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Former astronaut Scott Kelly is writing a book about his year in space that will come out later this year I'm so excited
Astronaut Scott Kelly shares some life lessons learned from his time in space.
The majestic power of storms can best be appreciated with a space-high view.
One year ago today Astronaut Scott Kelly arrived back on earth after record setting stay in space. More here:.
What’s Different About Astronaut DNA?: Chris Mason has never met Scott Kelly, but he knows…
TheAtlantic: What's different about astronaut DNA? (by marinakoren) …
What's different about astronaut DNA? (by marinakoren)
--> What's different about astronaut DNA? (by
What's different about astronaut DNA? (by
NASA Astronaut "What I discovered after my year in space":
"What I discovered after my year in space" ☀️. A Year in Space - Astronaut .
"Grass smells great and wind feels amazing and rain is a miracle." NASA's Scott Kelly reflects on his year in space…
A year after returning to Earth, astronaut Scott Kelly reflects on lessons learned from 340 days in space
Now: astronaut Capt. Scott Kelly on his historic year in space aboard the International Space Station.
Loving the stories from astronaut Capt Scott Kelly; inspiring, funny, insightful. Tks
in 2016 Astronaut Scott Kelly and Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko return to Earth after 340-day mission, longest in sp…
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Astronaut Scott Kelly: We're ready for Mars: Retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly chats with CNN Correspondent ...
Astronaut Scott Kelly celebrated 300 straight days in space with some water ping pong.
Astronaut Scott Kelly to speak at Trinity University - Free and open to the public - First Come First Seated Basis
Astronaut Scott Kelly got his M.S. in Aviation Systems from UT. Just completed a year in space. Dobbs could introduce him.
When I look at astronaut Scott Kelly's pictures, even to this day I feel blissful. .
ask Congress to take care of their health.
Why was Scott Kelly allowed to be an astronaut although he wears glasses? via /r/nasa
Happy from astronaut Captain Scott Kelly! See him live on
What's new in theme cruises you ask? NASCAR, poker, astronaut Scott Kelly, epicurean, wine, Andrea Bocelli, golf
Astronaut is arguing that should provide lifetime medical care. via
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is back on Earth after nearly a year in space
.and others ask Congress to provide with authority to provide care for retired astronauts :
Astronauts ask Congress to take care of their health -
Astronaut Scott Kelly captures a Earth/Moon/Venus/Jupiter alignment from the ISS...
True honor to testify before the House Subcommittee this week on the important issue of for astronauts. ht…
.and other astronauts ask Congress to take care of their health:
doesn't he get that thru his wife? Astronaut Scott Kelly...nasa lifetime mediscaal Care
Astronaut Scott Kelly is writing a book, scheduled for 2017 - Las Vegas Sun
Astronaut Scott Kelly will write a book about his year in space - from
George Takei at Masie’s Learning 2016 on Storytelling and Interview with Astronaut Scott Kelly
Astronaut Scott Kelly has been back on Earth for about three weeks since completing his groundbreaking year in space and he's still
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport's New Terminal is almost done and Astronaut Scott Kelly has shrunk back to...
Astronaut Scott Kelly will retire from NASA next month by
Astronaut Scott Kelly set to retire in April...
The Glenn Quagmire ☣ - Globe Top story: Astronaut Scott Kelly to Retire from NA… see more
Startup lessons from Astronaut Scott Kelly, via at Accept the weight of enormous unknown risk.
Astronaut Scott Kelly fought off aliens in space with Microsoft's
Astronaut Scott Kelly returns home after year in space. Story by Campus Editor Andrew Graham:
VIDEO: Astronaut Scott Kelly tells of bumpy return to gravity after year in space
Astronaut Scott Kelly shrinks back to size after two days on Earth
Astronaut Scott Kelly grew 2 inches taller during his 340 days in space
NASA Astronaut Grew 2 Inches In Space: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly is back from spending 340 days in space, on ...
Wow! Astronaut Scott Kelly grew 2 inches in space
Astronaut Scott Kelly arrived in the U.S. to hugs, beer and apple pie after nearly a year in space.
WELCOME HOME NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly! who returned to Houston after spending a year in space, said it's in America's DNA to explore.
Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to Texas after 340 days in space
Astronaut Scott Kelly is back in the United States - and two inches taller!
Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to Earth tonight after a year from space. Here are some of the best photos he took.
Astronaut Scott Kelly punched the air as he arrived back on Earth after a year in space
WATCH: Astronaut Scott Kelly emerges from his spacecraft following a
Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth on Wednesday after an unprecedented year in space
Astronaut Scott Kelly just returned safely to earth after almost a year in space.
Astronaut Scott Kelly undocks from International Space Station, begins journey home.
Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to Earth: watch live stream, coverage of his voyage home
Astronaut Scott Kelly's last sunrise photos from space are gorgeous
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Astronaut Scott Kelly's historic year-long space mission is coming to an end Safe landing, Scott!
Tommy does not support the return of Astronaut Scott Kelly. He said: "I'll Ex him too. Just like his daughter Kate".
One year in space ends: "Beautiful photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly's year in space!
SPACE STATION - Astronaut Scott Kelly hands over command of the ISS to Tim Kopra.
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly will land back on Earth after a on Tuesday. Watch live:...
Check out NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly top 18 photos from three of them are of the :)
International Space Station. 2 hrs · . Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly before he completes his...
Astronaut Scott Kelly celebrates a yearlong mission in space by chasing his crew in a gorilla suit: Astronaut Scott Kelly has had a y...
Astronaut Scott Kelly is so good he can throw a spiral and block it in space. via
A breathtaking view over Italy and the Alps from Astronaut Scott Kelly
Astronaut Scott Kelly celebrates his 300th day in space with a fun game of microgravity water ping pong. (NASA) https:/…
Astronaut Scott Kelly joins Tumblr to post blizzard photos from space
How to play ping pong with liquid, demonstrated by Astronaut Scott Kelly
Astronaut Scott Kelly just invented liquid ping pong and it’s all you hoped it would be
What happens when you spend 300 days in space? Astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko...
Spectacular shot of Dubai, captured from International Space Station. Photo by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly
Astronaut Scott Kelly snapped this photo of Michigan and Ohio earlier this week from the ISS. Can you spot Toledo?
Astronaut Scott Kelly published this photo of Hurricane Patricia as seen from the International Space Station (ISS) htt…
Real-life rocket man! Astronaut Scott Kelly's amazing milestone, next on sunrise!
With record of cumulative days in space for US spaceman Astronaut Scott Kelly has the Earth under his full view literally!
Astronaut Scott Kelly breaks American record for days in space.
Astronaut Scott Kelly snapped this photo of an aurora from space. More amazing space images:
International Space Station astronaut Scott Kelly captured this photo of Hurricane Joaquin.
See the best photos from by 4 months down 8 to go
How about a round of I'll post a new geography photo today. How to play: htt…
NASA's Scott Kelly Captures Hurricane Joaquin From Space: As Hurricane Joaquin headed for the Bahamas, NASA as...
IG: "NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly (captured this photo today, from the International Space …
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly captures Hurricane from space
Astronaut Scott Kelly just took this from space
Amazing show from astronaut and New Jersey native Scott Kelly.
Astronaut Scott Kelly captures hurricane from space
Wow. Hurricane Joaquin From the International Space Station - NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly captured this photo on Oc...
Sunrise over the western U.S. in August taken by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly
Photo of the Day: Hurricane Joaquin from the perspective of astronaut Scott Kelly on the International Space Station. http:/…
Incredible shot of Joaquin with Florida in view by Astronaut Scott Kelly from the International Space Station.
AURORA FROM OUTER SPACE You may remember Astronaut Scott Kelly as the man who took the photo of the...
Astronaut Scott Kelly shared this photograph taken from the International Space Station on Sept. 10, 2015. Kelly wro…
News Update: The Northern Lights as seen from space - Astronaut Scott Kelly shot timelapses of the Aurora Borealis...
How i wish Astronaut Scott Kelly can help Nigeria Army to view sambisa forest from space station
See Scenes from Astronaut Scott Kelly's Second Month in Space: This is the second month of a visual diary of t...
Astronaut Scott Kelly shows cozy bedroom in space
Iconic Breitling watches on-board the International Space Station. Courtesy of Astronaut Scott Kelly
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly (enjoying his cup of coffee and morning news...while floating 250 mile…
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly posted this picture of San Francisco from high above.
Astronaut Scott Kelly took this pristine photo of San Francisco from space
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Astronaut Scott Kelly watched Gravity in last night …
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly blasts off on the longest space mission ever undertaken by NASA. NBC's Peter Alexander...
President Obama recognizes NASA and Astronaut Scott Kelly at 2015 State of the Union Address.
Pres. Obama to Astronaut Scott Kelly on next mission: "Good luck, Captain -- and make sure to Instagram it" - WATCH:
"Make sure to instagram it!" -Obama to Astronaut Scott Kelly. Kevin Systrom wins again.
Who’s sitting with Michelle Obama at State of the Union? Astronaut Scott Kelly. Good for science. via
Love Science? Meet Astronaut Scott Kelly and Learn About the Research Planned for his One-Year...
On Thursday, Jan. 15, 20 of NASA's social media followers will have the unique opportunity to meet Astronaut Scott Kelly who will be launching to the International Space Station for a one year mission, the longest space mission ever assigned to a NASA astronaut.
Astronaut Scott Kelly took me on a tour inside the ISS module at Johnson Space Center (Houston)
WOW! Astronaut Scott Kelly his real twin is Tom Arnold; sounds just like him. Could be the next year study. Just a thought :)
Astronaut Scott Kelly will attempt to spend an entire year aboard the International Space Station; attempting the...
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