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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an online dating service and social network service marketed primarily to people who are already in a relationship.

Christian Mingle Hong Kong Comedy Central Dolly Madison South Korea

Interesting, but shld also be compared to general pop Christians Make Least Faithful Spouses on Ashley Madison
Cheating site Ashley Madison says its users are 25% Born Agains. cc:
Tell Ashley Madison Esquire; that it is evangelical Christian, not evangelist, all christians are evangelists speaking the word of Jesus. But evangelical is a strange sect of Christians... near the bottom, and for undeniable evidence of God's scientific mystery being finished Rev:10:7 .. Respect too all born of Adam/God/Jesus Deuteronomy 32:8
If you go on certain sites; the Ashley Madison thing isn't new to you ;)
The slogan for the Ashley Madison service is 'Life is short, have an affair.' The Devil walks this Earth.
The data was compiled from Ashley Madison, a site designed for married people seeking an affair.
Born-again Christians come out on top in survey of adultery website users Ashley Madison has released the result...
25% of Ashley Madison users are born again Evangelist Christians
Interesting survery. Ashley Madison, a site specifically to set up people wanting to cheat on their spouses, pol...
“A previous headline suggested that Ashley Madison's survey results were reflective of the general population”
i feel like theres 4 girls the boys should never date. -Acacia Brinley. -The Demeola sisters . -Madison Beer
Commentary says it was the breakdown of people using Ashley Madison not the general population. Very misleading!
you freaking joking!? Why the *** would you ever let that filth Ashley Madison advertise?! Most corrupt disgusting scum company.
Madison Beer's leaked video😂😂✋ omfg too done .. Knew it was coming
A framily plan, but for Ashley Madison.
Does religion play a factory in who uses Ashley Madison?
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On Ashley Madison, Evangelists make up 25.1%, Catholic 22.75%, Protestant 22.7%. And atheists you ask? Well only...1.4%! .
Born-again Christian hypocrisy right here, they love Ashley Madison .
Graduation was great😊🎓 T, Madison, Sam, Randi, Anna, Paulaina, Ashley & Gabbie.. congrats & love you all💘
omg if anyone saw what's really said and sent in me ash and Madison's group message. 😂
yeah originally it was gonna be with tom and ashley and tom was mad when he found out madison tagged along ... We all know tom
Of course Ashley Madison is going to say everyone cheats. Their business model depends on it.
Very interesting research! Ashley Madison is the point of research...
Married, born-again Christians use cheating site Ashley Madison
How Many Born-Again Christians Use Ashley Madison People of faith use it as an outlet for forgiveness.
So Ashley madison ( a dating sit) has a test asking church group what religion will cheat. The answer was evangel christen
A few more of the fam... Tana, Lex, Syd, Ashley, Madison, Leon, Ree Ree, NuNu, Diamond, Alexis, Christina
Coincidentally, Ashley Madison is also the name of my little cousin, who is an angel!
A new survey shows the religions of people who cheat on their spouses, and according to the results, Evangelical Christians take the top spot. Ashley Madison is a website for married people who discreetly want to find something on the side, and in a recent survey, they found that the majority of che…
Unaffiliated (Agnostics & Atheists) make up 16% of the population yet account for less than 4% of the cheaters in this Ashley Madison study
Are women on Ashley Madison just looking to hook up—or are they looking for something else?
So, l just learned of the existence of "Purity Balls", in which teen and even pre-teen Evangelical Christian girls don pseudo-wedding dresses, and attend dancing soirees with their suited-up fathers. They dance, they party, and then the events end with elaborate ceremonies in which these young girls symbolically "wed" their fathers and pledge their virginities to them until their "real" marriages. Judging by the pictures l saw, some of these girls may be as young as 6 or 7. Aside from the obvious Freudian implications, l find this entire practice extremely creepy. However, l also learned today that Evangelicals form the single largest percentage group (by religion) of people using Ashley Madison dating. (Followed closely by Catholics and Protestants.) So perhaps this explains the purity ball phenomenon. When you know that your young daughter is growing up into the most repressed, creepiest, cheatingest, most sexually hypocritical population of adults in existence, you maybe want to protect her from that. ...
Ashley Madison say Christians are a randy bunch! A new poll categorizing cheating spouses by their religious affiliation finds that the majority of unfaithful husbands and wives are Christian, especially Evangelicals. The poll was conducted by Ashley Madison, the website for married people looking for some extramarital action. It found that a quarter of cheaters identify with being Evangelical. Protestants and Catholics weren't too far behind them either. Less than 5 percent of cheaters are non-Christian. The study also found that 24 percent of the men and 32 percent of the women who use Ashley Madison say they pray regularly. But what about that whole Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery commandment? Well, only 18 percent of males and 11 percent of females said they consider cheating to be a sin.
The suburbs are where most of the Twin Cities' wannabe cheaters live, according to new information released by Ashley Madison,...
I went undercover on Ashley Madison to find out why women cheat - Trololo no wonder they banned it here..
Tyra Banks had the dude who created Ashley Madison on her show. He a nerd. Lol
Today's spam email folder: Ashley Madison says "Life is short, have an affair"; Senior People Meet dating site; Western Union "Regarding your payment"; Dr. Oz has a bottle of something that's free to help me lose fat; Mrs. Geraldine Aljuw wants me to "Read the solution to get your fund payment; and my favorite: Substance Abuse Recovery "Discover drug rehabilitation with a high success rate".
I almost flipped out when I saw an commercial during a South Park rerun on Comedy Central at ~1:15 this morning. Commercials for marital aids is one thing, but Ashley Madison? THAT surprised me.
Who is Ashley Madison and why does she keep emailing me telling me to have an affair?
If Ashley Madison were a physical space, it would be a Toronto Home Hardware.
Ashley won Usta 12 year old singles division in Madison. Draw had 17 girls. Her opponent is girl next to her in pink
Did your workout include cheating with my wife or other wifes you have met on Ashley Madison.
Whoa whoa whoa, who labelled these Ashley Madison emails as spam
Too bad. I dig pale girls: they turn pink after the first slap. Oh well. Is she on Ashley Madison or something?
Deep:Ashley Madison is the best thing ever! Since I joined up I’ve... -
Woke up to at least ten junk emails from "Ashley Madison" trying to convince me to have an affair. What a pain.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Ashley Madison guarantees you will sleep with a married woman
ashley madison Bates 100 posts since Jan '05 27 Apr `14, 9:47PM is this website still working in singapore? Queen ...
Ashley& I walked right past Madison Beers& I was like "hey is that Madison Beers? I'm not sure" &Ashley said idk so we just kept walking omf
lol exactly Ashley's gonna come upstairs and sleep like a baby and imma just be here like 😳
Out with Ashley Madison ejoying great music
Bridges of Madison county was a beautiful show... And we spoke with JRB afterwards. Thx for a fantastic night, Chad T. Dyar & Ashley Kerr!!!
I spit so much game to married waitresses that I should be an Ashley Madison spokesperson.
Madison & Ashley stay uploading the most embarrassing snapchats of me
Does anyone else get emails from Ashley Madison or is it just me??
I love Ariana, don't get me wrong, but she's becoming too mainstream. I'd rather Ashley Sky, or Madison Beer
A message to the website ashley madison quit spamming me I hate your site I think its disrespectful to spam my email
Anyone know Ashley Madison dating services..I just got an email and a date and I wasnt even looking.what the *** I hate drinking alone and show time isnt until 9PM
Also finishing second: Elizabeth York and Madison Earl at third dubs and the fourth dubs team of Ashley Snow and Lauren Lewis.
Someone named "Ashley Madison" has been blowing up my Junk E-Mail folder. Funny, I don't remember meeting any Ashleys. Poor girl must be smitten. Can't say that I blame her. But, I have to say, she's not exactly being subtle. She keeps encouraging me to "Hav a affair 2nite" and she keeps inviting me to *** see my sexy pics ;)". Poor girl. She sounds lonely.
Checking my email and there's one with an ad for Ashley Madison "looking for a discreet affair", that's just gross
With Giggs in charge, surely are only days away from signing up Ashley Madison as the club's official adultery partner?
So I'm going bowling with Madison this weekend and next weekend in going bowling with Ashley 😝💁🎳
Interesting article by about fuss adultery site Ashley Madison has caused with Google and Yahoo in Japan
Pretty sure there's a building on fire by Ashley's Furniture in Madison. Here's to hoping nobody was hurt
Is Ashley Madison thought provoking or evil as the ban by the Singapore government suggests.
On behalf of me and I apologize to UGA and all it's students personally, we just couldn't give up those French toast sticks
We know that college is a period of time that we have to learn life’s lessons on how to prepare and achieve success. It cannot be denied that for those who went to college, they cheated at least once on their exams or quizzes. I ain’t denying as well. However, there is another kind of “cheating” that individuals passively learn while at school. For that we mean promiscuity. Going to college is probably one of the best parts of living this life. You have a lot of time under your belt to spend on bottomless boozing and endless party nights that often lead to multiple hookups. Well, this deserves a proper subject description. We’ll call it Fornication 101. Now, this isn’t just some random babble, take note! This is actually backed by a “study” from the infamous (extra-marital) dating website, Ashley Madison. They conducted a poll of more than 10,000 members asking them where they went to college as well as their corresponding majors. Their survey reveals this mind-blowing statistics and they ...
Just saw an "Ashley Madison" commercial for bringing marriage back to life through adultery... uhmm ahemmm...the only thing that will revive the life of your marriage is walking everyday in gods grace. Surrendered we find victory. humble we find wisdom. Innocent we find happiness.
Johnny you never fail at making me laugh, ps my name can be Madison if need be 😘😘
Fine, Ashley Madison. FINE. After two years, you've won. If you quit spamming me, I promise to have an affair with you.
I'm beginning to understand fear of string because I sincerely believe string is from the devil.
I'm gonna sign up for Ashley Madison and get me a closeted sugar daddy.
Great piece on Ashley Madison in Japan by Google is making it hard to cheat on your spouse in Japan
Can't trust no one but Ashley and Madison😂😌
Yes, Will, it's free for women, because no woman has to pay for sex. It really bugs you doesn't it?
a lot of polyamorous people on Ashley Madison
Re : Ashley Madison.sometimes people do it for the thrill of doing it. Was with my ex. Lead to an open relationship.
Wedding crashers: Google and Yahoo tangle with adultery in Japan: Noel Biderman, Ashley Madison CEO, in Tokyo ...
Your suggestion that I add "mildly intriguing" to my Ashley Madison profile has yielded 0 new encounters so far.
Why is Google blocking popular adultery site Ashley Madison in Japan?
Infidelity website Ashley Madison blocked in South Korea, after Singapore.
South Korea, where adultery is illegal, blocks Korean version of global adultery hook-up website Ashley Madison
It's kinda messed up how in the "Loyal" music video they sponsor Ashley Madison
.cougar life owners also own Ashley Madison the site that keeps getting turned down on Super Bowl ads
$1500 to "Outdoor Adventures" in Burns Lake, $1000 to Simms Fishing, $300 on Ashley Madison infidelity dating website
What the heck did I buy, click on, research that I am suddenly getting tons of e-mails from Ashley Madison, "the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters?" Also getting ads for Christian Mingle and J-Date. Guess I need to be more careful!
Family law case sues website for extramarital affair: Americans who have never heard of the Ashley Madison web...
This just in from the National News Desk...The following groups have also stood up to suspend, critique and condemn the comments of Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty Empire: - AHBA (Amercan Honky-Tonk Bar Association - see Garth Brooks) - IAA (Infidelity Assocation of America also known as Ashley Madison's dating site) - CNBC and it's hit series American Greed - AAU (Alcoholics of America United) - MSNBC, CNN, FoxNews, ABC and CBS News (Also known as Professional Slanderers) - The Family of Bernie Madoff (Only members of the National Swindler Society) All the groups have said that the comments by Phil when he quoted 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 from the outdated yet stands-the-test-of-time document commonly referred to as The Bible, were intolerant, insensitive and just plain mean and his narrow-minded opinions should be kept to himself. When asked if their position of demanding an apology and retraction from Phil, and that he undergo sensitivity and diversity training prior to returning to the A& ...
Infidelity and Ashley Madison are the focus on Larry King Live.
Late Night Humor from the recent vaults. Forgot to share it. I don't write them... This week in 1954 Ellis Island closed after processing more than 20-million immigrants. These people endured long boat rides and standing in line for days to get into this country. That was before they knew how easy it is to sneak in from Mexico. They are talking about finding a civilian to head the NSA. The good news is that you don’t have to submit a resume, they have all your information. They will call you. By 2015 the US will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest producer of oil. So while they get screwed by foreign companies, we can get screwed by good old American companies. Yeah! Ashley Madison, the dating website for people who want to cheat on their spouse, is being sued by a former employee who says she hurt her wrist typing up hundreds of fake profiles of sexy women. You know what’s coming next: they will be sued by hundreds of men who hurt their wrists reading those sexy profiles. The American Medi ...
James Woods, 66, recently split from Ashley Madison, 26, after 6 years of dating. He's now dating Kristen Bauguess, 20. I give it 6 years.
Ashley Madison, the Website for Cheaters, Lands in Hong Kong HK 'extremely popular hub'
Is Ashley Madison Dolly Madison's trampy great great grand daughter?
And to think, this started via Ashley Madison!
When will Ashley Madison realize I'm not married and stop sending me spam
the seniors are Kayla, Ashley, Madison, & me & the juniors are Ally Stevenson & Madison people are already saying
Spontaneous dance party at the Courtney, Ashley, Madison and Natalie household? I think yes!✌💃🎉
According to Ashley Madison, most adulterers in Minnesota graduated from the UofM. 7.8%. Lmao.
Now if only Ashley Madison had that feature. . Hey-O!!!
do you work for the Ashley Madison Press?
***From A Reader*** NO BASHING!!! I am not posting about any specific homewrecker, I know some but none I care to name as I don't need any bad karma. I just wanted to say that currently every female is a potential homewrecker to me. My husband feels that since I am bisexual it gives him the right to look for a third for a threesome. He uses that excuse to get on dating sites to flirt with women and leave me sitting at a bar while he walks around hitting on women. I know it's wrong, I know I should leave him. But I can't. I was raised with a control freak mother who made sure to guilt me into everything and unfortunately my husband has found that weakness in me and uses it to his advantage. He will remind me that I owe him this or that I will get the thing I want most for my kids if I let him do this. He gets on Craigslist, he has dating site apps like OkCupid, he's even on one that is strictly for affairs called Ashley Madison. I don't have any close female friends because they all stop talking to me once ...
So.about the GQ article about the increased usage of sites like Ashley Madison among females and the trends/correlations of who uses the site and why was GREAT! Very thought provoking...
Agree 100% unless it's like on Ashley Madison [dot] com
Taco Bell is the Ashley Madison of restaurants.
Making an account on Ashley Madison with Gonna hit on dem ***
About Ashley Madison?? nope .. this is just to get a good night's kip after an event..
Ashley Madison this time. Pretty noxious stuff
Me and looking at those ashley madison accounts lmao
We're looking at Ashley Madison in my Digicomms class. Two girls are making up a girl to check out the rest of the site.
I'm pretty sure the couple at the end of the bar met on Ashley Madison.
Looking forward to the day a disgruntled employee, or hacker releases the names of the 20 million adulterers on the ASHLEY MADISON website.
Blackmailing people who use Ashley Madison would be a great way to make a ton of cash.
I don't get why someone created the Ashley Madison site. Where people in relationships go to cheat..
He handled the lesson pretty well, save for Ashley Madison.
He hadn't seen an ad for that yet, but I still took the opportunity to explain that (and Christian Mingle and Ashley Madison).
Oh man, forgot about that one. Wish I did that instead of Ashley Madison. Because, well, Ashley Madison.
I used the opportunity to explain FarmersOnly, Christian Mingle, and Ashley Madison.
about 70% of my photos are of ashley, Madison, Britney, me, and brienne and our amazing weekends
Ashley Madison commercials are the creepiest thing out there. Fact.
I've gotten 4 hits on my Ashley Madison account in the past week.
is cracking up over the fact that the guy that created Ashley Madison is sweating on the View. He can't handle those l…
Comedy Central played commercials for Ashley Madison, 2 phone sex lines, and Christian Mingle all in the same break. That's a shame.
Momentarily confused Laura Ashley with Ashley Madison, was intensely puzzled.
I just don't get the Ashley Madison thing. Seems like an awful lot of work ;/)
That Ashley Madison commercial has me lost... Advertising infidelity, making it seem enticing for company profit.
Just saw commercials for sex phone lines, Ashley Madison, and Christian Mingle. Apparently, the TV thinks I lack game...
Who is the person that invented Ashley Madison? I would like to slap that person.
Ashley Madison dot com, bringing your marriage back to life
Ashley Madison.promotes cheating on your spouse.ridiculous.
just seen and Ashley Madison commercial, wuhhh
wowowowowowow um Ashley Madison def has to sleepover when I come down ok :):) gonna have some FUN
we're hoping to find a good FFM or MMF by using Ashley Madison. :-)
Do Ashley Madison, that way they won't get too clingy. ;);)
me nick Ashley Madison Tasha and Olivia have been in a group message for a few days
I need to write a story about the sort of guy who isn't creeped out by Ashley Madison ads.
Ashley Madison in Hong Kong: Matchmaking for cheaters - LifestyleAsia Hong Kong:
Ashley Madison (a website to assist in having affairs) has it's largest amount of registrations on the day after V...
I get it We Are 18, Lavalife, Night Exchange, and Ashley Madison commercials. As a chick, I'm not supposed to watch TV after midnight.
I liked a video from Ashley Madison TV Commercial, 'Zombies International'
Ashley Madison commercial: 'bringing your marriage back to life.' By cheating?
When I get married I will be registering at Crate and Barrel, Macys, and Ashley Madison.
A8: re business travel "activity" -probably so in this age of Ashley Madison. "Up in the Air" didn't provide much faith either
Lawls at the Ashley Madison commercial on FOX
As well as all of those guys calling from Ashley Madison
Sweetie Adeline join Ashley Madison for unlimited relationships.
Ashley Madison have an affair today
If you met/fell in love with a woman named Ashley Madison, would you ever trust her?
A study shows that find who more Well, no wonder I'm
Scumbag cheaters website Ashley Madison polled its male users to create a "Ross" list. Sadly, they also neglected to add Isabella Rossellini
Ashley Madison ad's honestly get me so rattled "life's short, have an affair" I can't even begin to explain how wrong this is
The Ashley Madison ads and concept make me sad and sickened. What is wrong with people?
you’re one step from a Riesling and Ashley Madison dot com
Today, I was bored. I needed something funny, so I made an Ashley Madison profile. I found this.
Pretty sure I'm witnessing an Ashley Madison date while at dinner.
I support you and Sophia. we don't even know her.. so why are people judging her and sending her hate?
Cheaters like chains, says adultery site Ashley Madison. News you can use? Details, w/ preferred spots
I see Ashley Madison as a way to spend $350 helping your mate's divorce attorney build a case. I don't get how they stay in biz
Is Ashley Madison the slutty cousin that Dolly Madison can't bring around her snack cake friends?
I'm not too worried... given the site's popularity, Ashley Madison must be way to busy to get around to seeing anyone I'm with...
The only moral panic I have over online dating is when it comes to sites like Ashley Madison - encouraging affairs!
Cheating Spouses' Top Affair Anthems Revealed: Infidelity has long been a go-to topic for popular musicians, but now Ashley Madison, ...
they rank up there with the Ashley Madison ones.
Seriously, put up an Ashley Madison style site for Muslim women to meet and marry Western Men
Ashley Madison why are you emailing me. Especially with the content of this email.
Gods in "Clash of the Titans" would have got in less trouble if they just used
Hey Canon in d major is used as bed music in an Ashley Madison commercial
Ashley Madison is coming to Hong Kong. >>Hong Kongers condemn new adultery website
"Ashley Madison in Hong Kong is a disgrace," said a local businessman speaking from Dongguan.
"Hongkongers condemned the opening of a new adultery website in the city. The Ashley Madison website, which...
.. a Conservative would own 10 outsourced businesses, have offshore tax havens and a Ashley Madison account.
It's owned by the same guy that owns Ashley Madison; I think that says everything you need to know.
Older women were so good their husbands wouldn't be on Ashley Madison
Any tips on how one might recover their Ashley Madison password?
Sports Clips and Ashley Madison should cross promote.
A high end Pokemon MMO would destroy more marriages than Ashley Madison
I have a pretty strong feeling 'Ashley Madison' peaked in high school
Ashley Madison kicked up their marketing when Mark Sanford (SC Gov) got busted.
So we promoting discreet marriage dating huh. let you see hubby/wifey on Ashley Madison looking for some discreet dating...
Just seen an commercial for Ashley Madison... a website for DISCREET MARRIAGE DATING.WHAT...THE.F%%%
“Did I just see a commercial for a website that helps you cheat on your spouse?!?” Ashley Madison?!? I literally just saw it
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The wives of Pres Clinton,Mayor Weiner & Gov Spitzer are an Ashley Madison trifecta. ALL 3 r winners or u throw the ticket in the trash
A new survey by Ashley Madison, an online dating site designed especially for cheating spouses, has revealed their secret sartorial choices.
Every month or two, the folks at Ashley Madison release information they've collected about cheating spouses.
ONLINE DATING: I'm not on Match because I'm not married. I'm not on Ashley Madison because I'm not a swinger. I'm not on eHarmony because I don't think dates should be like job interviews. I'm not on Plenty of Fish because I have more than $11.37 in my bank account. I'm not on OkCupid because I don't want an online relationship with someone in Boston. I'm not a fan of online dating because people casting bigger nets often don't know what they're trying to catch. Or, don't know what to do once they've caught it.
Had an awesome day today helping Leslie Anderson Spending time with Ashley Madison and Brittany! Love my church family, they are amazing
Seth MacFarlane, creator, executive producer and voice actor of the animated hit series FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD and THE CLEVELAND SHOW, will guest-voice, for the first time ever, on THE SIMPSONS season finale event airing Sunday, May 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. During the season finale, MacFarlane voices a charming married man whom Marge (Julie Kavner) inadvertently meets on a swingers’ website.   In the first part of the season finale event, Homer (Dan Castellaneta), Moe (Hank Azaria), Lenny (Harry Shearer) and Carl (Azaria) win $200,000 in the Springfield Lottery. But when Carl takes off to Iceland – his homeland – with all the winnings, the guys embark on a Nordic adventure to get the cash back. Then, in the second part of the season finale episode, Marge mistakes a swinging Ashley Madison-type website for a Dolly Madison-type cupcake site, not realizing it’s a destination for married people seeking liaisons. On the site, she meets the charming “Ben” (guest voice MacFarlane), who purs ...
Lol your dating Madison but you like Ashley.? Messed up... — Why do you care
Thank the lord for and Henny needed to get outta the house
My god I cannot believe a website like Ashley Madison exists! Sad sad world.
4 Egg Omelette for dinner... Doing the bulk!
Wee know that madison didnt ask you... You are orribile for madison.
Which famous people use Ashley Madison? On second thought don't ask him that.
Looking forward to my bath date with tonight!
interviewing the CEO of Ashley Madison the worlds biggest dating website for ppl married and looking to cheat. Any Q's for him guys?
NEXT: King of Infidelity (yet happily married) on Ashley Madison's rise on the dating scene.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Cheaters Love Eating out At Chain Restaurants according to Dating Site Ashley Madison -
We are having a BBQ on Friday night.I think either that or Saturday! But me and may are co in down! That means river time!
she said somethin bout it but told me shed tell me later! Lol what is it?(:
Ashley Madison according to the CEO believes they are helping relationships. AM helps couples around the world
Not movie related but this made me laugh so I had to share, Top 10 Restaurants Cheaters Take Their Dates:
Questionable wearing of tank tops and sweatpants. "reclamation" lawns typical Madison affronts.
I should probably hop back on the Ashley Madison wave
except for Madison who gets to take her science TAKS this summer😂
Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday in Madison!
thank you for the awesome letter! Wish you could have came to Connecticut too! :( much love hope to meet you soon❤❤ -Madison
It was rather interesting to have the founder of Ashley Madison show some data on his company and trends in the infidelity market
Bailee Madison is the cutest little girl ever
Wanted: Investors for Christian Ashley Madison website where strangers connect with married people to encourage them to stay happily married
Ashley Madison has a billboard in Hollywood lol wow. Only LA
does Madison make you mad sometimes — um when he makes the wrong choices or doesnt text me back yes...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'm mad bc Madison only texted you "here's Madison,yo... — i know right ugh that just shows how much he hates me
Staff meetings without the old crew :/
Ashley Judd is not running for Senate - that's too bad; I would've liked to hear her get Mitch tongue tied.
I want to find the person that started Ashley Madison and sew their butthole shut. (No problems here, just an acquaintance with problems)
I wonder what Ashley Madison is doing right now *curious* i miss her
“Quote this and add your favorite madison pic”
'Happy Birthday Madison! Have the best day EVER! You are my biggest inspiration! Best wishes from Luxembourg. Elisa:)'
Quote this and add your favorite madison pic
Madison is enjoying every moment of Aubrey's visit!!!
Ashley Judd just announced so doesnt plan on running for KY Senator.I hope she reconsiders needs OUT of Washington.
Founder of Ashley Madison. who stray more? This is very age sensitive.
lol Ashley Madison is collecting data on their service. Glad your not familiar with it ;)
sorry, duh. You meant Ashley Madison itself. gotcha. Sorry. Need more coffee to keep up with you today.
I hash tagged Ashley Madison, just saw CEO speak. Lots of data being collected there
Nails done, hair done. Everything did
i have Jennette McCurdy-Ashley Argotta-Madison Pettis & Reed Alexander following me :D you?
A bit controversial but some interesting data being collected via Ashley Madison. Looks like there's a lot of life calibration going on
Our greatest legacy is to recalibrate who we are & how we function in home life. Ashley Madison's
Infidelity by the numbers; fascinating talk by Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison at
Dang, Ashley Madison is blocked on the Wi-Fi!
I was really hoping for more data from Ashley Madison talk
Founder of Ashley Madison probably not the best choice for
I wonder how many of the trends at Ashley Madison are the reverse of the society norms as a way of breaking patterns
talks about the positive societal benefits of services like Ashley Madison
Monday mornings busiest time on Ashley Madison. Why? Weekend expectations were not met says Noel Biderman.
Noel Biderman speaking about running Ashley Madison at and I am both fascinated and depressed.
You want to come to the movies tonight with me Madison Franki and Ashley?
Ashley Madison has 4X as many members who are 39 than those 38 - talking data
Ashley Madison founder says that men do stray more than women but it's age sensitive
- 17 million users on Ashley Madison
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
20,000 people a day sign up to Ashley Madison to find someone to have an affair with. What an astounding fact.
I expect this TED talk by the Ashley Madison CEO will be interesting, though he did label his supply-demand graph incorrectly
The guy who started Ashley Madison... talking data gathered from the service.
Now Ashley Madison founder takes the stage
I for real will though. Like we need to hang out.
“Three ppl have emojis: Ashley, Madison, and Leon.” Cool 😒
Three ppl have emojis: Ashley, Madison, and Leon.
I'm most looking forward to hearing from Noel Biderman of Ashley-Madison. Intrigued.
no fatema was dropping her bro off& she got outta the car and we hugged lol but madison n Ashley go here
that moment when everyone is collaborating on a deck on someone's computer and an email alert comes up from Ashley Madison
I miss you. I swear I'm coming over and staying the night soon. I'm going to make it happen.
Not inappropriate. It's about sports. It's not like he is doing an ad for Ashley Madison
Oooo well that makes sense ... plenty of them . I'm on Ashley Madison sh.
College visits in Chicago with Ashley Lanquist. Cold and wet yesterday. Now 18º. At least the Drake is nice. Ashley really likes Chicago and the cold. Go figure.
Ashley Madison just released the top cities that people cheat in. 1. Houston 2. Austin 3. Washington DC 4. Miami! Wow Texas! Tisk Tisk
It Takes Two to Tango Most studies suggest that somewhere from 10 to 20 percent of men and women in marriages and other committed monogamous relationships will cheat on their partner at some point. While cultural stereotypes inform us that it’s mostly men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends and not the other way around, clinical research concretely details that nearly as many women cheat as men. Why does this stereotype, of men being “The Cheaters,” prevail? Why Are Men More Readily Perceived as “Cheaters” Than Women? Western cultural stereotypes are more forgiving of a man having recreational séx (stud) versus how we tend to view a woman doing the same *** . The generally more fragile male ego leads men’s thoughts away from even considering they may be cheated upon. Men engage in more séxual offenses than do women, perhaps giving the suggestion that men in general are more likely to séxually act out. Women are better at cheating and hiding it then men. Men are more likely to get caug . ...
Good luck girls sorry I can't be there but remember play hard work hard and have fun Sydney Glefke Kylee Ray Boals Madison Ledford Angie Selou maddie Ashley amber McKenna (sorry if spelt wrong) jessica
Happy Valentines Day to my gchildren, Spencer, Mackenzie, Kennedy, Mason, Mallorie and Drew. My neices, Alex, Allison, Jaylee, Ashley, Lauren, Kayla. Becky, Jennifer and Misty and their girls, Tracey, Amy, Dawn, Leslie and her girls, Jennifer, Kaitlin, Madison, Angel, Juliana. Amelia and all my nephews. My fav cousins Pam and RJ. Rachel, Frannie S. My bff, Jacque Perryman. My go to daughters, Lessie. Rhonda and Lasonya. My sons, Jimmy Wayne, Spence and Kenneth. Love you all.
Jerica Elaine shared the following link and had this to say about it: Dakota Kirk Kailey Denise McGuire @ Kari Kiel Ashley Leanne Magen Barras Victoria Hines Krystal Long Madison Marsh Patricia Austin. If i forgot anyone im sorry.
welcome cuz you made Ashley so happy when Madison called her and texted her
Apparently ashley madison is popular this time around..
Ashley Madison would like to send you “puss notifications” Allow? Deny?
Anonymous woman spends year on Ashley Madison to discover that not all cheating men have functional
Just saw on the news... ladies if you are out on your valentine's date tonight, you are "the other one". Happy Mistress Day.
Need you help for the 11PM weather. how much snow did you get today? Officially 3/10th of an inch at Port Columbus. I know lots of you had a heck of a lot more than that!
Congrats to my Madison straight As and my Ashley A B honor roll! Xoxo
Had a dream i was getting a hand-job from a blonde while flying a jet. Don't know how, but it happened.
ILYSM thanks for inspiring me madison
no ashley, there is no fire. Shut up. . Oh imagine! Real *** 😁 Lol. Love yaaa! 💋
so. thanks to ALL of you for all of your love and support today!! We made it thru!! A SPECIAL thanks to Madison for going mall shopping with me and making me laugh as always, and to Scott and Ashley for dinner at Arnis and dessert at the Pink Walrus!! If you havent been there yet, you have to check it out!!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Age I was given: 22 I lived in: just graduated College and had moved home to my parents house in Tucker, Ga I was in relationship with: no one I drove: a white Nissan Stanza I feared: that I wouldn't make it into Grad School I worked at: AdProps as a 3D mock-up artist I wanted to be: successful, a good daughter/friend and sister and always be happy! Age now: 37 I live in: a rental home in Tucson (have my own home in Madison, GA) I am in a relationship with: my husband Ward! I drive: Ford Expedition I work at: Madison-Morgan Cultural Center as the Marketing Director and am a full-time Mom! I want to be: what I am - a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend... I am truly blessed and couldn't imagine my life any different. Like my status and I will give you an age.
My friends 1. Ashley Lexus Liston ur like my sister cause uur the bestiest friend i have ever had. 2. Nadiya Thomas ur numba one sister cause we love each other to death(we both crazy) 3. Kerri Bevel ur my best best best friend we love each other and we both r lazy 4. Madison Vance ur my best of all ffiends causd when we on the bus we be crazy and we be funny to each other Love yall
At Garfield's getting ready for some amazing music from Jamie Blair, Carson White, Adam Madison and many others so come check it out if you can , it will not disappoint trust me... At Garfield's
Ashley Madison memberships spike the day after Valentine's.
Make sure you take advantage of the pre-sale tickets for LADIES NIGHT WITH MALE EXOTIC DANCERS on March 16, 2013 at the QUALITY INN. PRE-SALE TICKETS are $10 for General and $15 for VIP the sale ends on Friday February 15th. If you need tickets you can go to the QUALITY INN located at 711 E 32nd St, you can message me, Andrew Madison & Ashley Faulkner or call/text 928.304.0423.
Do those Ashley Madison commercials anger anyone else? I literally cannot stand listening to them, they infuriate me!
Whoever has seen my drawing, the one with the blonde girl and she's waving and I hated drawing the feet. That one. I need some name options. She's a normal human person thing xD Like, any name. Female or unisex name. Nothing like Nathaniel. That would be awkward. "Hey, my name is Nathaniel!" Uh. "Yeah, my parents wanted a boy..." Really awkward c: Help me, please? ^^
93.9 reports: Washington, D.C. deemed the most unfaithful city in all of the U.S. of America. SMH! This is sickening!!!
Me and Ashley have the best convoss
My "prepost" for Valentines Day: I have a wonderful husband, Robert who is the love of my life. He is such a loving and caring person and the one who grounds me and keeps me from going off the deep end. I LOVE YOU! I love my kids Barry, Amanda, Bryan, Larramie and Laura. All my "grandgirls" Heather, Jennifer, Molly, Ashley, Cayden, Megan, Madison, Montana, Rylie, Aliana and Christi and my "grandboy" JP. My prayer is that all of you be Blessed by God, loved, healthy, happy and all of us will be in Heaven together someday with those we love who are already there. I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK GOD FOR YOU! Happy Valentine's Day!!
I know its like 7 hours away but Happy Valentines Day to Kara LoveAlways Salinas,Katherine Maddox,Diane Wolshlager, Daniel Terry,Ashley Hopman,Rachel Helen Grace Pitcher,Bryan Grimm,Jordan Lofton,Jordan Carlisle,Dakota Dobbs, and everyone elts I have meet at SMC...Love you all and im so glad we meet :)
At pizza inn with my valentine love her more every day
According to Ashley Madison, Ottawa has the most cheaters per capita for the 2nd year in a row
Watching the news - Ottawa has the most cheaters .. Wow
Im crying! Madison prob didnt read my letter thout
2 cans of NOS down, now hittin OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish, Ashley Madison, and Christian Mingle hard to find that special someone for tomorrow night...not opposed to back pages as a plan B.
love you madison thanks so much for the texts and call on Sunday
So there's this guy an tomarow makes too weeks for me an him. An. I love him a lot he's the best guy a girl could ask for :) ❤love you brooks :)
Wow Ottawa is named the Cheating Capital in Canada.
Some of you said to write a fanfic for Zayn because there aren't many for him. Which is true. So now I need a girl for his lover c: Comment below & I'll see which name I like the best? xx -Taylor
To all my love ones near and far, Happy Valentines Day!!
Ashley Madison recently ranked OKC in top 5 for number of users (app that encourages married hookups)
Who are your top 3 wrestlers who have yet to be announced for SHIMMER 53 that you'd like to see added to the show?
Groceries, check. Sister's class Valentines, check. Pull ups for E, check. Coronary when I realized that I could feed my family for 5 days on what I just spent on "training pants", triple check. Rediculous. These bad daddies better have included a personal trainer with them.
Who has a dating profile on a dating website when they are dating someone and then puts that their single on said site???
maybe it's linked to being the city with the most on Ashley Madison?!?!
Lincoln, NE ranks on a list for the top 10 cheating cities in the U.S. Washington, D.C. is
- DC is full of cheaters, but Frances knows that already. just confirms it...
It's some girl Ashley's day today apparently.they named it after her
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