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Assembly Hall

An assembly hall is traditionally a building used for the purposes of holding deliberative assemblies.

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making a statement in the Assembly's Great Hall now...
Assembly hall noddle interment homes performs profitably so that call back number one in ascendancy: lIzm
And she said Yes! Tunbridge Wells couple get engaged after creative proposal at the Assembly Hall Theatre
Had a dream where I was working at the assembly hall and a few of us had guinea pigs which kept escaping under the seats and we chased them
Can't wait to be in assembly hall tomorrow night 💯
Polish opposition refused to leave the Assembly hall of the Sejm until January 11
How much did City Hall get paid for hosting the final?! I feel an MQT coming on !
Students started to make their way out of the assembly hall, the room once again becoming loud with the many conversations -
Reception and KS1 certificate assembly tomorrow - Monday, at 9am...see you in the hall. Who will get a special certificate or reading prize?
Looking forward to last day of school for 2016 today. Final assembly 1.25pm in the big hall, Term certificates awarded School finishes 2pm
I've been running my mouth all week down in here in Tar Heel country. I would hate to be them walking into Assembly Hall to…
Phog Allen and Assembly Hall still atop that list, FWIW. Hinkle is near the bottom because of Butler.
At 43 degrees, we were told its against to take off our school Blazers during assembly in the hall. We couldn't eve…
starting my Christmas week checking out the Assembly Hall renovations for the first time to see a massacre
Should you book tickets to Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs panto in Oh yes you should! Read my review here:…
WIN: Dinner & Stay at fab new pub; Snow White at the Assembly Hall reviewed, SOS: festive party wardrobe sorted!
SNOW WHITE: Five Star Review - apart from being absolutely stunning, boy can this girl sing!
Action Assembly Hall as Karate teams battle for the top honors!https…
One year ago today. "A surprise for Christmas!” announced Dave and on walked his brother Ray.
A councillor has doubts over including the Assembly Hall in the campus project –
Guys come to the auditorium near the assembly hall ..
Maths kuppi(Mech) will start at 10.00am,assembly Hall.
I fully expect IU to hit 20 threes against us in assembly hall but Purdue is going to boat race those bums in Mackey.
I still believe IU is a better team but IU is only a mortal lock at Assembly Hall.
🤔and Kansas got beat by an Indiana team that is horrible outside of Assembly Hall!
Chances are if IU plays a decent team outside of Assembly Hall, it's going to be an L 😕
IU basketball- national contender at assembly hall, Freshman B team anywhere else.
Calling v. in Assembly Hall with Nick Stewart. Catch us at 5 on BTN Plus.
IU is the best team in the nation at Assembly Hall, but take it away and they're just an average team.
Video: Solemn Assembly in honour of the victims of the collapsed church building LIVE at Government House Banqu…
A college basketball road trip would be dope, but impossible to schedule. Assembly Hall, Hinkle, Rupp, Dean Dome,…
When do Luke Bryan tickets for Assembly Hall on Feb. 17th go on sale??
UNC coach Roy Williams on electric Assembly Hall: "Gosh, I would like to play in front of a crowd like that in the Smit…
Tar Heels. loss no problem.Don't panic! Assembly Hall is one of the most difficult places to play in all college hoops. KEEP FAITH. GO HEELS.
I wish we could get even 1/3 of the energy inside the Hulman Center that there is inside Assembly Hall!!
Hoosiers take the floor for final warm-ups. Tar Heels have done the same. Assembly Hall is filled to the brim. Standing room only
Yet he could not find the time to come to Assembly Hall this winter and honor the 1976 Sad.
Hoosiers take care of Liberty at Assembly Hall..winning 87-48. IU now 3-0 on the young season
It continues to be all Indiana against an inferior opponent tonight at Assembly Hall. Hoosiers on top 57-28 over Liberty.
I'm at Assembly Hall to see and the Liberty Flames vs. The Indiana Hoosiers!
Feel the festivities at the Christmas with Beirut Vocal Point Concert on Dec 11 7:30 PM Assembly Hall! Buy tickets @ libra…
Just saw Kyle Schwarber at Assembly Hall . or at least the Kyle Schwarber big head. Right below George Washington
hi Tom, this is in Edinburgh looking down to Princes Street - you can see the Assembly Hall and Scott Monument in the photo 😊
See the Salt Lake Temple, the Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall and two visitors' centers at Temple Square this summer. htt…
. I can send you a copy or you can pick up at the Trinity Theatre or Assembly Hall. Kind regards Joe
Adding an Assembly Hall at our Masroor in the will stop students having to stand in the burning heat h…
yeah you're already online \m/ ♥ Solstafir - Middegi @ the Assembly Hall, Islington 14.05.16 via
United Nations' General Assembly Hall with 2000 Nokero Solar Light Bulbs! Pretty proud to see this! Nokero
I'm not sure you are in the Assembly Hall's main target group. There aren't many Eric Bibb's performing there...
Saw man Eric Bibb on first date of tour at Assembly Hall last Sunday. Excellent evening!
Would love to see you in Assembly Hall! There is nothing like Indiana basketball...great coach, great tradition and college!
It's here. Spring concert tonight in Assembly Hall. It's going to be really good! 7:30 pm. Jazz band, jazz choir, concer…
Discovered this on FB. General Booth of Salvation Army in Mold. Market Vaults next to Assembly Hall
8-April-1929- Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt threw two bombs on the Assembly Hall.
Choral Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams on April 18 & 19 at 7:30 PM Sharp in Assembly Hall! All are welcome!
$45 million Assembly Hall renovation enters final stages "on time and on budget."
Hira Usmani. Going to suicide with her three kids. Haider 6yrs,Fatima 10yrs, Amna 11 years at Assembly Hall,Mall Road https:…
Dear people who think you are elite artists because you… (at Phillips Exeter Academy - Assembly Hall) [pic] —
.entertained Islington's Assembly Hall with new album 'Release the Fear'
"It takes a loud voice to make the deaf hear". said Bhagat Singh aka Balraj(while throwing smoke bomb in assembly…
Because IU is very happy with sweet 16s at NCAA time. There will be no banner in Assembly Hall! Ever.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Learn how to stop, spot and report scams at our free community event, 29 March, 10am-1.30pm, Islington Assembly Hall https…
I'm at Ateneo de Davao University - Community Center and Assembly Hall in Davao City, Philippines
Free community event to raise awareness of scams - 29 March at Islington Assembly Hall
Wonderful start to the Easter weekend watching on a soggy Thursday evening .
William Morris, born on this day 1834, remembered on Waltham Forest Assembly Hall and coat of arms
Constituents of barangay Aguada in Isabela city, Basilan gathered at barangay hall for the Brgy Assembly today...
Arabesque inspired jali cutouts as assembly hall window screens at my daughter's…
Our UK ladies team hoping to raise > £50,000 next month for a new assembly hall at our school in Yundum
Nobody understands how bad I want to cheer inside assembly hall 😍😍
The video that played at Assembly Hall before we honored our seniors.
I already miss seeing play in Assembly Hall.
Will you be at the Sweet 16 Ring Ceremony in Assembly Hall this weekend?
Y'all know that they are totally sending UNC to Assembly Hall for the Big Ten-ACC challenge right?. Love my team. Love this season
So is that what it feels like playing IU in assembly hall?
Gotta tip the cap to UNC, no one was beating them tonight..Great memories this year in Assembly Hall. Future looks bright. Go Hoosiers
I really will miss IU basketball until next season starts. Being at Assembly Hall and watching this team was so much fun. Thank you seniors
Another Sweet 16 banner for IU to hang in Assembly Hall.
Fans are rushing Assembly Hall as I type this since they didn't lose by 20+ Sources telling me scissors are being passed out for net cutting
IUBB, . Thanks 4 the ride of my life these last 4 years. I'll miss hours in GA line, breakfast club, Yogi, but most of all Assembly Hall.🔴⚪️😢
I only slightly cried the last time I watched Yogi in Assembly Hall. I may actually cry tonight.
I will never forget the classless *** in Assembly Hall chanting "overrated" to UNC as their No. 1 seeded IU team crushed us in 2012.
Also, words can't describe how much I'm going to miss watching Yogi play in Assembly Hall.
Indiana wont win the chip again until The General gets his name on the floor or on Assembly Hall and really it should be on both.
that's what happens went you play outside of Assembly Hall
Hoosiers are so incredibly outmatched, it wldnt matter if this game was played in Assembly Hall.
Play us at assembly hall one time😂
An cullible admission to be changed proficient in assembly hall accession regard los angeles: LzUXjvNS
I sincerely try to be unbiased when I say this, but whenever IU plays away from assembly hall, the refs are completely impartial.
Indiana fans getting a dose of what it's like to play a game as a visitor at Assembly Hall with these calls
Guessing some Indiana student manager is running steps at Assembly Hall his week for washing Yogi's white knee pads with the red unis
I've seen enough games at Assembly Hall that gives me no sympathy for IU foul situation
Now Indiana fans know what it's like to be the visiting team at Assembly Hall
I'd like to see stats on this, but it seems like Indiana's shooting doesn't travel far from Assembly Hall in March.
I’m surprised they haven’t renamed Assembly Hall to Keith Smart Arena
I'd like to see North Carolina play them in Assembly Hall would imagine a great game.
Mass suicide at assembly hall following the halftime show - who's with me ?
It's no Assembly Hall, but we'll take it- go Hoosiers!! 🏀🏀🏀
Less than 100 tickets left to our London show ! Who's coming out of all you manimals?!.
Mark your calendar for INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR 2016 (28 Sept - 2 Oct) at Assembly Hall JCC
Just arrived back in London from last night's gig in Portsmouth on my way to the Assembly Hall Islington
Hey are they showing the game at Assembly Hall tonight ? does anyone know?
well worth it. Assembly Hall is a must as well.
if this Mini LEGO IU Assembly Hall is wrong, i dont want to be right...
Play the women's and men's Indiana high school basketball semi state games at Mackey Arena and Assembly Hall. Players and fans would love it
Rumours of Fleetwood Mac provoke near-religious rapture at Assembly Hall in Tunbridge Wells
People people, your vote counts. VOTE tomorrow at Assembly Hall for your Guild…
NCHS Feeder School All Star Game is this Tues. Mar. 15 @ 7pm in Assembly Hall. Come on out and see next year's freshmen Hornet prospects!
The mood from Assembly Hall tonight? Well ... story: via
A thrilling behind-the-scenes look of staying perfect in Assembly Hall... tomorrow!.
Thomas Bryant in the win against Maryland... @ Assembly Hall
The Annual Town Meeting for is tonight 7.30pm in the Assembly Hall, Knaresborough House. All are Welcome.
31 men’s and women’s basketball games were played in Assembly Hall this season. All 31 were Indiana wins.
Indiana Men's Basketball beats Maryland 80-62 in Assembly Hall. the Hoosiers end Regular Season 25-6 and 15-3 in the Big Ten and a title
ICYMI: Indiana men's and women's basketball combined for a record of 31-0 in Assembly Hall this year.
perfect at home? . 17-0! You gotta love Assembly Hall. bring on the Tournament!. This is a: big-b…
Indiana caps off a perfect regular season for men's and women's basketball at Assembly Hall — 31-0.
Bielfeldt, on how difficult it was to play at Assembly Hall when at Michigan: "I was winless here." . Ovation from the IU fans.
Haven't seen the Senior speeches for but assuming the ovation for Yogi at Assembly Hall would put a DC Filibuster to shame.
Big 10 Champions closing it down in Assembly Hall.
So proud of Indiana basketball! Watching my Hoosiers live on FB presenting the Big Ten championship trophy to the crowd at Assembly Hall!
Update your maps at Navteq
Indiana's men's and women's basketball teams go a combined 31-0 at Assembly Hall this year. Not bad.
Not one of the 17,000 fans at Assembly Hall seems to have left. Game was over 15 minutes ago. Senior Day. Crowd staying. Indiana basketball.
The last time Indiana's men's or women's basketball teams lost in Assembly Hall was 365 days ago. Think about that for a mo…
So Indiana basketball (men and women) went undefeated at Assembly Hall this year.
Amazing that the Indiana men and women's basketball teams both were unbeaten at Assembly Hall this season.
Troy Williams and Assembly Hall are both trending!
The Yogi Ferrell pull-up three among the things IU fans will miss next year at Assembly Hall. Can make it look so easy at times
Assembly Hall is loud, teams are on the floor, and it's senior day in Bloomington. Follow along here:
I already cried twice today thinking about this being Yogi's last game at Assembly Hall
Just about 30 minutes until things get underway from Assembly Hall between Indiana and Maryland. Follow here
Love being back in THE Assembly Hall for Senior Night.
.gets ready for his final game at Assembly Hall.
Lyndsay Leikem checks out for her final time ever at Assembly Hall to a standing ovation, overcome with emotion.
Tom Crean hasn’t started cutting down the nets at Assembly Hall just yet, but the ladder is out.
The PA announces the Purdue men are beating Maryland, and the crowd cheers. Something you don't see in Assembly Hall every day
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also, Maryland HAS to win at Assembly Hall to have any shot.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening. Indiana University welcomes you to the Assembly Hall." He's the best...period.
I will go to a Hoosier basketball game at the Assembly Hall in Indiana next year.
Purdue is better than Maryland and MSU... It's close at IU, we didn't play smart, plus IU played well, plus crazy Assembly Hall
March 6th Maryland-Indiana at Assembly Hall & Wisconsin gets Purdue. Either one or both games decide the B1G title.
31 years ago today Bobby Knight graced Assembly Hall with the legendary chair throw .
Rock Challenge: Reminder: rehearsals Sunday 6-8pm in Joss St Hall, and Monday 7-9pm in Assembly Hall at school.
Finally back at Assembly Hall for first time in about 5 years. It's Brady & Quinn's first -ever games here.
If you like your ranking, don't go to IU's Assembly Hall. Last 5 years... Top-5 teams: 1-6. Top 10: 1-8. Top 25: 2-16
The education of IU continued last night with a master's level win vs No. 4 Iowa. Column from Assembly Hall:
Indiana is now 6-1 vs. top-5 teams in Assembly Hall since 2011.
.doesn't think that Assembly Hall can get as loud as Allen Fieldhouse. Is that a challenge?
Iowa-IU tonight. My 1st time at Assembly Hall visiting my older bro I saw inbound a pass off Jaacks' face. Place went wild.
Good afternoon, quick reminder of our fellowship tonight. Remember: Ladies meet at LT and Men at Assembly Hall. 7:40pm. . See you then.
Last time took on it was a tight contest at Assembly Hall a little over a year ago. IU won 76-73. Six PSU players scored 10+.
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While it's not IU's Assembly Hall, it's filling my college basketball void. 🏀🐊 @ Stephen C.…
Want to see the Greatest Timeout in College Basketball? Come to Assembly Hall and
with EP David Anspaugh and at the IU/Minnesota game on Saturday at Assembly Hall.
Indiana basketball: Experience 360 degrees of a dunk at Assembly Hall (NCAA) |
Northwestern's defense falls apart in 89-57 loss at Assembly Hall
In the other 49 states it's just basketball. THIS IS INDIANA. Welcome to the real Assembly Hall. Get hyped Hoosier fans!!
Be sure to follow along as Indiana takes on Illinois tonight from Assembly Hall right here:
Illinois vs. Indiana tonight at 7 pm EST from Assembly Hall in Bloomington. Follow along here:
also, I only remember pain from Assembly Hall. Has he won there yet?
Need to win away from Assembly Hall at a quality opponent to even think about Final Four. At MSU, at Maryland, or at Purdue
IU and Maryland only play once this season and it's the final regular season game. Either March 5 or 6 at Assembly Hall.
Indiana bound Curtis Jones (was at Assembly Hall tonight for the Wisconsin game, per
Tom Crean wasn't wrong when he said he will bring a banner to Assembly Hall, in fact he's brought two banners!
Pregame intros at Assembly Hall. I didn't hear a single boo for Tom Crean. Not one. This is progress. No snark. Program progress.
Sunday's game vs. Ohio State at Assembly Hall will be televised nationally on CBS at 1:30 p.m. ET.
Any chance we can get Rick Mount to address the Assembly Hall crowd at half when we play the Boilers? Seemed to work for Iowa.
A good reread from ahead of next week's celebration at Assembly Hall.
Join us on Sunday 3rd Jan, Assembly Hall, Worthing for our traditional Viennese concert featuring KAMILA BYDLOWSKA. https:…
Go Illini! First time at the new Assembly Hall. @ State Farm Center
Yeah... The State Farm Center will always be the Assembly Hall
*** yes KG! *** YES! Been a massive fan since I was 8 and you and Kenny and Nick dominated Assembly Hall
Hurry up looks like Assembly Hall is filling up quick.
IU will honor Bob Knight Jan. 5 at Assembly Hall. But, will Bob Knight show up?
Do not miss the International Day for Disabled People 2015, 3 Dec, Assembly Hall
Prediction Groce will not coach Illini in new Assembly Hall !!!
Chant of "Tom-mas Bry-ant, Tom-mas Bry-ant" breaks out at Assembly Hall. His personality is loved as much as his play.
Robert Johnson just picked up his third foul with 11:07 left in the first half. Assembly Hall is not happy.
That's our first Anti-Bullying Assembly of the week done. Thanks to Rigby Hall School for having us, and to all...
Well done to all the students at The Assembly Hall, T. Wells. Minute silence observed impeccably. All our thoughts with those affected.
£1m revamp of the assembly hall is now completed!
Announcing our Voluntary Sector Conference, 28th Jan, 9:30-3:30 in the Assembly Hall at .Book here:
Monday mornings are soon brightened when walking past this in the Grand Hall! Best team in the business!
23 years later and I still remember my first assembly in this very same hall
Assembly hall of the Hainan Chinese Congregation in Hội An.
Only disappointment about IU this weekend was not getting my private tour of Assembly Hall
No Junior Assembly today. We will see everyone in Grayson Hall for whole school assembly on Thursday.
"I wanna go to memorial stadium for a basketball game!". Actually mom it's assembly hall
I've found what we're doing on Dec 7.
From that muddy pitch behind the assembly hall and infront of Boys Side , i knew was Destined To Be Great.Believe me
Good to see these back up at Assembly Hall on Friday.
We all discovered the lighting in the assembly hall makes for savage selfies
Tuesday. We're back. vs. Chattanooga, 7 pm in Assembly Hall.
Not used to seeing Illinois play in this arena. It's a lot brighter than the imitation Assembly Hall.
Battle of the Bands 2015 is back on! . Wednesday 18 November 7pm in The James Wilson Hogg Assembly Hall. . Free entry
back in action Tuesday at Assembly Hall on the campus of Indiana University for the WNIT. It's gonna be a fun season
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
e do ah try go service. Assembly hall see you ky33
S2 pupils will attend a HWB Dance Tour production tomorrow in the Assembly Hall. Check with Tutors for correct timings.
Way to capitalize Assembly Hall but no Cameron Indoor Stadium not indoor stadium 😝
concert~Assembly Hall with Poom Promachart & Vanessa Redgrave. 14:45, today.
No big deal just played in Assembly Hall last night
Get ready for our Christmas Bazaar on Nov 20th at the Assembly Hall in North Street, Chichester. We look forward... http:…
we did today, did Playfair Library, Edinburgh Uni Anatomy Museum and Assembly Hall.
AH opened in '71. MT-“"He remembers the sound in Assembly Hall when that last shot...splashed..."
Tickets now on sale for Charlotte Jaconelli in Concert at the Assembly Hall, Worthing on 7/11
will play Louisville at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Assembly Hall in upcoming seasons.
Would u like to see SpectreTown by Elspeth Turner of - plays every day at Assembly Hall at 13:30
Hi would u like to see Elspeth Turner's new play SpectreTown? It plays each day at Assembly Hall at 13:30.
At -- Grandpa Thorup's stairs in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.
I think I'm aiming for the Assembly Rooms in George St, as opposed to the Assembly in George Sq, or the Assembly Hall. It's a tad confusing
There was an assembly hall full of witnesses so it should be easy to find out what Key said...
Getting changed after the assembly and standing outside the hall in true religion jeans, puma shirt, and a chain prob wasn't a great idea
Residents sign this to stop from allowing a mosque in a residential area
Donations for next week's Day of Hope are due TODAY! You can drop items off in the fellowship hall or…
*** Lee. Cow! This Wednesday our film hits the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations for the…
The UP Singing Ambassadors will be performing at the CAL Freshman Welcome Assembly tomorrow, 2:30PM CM Recto Hall! See you there, Freshies!
I'm going to see: Chelsea Wolfe at Islington Assembly Hall.
Convention day 3...I missed 1 and 2 dur to work but I made 3 so yay me:-) (@ Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses)
Happy wedding bang Ari dan Yana Tandjung! (with Kima at Assembly Hall (JCC)) [pic] —
Yana Tandjung Wedding... 💑💑💑 (with Gulam, Patricia, and 2 others at Assembly Hall (JCC)) [pic] —
Podemos London Assembly today 12-2pm,Blue Bar,Festival Hall,Southbank.Friends from will join us. Be there?
Looking forward to today's assembly at the Blue Bar, Festival Hall, Southbank, 12-2pm.Been a long holiday!
At -- The assembly hall on Temple Square
Checkout the photos from yesterday's CEMIT's 1st GENERAL ASSEMBLY at the Claro M. Recto Hall, PUP MAIN.
tickets at assembly hall cost nothing like rupp arena tickets. I like going to games and wearing the visiting teams shirt
Young Leaders' Assembly and Praxis Launch @ Escaler Hall. Kinakabahan na ako sa Praxis. Whoooi. Let's do this!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Wey swag again?!...take the award den u lef the Assembly hall or what?!
Rubia hard at work for Media Services @ Denton Assembly Hall
Just the two of us! @ Queens Assembly Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesses
you can't get beer at ASSembly hall.
u r right. In 2 MLAs were caught watching in assembly hall.
Week 7// New feature // Wild . Picture of nigel_hove on a road trip to the assembly Hall . My beautiful…
Nfl but assembly hall soccer: uEaYAdfyw
Hundreds of people have thronged the Prempeh Assembly Hall in Kumasi as the Okyeame Kwame Foundation and MDS...
Bit of a family afternoon off to see Calamity Jane at the Assembly Hall TWells with my folks!!
They rep Hepatitis: Okyeame Kwame and his children on their way to the Prempeh Assembly Hall, venue…
The free hepatitis screen'n nd vaccinat'n wid is happn'n now at d Prempeh Assembly Hall.Join nd help kick hepatitis out!!
British Library Grade I?! Prince Charles previously re reading room "more like the assembly hall of an academy for secret police".
1953 - Work started in this assembly hall. The main plant through changing times: http…
Bobby Knight hurled a chair onto the Assembly Hall floor while Purdue was attempting to shoot technical free throws ht…
Indiana: Seeing the Jays play at Assembly Hall will be fun. Stiff early-season test; Hoosiers could be Top 20 at that point.
The London Assembly will meet in a school hall and begin each day with hymns accompanied by recorder playing
Was once fingered in the back of the assembly hall, when that Jesus man was talking
event has had to be moved to large assembly hall in Fantastic crowd in this evening
LD1 GOP bring cardboard cutouts of opponents to Millville town hall:
Its me and my mommy this weekend! 🌷💙🌷💙 @ Queens Assembly Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesses
Looks like IU will host Austin Peay at Assembly Hall on Monday, Nov. 16 as a lead-in to the Maui Invitational. http…
Our biggest comedy show to date - showcasing 287 new seats in our Assembly Hall balcony is Fri 16 Oct
Mass ceremony scheduled for 1 pm in Assembly Hall at Fulton Government Center, 141 Pryor St. SW, 30303.
.Assembly Hall; Thank you Robert Montgomery Knight & all for the countless memories of a lifetime
Blackhawk fans booing non calls is like Indiana basketball fans booing non calls in Assembly Hall
The field was always fine. The bleachers though...what are we, IU Assembly Hall?
Annual Sports Assembly takes place on Wednesday 10th June in the Assembly Hall!
Is the gym or IU's Assembly Hall a better location for graduation? Find out what North & South principals think:
.South principal hope to keep graduations in-house even after Assembly Hall reno (via
My Latest Painting - Saving Hope Showing at this years SEEArt Fair 24-28 June 2015 at Assembly Hall http…
Wurlitzer Concert at Assembly Hall - The Sussex Theatre Organ Trust presents Thomas Trotter and Simon Gledhill in...
IU dismisses Davis & Mosquera-Perea. When told they wouldn't play for Tom Crean anymore, they broke into Assembly Hall & stormed the floor.
Ogilvy Lab day getting underway in Assembly Hall at upstairs at Shoreditch Town Hall. Come and join us!
If you are in the area go and check out Hollie at the Assembly Hall in Islington - you wont regret it!
Gr8 time at Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival at Assembly Hall 2nite. Tomorrow's gala sold out. Good 2see so many film buffs :-)
One shouldn't have to make choice but Nicola Benedetti is with in the Assembly Hall, Worthing that day.
Indiana University breaks ground on Assembly Hall renovations
Now speaking... Cindy Simon Skjodt. Calls it an honor to help transform Assembly Hall for generations to come.
Assembly Hall to be renamed Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. Cindy Simon Skjodt donated $40 million for this project.
Indiana also making Assembly Hall more accessible to people with disabilities and other needs.
More renderings available on Assembly Hall renovation
IU just announced the Assembly Hall renovations in greater detail. By reading it, it's obvious IU is moving towards making it tech friendly
Michael McRobbie, Fred Glass, Cindy Simon Skjodt, Tom Crean, John Laskowski and IU athletes to be at Assembly Hall groundbreaking Tuesday.
Ken Nunn has donated $2 million to Assembly Hall renovation project. Thanks, Ken!
We still think Tom Pritchard had the best dunk ever in Assembly Hall
Congrats to Assembly Hall on being named the Greatest College Basketball Arena!
With Thon Maker, Thomas Bryant in the house, IU fans will have a chance to impress elite recruits with Assembly Hall's at…
"That's the best dunk I've seen, ever, at Assembly Hall." What an highlight! http:…
I feel like Kanye at the VMAs right now but had the best put back dunk in Assembly Hall history.
Every time I watch IU play in Assembly Hall, I have flashbacks of Christian Watford's 3. 😑
[photoshop of Pat Knight standing in Assembly Hall with the caption "The Dark Knight Rises"]
Matt Painter's teams have won 3 times in Assembly Hall. Gene Keady's teams won there 6 times in 25 years.
-- overrated once again. Can't even beat PU at Assembly Hall. And, I'm an IU grad saying that. If only Brad Stevens was IU's coach.
Cameron, Pauley, Hinkel, Dean Dome and Assembly Hall are all on my list. Phogg Allen may get on later
Somebody in Assembly Hall asked if Minnesota's Elliott Eliason arrived in same recruiting class with Kevin McHale. Actually, Lou Hudson.
Played a raging 4 nights with Adam Ant at Assembly Hall, London. Now looking ahead to a Blow show in 2015!
Tom Pritchard sighting in Assembly Hall! This is not a drill.
Will Sheehey posing for pictures here at Assembly Hall with a few fans. Elston, Roth, Moore and Pritchard are here as well
Hoosiers battle Michigan at 1 p.m. Students already lining up. See you at Assembly Hall.
Assembly Hall, Harrison & Abramovitz, 1963, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Photo by Hedrich Blessing.
Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Devin Davis casually shooting at Assembly Hall. Tipoff against Rutgers set for 3:15 on BTN.
Good luck to versus Maryland tonight in Assembly Hall! Live at 9pm on ESPNU. Go Hoosiers! ht…
To no surprise, Assembly Hall on the list. . “College Hoops' Top 10 Most Hostile Venues.
Big shot from IU’s Robert Johnson puts IU up by 7 (73-66). Lions went on a 9-1 run to pull within 4. Still 3:25 to play in Assembly Hall.
Assembly Hall in Bloomington Indiana will always make me think of Coach Bobby Knight. Hoosier basketball hasn't been the same w/o him.
vs. Ohio State, tomorrow, Assembly Hall, 7 p.m. We're ready for 80s night, are you?
Join us for 80s night in Assembly Hall on Thursday when battles Ohio State at 7 p.m. ET.
ha! He'll go out hoping for that rule change & hoping Assembly Hall gets renamed "Robert Montgomery Knight at AH"
Half hour til game time here at Assembly Hall for IU vs, IUPUI. Follow and dont unfollow me for updates
IU could lose to Presbyterian college if it was away, but if they play at Assembly Hall they'd give Duke a run for their money
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