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Asian Studies

Asian studies, a term used usually in the United States for Oriental studies and is concerned with the Asian peoples, their cultures, languages, history and politics.

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Rediscovery of an unknown Indian artist:Sita Ram's work for the Marquess of Hastings- Asian and African studies blog
I got an A+ in my Asian American Studies class. I shouldn't even be surprised
The Jaipur Literary Festival comes to the British Library - Asian and African studies blog
First read about the Punjabi-Mexican American community in an Asian American Studies class. Now there's a middle gr…
"World class, my *** " The history of student activism and Asian Am Studies student-led research project https:…
This was going to be a long night for the Asian woman. "I really need to catch up and do an all nighter for my studies, BUT SCREW IT."
Call for papers: Environmental Issues & Human Health in Southeast Asia — Rising Voices in SouthEast Asian Studies |
Check out Asian American literature, Asian Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Language Learning books at
Conflicted what to minor in once I transfer to CSUN. Gender Women Studies, Asian American Studies, or *** Studies? 🤔😬
My major change went through! Thank you so much ! I cannot wait to start in September as an Asian Studies major! 💕
5) my program isn't fully declared yet but I'm hoping to double major in international relations & East Asian Studies
Umm according to my gender studies class, theres only two races BLACK AND WHITE!! Stop acting oppres…
A preview of my upcoming July discussion at UMass-Lowell for the Southeast Asian American S…
Mville’s own had an article published in the Washington Post!
George Codes was is founding father of SE Asian studies on civilization,he says this on Indic impact there.
Congratulations to all of our Center graduates this year! . Asian American Studies undergraduate majors:. Siji...
"Promoting Students and Professors Mobility between Spain and China". 5th Casa Asia Meeting on Asian Studies 2017
Sixth form students deliver an Asian fashion show as part of their business studies, with all money raised going to…
Undergraduate Asian Studies students send their heartfelt thanks to the seniors.
Grab a free e-print of my recent article in South Asian Studies!
There are 50 free e-prints of my recent article for South Asian Studies article available here - first come,...
doing some cultural studies. . non-asians.. need your participation. . if i say "Asian", name the FIRST celebrity to come t…
I imagine they must be talking about the diff. between 地皮 and 地骨
Our Seniors from Asian Studies are currently enjoying the freebies given to them by the
The man who died while swimming at Narrow Neck beach last week was a leading Asian studies academic who held sever…
ATINER is pleased announce that Robert Christopher Morgan, Chair, Department of Pacific and Asian Studies, Universit…
Get your graduate degree in Asian Studies @ UP Asian Center. Application period: 17 April and 15 May.…
Kronos Quartet with Wu Man // Events // Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies // University of Notre Dame
Congrats to Edward Slingerland 森舸瀾 Professor, Department of Asian Studies for being named a UBC Distinguished Unive…
Thanks for having me back KSA KISA Asian Studies and Asian American Studies. Stay cool .
The Chao Center for Asian Studies is showing the the documentary 'Gulabi Gang' and the director, Nishtha Jain will…
Major in Ethnic Studies with a focus on Asian American and African American Studies, and minor in Asian Studies in the Korean track
Aizaz delivered talk at the European Institute of Asian Studies (EIAS) on Pakistan’s role and contribution in peace & security in South Asia
I'm in the Asian Studies department but I will conduct research on Caribbean and African culture sometimes.
Congrats to this year's Asian Studies Award winners! Your hard work and dedication to Asian Studies is appreciated! htt…
Celebrate spring with these flower posts: &
I work in the Asian Studies department so I shouldn't have even been there but I was. The police still don't know that.
scholars talks on Craig Reynolds, who's made SE Asian studies his life’s work -The Nation via
Can you speak Chinese, Japanese, or Korean? Students at APIS can. An emphasis on Asian language studies is one of...
1998. My Asian American Studies class getting ready to parade with Higantes.
Lights, Camera, Action! Filming for the Hebrew Manuscripts Digitisation Project - Asian and African studies blog
TODAY, 3PM: asks "Where are we now in the fight for Asian American Studies?"
To all Marcos Apologist, . You should've chosen history or Asian studies as your major, it seems HEKASI wasn't enough to…
I always question why AB Asian Studies has to focus on History so much. Now I understand why. People don't learn from t…
Enjoyed meeting Asian Studies students for lecture on doing business in Japan
I know ali from working in Chinatown SF and she was a Asian Am studies major at UCLA...
"The history of Asian American Studies has never been exclusionary." -
Most studies on race ignore Asian Americans due to misconceptions on income. Does not warrant exclusion.
Got my asian studies essay back HA 😂 No idea how I got a 2.1 for basically talking about plastic surgery.
Admin love "diversity," but do not invest in Asian American Studies.
there are a bunch of east coast schools pushing for AAS & I'm sure they could give some advice. Yale
We're not just fighting for Asian American Studies, but reclaiming power and resistance - Emily Dong from
Asian American Studies changed how I value education as curiosity and community, not a means to an end
.talks about being "sucked into" the field of Asian American Studies by Gary Okihiro
Asian American Studies at NU weren't established until 1999 & did not receive an Asian American Studies Major until Feb 2016
"Lack of investment in Asian American Studies at I wouldn't be who I am today w/o the AAS program at H…
In the 1980s, the First World Coalition at demanded a push for Asian American Studies
Without the fight for Asian American Studies at there would be no Angry Asian Man.
.I'm a hs junior applying to college soon. Do you have a major in Asian American Studies?
.I'm a (donating) alum ('03). The Asian American Studies minor changed my life, but students deserve an AAS major.
Can Asian American Studies at the undergraduate level move beyond the shallow explanation of the Model Minority (Myth)? I…
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is 1/3 AsAm w/o an Asian American Studies Major. Tell elected officials to join the
It's Asian American Studies we're fighting for, not Asian Studies
This lil *** baby I s2g. prolly some white boy asian studies freshman just trying to up their anime game
Ready to be inspired? The Forum presents University of Melbourne Professor Vedi Hadiz of Asian Studies at the...
Have you heard about threats to Asian Studies at the Australian National University follow the latest here
The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, approved the new BA in Asian Studies at
.Initiative on Asian Studies and the Awards $710,000 to Tri-College Consortium
2 UA undergrads will present their papers from Religious Studies / Asian Studies at regional academic conference
Rare Books, Science 2, Social Science and Asian & African Studies are full, but there should be spaces in our other Reading Rooms.
[News Wise]Cornell University Asian Studies Professor Naoki Sakai, an expert on Japanese his…
Check out recent books in SouthEast Asian Studies!.
Asian Studies Centre seminar series starts today at 5pm in the China Centre Lecture Theatre with Amy King, Australian National University.
After 20 years in the making, Northwestern U faculty submits proposal for Asian American Studies major
GESF and Centre for Asian Pacific Studies co-host an event at at Lingnan University (HK)
What course am I going to do now that I've dropped Asian studies?
Asian and African studies blog: West Africa via
Congrats Rachel Lee for Assoc.for Asian Am. Studies Award for Best Book in Cultural Studies: Exquisite Corpse of Asian America
In our globalized world, you can delve into another continent in our Asian Studies program.
anyways...these are scattered thoughts on my conspiracy theory which will be a fair Asian Studies grad school thesis I'm sure
Join us April 28-30 for anniversary of South Asian Studies and stimulating talks:
In love with my Africana studies class ! It covers the Asian , Latinos and African cultures !
UCC’s taught MA in Asian Studies is a unique course in Ireland, designed for graduates who are interested in...
in Transnational Asian Studies at the Chao Center for Asian Studies at
'27 case studies from Asian and European cities as living Labs for Culture'
Join us for some very interesting lectures about China!
India's Foreign Policy and Regional Multilateralism was reviewed in Journal of South Asian Studies
cool, my MA major was Asian studies as well. What part of Asia are you most interested in? (listening to podcast)
Wishing students starting on MA in Asian & International Studies a fantastic 2nd semester on our overseas campuses
introduced me to Asian Cinema in my Asian Film Studies class. Hope for his speedy recovery.
And the head of the Asian-American Studies dept came in to place her order, and she chose that knowing the name for her books
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ayesha Jalal, Professor & Dir. Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies, Tufts Uni. endorses Saudi Arabia and Iran: Friends or Foes?
Asian studies: basically I compared Nas to Guru Nanak (15th C Punjabi poet) and analyses the activism displayed in their work
Lol the reading for my Asian art class is on a similar topic to my International studies class
Have to read three chapters for my Pysch class and a 130 page reading for my Asian American Studies class. All by Tuesday 🙃🔫
I guess I'm a Asian Studies major too but :^
.You were all wonderfil. Adnan is one of my profs in Afghan and South Asian Studies. He is so smart & a fabulous lecturer.
Asian studies courses are taught by people who lived there...20 years ago
To Download >>>> . "The Sri Lanka Journal of South Asian Studies". The following 5 pages are in this category, out...
the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies has been liveblogging the end of WW2 in Asia
Jeremy Lin’s hair is the greatest Asian Studies lesson. Super Saiyan to Shaolin monk to Korean pop star
Postdoc Fellowships in Singapore (Translation Studies related Chinese and/or Asian Studies
"I studied Asian Studies for 4 years and still don't know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean" -White boy at Office Depot 😕
The latest issue of 'African and Asian Studies' contains articles on Muslim Nationalism and the New Turk, and more
"We have over 200 South Asian Studies departments in the U.S. yet there is not one tenured Dalit professor."
The academic year is underway. gives 3 reasons to take Asian American Studies now!
Update your maps at Navteq
Eric Fischer is Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator from the Indiana DNR. He says studies show a decreased size in fish near Asian carp.
New Asian Studies titles publishing this month, available to review! Read more here:
Our department has an amazing library. @ Asian Studies, Lund University - Asienstudier,…
Goal for today: Get outside of my Mormon brain, network w/ Asian Studies colleagues, Asian primary sources. & a bit of Connecticut info, too
Just posted a photo @ The Institute of Asian and African Studies
I have a couple of studies that I like:. 1. International Relations:. Eastern and Asian Studies
great share! Asian examples and case studies are absolutely fascinating
Take an Ethnic Studies class to understand history and racism: Asian American Studies at Berkeley.
COME ONE, COME ALL! . Here is the flyer for the upcoming East Asian Studies Seminar Series. Please make a note of...
Fancy relaxing tonight? The Centre of South East Asian Studies is showing a film at 7pm in the KLT -
The Department of East Asian Studies in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta invites applications for...
Chapters from some of our Asian Studies series titles are free to view online. Get 20% discount on the titles here
Asian-Americans are more likely to buy into the American dream, studies show
.Asian Studies department to lead partnership with Nanjing University as part of Luce Foundation grant
Dr. Barnett's "Laotian Agriculture Reforms after 1978" is forthcoming in Journal of the SW Conf. on Asian Studies.
Name of the Organization: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies. Program Schedule for Upcoming...
that's awesome! I hope you have a good time. I'm thinking about Asian Studies or International Studies.
Aw that's so cute you think I'm a weeaboo. I'm actually an Asian studies major who's more educated than you 😊😊😊
Read about treasures on view in our reading room: portrait of Gen Sir Jang Bahadur Kunwar Rana
they want me to speak to their Asian studies dept. about anime and manga in some capacity
Idk what I'm more excited to take this yr introduction to Asian studies or music appreciation ❔❔
New book out on South Asian Studies? Send a pitch to "New Books in South Asian Studies" for a podcast interview:
Drinks tonight but getting back on the spreadsheets tomorrow? Studies say you should eat this
70 years since experts in Asian Studies discuss the atomic bomb & impact of nuclear war
29 Aug. Prof Hugh White will speak on International Security Studies in the Asian Century via
Associate Professorship in South Asian Studies at Univ of Copenhagen.
Assistant Professorship in Indian/South Asian Studies: University of Aarhus - School of Culture and Society, D...
omg you're of Korean origin? I had no idea you were even Asian omg that's so cool! Good luck on your studies I never managed to
Netherlands: IIAS Fellowship in Social sciences and Humanities for Students Worldwide
DO IT IF YOU CAN!! I ended up with an extra certificate in East Asian Studies because of my minor Korean, doubling up is great
When old people ask if I'm in school I still lie and tell them I'm either a business major or an East Asian Studies major
Me. I also have an Asian Studies degree though so. kinda different
Program Assistant for Asian Studies Center - The University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA: P...
Workshop topics include the fight for Asian American Studies, racial justice and anti-blackness!
Next Association of Asian Studies annual conference is in Seattle! Hope to see many of you! AAS 2016 Call for Papers
I bet the kicker is that book is over a hundred bucks and required for someone's East Asian Studies course.
they have Asian studies. You can choose Japan as your concentration. You'll be required to be proficient in Japanese
Jain-Mughal theological and religious debates, 2015 article in Modern Asian Studies.
Asian Studies librarian Larry Ashmun gives visitors a tour of items from the Fr. Yves Bertrais collection.
"May I suggest getting into...Asian studies?!?"
The theme of 2016 SouthEast Asian Studies Symposium is “Human and Environmental Welfare in Southeast Asia
Dr. Su-Yeong Kim discusses her longitudinal studies of Asian American adolescents across the lifespan!
"Officially, a Thomasian. . .". Welcome, Asian Studies freshmen to The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo...
Great to hear that I have been accepted to give a paper @ the CAAS symposium @ Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Finnally we got to watch an asian film in movie screening of film studies class we sorry im an asian freak :B
got it from govt to study korean language so I can teach asian studies in primary schools in aust. not sure what to do atm
According to studies are being carried out to shed light on Asian markets potential
I feel as though my Asian studies tutorial mostly revolved around my tutor's roast dinner, is this normal?
French School of Asian Studies achieves award-winning sustainable design with dynamic
That's what I hope! I also joined an East Asian Studies academic community, so hopefully that'll be interesting.
.Decline of Asian Studies departments can indicate that it's ubiquitous across campus rather than disappearing.
*** I'm so involved in school this year 😂 Student Government, NHS, Asian Studies and now Graduation Committee? Wha
Asian Studies yung frontliner sa AB, and I'm honored to be one of those carrying the letters of ASN. 💛🐯
ahhh glad to hear that babygirl . Ah yeah i'm really good too hehehehe . Its good i'll change the uni and study asian studies now 😎
Rajiv Malhotra: "The patronizing attitude has led to the 'ghetto-izing' of Indian civilization into South Asian Studies..."
An Atlas and Survey of South Asian History (Sources and Studies in World History
Interesting trends happening in Southeast Asia. Someday I'll have my MA in Asian Studies and I will focus kb SEA and learn Bahasa
good news! Irish Journal of Asian Studies (IJAS); Vol1 No1 Summer 2015; Issue: KOREA: Past, Present and Future ;
2015 Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast Conference. Friday, June 05, 2015, 08:30am - 05:30pm. by Kimberlly Frank...
We have a lead! The Lost Camera Girl graduated from the Institute of Asian Studies at Chulalongkorn Uni in Thailand!
Arrived at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies. Looking forward to exchanges with German scholars of Asia and China.
oh and this! my review of Sanjay Srivastava's Sexuality Studies in Journal of Asian Studies
Our most popular journal articles in Asian Studies: available for FREE until July 31st!
[News Wise]Naoki Sakai, East Asia expert and professor of Asian Studies at Cornell Universit…
Dr. Sreeradha Dutta, Director, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies is the chairperson for the Special Lecture 3.
ASSOC 2015-2016 Elections Online Q&A. To know more about the aspiring Executive Board candidates, Asian Studies...
Please spread the word!. The Department of Asian Studies at Cornell University invites applications for a...
The South Asia and the World Research Cluster, Humanities Commons, the Center for Asian Studies, the Department...
Please help to save Asian Studies, Chinese & Japanese at Curtin Uni! Without this degree I would not be who I am 2day
Curtin Uni to cut Asian Studies, Japanese and Chinese? How will students prepare for the See petition h…
, European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS), on „European Energy Security”, at 2014 h…
Congrats to Fabian Drixler whose bk Mabiki will receive the Association for Asian Studies' John Whitney Hall Prize for bks on Japan!
I get to minor in Asian Studies, hopefully?? I've always been really interested in Asia??
As terrible/AMAZING as the movie Chinese Zodiac (starring THE BEST Jackie Chan) is, I recommend it for Asian Studies and Art History kids alike. Also the pirate scene is gdlk. But I dunno. Butts.
Actually screamed. Got an offer for Bachelor of Asian Studies and a Masters of Globalisation at the Australian National University.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Deadline for UW Seattle's MA in Russian, E European & Cen. Asian Studies is Jan 5. Apply now!
Sharing a recent feature article of Dr Yamin Cheng from the "Berita" a newsletter from the Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei Studies Group for Asian Studies in their Autumn 2014 edition. * Malaysian Chinese Muslims in Search of an Identity (By Dr Yamin Cheng) How is one to characterize the identity of a Malaysian Chinese Muslim? In my book, A Chinese Life of Islam – The Search for Identity(IBT Books, Kuala Lumpur, 2012), I mentioned four factors, or situations, that have direct bearings on the identity of the Malaysian Muslims of Chinese descent. These are, (1) the Malay factor (2) the Chinese factor (3) the history of Islam, and (4) Westernization. The Malay factor is the most immediate factor that has everything to do with the Chinese perception of Islam in Malaysia. The Chinese see Islam as a Malay religion and a Chinese who becomes a Muslim becomes a Malay person, speaks the Malay language,practises the Malay way of life, and, most significantly to the Chinese eyes, relinquishes his Chinese identity for go ...
CFP for first issue of Irish Journal of Asian Studies, based at University College Cork:
International Committee on the Red Cross with the MSU - King Faisal Center for Islamic, Arabic and Asian Studies...
From the Literary Journalism Department: The Institute for International, Global and Regional Studies (IIGaRS), The Center for Asian Studies, and the Program in Literary Journalism are proud to welcome P. Sainath to UC Irvine October 22-23, 2014. Please join us for the events: Wednesday, October 22nd in HG 1030, from 5pm-6:30pm: "Journalism from Below: The Everyday Lives of Everyday People & The People's Archive of Rural India Online" in discussion with Amy Wilentz, Professor, Literary Journalism and Vinayak Chaturvedi, Associate Professor, History Thursday, October 23rd in SSPA 1100, from 5pm-6:20pm: "Slumdogs Vs. Millionaires: Inequality & Agrarian Distress in India” Both events are free and open to the public. About P. Sainath: P. Sainath—-the former Rural Editor of The Hindu--has won over 40 global and national awards for his reporting. He is the winner of the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2007 for Journalism Literature and Creative Communications Arts. He was the first reporter to win Amnesty Internat ...
new Chair in SE Asian Studies is named for first PM Lee Kuan Yew:
Brookings has a "Lee Kuan Yew Chair in SE Asian Studies"? lol,,, Soft Authoritarian 1-Party Democracy Division?
Asian Studies with a focus on China and Indonesia
PhD & expertise in Hindi-Urdu Language and Culture? UBC Dept of Asian Studies is hiring an Assistant Professor
Also at 10:30am: Hear from our Middle East experts on the Bachelor of Middle East and Central Asian Studies, MCC T5
there's a lot of babes in my Asian American Studies class for you 🙈😁
Asian Persuasians: Western culture isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Comparative studies of Judeo-Chris...
Sachiko Murata... Professor of Religion and Asian Studies. State University of New York at Stony Brook. Hmmm... Belajar di Tehran. Fiqh.
watching "Slaying the Dragon Reloaded" and it's Asian American Studies 101 x Race and Ethnicity in the Media 101 great intro to study
Asian-American Studies at votes NO CONFIDENCE in Chancellor Wise -
Asian-American Studies Dept. votes no confidence in Chancellor Wise:...
8/27/14, faculty of Dept of Asian American Studies cast a vote of no confidence in UIUC Chancellor Phyllis Wise & Board of Trustees.
I walked in late as soon as the asian studies coordinator was talking about being on time to class :///
They're including all of the Middle East in my asian studies class and every time islam is mentioned I'm like yes bicth represent
your course. -_- oh! then your aunt can help you study! u_ù i'll pass you my notes on asian studies if you want lol
UIUC Dept of Asian American Studies votes no confidence in Chancellor and Board of Trustees over Salaita firing.
I just found out that I'm one class away from earning a Minor in East Asian Studies. This is unexpected.
Fun piece in the Journal of Asian Studies by Dafna Zur on North Korean Science Fiction for children during the...
I'm afraid to see how many weebs there are in my intro to asian studies class tomorrow
Opportunity for publishing "Services Marketing Case Studies-in Emerging Markets, Asian Perspective". Avail the oppor…
Don’t do a Clive Palmer. Bachelor of Asian Studies at ANU
Asian American Studies class got me doing my own research on things, hella interesting lol
when we studies Asian American Studies...
and take whatever you find interesting :) I am majoring in Asian Studies and minoring in Gender Studies :D
She studies violent resistance in India, post colonial Indian politics, and India's role in the Asian century. I need to meet her.
Will your degree prepare you for Australia’s future engagement with our Asian neighbours?
THATS GOOD :DD and ou asian studies, planning on going there in the future? ;o
UST ArtLets at the FOI Youth Congress! :-) (Legal Management, Political Science, and Asian Studies)…
Free online resource for paintings from thanks to Institute of E.Asian Studies:
NOTICE ON ADMISSION INTO 2014/2015 FOUNDATION PROGRAMMES Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the Foundation Programmes offered by the University of Lagos in the 2014/2015 Session. Students who have two A-level passes, HND holders and graduates of recognized Institutions are from the entrance examination and may be considered for admission into the Foundation Programme. Highly successful candidates after the examinations administered by the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), are eligible for consideration for direct admission into the 200 Level of the Degree Programmes of the University through JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) or admission into either Soochow University, China. The University will provide an intensive one-year taught Foundation courses of study in the following Faculties: i) Linguistics, African & Asian Studies (Yoruba, Igbo) (ii) Creative Arts (Theatre Arts, Music, Visual Arts) (iii) English (iv) History and Strategic St .. ...
This wonderfully simple 1989 IAS brochure throws it back to when we were the Institute of Asian Studies
If you're a high school Junior or Senior, think about taking an Asian Studies class at WestMO this summer.
I'm going to be a glamorous Colonial at George Washington University, working towards a double major in Business/Asian Studies until I get lazy and become a Yolonial instead. Hope to work in DC for the next few years and keep in touch with my high school friends. Let's make these final days count :)
Amazing to see the Journal of Asian Studies at the Yunnan Provincial Library. I took this cover photo! cc
This sophomore from Walpole, Massachusetts majors in Political Science & Asian Studies. Timothy Conleyruns for Clark’s Varsity Cross Country team and serves as the team’s captain. In addition, he is a Residential Advisor (RA) in Wright Hall, which has allowed him to become more involved in the resid…
So yeah. With the proposal on visa waivers in Japan for Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam (at the eve of ASEAN Integration and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics), the use of soft power might indeed appear "on the rise" within Japanese policy. Even as ASEAN itself seems to be undergoing some under-the-water tensions among neighbors as potential lines are drawn between those who are hostage to China and those who are trying to supposedly contest it. And some mofos claimed Japanese Studies is becoming unsexy. Har har har. Asian Studies it is. I think I know my field now.
Great analysis by Jeff Kingston, director of Asian Studies at Temple University -- at JT compares the Okinawa...
I have a dream Master's Degree: MA or Master in Asian Studies, Specialization: South East Asia
University of Southern Mindanao-Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies 😁 . The atmosphere is…
FROM MY BOOKSHELF: THE WEEKLY BOOK REVIEW OVERSEAS INDIANS: THE GLOBAL FAMILY by SHUBHA SINGH, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, 567 Diamond Harbour Road, Behala, Kolkata 700 054, India The rise of a prosperous, confident overseas Indian community since the late 1980s has changed the image of the ‘Pravasi’ (overseas) Indian community in India. Overseas Indians have become visible internationally as many of them have reached heights of success and found a place in the lists of international leaders in their areas of expertise. The Indian diaspora is formed of numerous layers and segments that correspond to the time of migration, the place of origin in India and the country of settlement. Overseas Indians are descendants of migrants who went to Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other South East Asian countries and as indentured workers travelled to Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritius, Suriname, East Africa, South Africa and Fiji. There are first generation migrants to Britain, Canada, America and oth ...
Come support two student orgs for the price of one!! After Dr. Caesar's talk, please head over to Lynch for a co-sponsored AHS and SPUD Academics event! Visiting speaker, Dan Blumenthal, director of Asian Studies at American Enterprise Institute and Co-Founder of AHS will give a talk on the rise of China and its impact on U.S. hegemony, and Dr. Cupp, a beloved history professor, will give a brief response.
Today!! Zhongbei Wu plays Guzheng ART AND EXHIBITS | MUSICThursday, Jan 16, 2014, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PMIn collaboration with the UB Asian Studies program, Pausa presents Zhongbei (Daisy) Wu. Ms Wu is currently in residence at the Confucius Institute at Alfred University, where she teaches and performs both at the University and in the community
yup!! all of this is going towards that. it helps being an asian studies major :D
Asian studies graduate Andy Trieu is slicing and dicing his way to fame, carving out a career in film
Contemplating attending the Association for Asian Studies conference in Philly. Really want to go.
Well, my classmate is obsessed. But she also has been heavily involved in Asian studies.
Taking Asian Studies this semester. Doubt it'll have anything to do with how cute Tetsuji Tamayama is. 😔😒
yes I am an East Asian Studies major with a minor in hangovers
Have a background in law, including human rights and Asian Studies? You might be the candidate we are looking for.
It's not too late to sign up for the Asian American Studies Wintersession Course! It'll be Tuesday and Thursday...
Tomorrow (Jan. 10), the Department of East Asian Studies will host the first Japanese Language Table of the year! The event will run 5:00-6:30PM in the Debates Room on the second floor of Hart House. No registration is required. This is a great opportunity for Japanese language learners of all levels to work on their speaking ability and meet Japanese students at U of T!
Why doesn't have an Asian Studies minor? There's more than enough courses to make that happen. Who do I go to about this?
Is this a college course? I'm refusing to take an Asian Studies course because of my past experiences with the continent.
I just realised that four out of my five courses this semester are directly related to China and/or India. Asian studies minor please?
what would u focus on in cultural studies? Indigenous culture, western development r important to me. Plus Asian/Aust relations
Principled opposition is expected when litigating issues in the public square, and the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) , for which I serve as the Senior Director, has at times faced stiff opposition from the right and left of the ideological spectrum in response to various positions, reports, and statements released by HAF. Recently, in our campaign to oppose what we believe to be a Hinduphobic, Anti-India Resolution, (H. Res. 417), an ostensible coalition calling itself the Coalition Against Genocide, and made up of far fewer member organizations than it claims, struck again. It has lodged some pretty inflammatory allegations against HAF — calling us “Hindu Supremacists” and trying to link HAF with the Hindutva movement in India. While those of us amongst the old guard at HAF are used to ad hominems from time to time, I was especially touched by the reaction shared by Nicholas O’Connell, a member of of our Executive Council, who will soon join the master’s program in South Asian Studies with a ...
Association for Asian Studies pres Thongchai Winachakuk on current crisis in Thailand cc
Asians introduction: "I like to go by frank, I'm Asian, and my guilty pleasure is calling girls at night" welcome to women's studies pal
CETOBaC, my host, is a research center in Paris specialized in Turkish, Ottoman, Balkan, and Central Asian studies.
Only in Asian studies would they ask to cite work in Chinese.
yeah our Asian studies grade is about to be hurtin..
Open positions in institutional or game theory at Inst. of East-Asian Studies Univ. of Duisburg-Essen
I didn't know studies of Asian Cinema meant Bollywood
Became a member of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS).
So my Asian American Studies class just turned into a black studies class.
...he was the only one who stood up and called out our school for hiring a white man to chair the Asian American Studies dept.
What's Asia and what's Asia Minor?? That's an easy one as I have a PhD in Asianologism. If you take all the JC classes you get a degree in Asian Studies, but if you only take some, you get an Asia Minor...
So impressive what is doing in global education - Asian Studies in particular!
Thai massage in the early 19th century - Asian and African studies blog via
I walked into my Asian studies class and immediately felt awkward.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
The University of Cambridge is seeking to appoint a Senior Language Teaching Officer in Japanese in the Department of East Asian Studies, to begin on 1 October 2014 following the retirement of the current post-holder. The post is a permanent position, subject to a 9 month probation period.
Yeah, that's right East Asian Studies. It's a major; look it up!
taking notes on this long chapter for my Asian studies class
New environmental major approved at UF, two majors canceled The Independent Florida Alligator Mair said the last student who graduated with an M.A. in mathematics was in 2000, and only one student has graduated with a B.A. in Asian studies ... See all stories on this topic »
I see there's the Institute for Southeast Asian and Caribbean studies there. Get stoned while eating dim sum?
I want an Asian friend who can help me with my studies
Darren-senpai is in my Asian studies class. What a boss.
Studies show that all men prefer Asian women. They winning
We theorized ideas since the 70's but kids gotta learn it from a *** hashtag. Still no Asian Am St…
Andy Trieu’s career packs a punch. He’s used Asian studies to pursue his passion for martial arts in film
My Korean oboe player told me, "My mom took my phone away because it was a distraction from my studies...because, you know, Asian.
Sign up for the South Asian Studies course!! Here's a little bit about it: This course will explore the ways that South Asians create, imagine, and construct identity and community in the United States. Our questions of inquiry will include the following: What are the historical, political, cultural and critical lenses through which we can view and understand South Asian identity and community formation? What does it mean to adopt and use a collective South Asian American identity? What can we learn from historical moments and experiences, cultural production, and organizing struggles of communities of color as methods and paths to identity formation? How will South Asians engage with the majority-minority America of the future? The course, taught by Deepa Iyer, former Executive Director of South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) ***Upper level course, no prereq. required ***
Hello all, For those who are taking Japanese or want to continue their Japanese language study, do not miss EAST 305/306 & EAST 491/492 that East Asian Studies department will offer this semester! You will be very happy to have Tomoko Ikeda sensei for these two courses!!! For EAST 305/ 306 JAPANESE WRITING 1 (6 credits), if you merely know hiragana and katakana, that's fine and you can take it!
The Foundations of South Asian Studies invites you to present your work in our upcoming Works-in-Progress series to be held in February 2014.
Asian Studies class sorry I just found some more.
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Study visit by the Mae Fah Luang University-ASEAN Ambassadors to UPM. Thank you Faculty of Human Ecology for arranging the talk on South East Asian Studies for the delegates.
Thailand on the brink Mark Fenn Protesters seize a bulldozer in an attempt to plow through police barricades outside Government House last month. (WNV/Mark Fenn) Thailand is no stranger to political turmoil but the current unrest looks set to be a protracted and especially bitter affair, raising the very real possibility of civil war. The stage seems set for a showdown between anti-government forces, backed by powerful vested interests, and a flawed but democratically elected government that enjoys mass support, especially in its rural heartlands. The conflict is being waged between rival factions of the elite, but also on class, ethnic and regional fronts. Predicting the future in Thai politics is futile, but more mass protests and bloodshed on the streets seem inevitable. Over the past two months, tens – perhaps hundreds – of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the capital Bangkok to demand less democracy, and the overthrow of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s government. They ...
Big thank you to the UFT The Korea Club and the East Asian Studies Student Union. and to Simon and Martina, you guys were amazing! My daughter was really happy! :-)
Student Testimonial for Japan Summer Experience No. 3 (By K.O., JSE 13): "Whenever I got the first email about the Japan Summer Experience, I’m pretty sure I deleted it and deemed it something I wouldn’t be interested in because I did not think I would be attracted to anything relating to Japan. Later on I got another email and rethought the possibilities and my motives for a free trip to Japan. Although I did not know much about Japanese culture or Japan in general, I chose to apply for the program because it seemed like a great opportunity to travel and the application was easy. The year of Japanese Language courses and the seminar seemed pretty intimidating; I really had no idea if this was something I wanted to commit to, but I realized that if I didn't go, it would be a shame to regret the missed opportunity to apply, so I applied anyway. I wasn’t completely sure that it was the right decision to go and I decided last minute (I waited until the last possible day to confirm I was going). However ...
Call for Papers 11th Annual South Asia Graduate Student Conference The Self in South Asia University of Chicago April 17­-19 The University of Chicago Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) is pleased to invite paper submissions for the Eleventh Annual South Asia Graduate Student Conference (SAGSC­ XI), which will take place April 17–19, 2014 at the University of Chicago. Graduate students from all over the world, working in all disciplines, and at all stages of study, are welcome to present their latest research to a supportive yet critical audience. We are very happy to announce that Dr. Donald S. Lopez, Arthur E. Link Distinguished University Professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies at the University of Michigan will be our keynote speaker. We will also be welcoming a second distinguished faculty speaker, Dr. Leela Prasad, Associate Professor in Religion and Faculty Director of the Center for Civic Engagement at Duke University. This year's conference will be on the theme of "The Self in Sout ...
CommUNITY Cultural Conversations - 2/5, 2/26, 3/12 5-8pm From Principal Alexa Allman: In conjunction with Spiritridge PTSA, Spiritridge will be offering CommUNITY Cultural Conversations for our community and staff members at Spiritridge in 3 evening potluck sessions. The invitation is open to all Spiritridge parent/guardians. PTSA, staff and I have interviewed a couple of outside consultants to help structure our conversations together and have selected one named Heidi Schillinger. We are looking for a broad spectrum of parent/guardians from all backgrounds to join the conversations and represent our student population. CommUNITY Cultural Conversations dates/times: Wednesday, February 5: 5:00-8:00 PM Wednesday, February 26: 5:00-8:00 PM Wednesday, March 12: 5:00 -8:00 PM *Optional Potluck Please RSVP to Alexa Allman AllmanAif you are interested and/or have questions. Space is limited to 35 participants. We request your attendance at all three sessions for continuity and consistency. Biography of Heidi Sch ...
Hey, everyone! Just a reminder, there is a "Kouhaku" event happening in January at the Asian Studies Centre in collaboration with UBCASIA and K-Wave! We need singers, dancers and other artists or talents to come show what they've got in this event! Please sign-up here as soon as possible if you are interested! have "auditions" (really, more like screenings to find out what your act is like/have a taste of what you will perform in order to plan effectively, the ordering of performances among other things) coming up in the next week, so please sign-up ASAP! Thank you for supporting us! Hope to see you soon!
✦ SELLING ASIAN STUDIES BOOKS ✦ ASIA 100: Global India circa 100CE by Davis, Traditional China in Asian and World History by Tansen, India: Brief history of a civilization by Trautmann, Southeast Asia in World History by Craig A. Lockard, East Asia Second Edition by Ebrey $100 FOR ALL ASIA 222: The Mahabharata: The book of the Beginning Volume 1 $30 ASIA 369: Narayan Mondays on the Dark Night of the Moon by Kirin Narayan $20 ASIA 460: Shanghai baby by Wei Hui, I have the right to destroy myself by Young-ha Kim, Princess Knight by Tezuka Osamu $50 FOR ALL
My Summer Internship at the Osaka Foundation of International Exchange: During this summer, I had the opportunity to experience first-hand what it means to work at a Japanese style office while doing an internship at the Osaka Foundation of International Exchange - an umbrella organization of the Osaka Prefectural Government dedicated to promoting international cooperation and cultural exchange. Like many Japanese office workers, I would spend one and a half hours every day travelling to and from my work place during the commuter rush. Of course, the trains, as a rule, were always crowded or as we Latvians would say the people were packed together like “herrings in a barrel” and I would find myself wondering how everyone was able to keep so calm, despite being fully dressed in the traditional Japanese black business suits and the thermometer hitting the + 35 °C mark, and thanking my lucky stars that the office where I was to work did not have a strict dress code. After alighting from the train and wa ...
Researchers are invited to contribute articles and books on three Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA) themes. UKNA is a collaborative research project on themes related to Asian cities of the International Institute for Asian Studies in the Netherlands.
Presentation by Kathryn Ibata-Arens, Director, Global Asian Studies, Associate Professor, DePaul University, “Entrepreneurs and Techno-Locales as Agents of Innovation”
The Disputed Gate Looking for The Disputed Gate? = Check the availability - items: The disputed gate, framed black wood, white matte; The books of ezra and nehemiah: with introduction, notes and maps; Holman bible atlas: a complete guide to the expansive geography of biblical history (broadman & holman reference); 1 and 2 kings, 1 and 2 chronicles, ezra, nehemiah, esther (zondervan illustrated bible backgrounds commentary); Fire in the valley: the making of the personal computer (second edition); The coming of the people; Greece: the peloponnese (bradt travel guide greece: the peloponnese); How to be a billionaire: proven strategies from the titans of wealth; The bengal borderland: beyond state and nation in south asia (anthem South Asian Studies); Exiled at home: comprising at the edge of psychology, the intimate enemy and creating a nationality; At some disputed barricade: a novel (world war i); The disputed gate; The disputed gate; The cambridge bible for schools and colleges; San francisco's presidio ...
Hello everyone! The Eat Your Kimchi Meet & Greet is TOMORROW!!! I'm sure you're all excited, but we have a few reminders before that: 1. TICKET HOLDERS (those who RSVP'd via Eventbrite). Please remember to bring your printed copy of your ticket! Hard copies are preferred over digital ones to ensure quick and orderly entrance into the auditorium. Please line up outside OISE room G162 at 6:00pm to begin seating (do not wait outside the building)! Everyone with a ticket who arrives on time (between 6:00-6:30pm) will be seated. Unfortunately due to time constraints the rush line will now begin at 6:30, so please do not be late or your spot may be given away. 2. RUSH LINERS (those without a ticket who still wish to attend). The rush line will begin seating at 6:30, so it is advised that you line up before then in order to get a seat. Seating will be done on a first-come first-served basis, based on how many ticket holders do not show up. We cannot estimate how many seats will be available, so please cons ...
Photobook Creator Kit -CD, 8.5''x11'' Album, 20 Sheets of Paper Photobook Creator Kit -CD, 8.5''x11. More details: also: Illuminations: women writing on photography from the 1850's to the present; Book + art: handcrafting artists' books; Heritage signature auction illustration art, march 12-13, 2009, dallas, texas; Body outlaws: rewriting the rules of beauty and body image (live girls); Ode to mamica mia, mother beloved: photos, poems, with the full novel and eulogy; Zometool creator 1 building kit; 'thank you for your business': the jewish contribution to the british economy; Photobook creator kit; Photobook creator kit cd 8.5x11 album 20 sheets of paper; Unibind mybook collection 4x6 photobook album w/envelope: pattern blue & brown; Idol worship; Sleeping with boys: the trilogy (the altar boy, the passion, the not-quite-frozen lake of tender hurt); Island creator kit (poptropica); Photography: the key concepts; The world of aromatherapy; Unibind - photobook creator machine - black - binding kit; Canon r ...
This Thursday at 6:30PM please join Professor Jackson, Director of the Asian Studies Program, Professor Meredith Weiss of the Southeast Asia Studies program, SAIS alumni, and current students studying Burmese in Yangon for happy hour in the Captain's Bar of Savoy Hotel. Please share the message with any other SAISers or friends of SAIS who may be interested and we look forward to seeing you there!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
the small reflection paper on Carla Nappi's Monkey and Inkpot exhausted me...15 pages more than 5 translation problems from classic Chinese to English... no respect to Princeton PhD graduates in Asian Studies 3:)
MC for Bali International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS) Opening Ceremony and Orientation - day 1
[re-post from Fri, Jan03] BALANCE: Both of my friends where I’m staying work w non-profit orgs promoting community development projects. Andrew, who has a PhD in Asian studies & is fluent in several languages, is a project director here for Oxfam-UK. His program works with local citizens’ advocacy groups, supporting their efforts on issues such as land reform, community health & the environment. Giang, who achieved a masters in Sociology in the US while she & Andrew were my housemates in Wash DC, started a community development organization back in her home town of Hanoi: “Action for the City”. Over the years, from just a dream she’s guided its growth & success, & has started a sister organization here in Hoi An. Their projects include promoting organic gardening and farming (so, of course, Giang & Andrew’s home has a big organic garden that has provided greens & veggies for our meal every night). Giang see’s food production as a key to people reconnecting locally as a community, & at our hu ...
Scholar of the Month, December, 2013: Dr. Paul J. Carnegie is Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the Institute of Asian Studies, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. He is the author of The Road from Authoritarianism to Democratization in Indonesia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) and taught previously in Australia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Congrats to him..
I just got word that I have received all "A"s on all eight of my essays I had written for my Asian Studies class...which was specifically on China! I learned much about China this semester and it will fulfill both an international requirement, and a writing requirement for my Mary Baldwin psych. degree! :)... :) PTL!
On November 6th, Manhattanville College Library held a book launch of “The Journal of Wu Yubi: The Path to Sagehood” which was translated by Theresa Kelleher, Associate Professor of Asian Studies and World Religions. During the talk, Dr. Kelleher shared some of her favorite quotes in the book, showing the connection between the past and the present; between an author who embraced Confucian ideas in the 1400’s and us dealing with our daily struggles. The book was warmly received by an enthusiastic audience, with many in attendance getting their books signed by the author. The event was hosted by the Departments of Asian Studies and World Religions, and a lovely reception ensued after the talk.
Buddhist heritage of Tamil Nadu and its links with Lanka November 12, 2013, 4:43 pm By Dr. Nirmala Chandrahasan The cultural affinities between Tamil Nadu our closest neighbour and Sri Lanka are many but little is known of the religious ties which bound the two countries between the early years of the Christian era and the 14th century AD, during which time Buddhism was prevalent in South India. Buddhism came to South India before the 3rd Sangam period in the 2nd century BC. Pandit Hisselle Dharmaratana mahathera, in his Buddhism in South India states that there is evidence that Ven. Mahinda Thera, Emperor Asoka’s son also spread the Dhamma in Tamil Nadu. The Mahathera states "although the chronicles say he arrived through his supernatural powers, scholars are of the opinion that he travelled by sea and called at Kaveripattinam on the east coast of Tamil Nadu on his way to Sri Lanka". Dr Shu Hikosake Director Professor of Buddhism, Institute of Asian Studies in Madras in his book Buddhism in Tamil Nadu ...
If you are in Leiden, Netherlands: Documentary filmmaker Yousuf Saeed International Institute for Asian Studies
Asian Studies major here too. Thanks to Paul Keating's urges in early 90's! Thinking of doing postgrad as well.
Charles Huang is currently the CEO of Green Throttle Games, Inc., a startup based in Santa Clara, CA focused on creating video games on TV in the new era of video games. Previously, Charles was co-founder of RedOctane and the co-creator of the Guitar Hero video game franchise. In 2005, the company published Guitar Hero, which went on to become the fastest video game to reach $1B in sales and a franchise that has exceeded $5B of total revenue to date. Guitar Hero was the best-selling video game in the world in 2007 and 2008. In 2006, Mr. Huang, along with his brother Kai, was elected as one of the top 50 producers in New Media by the Producers Guild of American New Media Council membership which includes such famed movie directors as Jerry Bruckheimer and Brian Grazer. Mr. Huang immigrated to California as a young child and currently resides in Silicon Valley with his wife and two daughters. Mr. Huang holds BA’s in Economics and Asian Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. Charles Huang C ...
DOV ZAKHEIM ­ A brief resume' Graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics (PhD), and the University of Oxford (National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow) Former CEO of Systems Planning Corporation, a highly specialized defense technology company that manufactures a one-of-a-kind remote-piloting system for aircraft, including commercial airliners Senior Fellow for Asian Studies of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Member of the Task Force on Defense Reform (appointed by Secretary of Defense Cohen) Senior Advisor at the Center for International and Strategic Studies Former Under Secretary of Defense (appointed by George W. Bush) Comptroller of the Pentagon Pioneer and prime architect of Project for the New American Century (PNAC), the neo-con cabal that authored Rearming America's Defenses (RAD), the bible for American global domination Author of "Flight Of The Lavi: Inside A US-Israeli Crisis" (Brassey's, 1996) Long-time Bush associate, having served as a policy advisor to the governor d ...
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