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Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria are a British metalcore band from York, North Yorkshire. Founded in 2008 when Ben Bruce (lead guitar) contacted his old companions upon returning to the UK after residing in Dubai.

Danny Worsnop Ben Bruce Bullet For My Valentine Day To Remember August Burns Red

A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria. more crabcore more crabcore more crabcore
when your blasting Asking Alexandria and forgot your people were sleeping
I liked a video from Asking Alexandria's partial set from the 2016 Gathering of the
finally finishing listening to last week's show. All Time Low sounded ok, I still think Asking Alexandria & Creeper were best 🀘
Asking Alexandria helped Sumerian Records breakout! Read about it more here:
i work always with Asking Alexandria
New Tama artist James Cassells with Asking Alexandria rocking the Mayhem main stage on a Starclassic Bubinga kit!
Read our web feature on of Asking Alexandria (
Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce responded to Danny Worsnop with "Where's your integrity?"
Get tickets to see us at The Fillmore in Denver with Asking Alexandria on June 25th here! .
Beau, fronz, Andy, asking Alexandria, the Maine, beach weather
I so wanna go to the kerrang awards ;-; Asking Alexandria and A Day To Remember in on gig β™‘oβ™‘ SOMEONE TAKE ME TO IT
Don't leave me here I need you around~ β™« The Black by Asking Alexandria β€”
When a Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria are playing in London in a few months and you have the money but it's an 18+ gig
These are some of the bands that are attending the awards/gig. A Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria are playing the gig!
A Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria will be playing a show at the Troxy in London next month on Thursday June 9th.
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stop lying to yourself, you're going just for Asking Alexandria
These were the same questions Carl Sagan was asking in Cosmos, when he talked about Alexandria.
17. Suicide silence, bring me the horizon, asking alexandria.
The new Asking Alexandria singer is so much better than Danny Worsnop. Then again, he wasn't difficult to beat
While you buy ERRA's Drift, BABYMETAL's Metal Resistance, Pathways' Dies Irae or some new Asking Alexandria,...
I liked a video Asking Alexandria new interview with James and Cameron
I voted for Asking Alexandria to win the Best UK Band award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2016!
Congrats to Asking Alexandria (on their Billboard Top 10 debut for 'The Black':
Creeper, Fearless Vampire Killers & Ghost Town but not Asking Alexandria or Panic! at the Disco yet 😒
"Black is all that I see, speak to me. You used to be all that I needed". Asking Alexandria
I love how Asking Alexandria and Bring Me The Horizon is playing on pop radio stations. And people still promote their new stuff as, 'metal'
Asking Alexandria, Crown the Empire, Bless the Fall, Attack Attack, BFMV, BVB, Escape the Fate, Hollywood Undead, Cradle of Filth.. (1/2)
I Won't Give In by Asking Alexandria is such a good song
Asking Alexandria is playing the 2015 Vans Warped Tour! Check out the other bands playing!
I liked a video from Danny Worsnop - Last song with Asking Alexandria
I added a video to a playlist Asking Alexandria - Let it Sleep (Official Music Video)
So much nostalgic memories I just got from listening to Of Mice & Men, Bring Me the Horizon, & Asking Alexandria πŸ˜•
"You loved me for all the reasons , I'm not the same as I used to be" -Asking Alexandria
When I saw Asking Alexandria's new music video "Let it sleep" and Denis wearing a leather jacket trying to be Danny
try searching rawrXD or lyrics to the band Asking Alexandria lol. They'll show up
I might go to at Club Patron in Odessa, TX - Mar 11
Have you seen Asking Alexandria's new video yet? No?! Check it here!.
Ready to see Asking Alexandria tomorrow and have a good time. Done with this stress.
While I was taking a shower my music went from One Direction to Asking Alexandria & I found it very amusing.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
|| Asking Alexandria's new music video tho πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
If you don't like Asking Alexandria or Bring Me the Horizon, we can't be friends.
Literally took 40 GB of photos at Asking Alexandria ***
Ben + Cameron sat down w to give you a breakdown of their gear. Watch:
Asking Alexandria - "Let it Sleep" [Music Video]: Asking Alexandria are perfectly poised for the biggest year ...
Still listening to Asking Alexandria. High school me would be proud.
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Asking Alexandria has another new song coming out tomorrow titled 'Here I Am'
Got my copy of incl. these great posters by http…
puts on one *** of a show. He's not a replacement anymore, he is Asking Alexandria. Proved himself once again πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
the show was yesterday and I already can't wait for the next one πŸ˜– I need AA rehab (as in asking alexandria)
Ur mcm uses tabs to learn an asking Alexandria song
Asking Alexandria shirts remind me of when I tried on yours and we died laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Denis Stoff// Asking Alexandria. . Photo credit is required to repost…
asking Alexandria, bts, and motionless in white
Bullet For My Valentine and Asking Alexandria tomorrow night πŸ™Œ
"I love Uncle *** Asking Alexandria, 50 cent, and that one song that kid rock sings with Cheryl crow!" -a girl in my class
Asking Alexandria and Bullet For My Valentine concert 😈🀘🏻
Seeing Abbie's wall of tickets inspired me to dig my old ones out! So far I've got 2 Asking Alexandria ones and 2 Enter Shikari ones...?
Carlos & I are going with you if you go to Asking Alexandria 😩
Your smile, it eats me alive. And I can't turn away any longer.~ β™« I Won't Give In by Asking Alexandria β€”
I'll be your light in the darkness β™« I Won't Give In by Asking Alexandria β€”
Check out part 2 of our review/discussion of the band Asking Alexandria!
bring me down β™« The Death of Me by Asking Alexandria β€”
I liked a video Asking Alexandria Don't Pray For Me lyric video
Asking Alexandria gives me so much life it's unbelievable and no one will ever understand 😭😭
Repping asking Alexandria until the day I die idc πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Who was hurting me enough that I could relate to every album of asking Alexandria". "Our towns"
Why you texting me every night asking me if I made it home okay like I'm not 12.
"Elaine is the most dead of me". Suddenly The Death of Me by Asking Alexandria playing on the shuffle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Love the song killing you by asking alexandria
I couldn't with the asking Alexandria post, I would rock out so hard to that. Thinking I was so hardcore Lmao!
I have found out that you've been hiding and disguising yourself as a guitarist for Asking Alexandria.
Ah it's so hard to properly listen to Asking Alexandria without my truck chipped!
Asking Alexandria makes me so happy. 🎢
Asking Alexandria was my favorite band NO SHAME
Ready to see Bullet For My Valentine and Asking Alexandria next month! The hype is real!!! 😊😊😊😊
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where else can you stock up on Asking Alexandria shirts and Black Veil Bride wrist bands???
I have the Lacrimosa Requiem in D minor, K. 626 by Mozart annd A Single Moment of Sincerity by Asking Alexandria on my phone so.. 😢
"I'll be there in the morning with a smile on my face" -Hey There Mr. Brooks, Asking Alexandria (Ft. Shawn Milke of Alesana)
I met Mike Duce when he was on his way to the Shop, Asking Alexandria n While She Sleeps
Ben opens up about Asking Alexandria's year in the new Rock Sound magazine:
We Are Harlot - "Denial". Former-Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop left the band and started his own...
I'd saw my *** off if it meant Danny Worsnop would go back to Asking Alexandria
I can't stop listening to White Line Fever by Asking Alexandria
Overheard: Ben Bruce: So, what's your opinion on Asking Alexandria? Denis Stoff: I love that band, i've...
We can make a difference here. Just close your eyes and take this hand, my dear… β™« Believe by Asking Alexandria β€”
Listening to Sleeping with Sirens, Asking Alexandria, Pierce the Veil and A Day To Remember brings me back to my scene kid days.
Welcome to Dan's playlist, where we go from Asking Alexandria to Nick Jonas.
Eventhough i'm on my own,i know i'm not alone , cos i know there's… β™« Someone, Somewhere by Asking Alexandria β€”
My night:. Motionless in White. Asking Alexandria. Slipknot. And others Im too lazy to name
I love getting hate from Asking Alexandria fans!
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Asking Alexandria - Not the American average... Still lovin it
My favorite part of Asking Alexandria's music video of "The Final Episode"
" I wanna start a hardcore band, influenced by of mice & men Asking Alexandria and Terror, let's make heavy breakdowns!
Asking Alexandria fandom: Either cries about Danny or fights about why Denis is better
I like asking Alexandria too much and anyone else who does I love
the music of bap's teaser reminds me so much of we came as romans/asking Alexandria or even abandon all ships? It's so nice
If you haven't already, check out our new song featuring denis stoff of Asking Alexandria!.
first Asking Alexandria concert was in Santa Cruz, CA. Sometime in November of 2013!
Asking Alexandria is the definition of whisky
Asking Alexandria the other night! Will and I managed to get backstage after have a beer after thanks to James!!
In Hearts Wake live at the Kofmehl in Switzerland as support of Asking Alexandria with August Burns Red ! Was Amaz…
Latest: Bullet For My Valentine and Asking Alexandria to Embark on β€˜British Invasion’ Tour
Ticket info for Bullet For My Valentine's tour w/Asking Alexandria!
Asking Alexandria and eyes set to kill
Selling some band merch on eBay, ending today. Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine: .
I though that i will take a place by stage at Asking Alexandria / August Burns Red/ in hearts wake show and then...
I've been listening to Asking Alexandria so much lately I swear I'm basically Danny Worsnop
Glad I got Danny Worsnop's signature along with the rest of Asking Alexandria before he left.
I liked a video Onstage Nightmares interview with Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell
Asking Alexandria, Memphis Mayfire and August Burns Red at 02 academy Sheffield? Go on thenπŸ˜πŸ™Œ
Of Mice and Men and Asking Alexandria radio gets me through my day
Asking Alexandria + Jonathan Davis covering Hungry Like The Wolf at the APMAs is the best thing ever.
Asking Alexandria meeting fans at their merch tent now!
Virginia Beach, are you ready for Asking Alexandria? We bring *** to Shark Main Stage today @ 7:35pm…
Official video of Asking Alexandria so far at Warped Tour 2015!
BVB / Asking Alexandria guitar tech passes away, fund started to bring him home to family.
Viel KoRn, Disturbed, Asking Alexandria , Bullet For My Valentine, Bring me the Horizon, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Slipknot.
wevona, Mago de Oz luego Amon Amarth, ΒΏ Luego que ? ΒΏ Asking Alexandria ? ΒΏ Motionless in white ? ΒΏ Arch Enemy ? no me digai.
After the exit of frontman Danny Worsnop earlier this year, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce was not happ...
Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce: "Early lyrics for new album were about Danny Worsnop"
You know what, Danny Worsnop's voice works better in We Are Harlot than Asking Alexandria
Good that everyone loved Danny Worsnop while he was in Asking Alexandria and now everyone says he *** just because he left AA. Grow up!
"Ex-Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop comments on bands new song" still ouchh
Ex-Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop comments on band’s new song
Danny Worsnop has commented on the new Asking Alexandria song. Classy. Real classy.
Danny Worsnop comments on Asking Alexandria's new song.
Danny Worsnop will forever be the best thing that happened to Asking Alexandria..
In a revealing interview, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce says that Worsnop stopped caring about the ban...
Listen to Asking Alexandria's (first song with their new singer Denis Shaforostov:
I personally believe that the Asking Alexandria "Someone, Somewhere" acoustic version by Danny Worsnop is better than the one by Ben Bruce
Asking Alexandria without Danny Worsnop is like Aerosmith without Steven Tyler or Guns N Roses without Axl. Dunno how I'll like this change
We Are Harlot interview with Danny Worsnop formerly of Asking Alexandria via i love this interview
I added a video to a playlist FRONT TV: Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria answers your questions
Danny Worsnop not being in Asking Alexandria brings tears to my eyes
Just met . Danny Worsnop from . Asking Alexandria and We are Harlot!!!
Asking Alexandria sin Danny Worsnop no es lo mismo
Plot twist: the new singer of Asking Alexandria is actually Danny Worsnop and he never actually left the band
Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop has left the band to pursue new creative endeavors, ICYMI:
yep! And dia dah go on tour with Escape The Fate or Get Scared balik. Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria. Mitch died.
The Epic Danny Worsnop of We Are Harlot & Asking Alexandria in his handmade FSLA Frankenstein Pants
I cannot believe Zayn Malik is replacing Danny Worsnop in Asking Alexandria :0
Danny Worsnop discussing why he left Asking Alexandria, etc:
so Asking Alexandria is revealing their new vocalist in May how rad would it be if they did it on my birthday 😁
Have you been Asking Alexandria about me? Cause she says is lies
It's Which Asking Alexandria songs are you listening to?
I was in the shower earlier jamming tf out and of course Asking Alexandria comes on so I have to jump out and turn it down
you're so right are you yelling asking Alexandria ok
1. I was stupid because I didn't use a retainer. It was a Asking Alexandria concert . A guy was stage diving & he kicked the side
Nice song for weekend to sing along to Killing You by Asking Alexandria
I thought Sumerian was only great bands then I saw Asking Alexandria and Boregore are on it
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I listen to drowning pool, asking Alexandria, a Day To Remember & many more
I've never felt so hopeless. Than I do tonight. I don't wanna do this anymore,… β™« Moving On by Asking Alexandria β€”
The acoustic version of Asking Alexandria's song Moving On is so beautiful, it's on repeat right now because it's that goodπŸ˜πŸŽΆπŸ‘Œ
Ohio; the dying music scene and Asking Alexandria die hards. The girls who also need to lose weight and the guys who need to grow up.
Welcome to the diary of a man that lost his mind so long ago🎧 β™« Dear Insanity by Asking Alexandria β€”
Tips and trik β™« When Everyday's the Weekend by Asking Alexandria (at Aula Fakultas Ekonomi UNS) β€”
Ohio music scene; you guys really like your Asking Alexandria, don't you? πŸ˜‚
I need someone to rock out with me at the Asking Alexandria& Bless the Fall concert.
What is A Candlelit Dinner With Anamorta, even? Asking Alexandria, you do some weird stuff.
"So if you feel like your life is a mess, get one of these". Π”Π°,
Keep moshing not jamming \m/ β™« Not the American Average by Asking Alexandria β€”
watching the Asking Alexandria video and I love it omg
I'm going to at Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ - Jul 10
for bring me the horizon FAV for asking alexandria
Vote for Asking Alexandria in the Awards here:
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Are you with me or are you on your own?. It's time to choose your… β™« A Lesson Never Learned by Asking Alexandria β€”
you can never miss Asking Alexandria, Pierce The Veil, or Memphis May Fire. Gonna be good this time around.
I've slept 12 hours in the last four days. On the bright side, Lydia loves Asking Alexandria and Avenged Sevenfold.
Searching for a song on spotify, accidentally hit a button and it goes from Kristian Stanfill to Asking Alexandria.. So confused
Avenged,Asking Alexandria or Motionless in White,I don't know,have many bands
Iwan Rheon is an odd mix of Will Graham-Dancy n dude from Asking Alexandria. I mean that guy who used to be a lead-singer, Danny, I guess.
Bring me the horizon, Pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens and asking Alexandria
to when Asking Alexandria melted our faces off
My 'emo phase' has come to a close. If anyone wants some black veil brides and asking alexandria albums there are a few going spare here
I could literally make a medley out of all the songs from Asking Alexandria's debut and sophomore album. πŸ˜‚
🎧Asking Alexandria-The Death of Me. //This is hella accurate right now. I can't believe what's been…
No real clue what asking Alexandria's music is like. More of a Metallica guy, myself.
I actually love asking alexandria idgaf
JEALOUS theres this girl from 9th grade and ive seen her with an asking alexandria shirt but nothing else
"Danny Worsnop has announced that he will be leaving Asking Alexandria" *se tira de espaldas de un octavo piso*
And I just knew that Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria. Sad.
First MCR, then Danny Worsnop leaves Asking Alexandria, now it's Tom Delonge of Blink-182. What has this world come to? D: ;-;
So I just found out Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria. That's the best thing he's ever done in his life.
Danny Worsnop (right) and the new rumoured Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Shaforostov (left).
I was at Danny Worsnop's last ever show in the UK with Asking Alexandria
AMAZING SONG!!! new post on Danny leaving Asking Alexandria
new post on Danny leaving Asking Alexandria
Aw bless you just listen Asking Alexandria or Bring Me The Horizon πŸ‘Œ Always helps πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria has announced he is leaving the band and joining We Are Harlot. Ben Bruce has said that they will be going to Warped Tour this year with their new singer. Worst. Day. Ever.
Ben Bruce says Asking Alexandria will find a new vocalist and write a new record in 2015.
I hope Asking Alexandria doesn't go to crap without Danny
I feel like Asking Alexandria is the first of the hundreds of core bands that will lose their vocalist this year
Danny Worsnop is leaving Asking Alexandria😭 what am I going to do with my life now?😒
Asking Alexandria are done, so long alias nerds
Danny Worsnop announced that he's leaving Asking Alexandria... ***
Lol so Danny left Asking Alexandria. I'm shocked but also glad. AA should stick to their original roots and not that 80's style stuff
Danny has officially left Asking Alexandria β•₯﹏β•₯ Come back Dann.We love you!
So Danny Worsnop just left Asking Alexandria and I'm pretty sure my life just ended πŸ˜” I never even got to see them in concert 😭😭😭
My 14yr old emo phase nightmare of Danny Worsnop leaving Asking Alexandria has just come true
So. Asking Alexandria are without a vocalist. This could be amazing.
Asking Alexandria is the band that introduced me into this entire genre of music about 5 years ago
''Asking Alexandria will continue to tour throughout the year'' aaf
Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria. What the actual living frick
I am not ok with Danny leaving Asking Alexandria. That is the band that got me into rock music.
I wonder if Danny's laughing at us now. Danny Worsnop Asking Alexandria
to when Danny was still in asking alexandria! feels like just 45 minutes ago he was still a part of the band.
Ever since Danny Worsnop got involved with his knew band it was obvious he was gonna leave cause he lost all commitment to Asking Alexandria
Danny left Asking Alexandria. They need to break up lol It's long over due. They should have broken up when myspace died.
Danny left asking alexandria. *** I knew it'd happen sooner or later
I'll miss you so much, we will all miss you being in Asking Alexandria.
πŸ˜“ it'll never be the same ... But I will still support asking Alexandria and you ❀️ I think i can hear my heart shattering
and asking Alexandria broke up. Horrible decision to chose we are harlot over AA
Asking Alexandria havent been relevant since 2013 stop
I'm happy for Danny and We are harlot and I will always support him no matter what.But Asking Alexandria will never be the same for me without Danny but I will support them all no matter what. -CrownTheEm
Although people need to realise that Asking Alexandria has 4 other people in the band it's not Asking Danny, it's emotiona…
I didn't even know Asking Alexandria was still even a band lmfao
Asking Alexandria will always be my favourite band, DANNY YOU LITTLE *** GET BACK TO ASKING NOW
I used to be obsessed with Danny Worsnop and now that he's left asking Alexandria I'm lowkey upset
Danny leaving Asking Alexandria is the worst news I've heard about in a long time πŸ˜­πŸ’”
To all of my friends and fans: I would like to let you know that Asking Alexandria and I are moving forward (cont) http:/…
So Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria and now I have no idea what to do with myself... - Rhitard
Okay not really Damon Fizzy related I guess. But today is a very sad day for Asking Alexandria history. (If you are a fan I guess) Danny Worsnop has announced that he is leaving AA. Cried so hard. :'(
So, Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria and he's in a rock project and I really dig it.
Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria and I can nearly hear all the scene kids crying hysterically
Danny actually left Asking My time is now.
So I guess asking Alexandria broke up I saw that one coming xD not trying to bag on them it's just wow all of my favorite bands are breaking up
Well at least I got to meet Asking Alexandria and see them before Danny left...
Everyone on my newsfeed is talking about Asking Alexandria breaking up lol It's all I see rn
My day was fine until I saw that Danny was leaving Asking Alexandria v.v why thanks Kurtis t(-.-t)
So Danny left Asking Alexandria... He did it for the band but what do you guys think? ~BVB-Army 4ever
Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria He's my favorite singer in AA :( ~BVB_Revelation
The freshman year emo kid inside me officially died. Danny left Asking Alexandria. Well.
I can't believe Danny quit Asking Alexandria -_- At least I got to see them 8 times with the original lineup.
i may not listen to Asking Alexandria that much anymore but it makes me really sad that Danny left the band bc they were the band that got me into the music i listen to now
Danny Worsnop left asking Alexandria HILLARIOUS! Let's see how many fans they lose because people only care about the vocalist
Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria Not quite sure how to feel about that.
Danny Worsnop is leaving Asking's about time!
Did you all hear about Danny leaving Asking Alexandria. Some sad news :( -Squidgy
Danny Worsnop, this isn't a surprise that you left. I honestly wish you would have done it sooner.. you hated being in Asking Alexandria. This ends my AA fandom forever! Don't be sad guys, it's for the better!
Danny better not leave Asking Alexandria ;-;
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Danny Worsnop leaves Asking Alexandria. Scene kids worldwide write poetry in the corner of a dark room whilst listening to Final Episode screaming "oh my god"
Well maybe asking Alexandria will get better now
Everyone, you can stop guessing. I am the new vocalist of Asking Alexandria.
Danny Worsnop announces his departure from Asking Alexandria.
Danny Worsnop leaving Asking Alexandria will be the downfall of Hot Topic. Lmfao.
Danny Worsnop is leaving Asking Alexandria... presumably to focus on We Are Harlot.
Well. Here come the crying girls over Asking Alexandria.
.great Berenice Villarreal we can cry together ;-; Danny Worsnop did the worse decision Asking Alexandria won't be the same anymore!! ;-; ! ;^; YEAP I'm gonna just cry here!!!
Asking Alexandria and Danny Worsnop have parted ways. I'm actually pretty happy with this.
I'm sad That Danny has left asking Alexandria
Some bad news for the asking alexandria fans out there :/ ~Clash With Reality
I don't think anyone understands how truly heartbroken I am over the fact Danny left Asking Alexandria. I've looked up to him and the rest of AA for the past five years. Thankful for all the things they helped me through and the impact they had on my life. It won't be the same without him if they carry on. πŸ’”
I'm really not okay with Danny leaving Asking Alexandria. Really not okay.
I've seen 15 posts about Danny leaving Asking Alexandria. Pls stop my heart hurts.
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Danny Worsnop is leaving Asking Alexandria. I'm so heartbroken I'm crying. Danny you're my hero and you do what makes you happy man❀️ I will always love you and you'll always be my hero❀️ ~BVBROCKS~
Cue the cries of the generation of crabcore, for we have lost another this year Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria
Cant believe danny announced he is leaving asking alexandria
Danny Worsnop has parted away with Asking Alexandria. -PersonalityCult
Asking Alexandria is the one band on my list that I have never seen and now officially the only band on that list that I will never be able to see (at least not with Danny I won't).
So Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria... I'm kinda sad lol
So heartbreaking to hear that one of my idols, Danny Worsnop, has left his band, Asking Alexandria. They were finally on top of the metal scene, too. He is now with We Are Harlot and working on a solo album, but it's not the same. Best of luck to everyone in their future.
All I'm seeing is riff raff being at warped tour, and Danny leaving Asking Alexandria.
Well just heard the news that Danny Worsnop at the end Of the year is no longer gonna be a part of asking Alexandria and is going on to be in his other band we are harlot so yeah. KMS
Now if only the rest of Asking Alexandria could quit
Danny Worsnop has left asking alexandria and I can almost hear all the prepubescent emo girls crying
So...I've been told Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria...great another one of my favorite bands...gone -andyslilangel
So we hear that Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria... What are your opinions on this guys? What do you think of his new band?
Even though I don't listen to Asking Alexandria anymore that band was my entire middle school experience. I'll miss Danny but it's a good decision.
Danny parted ways with Asking Alexandria. I kinda thought it would happen but I'm still rather surprised.
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Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria. Maybe now they can go back to being heavy
Danny Worsnop is parting ways with Asking Alexandria.! Any thoughts??
So danny has left asking alexandria
Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria as of today my heart is sad. ;-;
Long overdue that Danny left Asking Alexandria, fair play to the fella
So Danny left Asking Alexandria. I'm laughing so hard at this news.
Danny is no.longer in asking Alexandria 😭😭😭
Danny is leaving Asking Alexandria omf. I predicted this. XD
Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria :( Rip Asking Alexandria (no replacement will ever be good enougg)
Not a fan of Asking Alexandria myself but letting the fans know that the singer Danny has left the band
I don't even listen to Asking Alexandria anymore But it's going to be weird seeing them without Danny.
Danny warsnop has left asking Alexandria! Well they have just improved already aha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
So Danny Worsnop official parted ways with Asking Alexandria, finally half the scene kids will die off :D.
Danny Worsnop is leavin asking Alexandria. First the packers lose then this? Worst week ever!!!😩😩 AA will never be the same😒
Danny Worsnop announced he was leaving Asking Alexandria :( 2nd worst news ever
Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria, giving me the first reminder since 2012 that they were even still a thing.
Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria for We Are Harlot. :'( sad times
Heartbreaking as it is, Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria.
Danny Worsnop leaves Asking Alexandria. Didn't see this coming at all.
Danny Worsnop has just announced he will be leaving Asking Alexandria. What are your thoughts on this? - Matt Mayhem
Good move by Danny Worsnop to leave Asking Alexandria. His new band are sick, and AA have been painfully mediocre for a…
So Danny Worsnop just left Asking Alexandria, my 14 year old me is heartbroken
Danny Worsnop has announced he will be leaving Asking Alexandria
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