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Asia Argento

Aria Asia Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento (born 20 September 1975) is an Italian actress, singer, model, and director.

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How Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento made the famous Rome episode of 'Parts Unknown'
Can't deal with the glorious darkness of Dario Argento's granddaughter (aka Asia's daughter) 🖤🥀…
Every film by Asia Argento is worth watching.
.April 24, 2016? Didn't he separate from his wife in September? He left his wife for Asia Argento? Okay,…
Margaret Cho, Asia Argento and Lydia Lunch will be also be joining us on series?…
I think everybody at one time had a crush on Asia argento
Asia - The Mirror of my Soul Photosets: Asia Argento by Emilio Tini (1998)
Asia Argento nude and group sex scenes
Asia Argento and family, photographed in Rome for Arena Homme+ by Mark Peckmezian loewe…
It's such a surprisingly fun film. Asia Argento is my 12 yr old idea of how I wanted to grow up.
you would think they would've come out for asia argento in BOARDING GATE but that theater was empty
Asia Argento on the set of MARIE ANTOINETTE (2006)
Asia Argento, Gus Van Sant, Michael Pitt, and Tom Waits all come across as much worse than Laura Albert!
//I'm happy there's finally an Asia Argento account. Hopefully they're good.
►Asia Argento: You looking at me looking at you I wanna see you
My daughter, Asia, has been in many of my movies. I love working with her. ...
That movie The Mistress with Asia Argento kinda messed me up.
What you might see as depravity is, to me, just another aspect of the human...
Why did I spend all these years playing boring Europeans? I was made for ac...
Asia Argento inspires and moves me plus she's Italian. As an actress I adored her in Opera and The Last Mistress.
bonus points for Asia Argento in the first one…
just google asia argento and youll knoe about QT and italian horror
My favorite films of 2015:. MISUNDERSTOOD by Asia Argento.
I got Asia ARGENTO on "Who is your Highschool DxD girlfriend?"
Militants launch pre-dawn attack on Pathankot air force base in India's Punjab
i start to miss right now Asia Argento
I see your Hopkins and Burke and raise you Lady Miss Kier and Asia Argento :-P
listening to "Dragula" on loop and looking at pictures of Asia Argento. Hi, 2016.
►Asia Argento: "Winter. Like a seed my soul needs the hidden work ...
It freaks me out how much Asia Argento looks like Uma Thurman.
►Asia Argento: Wear your keffiyeh with pride
Little Giant Ladders
►Asia Argento: Ted Bundy reading the Bible in death row a few days ...
Argento's Dracula 3D Red Band Trailer (HD) Asia Argento, Rutger Hauer - looks so bad it might be go…
Asia Argento at Motorola Presents an Index Magazine Evening with "JT LeRoy" and Friends - Green Room and Show
is Argento the villain in Giallo? I'm still stumped by the gratuitous shower scene of Asia Argento in MOT
►Asia Argento: My buddy, my buddy, nobody quite so true.
EXCLUSIVE: Asia Argento arriving at Cannes airport for the 2014 ...
"Demons 2" had me at Asia Argento. And may I say, "Yum!". :) --Doc
the performance of Ludovica Amati with Asia Argento | A Shaded View On fashion by Diane Pernet
Asia Argento at Italian actress and director Asia Argent
"I can't get rid of my dark roles. The beast it's still on me, my man" Asia Argento
Amazing conference of Asia Argento, she's getting a new fan.
-- church to rescue Asia Argento, Rias helps Issei indirectly by killing three of Raynare's Fallen Angel allies before terminating --
Robin Wright & Asia Argento at Member of the jury, Italian actress and
Robin Wright & Asia Argento at Members of the jury (from L) Taiwanese a
Asia Argento, Egon Schiele, Peter Lindbergh, Enki Bilal, Baudelaire, you and so much more
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Asia Argento looking hot in underwear! - HD_
Will somebody please cast Hayden Christensen and Asia Argento as siblings in something?
Director's Cut version of the music video by Marilyn Manson performing (s)AINT. Directed by Asia Argento. Edited by Jim Mol. Leaked out to the net in Decembe...
Reminder that Willem Dafoe, Asia Argento, and Christopher Walken were in an indie film adaptation of William Gibson's "New Rose Hotel"
Marilyn Manson acting in Asia Argento's film "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things". Please, if you liked the video show your support
John Hughes - Illusion (Scarlet Diva Soundtrack) Scarlet Diva is a 2000 Italian movie by actress and first-time director and screenwriter Asia Argento. Scarl...
Moi on set with the wonderful Asia Argento!
Home video of Filmmaker Asia Argento and her daughter.
►Asia Argento: Lovesomnia cold sweats & cigarettes waking me up at ...
The new remix production Hanin Elias + Asia Argento is done!
Watching XxX... *** I never get tired of Asia Argento...
Asia Argento vs. the Drunk Hordes of Rome. Somebody make that movie happen! "WE ARE GOING TO GET YOU PLASTERED!"
can we all just admit that Asia Argento is the hottest woman on the face of the planet and move on?
If I didn't evolved, I would be dead. ~ Asia Argento
Ok, that's it, I'm changing my name to Asia Argento, & y'all can eat a *** . *Gets up from table, grabs iced mocha & handbag, storms off*   10% Off
So I watched the screeners for Dallas Buyers Club and Blue Jasmine. "Dallas..." was slightly less depressing that the despairingly endless hopelessness of "Blue Jasmine." While both are brilliant movies, as with the powerful Asia Argento-directed drama The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things... I don't ever have to watch any of those features again...
►Asia Argento's Vine: The revolution will be civilized.
asia argento - my stomach is the most violent of all of Italy
►Asia Argento's Vine: This is great, but why not blast Dmitrij ...
If you haven't watched 3 Extremes or Scarlet Diva starring one of my favorite actresses ever,Asia Argento, I highly recommend it.
►Asia Argento: This is beyond good and evil
"If I didn't evolved, I would be dead." Watch the diary of @
►Asia Argento's Vine: Top of the world son!
Best and TOP rated xXx (Triple X), 2002, Vin Diesel, Asia Argento, Samuel L. Jackson in HQ. Check out More nice, cool, Humor, love Backgrounds in Real HD Quality all in
►Asia Argento: Snow time for me and my little man.
$3.00 (0 Bids). End Date: Tuesday Dec-31-2013 10:08:25 PST. Buy It Now for only: US $4.99. Bid now | Buy it now |...
If you can find them, Asia Argento's, and Miriam Giovanelli's are worth a peek.
I need to see Asia Argento in more things. And in less things.
Actress and director Asia Argento created this mesmerising series of film shorts exclusively for SHOWstudio, presented as a 'video diary' with films uploaded...
Asia Argento looks so much like my mom.
Perhaps I'll watch the Vin Diesel spy actioner 'XXX' tonight, accompanied by director Rob Cohen's eloquent commentary. The passion with which he speaks about the medium of film, always leaves me feeling inspired. And Asia Argento is a pleasure to look at.
►Asia Argento: Sleepy pups, on our merry way to the north
well I've known issei for a while lol
in the manga, anime, and rp is just the same XDD
lol I'm here. You give love. A band aid
It's a jerky ride so far this holiday season. Not yet feeling the spirit, even after buying the pets some geegaws and gimcracks at the local Walgreens. Got the chihuahua a new bed (on sale, no less!); cats got a stocking filled with kitty treats. Nothing there for Mr Hanky, the bitin' bird, or Bob, the tortoise, or the two fish, but maybe I can drop by Petco and close those gaps. Listening to the vinyl of the Band's 2nd album ("King Har-vest will surely come..."), brewing a 2nd pot of coffee. Asia Argento implores us all to be creative every day, so hmmm, what to do on Christmas Eve day? Think I'll prepare a garden in the dirt strip that runs along the driveway between this building & the next. Nothing like a shovel in the dirt to lift my spirits. Well, maybe some fun with a chainsaw, but that's another story.
Recorded on 20/03/2013 - work in progress - berlin de / anton newcombe / asia argento music for film imagined. This is me I am here a point of my life you ar...
►Asia Argento's Vine: Directors are athletes (shot by my 5 years ...
Last I checked, it wasn't Asia Argento 's birthday, but everyone else is sending their regards. So...why not?
Thank you for the invite to the Asia argento group .she's my all time favorite actress in the world and the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world and of all time. I tried to send Asia a friend request and f.b. said I couldn't because she had reached the 5,000 limit and I was really upset over this until I saw your group on f.b. and I got happy again because here I can talk about her. In closing merry x-mas and a happy new year. I really appreciate the invite. Goodnight now.
For the BOYLS- who would u do a sex scene in a horror movie with?- Sherri Moon Zombie, Linnea Quigley, Asia Argento, or Pamela Springsteen? For the GHOULS- Same question- Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Robert Englund? ONLY THESE CHOICES APPLY!
Asia Argento, Actress: xXx. Asia Argento was born into a family of actors and filmmakers, and she is one of the most sought-after actresses of the moment. She made her debut when she was only nine years old in Sergio Citti's Sogni e bisogni (1985). In 1988 she had the leading role in Cristina Comenc...
In case you missed it... The week in GIFs, feat. Duncan Jones, Kevin Smith, Asia Argento & that Troll Hunter remake:
This week's top movie news in GIFs, feat. Kevin Smith, Duncan Jones, Asia Argento, & that French film causing a stir:
If You Were Born Today, September 20: You seek security and harmony in your life, preferring to keep the peace than to deal with too much conflict. You have a gentle, peaceable manner. Intelligent and analytical, your opinions are strong although rarely forced upon others. Although generally quiet and likeable, you have strength of character that others sense. You have a straightforward manner, yet you are also magnetic and intuitive. Idealistic in love, it can take some time before you see a partner clearly. Famous people born today: Sophia Loren, Upton Sinclair, Alexander the Great, Jon Bernthal, Moon Bloodgood, Asia Argento, Anne Meara.
I remember hating Scarlett Johannson for doing that Tom Waits covers album but if Asia Argento had done it I would have allowed it.
Second Mentorship Call tomorrow with Suzanne Lyons ! "Suzanne is currently on location producing The Calling starring Susan Sarandon and Topher Grace and has produced 10 films ranging from comedy to horror, working with actors such as Naomi Watts, Christopher Walken, Dean Cain, Jennifer Tilly, Jon Lovitz, Asia Argento, James Caan and others." Thank YOU Gary Goldstein
My favorite theoretical Charlie's Angels was Jennifer Jason Leigh, Asia Argento, and Angelina Jolie. All of whom were apparently up for it.
Directed by Dario Argento. With Asia Argento, Rutger Hauer, Thomas Kretschmann, Marta Gastini. The tale begins with Jonathan Harker, journeying by train and carriage from England to Count Dracula's crumbling...
Directed by George A. Romero. With Simon Baker, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, Asia Argento. The living dead have taken over the world, and the last humans live in a walled city to protect themselves as they come to grips with the situation.
*edited* One movie that i found insufferably condescending and "twee" was the writing/directing debut of Zach (Getting to Know You) Braff. To me it was a typical example of the phony twaddle that gets marketed by the "mini-majors". Now, I have no issue with movies that are MAINSTREAM in virtually every regard (such as Hesher) but in a crowded marketplace crowded with ridiculously wasteful blockbusters such as Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness & fast & Furious 6 there is little room for a smaller, emotionally true film such as Miranda July's the Future or Asia Argento's The Heart is Deceitful Above all Things (funny story that one) to be properly compensated for the FAR MORE VISIONARY efforts of their respective creators. But that's typical in a MAN'S world where MALE celebrities somehow think it's JUSTIFIABLE to BEG for money to create their saccharine studio bait "visions". Tim Heidecker, star of one of the BEST films of the last several years, The Comedy by Rick Alverson, had this to say "that f---in ...
Directed by Gus Van Sant. With Michael Pitt, Lukas Haas, Asia Argento, Scott Patrick Green. A Seattle-set rock & roll drama about a musician whose life and career is reminiscent of Kurt Cobain's.
If you know, tell me about Asia Argento in 3-lines... 3LinesPedia
Julian Sands is the Phantom, raised by rats. RATS! Which explains his acting. Asia Argento (NEPOTISM!) plays a Christine with dubbed singing
Argento's a master . Susperia & Phenomena are classics . Asia Argento starred in G Romero's Land Of The Dead , another great one.
since when has the fact that a movie is terrible stopped me from seeing it? Also, Christopher Walken! Asia Argento!
Peter, is it just me, or did you too just fall madly in love with Asia Argento?
What if I said, "I wish I could have coffee and pie with Asia Argento"?
The movie will be about a violoncellist (Asia Argento, an italian actress)..
Also amazing is that this came out at the height of my Dario Argento obsession and crush on daughter Asia. And Ennio Morricone scored it!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
("Asia Argento," I know.) Isn't that the one with the rats that some of us discussed at one point?
Dario Argento's 1998 "Phantom of the Opera," with Julian Sands and Asia Aentto. Streaming high quality, legal, free.
have just published their four star review of TRANSYLVANIA starring Asia Argento and out on DVD Monday:
My Stomach is the most violent of all of Italy, Feat. Asia Argento, by R...: ;))
thought you would get a kick Watching Phantom of the Opera w/ Asia Argento |
"Asia Argento" the owner of is the real deal, the bees knees!! Please verify her account!
A pic of took by Asia Argento (an italian actress) on the set of Fanny Ardant's new movie :)
Asia Argento ‏How eclectic and unusual can a movie get?Today I shot a scene with Mika, a piano-cello duet
The account "is reconducible to Actress and director named Asia Argento
Beautiful new song my lovely wife Asia Argento recorded with singer from Charlatans UK. Melancholia from the...
just found 'New Rose Hotel' directed by Abel Ferrara, based on William Gibson short w/ Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe & Asia Argento
Watching Land of the Dead on dvd. Simon Baker, Robert Joy, Asia Argento & The Great Dennis Hopper.
Italian actress Asia Argento stars as the face of Alberta Ferretti's new bridal collection for 2013, entitled "Alberta Ferretti Forever".
Things that are terrible in Land Of The Dead: 1. John Leguizamo. 2. Dennis Hopper. 3. Bloke from The Mentalist. 4. Asia Argento.
Ah, Finally! The Walking Dead, on amc. Two episodes tonight, back to back. Preceded by the 2005 TV movie: Land of the Dead. A mercenary leader squares off with a rebellious comrade, while flesh-eating zombies threaten their fortified city. Featuring: Simon Baker, John Leguizamo, Asia Argento, Robert Joy, Dennis Hopper - Not a half bad movie. ZOMBIE MARATHON!!!
It is time to step up my horror game, so tonight it will be a double feature to finish up Dario Argento's Three Mothers Trilogy. First up is "Inferno" which is another rather incoherent film, but it is masterfully horrific. The scene in the underwater apartment always freaks me out a bit. This one stars Daria Nicolodi, who just happens to be the mother of Asia Argento, who stars in "Mother of Tears" which is the last film in the series. In the third installment, Asia pulls off one of the smartest moves in horror movie history by taking her heels off and running when the evil monkey makes an appearance in the museum (really)! "The rats are eating me!! The rats are eating me alive!!!" (Inferno) Yikes!!! Guess who won't be sleeping tonight?!?
Monster Mania was great! Saved by the Q&A sessions. Gunnar Hansen (Leather Face) with Marilyn Burns (the girl that got away) from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Asia Argento and four of the girls/victims from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies to name a few. It was so interesting listening to each of them talk and tell stories of what it was like making their movies and working in the industry. Very good start to the season!
My best friend was chosen to be a scream queen in the October issue of Maxim Magazine along with Asia Argento and one other girl I don't know. So proud of you Roxy Vandiver. Well deserved.
Like Sophia Loren crossed with Asia Argento. And a little Fievel from An American Tail thrown in.
I want to make love to Asia Argento in a live-shark tank.
All snark aside, Asia Argento is kinda hot in a weird way. Bonus points for her dad being Dario Argento.
Dario Argento casts daughter Asia Argento in The Stendhal Syndrome, available from Arrow Video
So, Asia Argento has arrived here, and supposedly will shoot her movie part in "Baku I Love You"...too bad Dario isn't here...
EW's Owen Gleiberman on Dario Argento's DRACULA, "DRACULA turns out to be ripely entertaining in a kitschy-sincere old-fashioned way. (The kitsch is in how sincere it is.) It’s true, to a far greater degree than I expected, to Bram Stoker’s novel — much truer than Francis Coppola’s version — and the feel is pure Christopher Lee Hammer horror: the fleshy writhing bosoms (though in this case, they’re uncorseted), the blood smeared like tomato sauce across the mouth of Dracula — played, in a very straight 1960s haircut but with a lot of zest, by Thomas Kretschman. In an age of designer vampires, the movie rekindles the grandeur of Dracula. In this movie, he’s the vampire as aristocratic pimp, and when he sinks his fangs into necks, he really acts out the hunger; you can taste how good it tastes to him. Most of the acting is cardboard-hammy-inept (Asia Argento, who of course strips down for her dad, is better than usual — but then, she always sounds like she’s from Transylvania), and the d ...
Have 2 stories n mind, Id like to work with Thandie Newton/action-comedy, the other Id like to work with Asia Argento/horror. Gonna be fun!
Asia Argento from Cannes: White lace for Asia Argento in Cannes
New Rose Hotel is a 1998 Cyberpunk film by director Abel Ferrara, based on a William Gibson story of the same name, starring Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe and Asia Argento.
Dracula 3D features Asia Argento as Lucy and Rutger Hauer as Van Helsing. via
LOl...It was a very strange movie, but I Iiked Julian Sands and Asia Argento in it :)
Asia Argento, Simon Baker and Zombies. It's an epic night at the shack!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I might have to attend this one. I am a huge fan of Asia Argento and her father Dario. I would love to meet her and have her sign a couple of my dvd's. I might just save up and go, but i am getting married at the end of October, so i don't know if my better half will go for me driving to MD or not. Probably not.
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