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Ashley Walters

Ashley Anthony Walters (born 30 June 1982), also known as Asher D, is an British rapper and actor.

Top Boy Matt Smith Adam Deacon David Harewood Grange Hill Noel Clarke

Is DFS sale gonna end the day there's a UK black film without Ashley Walters, Jazzy, Noel Clarke or Adam Deacon?
Ashley Walters Doctor Who appearance. It is said he is in an episode in 2013 called Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
I think all of so solid crew is locked up apart from Ashley Walters
to when it was Walters 13th birthday party! Lol Kursten, Eljay and Ashley in the back ground and I.
This is Ashley, a 28 year old who started noticing the fine lines and beginnings of wrinkles in her "selfies."...
Barbara Walters was so bae when she was younger
Hey u cool? check out my new vid KENKODIE FT ASHLEY WALTERS - NEW ONE [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
She-Hulk, attorney at law: She's mean, she's green, and she believes in due process.
I liked a video from Ashley Walters - Top Boy | London Real
Upcycle an Old Scarf Into a Chic Camera Strap Walters Weigandt-Turner - bet you could do th
I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into Julie Walters tonight.
Bumped into Ashley Walters in Leicester Square last night 😎
I really need a big dance room in my house to be by myself and dance everything out ❤️
Finals are really messin with my holiday spirit, like ya girl's just tryna bake and watch the 25 days of christmas not s…
yas! won't Rachel and Davis be at grays creek next year??? Bc last year you could only invite like 1person😅
"You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having."
In oceans deep, my faith will stand🎶
aww well I'll be playing some Christmas music 😂🎄
thanks Ashley I wish you could come to more meets!!💕💕 you're such a great supporter for everybody 😉
Seriously wish there were more swim meets in Fay I could go to! Great job ladies😘 (& more) 🏊
Barbara Walters is so easily fascinated.
I just kind of really suck, that's all.
9 Swirly and Frilly Free Fonts Walters Nicole some of these would be a good font!!
So excited all of my Besties are coming to the swim meet tomorrow! ☺️ they love me! and Samantha!
thank youuu😊can't wait till we have classes together again!!!(I'm pretty sure we do lol)❤️❤️
Sydney's singing snapchats to me are truly the best😂😂
Ashley Walters is a beautiful beautiful man
I can't wait to do a COREFIT workout with Ashley Walters Anji Pitts Wooten Channdra IsomLaw Corinthian M.
I did with my XBOX 360 playthrough. Ashley fares no better, no thanks to Mac Walters.
If you live in the past, you're just going to be miserable
Absolutely gutted to hear Ashley Walters saying Channel 4 have dropped Top Boy season 3 😓 why Channel 4 why??
Looks like they also wanted to treat me with AShley Walters staring! Ah perf
small owl tattoos - Google Search Walters Walters Knippers You pinned this on mine
Hate seeing people take advantage of their family, be thankful you have them in your life, some people don't have that.
'Top Boy not getting series 3 on Channel 4, Ashley Walters reveals - eh??
Check out "Untitled - feat. Tom Hiddleston and Ashley Walters" on Vimeo
And just like that my whole perspective if different
As usual, it is amazingly easy to fascinate Barbara Walters.
Happy birthday to this gorgeous one!!! Love you!!! ❤️❤️
Monday morning motivation - the best kind! Next time you feel like giving up, just remember this 🎀☀️
I never once said belle was ugly lol. The question was: why art thou *** …
oh🌚. Meh I don't want Ashley Walters, I want Dushane
Seems like as I grow older it's not the tangible things that I really want for Christmas🎄
My snapchat story is literally the cause of my happiness rn☺️😂
Thanksgiving gives me a great excuse to eat all the food I want without thinking twice😋😋
God has put beauty in the world so take time to embrace it when you see it.
I want to go see The Heart of Christmas show ❤️🎄
I proper wanna work with Ashley Walters & Noel Clark in the coming future
Do affiliate & ad networks work for small blogs? Walters at Dramatis Personae shares her mon
That tag was supposed to be you not me!!!😭😭 I'm sowwwy ash!!... Classic AB move😑😑
EXCLUSIVE: official movie trailer for Montana, starring Adam Deacon and Ashley Walters GOOD FILM!
It hurts but I'm still seriously so happy
Ashley Walters, Maisie Williams, Iain Stirling, James Acaster join on Sweat the Small Stuff at 10pm
Heart warming moment during the school shows this week as all the children sing along to the Frozen medley ...
Harriet Walters is coming to speak to us tomorrow at LAMDA. Fingers crossed she brings :) !
The dressing room on performance day be like...
Everyone buy your ticket for the Heart of Christmas Show. They are almost sold out.
Too much to ever think about to be able to sleep😴😴
I really hope get me a VS nighty for Christmas or my birthday
elf on a shelf snowball fight with woody. Yes!!! A new idea!! Walters Walters Walters Walter
Anyone else think Ashley Walters is sexy!
love and miss you more! Can't wait to see you all on Saturday 😘😘
I just want to see my friend, that's all.
Successful first day of school shows with my bff❤️
I know but can I have all3carteridge pens back in2the police our clair and Helen and then Ashley and naterlie Walters have them xx
How unfair its just our luck, something real seems out of touch, but if you searched the whole wide world, would you dare to let it go🎶
Just can't respect people who only stick around during the highs of life and not the lows✋
When I listen to a song I literally listen to it 5383727 times until I get tired of it and move to the next one
honestly I live for dance. sounds cliche but it's the only part of my life that I look forward to and think about and …
Ashley Nicole is dating someone new every week I swear
When you see your crush in the hall. ***
My days Ashley Walters is in this film. NOW it's good 👌💦
Kinda obsessed with Something in the Water and Carrie Underwood's music video for it😍😍😍
🙋🙋🙋&literally it's what I've been doing all morning😂😂
I'm just really happy and satisfied with life for once and it's actually really nice
Happy Birthday to this gorgeous girl!I love you Tati&I'm glad I get to spend your bday with you!😘❤️
Skids on a wall: modern art @ Ashley Furniture HomeStore of Jonesboro
whether you're doing well or you're hurting, Jesus is all we need.
Seriously can't wait till Mocking Jay tonight😍😍
the guy in homeland, Ashley Walters just off top of my head.
I feel so much better when I'm not wearing makeup! 😅
Walters Runyon the braided back and bun on top for your wedding?? yay? ney?
Beautiful things never last, that's why fireflies flash✨
It's during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light
Happy Day!!! Everyone wish her a happy birthday!! The cheesier the better!
Ashley Walters, Kane Robinson, Aml Ameen and Noel Clarke, just examples of talented actors/writers in Britian
Married men Monday! Birthday boys: Mike Tyson, who is 48 today, with his wife Lakiha Spicer; and Ashley Walters,...
Ok i've now found 3 of them were Ed WestWick, Jeremy Sumpter and Ashley Walters + the rest of the cast of a new film called "Take Down" (?)
Top Boy star Ashley Walters charged with possession of drugs
Film star Ashley Walters has been charged with possession of class B drugs after being arrested at Anglesey Airport htt…
Opp for media peeps: Media Trust has joined forces with the Cineworld Foundation and, with support from the Jack Petchey Foundation, are offering budding 16-25 year olds the chance to be mentored by industry experts and see their film showcased in every Cineworld Cinema in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands. Please see press release attached. Ashley Walters is fronting the campaign, watch him in the promo film we produced here and Dame Helen Mirren, Damian Jones (producer The Iron Lady / Kidulthoood), Amanda Berry OBE (Chief Executive of BAFTA) and Andy Turner (UK Director of Sales of 20th Century Fox) are on board to judge the entries and select the finalists. The promo is going out in the pre-roll in every Cineworld cinema across the country. Endorsed by Dame Judi Dench, this is an opportunity for all young people, no matter what their background, level of experience or location, to showcase their talent. No previous experience necessary, applicants just need to upload a 90-second pitch and ...
Vanity Fair shoot with Daniel Mays & Ashley Walters. Photographer Grooming by me using Bobbi Brown.
Actor and rapper Ashley Walters (aka Asher D) was born on the 30th June 1982. At the tender age of 6 it did not take long for the young Ashley to be spotted while attending the Sylvia Young School of Performing Arts. There, he concentrated primarily on his acting skills which stemmed and nurtured his passion for a career in entertainment. As he grew, Ashley began to mould his craft and emerge as the performer we know today, not only securing roles in a number of West End productions and TV shows from The BillLondon’s Burning, and Grange Hill, but also in the BBC film Storm Damage. Branching out to new horizons, Ashley adopted a love for music at the same time as formulating his acting career, and at 18 the world saw his infectious musical flow as he produced music with the infamous collective, So Solid Crew. His ability to combine music, TV and film gave Ashley a universal appeal expanding his popularity after the release of his first solo album Street Sibling. However, it was the success of the film Bu ...
Had a long day. Me and Kasey Hughes went to Ozark to see my Aunt and cousins Rita Walters , Candace Smith Walters, and Ashley Walters. Than me and Kasey went to the Aviation Museum on Fort Rucker. Than we went to the Boat Races at Lake Tholocco. It was overall a pretty good day!
You're FOLLOWED by Ne-Yo,Nick Cannon,Ashley Walters,GIGGS, an many more, thats awesome!Thanks for following, pls. Don't unfollow.
This episode is making me think Ashley Walters and Howard Charles would make a perfect Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen.
When slick London detectives Bates and Mason (TopBoy's Ashley Walters and Reggie Yates) are sent to investigate a series of deaths at a local High School, they soon focus on a teenage gang with a dark secret. Lead by misfit Archie Eden (Robert Sheehan, Killing Bono, Misfits) and school psycho Kenny ...
Pictures from this Wednesday with Ashley Walters should be up shortly x See You All Next WEDNESDAY 󾍘❤️󾍘
Okay Walters Thornberg, ignore the shape of this dress (which is just awful)... is the plum
i knowww... Still trying to figure out how a patient could escape a hospital and all of its security😳
Not having to worry about civics tonight is amazing
When the British speak to a woman in authority do they call her "Mom" or are they saying "Ma'am" with an accent?
I haven't left my bed since I got home😂
Audition for Kingdom School of Arts feat. Master Class sessions w/Ashley Walters | + more
PURE's 4th BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK, what a line up. // Last night we had - WOW with Ashley Walters (so solid crew)...
No matter how broken my heart may feel, I will always be grateful that it still has a beat.
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Ashley Walters is just too too fine
Wait he not, he's just releasing a new snog with Ashley Walters
Something so sexy about ashley walters when he plays deshane on Top Boy 😏😍
Great night to be a cowboys fan💙💙💙. Too bad I was up doing HOMEWORK and STUDYING for the FOUR big TESTS I have TOMORROW
After 3 years. I really hope this works out this time
The main lead Ashley Walters in Top Boy is also a rapper but I'm sure you know that ☺
Omg big sis having a photo shoot with ashley walters...skrr
I've witnessed Ashley Walters have sex sexual times tbh . :|
When a competition is running behind schedule and you're waiting backstage to go on..
Just clocked how big Ashley walters is doing in the UK scene atm it just motivates me
One day your here . One day your there. One day you care. It's so unfair .
My puppy keeps on scaring me while trying to get these quarters out of her mouth 😣
The fact that Ashley Walters is in it too makes me want to watch it even more. That beautiful human being
Ashley Walters the new hottest man on TV taking a quick snap shot with me after our interview x
New movie i will be in with Ashley Walters, Adam Deacon, Michelle Fairley called Montana coming soon!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I liked a video from Ashley Walters and Kano talk Top Boy 2 at Kiss FM (UK)
I swear ive just seen ashley walters out of topboy
The summer finale of is 3 DAYS away!
How old are you and why are still dyeing your hair obnoxious colors that look like skittles?
Can't work out if I fancy Kano or Ashley Walters more
Actually buzz off Ashley Walters following me!!
Wow didn't know Ashley Walters was in so solid crew
Ashley Walters acting skills have come a long way
Omg aw Ashley Walters is married, me and his wife share the same name ☺🎉💕😍
Celeb spot. Ashley Walters at barbers on the end of my road. I should have asked him about the food
Special guest ***SCORCHER*** at T.E BAR this SAT. If you missed last Sat with ASHLEY WALTERS you MISSED OUT- . You never know who else...
I want to do things to ashley walters offtt
Watching Bullet Boy. That British actor Ashley Walters is so hot. And yes, Ashley is a guy.
I came in like a wrecking ball . I've never fell this hard before
When your feet start to hurt, place yourself in someone else’s shoes.
– Sarah-Jane Crawford Interview (. Bashy talks about working with Kano and Ashley Walters on To...
one of the saddest things I've ever read
People stop telling me I look like Ashley Walters. He looks like me👌
Ashley Walters has done so well with his life! It's amazing, I actually don't remember him in so solid crew!
Saw Ashley Walters who plays Dushane from Top Boy walk out of KFC in highbury. He musta heard about the new bargain bucket
Is it me or is Ashley Walters kinda hot..
Ashley Walters - Leader of the dance produced by Cal Strange
Ashley Walters needs to get in my life
Had no idea Ashley Walters used to be in So solid crew :O
Today is the anniversary of Alison's death...or so you thought.
Ashley Walters was in Grange Hill??? You think some of these famous people have blown out of nowhere? Check again.
I reckon i look like Tyrese, Ashley Walters & Tank all in one tbh. Don't @ me.
Gud vbz last night at T.E BAR with Topboys Ashley Walters and the london gang.
met Ashley Walters today from topboy X
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off 〰🎶
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Happy anniversary!! ❤And it's the anniversary of Alison's disappearance! 😱
My dads just an older uncooler african version of Ashley Walters
“Ashley Walters just posing in white af1’s and a suit” I'm not going to allow you to disrespect my babes today
How can man make Air Force an suit look hard lol Ashley Walters is a G
Where you like sweet tea or your wrong
Ashley Walters has also been rumoured (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS). Is there anymore connections in the line-up. (No)
*** Ashley Walters is on for Liverpool lol
Saw an Ashley Walters look alike in Nottingham 😍
So Solid Crew member/actor Ashley Walters signs up for Strictly?
How sexy is ashley walters though omg
So the girl Ashley Walters was doing sex scenes with on Top Boy is his ex girlfriend in real life. His wife refuses to watch it😂 fuming
I want to be friends with Ashley Walters
I vote for white shoe season to last longer than black🙋
Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Walters and Kano join us - KISS Breakfast Takeaway: via
BUT Ashley Walters is just my fav for ever!!! Mmm
Can't believe I met Ashley Walters from Top Boy 🙈😍😅✌
That Ashley Walters on Celebrity Juice is looking hot!
Ashley walters lickin toess lmao ratings have been lost smh
Ashley Walters just licked Firn Cottons Foot, you deffo can tell his up for anything I just cringed🙈
Ashley Walters and Amir Khan on celebrity juice 😈😍
Did not know Ashley Walters was in the so solid crew
omfg Ashley Walters is scared of birds too yay
Ashley walters is actual so cute lool
Ashley Walters has the cutest smile
What Ashley Walters? Interesting! Never really a fan of them not even for 21 seconds!
Loool as if Ashley Walters was on celeb juice on Thursday 😂
Amir khan and ashley walters on celeb juice woi
Ashley Walters on Celeb Juice though, myyy goodness!
Going to play tennis for the first time since I started competitive dance🎾👯 😆
Watchin get rich or die tryin, ashley walters has done himself proud
Can't deal with how perfect Ashley Walters is👅💦 pretty sure it's not normal😍
Watching get rich or die tryin and cant believe is in it! Big film. Love Ashley Walters x
Ashley Walters pls be my babydaddy x
So I'm guna propose to Ashley Walters tonight
If your gonna go all out for college game day, ya gotta do it right.. 💛💜💛💜
Quiet literally would let Ashley Walters ruin me! He is perfect in every sense
10:00 Lauren Laverne: Top Boy stars Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson join Lauren ahead of the new series.
Jade Parfitt, Ashley Walters, Katie Piper, David Harewood, Lizzie Cundy and Charlie Brooks are among VIPs at Smurfs 2 gala screening today.
Following the news that Matt Smith it set to leave Doctor Who, speculation has been rife about who’ll occupy the Tardis next. Idris Elba, David Harewood and Ashley Walters have been touted as possiblities as a first black Doctor, while Helen Mirren…
Concert tonight! Featuring Scott Deal with Michael Drews, Erzsébet Gaál Rinne, Alexv Rolfe, and Ashley Walters, performing works by Deal, Drews, and a world premiere of Elainie Lillios's The Rush of the Brook Stills the Mind.
This Ken Kenkodie ft Ashley Walters aka Asher D video and track is sick, do not care …
Hey, did you see Kenkodie ft Ashley Walters aka Asher D video yet?
So...the Cult playing in Dr Who...and is that Ashley Walters from So Solid Crew? I used to be so in love with Ian Astbury's hair.
Reports of Tom still appearing in Grace and Danger are beginning to surface along side Ashley Walters and Tom...
Was going to skip Who and just read recaps, then saw Ashley Walters and changed my mind. I'm too forgiving for actors I like.
well she isn't part of the Walters family
OMG now I can follow my favorite Walters!
Too bad I can be pretty without being fake.💁
Do you ever look at clothes online and cry.
Ashley walters in this weeks doctor who yanar
I thought that was Ashley Walters on tonight's Doctor Who. I kept looking at him like 'Is that Billy from Hustle?"
You're right. Not sure why I mistook Ashley Walters
I'm not watching it, but I hadn't heard that Tricky was on, but that Ashley Walters, also a hip hop star/actor was to be on.
P.S. Ashley Walters is hot. I know I've seen him in something before but nothing on IMDB sounds familiar.
Super excited to see Ashley Walters in Who tonight. I LOVE him :D
when my mum seen you in Dr who she was like who is that I've seen him before. I was like it's Ashley Walters. Good show btw
my mum was like 'oh sexy Ashley Walters was on TV today' lol bless her
Outcasts vet Ashley Walters guests on tonights episode of Doctor Who
Is that actually Ashley Walters in Doctor Who.. That's weird
Ashley Walters Wolf from Stormbreaker! The dude who took the glowy ball thingymabob
Thought I recognised the dude from Top Boy (Ashley Walters) in tonight's Doctor Who ep
Watchin jeepers creepers may aswell scare myself some more doctor who already got me was a good one tonight ashley walters was brill in it
Hello, Ashley Walters. Just watching Doctor Who and you're in it. But you obviously already knew that.
yeh it was in comparison to the rest of the series .. Still waiting for it to get better though. Ashley Walters was in it 👍
hey. hey. "Gregor van Baalen is played Ashley Walters, also known as Asher D, formerly of the group So Solid Crew." that is... idek...!
Somebody persuade Ashley Walters to dress up as Cat, yeah?
Ashley Walters wasn't this fit back in old days of So Solid
Yet again, Ashley Walters is playing an insanely annoying character :L
Good to see the uber talented Ashley Walters in tonights
Ashley walters in doctor who, Whaaattt.
Why is ashley walters in doctor who tho
A crashed Tardis, lost companions and Ashley Walters. More galactic mayhem in
Watching doctor who because nothing else is on, and ashley walters is in it!
Loving the inside of the TARDIS. And how has Ashley Walters not been in before?
Watching doctor who. Ashley Walters is doing his thing.
Ashley walters is in this doctor who episode
Ashley Walters.. Don moved from out the hood into the tardis. Mad movements.
Ooo ashley walters is in doctor who today.😻👏💃
Doctor Who is *** but tempted to see how Ashley Walters performs.. Mint British actor!
Ashley Walters may be better known from his So Solid Days, but he will always be Microchips to me
really want Ashley Walters to start randomly rapping "I got 21 seconds to go"
How long has Ashley Walters been in doctor who?
Since when was Ashley Walters in doctor who lol I might start watching it now 🙋
Doctor who better be good, especially if Ashley Walters is init
Ashley Walters on TV again. Why didn't he return for the final episode of "Hustle" like all the other old cast-members did?
ashley Walters from so solid crew is in :D
2002 At Southwark Crown Court So Solid Crew's Asher D (Ashley Walters from Peckham) jailed for 18mths for possession of a firearm
Ok God woke me up I'm praying for all these people. I'm trying to go back to sleep i have church in the morning and somebody else will cross through my mind. Well I guess I will read my bible. Elijah Taylor, Ashley Walters, Aaron Walters and Isaiah Taylor I love u guys. Muah
I've just read my emails, I have been excepted to go an do a workshop audition with Ashley Walters an other big names but I carnt get to London on the day Ar this Is my chance so I need to get there bad, Someone save me I'm beggin u lol
Today in 2/22/2008: Waz starring Stellan Skarsgard, Melissa George, Ashley Walters and Selma Blair is released
Hey u cool? Check out my new song ft Ashley Walters follow & join the wave :)
It has been announced that there will be an episode in Season 7 part 2 that is called "Journey to the Center of the Tardis". Finally we are going to learn more about the TARDIS. Below I have Some info on the episode. - "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" will be the eleventh episode, including the Christmas Special, of the seventh series of the British science-fiction drama Doctor Who. It will be broadcast in 2013, and will star Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara Oswald. This episode was written by Stephen Thompson and is about an adventure in the TARDIS. The episode will also include three brothers from an intergalactic salvage crew, played by Ashley Walters, Mark Oliver, and Jahvel Hall. - Lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat gave the concept of an episode discovering the centre of TARDIS to writer Stephen Thompson. Thompson explained that this was because Moffat was "haunted" by the 1978 story The Invasion of Time, which was set on the TARDIS but used hast ...
I'm feeling a little bit carsick... This hasn't ever happened to me.
Everybody knows at least one person name'd_( fill in the blank)
You would have to be really hot if I went to go see Mama with you.
Yay a whopping 9degree high for the day!
I think about people that don't play sports or anything in their free time and how bored they probably are all the time
I might start thinking that pitch perfect is better than mean girls...I mean..They make millions of movies about pointless highschool drama
It's not often when I see a bruise on the top of my foot. What am I saying??? Yes it is!
Made the cutest case on skin it. Now I just have to find $20 somewhere... Hm
I havent gotten out of bed since after jazz line! Lol!!!
but I would have to start when I'll be able to move again because my whole body is aching from that workshop this weekend😝
I wish I was able to do those warmups reguarly...“But lets face it im lazy :P" and might just die...
Maybe just maybe I might be in good shape year round.
Maybe if I continue to regulary hold plank for 3 min straight and crunches\bicycle kick, 3 min straight and the cardio the boys showed us...
That one room in your house no one ever goes in.
Your cute but a strange change that welp good night Ashley Walter
I liked a video Doctor Who Interview - Ashley Walters - Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
Spectrum by Florence and the machine>>>>>
Why are clothes so expensive? I should not have to pay this much to not be naked. People should pay ME to not be naked.
A UCHS Lady Devil softball standout will be moving on to the next level. Senior catcher, Ashley Starnes, will be signing with Walters State.
Packing. Back on the road again tomorrow. Pulling out the hat, scarf, coat and gloves. Headed to colder temperatures.
ur welcome 2 send ur 1st MORNING SHOUT OUTS for this week & catch me on MCRSfm
Imperialism as we knew it may be no more, but Empire is alive and well. It is, as Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri demonstrate in this bold work, the new political order of globalization. Their book shows how this emerging Empire is fundamentally different from the imperialism of European dominance a...
Ashley Walters chats about starring in the Doctor Who in 2013 and Matt Smith as the Doctor
Ima miss all my Glencoe homies wen i move to Pleasent Valley! Im moving Tuesday and ima miss yall!!! Maya Elizabeth Steele, Laynee Alana Ashley,Cierra Rae Benson,Kaylen Filmore,Caleb Mann, & David Brown, and i cant belive im saying this but Camden Harris! thts jus some i can think of!!! I'll miss yall!
Ok so after my dream I now love ashley walters
Got the phone call a little while ago that my mom has passed away I'm happy that the last words we said to each other were I love you .Rest peacefully mom I love you say hi to dad.
Super windy in Northern Illinois. Dropping to single digits tomorrow.
If anyone is serious about getting in shape...hit me up cuz I need a workout buddy/accountability partner who is also passionate ;-) keep in mind spring will be here in 2 months!!!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Having so much fun visiting my family.
You know your bestfriends when she gives you an really cool belt hanger
But we're both disappointented at the dunkin donuts hot chocolate not by Harris teeter):
There is a ring around the moon outside of Brooklyn's grandmas house so soon it will snow! Yay!(:
Pulled a muscle in my back in lyrical today... I'm sureee of it... I can't sit right now without being in pain so I guess that's what it is😓
At some point this virus has to ease up. Still coughing, aching, and fever. :(
Central in the club with man like ashley walters
Photo: Ashley E. Walters guys, I just hung this on my wall and it’s beautiful.
Im not a fan of wasting my tyme. Im Dne with this kmt
Who is a good karaoke company in town?
Before I knew what I was getting into.
If no one reads my wall, then this will be a short experiment. If you read this, leave one word on how we met. Only one word, then copy to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add a word and then not bother to copy
I love my daughter Ashley Faith so very much!! She is the pretties thing I have ever laid eyes on besides her mother!
I say we start a WCS reunion Walter Hyslop Ashley Crawford Kenshell LivingmyLife McElveen Michelle A. Champlain Shawna Daniels what do you think???
If you say you love someone and then break up and have no feelings what so ever you weren't ever in love.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
So solid crew are performing in London I would actually go just to see Ashley Walters 'asher d' I will see him one day !!!
MOPA & DABOLIM AIRPORTS BRINGS BJP & CONGRESS TOGETHER??? If the existing Dabolim airport is 'managed better', and the parking lot is expanded to accommodate more vehicles, I am NOT too sure if Mopa airport is really required. As a matter of fact, I feel it is NOT required. But as I am not an "expert on airports", and without reading the "feasibility Report", I do NOT wish to blindly oppose the second airport in Goa. Now what is really surprising is that although the Goa BJP and Goa Congress have their own differences, the senior leaders of both this Parties are UNANIMOUS on Mopa. Just this morning, South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha said- "Both airports are needed for Goa, otherwise the proposed International airport at Mopa will go to Sindhudurga district in Maharashtra." (Source: Digital Goa)
Almost there! Yay. My back is killing me thanks to and her itsy bitsy car.
So I'm watching t.v just thinking about how I'm not going to be looking at a t.v for the next 4-5 months! Well a sister gots goals she's going to achieve this semester! No time for t.v :-)
“Heaven just walked through the door and I think I'm dead.” Honestly.
Just sitting here waiting for to arrive. Me and know she is going to be drop dead gorgeous.
I really needed a night like tonight... And I'm especially glad I spent it with my friends❤
My gorgeous best friend Krissel and I at the Village Homecoming game!!!
please do. Rachel will be very happy if you do.
Now I will say it. going to be a grandpa. Love my daughter & the fact that at 23 she wants to give me this gift. I so cannot wait to corrupt this young mind and meld him/her into a "minnie me". bacon rocks!
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