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Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert is a plateau in South America, covering a strip of land on the Pacific coast, west of the Andes mountains.

South America Milky Way Olga Kurylenko Paranal Observatory San Pedro

Another project another desert. This time in Atacama.
My phone drier than the Atacama Desert 🌵🙌🏽
Hard to believe, but it does snow in some - of snow in the
📷 - This is the sense of the desert hills, that there is room enough and time enough. ⏳. . . . . .…
Considered the most arid desert but only after a rare rain. Atacama desert in Chile as revived with the flowers carpet br…
VIDEO: the spectacular flowering of Chile’s Atacama Desert in 3D
Very interesting lecture by Armando Azua-Bustos at on Atacama desert as an analog model of
Atacama desert , the driest one on Earth...
In the last few years there has been flooding in Death Valley & the Atacama desert. I'm curious as to…
Desert holds possibilities for various Mars analogs, depending on what environment and its lifeforms you want to study!
There is a place on earth as dry as on Mars in the Atacama Desert! How exciting!
Atacama desert is a great analog especially f/astrobiology. A. Azua-Bustos (CAB) explains why it's so dry
We're starting off with a keynote address by Armando Azua-Bustos on the Atacama Desert as a Mars analog model!…
Here's something you don't see very often, blooms after heavy in the world's driest desert, the Atacama, LH
Idea: UN builds a World Thunderdome in Atacama desert. Kimchi and DotardDon enter, one insane narcissistic bully leaves.
Fantastic by on how the Atacama Desert helps us learn about extraterrestrial life .
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The Atacama Desert is the driest non-polar place on Earth but it is now bursting with flowers after surprise rainfall in northern…
In Calama, a town in the Atacama Desert of Chile, it has never rained
. I vote for the return of Single Combat as a solution for world peace. Trump v Un cage match Atacama Desert Jan 1 2018.
billiton invests $2.5 billion to expand Spence in desert…
Hotels We Love: Tierra Atacama in Chile is a luxurious desert hideaway with an otherworldly charm. We can't wait to go ba…
Atacama desert carpeted with surprise floral bloom: via
From Portland to the Driest Place on Earth: Junior Natalie Stroud adjusts to life in…
Up, up and away: take a hot air balloon ride over Chile Atacama Desert
2 things:. 1) Levi’s stadium looks like the Atacama desert rn. 2) I was 100% wrong on Tavon Austin being great. . Just awful
The Atacama Desert in Chile, AKA the driest place on Earth, in bloom after a good rainfall. Amazing world!…
End of a long working day in the Atacama Desert. I worked as an interpreter in Chile for 6 months. 12 hrs on 6 days…
Just in: A bite of the Atacama Desert.
I'm pleased to reveal filmed in stunning locations in the Atacama Desert, Chile 🇨🇱 earlier this year - htt…
For the Second Time in Two Years, the Driest Place on Earth Is Full of Flowers via
How to spend a weekend in the world's driest
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Gallery of images of the Flowering Desert in Chile's Desert
Chile deserves exploring – there are the lunar landscapes, salt lakes, geysers and the clear skies of the Atacama Desert
Night skies in the Atacama Desert in A "Must Go"! via
One of the shots from a 'search' trip. Spectacular scenery of the arid coastal plains of the Atacama desert 🌵 Chil……
Heavy rains have caused the seeds of some 200 plants to bloom in Chile’s extremely arid desert. Picture Credits:…
Driest place on Earth is currently covered in flowers. It only rains every 5 to 7 years in Chile’s Atacama desert.
It rains in the desert! Even Atacama & Sahara have annual rain. The Dry Valleys of Antarctica, meanwhile, haven't h…
The world's driest place, Chile's Atacama desert, is "desierto florido" after an intense and unexpected rain. (BBC): h…
🇨🇱 In years of very heavy seasonal rains a natural phenomenon known as the Desert in Bloom occurs in the Atacama desert.…
Popular on 500px : Atacama Desert: I like this photo. Do you too?
The desert is currently covered by after unprecedented in vi…
The best skies to stargaze are found in the Atacama Desert. . Press PLAY:
Have you ever seen a desert covered in snow before? If not it’s time to head to the Atacama in winter!
Unexpected rain turns part of Atacama Desert in one of the Earth's driest places, into colorful carp…
For the second time in two years, the driest place on Earth is full of flowers
"hiking up sand dunes taller than you can imagine to board back down in the atacama desert." (P…
TravelBabbo: The Atacama Desert with Kids! Where we stayed & what we loved (and didn't love): …
The 32% should try one year in the forests near Chernobyl, or near Fukushima, or for a lean dress r…
The Atacama Desert in Chile, known as the driest place on Earth, after extreme rainfall.
The hides a giant hand reaching for the sky
Anna Groman takes us on a magical journey through the Atacama Desert of Chile in our newest post. Check it out here…
Macron's "wife" is more barren than the Atacama Desert. 🤣😂😁
7 Adventurous Things to do in the Atacama Desert
Raging rivers in the Atacama Desert..has the dramatic pictures in 20 minutes at 1325GMT
The harsh, dry environment, the Atacama Desert is the place to practice looking for life on Mars.
Exploring the Desert in This is the driest place on Earth!!
what makes people think I got *** 😂 my phone as dry as the Atacama desert my guy
The true colors of the Atacama desert.
Ministry confirmed : Atacama Desert have caused widespread floods. Andacollo period of severe weather the world's…
Enjoy a spectacular sunset in the Moon Valley
I liked a video Creating Water in the Atacama Desert - Creating Water Foundation - Documentary
The impressive Milky Way over Paranal Observatory in the Atacama Desert (via European Southern Observatory | Flickr) https…
Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Atacama Desert Just what the doc ordered !!! 🤗
Very chilly for Chile! The world’s driest hot desert is hit by SNOW - and now there are fears via
The driest place on hides a giant hand reaching for the
Combine with an exciting adventure to the Desert for your next vacation.
The Hotel That Draws Celebrities Deep Into the Middle of Nowhere Is Back in the Game - Bravo (blog)
You can spend millions (someday) on a journey to the moon. Or you can go to the Atacama Desert
Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, lake Titicaca, Salt flats, Atacama desert, jungles... are all still ahead. So the journey begins!
Fancy a float? The salt-dense Laguna Cejar in the Atacama Desert, makes for quite an interesting swimming ex…
Atacama Desert, Chile Travel Guide: how to explore by car, places to visit...
COLUMN: I explored the desert as if it were (1/2)
"I explored the Atacama desert as if it were Mars." Using we tracked artist-researcher
Markus Stoeckl made international news with his speedy record breaking ride in Atacama Desert, Chile and came...
Lost in the 🌵 desert 🌋 Bye Atacama you have a piece of my heart ❤️ Santiago I'm comin!! ✈️
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On a scale of Bear Grylls to the Atacama desert, how thirsty you gotta be to redownload IG & make a new account to post a pic of you cryin?
Making fresh water out of thin air.
This is happening not far from us. In the Atacama Desert...
How many of you can say you have visited world's driest place on Earth?! . Welcome to Atacama desert!…
Grey Gulls in Arica last week - subtle gulls that nest deep in the Atacama desert & do a daily sea commute to feed…
Ready for landing, everything clear.
Atacama Desert in is the best place to produce compared to Arabian, Sahara & Australian deserts
What could be better than a view of the mountains reflecting off the salt lake in San Pedro de Atacama?
Chile's Atacama Desert: A place on Earth that's more like being on the moon | via |
Extremely dry and dusty Atacama desert in Chile is combed for clues to life on Mars - . via
Max Stöckl sets the downhill mountain bike speed record in Atacama Desert, Chile. Check out the crazy video here: https…
Deep in Chile's Atacama Desert, rising 36-feet from the arid dry ground is La Mano del Desierto…
Salt flats in the Atacama Desert, delightful culinary experiences and killer national park views all in South America!
photos - from the Atacama Desert to Easter Island:
Yes, Lance Storm humour is drier than the Atacama Desert
Ultrarunner Mina Guli Goes to Chile's Atacama Desert: 7 Deserts is a video series from T...
Spectacular atmospheric above desert in
Nostalgia for the Light Chile's Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth. Ato...
The giant hand buried in the Atacama Desert. See this surreal here:
Last year's El Nino casued Chile's Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth, to burst into life
The interesting contrast of this view of Atacama Desert is that there's a volcano, a lake and a sa…
5 places I'd love to take pictures:. Meteor Crater, Arizona. Great Wall of China. Atacama Desert. Pyramids of Giza. Devils Tower, Wyoming
Of all the evil lairs I've seen, this is the coolest (Paranal Observatory, Atacama Desert,
So is it an expansion of the Atacama Desert?
Last year we went to a 3 week trip to Desert in was the main…
Atacama desert contains about a fifth of the world’s known resources
Blown away by the beauty of the Atacama desert. Full gallery of images: http…
The La Silla Observatory is located at the outskirts of the Chilean Atacama Desert, 600 km north of Santiago de...
Astronomer on the best places to see the stars:.
The "driest place on earth" is covered in pink flowers after extreme rainfall—
I read about hot the Atacama desert, the driest place on Earth, has been transformed into a garden of Eden after...
There are parts of the Atacama Desert in Chile where no rain has ever been recorded.
Atacama 2. This is the road to Laguna Miscanti in the mountains above the desert
Solar blossoms in Chile's Atacama desert, the sunniest place on earth https:…
Chile's Atacama Desert is a flowering spectacle after record rains.
Good morning! Where are you dreaming of today? We're thinking about the beauty of the Atacama Desert in
Ladies & gentlemen: the Moon! As seen from Atacama desert, Chile, in Sept 2015. (And shot with my iPhone 5s, true...
Atacama Desert Trail in Chile is now confirmed for 6th of November. Book before it sells out!...
Another awesome day exploring the Atacama desert in Chile!
'The best places to see the stars - from the Isle of Sark to Chile's Atacama Desert'
An historical collected in my visit to Chilean Atacama Desert. A group of nitrate miners, possible 1920's or 1930's.
place on Stretching 600 miles from the south border of into northern
Ever seen a night sky like this? Our guide to stargazing around the world:.
Visiting Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth:
Astronomer reveals the best places to see the stars...
- today`s image: Atacama Desert by Yuri Beletsky in Chile
ASTRONOMY / AT ATACAMA DESERT IN CHILE. A day with the explorers of the Universe in video ...
I must see the Atacama desert before I die.
in desert turns the sky into a fiery night sky. Via
Recent road trip around Atacama Desert in Chile. Lots of 4x4 action, almost got stuck numerous times
When you are in this stunning desert you feel like there is nothing else. 📷:
Have you never been? I was in Atacama desert over Xmas&it was spectacular. Looking 4ward to seeing the south too
ICYMI Friday: Visiting Mars on Earth: Chile's Atacama desert is a useful stand-in for Red Planet: Bob's blog
Pictures from the Valley of Death today in the Atacama Desert: the Volcano Marathon takes place tomorrow morning... ht…
Usually brown & barren, Chile's Atacama Desert is now home to a lush blanket of flowers >>
Astonishing image: Atacama Desert hadn't seen rain in 7yrs but finally after rain flowers blooming
Pretty sure Atacama Desert was one of all of our favorite Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps. It's so... pretty now!
Chile has the most beautiful star filled sky in the world. The night sky in the cold Atacama Desert was so pure
Congrats to co-founder Simon Lacey on 20/158 finish in Atacama Desert Crossing - 7 marathons in 6 days!
"Only those that risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." in the Atacama Desert at...
More than 200 flower species grow in the flowering desert, including añañuca, lilies and lion’s paws.
The desert experiences its longest bloom in years via
off to Terra del Fuego then up to the Atacama desert. Yes an 'excellent adventure'.
A2: I desperately want to camp in the Atacama Desert. I can't even see the Milky Way where I live!
Blooming the dons bright Read more at:
"To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark .
Blooming desert: the Atacama dons bright pink via
"The town of Calma, Chile in the Atacama desert has never had rain",
The Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on the planet. In fact, it is 50 times drier than…
Adventures in the Atacama Desert, northern by
We went to hike in the 4,300m mountain range in Atacama Desert as a part of acclimatization process. It was one...
A desert is place without expectation. @ Desierto de Atacama
San Pedro is a little haven of peace in the Atacama Desert. Located in the North of Chile, about an hour away...
you should try it in a sandwich, I'd go with white bread, any other then your mouth is gonna be as dry as the Atacama desert
The world’s loftiest desert is a realm of sand & rock says ht…
Photoset: The Lithium Mine Fields of Atacama Desert | Via In the wastelands of Salar de Atacama, about 700...
Apparently, this year, flowering desert will last until November! Enjoy!
We're gonna be filming tomorrow in the atacama desert! New video clip in the works!
The desert finds its ultimate expression not in the Sahara or the Mojave, but in Chile:
Onion flowers from Atacama desert flowering, this is almost like a vegetable they are huge and soft…
‘The 33’ tells the story of 33 miners trapped after a cave-in in Chile's Atacama Desert
Photo: Valley of The Moon, Atacama Desert just after sunset - probably the strangest place I’ve ever been...
VIDEO: Chile volcano marathon takes place in Atacama desert
Guardian video report on the second edition of the race last year, won by Gary Thornton and Anne-Marie...
The third edition of the Volcano Marathon takes place in November - and it's set to become as popular as the...
I know those Milky Way shots from the Atacama desert. Mindblowing.
La Llareta in Atacama Desert, Chile, is a 2,000+ years old, very dense, flowering shrub that happens to be a...
One of the most intriguing things about the desert is that many of the larger mountains have no snow cap.
The Soquimich Lithium Mine is located in the Atacama Desert of Chile. Learn more at.
Jan & Marja from The Netherlands taking 14 days to the Atacama desert :-)
Foto: travelingcolors: The Hand of the Desert, Atacama | Chile (by Ian Brooke)
Foto: trefoiled: The Atacama Desert in Chile is the most arid non-polar region in the world. Evidence...
Photo: plant-fueled: I am in the Atacama desert, craving some cherry and rosewater icecream 🍧
Desierto de Atacama, Atacama desert, from the Pacific coast to the Andes mountains
Residents in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the driest desert on Earth, turn to giant ‘fog catchers’ to provide water...
Copiapo Solar is a pioneering 24-hour and cheap solar project in Chile’s Atacama desert
Anything or anyone that does not make you come alive is too small for you -David Whyte htt…
Where to Go Now: Mesmerizing Atacama Desert. Here's why, where to stay, what to do.
Where to go now: desert. Here's why you should go there, where to stay & what to…
It's good stuff; like Faust only sun-bleached and soaring on thermals over the Atacama desert
Work that are doing in the interesting and vital.
There's such a large fauna in the desert that you can even spot ducks swimming on the altiplanic lagoons. The Juarjual duck.
My phone dryer than whoever class you learned where the Atacama desert is
Snow in Atacama, the driest desert on earth...
As foolish as it might have been, I took it upon myself to go hiking and running for over 3 hours mid-afternoon…
where was your paper round, the Atacama desert?
Atacama Desert, Chile - The Regions of Chile are amazing in their diversity!
Flamingo in the salt flats, Atacama Desert, Chile.
Save up to $950 per person plus free value adds on an incredible 10 day Atacama Desert to Patagonian Glaciers tour!
Atacama Desert: "In San Pedro de Atacama, an oasis in the heart of the world's driest desert, fine b
Storage unit protip: do not store your items anyplace remotely near water. Consider instead the Atacama Desert, or the moon.
No, you are not dreaming, this is how the Atacama Desert actually looks like. Incredible sight, isn't it?
Excited to visit San Pedro de Atacama for the first time this weekend!!!
Valle de la Luna in Atacama desert - the stunning surreal landscape
Dual Intro to Religion is drier than the Atacama Desert.
How Chile's fogcatchers are bringing water to the driest desert on Earth via
ACCIONA to build the largest solar PV plant in Latin America; 246.6 MW in Chiles Atacama d...
CHILE - Back in history in Atacama desert & cactus valley
The largest solar farm of Latin America will take place in the middle of the Atacama desert. http:/…
Check out this amazing meteorite museum in the middle of the Atacama desert.
The Atacama Giant is an ancient desert rain god etched on a hill.
Rainfall reveals botanical treasure in the Chilean Atacama Desert - the driest place on earth http:/…
"It's like walking on crunchy armadillo skins for hours or days" - Craig Childs on walking in the Atacama Desert.
10 places on Earth that resemble alien planets. Including, of course, our very own Atacama Desert
Astronomy fans should check out Chile's Atacama Desert for the best stargazing experience!
In the Atacama Desert, there are stretches where rain has never been measured
A beautiful dream image to go with my insomnia. I'll get to the Atacama Desert & see this someday.
Rain has never been recorded in parts of Chile's Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth.
Chile’s Atacama Desert: The Best Stargazing Spot in the World via
Where are you observing? But here in the Atacama desert its not much better, also clouds all around...
Che Guevara's "The Motorcycle Diaries" is a memoir that traces the early travels of Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, then a 23-year-old medical student, and his friend Alberto Granado, a 29-year-old biochemist. Leaving Buenos Aires, Argentina, in January 1952 on the back of a sputtering single cylinder 1939 Norton 500cc dubbed La Poderosa ("The Mighty One"), they desired to explore the South America they only knew from books. During the formative odyssey Guevara is transformed by witnessing the social injustices of exploited mine workers, persecuted communists, ostracized lepers, and the tattered descendants of a once-great Incan civilization. By journey's end they travel for a symbolic nine months by motorcycle, steamship, raft, horse, bus, and hitchhiking, covering more than 8,000 kilometres (5,000 mi) across places such as the Andes, Atacama Desert, and the Amazon River Basin. The diary ends with a declaration by Guevara, born into an upper-middle-class family, displaying his willingness to ...
Dakar 2015 Update: Still leading the way for Peugeot UK in the Dakar are Stephane Peterhansel & Co-Driver Cottret who have now climbed up to 8th Position after Eight Stages. Cyril Despres & Picard have pulled a few places back and have climbed from 50th position to 41st. Current Top 3 Overall Car Standings: 1 - Al-Attiyah & Baumel - Mini 2 - De Villiers & Von Zitzewitz - Toyota 3- Alrahji & Gottschalk - Toyota Today Leads us on to Stage Nine at 539km. For this farewell session to the Atacama Desert, all the competitors will come together once again for the special stage, with fifty-odd kilometres over sand and dunes. They should revel in these sensations because the next stage will put both drivers and their teams into much less comfortable positions. The routes have suffered the rages of time and will be equally harsh on them: frequent potholes and bumps combined with the narrowness of the tracks will expose their vehicles' bodywork to scratches. Stay Tuned!! Photos 1-4 are Stage 6 Photos 5-7 are Stage 7 ...
Riders descended into Chile during Stage 4 of the 2015 Dakar Rally navigating rocky mining roads before entering the Atacama Desert.
Yamaha riders ticked off 3rd stage of the Dakar. Today-rarefied air of the Atacama Desert & Copiapo-thin cold & high
Two beautiful lagoons in Atacama Desert, Chile in 4400m altitude
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To Atacama desert or to spanish classes in Santiago? via /r/travel
Want to blow your mind? Think you know what you think you know? Hold on to your paradigm. Engage...
I added a video to a playlist Incredible Pictures of Atacama Desert | beautiful places | amazing
Looking for a Mars-like trip? Consider going to the Atacama Desert in Chile!
Night Sky in the Atacama Desert, Chile. See website "Astronomy Picture of the Day" for credits and m
Atacama Desert in Chile- famous for its view of the stars I must go stargazing here before I die
arcing over radio telescopes in the Atacama desert of By
The phenomenon of El Niño:. Atacama Desert is covered with flowers once every 4 years.
Jaguar and Inca Indian sculpture. The border of Chile and Peru, the Atacama Desert
Bonus points from me if somehow there's a shot or 2 of the view of the night sky (all the stars!) from the Atacama desert in that commercial
Last night's fun watching the sky in the desert
High into Bolivia from the Atacama Desert in Chile, heading for the spectacular high plain.
Atacama Desert: highest, driest, flattest place on earth.
The Helix Nebula captured by La Silla observatory in Chile's Atacama desert. [1200x1]
A contemplation on the origins of life on earth & the search for life in the universe in the Atacama Desert
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On my way from the Atacama Desert to Antarctica. It could not be more different.
Saw an old friend post her diary of crossing the Atacama desert by foot (running ffs), made my lazy Monday feel really, really lazy.
What does the Atacama desert and my phone have in common??
Just saw five falling stars streak across the night sky over the Atacama Desert in 20 mins. I think tomorrow will be a good day.
Going from the low altitude mountains of southern S.A. to the high altitude desert of San Pedro de Atacama has left me gasping, literally.
When it gets tough, never forget to enjoy the view. Vallee de la Luna, Atacama desert
Wild Camping and Desert Driving – the long road to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
My phone is dryer than the Atacama desert.
solo circumnavigation of Skye by sea kayak, paragliding, caving and sailing blog: Atacama Desert
The ALMA array telescope gazes up at the star-filled night sky in the Atacama Desert in Chile.
Sometimes, after a cold night, you can find even ice in the Atacama Desert. Credit
L.A. MARZULLI, THE NEPHILIM & THE BIBLE. When one goes on the Internet one reads “SCAM ALERT—L.A. MARZULLI.” This article continues to build upon a number of my other posts on subjects such as red-haired giant remains in NV & UT caves, about the Book of Enoch, about the elongated cone-headed “humans” from Peru’s Atacama Desert, about the manipulation of archeological remains and so forth. L.A. Marzulli is a good example of someone who has been researching the ancient giants (Nephilim). Marzulli has been on explorations in Peru. He has spoken on various shows like Freeman Fly’s & Tim Alberino’s, & has written 3 interesting colorfully-pictured books on the Nephilim (which I have not had the opportunity to read). Tim Alberino, who recently videotaped me on his show, has also done quite a few shows on the Genesis 6 Giants. I have not seen either man say anything about how Pharaoh Akhenaten’s daughter had an elongated skull…still it is unlikely that I could contribute much more to what M .. ...
Stunning pictures: Life on the edge in the Atacama Desert: via
Solar-powered cars race across the Atacama Desert. They look like flying saucers rather than race cars!
Read Adventures in the Atacama Desert: top experiences in northern Chile’s wildest region by Lonely Planet
The incredible landscape of Chile’s remote Atacama Desert is like no place on earth. Find out why we put it on our Top Regions list for 2015.
My pics from Volcano Marathon, Atacama Desert, Chile here with DUST is a 4 letter word.
Now wish to visit the Atacama desert to see stars rain
Starry-eyed in Chile’s Atacama Desert via next month I will be there
A3 Atacama Desert brings back memories! Went to the observatory near there 8 years ago, it took my breath away
Q3: The Atacama Desert is a stargazing haven Where in the world have you seen an amazing night sky?
From fire to ice! I'm moving from the Volcano Marathon in the Atacama Desert to organising the 10th edition of...
“Discover the beauty of the Atacama Desert:
Dining with a view over Explora Lodge terrace, guest rooms, the Desert and volcano
Arabella from NWS "Just had a good catch up with Carla from Alto Atacama Desert Lodge - a true purist of experimental travel"
The Atacama desert is my new favourite place in Chile!
Getting some serious Ozymandias vibes from this sculpture of a giant hand rising out of the Atacama Desert
The top Chilean competitors in the Volcano Marathon in the Atacama Desert yesterday. Carla Lopez, second in the...
This is what happens after a cold night in the Atacama Desert. Credit
Clouds seen from above in Atacama Desert at 1,800 meters high. (via
Chile is home to the world's most driest place; the Atacama Desert
"Discover the beauty of the Atacama Desert:
This is not the Atacama desert! Why is the rain news in a country where the average number of wet days amounts to 180 p.a.
This is where my next novel, THE ASTRONOMER, plays off. Chajnantor Plateau, Atacama Desert. Credit: ESO
A5: The Atacama Desert in Chile with its salt lakes, volcanoes, geysers and stunning altiplano, definitely deserves to be a movie!
The Atacama Desert, Chile). It is the driest non-polar desert in the world. I love this place.
Discover the beauty of the Atacama Desert:
Our sales & marketing Manager, Praful Albuquerque, recently returned from South America. Whilst there he spent some time in the Atacama Desert. Here are this thoughts on the experience: "I was blown away by the dramatic scenery and landscape that has been so beautifully crafted by nature in the Atacama Desert. With its myriad colours and forms the high altitude landscapes of the desert are spectacular. What is interesting is that you can undertake such diverse activities like climbing volcanoes, visiting the El Tatio Geysers, watching flamingos at the Salar de Atacama, hiking in the Moon Valley or any of the amazing trails, horseback safaris across this amazing landscape or simply exploring the beautiful night sky from one of the best places in the world to do star gazing. This breathtaking scenery can be easily reached from the quaint village of San Pedro, where you can find stylish and comfortable accommodation. One of the ways to experience this amazing landscape is from explora’s elegant Hotel de L ...
BY Rocio IN Novedades 5 September, 2014 No comment 0 Between the Andes and coastal volcanoes that overlook the Pacific Ocean in Chile lies one of the most fascinating places in South America, the driest desert, the Atacama Desert. In the middle of lakes, streams, dunes, salt flats, hills, plains and…
Our web also in english. . We are a travel advisor, giving you the best advise so that you are closer to your...
The penitentes, thin spikes of hardened snow or ice found in the Atacama desert. Credit:
Olga Kurylenko's Travelling Life: The former Bond girl recalls the beauty of the Atacama Desert and reveals wh...
Olga Kurylenko's Travelling Life: The Bond girl actress recalls the beauty of Iceland, the Atacama Desert -
Here are my picks of the top adventures in the Atacama Desert for
I've been wanting to visit Chile's Atacama Desert...this looks like a good place to stay! cc.
The Atacama Desert, which is the driest place on Earth, gets 4 inches of rain every 1000 years.
A scenery to get lost into: Valle de la Luna in the Atacama Desert (By Vanil-Noir / Flickr)
Old and new — the Atacama Desert hosts several important archeological findings. Credit: S. Berta
Stars appear to trail over Chile’s Atacama Desert in a long-exposure photo taken by astronomy PhD st
The dried landscapes of the Atacama desert turn pink near the Tebinquiche lake (C. Bobadilla/Flickr)
The driest place on earth is the Atacama desert in Chili. They have not received rain since the mid 1700's. So thirsty.. Water, please!
Flowers bloom in Chile’s Atacama Desert between September and November when rainfall is unusually high.
Cry not our oily people. The oil wells will dry pass Atacama desert Momentarily.
Brown skies shining on me. Nothing but brown skies do I see... ;). Just arrived in the Atacama desert. Windy. ;)
I have seen it on the Atacama Desert in Chile during the star gazing tour. This and loads more!
Atacama Desert, Chile. Vivid colors belie the arid landscape of northern Chile where the Atacama Desert, one of...
Great, now I'm jobless, wanted to be with my son a while! 👍 👍 greetings to you from the Atacama Desert, Chile
The Atacama Desert’s diamonds in the rough: piece on 's work on microbial ecology in N Chile in
is like living in the Atacama Desert. mission accomplished!
Wednesday night hints for our Angel quiz at 7pm: Atacama Desert | Steven Gerrard's England career | the polo shirt.
The flowering desert: one of most beautiful landscapes in
Beneath Traps Us Underground: In August 2010, a collapse at the San Jose Mine in the Atacama Desert trapped 33...
Which is the largest desert the Simpson Desert the Sahara Desert the Gobi Desert...? We found the answer!
Am I in Happy Valley or the Atacama Desert? Lmk as I sweat profusely.
My txt inbox is drier than the atacama desert
Desert vacation on your bucket list? recommends in the Atacama Desert
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