their biggest hits.
At some point this my head went "James we should listen to atomic Kitten"
At some point this morning my head went "James we should so listen to Atomic Kitten"
Whole Again by Atomic Kitten is in Anytime Fitness Wakefield, Wakefield. Download it now at
Yeah, but you haven't got any Atomic Kitten :D
One of Atomic Kitten switching on the Christmas lights in Derby, this will be almost as exciting as when we got Gareth Gates. In 2011.
Atomic Kitten star is backing her favourite takeaway in
Texas were amazing, Danni Minogue a little disappointing and didn't get into the arena for Atomic Kitten. But all good.
I stand corrected, it could be EVEN WORSE. You could be in Manchester, listening to Atomic Kitten and Danni Minogue! My ears weep, Jesus!
Pride continues today with performances by Danni Minogue, Atomic Kitten & Little Boots .
Can't believe Farah said she doesn't even know if Natasha is a celeb.. Atomic Kitten was basically my whole life at the age of 4.
Atomic Kitten will perform at Manchester Pride on Sunday as a duo - Manchester Evening News
there's Natasha Hamilton too from Atomic Kitten and Fatman Scoop he's like a black version of unc Peter 😂😂
One Direction should do what Atomic Kitten did w Kerry Katona and rerecord everything without Zayn anyway here's Atomic Kitten-era Kerry Katona excitingly brandishing the word 'balls'
One Direction, Liz from Atomic Kitten, 4/6 of mcbusted, Carrie Fletcher, Lawson, Sam from Sam & Mark
- Underneath Your Clothes, next Atomic Kitten - Eternal Flame. Cek it out streaming at
Sturgeon is wondering if we can replace Trident with Atomic Kitten.
Jamming to some old school Atomic Kitten and B'witched at the end of
♫ Atomic Kitten - It's Ok from Station by Bripda RN LDD on Tobias's iPhone~
Bring It On has Atomic Kitten and Daphne & Celeste on the soundtrack!!! Also, I want to join the Clovers 💚
Six? So it's either one dog, or Atomic Kitten.
Proud captain today , love my girls yall did so good today getting that W ⚾️🙌🏼
Eternal Flame by Atomic Kitten is in Robinsons, Belfast. Download it now at
We have the tickets you need to see Atomic Kitten (Just go to
Going to bed to the sound of my absolutely destroyed housemates singing along to Atomic Kitten! I'm gonna miss Uni sooo much
Lay in bed half euphoric?? Half dead n singing atomic kitten, this is what life's all about
If you put pumpkins on each prong and affix a wig atop each one, you can make money pretending they're Atomic Kitten on tour.
WHY am I listening to atomic kitten by myself?? Ffs
Treasure Negroni - somehow this let to Atomic Kitten, Whole Again.
This is my cousin's cover, check it out👑 "IT´S OK" ATOMIC KITTEN - DÁNALY COVER"
Happy Birthday: Singer Elizabeth Margaret, of Atomic Kitten, was born on this day in 1981.
JackTheGoodBoy1 o una delle atomic kitten :) by MilMass
Atomic kitten comes on in the taxi and the driver cranks it up... he's at least 65 😂😂
Dana & Conchita doing Abba! Atomic Kitten on tour, Daphne & Celeste on comeback, Jenny Frost exiled to Ibiza. 2015 is the best!
Lorraine: Atomic Kitten chat about their greatest hits tour and releasing a new album
Atomic Kitten look forward to Greatest Hits tour
How quickly they change from Atomic Kitten to manky old rescue cat in the window of Cats Protection.
"Why is my freak show of a girlfriend singing Atomic Kitten songs to me?" Cause I lav ya
Natasha Hamilton shares adorable black and white snaps cuddled up with baby Ella Rose: The Atomic Kitten singer gave us an insight i...
hey pup! It's called "Keep their heads ringing" by Dr Dre. I listened to a Debbie Gibson and you were an Atomic Kitten fan 😉
Kerry Katona wants Atomic Kitten to work with Westlife, including ex Brian McFadden... ! (via is she mwi?
Atomic Kitten - Dancing in the street - Live Party at the Palace DVD. HQ...: via
Atomic Kitten to release a new album in 2015: Kerry Katona revealed she will be heading to the studio with Natasha Hamilton and Liz ...
- you kept this quiet! Atomic Kitten to release new music in 2015
Chavtastic news! Atomic Kitten to light up for Christmas.
New music from Atomic Kitten will be released next year
Atomic Kitten to record new music in 2015 via
Atomic Kitten to release new music in 2015, says Kerry Katona
New arrivals at Marvel Guitars!! Surely the best looking trio since Atomic Kitten!! (after Kerry Katona left). Just in, a stunning PRS Zach Myers guitar featuring a jaw-slackening "spalted maple" top. Spalted maple is actually a fungus in the tree, giving this spectacular unique look. I had a genital fungus once, and it didn't look anywhere near this pretty, photo to follow. £625.00, or a billion Scottish McDollars if it's after this Friday. To quote Marty McFly, "all the best stuff is made in Japan",.and iphone batteries aside, he's right: Samurai swords, Nintendo, sushi, whale harpoons, cartoons totally unfit for kids, and of course Fender guitars!! This '54 reissue in 2-colour sunburst from 1993 is IMMACULATE, and needs a new home in exchange for some good old English Yen. If I've still got your attention, this red Danelectro 12 string electric is an essential recording instrument, bachelor pad accessory and emergency oar. Famously used by everyone who's ever been cool ever, and also Ed Sheeran. Get w ...
Kerry Katona is absent as Atomic Kitten take to the stage - . Liz McClarnon and Natasha Hamilton performed at The...
So far this morning the choice of tunes in Princes Mall have included the works of Leanne Rimes, Atomic Kitten, Celine Dion...
Not going to lie - Time Tunnel this morning is AMAZING! Ronan Keating, Atomic Kitten and Shaggy - serious tuneage!
My song list after 2 hrs in the car! Break free-Queen, Gone-Philip Philips, Madness-Muse, Tide is high- Atomic Kitten, Why am I the one-Fun.
As an atheist the only "Eternal Flame" I ever worry about is that awful cover by the equally awful girl band Atomic Kitten
I believe it's meant this way, darling. I watch you when you're sleeping.. ♫ Eternal Flame by Atomic Kitten —
Latvian entry singing Atomic Kitten with Laura Whitmore. Clearly not too worried about that cake they've got to bake.
Finally in the cheese zone. Spice Girls and Atomic Kitten! (@ Polo Lounge - w/
Easter Monday Jazz Cafe - Maggie Reeday Early bookings will be essential for this forthcoming MONDAY evening - Clifford Arms 01626 872311 . . . . Maggie has had a long and varied career. Starting out as a resident singer with a local band she later appeared in a succession of shows for ITV, alongside household names such as Paul Daniels, Jim Davidson and Atomic Kitten amongst others, has performed at a Royal Variety show for the Queen Mother at the London Palladium and also enjoyed an 8 week residency on West-country TV show “Langsford Late” with presenter Ruth Langsford Maggie has been taking the country by storm with her Jazz concerts and has had rave reviews for her first CD, “World on a string”, featuring such luminaries as Dave Green, Paul Lacey, Craig Milverton and Roy Williams. With a great sense of rhythm, knockout voice and natural ability to connect with her audiences Maggie has ensured repeat bookings and a warm reception wherever she plays.
I am in the same room as Pat Sharpe, Bobby Davro, some bird off Atomic Kitten, Joey Essex and Annie Nightingale. That is all.
HOLLYOAKS FACTS: - Craig (Ethan) and his wife Amber got married in May 2009, Amber is a principal at a theatre arts school. - Gary Lucy (luke Morgan) has his own company, Gary Lucy Real Estate. also more recently Driving Lessons Finder, an internet based directory of driving schools and driving instructors. - Alex Carter (lee hunter) attended the Blue Coat School, Oldham.[5] His parents own the Post Office in Delph, Saddleworth, his brother Bruce is in a band called The Whip and he has a girlfriend Chloe. - Davinia Taylor (jade cunningham) married football agent Dave Gardner in July, 2003. David Beckham was best man, while Taylor's bridesmaid was Jenny Frost of Atomic Kitten. Sister Sledge performed at the reception, and Gardner gave his new bride gifts that included a £40,000 engagement ring and a £89,000 Mercedes-Benz. - Will Mellor (jambo Bolton) had a high-profile relationship with Coronation Street actress Angela Griffin. He met his wife, dancer Michelle McSween, when the pair starred in the st ...
S Club 7, Backstreet Boys, Busted, Mcfly, West life, Take that, Blue, aqua, Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten, Girls Aloud are my fav bands :) ly
SIMON GREENING: want some extra clues? Atomic Kitten called it a day, Johnny Depp was Willy Wonka & Pope John Paul II + Luther Vandross died
Answer! Milton Keynes Dons beat QPR 5-0 at home on ... 24th Feb 2001 ... while Atomic Kitten reached with "Whole Again"
Brian McFadden and Kerry Katona first met in August 1999 when Westlife and Atomic Kitten were on a road show together. …
I can't wait to see an Atomic Kitten's *** in my bro's tour. Hope I see the one and only Kerry Katona at the last night after party 🙏
Close your eyes give me your hand darling, do you feel my heart beating , do… ♫ Eternal Flame by Atomic Kitten —
Do you feel the same. Or am I only dreaming? ♫ Eternal Flame by Atomic Kitten —
Atomic Kitten, Tide is High. I challenge any of you to find a better pair of music video wabbers than Natasha Hamilton in that song.
Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten talks about her battle with
Jose learning the hard way - never go back...for details see Kevin Keegan, Dirty Den, Peter Mandelson, Atomic Kitten, Johnny and Denise...
Atomic Kitten at the Southport Theatre & Convention Centre via
Win tickets to see Blue, 5ive and Atomic Kitten at Popfest this month!. .
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Go to one of those weekends where 911 and Atomic Kitten are playing - it's a double win, right?
yeah it's a 90s reunion! Sclub7 big brovaz atomic kitten etc
your my absolute fav out of atomic kitten and I think your amazing!!!xx
yeah that's true. And I know Atomic Kitten.
do you remember the walking on water dance to atomic kitten? Or was that before your time?
Remember during exams we all kept singing Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten, Steps etc..?
An Atomic Kitten concert would complete me
The tide is high, les Atomic Kitten, bravo :p
when she was on come dine with me with bruce jones, roy walker and natasha from atomic kitten. Think it was a few years ago
is it true Atomic Kitten are doing a gig in Southport? If so when i wanna be there right at the front :-) xxx
my favorite song as a child was that Atomic Kitten song Number 1 😂.
Could the 'lads' in the flat next door turn the volume down on their atomic kitten tunes. I can't deal with another rerun of Eternal Flame
are you secretly as gutted as I am?? 😳 Our childhood is slowly falling apart!!
Apparently Natasha from Atomic Kitten is going to play Maureen in a tour of RENT in November?
just srolling through the music channels and saw Liz McClarnon from Atomic Kitten! She is definitely your twin!
alright atomic kitten. A wow wow wow looking back on when we first met... Can't remember the words..
flatline would be better if it was sung by Naima from the Honeyz, Jenny from Atomic Kitten and that one out of Supersister
Look at all you cool kids trying your hardest not to sing along to the chorus of Atomic Kitten's 'Whole Again' when it plays in a store.
Don't worry about me downloading atomic kitten
Loving classic the job apps and blue on in the background may have to upgrade to atomic kitten :)
I know all the words to The Tide Is High by Atomic Kitten, i can step in whenever they need me!
lol! When are we getting a catchup and singing Atomic Kitten to each other? When are you back in Stirling on a permy?
Kinda agree. I've been to V once and watched Atomic Kitten. Everything else is way too much hassle/excitement.
We have a pair of Noughties Popfest tickets up for grabs! See Blue, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, 5ive and many more...
everytime I listen to atomic kitten I pretend to be lizzie mcguire, anyone want my autograph
Love a singalong to atomic kitten anyway
We are Atomic Kitten on - tune in right now, listen to: Whole Again!
PARTAAAY last night.ending up in the pitch black woods holding hands for courage and singing atomic kitten.
Yes I do have Atomic Kitten stuck in my head for some unknown reason, but what are you going to do about it?
Liza from atomic kitten's cyber stalking *** you have been rumbled mate
Bring on the weekend Ascot races then Blue, Atomic Kitten, D:Ream, Go West and Rick Astley
First: honeyz - won't take it lying down Last: Atomic kitten - Whole Again
Someone next door is rocking out to Atomic Kitten
Still few tickets available for to see Matt Cardle, Blue, Atomic Kitten etc., August 31. Tickets here
Why was all of atomic kitten ginger?
Want to feel 'Whole Again'? Win tickets to see Atomic Kitten alongside artists such as Blue, Rick Astley and Go West
Had a lovely moment with duetting on 'Whole Again' by atomic kitten. It will never be as good as the real th…
that's what people said to Jenny Frost and she went on to be my favourite member of Atomic Kitten.
Things you learn at the Arqiva Awards... 1. The starter side purée wasn't for pouring... 2. Never trust Dave Kelly when looking for food at 2am... 3. Atomic Kitten did more covers than I remember... 4. The Go Compare bloke gets the biggest cheer! Nice to catch up with some old colleagues!
Atomic Kitten star shows off her incredible bikini bod just months after having twins
I used to pretend to like screamo when at home I was listening to Atomic Kitten and Johnny Mathis lool
Rising stars Queens of Pop took the Internet by storm earlier this year with their parody of reformed girl group Atomic Kitten, and performing in the Manchester Pride Main Arena is their next step to global domination.
I miss and long for the 90's..the music..the boybands I had crushes on..The Moffats, Backstreet, A1, OTown, Boyzone, Boyz2Men, Savage Garden, Hanson etc. my fave girlbands Spice Girls (baby Spice Emma ^_^), Atomic Kitten, B*witched, M2M, Steps..and singers Alanis Morisette, Natalie Imbruglia, Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, Brandy, Meja and more hehe the atmosphere..and feelings..all the anime of my childhood: Akazukin Chacha, Wedding Peach, BTX, Super Boink, Saber Marionnette J, Zenki, Fushigi Yuugi, Escaflowne, Ranma 1/2, esp. my favorite Magic Knight Rayearth and many more others.. The books I love to read like Sweet Dreams Pocketbook and Sweet Valley High.. Even the 80's I long for hehehe so nostalgic memories I feel being transported back to the just doesn't feel the same anymore..the 90s were the best years for me ^___^
We're pleased to confirm that the rumours are true and we will indeed be appearing at Ely's Party on the Hill on Saturday August 31st supporting the likes of Blue, Atomic Kitten, Matt Cardle, D-Ream , N-Trance, Snap and . our particular faves .Bucks Fizz!
Looking back at where we first we met,I cannot escape and I cannot forget Baby you're the one,you still turn me on You can make me Whole Again" I just hope the lyrics are right,vaguely that song. I haven't heard it in 2/3 years but I know it's a cut by Atomic Kitten!
Atomic Kitten haven't been the same ever since Jade Goody died.
Hey everyone! Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has joined us so far. For those who are new or would just like a recap- Here is a full list of the events that we currently have available. Please book quickly to avoid disappointment, Our concerts are selling fast, Miss it Miss Out. All events include ticket and return coach travel from Hull. Deposits taken to secure your favourite act! Dont forget to like our page for updates on all concerts, events, competitions and promotions - Olly Murs, 6th June (3 Tickets Left) - Bruce Springsteen, 20th June (5 Standing Tickets Left) - North East Live Present JLS, The Wanted, Little Mix Plus many more, 22nd June - Flamingoland, 3rd August - Alton Towers, 17th August - Noughties Popfest Presents Blue, Five, Atomic Kitten, 911, B*witched and S Club plus more to be added, 18th August - Mcfly, 30th August - Drayton Manor, 31st August - Wicked, 14th September (2 left) - Paramore, 20th September (10 Left) - Blue, 18th October - WWE Live Raw V Smackdown, 14 ...
Natasha and Liz from Atomic Kitten have still got it
no jack it isn't! Almost as bad as them atomic kitten girls. I don't even know these fruits.
As sad as it is to admit, I do love me a bit of Pointless. Atomic Kitten girls look really good these days. Bit thick right enough.
Watching Pointless Celebrities, obviously. Kerry Katona is apparently the brains in Atomic Kitten.
Atomic Kitten vs Sinitta/Chico. Send in the lions. Or an axe wielding maniac
Chico, that girl Simon Cowell was out with and two thirds of Atomic Kitten, big A-listers
Atomic kitten always have been the best looking girl band!
Watching and what has Natasha from Atomic Kitten done to her face? She doesn't even look human.
Pointless celebrities. Atomic kitten, Chico & Sinitta, scott mills and huw on.
“Mum says if I drink my milk i’ll be good enough to be in Atomic Kitten” “Atomic Kitten? Who are they” “EXACTLY”
Liz & Tash from Atomic Kitten are on Pointless. All my fav things rolled into one.
The Atomic Kitten birds are hotter than ever
If Atomic Kitten are on Pointless, who's minding the Liverpool Sainsbury's checkout?
Breast Cancer Awareness
The two fit members of atomic kitten on pointless celebrities!
Is it wrong to fancy Natasha Hamilton from atomic kitten?
When did the girl (Natasha) from atomic kitten turn into a worldie!
Liz from Atomic Kitten and Faye from Steps on Pointless
Watching celebrity and thinking I am totally out of touch.Don't know any celebs except Atomic Kitten, a distant memory.Oh dear.
No idea why I'm watching Pointless, but my god, Natasha from Atomic Kitten is hot
There's two from Atomic Kitten as well woah this is great
It's acceptable to have a girl crush on Natasha from Atomic Kitten, right?!
Steps and Atomic Kitten on Pointless, this is the reason I don't do TV. I missed them first time around, so. Time for tea.
Scott Mills, Atomic Kitten, Steps, Chico and Sinitta. welcome to the *** edition of Pointless on BBC1 now!! lol
Pointless has Faye and H from Steps, Liz and Natasha from Atomic Kitten, Sinitta from the 80's lol .. Must be a edition
we should've entered Atomic Kitten for the Eurovision, at least then we'd get 12 points from Iceland
Steps, Atomic Kitten, Sinitta and Chico. Says it all really doesn't it.
Whoop pointless celebrities with and and 2/3rds of atomic kitten! It's a pop reunion!
I think pointless celebrities is a rather apt name for this episode as it includes two people from steps and two from atomic kitten
This pair from Atomic Kitten on Pointless would be stern recipients of the knob!
The two atomic kitten members on pointless celebrities may as well just have 'not Kerry Katona' on their name badge
What an allstar cast on Chico, some atomic kitten birds and wait for it. H from steps
That red head from atomic kitten looking superb on pointless here
Tash & Liz from Atomic Kitten on Pointless Celebrities. This gon' be good.
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