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Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd (born Ashley Tyler Ciminella; April 19, 1968) is an American television and film actress, humanitarian, political activist, fashion designer, model and philanthropist.

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I think I meant Ashley Judd not her Momma. Sorry Naomi. I always thought you to be wise.…
Ashley Judd claims that the election of Donald Trump was worse than rape. Hey Ashley tell that to the Weinstein victims!
Ben Horne's secretary (played by Ashley Judd) is named Beverly Paige. (Different spelling than Carrie Page)
I'm glad that we've found the real villains in the Weinstein saga -- Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd, and Hillary Clinton.
Good thing Ashley Judd reported Weinstein 20 years ago. Think of all the women she saved from that monster. . Oh that's righ…
It's ironic Ashley Judd marched for women's rights but kept her mouth shut about a sexual predator because h…
She probably just jumped out of the show…
u can bet your bottom dollar ashley judd did! She's a pathetic liar! She did the same at college (UK)!
I have respect for Ashley Judd as well. I used to have it for you. Thanks for helping ge…
Ashley Judd is a liar, or libtards are rapists. Which to choose.
I nominate Ashley Judd since she admittedly is “A NASTY WOMAN!”
Ashley Judd is a hypocrite and doesn't care about women!
Maybe it would be better if she supported Ashley Judd, etc...
Ashley Judd is as much of a scumbag as her good friend the sexual predator Harvey Weinstein! They're both trash, garbage, piece…
.Ashley Judd condemned POTUS BUT NEVER said a word about Weinstein. She cared more about her cel…
Ashley Judd covered for sex predator Weinstein for years Ashley Judd thinks she is a strong woman and a femi…
The fact that Ashley Judd kept Weinstein’s advances a secret for decades but called out a TSA agent is all you need to kn…
NYT who ran the original Weinstein piece & Ashley Judd interview killed practically the same 2004.
who forced Ashley Judd to put her head on his shoulder & pose for this photo?
people mag. Ashley Judd. Last guilty pleasure: Martin Katz who is my favorite jeweler in the world let me borrow some jewelry from the
Now we know why Ashley Judd is A NASTY WOMAN. She immediately trashed for the way he talked, but waited 20 years to t… proud of Ashley Judd for speakin…
Why didnt Ashley Judd and Madonna have down Hollywood Blvd about Harvey Weinstein sex crimes years a…
Ashley Judd will sort it she knows weiner but hates Trump
Yes! Where's Ashley Judd when something REAL is going on? Ladies?? Pink hats? Hello?
Cher, Nancy Sinatra, Ashley Judd, Keith Olbermann, these are America's great thinkers. No doubt. Oh man, get ready to learn Russian.
so let me get this straight: Ashley Judd was running around being a famous activist and flirting with running for office w…
Weinstein responds to decades of harassment alleged by Ashley Judd & more: "I sincerely apologize." Full statement… …
Ashley Judd: "I said no, a lot of ways, a lot of times, and he always came back at me with some new ask"
Ashley Judd hinted at Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct in a 2015 interview
Accusers are in the high numbers and include actresses Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd and many, many former assistants.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sexual harassment described by Ashley Judd in 2015 revealed to be Harvey Weinstein 1066Li…
rljourno: The 2015 account Ashley Judd gave Variety about the studio mogul now revealed by NYT to be Harvey Wei… …
Ashley Judd revealed she was sexually harassed by a media mogul in a 2015 interview with Variety… 1066Live
Weinstein "reached at least 8 settlements with women," Ashley Judd has gone on the record to accuse him, NYT repor… …
Harvey Weinstein's "decades of harassment" alleged by Ashley Judd and others in N.Y. Times expose… 1066Live
Ashley Judd remembers: "How do I get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein?"
US Peeps: Check this film out. Opens October 6. Starring Ashley Judd and Sean Patrick Flanery:…
briefings. But said no), is that it's not take votes no respect to be, many mistakes made Ashley Judd: Keep up with Chris Christie of
Richard Armitage /Trevor Price Ashley Judd, Keke Palmer. on Eps 1-2 free but US o…
loving the International Women's Day set on YT. But you could have let Ashley Judd ride the mix longer! ❤️✊
Miley and Ashley Judd telling rural America that you're privileged isn't working out, I'm sorry, won't work.
You mean Miley and Ashley Judd taking their one-sided message to Appalachia failed? Wonder why? Famine?
On a happier note, Condoleezza Rice and Ashley Judd were at work yday
Where are all the boo hooing celebs like Clooney Samuel Jackson Meryl Streep Ashley Judd Katie Perry Whoopie to hel…
Post-Irma, I re-watched one of my favorite Florida movies, highlighted by Ashley Judd's tour de force.
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The UEA SU have boycotted Dr. Kildare in case they damage Ashley Judd.
Mayim Bialek - Ph.D in neuroscience; Ashley Judd - MPA from Harvard and is getting a Ph.D from Berke…
"Divergent" with Ashley Judd started right after "Into the Storm".
Wondering where the feminists are hiding. After all, this is real male dominance. Looking for HRC, Madonn…
Thesbians should focus on their art. Some stars have done themselves great harm. Cher, Madonna, De…
Any *** can make a flag. Oh and Madonna and Ashley Judd threatening to blow up the White House. The…
You throw down one Steven Seagal and I'll raise you one Ashley Judd.
I just got called "Dahlin" by a Weinerschnitzel restaurant employee. Where is Nasty Ashley Judd? She needs to...
Michelle speaks for me as much as Madonna, Ashley Judd and Jane Fonda do.not one iota! I have always been proud…
For as dustasteful as the Women who think like masty…
Ashley Judd says she wishes she lived in the middle east, where women have more rights.…
Oh, no doubt...nasty as Ashley and as dishonest as "you can keep your doctor" Barack (who's sane?) Obama…
President Trump was right. She's a nasty woman. Now I keep hearing Ashley Judd's crazy voice in my head. 😳
Re: your Ashley Judd/Trafficked article yesterday, it says the trailer's below, but there is no trailer. Is it published yet?
Just rewatched Bug with Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon and I forgot how unsettling and chaotic this movie is. A good one for sure.
Go wash your Ashley Judd bloody sheets ***
She is a disgrace to women...just like hillary, madonna, Ashley judd, and all those…
If you want to diss Steven Seagal's opinion because he's just an actor, fine. But also diss George Clooney, Jennifer Lawre…
Please send Alyssa Milano and Ashley Judd down to campaign for him, that always works so well via
Get an exclusive first look at starring Ashley Judd, Elisabeth Rohm and Sean Patrick Flanery. In...
Thanks I am bad at that. I remember Sela Ward was one but I think Ashley Judd too. And the red head?
Why was Kathy Griffin, madanna, senator, Ashley Judd, Anthony B, Michael Moore an many others not arrested for what they said?
Maybe Michael Moore will go see it, or George Clooknee or Ashley Judd. Not me.
I will not watch any movies featuring high school dropout Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Ashley Judd, G Clooney…
Agree. Just added her to the list of Ashley Judd, Meryl Streep, Robert DeNario, Madonna,…
How about Zuckerburg? I hear he has a pile of money. Robert DeNiro send a donation yet? Ashley Judd? Bill Gate…
Using lessons learned from Ashley Judd, Mike Wallace prevails at The Irish Hills of Pocono Alex Bowman can't even right now!
Warren’s Democratic Party is the party of Madonna, Ashley Judd, Occupy Wall Street, AT…
Yup, another great one! And we both love Ben this season. Richard Beymer and Ashley Judd are amazing!
Chris Cillizza is a raging liberal, CNN should get him a show wuth Ashley Judd and Debbie Wa…
When Dario Franchitti & Scott Dixon were robbed at gunpoint, Dario said "it's better than being married to Ashley Judd".
Crazy Ashley Judd gets triggered by being called "sweetheart" Would she had been happier being called "Nasty Woman"?. h…
Ashley Judd slams 'everyday sexism' after airport security run-in via
For the GLORY. that's why. . I don't care about Ashley Judd, Mueller, Manafort, none of it. . I already knew we...
Ashley Judd calls out 'everyday sexism' after encounter with airport employee via
Ashley Judd ranted on FB over someone calling her "Sweetheart." Well she's going to need a psych hold once she reads all t…
Ashley Judd has some serious mental issues!
You have to watch Ashley Judd accusing a TSA agent of "everyday sexism." Spoiler: He called her sweetheart.
Ashley Judd claims she was a victim of 'every day sexism' (sweetheart). Full video on FB 👉🏼
It seems Ashley Judd's nipple is oddly placed.
An all-star cast in this classic 1990s Michael Mann movie, including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, Jon Voi…
A dohicky? How offensive the hard working people that design and built the conveyors and X-ray…
Ashley Judd & her whole family r crazy as *** She cnnt b taken seriously after that hi…
Were her therapy dogs there to corroborate this account?
Ashley Judd rails on airport employee for 'everyday sexism' ⋆ Epeak . Independent news and blogs
Their at the airport getting trashed by Ashley Judd😁
News Ashley Judd rails on airport employee for ‘everyday sexism’
Out of Touch Ashley Judd Becomes - slams 'everyday sexism' after airport security run-in.
Ashley Judd is wildly dumb, uninspiring, & downright insufferable. Airport worker compliments her, she tries to get him fi…
Ashley Judd cries cuz a man told her "nice dress". . Meanwhile, women in Iran are beat if they dare wear a dress!.
Agreed. I do not find her attractive. And that's not because of pols since I stil…
I just saw the Ashley Judd video. Just be glad she's not a U of L fan. 😂
Working class guy compliments her, helps her, and the hideous tries to get him fired...
You couldn't be more any more mainstream Liberal if you tried. Gonna go on a limb here and guess Ashley Judd is next
may be he could be Ashley judd's manager
Hey Winona hey Naomi can't you stop Ashley Judd from bad mouthing America ? Did you all forget that America made you PPL so filthy rich?
While mom Naomi and sister Wynonna tried to make it in the music business, Ashley Judd attended 12 different schools.
Ashley Judd? She's very crazy. Disgusting to watch these psychos. How so…
Entertainers I no longer watch:. Robert DeNiro. Kathy Griffin. Martin Sheen. Ashley Judd. Johnny Depp (never did). Madonna. Meryl Streep. Others?
Came for the music- love Cole Porter. "DeLovely" with Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd has a different spin on this tale.
Cole and Linda Porter | Cary Grant and Alexis Smith in NIGHT AND DAY | Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd in DE-LOVELY…
Kevin Kline was really good in it and so was Ashley Judd.
Ashley Judd is such an incredible actress. I love her so much
She's a B actress like Ashley Judd trying so hard to be accepted by the self absorbed Star…
Poor Dario has had nothing but trouble since he met Ashley Judd. Indy 500 Driver Dario Franchitti Robbed at Gunpoint
At that women's match..did Ashley Judd sound just like Piper Laurie in the movie 'Carrie' or what?? so creepy..
I haven't had a girl crush in a long time used 2 Ashley Judd after the woman's march NOTHANKS! lmao Crush…
Please take Cher and Ashley insane Judd and *** Madonna
Somewhere Ashley Judd is crying. But only if it is going to be televised.
Ashley Judd is a self described nasty women, a la women's march. Guess you're a fan of both?
This is sickening. Where are all the *** with the *** hats? Where is Ashley Judd and Madonna?
Ashley Judd. Check out her best nude scenes on AZNude.
I liked a video Ashley Judd, Video Games, and "Online Misogyny"
Watching The Game on Netflix. Great Wesley episode. Any good Ashley Judd stories? 😊
If we learn not humility, we learn nothing. . Ms. Ashley Judd, UNFPA Global Goodwill Ambassador and a noted actor...
Is this the Ashley Judd 'barbie' doll?
This is an "Ashley Judd at a Kentucky game" level of Mike Bryant. Don't make me dislike Sparkle Dad, ESPN.
Ashley Judd & Morgan Freeman, name a more iconic duo. I'll wait...
Ashley Judd .. for some reason comes to mind.. I think it's her inner fire
I don't get it.Just bc Madonna made some stupid comments & Ashley Judd looked like the exorcist,they thought the re…
Tell me what you think of it. It's weird to see Ashley Judd in this before she became famous! An e…
I liked a video The Trauma of Being Ashley Judd
Oh I disagree. Hillary, Ashley Judd, Obama's Angela Merkel, and the list goes…
Pretty bad when we have to enforce the obvious! Assimilation? Where r Women's groups outrage standing behind this b…
Is Kentucky so pitiful that the *** Ashley Judd is the only person who can speak on TV?
White supremacist Hand Symbol Leftists say the ok sign is racist. This is Ashley Judd at women's march
Me too.Ashley Judd.what a fool she is.
L M A O. ashley Judd just showed up and I'm so sad for her
print this you nasty liberal press. Let's go CNN and MSNBC. Bet you will not hear anything ab…
I wish it was Ashley Judd screaming" I'm a nasssty woman" with each slap!!
Venezuela's chief prosecutor decries violence as deaths rise Ashley Judd, Streep, Warren, Sanders should move there.
I said MAJORITY of Trump celebrity supporters, not just some. What's wrong with Ashley Judd?
Ashley Judd, once said yellow emojis are racist now gets triggered because a fan told her he liked trump. This lady is a c…
Were there any Ashley Judd sightings today in Memphis? A Big Blue Nation turns its lonely eyes to her.
Ashley Judd must be cry a river now!!😂😂
Oh, I am sure he's not. Just like Trump supporters are out to get Ashley Judd and Sarah Jessica Parker🙄.…
Ashley Judd belongs in a nice padded room in Chattahoochee. Mentally ill
Watching Martha's Piece on Ashley Judd. She really needs to see a shrink and soon. If Dr Keith Ablow is watching, This woman needs help.
And here we are Whoopi Goldberg, Ashley Judd, Michael Moore, you've finally made contact!
Hollywood is now a myth of what it once was. John Wayne, Clark Gable, Marlon Brando are all gone. Stuck with Ashley Judd and Sean Penn.
Bill Mahar is truly a very vile man! Great match up for his fellow Liberal "Nasty Women" Madonna and Ashley Judd!
Ashley Judd is not an academic type at all. She was a radio disc jockey locally and involved so many people here.
When Lady Gaga out classes you, you've got problems. Madonna and Ashley Judd should be ashamed.
Honored and extremely glad to receive Ashley Judd, the global goodwill ambassador for the United Nations...
Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain, Madonna, and Ashley Judd are sick of women being treated as sexual objects!!!
Plus Steve's staccato manner of speech made it as grating as Ashley Judd.
In 2017, Ashley Judd was forced to pay taxes on tampons.
Sounds like Ashley Judd was one of the judges based on her latest speech.
Rachel Tarlov you and Ashley Judd do not have a clue what the *** you are even talking about or what it means to be an Am…
It is clear my new Frank Stallone, Ashley Judd project is dead.
Adding Marie Harf to Zimmerman, Fowler, Goolsbee, Beckel, Shep, etc. means Madonna and Ashley Judd will become contributors.
Anyone else think Ashley Judd sounded like she was channeling a Hillary Clinton fake accent?. That is one damag…
I think the women's march, Ashley Judd & Madonna's speeches make conservative positions look better. Marie can do no harm 2 us
Ashley Judd's best movie was as a director in 'Call Me Crazy'
Marisa Tomei-- liquor store. Ashley Judd-pharmacy. Shia LeBoeuf--down the street from my H'Wood apartment. . Where do…
Ashley Judd's poem written by a 19 year old who is studying sociology and a performance artist. That makes sense.
'My looks have faded and I can't get big film roles anymore so I'm going to use politics to stay relevant.' - Ashley Judd
it scared me to hear Ashley Judd and some of the other speeches. They ate all the anti Trump L propaganda, they are CRAZY PEOPLE.
Ashley Judd reads vulgar poem at march, implying Trump has wet dreams, sex fantasies about his daughter…
Ashley Judd calling out White supremacy and White prejudice. Calling out, explicitly, Trump's obsession with underaged g…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ashley Judd should run for DNC chair. 😂
Why Trump triggers so many sexual assault survivors .
Didn't Trump say if " yvanka wasn't my daughter I would date her" so Ashley Judd was right
Btw Linda Sarsour was on stage w Ashley Judd & this was her response when I confronted her about Islam's treatment of w…
Ashley Judd said it all today." We don't make eye contact bc we fear u will mistake that for wanting physical contact."
You'd think Ashley Judd could afford a decent therapist by now.
Just saw the Ashley Judd performance at Women's March. She seems really nuts.
Lady Gaga & Ashley Judd: Sickos Stoking The Flames of Violence via *** what???
Thankfully 99.9% of the women on the globe don't reflect the stupidity and hypocrisy of "Ashley Judd" speech.
I'm going to have to Google this "Ashley Judd" cuz I have no idea who she is. I'm guessing another dumb actress…
Ashley Judd's mother family member molested her as a child for a long time. Ashley Judd is very mentally ill. R…
Not a word from Ashley Judd or Madonna. ISIS Yazidi sex slaves sold in horrifying auctions to Saudi Arabia
Ashley Judd, quit while your ahead darling. not a good time to side with the silly left!! not at all ! your better than that!!
If you don't like what Ashley Judd said about Trump & the problems in this country, you're the problem. Blinded by privilege.
We had to shut off the TV at home when Ashley Judd came on stage and started giving a Nasty Woman Speech. Her...
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Ashley Judd needs arrested vulgar disgusting displays and they call themselves women not in my life
Washed up women like Madonna, Ashley Judd and Michael Moore do not represent the majority of females in our country.
If Ashley Judd cares about women and girls' well-being, why the silence on Hillary's campaign chairman JOHN PODESTA?
When Ashley Judd says she's "not as nasty as using little girls like Pokemon," what does she mean? How is that even in her head?
Ashley Judd scorches the game industry for profiteering from misogyny:
THIS is the delivery. . Nina Donovan, the 19yo who wrote the ‘I Am a Nasty Woman’ poem Ashley Judd recited today. https:/…
i guess you missed ashley judd claiming trump has wet dreams about his daughter. Amazing
Christians are facing extermination at the hands of Muslims in some parts of the world and Ashley Judd is protesting ...…
I liked a video from Ashley Judd FULL Speech at "Women's March" In Washington DC ‘I am
Back to the mental institution with you Ashley Judd.
well wait you've got Ashley Judd & Madonna who woke up from hibernation today. That went well. Especially Ashley 🙄
ICYMI, Ashley Judd absolutely brought the house down with her spoken word speech:
I started crying listening to this. thank you for this beautiful and moving speech 💗. .
Actress Ashley Judd became the breakout star of the Women's March on Washington - SFGate
Ashley Judd at am a nasty woman. I'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust." http…
⚡️ “Ashley Judd: How online abuse of women has spiraled out of control”.
Well Ashley Judd made a total fool of herself.
I want to puke every time I hear madonna and Ashley Judd's ridiculous speeches. Such nasty women!
Madonna, Ashley Judd are very viol women. This type of behavior from so called women equality is ignorance. They're worn out.
Report: Ashley Judd files police report accusing sister Wynonna of tracking her car with GPS |
Watching Michael Moore get cut off by Ashley Judd was great. He's the epitome of bro politics and should listen for once.
Ashley Judd was just embarrassing. Michael Moore level of embarrassing. Never worked a day in her life.
More I reflect, the weirder it was that Ashley Judd interrupted a rousing Michael Moore speech to do Southern slam poetry.
That moment when Ashley Judd cuts off Michael Moore mid-rant
, they have 0 credibility with Madonna and Ashley Judd , and Katie perry being there reps
Why didn't anyone tell me that Ashley Judd was related to Naomi and Wynonna?
.said it best. Madonna, Ashley Judd and other brainless celebrities better shut their pie holes…
I would never dine with Ashley Judd. I'm a Wynonna guy.
When I was 13 I had a big crush on Ashley Judd. Now I just want to see her thrown in a wood chipper.
These dried up Hollywood hags like Ashley Judd just wanna be heard. It's killing them they're not relevant anymore. America's…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ashley Judd is prepared to drink any koolaid when asked. *** are all liberals.
It saddens me to know Ashley Judd is from Kentucky. Where did the upbrangin' go wrong?!
Michael Moore, Ashley Judd and Madonna... Were there no WORKING female celebrities available for this
Are you sure this isn't Ashley Judd's sister Wynonna.
I would venture to guess that it's Ashley Judd & her friends like Sally Kohn who have those dreams about Ivanka
A powerful, raw, and righteous Ashley Judd made southern girls proud! Y'all know she's right!
Ashley Judd is Hot AF! Not sure what happened to Wynonna or Naomi but Ashley does it for me! Nasty or Not Hot AF!!!
my 3 picks are easy 1) Coach Cal 2) my favorite player Jamal Mashburn and 3) Ashley Judd of course
On today: "Ashley Judd on how to put an end to online gender violence" from my released this morn.
Ashley Judd going full SJW over on TED. Muh Patriarchy, muh online violence, muh violent video games, muh
[Misc.] Ashley Judd gamedrops at TED - also "games that maim and dump women for sport"
"Online violence is an extension of in-person violence.” Ashley Judd takes on misogyny and harassment
How many tiers do I have to move up on patreon to get you to watch that precious Ashley Judd TED talk?
Ashley Judd refuses to be bullied by online abuse in this defiant speech via
Ashley Judd on How to Put an End to Online Gender Violence
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Could be. She seems quite young to play an FBI Agent though...would've thought Naomi Watts or Ashley Judd, or Dern
you're more famous that Ashley Judd, Former speak of the house John Boehner, LeBron James, and idk DRAKE
Now I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with Ashley Judd's eye on that side, like Darryl Hannah's hand.
Whoopi Goldberg, Esai Morales, Ashley Judd and others narrate the real life stories of 10 exonerees in an...
A sweaty Ashley Judd and Matthew McConaughey in A time to kill
But when I assured my friend Lynn Collins was Ashley Judd's girl pal in the supremely messed-up Bug he felt happier-
Also, Ashley Judd glows playing Obama's mother Ann Dunham in BARRY, a remarkable woman who I realized deserves her own movie.
Ashley Judd's character is the science officer, they have a hermaphroditic chief engineer, a security chief who's like Worf x100.
.and I have chosen to watch the 1999 thriller Double Jeopardy, starring Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Hones, and a YOUNG Bruce Greenwood.
When Jodie Foster became pregnant she was replaced in this movie by Ashley Judd
Whoops, getting my Ashley Judd movies messed up. I meant Tommy Lee Jones!
Ok shut up... I'm gonna tell u right now. I'm obsessed with Ashley Judd, Tina Turner, Angela Bassett, that chick...
I just watched Big Stone Gap, both the book and Screenplay written by Adrianna Trigiana. I loved it! Ashley Judd,...
ahhh..still upset we didn't run Ashley Judd..she would have mopped up the floor with him :)
He is the best & his laugh is the greatest. I'll never forget his laugh when I called in as fake Ashley Judd
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We are so excited to announce Ashley Judd as our keynote speaker for the 2016 Evening of Hope!
I think that, as with marriage, you just know when it's time to have k...
He kissed Ashley Judd on an episode of TNG. That's cred.
I dreamed about Ashley Judd to god I wonder can hold her leg above her head while I eat it
UNFPA’s Goodwill Ambassador Ashley Judd visited our center which is established in Istanbul…
Double Jeopardy, very good film. Nice mystery/thriller, good performances from Ashley Judd & Tommy Lee Jones.
Cant remember mag bit there was one of Ashley Judd once with "others' and it was Dario🙄
I rated Double Jeopardy (1999) 6/10 'plot holes! I counted 3 or 4 in the first 30 mins. Ashley Judd tho...'
Hot for Ashley Judd providing spice to Eye of the Beholder
Ashley Judd on the Set of Extra in Los Angeles - April 2015
Now playing HIGH CRIMES, a classic Morgan Freeman/Ashley Judd joint from whenever it was that they were constantly making movies together.
I wish I had that film where Ashley Judd played Marilyn Monroe. It was pure camp.
Just rewatched the movie Frida. Still cant belive Ashley Judd snuck into that. Seriously what were the odds.
Ruby in Paradise and the intensity and quality that I was able to expe...
Ashley Judd. She is the youngest daughter of Naomi Judd and Michael Cimi
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Ashley Judd is such an amazing actress
she looks like an actress, I can't remember which. Ashley Judd maybe?
Ashley Judd's character in Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood is definitely in the top (bottom?) 10
won't be the same. That chemistry was second to none, although it has Robert Knepper, Ashley Judd, Amanda Seyfried, and Tim Roth.
The cast list for this is crazy. Michael Cera, Eddie Vedder, Ashley Judd, Tom Sizemore, Trent Reznor, et al?
We've got celebrity birthdays coming out of our ears today! HB to James Franco, Kate Hudson, Ashley Judd, Hayden Christensen and Tim Curry!
Auction EXCLUSIVE: Big Stone Gap movie guitar signed by cast: Patrick Wilson, Ashley Judd, Whoopi, me,etc
Julia Roberts may be developing Harlan Coben's mystery thriller 'Fool Me Once' but this project screams Ashley Judd
just watched Big Stone Gap. Thought u and Ashley Judd had great chemistry.
The KY loss isn't the worst thing today for Ashley Judd. Wynonna is still her sister
Kentucky hoops team known for Ashley Judd at big games. Stony Brook countering tonight with Suffolk Cty Exec. Steve Bellone.
Sitting down now to watch "Olympus Has Fallen" I'm a fan of Gerard Butler Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd
I watched DELOVELY. I know what I'm talking about! Kevin Kline as Cole Porter, Ashley Judd as his then wife Linda.
Ashley Judd introduced as new UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador The acclaimed humanitarian, writer, & actor
Update she went to an law event where Bonnie Wright was speaking & a Unicef party with Ashley Judd. We need to get to get there.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ashley Judd fights for young girls' rights by combating child marriages .
Ashley Judd: Child marriage violates 'every human right'
Full Disclosure: March Madness hours away. Ashley Judd 100% freaking out w/ anticipation won't stop texting me. But she's gon' be all right.
Actress Ashley Judd has been appointed as the newest UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador for empowerment of women!
It's like that ST:TNG episode where everyone on the ship got addicted to that game and Wesley & Ashley Judd had to save them
A great piece on the issue of featuring & ICRW's via …
UNFPA appoints actor, activist, Ashley Judd, as Goodwill Ambassador.
"Being a girl is not a crime, it's a privilege" - via
When you're visiting the UN and reppin hard: ashley_judd's photo
Ashley Judd vows to combat child marriage crisis via
Whatever happened to coral lipstick color? Ashley Judd in Someone Like You is rocking it 👑
"Being a girl is not a crime, it is a privilege" - new Goodwill Amb
Fox Mulder has a puffy face now. . Like an Ashley Judd who needs a shave.
I do like the Val Kilmer/Ashley Judd thing in HEAT, however. Cue Sequencer.
Ashley Judd involved in new project that will document online harassment directed at women: ht…
Okay, fine, gambol with your irony, but San Fran DID play host to Twisted w/ Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, and Mark Pellegrino.
Michael Mann, Ashley Judd and Robert De Niro on the set of 'Heat' (1995)
So we've got Ashley Judd and Idris Elba. Who is the husband? Got to be William H. Macy, right?
OMG Ashley Judd made the same argument in the movie Double Jeopardy. Worked for her.
"Robert De Niro owning Ashley Judd in Heat". "Colbert makes bill O'Reilly mad on his own Show. 11807.flv". "Giannis dunks on Whiteside"
(Administrator-Sharon) Posted on Adriana Trigiani's FB page. Watch Patrick Wilson, Ashley Judd and the rest of...
I thought you meant Ashley Judd and I was trying to figure out which part she played in the movie. :)
she looks a little like Ashley Judd in this picture
Up there with Ashley Judd getting revenge
and you got to kiss Ashley Judd. That's good in my book.
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