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Ashlyn Harris

Ashlyn Michelle Harris (born on October 19, 1985) is an American soccer goalkeeper for the Western New York Flash of Women's Professional Soccer.

Ali Krieger Alex Morgan Sydney Leroux Megan Rapinoe Morgan Brian Washington Spirit Hope Solo Costa Rica Julie Johnston Tobin Heath

But is pookie okay? Everyone knows she doesn't like running sooo...
hey ash! Did u dye your hair black? You look Bomb w/ everything😍I was wondering if you'll ever go back to long and blonde?ily
Congratulations and on Concacaf player awards!!! ht…
The fans of have spoken. and were named to the 2016 Best XI. Read |
New keychains, think will like them? πŸ™Š
.a chance at more than just soccer to break Mimi curse πŸ˜‰
.odds I actually love and care about she at ESPN ?
Hi Can make me a great phavor and dream for me?send me your autograph or dedication to my mail pedrolamponanca
You both are angels... dragging pookie like 🀝🏁
I'm not sure how I feel about Neil Patrick Harris being Count Olaf. Jim Carrey just set the standards too high
Well, now that Alex Morgan is gone for awhile. How about Ashlyn Harris as the next captain? πŸ™Œ ht…
A powerful read for your Monday morning: Ashlyn Harris tells her story for a bigger purpose
Ashlyn Harris is awesome. And that is an understatement. I'm out of words, just let this man explain it. htt…
Heather O'Reilly, Emily Sonnett, Samantha Mewis, and Ashlyn Harris are the four alternates.
I'll forever be in love with Tobin Heath, Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris and Megan Rapinoe. Like until the day I die. And Mo. Forever lil Mo.
So disappointed with the butch fashions at The Italian Wedding. When in doubt copy Ashlyn Harris 😫😲
Got to talk to and got an email from all on the same week. Hope is real, I'm not alone.
Actually, call she'll hook you up with a rad outfit. (:
Sorry for being so brief the other evening, but hopefully I get a chance to run into you again soon take care & much love.
I just ordered one for myself AND you at the game on June 23rd!!
"If you ask me where my strength comes from everyday, it's because of that woman." - on her grandma
First I was confused about this box arriving... I didn't know what it could be... Then I opened it!
Can't wait to see you play against the person!!! Good luck!!
maybe then Jill would recognize talents!!
Most legit hot dog EVER. Everything's better with mac n cheese. 😜
Meet the coolest kids. The Blade Sisters Now,Who wore it better? ht…
Ashlyn Harris is basically all I need in a wife so πŸ˜πŸ’Ž
Does it make me a badass if I wear jersey and ride the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world? πŸ”₯
I would not shortchange She looks A++ for & may have surpassed Hope regarding "raw" saves.
the new bracelet is coming out. It's for the Sharks FYI
πŸ“· kipperclothiers: Style Icon of the Week - Ashlyn Harris: The always impeccably dressed
Got engaged to the most amazing girl today, my birthday is Friday, and I get to fan girl/watch play Saturday❀️
They made a Lokai just for and guess who just ordered hers...πŸ™‹πŸ½
Remember when and sat at our table right after we left Mugshots and I didn't meet them 😩😭
--. Bless Up for vibing with me today at the party in…
Hey if you're bored during downtime in ROC definitely check out in 😎😎
almost had a league last time arguing against Trump?...
welcome back to Clinton land where women *** etc. lose
My is Although I have many, this one definitely tops the list!!!
Line of fans waiting for their chance to meet
caskett-happened: Ashlyn Harris is a straight up panty dropper. … Truth.
Drills of the Week: Neck Strength Training from - https:…
Thanks for letting us come up multiple times & being the best πŸ’œhttps:…
Are Alex Morgan and Ashlyn Harris going to be present for the game on Saturday in Western New York against the Flash?
Correction: Alex Morgan & Ashlyn Harris have not joined camp yet. Sat out of training today, still out for Saturd…
Ashlyn Harris after the final whistle last Saturday on her 3-1 victory vs Houston Dash. πŸ“·: Kat Farris https…
Ashlyn Harris: "..hoping to be us one day. This city is incredible and the amount of love that they've shown us in sho…
Quick-fire Q&A with Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris and Chill β˜•οΈ
How can I continue to complain about Ashlyn Harris never getting played when Mark says that?! πŸ™ˆ
This was just too cute!😍Ashlyn Harris pranks Alex Morgan during USWNT win over Colombia via
Guess who came back today for a private session? Great to have Alex Morgan & Ashlyn Harris back again at Porter's!
Ashlyn Harris and Samantha Mewis during today's training. (PC: isiphotos)
Exactly, we need a 1st class 1. Like Hope Solo and Ashlyn Harris :) They r both alot better than our current keepers
It seems so. But Ali Krieger is assumed. I think it was not now on the alleged affair Ashlyn Harris changed teams
I liked a video Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger- Rather be
ahah well done (Even if Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger would be better ahah)
Start studying.. Take a quick break.. Look at photos of Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris.. Start studying again 45 minutes later..
Orlando got Alex Morgan and Ashlyn Harris. . Portland got Tobin Heath and Meghan Klingenberg. Houston got Carli Lloyd and Morgan Brian.
give me Ashlyn Harris and Julie Johnston for my birthday
please don't leave us. We'll love you forever 😘 k thanks luv you
Especially if Orlando gets Harris. Moe + Ashlyn could be strong foundation. (Although Holiday & Barnhart had Broon to build defense around.)
Rumor : It’s only a matter of time before USWNTers Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux and Ashlyn Harris j...
Calling it now. Ashlyn Harris and Alex Morgan to Orlando NWSL team.
The conditions we face do not define us. They remind us of who we are and who we want to be.
*** I still do and probably always will it's so much fun right
please take a few min to watch this video on why Jon Busch started his SAVES for SEALs program.
🚨🚨🚨🚨 NHS members 🚨🚨🚨🚨 go by Mr. Harris room at some point today and nominate a homecoming queen from the club
2015 Team Awards have been announced! Congrats http:/…
I'm so in love with the way you dress, you look hot miss Ashlyn!!!
I wish these 2 goddesses would notice meπŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜‚ they be slaying 24/7😍😭 I love these 2 so muchπŸ’•
goes to FL & Joaquin turns into the Atlantic.Coincidence? I think not! New England thanks you kindly!
NEW LIFE GOAL: to have hair as good as and style like That'd be great, please. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
Serious question: How can you not have a crush on ???
looking very sleek and dapper. Nice threads.
Thoughts and prayers to you Columbia SC.
& to Orlando all my faves in 1 team. Please make it happen. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Well, after watching video I realized why has been hanging out with so much 😏
The Brighton soccer team is taking after
We challenge you to do your best impression!. Good luck beating this cat .
Why yes, you were asking for a supercut of saves for this season?
vodka, gin, scotch or JD (my personal fav)? Hey...gotta prioritize my questions.
Can do an unCUT with ?? Because I would def subscribe for that..
Best Krashlyn there is! Can't get enough of Kyle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she's honestly the best person ever!
I'm about to date a soccer player cuz Ashlyn Harris is sexy as *** !! 😩😩😩
Okay this save was everything . bless your soul
You and Alex look good.Alex looks beautiful with that dress.You r rocking that outfit Ashlyn.U girls are amazing!
You're killing me with all the hotness!
don't leave me. I already have commitment issues
Welp if Ashlyn Harris goes to the Orlando team guess who's moving to florida
I'd buy more suits if Ashlyn would model them. 😍
Could it be? THE flagship players for the Orlando expansion team.
one picture to fuel a thousand Internet rumours
Who is your style role model? β€” Sara Gilbert, Sophia Bush, Ashlyn Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen DeGeneres.
OMG you guys, Megan Rapinoe and Ashlyn Harris signed my jersey! *fangirls* @ Maryland SoccerPlex…
so excited to see both Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris playing tomorrow! Loading up the car!!! Go Spirit!
reason for pic is annual celeb holiday card. Started as joke but friends expect lol
My wife & I are trying 2 talk & into taking picture with us after 4 $200 to charity
We can't fully prevent concussions, but we can develop muscles around the neck to reduce risk.
If & want more for a photo than $100 each to their charity, just say it!:) I know it
Hey ! When you come to orlando, do you want to come to Universal with us?? πŸ™
But we certainly do not want playing if it hurts her. will win! Calling it now!
Boh I think I just went crazy for I mean, have You seen & They're perfect!
the news reported this morning that D.C traffic is worse than L.A traffic.
$100 to each of your fav charities for pics with us tomorrow. Driving to Ajax from STL to see our
just sat for a 6 hour memorial piece for my mom. No pain no gain. Props.
So excited to see play in Portland πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ can't wait to watch you!!! β€οΈπŸ’•
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I Think you need to add this to your collection! That's if you don't own it already!
Who says isn't the best keeper in the world? Best save: Saving so she didn't get hit. ;-)
Holy wowzers you met Ashlyn Harris today?
Long road trip this weekend to watch & play in PDX. Excitement is taking over!
Will both Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris be playing in tomorrow's game?
3 | (8-6-4, 28 pts) . 4 | (8-5-4, 28 pts). Should be a great match on Thursday!
Waiting on an update from is back training? πŸ™ she is not injured πŸ™
Looking for a F*** to give for the people saying they dont want her to "cover herself in tattoos"
"Ashlyn Harris is so intimidating. What a badass."
Praying I get to see in goal at the Birmingham game 😁 I'll drop a tear
I wish there were clear soccer socks/guards so we could see the new tattoo as you play!! Looks purdy neat.
In this pic looks so so so much like 😱😱😱
But can we talk about how great looks with platinum hair? Let's talk about I want to talk about it
This is and as 2 left sharks and I don't even have a good excuse for this one.
heard Ashlyn Harris got hurt in the victory tour, will she be playing the next game?
My goal in life is to get an invite to and wedding
I absolutely love the new leg piece!
Being for Halloween every year of my life starting now.
Hey will be at the game on Thursday will you be in goal?
β€œI want to be Ashlyn Harris & that’s something I keep in mind..I hope to be that [best GK in the world] one day.” πŸ” ht…
lettyortiz: I need one of y'all to explain to me how Ashlyn Harris could possibly be β€œcelebrating her/her...
So should I point out to Alexi Lalas that something else we know about Ashlyn Harris is she doesn't give up goals to CRC? ;-)
Subs that should have happened: Morgan Brian, Ashlyn Harris, and Julie Johnston.
ohhh my god Ashlyn Harris is on Washington Spirit AND they play Seattle Reign in a month...any interest in rallying a crew?
World Cup champions Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris welcomed back to NWSL:
Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris during the ESPYS pre-party last night. (PC: ContactMusic)
secondary question: is Ashlyn Harris really Kasey Keller good? (Would not influence my decision.)
Satellite's Ashlyn Harris on Good Morning America with teammates and Ed Sheeran - not a bad way to start day!
Ashlyn Harris with Jill and Ali Krieger after the match. (PC: Washington Spirit Fan)
Check out Self's video with Ashlyn Harris, Ali Krieger, Sydney Leroux and Crystal Dunn.
Little Giant Ladders
Ashlyn Harris, Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux before the match today. ✊ (PC: Tony Avela)
So many pictures of Ashlyn Harris on my phone and zero shame about it
keep killing it in Hawaii and in the goal πŸ˜‰ You're awsome !!
Been killing it Amish style the last week in Hawaii. Sorry I've been MIA. I'll be back posting in no time.
Cross country: Henderson's Caroline Rains, 35th in 4A at state meet, 12:45.90. Spring Hill's Ashlyn Harris 63rd with time of 13:01.18.
Alyssa Naeher was picked 11th in 2010, Ashlyn Harris was picked 19th. They had it right all along, USWNT doesn't.
"I worked and I clawed, and l cried, and l scratched, and l made it.". -
"This is exactly where I'm supposed to be... It makes this moment even more special because I know it wasn't given to me."…
Set de fotos: lettersofautumn: erimacphoto: Ashlyn Harris before the Washington Spirit v. Sky Blue game on...
great spot, my brother got married there last year! Love the official bird is the Kauai Chicken
You're my life my smile my hero ... You're πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”
I want Ashlyn Harris. like every other *** ..
You are my # 1 GK, you're on your way to be 1 of the best GKs, gorgeous, humble & a lot less trouble than crazy HS.
ashlyn Harris is hotter than Hope Solo though. 😳
and are legends! Super fun hanging with them in my home town :)
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I love interviewing & both are so easy and fun to talk to!
Ashlyn Harris & Pinoe checking out the medals back in October 26 2014 . (PC: Cynthia Hobgood)
Can we plz get aRT/Shoutout for the ECHS GirlsSoccer team. First team in Lorain County to make it this far!State semi finals!
Sydney Leroux & Ashlyn Harris during the Costa Rica match. (PC:isiPhotos)
Ali Krieger, Sydney Leroux & Ashlyn Harris after the Costa Rica match. [10.24.14] (PC: K.K)
In my dreams, I met and somehow I was taller than her. Funny how dreams do weird things like that
Snap chatting without spell check. for all the bday ❀
Boss giving us a pregame pep talk..
I dont usually find blondes at all attractive but . is thee 'only exception' πŸ’˜
Ashlyn Harris is by far the most illegal-looking person I have EVER seen. Holy god, too much hotness.
My inspired boots came in for the game Friday! We may have to drive 6 & 1/2 hours but…
Thanks for the selfie best day of our lives!
Ashlyn Harris training in KC with the USWNT
Don't forget to check out Ashlyn Harris's official fan page on FB ✊
That time me and did the body roll train in LuLu...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
When the links in the USSoccer site are working, you find gems like this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ’
I am Only 8 years old & Raising money 4 with my Soccer Song please watch & RT
- The American Royal and RenFest! It's the last weekend for RenFest... So it is a must go!!!
You know she's going to get that lift on
go get the best cappuccino of your life at Broadway Coffee Roasters
the plaza is always great, the Nelson is fun and you can come see me for dinner @ Morton's grille
The Peanut for buffalo wings and The Plaza for shopping!
Exactly what said we get a little break so give it to me people
check out the Nelson Atkins art museum, insane collection and it's free! Drinks and guacamole at the foundry in westport late
I had a dream that Ashlyn Harris was my girlfriend, needless to say, it was a fantastic dream.
Sounds like a great time, Ashlyn - glad we can help. We've got a gift for you. Please DM us for more details.
When you find out his new gf is ugly.
the Womens World Cup field should be equal to the mens! Stop gender discrimination now!
Just a reminder that 's Birthday is in 9 days πŸ˜‰β€
Guys Ashlyn Harris is so hot like what even are you man featured in NBC s Science of Love
Goin to the radio station to talk about work whit my mom Tre_harris, Ashlyn Nicholds
I think Ashlyn Harris likes to swear.
Driving 6 & 1/2 hrs next week to watch my girls play. All I'm saying is I better meet ✊
Ashlyn Harris back in her Saint Louis Athletica days...
Watching Ashlyn Harris highlights and eating pita chips
In honor of the Champions League first round, let's bring this game back!
"Through my journey I've learned that I'm not alone, that I need people...". - .
"I commit & chose to live because my voice matters & because I want to love & be loved.". - .
"I don't want to be the next Hope Solo, I want to be Ashlyn Harris.". -
has to be bae's (Ali Krieger) bae lol they're both baes but Ashlyn tattoos are…
um yeah well kill wouldn't be taking hopes spit any way it would ashlyn Harris lol bc she's the back up
Well, those drills... you should try these out ;)
"When you Skype with your parents for the first time... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ashlyn Harris, Hope Solo & Alyssa Naeher training with PGK today at KC. (PC: jrsaintann)
Yes, looks like she mugged someone's Gram. ;-)
Update your maps at Navteq
Ashlyn Harris making a few slight appearances on FoxKC4.
Wonder how feel about FOX writer implying they're a 'frightfully steep' dropoff from Solo?
I'm adding Ashlyn Harris to my girl crush list 😍😍
practicing on the field at Rio Tinto before the game.
Now that Hope has her 72 shutouts hopefully can get her chance against Mexico on the 18th. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘
Thanks to for letting me observe this week. Great work from !
congrats. Amazing game. I am happy to see younon the concacaf tournament.
Glad that Hope broke the record. So can I see at goalie in the next match?? 😍⚽️
I want Ashlyn Harris to go into the game. πŸ˜”
Jesus pls take the wheel. is too much ⚽️
Rochester fans watching tonight in prep for Thursday here!
Alright c'mon USWNT. Let's win this game! Also love that Ashlyn Harris is on the roster.
Person at the gate: you got the right jersey on. *** right!!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
gals have been supporting We'll be rooting for them tonight:
"120Kg Nutella jar. All your arguments are invalid
THANK YOU for the signed pic! I love it, and sorry for the delay of gratitude :)
Ashlyn Harris & captain Krieger during the Sky Blue match (PC: Frog Photography)
Love the gamesmanship from Ashlyn Harris, but Kim Little doesn't do nerves, she's a terminator
why do I feel like your other arm will end up like this after this week?
Heh, thanks! Best of luck against Hopefully you catch on an off-day...
And that's within the entire league completely partial to Ashlyn Harris and the Washington Spirit. πŸ˜…
You need to model these clothes "Here's another shot for all of you fans.
Still in shock that I met some of the nicest WoSo players last night
Huge shoutout to & for stopping by the tailgate yesterday.
Here's another shot for all of you fans.
β€œAshlyn Harris during yesterday's match (PC: EriMacPhoto) are u for real
fyi: wake county sheriff is out here on Shaeron Harris writing people up
if you don't have a crush on Ashlyn Harris something is wrong with you
There's no t-shirt on earth worth $100USD.none,zilch,nada. Only way I fork out that is 4 charity. I hope they're paying you.
Ashlyn Harris !- We R Who We R . Subscribe to my channel :)
I feel like just went out to that game to model lol πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Checkout my new bybalr shirt I was wearing at yesterday's game on
"and before tonight's match I spy and …
Attention everyone...I am in Ashlyn Harris' Instagram picture. My trip to DC has been made.
Playoff bound!! So proud of this team. Thank you for ur dedication and work ethic, so amazing!
Wish I had the money to buy new cloths to try and pull off the Ashlyn Harris style.
So bummed I wasn't able to get Ashlyn Harris to sign my jersey, but maybe next time. Hope she is feeling as good as she looks πŸ’ Fun nite βš½οΈπŸ˜ƒ
waiting for puberty to hit me as hard as it hit Ashlyn Harris
I dont understand how people can not like ashlyn harris, like shes literally the most perfect human being
I need to find someone who has the same love for ashlyn harris as me
"Here are a couple more shots of prior to tonight's match. htt…
Here you go Let me know if you want the original file h…
"and before tonight's match I spy and
Thank you to and for this great photo op before tonight's match h…
Ashlyn Harris keeps pushing herself - along with GK coach Paul Rogers - to be better. Story by h…
The U.S. Women's National Team will begin its 30th year of existence with a training camp running from Jan. 8-15 at U.S. Soccer's National Training Center in Carson, Calif., as head coach Tom Sermanni has called up 28 players. The camp, which will consist of six full days of training, will be the final event before Sermanni chooses a roster for the first match of 2014, taking place on Jan. 31 against Canada at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas. Kickoff for the match is 8 p.m. CT and it will be broadcast on FOX Sports 1. Twenty-five of the players named attended the USA's two-week December camp, with midfielders Megan Rapinoe and Morgan Brian and goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris being added. Harris has recovered from minor knee surgery in early December while Rapinoe was released for this camp by her French club Lyon, which does not play until Jan. 19 against rival Paris Saint-Germain. Brian was invited to the December camp, but her collegiate soccer and academic schedule precluded her participation. "Our two-week . ...
is at the Hill! I'd give anythinggg to meet her while she's here! πŸ‘βš½οΈπŸ’™
Almost to the Thrill... 'Players' won't be the same boys
good year :) :) :) thanks for some wonderful moments, :D
Highlight of the year getting to meet
I wish you'd just come to the hill in my backyard... It would make it sooo much easier for me to meet you.
Saw lyrics on one of pics so I decided to download the song. Really motivating. πŸŽ§πŸ‘ŒβœŠ
Or you could come to MN where absolutely nothing happens...? 😭
I will be in town!! Can I meet you to get an autograph?!
come to South Florida and surf with me
Yep driving to Chapel Hill to see my women crush, see you tomorrow Ashlyn Harris
if only I didn't live on the West Coast
Going to Chapel Hill tomorrow. Let me know if you are in town. :)
I only say "American football" because Ashlyn Harris will yell at me if I use "football" for non-soccer.
"Everytime I get my hopes up, I just watch them get let down." –  10% Off
Apparently at 3 in the morning I enjoy drawing pictures of my favorite soccer players...
Throwback to meeting and One of the best nights ever😍
You know it's been a productive day when all you've done is watch videos about and ... πŸ˜‹πŸ‘
Ashlyn Harris is the perfect example of a chapstick ***
"To my teammates, you will always be my Queens. I love you to death. You can win this thing.". - on staying in the
ridiculous. That was a rocket by Lampard.
That's a outstanding save by mignolet! Perfect technique for a top hand save!
You're literally a ninja Keep killin it in rehab πŸ‘
If I was standing in a room with and I swear my ovaries would explode. .
Wedding outfit inspired by it was a hit :)
My belated goes to Ashlyn Harris because of reasons.
If pretty hurts then you must be going through agony Ashlyn! :)
The Spirit is going to be awesome in 2014.
You're a good friend and teammate HAO.
Ashlyn Harris making her way back on top πŸ‘Œβš½
Pretty hurts hunny. Gettin it in with and my man
"Yes it is true. I’m sad to say I won’t be continuing with TyresΓΆ and I will be staying in the NWSL this upcoming season.". -
Ella Masar and Ashlyn Harris are ruining my life. Send help
having Ashlyn Harris jump over a barrier to give me a hug and the FA cup final :)
Ashlyn Harris... Again... she is such a great role model for young keepers...…
Pretty cool running into at the airport, can't wait for soccer season! :)
She is so cute. Congratulations on the new addition to yours and the Spirit family. W pink she looks a little like Ashlyn Harris
TyresΓΆ FF announced that goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris will not be returning to play for the club in 2014. Harris signed with TyresΓΆ following the conclusion of the 2013 NWSL season and played for the Swedish club from August to November. It appears she will...
Instagram: U.S. Women's National Team member and PSU alum Ali Krieger and teammate Ashlyn Harris paid the team ...
Got to meet U.S. Women's National Team members Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris before today's game!…
Keep getting asked what I want for my 21st next month. An signed jersey wouldn't go amiss.
Why am I just now realizing that Ashlyn Harris attended UNC???
- Are you going to be coming back to the states or are u staying to play with Tyresâ in May? ☺️⚽️.
Super impressed with Tyreso! Wondering who would win in a vs match??
I really wish I could read Swedish so I could possibly buy an Ashlyn Harris TryesΓΆ FF jersey...
so for Xmas, i want a poster with on it. but no. they dont sell them unless im on a sketchy website.
Don't know who I'm crushing on more... or ...they are both beautiful and diff styles yettt I'm sooo in love πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
Congrats for the qualification to quarters.
Congrats to who have progressed to the next round of
Is in charge of the security checkpoints on ticketmaster? Lol
"Hi everyone. This was my date last night at the Gala She's pretty cool... Krashlyn!!!
Wow, Ashlyn Harris' tattoo is super rad. Like, I really wish I could pull of the full sleeve.
jersey? (When I can afford one, maybe both. I really want Ali's Frankfurt jersey but I can't find it.
Big congrats to and their teammates on making it to the quarter finals today!
omg stop it right now with the sassy straight girl smile. I can't
Congrats to players and on advancing in the with TyresΓΆ FF (Sweden).
Little sisters wearing bowtie rings for
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