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Republican leader of the California Assembly Chad Mayes wants to work with Democrats on cap and trade
They would have to change the law in NYS. Never going through the assembly with 107 Democrats out of 15…
I'M WITH HER: Teacher/Optput mom Christine Pellegrino running in Dem primary after serving as Bernie delegate
I want to add that is complicit in this too and backs them. Without them, Democrats would control NY Senate and Assembly
Top Democrats in the General Assembly say raising the income tax is back on the table
The NJ Assembly Democrats took on the school budget crisis at Monday's Budget meeting with the Department of…
Tackling living costs in addition to tuition, Assembly Democrats announce plan to make college 'debt-free'
With fewest members since 1957, Assembly Democrats re-elect Peter Barca as minority leader
Senate and Assembly Democrats at odds over potential Atlantic City meeting
I am pleased to annouce that next Wednesday my class will welcome a surprisingly large number of assembly Democrats
You’re not going to believe this…. Earlier this morning, Senate and Assembly Democrats “gutted and amended” 4...
There's a budget deal in Hartford, but Democrats haven't released the details
😂Christian Democrats had 3 voters for the Assembly!The rest we were a bit scattered
11 Republicans, 8 Democrats in General Assembly aren't seeking re-election:
Our final guest speaker of the semester is Monique Limón, candidate for Assembly in the 37th District! C u there!
N.J. Assembly Democrats are still in caucus over thebill. Will provide updates when I get them.
cast my vote today 4 u as London Mayor & liberal Democrats for both assembly & camden/Barnet
Also the Lib Dems are listed on the Assembly ballot as 'Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats' as if her fame alone will carry them.
For context, the also heard from two top General Assembly Democrats who called for repeal of HB2
Llewelyn and Chase take digs at when Kadeem mentions that the Democrats run the General Assembly.
Also strange how fascist democrats are now... free speech/assembly is only ok if they support it and they get violent tantrums.
It's become painfully obvious that the Assembly Democrats are incapable of bringing about the ethics reforms the people demand.
.Editorial Board calls out Assembly Democrats for "blind fealty" and "cowardice" for enabling Silver.
Query how many CA Assembly seats now go "Top 2" Democrats w/no GOP prez contest?
.also a great question for the 99 Assembly Democrats who voted against pension forfeiture on 6/16/2015.
Senate & Assembly argue about who's worse at ethics reform. Nothing to brag about guys. Get to work.
.The Welsh Liberal Democrats look likely to struggle in the Assembly election, need 3 AMs to form an official group
Everything you need to know about the Welsh Assembly election
Welsh Assembly election 2016: Who will win and what are the key issues? All the big questions explained
This terrible trade only seems to make sense to a handful of Democrats in our Senate and Assembly.
Remember when NY Assembly Democrats couldn't decide, post indictment, whether Silver should remain speaker? What a world.
Electronic Device Insurance
Malloy and Democrats searching for a budget deal; courts warned to prepare for courthouse closures,by
NY Assembly Democrats finally get back to work.
Gov. Malloy and Democrats working toward budget deal.
Malloy and Democrats searching for a budget deal.
Gov. Malloy and Democrats Working Toward Budget Deal: HARTFORD -- While some legislators are still publicly…
Disappointed with the democrats' obsession with political correctness in the CA state assembly via
Juvenile Corrections, DOJ creates new bureau, and Elizabethkingia. Check out my weekly e-Update here
Democrats question withholding infection information: Assembly Democrats want to know why state health officials…
Please join the Assembly Democrats in supporting fair & equitable wages for Wisconsin's working women!
Assembly Democrats want $15 an hour minimum wage: Gov. Cuomo, as part of his budget proposal in January, calle...
Raising minimum wage to $15 an hour a priority for Assembly Democrats - New York Daily News
We're following this tonight on Senate Republicans and Assembly Democrats have both rejected the tax credit.
New York State Senate Republicans and Assembly Democrats both want middle class tax cuts -
WKOW Assembly Democrats make push for debt-free college in Wisconsin WKOW MADISON (WKOW) – Some…
Assembly Democrats are "high-minded ... but faced w/ the greatest moral test of their lives, they looked away":
4 reasons the recusal of Assembly Democrats in WI was stupid.
GOP candidates for Virginia General Assembly use TV ads to attack Democrats on I-66 HOT lanes plan.
Republicans don't care about ordinary people in WI. That's why Assembly Democrats and are bringing up some of ou…
. and Assembly Democrats putting forward resolution to enshrine open records in the State Constitution
Assembly Democrats voted to block the messaging of the Corrupt Politician Protection Act to Senate. Rules mtg now
Senate Democrats delay vote on John Doe bill until 12:01 a.m. as Assembly debate roars on:
Democrats on Assembly floor claim John Doe probes rooted out political corruption “for decades” in WI
WI Assembly Democrats hold news conference to address Assembly Bills 388, 387 & 68
Democrats in the NJ Assembly like me don't believe there are haves and have-nots. We believe there are only have-too-muchs and have-nots.
Measures up for votes in the Senate and Assembly this week would usher in a "new era of corruption" in Wisconsin...
Assembly Democrats, good govt gps speaking out agst GOP bills rocketing thru legislature to allow flood $ in WI
Democrats lash out at John Doe, elections board changes.
Democrats Tsuda Yataro was a sexual assault in the National Assembly.
Democrats Andrezaick+ Sands charge GOP Fiocchi+ Pauls seek higher taxes PREPOSTEROUS! Dems controlSenate+ Assembly in Trenton and all bills!
Vote for assembly democrats is a vote for
Nov 3 is a referendum on taxes. Assembly republicans is a vote for lower taxes and assembly democrats is a vote for higher taxes.
"Nevada Democrats aim to retake Assembly" - We need you to take back the Assembly. Join us:
Republicans, Democrats spar over GAB overhaul: Madison— Republicans who control the Assembly said Thursday the...
Recent pres of UN gen assembly was arrested last wk 4 corruption in USA. he has been major financier of Democrats Clinton mac & Clintons
Incumbent Democrats Seek to Hold Onto 34th, 36th and 37th ...
Thus, the reason why the TN General Assembly needs more in the Legislature.
I'll be on w 6:40 am to clarify smears by Dems that I'm a bigot Tune in⭐
Assembly Democrats are now referring the state budget to the education committee, given its extremely harmful effects on public education
"Assembly Democrats need to cease this 'end of the world' rhetoric when talking about the expansion of school choice.." Sp…
Senate and Assembly Democrats are pushing forward w/ budget and plan vote on Monday, but no deal yet with Jerry Brown ht…
Assembly Democrats want tax credit for low-income Californians: A state version of the federal earned income tax…
One of the most bizarrely drawn districts by NYS Assy Democrats ever, that of Republican Assy-woman .
WFP endorses almost all NYS Assembly Democrats - except Charles Barron. Wonder why?
I am receiving applications initially for national assembly seats from all over Pakistan. . Join my party The Guided Democrats for Naya Pak.
State Democrats propose bills to revive Insure Tennessee: State Democrats in the General Assembly were incensed…
True=> Instead of Railing Against Hogan's Budget, Assembly Democrats Should Focus Efforts on Reforming the Process
Right? I suppose Democrats control of the Assembly where they actually pass laws, don't count?? 😝
Yesterday, Assembly Democrats presented “15 Bills for 2015” to restore economic opportunity in Wisconsin
Wisconsin GOP calls off fundraiser after Democrats note Assembly rules v
General Assembly approval 23/51. Democrats once again dragging it down, 34/48 favorability compared to Republicans' 37/46
Minimum wage and bolstering tax credits and grants are 2 important issues on Assembly Democrats’ 2015 agenda
Minority Democrats in the Assembly say they want to raise the minimum wage and bolster tax credits and grants.
Today Assembly Democrats put forward our to help create good jobs, grow WI’s middle class:
Assembly Democrats Unveil Economic Opportunity Agenda Today. “Republicans are failing to deliver what the people...
Today the Assembly Democrats rolled out our 15 for 2015
. Assembly Democrats will put middle class families 1st today & every day
Assembly Democrats are putting forth their Economic Opportunity Agenda for 2015.
Watch Assembly Democrats roll out our "15 for 15" legislative agenda, live on -
True, NYS Assembly Democrats have corrupt system. Still, GOP in Senate is nearly as noxious...Nontransparent business interests w boss rule.
The republican at the assembly today literally had me in tears when he said ' democrats are evil ' 😂😩
This is going to end very badly for the Democrats in the Assembly. Speaker Heastie might not want to get too...
Democrats wanted doctors to become hospital employees, easier to control them under SINGLE PAYER! See assembly line patients!
Assembly Democrats will oust Sheldon Silver as speaker . ... say it ain't so
Assembly Democrats will oust Sheldon Silvr as speakr
Assembly Democrats will oust Sheldon Silver as speaker: ALBANY - Embattled Speaker Sheldon Silve...
Assembly Democrats will oust Sheldon Silver as speaker
Assembly Democrats rolled out their own NJ budget plan with an income tax hike.
Assembly Democrats roll out their own budget plan with income tax hike
Gov. Christie says he 'will force conversation' on fixing state pensions Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday that the state's public pension system is unsustainable and that he intends to force lawmakers to address the problem during his last term because it is "unacceptable to leave this to our children." A day after leading a rally in Trenton with local officials and state lawmakers to call for a new cap on police and firefighter salary raises, Christie took his message to the people. Christie slammed Assembly Democrats and Speaker Vincent Prieto for allowing the cap on arbitration awards to expire this month. The cap was overwhelmingly approved by both houses of the Legislature in 2010 along with a law capping property taxes at 2 percent. Christie also took aim at employee benefits, saying 50 percent of all new spending in his latest budget goes to pay for pensions, 30 percent pays for debt and 14 percent pays for health benefits. Christie compared New Jersey to bankrupt Detroit, saying for the first time ...
Liberal Democrats support the establishment of a Cornish Assembly, not dependent on a population threshold & rightly so.
Assembly Democrats: Assemblymember Pan Urges Taxpayers to be Heroes by Donating to the Red Cross
ICYMI: Dem anti-plank out of the mainstream, even among Dems:
Sounds like fracking, Keystone creating some serious friction within Colorado Democrats.
Wonder why Mark Udall is the only vulnerable Dem senator to stay neutral on Keystone XL? Wonder no more.
show how they're opposed to the interests of working Americans by adopting anti-resolution. featured in NBC s Science of Love
With Mr. McAuliffe at the helm, Democrats in the General Assembly have been emboldened to take action on cultural issues
What makes Sen. Sierra Club, expert on what energy mix is "best" for the rest of us?
Anti-energy party looking more like liberal California every year
Anti-energy attitudes proudly displayed by Dems last weekend via
Hickenlooper "shouted down," Udall heckled over fracking during speeches at CO Dem Assembly
"best-of-the-above" energy policy sounds like more Washington arrogance to us.
Dem anti-plank is out of the mainstream, even among Dems:
Did Democrats say the pledge of allegiance or honor the flag before their Assembly? Would any of its delegates know it?
Colorado Democrats Vote to Oppose Amid Friction on at Assembly via
Colorado Democrats Vote to Oppose Keystone XL Amid Friction on Fracking at Assembly via
The resolution, approved on a two-thirds voice vote at the Colorado Democratic State Assembly, calls on President...
Ok. Now the democrats are done with Assembly.
At Colorado Democratic Assembly Williama song "Happy" becomes the background for great candidates in 2014.
Don Quick accepted nomination for State Attorney General at Democrats Assembly
Betsy Markey accepted nomination for State Treasurer at Democrats Assembly
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Joe Neguse accepts nomination for Secretary of State at Democrats Assembly
John Hickenlooper accepts nomination for Governor at Democrats Assembly
Today I was honored to cast my vote to nominate to another term at the CD1 Assembly.
Ed Hennessey joins the long list of NYS Assembly Democrats who are doing wrong. Fails to pay his
Assembly Democrats: Walker should call for special session to help economy.
Assembly Democrats call on Gov. Scott Walker to convene special session via
Joe, Why are Assembly Democrats undercutting the RIGHTS of people with disabilities?
Assembly Dems To Include Med-Mar In Budget Bill: The one-house budget bill submitted by the Assembly Democrats...
Assembly Democrats confirm Samson and top Christie aides served with legislative subpoenas via
Assembly Democrats confirm Drewniak, Comella and other top Christie aides, served with legislative subpoenas
N.J. Assembly Democrats vow to fight property taxes during swearing-in ceremony
update from LL State Legislative Editor Keith Goble: A push continues at the New Jersey statehouse to change how business is done at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In the wake of lane closures that gridlocked traffic for four days in September on the George Washington Bridge, Assembly Democrats are pursuing legislation that is intended to improve transparency and accountability at the bi-state agency. Details here -
Assembly Democrats seeking to spend most of surplus via
Assembly Democrats seeking to spend most of surplus
Assembly Democrats seeking to spend most of California surplus
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Clark, minority work on education bill: State Rep. Fred Clark and Assembly Democrats are working to draft...
Like commissars of an authoritarian state, Assembly Democrats shielded dear leader Sheldon Silver from criticism Thursday by shutting off any mention of his coverup in the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal.
By Ryan Ekvall | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON — They picked up their ball and went home. Assembly Democrats, fed up wi
The CA Assembly Democrats voted to allow non-physicians to perform abortions today. Watch this historic abortion expansion vote on this video, beginning at 1:18:14 The Democrats put the abortion industry profits over the health and safety of women. California already has the highest abortion access of any state in the nation, even paid for with our tax dollars. Yet, the abortion industry is insatiable in its greed, with disregard for women.
Assembly Democrats: Gonzalez Takes Oath as Assemblywoman for the 80th District
Even the far left NY Times says it time for Silver to go. Yet the Governor won't weigh in. Great leadership Governor. Just stellar. Repeated cover-ups of sexual abuse and predatory behavior for as long as Silver has been Speaker. Yet, his own members rush to show their support and Cuomo say's nothing while screaming about women's rights? The hypocrisy is glaring. I cannot begin to express my disappointment and outrage at the Assembly Democrats and at Cuomo for this behavior. They are both enabling him. They act as if this is the first time this has happened. Grow up and do your jobs. Women were abused repeatedly and Silver covered it up using taxpayer money. That's not ok. It's not acceptable. It is corruption designed only to protect the institution and not the victims. While they claim to be protectors of women, they are merely protecting their progressive agenda. EDITORIAL Unforgivable Conduct in Albany By THE EDITORIAL BOARD May 17, 2013 The sordid details of how a once-powerful Brooklyn politician pa ...
Tuesday night, Assembly Democrats delayed a final vote on a Republican bill that would reduce the power of county judges to block laws that they rule
Ten years after being led from the Capitol in handcuffs and accused of rape, the former top lawyer to Assembly Democrats has returned to Albany as a lobbyist.
NYC mayoral candidate will be endorsed by two leading state Assembly Democrats today.
Assembly Democrats will be introducing amendments on this monster of a bill that has 150 pages of changes in environmental law!
ALBANY â Assembly Democrats passed a bill Tuesday afternoon raising the state's minimum wage to $9 per hour from its current $7.25 level and indexing it to automatically rise with the rate of inflation. Republicans contend the vast majority of these people are teenagers and second-job holder...
Assembly Democrats are expected tomorrow to pass a two-year hydrofracking moratorium, the second time in two years that the chamber has sought to block the cont
Last week, anti-gun Assembly Democrats announced their plans to eliminate the right of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Yesterday, anti-gun Senate Democrats did the same. In a press release, Senate Democrats announced several egregious anti-gun bills they are plannin...
Assembly Democrats: Assemblymember Williams Says California is "on the Rise" After the State of the...
Assembly Democrats: Assemblymember Eggman Reacts to the Governor's State of the State Address
I'm really excited to announce my committee appointments: Constitution and Ethics, Energy and Utilities, Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage, and Workforce Development. I'm looking forward to working with my colleagues to advance legislation on clean government, renewable energy, responsible management of our natural resources, and skills training for long-term, family supporting jobs! For those interested in all of the Assembly Democrats' appointments, click here:
But for several thousand voters failing to complete their ballots in the precincts he carried, Democrat Russ Warner would likely be the new representative of San Bernardino County’s 40th Assembly District and Assembly Democrats would have a 56-seat majority.
Assembly Democrats unveil plans to create Nevada jobs
In response to Gov. Christie's proposal to cut taxes for all residents, Assembly Democrats countered with their own plan they want to cut taxes while raising taxes. Only true Trenton politicians could devise such a scheme.
You know the New Jersey Assembly Democrats are standing alone when even former President Bill Clinton agrees with Governor Chris Christie about tax relief. Click "like" if you think it's time for Assembly Democrats to stop the political games and get on board with supporting hard working New Jerseyans.
Wisconsin has been to monitor the activities of Barack Obama, his political operatives, labor union bosses and left-wing organizations who are behind the RECALL effort. We've been determined to have the best intelligence about what they were/are up to, so that patriots can properly respond. While in central Wisconsin we uncovered an Internal Memo from Wisconsin's Assembly Democrats that laid out their propaganda campaign, detailing how they would smear Gov. Scott Walker and develop unified messaging that would accuse Gov. Walker of advancing racist policies, a "War on Women," attacks on senior citizens, veterans and more. It was rather astounding since we've paid close attention to the Democrat Party and their nominee for governor in the RECALL race, Tom Barrett. Barrett has attacked Governor Walker for being divisive and advancing a "Divide and Conquer" strategy. Yet, we now know this is complete and utter hypocrisy, as it was the Democrats who were setting the stage to divide Wisconsin's citizens, pi ...
A pact by Gov. Chris Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney to protect Atlantic City’s casinos from in-state competition will undergo a test by Assembly Democrats, who plan to hold public hearings later this year to discuss the merits of bringing casino gaming to the Meadowlands.
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