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Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines Inc. (formerly Seoul Airlines) is one of South Korea's two major airlines, along with Korean Air.

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[Author: lucky] Welcome to my next trip report, covering flights in Asiana business clas...
12 hours on economy to Shanghai and economy back home. How was it? Come find out!
An Asiana Airbus A380 departing 24L in the background while an American Airlines Boeing 777 charter loads passenger…
Seems like a Boeing 747 variant, Asiana Airlines, First Class. Might be wrong though.
Friends and family, think twice about flying Asiana airlines
Asiana Airlines are allowing a thief to use my stolen Credit card info illegally to buy a ticket and refuse to help me.
Fly in Top 5-Star Quality to from Don't miss your chance, click on the…
Asiana Airlines Lounge at Inchon Airport is nice & big, w/ showers, private rooms, but food counter is not accessib…
I wonder if asiana airlines are willing to change my flight for january so i can attend muster
A fear of correcting mistakes costs lives.
An Asiana Cargo 747-400F arriving at snowy Anchorage in 2010. Photo by Brandon Farris
Asiana Airlines keeps showing up in my ads. But it's in Korean. First let me learn the language then I'll fly to Korea. One step at a time.
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Air to air with an Asiana Cargo 747F departing LAX backed by Santa Monica Beach. Photo by Kavin Kowsari
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GFriend is in Italy right now. Let's take a look back when they promoted Rome for Asiana Airlines. Gelato! Gelato! https…
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Asiana W17 International changes as of 05SEP17. Asiana Airlines today (05SEP17) filed additional changes to its pl…
Question: In an emergency evacuation of the cabin, would you leave them behind? See: Asiana Airlines Fl…
Depends on which airline xD Asiana Airlines has some nice food👌🏼
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Hello, this is Asiana Airlines. Your flight will be by Air Seoul and baggage allowance will be under RS's…
Air to air with an Asiana Airlines 747-400 departing LAX over the SoCal shoreline in 2012. Photo by Juan Carlos...
FSX Full flight from Kaohsiung to Taipei with Airbus A380 Asiana Airlines via
Asiana Airlines: Request to Asiana Airline for free air travel for dogs rescued from meat trade in S. via
Asiana Airlines A380 HL7625 climbing out of FRA airport in the evening
I liked a video Full flight video, Seoul (Incheon) to London (Heathrow), B777-200, Asiana Airlines
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Korean Air (KE-627) AT T3 will be landing on 20:29 PM Indonesia's Time. Asiana Airlines (OZ-761) AT T2 will be landing on 22:13 PM
Asiana airlines tried to force me to ride a connecting flight to HK when there was a typhoon and no…
airport scheduled (maybe) with Asiana Airlines for . Safe flight oppa-deul ^^
checked in Line L, Line L is for Asiana Airlines. ASIANA AIRLINES T1.
As a proud member, Asiana Airlines is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Star Alliance. Find special fares to Asia: ht…
Asiana Airlines has opened bookings for A350 San Francisco route during winter season, on/after 29OCT17
I'm gonna bring them everywhere i go :'D thank you beee💖 we're riding asiana airlines!!
LATAM Airlines is the operator with the highest average sector length, at 10.7h. Asiana averaging just 3.8h.…
Flying to Japan in November. Anyone flown with Air China / Asiana Airlines or China Eastern and can give a rating on each? Trying to pick.
I already have Asiana membership. Can I transfer miles from Turkish Airlines? How?
Two Vietnamese flight attendants working for Asiana Airlines, Korea's second largest carrier, have been detained...
“Asiana Airlines takes delivery of the first A350-900 for its new-generation fleet of aircraft”…
I liked a video Asiana Airlines Airbus A350-900 HL8078 Takeoff from KIX 06R
I liked a video Asiana Airlines Experience ► San Francisco to Seoul (Incheon)
Can't believe I won't be serving in Asiana Airlines in my internship :( I. AM. SAD.
I added a video to a playlist Asiana Airlines Experience ► San Francisco to Seoul (Incheon)
Asiana Airlines is the worst ever! Not only did I have a 9 hour layover but then they delay my flight & screw up my next connection. SO MAD
Sounds like poor maintenance. Not the first stumble by airlines. The Asiana accident in SFO was even worse.
Lee Dae *** Becomes Ambassador for Asiana Airlines: [Domestic] : Asiana Airlines said Friday that it has signe...
theyre using asiana airlines 🤔🤔 if i DONT see any flights from manila to la at like midnight or early morning kcon is out
Asiana Airlines Group: Asiana Airlines:Help us to end abhorrent cruelty &suffering of cats & dogs in ... via
Different sky, Different view, always with Asiana Airlines
Hi there. My luggage has been lost since 21 August, and I'm receiving it in few days by Asiana airlines since there's no
Excellent!:. Rishworth Aviation:. Rishworth Aviation on behalf of our client Asiana Airlines ar...
Asiana Airlines (OZ) is one of the top 10 best and cheap airlines to fly to
Asiana to abolish almost all due to performance reason.
If i'm going to Korea i'll book my flight on Asiana Airlines or Lufthansa since Korean Air is really too expensive x_x
by peroaviation Asiana Airlines A380!. By: ️Don't forget to tag your pics with for repost!.
and last but not least: Do they only apply on asiana airlines or on partner airlines / star alliance as well?
Asiana Airlines is eliminating all of its first-class seats on international routes.
Asiana Airlines to axe first class from most flights
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Asiana to Get Rid of 1st-Class Seats on Most Planes - Asiana Airlines has decided to get rid of first-class seats ...
Instagram : by mrpb7773 - Asiana Airlines A380 about to touch down.
from mrpb7773 Asiana Airlines A380 about to touch down. …
Asiana Airlines A380 about to touch down.
So glad I took Asiana Airlines for this trip. Seats that transforms into beds. Wow.
Flight w/ Asiana in W - Credit to United or Aegean? Hi there, I have an upcoming itinerary to Asia with Asiana tha…
Asiana Airlines : Analysts predicted Aug 2015 sales growth & profits will be frail.
Asiana Airlines removing majority of international first class seats -
Asiana to Remove First-Class Cabins From Most Planes Asiana Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will eliminate…
Asiana Airlines to remove first-class seats and cabins from most international aircraft
Asiana Airlines to Remove First-Class Seats: [Economy] : Asiana Airlines has decided to remove first-class sea...
And wow I love Asiana airlines 😝 got to taste authentic Korean food! My favorite is Korean Beef 😋
Asiana to remove nearly all its first-class seats: Asiana Airlines Inc.,...
Asiana Airlines says December plane crash was partially caused by faulty warning syst
ASIANA AIRLINES to move Chicago service from daytime to night-time flights from 25OCT15
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Accident video released during the investigate hearing on Asiana Airlines.
PHOTO: The wrecked inside of Asiana Airlines Flight 214. -
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LeBron James moves up to 21st place on scoring list: More than 70 passengers aboard an Asiana Airlines flight ...
[OR Live: Business] Asiana Airlines passengers in San Francisco crash reach settlement with airline
Asiana Reaches Settlement over San Francisco Crash: [International] : Asiana Airlines has agreed to a s...
Boeing and Asiana Airlines reached a settlement with some of the passengers
Asiana crash victims settle injury claims: A group of 72 passengers on the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed...
South Korea's Asiana Airlines Inc 020560.KS has settled compensation claims filed in U.S. courts by 72 people who were passengers on a flig…
MORE: 72 passengers settle injury claims after Asiana Airlines crash, dozens of other cases still pending:
Lawyers: 72 passengers reach settlements with Asiana Airlines and Boeing after deadly San Francisco crash -
Asiana Airlines reaches settlement with 72 passengers over 2013 San Francisco
72 passengers settle lawsuits over Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco.
Asiana Airlines streaking over this AM at 34,000 feet. New York -
South Korean officials have banned Asiana Airlines from flying to San Francisco International Airport for 45 days due to last year's deadly runway crash.
Asiana Airlines faces 45-day flight suspension to SFO as penalty for crash -
Imagine you are a traveler, weary from a long work or leisure trip in a foreign country. On the flight back home, however, you smell the hot, fresh aroma of coffee, which surprisingly relaxes you. That’s one of the healing powers of a cup of coffee, according to a senior Asiana Airlines flight atten…
Asiana Airlines San Francisco service suspended for 45 days
"Riveting stories featured in season 15 include the investigation of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 which crashed on its final approach into SFO
Asiana Airlines faces 45-day flight ban at SFO as penalty for crash on landing strip
Asiana Airlines ordered to halt San Francisco flights after fatal 2013 crash:
Asiana Airlines gets 45-day ban on San Francisco flights: The puni...
WSJ: Asiana Airlines ordered to suspend flights to San Francisco for 45 days due to 2013 crash ...
S. Korea bans Asiana Airlines from flying to San Francisco Int'l Airport as punishment for 2013 crash
Asiana Airlines: Jet partly to blame in California crash - Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Airfare Deal – from Los Angeles to Singapore $678 on Korean Air and Asiana Airlines: . Departure from: Los Ang...
I was traveling the day the plane crashed in the hudson, weeks before the Asiana Airlines flight crashed at the SF airport
On the way Home! And free upgrade to business class from Asiana Airlines! Perfect.
Quote: "That event occurence, honestly made me cry... That thing, could happen during my journey with MH16 or MH17 last year. Or it might happen during my upcoming journey with MH9016 next June or another MH17 on August. Maybe could happen when I first came to Ireland, with KLM. But Allah decide that, that event happened to MH370 and once happen to Air France and Asiana Airlines. (And we still don't know what ..." Very eerie that you mentioned MH17 as it appears that exact flight has crashed and/or was shot down over Ukraine moments ago... I guess you won't be going on that trip in August on MH17 now. I just hope you weren't one of the 280 people on board.
Find out how I really enjoyed flying on Asiana Airlines first class for the 4th time ;)
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Asiana Airlines penalized over crash - Washington Observer Reporter
The has released the full report for last year's crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 [PDF]
Asiana Airlines penalized $500K for not assisting families after crash - CBS News
Asiana Airlines airplane is so nice 😍
Officials to reveal cause of Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco - Los Angeles Times
Worst websites: Asiana, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Turkish..etc these are the few I can think of right now!
Deal between Asiana Airlines and UTC Aerospace Systems shows the importance of trade exhibitions like for business growth
Sign & RT, please: End live cetacean transportation from wild to marine parks. ht…
Asiana Airlines signs on to UTC Aerospace Systems C.A.R.E. program - MarketWatch
Sunday marked one-year anniversary of deadly Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco International Airport
The NTSB ruled on the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 today - aviation expert John Nance joins NOW on
Asiana Airlines says it's addressing problems cited by the NTSB in its probe of last year's crash at SFO
Asiana Airlines crash caused by pilot mismanagement: NTSB
'Mismanagement' by Asiana Airlines pilots caused plane to crash in San Francisco last year, NTSB says -
NTSB: Crew of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed because they "over-relied on automated systems"
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Report: Pilots caused Asiana crash: Pilots botched the approach and landing of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 in San Francisco nearly a y...
Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco blamed on overuse of autopilot
NTSB faults crew in July 2013 Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco
Asiana airlines crash caused by pilot error and confusion, investigators say .
NTSB Faults Crew in Asiana Airlines Crash: Pilot mistakes in monitoring airspeed and undue reliance on automat...
214 the crash pilot accused of Asiana Airlines flight, causing 3 deaths: PTAG heading into…
Bungled, fatal Asiana Airlines landing an example of how efforts to make planes safer can backfire
U.S. investigators propose review of flight controls after Asiana crash
Asiana Airlines says its dealing with SFO crash problems
“The flight crew over-relied on automated systems they did not fully understand” >dangers of IT-centrism?
Here's the executive summary for the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 accident report:
Uncovering the Cause of Fatal 2013 Asiana Airlines Crash -- 17 related stories on Newsibly.
Ink my whole body Asiana Airlines Flight 214 swooped over San Francisco Bay that summer day, its instruments indicating it was too hi...
It's been nearly a year since the crash of Asiana Flight 214 at SFO that left 3 teens dead. And now, we have answers. …
Asiana airlines crash linked to controls the crew 'did not fully understand' -
Big company releases a statement with the word "respectually." : hire me as your PR.
Hopefully it will only take a different approach to pilot training by Asiana Airlines. Hopefully!
Asiana Airlines says it's dealing with SFO crash problems
A couple who stole stranded luggage from passengers diverted away from San Francisco International Airport last year because of the Asiana Airlines crash have been sentenced to jail.
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Have been good couple of days for the Airbus A-380 Superjumbo.. Yesterday Asiana Airlines took delivery of its first A-380 and became the 11th Carrier to use the A-380 worldwide taking the number of A380s delivered to 132..Delivery of Qatar Airways' first A380 was supposed to happen in the next few days but has been delayed by a few weeks.. and today India got its maiden flight of the A380 in DEL & BOM by Singapore Airlines and Emirates will start its A380 services to BOM from 21st July.. Thanks for sharing today's pics Plane Spotters India
Asiana Airlines takes delivery of its first Airbus A380
Asiana Airlines - Boeing 767-38E/ER - HL7263 - by StarJets (StarJets SJAAR075) scale 1/500 limited to 2500 units. Original aircraft is Boeing construction number 24797 and it first flew in 1990. Asiana was the first operator of this particular aircraft but it was later passed on to Aeroflot (VP-BWV) , Kenya Airways (5Y-KQP) and US Bank (N723BC) before being scrapped by AerSale Inc. as N798AS.
Please ask Asiana Airlines to stop transporting whales and dolphins, petition here:
Adios Hitachi! That was my last visit to you! Next stop on Monday, Asiana Airlines, SW1!
Asiana receives first Airbus A380 - TTG Asia - Leader in Hotel, Airlines, Tourism and Travel Trade News
I liked a video Asiana Airlines A380: In flight - Episode 4/4
Just landed in Frankfurt from Incheon with Asiana Airlines Boeing 747-400!! =))
The delivery of Asiana Airlines' first A380 on 26 May, 2014 is shown in this "best of video," highlighting the special ceremony in Toulouse, France, with spe...
Airlines gets its first Airbus - AMD – Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
just landed asiana airlines HL7791 , B777-200ER
[Win a round-trip Asiana Airlines ticket to KOREA]. Simply fill out a short survey while you are making a booking...
Asiana Airlines' first A380 takes to the skies in this video montage, which features in-flight footage of the 21st century flagship jetliner to be delivered ...
In preparation for the 26 May 2014 delivery by Airbus, Asiana Airlines' first A380 receives its seats, luggage compartments and additional cabin equipment. T...
Asiana Airlines fined $500K for failing to help families after crash
With the scheduled delivery of its first A380 on 26 May 2014, South Korea-based Asiana Airlines will become the 11th operator to receive Airbus' 21st century...
South Korea’s Asiana Airlines has taken delivery of its first Airbus A380, becoming the eleventh operator of the type in the world. The A380 was handed over to Park Sam Koo, Chairman of Kumho Asiana Group, by Fabrice Brégier, Airbus President and CEO, during a special ceremony today in Toulouse, Fra…
Asiana Airlines A380 almost in Seoul, South Korea. But still a way to go
2:52 am and I'm already planning the flights I'm gonna do tomorrow with Asiana Airlines and British Airways..
On delivery to Asian Airlines as AAR380D is 71BE25 HL7625 Airbus A380-841 c.n 152 Asiana Airlines
On May 26th, ASIANA took delivery of its first 380 (More info:
The 1st Trent powered A380 for a Korean Airline has been delivered to http:/…
.become the 8th operator of the Trent 900 after receiving the A380
With its vibrant seven-colour vertical tailplane, Asiana Airlines’ initial A380 jetliner will soon be making quite the first impression at airports around the world.
Asiana Airlines hit with unprecedented fine in response to fatal SFO crash - San Jose Mercury News
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A San Francisco firefighter accused of accidentally running over a passenger thrown from the wreckage of an Asiana Airlines flight that crashed at San Francisco International Airport filed a lawsuit...
Asiana Airlines Crash Footage This video shows Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashing on final approach to San Francisco International Airport on July 6, 2013. Of the 307 people aboard the Boeing 777, two passengers died at… From: Nuckey Micke Views: 0… [ 21 more words. ]
A veteran San Francisco firefighter who was blamed for running over a teenage passenger who was thrown from the wreckage of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 is...
Firefighter accused of running over a passenger in Asiana Airlines crash files lawsuit against department.
Driver who ran over survivor of Asiana Airlines crash sues fire department for revealing she ran over survivor...
SF firefighter files lawsuit in death of Asiana Airlines victim..
Asiana announces new codeshare with Sri Lankan Airlines
firefighter who ran over Airlines crash victim alleges she was made a 'scapegoat'
Firefighter who ran over passenger in Asiana Airlines crash files lawsuit
Cabin first flight of first Asiana Airlines Airbus A380.Take off and landing at Airbus Plant Hamburg Finkenwerder on May 8,2014.
On May 08, 2014 the first Airbus A380 for Asiana Airlines performed its first post-outfitting test flight with takeoff and landing at Hamburg Finkenwerder Ai...
The first Airbus to wear the full Asiana Airlines livery.
Asiana: Jet partly to blame in California crash: San Francisco (AP) — Asiana Airlines acknowledged in ...
By Madeleine Thomas San Francisco (Reuters) A veteran San Francisco firefighter blamed for accidentally running over and killing a 16-year-old passenger thrown from an Asiana Airlines plane crash sued the city on Friday, claiming she was Read More...
The San Francisco Firefighter who drove her fire truck over the Asiana Airlines passenger, killing the girl, is now SUING someone (I guess the media..) because she claims she's being blamed for the tragedy. Uh, I assume she WAS driving the truck, and as such, she was responsible for where the vehicle was operated, even if foam and other obscurities were covering the victim. There's one very important aspect of aircraft accident ARFF responses: WATCH FOR STRAY PASSENGERS!!! People who are involved in a plane crash, particularly of this magnitude, will wander aimlessly around in a daze, or seek medical help from anyone remotely resembling a doctor or rescue EMT. Perhaps--as in this case--they are unable to move or are hidden by debris and smoke. You just flat DON'T drive into a crash site without watching where you are going, BECAUSE you don't know where people are. That should have been known by both the driver AND the Fire Chief. However, this IS California: From the Governor's Office on down the line, .. ...
U.S. investigators plan next month to decide on the probable cause of last year’s Asiana Airlines Inc. crash in California that killed three people and inj
A couple of recent paintings to come out of the studio. The a-380 shipped out yesterday and its new home will be the corporate offices of Asiana Airlines in Seoul. The second painting, "Fast Company," was painted, just for fun and now hangs in my studio.
"Japan to issue gravest Fukushima nuclear warning in two years" Japan's nuclear crisis deepens, China expresses 'shock' BY KIYOSHI TAKENAKA AND JAMES TOPHAM -- Reuters Japan's nuclear crisis escalated to its worst level since a massive earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima plant more than two years ago, with the country's nuclear watchdog saying it feared more storage tanks were leaking contaminated water. The U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Wednesday it viewed the situation at Fukushima "seriously" and was ready to help if called upon, while nearby China said it was "shocked" to hear contaminated water was still leaking from the plant, and urged Japan to provide information "in a timely, thorough and accurate way". "We hope the Japanese side can earnestly take effective steps to put an end to the negative impact of the after-effects of the Fukushima nuclear accident," China's Foreign Ministry said in a statement faxed to Reuters in Beijing. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary ...
Asiana Cites Pilot Error in Crash Asiana Airlines made its first formal statement acknowledging pilot error as a...
Los Angeles Times - Asiana faults automatic throttles in doomed flight
Asiana Airlines cites software problem as secondary cause of SFO crash
Feeling so excited ! — traveling to Dhaka, Bangladesh from Asiana Airlines First Class Lounge At Incheon...
This is beyond belief. Asiana Airlines is saying Boeing is partially to blame I'm the San Francisco crush because...
Asiana Airlines acknowledged for the first time that the
Asiana Airlines says secondary cause of SFO crash was bad software ... and all 777/787 pilots know they have a point ht…
Asiana faults automatic throttles in doomed flight:
NEWS / Airlines: Jet partly to blame in crash at SFO.
Asiana faults automatic throttles in doomed flight (LA Times)
via Asiana says jet partly to blame for SFO crash - Asiana Airlines conceded Monday that its pilots were f...
Korean Airline also faults its pilots in the July crash at San Francisco airport. Boeing Co. disputes that thr...
Asiana Airlines says pilot flying too slow before crash
Asiana faults automatic throttles in doomed flight
Asiana Airlines says last year’s Boeing 777 crash, which killed three and injured hundreds, was likely due to slow flying and failure to abort landing. Report to National Transportation Safety Board also cites failure in speed control features
Asiana Airlines - Boeing 777-28EER San Francisco, CA, USA 6th July, 2013 San Francisco, CA, USAThe Boeing 777-200 operated by Asiana Airlines took off from Seoul, South Korea, for a passenger flight to San Francisco, CA, USA. 291 passengers and 16 crewmembers were onboard. During landing, the plane touched down short of runway impacting the edge separating the runway from the San Francisco Bay, and crashed. 3 people were killed in the accident, 10 people were seriously injured, and 120 people were injured. The majority of survivors escaped without injuries. The aircraft was on a normal approach and the crew was cleared for a visual approach to runway 28L at San Francisco airport. There were no reports of windshear and no adverse weather conditions. During the approach there were remarks in the cockpit about being high on the approach, then on the glide path and some time later being below glidepath. The pilot began to pull back on the yoke to reduce rate of descent assuming the autothrottles would maintai ...
Just got home from Asiana Airlines Manila (MNLKU)-NAIA Terminal 1 orientation and briefing
from LONDON to CEBU fly with Asiana Airlines
Flight 370, a mysterious ‘one-off,’ spurs calls to modernize tracking technology - By Joel Achenbach, Scott Higham and Ashley Halsey III, Published: March 29, The Washington Post. The bizarre tale of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 comes at a time when flying is safer than ever. Nervous fliers squeeze the armrests for dear life, but most passengers have no problem nodding off as their jetliner cruises seven miles above the Earth. They have internalized the statistical truth that the most dangerous part of an airplane trip is the drive to the airport. Yet disasters still happen, including this one. Officially declared a plane crash at sea with no survivors, the event remains so deeply mysterious that it seems premature to refer to the people aboard as deceased. Viewed in the broad context of aviation safety, this weird case actually fits snugly within a recent pattern: Airline disasters now tend to be unprecedented in nature — what investigators call “one-offs.” In the old days, planes typically wen ...
MH370 crash: US lawmakers see no evidence of terrorism WASHINGTON: Senior United States lawmakers said investigators had found no evidence thus far pointing to terrorism in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 three weeks ago, and that it was critical to find the plane to understand what happened on board. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (pic) and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein, speaking on Sunday talk shows, said they had seen no evidence of foul play. "I have seen nothing yet that comes out of the investigation that would lead me to conclude that (this was) ... anything other than a normal flight that something happened and something went wrong," Rogers told Fox News Sunday. US officials close to the investigation last week said the FBI examined data it received from a home-made flight simulator and other computer equipment used by MH370's pilots, but found nothing illuminating. More than two dozen countries and 60 aircraft and ships continued to ...
Well now, this is interesting. I have no idea if it's true but Madsen does come out right on occasion. - "...March 29-30, 2014 -- Breaking News/Exclusive to WMR -- Malaysian 370 hijacked by pilot over jailed opposition leader Wayne Madsen Reports Multiple sources with Asian airlines have told WMR that the pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, hijacked the Boeing 777 on its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and demanded the release of jailed Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in return for the plane and its crew and passengers. WMR has been told by knowledgeable sources with Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Korean Airlines, and Asiana Airlines that the Malaysian government refused to negotiate with Zaharie and that pilot kept the plane in flight until it ran out of fuel. There is some disagreement, however, among Asian airline sources on what caused the Boeing 777 to crash. Some sources believe that Zaharie diverted his plane over the open waters of the In ...
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370[a]), also marketed as China Southern Airlines Flight 748 (CZ748) through a codeshare, was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport (a distance of 2,743 miles (4,414 km)). The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, last made contact with air traffic control less than an hour after takeoff. Operated by Malaysia Airlines (MAS), the aircraft carried 12 crew members and 227 passengers from 14 nations. On the day that contact with the aircraft was lost, a joint search and rescue effort, later reported as the largest in history,[2] was initiated in the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.[3][4] The search area was later extended to include the Strait of Malacca, Andaman Sea, and the Indian Ocean.[5][6][7] On 15 March, investigators believed that the aircraft had first headed west back across the Malay Peninsula, then continued on a northern or souther ...
Sudden catastrophe Aviation experts initially suspected that something sudden and horrific happened. Perhaps a bomb on board, or some type of failure with the engines or airframe. But if that were the case, debris would have been found in the spot where the transponder went off. Also, the Boeing 777 has just one fatal crash in its 19-year history — last year's Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco. If there was a sudden breakup, pieces of the plane would have been visible on radar.
Amateur footage shows a Boeing 777 crash landing on the runway at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday. The president of Asiana Airlines apologises for the accident
South Korean singer-arrives in MNL tom on Asiana Airlines flight, ETA 11:15 a.m., NAIA-T1, says
I still remember some U.S. broadcast made fun of Korean names in Asiana Airlines crash. I guess SOME people are addicted to attention.
MH370 - The Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong has received a pilot’s report that a large amount of debris was spotted in Vietnamese waters. The pilot, flying a Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur plane, says the debris is located about 60 kilometres southeast of Vietnamese city Vung Tau, some 500 kilometers from where the Malaysian jetliner lost contact with air traffic controllers. The department has submitted the message to the relevant authorities. Meanwhile, international investigations are on a way. Weather conditions on this flight are said to have been good and the pilot, 53, who had more than 18,000 flying hours behind him, had been employed by the airline since 1981. Malaysia Airlines has a good safety record and the jet, a Boeing 777-200ER, is said to be one of the safest because of its modern technology. However, A Boeing 777-200 operated by South Korea's Asiana Airlines skidded off the runway upon landing at San Francisco's international airport in July 2013, with three dead as a result.
Skytrax airline rating service has released their top 7 airlines based on the highest standards and service. The best airlines in the world are ANA All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Hainan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines.
DOT fines Asiana Airlines for not adhering to family assistance plan following crash: The US Department of Tra...
Asiana Airlines fined $50 for failing to help families of passengers in San ... - Daily Mail
Asiana Airlines penalized over crash at SFO link
The US regulators have fined Asiana Airlines 500,000 dollars for failing to help victims of a flight crash last year at San Francisco's airport. Three people died and dozens were injured when Asiana Flight 214 crashed on 6 July 2012.
Airlines fined $500K for not helping victims' families via
Asiana Airlines penalized over crash in San Francisco
Asiana Airlines has been penalized $500,000 for failing to assist family members of passengers on a flight that crashed last year at SFO.
Asiana fined for failing to assist families after crash: In the first of its type, a U.S. agency fines Asiana Airlines $500,000 for i...
FOX 25 ACROSS AMERICA: Asiana airlines fined for not notifying families
APNewsBreak: Asiana Airlines penalized over crash -
Asiana fined $500K after crash in San Francisco via
Inadequate response time cited 'The U.S. Government is fining Asiana Airlines$500K for inadequate response time t...'
Asiana Airlines fined $500,000 for being too slow to help families after July crash landing in S.F.
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Nice condensation as this Asiana Airlines 747 departs LAX. Sam Chui.
The United States has fined South Korea-based Asiana Airlines $500,000 for violating federal law in failing to support passengers and their families after th...
U.S. Department of Transportation Fines Asiana Airlines for Not Adhering to Family Assistance Plan Following CrashWASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today announced that Asiana Airlines, an airline based in the Republic of Korea, violated federal law last July by failing to adh...
Asiana Airlines fined for failing to help families after San Francisco plane crash - Democratic...
Watch VideoThe U.S. Department of Transportation fined Asiana Airlines half-a-million dollars after it failed to help families involved in the San Francisco plane crash last July.“You may remember three people died and dozens more were hurt when Asiana Airlines Flight 214 clipped a seawall as it cam
Asiana Airlines fined half a million dollars for the San Francisco airport accident. They were fined for routing calls to reservations during the emergency.
It’s unfortunate. After the unfortunate plane crash of Asiana Airlines back in July, things have been slowly escalating. This time, Asiana Airlines is finding themselves being penalized for failing to properly assist family members of the passengers who were present during the crash. Many family ...
When an Asiana Airlines plane crashed in San Francisco International Airport last year, the plane was a total loss, but almost all aboard survived.
The Chosun Ilbo > Asiana to Buy Six A380 Jets - Asiana Airlines is bolstering its long-haul flights by buying six ...
Shocking video shows how trucks hit victim
New video of crash: Ye Meng Yuan survived the crash, only to die later when emergency vehicle ran her over .
Video shows Asiana victim's last moments
Breaking news: Shocking vid shows how trucks hit victim
Saima Mirza Asiana Plane Crash: Asiana Plane Crash, A new video of last year's Asiana Airlines plane crash in San...
Asiana Airlines is giving away tickets to 5 lucky winners to attend
Shocking vid shows how trucks hit victim
Yoon Suk-min Travel Update: According to the media, Yoon's headed back to the US today via Asiana Airlines flight 202.
How firetrucks hit Asiana victim - CNN obtained the entire video from firefighters' helmet cameras at the Asiana c...
[Colombianox112] Lawyer: Family shocked by video: Lawyer says video from Asiana Airlines crash shows responder...
Video recorded by the helmet camera of a first responder and the dash-cam of a fire truck at the crash site of an Asiana Airlines flight in San...
The American College of Surgeons met on Tuesday in San Francisco’s Mission Bay, where health leaders discussed the lessons learned from the Asiana Airlines emergency response.
Just burned my very last United Miles in my pre-Jan 31st (UA mileage devaluation) piece de resistance, Ticketed and confirmed: Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York-Charlotte-Atlanta, Charlotte-New York-Seoul-Tokyo, Tokyo-Singapore. Lufthansa first class, Frankfurt First Class Terminal, Asiana Airlines new Suites, All Nippon Airlines new 787 Dreamliner business. 137,500 United miles. Price Tag if bought: $36,864.40. For those in my class you'll be able to do it in 8 weeks with some practice!
Video from a firefighter's helmet camera following the crash landing of an Asiana Airlines flight in San Francisco shows rescuers were aware someone was on the ground outside the plane, before a fire truck struck and killed her.
Newly released video suggests emergency workers saw the injured body of an Asiana Airlines plane crash victim before she was fatally run over by a fire truck
Pilot error was involved in the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco which killed three Chinese teenagers in July, according to investigators.
Asiana Airlines said it is paying $10,000 to each of the passengers aboard Flight 214, which crashed in San Francisco last month.
Please join me this evening at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST as we discuss the tragic failed emergency rescue of Asiana airlines, Justin Bieber's possible egging antics, and a very interesting question: Do women have to dumb themselves down to attract men? Please check the website for more information
Disturbing, never-before-seen footage from the frantic aftermath of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 runway crash in July reveals that firefighters ignored the body of a 16-year-old victim who was still alive - only to run her over twice 15 minutes later - killing her.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, stop, stop." New video shows miscues by firefighters and emergency workers at the scene of an Asiana Airlines crash last summer where a teenage survivor was run over and killed by a firetruck: …
This Asiana Airlines video that's just been released by the SFFD is devastating and infuriating.
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Start your day off with the news that everyone is talking about. Shootings in a school and in a movie theater have left Americans shaken again, new helmet cam video reveals how rescue vehicles ran over a survivor of the Asiana Airlines crash, and same-sex marriage could become OK in Oklahoma after a new court ruling.
CBS News has broadcast excerpts from helmet-cam and dash-cam videos of Asiana Airlines crash where San Francisco Fire Department trucks ran over Ye Meng Yuan
Tune in to Eyewitness News at 10 on Fox. The flu claims another life in Kern County, bringing the death toll up to eight. Now a warning has been issued for those who haven't been vaccinated yet. And, new video thrusts the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco back into the spotlight. Find out what the video reveals about first responders who ran over a survivor.
Disabled passengers undergo boarding procedures at Asiana Airline lounge, exclusively for disabled passengers, at Incheon International Airport. Seoul, South Korea: Asiana Airlines has the first airport lounge specifically for disabled passengers at…
SFO (San Francisco Airport) NOISE ABATEMENT MEETING LAST NIGHT! Can you spell JOKE? I might as well have been a visitor on the : "We're SFO, We Can Do No Wrong, and That Roaring Jet Noise You Hear, is All in Your Head, so SHUT UP, and STOP COMPLAINING!" tour! We were given, "no answer" answers to questions, by Bert Ganoung, manager of the SFO Aircraft Noise Abatement Office! I sincerely feel that Bert was not exactly forthcoming with the entire truth; especially where the matter of noise barriers and sound corridors were concerned. He claims they are not useful at SFO, (and Bert said they wouldn't want to add to the difficulty of planes landing a la Asiana Airlines. Real nice, Bert, try and make a point against sound barriers using a recent tragedy! Other airports do just fine with sound barriers! What a tragic situation to use, to try and evoke emotion for SFO to weasel their way out of the sound barrier expense!) There are many instances where sound barriers and corridors could be used at SFO, that wou ...
By KRISTINA NGU, MATT HUSSFORD, ALEXIS SHAWNEE, LEEZEL TANGLO and DEAN SCHABNERBERG San Francisco – The stunning and devastating crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 is just over a day old, but already National Transportation Safety Board officials are pointing to a culprit all too familiar to...
Fun flight we approached SFO coming up the South Bay, I was thinking of the Asiana Airlines and how messed up that was.only to have our own plane have to abandon the landing and head straight back up. I think I'll think of kittens and butterflies next time.
Getting ready to board Asiana Airlines plane with Egil Sweet & Thane Sweet to go to Seoul, Korea and be with my friend Dr. Byoungho Zoh for Tong Conference. So excited to be with my "other family"
I found Ben's baggage!! Coming from Toronto to Incheon tomorrow! Though I still don't know why Asiana Airlines helped me find it...but anyway, the trip is finally over Ben! Relax and hope you have a good time in Korea♥
$937 Portland to Manila via Asiana Airlines. Travel dates 01Jan to 15May. Book now! Call our U.S. Toll-free number 1-866-2-MANILA.
Some international carriers will increase flights from destinations outside Vietnam to the central city of Da Nang this quarter. The Saigon Times news website reported February 1 that Korean Air and Asiana Airlines will add one flight each from
2013. Another year passes by, and we’re left wondering if what we did made any difference at all. And just like every year, when we really stop, take a deep breath, and look around, we impress ourselves with our innovation, ingenuity, and improvement. In the past 12 months, we've watched the emergence of Bitcoin as an alternative currency, the first cloning of human stem cells, the first steps in an Iranian nuclear agreement , and the first full moon landing in 37 years. We’re an ever-moving, ever-shifting group of people, and those changes and shifts are what push our world forward and make its people great. But as we move forward each year, it is essential that we not forget those who will not continue on the long march of time; we must always remember those whose journeys came to an end these past few months, some suddenly, some slowly. This year, we collectively felt the loss that came from the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco, from the Spanish train derailment near Santiago de Compostela, a ...
Tune in to Channel News Asia tonight at 19:00 to watch Michael Daniel from our panel of judges (the Asiana Airlines accident in San Francisco!
This story isn't getting any better or easier to take.
Plane unqualified: Asiana Airlines pilot was ‘nervous’ about landing before deadly crash in San Francisco
"Interviews with pilots indicate that Korean culture may have played a role in the crash."
Asiana airlines disaster, & you want me to face my fears and get on an airplane.
China News- Asiana Airlines pilot poorly trained before crash in US
NTSB hearing on Asiana crash: New footage shows moment of impact: LA Times -
Report: Asiana crash victim was run over twice: A teenage girl who survived the crash of an Asiana Airlines je...
People seemed upset when Gladwell suggested this previously.
Pilot Concerned about Landing Asiana Jet Before Crash: San Francisco (CNN)- The pilot of an Asiana Airlines jet...
Asiana crash pilot revealed concerns: The pilot of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 told crash investigators he had ...
Asiana Airlines pilot poorly trained before crash in U.S.: report: (file photo) . The pilot flying the Asiana ...
Pilot in Asiana crash was "very concerned" about attempting a visual approach on landing. >>>
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