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Aston Kutcher

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I had a dream Mila Kunis wasn’t engaged to Aston Kutcher and I woke up genuinely sad
the Aston out front, so my nickname Kutcher.
The worst thing did was continue after Topher Grace and Aston Kutcher left.
You do realize Aston Kutcher has been doing something about this long before you. How about giving him some support
"I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can't sit still." -Aston Kutcher
Is Aston Kutcher ever going to run on to the podium and interrupt and give America hope again?
Sam Elliott, Aston Kutcher and Danny Masterson play in it. It's really good I thought and funny
Danny Masterson and Aston Kutcher are geniuses in The Ranch
I want to be Aston Kutcher in the end of A Lot Like Love 😂
Am i the only person who mistaken between Aston Kutcher & Channing Tatum.
I'm just going to say we haven't seen much from Aston Kutcher for a while. Still hoping this is an elaborate Punked episode.
Aston Kutcher has the same amount of dunks this series as Tristan Thompson :/
6 months into Trump's presidency, yet I still find myself waiting for Aston Kutcher to tell America its been punk'd
London News Search (Aston Kutcher and Jada Pinkett Smith to present at CMT's) 1 London -
Seriously, when is Aston Kutcher showing up with the cameras?
I love you in the 70's show with Aston Kutcher.
This is the part where Aston Kutcher pops up & projects 'you've been PUNK'd'
Gracias por este maratón de i love it she is the very Best of, bad teacher,and the film With Aston Kutcher Wow
The whole world wishes it was, are we being pulled, is Aston Kutcher about to jump out from behind a bush with a 🎥???
I'm still waiting for Aston Kutcher to pop out and say YOU'VE BEEN PUNK cause life *** omg
This is the part where Aston Kutcher comes out and tells me I've been punkd, right?
Great quote. Can't believe it came from Aston Kutcher. Are we being punked?
Ok ok—You got me! Where are the cameras? Aston Kutcher, are you hiding behind Spicey's podium? Ya'll totally got me.
a show called "The Ranch" - it has Aston Kutcher and Danny Masterson from that 70's show. It's pretty funny.
RAW invited Danny Masterson and Aston Kutcher while SDL invited Sophia Grace. I think we know who is the better brandT!
I half expect Aston Kutcher to come out and tell us we've all been punk'd
What it will take to design the next Steve Jobs? Aston Kutcher throwing on a turtle neck and making the calls. And done.
Just waiting for Aston Kutcher to appear, "Punk'd "
Mila Kunis is another celebrity crush that has never disappointed me. In my world Aston Kutcher doesn't exist.
Mila Kunis talks sexism in showbiz after being threatened for not wanting to pose nude.
bro you should watch the Ranch on Netflix, Aston Kutcher, the guy that plays Hyde and fez are in it👌🏾
I'm waiting on Aston Kutcher to come out 😂 "America, you've been punk'd". Idk how Donald Trump still in lol
Aston Kutcher @ says the way we deal with Security as a society is scary ... like ***
Demystifying Cyberworld a very different perspective by Aston Kutcher
guest speaker for today is Technology Investor Aston Kutcher- "I feel safe at a McAfee conference"
The Beverly Hills home of Demi Moore and ex-husband Aston Kutcher
Bad moms is great lol and Mia K is so hot. Is Aston Kutcher can pull Mia then he gives home to all us guys.
I'm just here waiting for Aston Kutcher to jump out & tell me that today has been a long episode of Punk'd
Waiting for Aston Kutcher to come out 😂😂 is that his name?
Like any minute Aston Kutcher is going to jump out of the screen and tell us we've Punk'd. Is ever going t…
I'm hoping Aston Kutcher comes out of nowhere during the election saying *** America you just got Punk'd.
When is Aston Kutcher gunna pop out during the election and tell us we are all punked...
Is Aston Kutcher still Lenovo's chief product engineer? Or have they stopped paying him to say that?
It's about time Aston Kutcher bring back Punk'd
When does Aston Kutcher come out and tell us it's all been an elaborate episode of Punk'd?
Try watching The Ranch. That Shidd funny af. It's with Aston Kutcher.
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Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher got married, why not give Topher Grace a second chance??
Aston Kutcher come out. I'm ready to be Punk'd
I still don't believe Trump is running for president. Where's Aston Kutcher to tell us we've been punk'd. 🙃
I swear Aston Kutcher gonna pop out at the end of Trumps Campaign to tell us we were getting PUNKD 😂 gots to man
I'm waiting for Aston Kutcher to come out and say we've been "Punk'd"
Aston Kutcher is the last person I can recall with feathered hair and that was for the 70s show
Aston kutcher should do another season of pranked
-such absurd rules and regulations I genuinely look around for a camera. I mean, I'm not famous and I doubt Aston Kutcher-(
More specifically, the love child of Paul Walker & Aston Kutcher so I agree.
I know you're there punking us Aston Kutcher. Election 2016
I’m starting to think that the night of the election Aston Kutcher is gonna jump out of his Trump suit and yell YA GOT PUNK’D
I use think Aston kutcher was so cute
So Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher are right next to me at the airport
I legit thought Kyle Korver was Aston Kutcher for a sec
I keep expecting Aston Kutcher to pop out and reveal the biggest Punked hoax of all time.
I wish Aston Kutcher would come out with cameras and tell me I'm being punk'd, that non of this is real
I just can't watch the Two and A Half Men with Aston Kutcher.. It's not right without my guy Charlie
I'd look around for video cameras it looks like someone is about to get Punk'ed by Aston Kutcher
I still can't believe Trump is actually runnin' for president. Waiting on Aston Kutcher to pop out & tell America that we're being punk'd 😩
Will I Am, Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba, Aston Kutcher, Lady Gaga…. Now Trent Reznor. This does not look good.
Have no horses in the race, but Holtz supporting Trump like Aston Kutcher supporting democrat. Who the *** cares who these guys support?
Still waiting for the day trump goes on TV with Aston Kutcher and says we've all been punk'd
Personally, I'm waiting for Aston Kutcher to step out from behind Trump so we can all have a good laugh about this...
Either Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders will be our President. Where is Aston Kutcher, we have to be getting punked.
c’mon gang, let’s steal it before he gets the chance to burn it. then send him Aston Kutcher to tell him who’s punk
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Aston Kutcher and Danny Masterson’s The Ranch has been officially renewed for a second season on Netflix.
Trump seems deranged. keep hoping Aston Kutcher will run up on stage & say punked!USA …
The Ranch with Aston Kutcher and Danny Masterson is my dream come true
its starring Aston Kutcher and he goes back to his hometown to help his dad to try to keep the ranch and hes the black sheep
Might watch the ranch too as it has Aston kutcher and Danny Masterson in it. Love Danny Masterson
oops lol is it the band with thr Asian one, tall breadstick, the beautiful one and aston kutcher or something like that??
anything that has Aston Kutcher in it!
I just saw Aston kutcher and milas kunis in the elevator lmao
Aston Kutcher plz stop punking America, it's not funny have ppl believing is running for President
Celebrity couple Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis dressed down while out. They may be one of Hollywood’s most...
I'm waiting for Aston Kutcher to come in and tell me my life has been one long episode of punk'd
So I just met Aston Kutcher's step dad today...
The Ranch with Aston Kutcher and Danny Masterson on Netflix is pretty funny!
looking forward to it!! You had me at Sam Elliott and Aston Kutcher is an extra added bonus!!
Life throw so many curve balls that when I get a straight one I be looking for candid camera or Aston Kutcher to come out
Any day now Aston kutcher is going to come out at a Trump rally and tell the world he punked us all. Right?
Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher are 5 feet away from me
Aston kutcher may be the worst actor rn
Ummm...this "Korean" commercial about a dog-cooking engine w/ Aston Kutcher...not sure how to feel about it.
Watching all of that 70 shows purely because of Aston Kutcher
Watching Valentines day. My two fave hotties Bradley Cooper & Aston Kutcher rolled in to one film 😋😋😋
no the one with aston kutcher and a doctor i think. Alright Anan!
OMG they are starting to play that 70's show on ! I can't wait to watch Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher fall in love
I just called Aston kutcher Adam sandler lmfao *** is wrong w me
The Republican Convention, everyone waiting for Donald Trump to come out and make a speech. Instead, Aston Kutcher appears and says "punked"
Aston kutcher movie the guardian movie . Opening movie goes recue couple husband pushes head wife under water save himself . Instinct to live!
Aston Kutcher is definitely funny on That 70's Show!☝😂
Thank you Aston-Kutcher and Wildcat Sanctuary for sharing this.
Watching 70s show and seeing the chemistry between Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis. So cute
Why isn't God real! And why couldn't he make me look like Aston Kutcher.. i bet that man got so much grade A p***y!! An now Mila Kunis
I saw this in a movie that Aston Kutcher was in years ago where is it
I liked 'Jobs' with Aston Kutcher. It remains one of my favorite films
Trump is going to bring Aston Kutcher out after he wins the nomination.
Chalk board and a shopping basket for Christmas. I'm genuinely waiting for Aston Kutcher to run round the corner with a fil…
I guess Aston Kutcher didn't do so hot lol
Jake from 2 n a half man actually gives charlie*not aston kutcher whats his face* some solid advise
Whatever happened to Aston Kutcher being in the Steve Jobs movie? He's not in any of the promos.
As he should Aston Kutcher cannot act. End of Story...
Aston Kutcher as Macbeth needs to happen now
There's no Aston Kutcher around, this is real life
** "vs". Anyway… Aston Kutcher was better than this actor. This one… BLEH… in EVERY corner… imaginable…
I have a new found respect for Chris Aston Kutcher! Inspiring
Proves Aston Kutcher isn't a good actor because the director didn't even remember this movie has been done already.
They Walters trying to give the "Steve Jobs" movie roll to Aston Kutcher, but Michael Fassbender is a true winner here.
I thought Aston Kutcher did a pretty good job in his movie. What's with this new joint?
If Aston kutcher comes out and yells you just got punk'd im punching home square in the nose
This is so disappointing, I'm actually a fan of hers but I don't care about watching a Aston Kutcher show.
Michael Fassbender as Jobs. Now, *that one*, I'd see. I could stomach all of 5 minutes of Aston Kutcher's. Not like it'll show anything new.
thats what i thought wen i read that article Aston kutcher cheated on Demi Moore nd most of the couple are divorced
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The show was more funny when Aston Kutcher was hosting.😊 As if my 2 cents count.😁
The old Steve Jobs movie has Aston Kutcher but the new one has Seth Rogan.. I wonder which one is better
Australian Dynamic Duo Mashd N Kutcher make their very 1st Seattle Appearance this Saturday at Aston Manor.
Mila Kunis first kiss was with Aston Kutcher on That 70s Show, now she's 31 and just had his kid. If that's not goals, I …
"Mila Kunis got her first kiss from Aston Kutcher on age 14. They're now married and having a baby". THIS IS LIFE.
Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher are my fav couple ever omg
the one with Aston Kutcher was good in my opinion
where's Aston Kutcher, are we on Pranked right now?
well Aston Kutcher was on it so. Yea
The best quote ever from Aston Kutcher! ✌️
Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher's love story is straight out of a fairytale
Whatever you do, please don't let Aston Kutcher play me in some god awful movie!!! - Steve Jobs
honestly I'd chuck them all I fact if I could wipe my mind of every Aston kutcher film id do it in a heartbeat
"The Butterfly Effect" that was a good *** movie, starring Aston Kutcher, about him going back in time and changing was good
There was this guy who looked like Aston kutcher... BRUH OMF
this Quora answer about how Aston Kutcher prepared for the role of Steve Jobs, by me:
How is it morning!? Hai I feel like Aston Kutcher is about to jump out my closet... HTF time!?!?
so did Aston Kutcher to save his brother
Scenes when Aston Kutcher shows us at the Bernabau and tells Perez that he just got Punk'd by Woodward
Hey I lost my friend have you send him? He has a full sleeve tattoo and he is probably talking about Aston Kutcher's attributes.
Aston Kutcher is king of caps . Remember the trucker caps? Woah
It's always nice with a guest appearance from Aston Kutcher :^)
Nope! It's not Aston Kutcher, its Kevin Malone. . Equally handsome. Equally smart.
So the Nation is punking people. So y'all think y'all Aston Kutcher now or.?
Still waiting for Lovren to pull off a mask and he's really Aston Kutcher in disguise and we've been getting Punk'd this whole time.
Aston kutcher, i just love you since forever !
Dear Bet, Pay Aston Kutcher plz... Cuz I been punk' with this weak as show
3 keys: Build a life rather then live one, Find your opportunities and always be sexy -Aston Kutcher
There is no A, its just going to be Aston Kutcher that'll pop out at the season finale and yell out y'all got punk'd
Aston Kutcher, Chewing Gum and a pizza slice with *** The perfect advert?
Sometimes I just love Aston Kutcher (and then I remember
It's official. Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher are now husband and wife! >> …
“Yearbook with Steve Jobs' photo on eBay for $5,000 » thought that was Aston kutcher
'I had a huge crush on him & he was my first kiss' . Mila Kunis on Aston Kutcher. ♡ *** they're so perfect together.
Congratulations to Mila Kunis & Aston Kutcher who have since tied the knot after having their little one!.
Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher got married arwh💏💍
Now that it's official, I keep waiting for Aston Kutcher to jump up and yell "you've been punked!" No such luck. :(
Where Aston Kutcher at? Right...been askin that question since 11th grade my g
I actually knew Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher would end up together from "that's so 70s show" days
I feel like the weather gods are Aston Kutcher right now and we all just got Punk'd with snow
I do like how ATL uses Korver. Up until now, he was just the guy who looked like Aston Kutcher.
I swear I just got punked,not like I am a "sucker" punked,like aston Kutcher punked!
Ryan's facial hair is hot 👅 he lowkey looks like Aston Kutcher who is also hot🔥
Holly presenting with Aston Kutcher who apparently lost his pants. Just look…
It's nuts how much Aston Kutcher looks like Steve Jobs when he was younger
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dammit i wanted to watch this youtube video called "aston kutcher anti illuminati speech!" but it was in 240p. I can't deal with that
It's just as okay as the Aston kutcher's steve job biopic
Jamie Doran and Aston Kutcher could so be brothers
I think the show needs a strong come back asap. I would suggest Kloe Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest or Aston Kutcher
There are 2 types of guys ok I can see Wyatt being Aston Kutcher.
Real woman 👌 “She's a "woman". Happy for her babe and Aston Kutcher. “Mila Kunis
Where is Aston Kutcher.I must be getting punked
Oh my god Aston Kutcher holy mother 😍
If Tom Brady and Aston kutcher had a son it would be at handling balls and great at hiding it.
A wish Aston Kutcher would come out and tell is iv been punked am getting a bit sick now, am even getting pied in me dreams.
famous people and places in Sheffield. Aston Kutcher
who remembers that year that some girl from the valley made up rumors about her & Aston Kutcher? or was it real? 😂
It's just a vanity title to make someone feel important like executive producer Aston Kutcher or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
apparently Aston Kutcher was really popular in this episode of Hannah Montana.
also I found Reedus in a movie with Aston Kutcher and Amanda Peet the other day.
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Lol I can't take Aston Kutcher seriously as Steve Jobs in the 'Jobs' movie. Not with the memory of him playing Walden Schmidt.
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Out of default, nothing else on, I finally watched Jobs last night. What a waste of time. Aston Kutcher rose to the full depth of his acting ability which he covered in point A-B, this guy has nothing past that. Story was lame, boring. This confirmed why I never wanted to see it when in theatres. Wonder if they can do a lot better with the Bill Gates story?
Had to share: More on Aston Kutcher & Mila Kunis appearing on Two & a Half men this week". This article appeared on a Hollywood "gossip column" two days ago: "The first-time mom-to-be Mila starred as Vivian, a free-spirited traveler who shows up on Walden's doorstep. Within the episode were tons of references to Kutcher and Kunis' real-life relationship, as well as their history as costars on That '70s Show. 1. After Vivian introduces herself, Walden compliments her "beautiful" name. "Thank you. My parents got it from that '70s show," she replies, in a cheeky nod to Kunis and Kutcher's former series. "What was it called? Oh, Maude!" 5. After reuniting with his would-be fiancee, Kate, Walden runs off to profess his love to Vivian, who is camping in the woods. This is when he says he'll have to walk back home, and she grabs his car keys, pushes the remote open button, and we hear "beep beep". Then she says "Dude, There's you car"...refers to Aston's 1st movie "Dude, Where's My Car" which he stared in while ...
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Oh how I hate tapering for a ultra but I did sleep in until 5 am. I started washing my clothes. Then read the new US weekly and learned Jessica Simpson is back wearing Daisy Dukes, Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher have a baby on the way plus Kim Kardashian is upset with mom for taking over her wedding. Enjoy your run today!
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Micheal bay remakes butterfly effect w/I Aston Kutcher. Dreamworks has 1 to, with bill n Ted spin.
Good news Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom spilt. Miranda single, I have a chance. Oh wait, who am I? I'm Aston Kutcher.
Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel, Aston Kutcher, and Bon Jovi all in one movie! Lord help me! 😍
Did you know: that Aston Kutcher, Scarlett Johansson, and Aaron Carter all are one-half of set? They're all twins! Not of each other of course, lol.
Looks like Walden Schmidt aka Aston Kutcher is sporting a Pebble in Two and a Half Men
One of the singers for the Avett brothers looks like Aston Kutcher.
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Aston Kutcher playing Steve Jobs? Can't wait for Fez to play Bill Gates in his bio-pic
aston kutcher and sean william smith (stiffler) sort of hangover style but ith a twist :L
Aston Kutcher sure is moving up, I mean one day he's Michael Kelso, the next he's Steve Jobs.
I'm sure Jobs is a great movie, but I just can't watch a movie with Aston Kutcher. I just can't.
I'm sorry but I just can't sign up for Aston Kutcher being a computer genius. Worst casting ever
Aston kutcher is now so old, apparently he's auditioning for gandalf.
my love for Aston Kutcher grows after every two and a half men episode I watch
I can't believe Aston Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs
Bet aston kutcher knocks this jobs movie out the park tho
I can't see Aston Kutcher being Steve Jobs lol I just can't...
I'm nervous because Aston Kutcher is going and so is the cast of The Big Bang Theory. I hope that doesn't mean anything.
I think that Aston Kutcher could be a better Steve Jobs if he didn't sounds like Kelso from that 70s show
I gotta be getting punk'd lol ... Aston Kutcher come out
Having Aston Kutcher playing as Steve Jobs in that new movie is a slap in the face to Apple.
Somewhere Aston Kutcher is planning the return of that show in the wake of the moderate success of 'Jobs.'
Who's idea was it to have Aston Kutcher play Steve Jobs in a movie
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I think Aston Kutcher was actually a good choice to play Steve Jobs ngl i think he kind of looks like him
Oh apparently I look like aston kutcher now too
This girl thought I was Aston kutcher.. And took pictures of me.
Do you think Aston Kutcher is going to be a good Steve Jobs in the... — no. Channing Tatum should have been casted.
Don't know how I feel about Aston Kutcher playing Steve Jobs. Not on Steve's level
She give me butterfly effects but I ain't Aston Kutcher.
I can't wait to see Aston Kutcher on "Jobs"!!!
Even Aston Kutcher can appreciate a book that starts off with the protagonist jerking off
The movie "Jobs" looks like trash, but I'll watch because Aston Kutcher.
It's still weird that Aston Kutcher is an adult
Aston Kutcher does smart casual rather well
That Steve Jobs movie look live played by Aston kutcher
Spoiler alert. Aston Kutcher dies at the end of Jobs
The only problem with Aston Kutcher playing Steve Jobs is that Jobs was a genius and Kutcher is Kutcher.
It turns out that renting is for celebrities too! Aston Kutcher and Mila Kenis are renting a property in Chicago.
Aston Kutcher said that while researching the role for JOBS, he found there was a "Steve that Steve didn't always want to show."
I think aston kutcher is a good actor but i liked the show more than now when it was whit Charlie Sheen
Aston Kutcher's on biopic: 'Understanding Steve Jobs was.. like trying to understand a different species.'
I bet one of Steve Jobs last requests was to have a movie where Aston Kutcher plays him
Aston Kutcher could have been the worst choice to play my idol in a movie. Why didn't they call Tom Hanks...
Is this a joke right now? Because I feel like Aston Kutcher is about to come out of the *** bushes. I don't understand.
You know, despite the fact that I've heard that the JOBS script is incorrect at times, I truly do appreciate how hard Aston Kutcher...
Aston Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs. I don't know who's luckier.
Oooo Aston kutcher has a new movie out.
Aston Kutcher plays Steve Jobs but I will always remember him as Kelso.
Aston Kutcher looks better with facial hair..
Aston Kutcher as Steve Jobs... Idk how I feel about that
They couldn't find anyone better than Aston Kutcher to play Steve Jobs?
is Jason Grilli the love child of Aston Kutcher and Brendan Fraser?
Let's have some We love sweet things here at SugarRush. Nothing is sweeter for me than seeing Matthew McConaughey on the TV :) Which celebs do you like? Let's start with A (Aston Kutcher - suggested by Business Helpers) The next person is to comment below with someone beginning with the letter B. The next person is then to comment below that with someone beginning with the letter C ... And so on. I wonder if we can get to Z? Go!.
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I just read in a newspaper Justin Bieber is going to space with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Aston Kutcher... and so on O.O
'Ive never driven an Aston Kutcher before!' - Fran Drescher, Happily Divorced.
P.s. I wish Aston Kutcher was really Ollie in real life, and he really fell in love with Amanda Peet... Or me.
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I wish I had a boyfriend like Aston Kutcher in No Strings Attached.
I wonder what it feels like to be Aston Kutcher.
Aston kutcher for one is better looking, so is Jake Gyllenhaal
mayb I was crying cos I had that puking bug. In hindsight I don't remember what happens after clockin the dog is Aston Kutcher
If you don't find Aston Kutcher attractive, you are either blind or wrong
Dzecko man of the match , they've got To be PUNKING me , rite jokes over where's Aston kutcher !!
you have an awful lot of Aston Kutcher films, and barely any Tom Hanks masterpieces :'( castaway plz x
And Aston Kutcher is such a mood changer
then I'm gonna watch he's just not that into you, but i need to buy some more aston kutcher films...
If I bump into Aston Kutcher today on going to say "dude what's my tattoo say, sweet, dude what's mine say" he'll love that
Ndelok o friends with benefit me, cc: "lanjut nonton film berikutnya no string attached aston kutcher"
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It died Even before aston kutcher replaced charlie seen. I got bored after the 4th season :P
Aston like the luxury vehicle, not Ashton like the Kutcher.
get over wat babby please is I'm getting punk where's aston kutcher @ lmao I'm done
"This is probably what was going on in the mind of our boys... I will just wait for Aston Kutcher LOL
A Lot Like Love is kinda an interesting movie with my fave actor Aston Kutcher in it. Imma download it :D
Still be the most favorite romantics movie " a lot like love " damnn cute guys ever 5 aston kutcher :3 im in love55
Tell me it's just a joke. Aston Kutcher is ganna come out any second...
Aston Kutcher? You gonna go around Punking people now, Derrick?
Thats sad...The Guradian is about Coast Guards training and Aston Kutcher is in it. The end just makes me lose it...super sad
I have now acknowledged that I totally have a thing for Aston Kutcher movies.
Changing Tatum & Aston Kutcher have to be the sexiest things that ever lived, like ever.
Aston Kutcher and Zac effron in the one movie, oh good heavens😙
The Aston out front. So my nickname Kutcher
Last night's Two and a Half Men was the best ever. Aston Kutcher rules. I can see why Demi Moore loved him. Charlie who?
I know just shows she's only human! To be fair if I was with Aston Kutcher I wouldn't be doing much sleeping 😉xxx
Breast Cancer Awareness
You wanna play w/ a gangsta you betta be aston kutcher
Good, but that's because he is good in everything! How about Matt Damon or Aston Kutcher? Picking from a selection of winners.
"OH MY GOD am I being punked?! Aston kutcher you can come out now!"
he's playing Steve Wozniak in the "jOBS" movie opposite Aston Kutcher. I think his career has less direction than his character.
I aint tryna spit game maybe we can hook up the aston out front so my nickname kutcher !
Everytime i see Aston Kutcher, i always think of Open Season lol
I don't like Two And A Half Men with Aston Kutcher. 😤😒 it's stupid!
I aint trynna spit game maybe we could hook up, the aston outside so my nickname Kutcher .
Remember when Aston Kutcher turned the management of his feed over to his management team? That was a smart move. Some should follow suit
. it's has Aston kutcher ... If not wrong 1
Watching in classic two and a half men, they way it should be! Not aston kutcher defo charlie!
Go follow this Aston kutcher look alike !! he's funny too go
I think it's fair to say, I am just irrevocably in love with Aston Kutcher
anything with Aston kutcher init Merks it not once not twice but everytime!!
I've seen the old ones with charlie not aston kutcher!
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Its realy no fun watching Aston Kutcher in "Two and a Half Men" instead of "Charlie Sheen"
Lol turns out my fan was my girlfriend playin tricks on me, I'ma whoop Aston Kutcher for that one. I still love u lol, I thought it was her
the whole move actually.. Amanda Peet and Aston Kutcher masterpiece :D
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