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Assistant Pastor

An assistant pastor is a person who assists the pastor in a Christian church. The qualifications, responsibilities and duties vary depending on church and denomination.

Happy Birthday Bible Study Pastor Steve Holy Spirit Adventist Church

Today we welcome Assistant Pastor of City Life Church, Nathan Beals, speaking on what it means to follow in hope!.
Common reminds me of that over-zealous assistant pastor/deacon who tries to kidnap the church service anytime he's called to pray.
Drop by today until 5:30 PM in the Atrium to meet and greet our new Student Pastor & Assistant: Jason & Marsha Hall!
Catholics & 2 basically he can't because just assistant pastor & that Monsignor won't even though bishop has been asking that they do it!
"Finally, there are some surprises in store for you. God is about to BLOW YOUR MIND...SURPRISE!" -Assistant Pastor of
"It's time to for you to do UNEXPECTED!" -Assistant Pastor
"Participate in your own deliverance!" -Assistant Pastor of
"Participate in your own deliverance!" -Assistant Pastor
"Everything that God had spoken has already been determined!" -Assistant Pastor
"You have an internal need and using external materialistic things for fulfill your desires." -Assistant Pastor
"What you ask for is not what you really need." -Assistant Pastor
"Start operating in your full potential!" -Assistant Pastor
"Start operating in your full potential!" -Assistant Pastor of
"The vision you have for your life is too small. You're designed for GREATER!" -Assistant Pastor
Preach assistant Pastor Rogers!! God Bless you and ur Word. We need You
"Take the limits off for what God has planned for your life." -Assistant Pastor
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"You're expectations from God is prosperity." -Assistant Pastor of
"You're expectations from God is prosperity." -Assistant Pastor
"When you to expect, you waiting for God to meet you." -Assistant Pastor
"The atmosphere is charged for you to exceed your expectations." -Assistant Pastor
Assistant Pastor Michael Pelton and Lady Rhonda Pelton did an awesome job teaching on "The Divine Purpose of the...
Join us to welcome Sem Akaninyene Elijah, new Assistant Pastor
She only came on during 3rd shift...I found her main account and her husband was an assistant pastor of a church
David koresh incident & with assistant pastor Scott walker.
he was pastor there in early 1990's, within same few months as the David koresh incident & with assistant pastor Scott ...
My expectation is that a church has assistant pastors (male or female) that can hold their own when pastor is gone.
Agreed but where do we start & stop? Should there be no Assistant Pastor? That title is not in the Bible either.
There was a time i thought being the assistant pastor of my local church was a great feat
This man is a current Black History maker; He is Pastor Alex D. Huskey. He has served as the assistant chief of...
So...I'm officially the assistant youth pastor.
These stats are probably just as true for the pastor's right-hand minister. Pray for the assistant preachers.
Cyrus…. you are the typical Assistant Pastor trying to start his own church…
Ok so I can help my pastor prepare his sermons by reading and studying and be an assistant pastor. Or I can work and get compensated.
Every pastor thinks church planting is so sexy... You end up here b/c you don't have assistant or copy machine.
An assistant pastor had one on Sunday in the pulpit 😒
"A Good Assistant Pastor - Easier Said Than Done," by Jason Helopoulos. Read the complete article at Christward Collective:...
Praise the Lord for assistant Pastor Megan Good msgood
Omarian & his Abuelo/Grandpa Assistant pastor. Prayin together. Omarian luvz his Grandpa, a Great example in his...
As an Assistant Pastor, you cannot have everything "your way." You must learn to adapt to the way your Pastor wants things…
You know assistant pastor got to be here early. Lol
This is pretty cool that our assistant pastor went downtown and did this for random people
we used to have an assistant pastor who had a music degree and great voice. One year for Palm Sunday he belted out the
Just realized that when the Assistant Pastor gets hired, the church information will be *gasp* outside the printable margins.
I'm the assistant pastor so I'm always there but would be anyway being once a week in God's house is not enough.
Bible Study was very interesting tonight!Our Assistant pastor is too real!
By ralphgodbee2 via repostwhiz app:. Join us as our Assistant Pastor, Demetrius Sandridge leads us in…
All purpose parts banner
Happy Birthday to my assistant pastor - who is one of the best! Sure wish I could be there! Happy Birthday
Pastor afamasaga and assistant pastor Strickland trailblazing contemporary leadership in spirituality for...
Thought it was pretty dope that I ran into my pastor and assistant at school after class. I appreciate…
My heart is broken and shattered to hear the transitioning of Evang. Shelia Stewart, Assistant Pastor of City of...
It's funny seeing my pastor at his other job as an assistant principal. Lol
We are looking to recruit an Assistant Pastor. More details here:
Thank you, assistant Pastor“At all"I just want to be a pastor, is tht too much to ask for?"”
I went to the Brandon City Police Board but their Assistant Pastor & other members r on this Police Board. NO JUSTICE 4 me!
Email received from the virtual assistant of a pastor. It must be from the Holy Spirit
Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful assistant pastor & family! Blessed to labor & worship w/them & each family at CBC!
Local pastor Ken Adkins to offer Marissa Alexander a job as an administrative assistant to help her get back on her feet
Admit that you don't have an assistant pastor cousin. I'm the first to always say when Papa is not right. But it is wrong to
Ways to annoy Gammy: . 1. Be Me. 2. Call him Ben Carson. 3. tell him he should become a Pastor. 4. Tickle him. 5.act like hes…
I liked a video from Pastor Jay: My New Assistant Pastor! Trut!
Pastor Matt and his assistant reading to the Head Start Kids for literacy week
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
An assistant pastor is like an extension cord. He has no power/authority of his own. His power/authority comes from the source/pastor.
Jedehiah (JD) Brenke of Quincy, joins the Manet Board of Directors in January. JD serves as Assistant Pastor at...
Shoutout to the Assistant Pastor of RCCG, River of life. RIVERDALE for believing the brand
"Let the redeemed of The Lord say so!". -Elder Graylin Stargell, Assistant Pastor
I give you the White's Chapel Pastor's Assistant radish man, inspired by a snow man, of course
"It's not what you go through, it's how you respond of what you're going through." -Assistant Pastor
please kindly Cc your cousin the assistant pastor.. As fellow brethren in the church denounced this claim.
But who are you & why should we take your word? “Oyedepo made that statement. My cousin, an assistant Pastor who w…
We ouchea actin up with my assistant pastor revfredrick
Arlington Fire Department Assistant Chief is retiring today after 32 years of service. Congratulations Chief! …
I'm coming on as the Assistant Pastor at Tremont Temple Baptist Church. Pretty excited. How are you man?
And I doubt I would do well as a pastor. I'm always messing up now as an assistant AY leader. I would completely screw up the entire church.
Meet The Staff: Alyssa works as our admin assistant to Pastor Zach. She helps Empowered ...
Letter from the assistant pastor: “Do not waste your lives between alcohol and drugs”
Bible Study with Assistant Pastor Lenard Tillery: Title : "His perks my works"
Join us TONIGHT at 7:00pm as Assistant Pastor Kevin Hope teaches Bible Study, bring your questions and a friend.
Worship leader: How many Jesus lovers do we have in here? . Assistant Pastor: (in the back with me) Not very many apparently.
Youth pastor,athletics director,youth evangelism dirctor,shift manager at work, administrative assistant the list goes on
Introducing Pastor Alyese Harris our Assistant Pastor at our Thrive Church Chesterfield Campus. We appreciate you...
We are looking for an Asst Pastor with responsibility for Children & Youth. Could this be you? Apply by 16 Jan.
Bruh some ladies at a restaurant the other day said one of our assistant coaches looked like pastor td jakes I was too through 😂😂😂
The Installation of Robertson C. Benjamin II as the Assistant Pastor of The Gateway Cathedral Church…
Wanting to have a job as an Assistant Pastor? NEW job op listed today.
I'm thankful for an intellectual assistant pastor with several earned degrees.
😄 My Pastor Rickey Cranford and My Assistant Pastor! 👏 Working Side by Side at GP's second…
Going to miss family and friends here, but I'm excited to start ministering as assistant pastor in…
I wrote the article about the call processing of an assistant pastor at Zion Lutheran Church. This article has...
Johnny Moneyzeil: Tim Tebow called. He wants to hire you as his assistant pastor
My Assistant Pastor went IN today! We are taking a break from our Acts Series&doing something different for The Holidays. Today was Isaiah 9
"Finally, DON'T FAINT.Finish you race.KEEP GOING.It's already won on your behalf!" -Assistant Pastor
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"You got many blessings that's unclaimed thus far!" -Assistant Pastor of
"In your vision, be patient while you pursue.PACE YOURSELF!" -Assistant Pastor of
Awesome word day Today 2nd Assistant Pastor Elder Brian Thomas! My Season is coming!
"Instead of complaining, CELEBRATE where you and what you have.and thank God for it!" -Assistant Pastor
"Whatever you are going through, this too SHALL pass!" -Assistant Pastor of
"When you're fatigued you give significant attention to insignificant situation." -Assistant Pastor
"Trust and stay in the lane your in. Don't worry about someone else's!" -Assistant Pastor
"You got a race and purpose designed only for you!" -Assistant Pastor
"Where you are moving forward is GREATER than what you're moving away from." -Assistant Pastor of
"There is a slippery slope between RIGHTEOUSNESS and RATCHETNESS!" -Assistant Pastor
"If you want to be free, throw off everything that's hindering your forward progress." -Assistant Pastor
"Don't give up where you are even though it's hard. You are too close!" -Assistant Pastor
"Whatever that's spoken over your life, God answers in "YAE" or "AMEN"." -Assistant Pastor
"You got promises over your life in the end 2014 stamped with your name on it." -Assistant Pastor
"You are too close the finish line to get discouraged by defeat." -Assistant Pastor
Get ready for a POWERFUL word from our Assistant Pastor
Our First Assistant Pastor with lifted hands in solidarity that
We celebrate the Senior Pastor, our team of Pastors, Team Heads, Assistant Team Heads etc. God bless you all cc
Glad to know someone like my assistant pastor apart of my family/life ☺
I'am truly in need for an Executive Administrative Assistant (EAA) Badly!
yes I did but. We had AGO Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan assistant G.O for missions. Saturday and Sunday. It's was powerful.
The assistant pastor and his wife literally just made my night oh my gosh
Shoutout to the best Team Mgr./ Assistant Coach a team could have dooten13 who has a big game today!…
And quotes G Campbell Morgan who took on the young ML Jones as assistant pastor
You can't help a brother free of charge? Inyama...what is Pin 4 Pin? But as a certified assistant pastor that i'm.Go and sin no more.
My Aunt: Another son is Assistant Pastor of her church.
Please join me in wishing the greatest Assistant Pastor on the planet, Pastor Willie F. Franklin a Happy Birthday.
Let’s pray. Heavenly father we want to thank you, we bless your holy name for this morning. We thank you for grace to be in your presence. Lord I am asking for a fresh unction to be able to deliver your message to your Church. I pray that your people will receive understanding. I pray that your name will be glorified. I hand over to you, Holy Spirit. In Jesus name we have prayed, Amen. Praise the Lord! My name is Bosun Emmanuel. A little bit about myself and the ministry. I didn't tell Pastor (the Pastor of where this message was recorded), I didn't want to tell him that I was ordained in the Redeem Christian Church Of God (RCCG) as an Assistant Pastor; as a Full Pastor; and that I was the National Coordinator of Redeem Christian Church of God in Germany for many years. The Lord sent us packing from Germany in 2006 and told me to go back home, of course you wouldn't want to return to Nigeria if you were living in Germany, you know what I mean. And when we asked, what are supposed to do in Nigeria? There ...
Happy Birthday big brother! As you can see, I've been celebrating you all week! Today is you big day! You woulda been 48 today! I've been thinking about you so much lately! I miss you BIG TIME! I've talking to everyone about you! And one day I will see you again! I can't wait! I love you Harold Jr Frelix!!! Y'all this is MY Big Brother Assistant Pastor/Major Harold James Frelix Jr!
And when I say "in public" I mean "in front of my entire youth group, by the assistant pastor."
First Nations man hopes to speak with pastor after smudging ceremony banned: Niigaan Sinclair, an assistant pr...
My pastors: senior pastor and assistant pastor
Wedding Reception for one of our Assistant Pastor's at Atlanta Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church.
So I decided to be brave and try to go to church today even tho i knew the assistant pastor was speaking, NOT...
There is such a big difference between my assistant pastor's preaching and my pastor's preaching
Could not be more thrilled with the choice of assistant pastor
Grateful for an assistant pastor who humbly serves his Man of God in his absence with a pure heart and…
Happy Birthday to our former Drama director Dr Foljem and Assistant kuti hall pastor
Ready to hear the word preached tomorrow by Assistant Pastor Bro. Shane Shepherd! Always does a great job...
Don't miss the Chili and Soup Potluck tomorrow after the service, followed by a Q&A time with the candidate for assistant pastor, Scott...
Our Executive Assistant to the Pastor is a woman of many gifts! She sung today at the Disciple Village Holiday...
James Schneider's first blog as the assistant pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church. BLOG: A Firm Place to Stand …
CAN YOU STAND THE TRUTH ?. What roll do you play as the assistant pastor , do you know what is the vision of that...
i gotta give it to him lol he Preached! Dude said, "You Ray Charles and your Assistant Pastor Stevie Wonder"
I'm so proud to say my assistant pastor is one of my best friends. & not bc he's my assistant pastor! ☝️
Did he say the pastor is like Ray Charles and the assistant is like Stevie Wonder... They don't wanna see...
When I showed our assistant pastor my report card I really just wanted to spazz on him.
Becoming a loyal assistant!. You can, as an assistant become a blessing to your leaders and senior pastor.
Intercessory prayer time involves Richard Bump, assistant pastor at Southside Baptist Church in Orlando
Haba! You didnt even tell me that they've ordained you as assistant pastor at Lesekese. More anointing bro
Happy Birthday to our beautiful and anointed Assistant Pastor, Dr. Bernita Wright. We thank God for…
well his assistant. We will have to wait until our pastor returns.
I mean not only our senior oastor but our assistant senior pastor and our youth pastor and his family 😢😢😢
First visit to Higher Ground Church yesterday and an assistant pastor and his wife brought me freshly…
Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth, assistant Pastor Dr. Richard Pinder and Youth Leaders Lavard and Randel Parks...
So our assistant pastor died Thursday 😔 & his funeral is Saturday & I'mma miss it because I have to work. 😒😡
Assistant Pastor Dr. RICHARD PINDER has also perished in that plane crash yesterday...
"You know what it is to go to church next Sunday and your pastor and his wife gone"&ya assistant senior pastor& youth pastor 😢
Had R&G at our home tonight...Nick is a fantastic preacher.I am so thrilled to have my son as an assistant pastor at the ROCK CHURCH
Saddened by the passing of Pastor and Mrs Miles Monroe, and assistant. We offer our condolences to their families.
Him and he assistant name pastor dave pinder
Assistant Pastor J. Cofield preaching now at out of I Peter 5:1-11 on "A Challenge for the Church"
Call yourself, provincial pastor, state pastor, assistant pastor etc...I'm not moved by titles at all..I only care for the annointed ones..
Remembrance Day : fitting silence & Message Excellent lunch after - the assistant pastor cooks a good chicken & bacon pie!
Blessed to be hearing the preaching of Assistant Pastor Tarnovska.
The assistant pastor just pronounced "Wikipedia" as "why-kipedia" in his sermon.
Trust me na, only if I will be †ђξ assistant pastor in charge of offerings απϑ ...
Assistant pastor Chi Impacting the world with love, begins with your house. Pst. J.K Eze.
It is not new that we know Malachi 3: 8-10 and it is not written by our fathers in the Lord. Assistant Pastor Mrs. Ikotun
Do you know that your tithe can speak for you? When you are tight, pray to God and he will remember you. Assistant Pastor Mrs. Ikotun
New at - Calvary Baptist Church in Winter Garden, Florida is seeking an Assistant Pastor
Joke: A bullet for Jesus The two thousand member Church was filled to overflowing capacity one Sunday morning. The preacher was ready to start the sermon when two men, dressed in long black coats and black hats entered through the rear of the church. One of the two men walked to the middle of the church while the other stayed at the back of the church. They both then reached under their coats and withdrew automatic weapons. The one in the middle announced, “Everyone willing to take a bullet for Jesus stay in your seats!” Naturally, the pews emptied, followed by the choir. The deacons ran out the door, followed by the choir director and the assistant pastor. After a few moments, there were about twenty people left sitting in the church. The preacher was holding steady in the pulpit. The men put their weapons away and said, gently, to the preacher, “All right, pastor, the hypocrites are gone now. You may begin the service.”
Now we make welcome the Special Assistant to the General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor J.F Odesola. .
If Marco van Basten leaves the club,his assistant Pastor will lead to the team against Heerenveen on the weekend.
A snippet of our assistant Pastor Elder Latroy Fowlkes leading the praise team in worship.
Belike im staying. With my pastor. Louie mcwendys . Pretty soon i'll be in charge of fries . Then. Next in line for assistant manager
Enzo Pastor's assistant sheds some light in the mind-boggling murder case of the racecar driver.
4) I grew up in a Pentecostal Church. Church Of God , my daddy was the assistant pastor for many years! I had a very strict upbringing
assistant TO the regional youth pastor. Nah--Neal is more of a Ryan.
Pilgrim Baptist Temple Church gets new senior pastor: … Christian education and special assistant to...
Looking for a Assistant Pastor position? NEW one listed on MinistrySearch.
I was a Dental assistant with a Pastor in the chair doing a crown prep, and the dentist kept working so I had to work!
Bruhhh, why am I over here watching Preachers of LA & my geometry teacher is Pastor Wayne's assistant 😭😭
Is it me or does pastor Wayne and his wife's assistant look like Janet Jackson
Was that as the assistant pastor in last night?
In the car on my way to church with two mighty Men of God. I am truly humbled n honored. My Senior Pastor and Assistant Pastor.
The only man FIT 2 be Steve's assistant pastor is Larry the Cable Guy...
Mrs. Sharon Stanley, assistant pastor's wife for 25 yrs, speaks to ladies on the Christ-centered home.
I was a very happy pre-dead assistant pastor; great on my knees just like in real life.
Your aunt was the assistant pastor for 17 years.. We bless God for her! That don't make you saved though
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Incase u missed the premier of -I'm actually the white assistant pastor that gets shot in the 3some w/
Well that was an interesting setting!! Pastor on assistant pastor on hooker? Ok!
Wth was going on with the pastor and assistant??? O.o
a pastor, 2 assistant pastors and the leader of the usher board walk into a bedroom. No one walks out.
1 pastor, 2 assistant pastors, & 1 chick with a gun in a bedroom together? Just another day in Charming!
Thats the assistant pastor and that the head pastor of the piedmont grace center for god apperently in womens lingerie
A pastor, an assistant pastor meet with a young woman for some spiritual healing...
who cares theyre dead! Plus *** are two assistant revs doin havin a 3some and the pastor tapin it? Suspicious
danng assistant pastor got merked in panties, how he supposed to explain that to Gabriel at the gates smh
Note to self: Never bust in on a pastor, his assistant pastor and his brother assistant pastor and the trick with a gun
The pastor and 2 assistant pastors... ROFL I love
I just realized you and my assistant pastor remind me of each other. I nearly asked abt Saturday.
Launch night for the new academic year underway now Pastor Simon has been voted in as assistant pastor
Welcome to NES and Cohort 34, Robert Engler! Robert serves as assistant pastor at Big Tree Wesleyan Church in Blasdell, N.Y.
From Addict to Assistant Pastor: Free Methodist Church of Greensburg (Pa.) Assistant Pastor Ken Hunter grew up...
Pastor + special assistant chilling at Hungarian Festival.
The Evangelism team for The Transformation Center is on the move, Nashville here we come. Assistant Pastor Antonio Hampton Prophet William Davis Brother Christopher Campbell
"Protestant churches just have a pastor. At Catholic churches you have a priest and his assistant in a little black dress"
Here at Calvary Chapel Montebello God has blessed us with people who have lived life to the fullest. Assistant Pastor Carlos Mendoza is no different. His testimony…
This is something to help people remember regarding prayers and healing, and is my testimony of a miracle that I received awhile back: "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord" -- Psalm 150 "He sent His Word and healed them" -- Psalm 107:20 "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and don't forget His benefits; Who forgives all of your iniquities; Who heals all your diseases; Who redeems your life from destruction." -- Psalm 103:2-4a In early fall of 2002, I began to have serious stomach problems. I was having severe heartburn and also throwing up blood, initially just small amounts. It started to get real bad, so my doctor here in Los Alamos had me go get an upper GI X-ray at the Los Alamos hospital. In the fall of 2002, I went in, drank barium sulfate and the technician took several X-ray views -- standing, on my back, on both sides, and on my abdomen. The tech was taking both still shots and short times of watching the movements. Quite a bit of X-ray exposure, I suspect, but not any worse than the times I ha ...
Today our assistant Pastor will be married. God bless you and your new family Pastor. Love you.
Interesting, I didn't know some of this: Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated by a gunman named James Earl Ray on April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. King was in Memphis to lead a march in support of the local sanitation workers union. He was pronounced dead one hour later. Mrs. King was a source of strength after her son's assassination. The next year, her younger son, Alfred Daniel Williams King I, drowned in his own pool after having become the assistant pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Alberta King was shot and killed on June 30, 1974 by a 23-year-old black man named Marcus Wayne Chenault as she sat at the organ of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Chenault was a deranged gunman from Ohio who stated that he shot King because "all Christians are my enemies." Chenault claimed that he had decided that black ministers were a menace to black people, and that his original target had been Martin Luther King, Sr, but decided to shoot his wife instead because she ...
Charity apostolic Church will have (assistant pastor)Elder Wallace Tucker and The living word ministries to be our guest on 6-14-14@ 2pm . looking for a mighty move of God.
WOW!!! What a service this morning!! Didn't get out til 2:00!! Pastor Dennis Milburn (assistant pastor) of Grace Full Gospel in Lindsay OK preached under the anointing of God and worked in the gifts and the Holy Ghost fell and other men and women of God began to obey and several were healed, there were miracles and confirmations!!! GET READY!!! Tonight is going to be completely SUPERNATURAL!! Completely surreal!! BREAK OUT!!
MEET THE TEAM: Andy Game is assistant pastor here at Cornerstone City Church. Andy has been a part of…
Act 20:28-31, 28Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood. 29For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 30Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves. 31Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears. 1 Tim 3:1-13, 1The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. 2Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, 3not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. 4He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, 5for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how w ...
Join us this Sunday, 10:30am, as Presbytery installs Rev. John Orlando as Assistant Pastor at Iron Works Church.
And I don't even think she's the actual pastor of that church... dhes like an assistant or something
Join us tonight as our very own Assistant Pastor Minister Gene Robbins preaches on this night of celebrating our...
Congratulations to Senior Pastor Antonio Smith on your appointment as Special Assistant to Moderator Pastor Kerry...
Pastor McConnell went to the police station voluntarily this morning to be interviewed. And the assistant pastor's resigned.
The assistant pastor at Whitewell Tabernacle's stepped down in light of "recent controversy regarding Islam" - more on at 12
Heavy heart tonight. I just learnt our assistant pastor died of a heart attack. Fly free Brother Kenneth.
yeaa but the assistant one mr Pacheco he was also Marlene's pastor when she got married, but yeaa it's pretty kool :p
how did he mean it assistant pastor Nyazia Blacknall ? Lol
Former assistant pastor, Christian school principal in Massachusetts indicted on indecent assault charges:
Preparing Ladies Aid devotion for today. (@ Assistant Pastor's office.)
1of the most important lessons2learn as an assistant pastor is that the church of God doesnt need u.U just happened2b selected&placed...pt1
Assistant pastor Joyce said a noun is what separates us from God- a person, place, or thing.
Oh boy I love it when the assistant pastor at my church ignores my requests to be removed from the mission committee I was never a part of.
Wife, lifting a sermonic hymn before Bishop George Palmer, Assistant to Pastor delivered the Word.
When is your birthday? I should get you a bible, you'll be my assistant pastor oneday lol "Ameni Lu. Ameni. Lol."
Guess who's teaching Bible Study tonight.the Assistant Pastor, pray for me!
Helping the assistant pastor with something and he points to a weed trimmer, "That is a nice weed trimmer we have there."
At a church I went to as a teen, a guy grabbed my *** I told on him. The assistant pastor asked me, "but you liked it, didn't you?"
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meeting and praying with a senior pastor. (@ Assistant Pastor's office.)
Here is this week's KB Video blog, with our assistant pastor Latroy Fowlkesvia
Road trip this morning, with my wife and assistant pastor to the day conference!
Luke Harper assistant pastor for tonights service.
putting together the good news callers prayer service. (@ Assistant Pastor's office.)
Love this man! One of my heroes. Great assistant pastor! Helped me tremendously and pointed me right. Will miss him.
Today is the memorial service for the assistant pastor. Please keep the church family and his family in your prayers.
Church was ok today. Assistant pastor preached. He's ok, I learn very little from his preaching. He really just reads the text.
w/ our Science teacher Mr. Cunanan & Assistant Pastor Billy Abot. Huge godly influences in my life
Happy Birthday week kick-off for my brother, friend and Assistant Pastor! Love you
First day as an assistant pastor at our new church
Executive Adminnistrative Assistant to CEO in Atlanta, Georgia: State: Georgia - City: Atlanta - Denomination...
First Landmark Malindi has chosen Nicolas as their Pastor and Ricklynn as assistant pastor.
Welcome to Abundant Grace Service this 1st day of June in 2014. Preaching is Assistant Pastor Scott. (live at
Pastor welcoming my uncle as an assistant pastor by washing his feet. So glad to have my family back…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
One ear in during the message = listening to the assistant pastor talk about lemonade outside
our pastor use to be cardinal dolans assistant a real good guy, a Bronx born Red Sox fan, go figure
I'm pretty sure I could justify my own assistant more than we can justify another pastor on staff.
The assistant pastor, the bishop and I at Key 2 Life's Youth Revival on last night. Thanks for the…
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Mourns the Death of Pastor Stephen E Miguet. Pastor Steve was called to rest on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. He served as Pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Greendale IN, since April 15, 2012. Pastor Steve previously served Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Searcy, AR and as Assistant Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran in Boca Raton, FL. Pastor Steve is a native of Evansville, IN and served in the US Navy from 1976 to 1980. Family and friends will be received on Saturday, May 31, 2014 from 12pm to 2pm at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Funeral services will be held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 2pm, with Pastor Dennis Glick officiating. Contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society, St Jude Children's Hospital, or Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
sometimes I hope that the pastor at my church will announce "we have a new assistant pastor" and
How can we minister to people if we are not a Pastor or Assistant Pastor? via
From John W Reith Discussion Forum Sunday 2:00pm Voters' meeting Wednesday 7:00pm Announcement: A Voters meeting is coming up Wednesday, April 30 with some very important matters on the agenda. There is a recommendation from the Elders to extend a call to Pastor Kelly Bedard, to continue his work here as a part-time Assistant Pastor. The annual budget which includes some proposals for substantial cuts will be presented for approval. The Parish Council has also placed on the agenda for action, two matters of pastoral practice, those being open Communion and participation in Steeleville’s God & Country worship service. In preparation for the Voters meeting, there will be an open forum for the congregation to discuss these issues and ask questions, Sunday afternoon, April 27 at church. The meeting will begin at 2:00 pm. Southern Illinois District President, Rev. Timothy Scharr and Circuit Visitor, Rev. Bruce Cameron will be present to help lead these discussions. Please make every effort to attend.
Pastor Paul Riley preaches the Anniversary Service for Assistant Pastor of Trinity Church of Holiness in 2013
Assistant Pastor brings The 8am Resurrection Sunday Preached Word! Livestream worship right now at
TRANSVAAL (NOW NORTHERN) CONFERENCE CAMP-MEETING GUEST SPEAKERS: Bob Mounter, Larry Lichtenwalter, Neil Nedley, Charles Wesley Knight, Gerrit van Wyk and Jacque Venter. Here are the introductions the speakers: Bob Mounter, Pastor of the Ebenezer Seventh-Day Adventist Church. A native of Guyana, Pastor Mounter graduated from Oakwood University formerly Oakwood College and Andrews University. He was the first Assistant Pastor in the history of the College and has also pastored Mt. Calvary Seventh-day Adventist Church in Huntsville, AL and Glenville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cleveland, OH. He currently serves as an Area Leader for the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for the northwest territory since 2008 and was the chaplain of the Northeastern Ministerial Association for two years. His pastoral ministry spans nearly three decades, following his ordination in 1987, and across several nations including Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and the Caribbean islands. He also c . ...
I'm trying to locate Jon Anderson, his father was Glen Anderson, former Assistant Pastor to Pastor Wilkerson. Any body have any ideas? Thanks
.Zeya on "govt cont to imprison many Baha’i faith leaders as well as Chr pastor Saeed Abedini"
We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to our Assistant Pastor Greg Berry!! He is the best and hope we get to work together for many more years. (we're getting old!!)
Want to wish a very Happy Birthday to a special friend and best assistant Pastor ever, "Greg Berry"!!
Celebrate with us at our Ordination Service 2moro night at 7pm. Minister Roderick Harris will be elevated to Elder and become the Assistant Pastor. Sister Dawn Hudson will be ordained an Evangelist. Hope to see your smiling faces!
Dude fine af but you're a pastor's assistant.. I can't go out with you & do drugs 😂😩
Assistant Pastor Lawrence Kazungu Kadenge was murdered in the early morning hours of Feb. 2 while guarding the Glory of God Ministries Church in Mombasa.
Join us tonight as Assistant Pastor Charles West teaches Bible Study tonight! Bible Study begins at 7:00 p.m. there will be Child care Provided! Come on out and invite someone to learn what the Lord is saying to His people!
DFG Ministries and Bible Way Mission Baptist Church is praying for our Assistant Pastor Rev. Frank Holbrook as he embarks on this journey to be about Our Father's Business while serving in the Great Commission "Home to Ghana" is a Missionary trip ordained by God and covered by the Blood of Jesus. We pray for safe travels to and from for all that will be attending.
Lent is approaching, and as we take special attention in contemplating the final days of Jesus, we are encouraged to focus our lives… our thoughts, our hearts, and all of our energy on Him. So I’m sticking with the theme of keeping Christ at the center :) Colossians 3:1-4 “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.” I have jotted in my notes, the analogy that our assistant pastor gave about this, and I just love it, so I will share it! Many of you have probably been mountain biking at some point in your life, so you know that as you go down the path, there are many obstacles. Trees, rocks, roots, squirrels… and in order to avoid them you have to keep your eyes on the path. If you see a tree, and you think about ...
One year back in the early '80's, we had an elderly brother in our church by the name of Bill. He was a gentle, quiet and meek man. he lived with another sister of the church and she cared for him. Never seen any of his family,I don't think he had anyone except us, his church family. One very hot day in July, old Bill passed away and preparations were made by the funeral home and I was asked to come down to the funeral home and sing at his wake service. I walked all the way down town and thios way on a very hot day but wanted to go. I got there and I saw only the sister that kept him, our Assistant Pastor and myself, 3 people, that was his family. Even our Head Pastor never showed up. The next day was the funeral and a big long limo came all the way to my house and picked me up. What a ride that was, air conditioned. At the cemetery, there were 4 of us this time, with the minister doing the ceremony. He had no family but us. It was sad but also it was a joyous occasion because he wasn't alone and he had . ...
Bryan, I am Pastor David's assistant. Is there a # or email I can reach you at to set up an appointment with Pastor David? Thanks!
Happy Birthday to Assistant Pastor, Wendell Rennolds!. You are a blessing to our ministry more than you even know!
YOU TOO CAN MAKE IT! James 5 : 17 - 18 "Elijah was as human as we are, and yet when he prayed earnestly that no rain would fall, none fell for three and a half years! Then, when he prayed again, the sky sent down rain and the earth began to yield its crops". (NLT). Sombody shout JESUS! Elijah was a man, subject to like passions, a man that ran away from a woman and prayed to God to kill him. A man that when he wanted to be taken away, did not even tell his assistant pastor but yet he prayed a prayer and the heavens closed over a nation for three and a half years. A MAN! Joshua, a man, permit me to add subject to like passions as we are, but yet he prayed and the sun stood still until he finished fighting. A MAN. Many times we seem to place certain people beyond the realm of the ordinary. Tell anybody close to you, they are men! Jesus said, greater works than these shall he (whoever believes in Him) do, because I go to My father. Did the bible say these signs shall follow prophets or evangelists? No! It sa ...
Last night at church our assistant pastor preached, "Don't give up!" This morning in my Jesus Calling book it says, "Keep your eyes on me! Waves of adversity are washing over you, and you feel tempted to give up...Yet I am always with you. (:
2yrs ago I said YES to being Pastor 's assistant! I can't believe the gift & honor it's been to serve you & ur family!
Pastor Petrina from Ghana assistant pastor at harvest international ministries Arlington Texas and…
Service was even greater than expected for the Appreciation for our Assistant pastors the McDonald's. It was so great to see everyone that came out to show their love and appreciation to them! : )
Wonderful service tonight!! The Holy Spirit moved upon hearts!! Also a good message from our Assistant Pastor from the Book of Jeremiah!!
For those of you unable to be with us tonight, the Session announced it's calling of Dr. Chuck Frost to be the new Assistant Pastor of Madison Heights Church. He will become the Pastor of Teaching and Shepherding on March 15. We are both humbled and grateful for God's provision of Chuck among us. Now your in the loop.
My friend, and our assistant Pastor, reads lots of books, including the new NT Wright Paul book, but I can't get him to give talk on them.
Dear Friends of Prince of Peace: What we have long suspected has been made official. St. Bede's Episcopal Church (Prince of Peace's landlord) will cease operations on April 27th. On that Sunday, +Lawrence Provenzano, Episcopal Bishop for the Diocese of Long Island will de-consecrate the church facility and grounds. Prince of Peace has had the pleasure of using the sanctuary at St. Bede's for nearly 7 of our 9 1/2 years as a parish. In that time I've had the pleasure of blessing the marriage of my friends Frank & Steven (a wedding I officiated legally earlier in the day in Connecticut), as well as officiating the weddings of my friends Paul & Shawn , Marcel & Guy and most recently friends and POP members Ginger & David. I've also baptized 3 children (two of my grandsons) and one adult. I have presided over hundreds of Sunday masses there. Our Assistant Pastor, Rev. Maura Maura 'Bernie' Bernard was Ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in the sanctuary at St. Bede's and our friend Fr. Don Pratt celebrated his f ...
recently got the 1915 Indian Bottom Association minutes proofed and into a text format. this obit was garbled in copy I had before proofing. this is "preacher Hi" or Robert Hiram Fields OBITUARY OF ELD R. H. FIELDS Eld. R. H. Fields was born March 11, 1838; died March 10, 1915, aged seventy-seven years (less one day.) He married Rachel Caudill when a young man, and to this union the following children were born: Ira Fields, M. C. Fields, Isaac W. Fields 9 John M. Fields, Felix G. Fields, Charlotte Fields, Ozina Fields and Sarah Fields now the wife of William Day, all of whom are still living, and Elizabeth Fields who died many years ago. After the death of his first wife he married Mrs. Manerva Stamper, widow of the late L. N. Stamper. No children were born to the latter union. Brother Fields was fortunate in the selection of his companions, both of them being women of excellent character and much admired and highly respected by a host of friends and acquaintances. He became a member of the Old Regula ...
Spent some time this afternoon with my assistant Pastor Willie F. Franklin . Praying for his entire family.
assistant youth pastor or assistant TO the Youth Pastor
Winston Menzies my boss landlordmy pastor is running a scam I am assistant manager I quit when I found this out I lost my home and my truck
Don't forget, we will have a meeting immediately after the service 2 weeks from now, March 9th, to communicate about the hiring of our new assistant pastor!
Reno A pastor and Media assistant to GEJ. I wonder the kind of Gospel he is Preaching in the Church...So Sad he can descent so Low on LIES
Brethrens,Let 2014 be our year of prophetic annointing for enhanced churchgrowth in spiritual discernment. We have got alot to do in ministry Joshua 13 one to fourteen.Idelivered these powerful message in Lumani just astart of women/leaders conference. Ministry can coil for years unless aleader chosen by god leads and there is the bag carrier,an assistant pastor to support. Seing moses astammerer and Aoron interpr
just lmagine you were lnvited to a church and you happen to see me on the pulpit preaching and you were told am the Assistant pastor, please what would you do?
uno,he 'calls himself' a pastor.deux, which one is Special Assistant on New media again?how do they determine qualification?
It is a big deal because he's the Special Assistant to the President on New Media. (N a pastor too)
I don't normally post things like this, but schedules have been so busy with sports, school, and lots of other stuff that this one saying keeps going through my mind that a certain Great Assistant Pastor (Tim) talked about in a Sunday school series we did about 6-7 years ago.He talked about making sure that your kids are not "Experience Rich and Relationally Poor" Just thought if he reads this it might make him feel good to know that that kind of stuff has stuck with us through the years. That's the sign of a good teacher!! We aren't always the best at doing this but that line stays with me al the time when we are scheduling things.
Congratulations to PI grad William Monden on his new position of Assistant Pastor in Broken Bow under Pastor Johnny Cheek.
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he is my assistant pastor-__-“I think you should be a pastor cos You've bless alot of ppl on (cont)
Looking forward to hearing tonight at TPCOC! Awesome assistant pastor and humble servant of God!
FYI: Pastor , 40, is Special Assistant to the President on New Media
Special thanks to John Tilley, assistant pastor at Marlbrook for coming with the team to help.
I had prayer with a man today who is a good friend over the years when i was an Assistant Pastor in another organization. He had gotten frost bitten on both of his feet during The Korean War. Both of his feet are black and swollen. He was very humbled to hear from me. I prayed for him he cried and then he prayed for me and cried. He said Pastor Steve i'm going to try to come and see you in Church. He said the only way that I can get around is by a walker now. He said I love the Lord and I love you. I said Brother Jon I love you to and God loves you. I said that to say this sometimes we just need to hear from someone maybe to give us a word or share a prayer to help us alone the way. God is good!
Please pray for the family of Assistant Pastor Lawrence Kazungu Kadenge who was murdered in Kenya on February 2 while guarding a church. "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us" (Romans 8:18).
In my office going over my lesson with my Assistant Pastor, Jarrington M. Daniels! Lol!
Everyone go follow Great Pastor, Manager of Social Media for SDYP and *** Da Yung Poet's personal assistant.
Screaming Happy Birthday to the worlds best assistant pastor Irene Batten...
"Alot of associate/assistant pastors that I know are rising up and answering the call to Pastor. Last week, Pastor Bernard Lundy entered the pastorate and now I just got an invite to a installation service for another associate pastor I know. Thats a good thing though, because some of these spiritual leaders are confused and mixed up, its time to win this war for Christ and if that means new generals then so be it"
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