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Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd (born Ashley Tyler Ciminella; April 19, 1968) is an American television and film actress, humanitarian, political activist, fashion designer, model and philanthropist.

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Why didn't anyone tell me that Ashley Judd was related to Naomi and Wynonna?
I would never dine with Ashley Judd. I'm a Wynonna guy.
Are you sure this isn't Ashley Judd's sister Wynonna.
A powerful, raw, and righteous Ashley Judd made southern girls proud! Y'all know she's right!
Ashley Judd is Hot AF! Not sure what happened to Wynonna or Naomi but Ashley does it for me! Nasty or Not Hot AF!!!
On today: "Ashley Judd on how to put an end to online gender violence" from my released this morn.
Ashley Judd going full SJW over on TED. Muh Patriarchy, muh online violence, muh violent video games, muh
[Misc.] Ashley Judd gamedrops at TED - also "games that maim and dump women for sport"
"Online violence is an extension of in-person violence.” Ashley Judd takes on misogyny and harassment
How many tiers do I have to move up on patreon to get you to watch that precious Ashley Judd TED talk?
Ashley Judd refuses to be bullied by online abuse in this defiant speech via
Ashley Judd on How to Put an End to Online Gender Violence
How online abuse of women has spiraled out of control | Ashley Judd via
Could be. She seems quite young to play an FBI Agent though...would've thought Naomi Watts or Ashley Judd, or Dern
you're more famous that Ashley Judd, Former speak of the house John Boehner, LeBron James, and idk DRAKE
Now I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with Ashley Judd's eye on that side, like Darryl Hannah's hand.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Whoopi Goldberg, Esai Morales, Ashley Judd and others narrate the real life stories of 10 exonerees in an...
A sweaty Ashley Judd and Matthew McConaughey in A time to kill
But when I assured my friend Lynn Collins was Ashley Judd's girl pal in the supremely messed-up Bug he felt happier-
Also, Ashley Judd glows playing Obama's mother Ann Dunham in BARRY, a remarkable woman who I realized deserves her own movie.
Ashley Judd's character is the science officer, they have a hermaphroditic chief engineer, a security chief who's like Worf x100.
.and I have chosen to watch the 1999 thriller Double Jeopardy, starring Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Hones, and a YOUNG Bruce Greenwood.
When Jodie Foster became pregnant she was replaced in this movie by Ashley Judd
Whoops, getting my Ashley Judd movies messed up. I meant Tommy Lee Jones!
Ok shut up... I'm gonna tell u right now. I'm obsessed with Ashley Judd, Tina Turner, Angela Bassett, that chick...
I just watched Big Stone Gap, both the book and Screenplay written by Adrianna Trigiana. I loved it! Ashley Judd,...
ahhh..still upset we didn't run Ashley Judd..she would have mopped up the floor with him :)
He is the best & his laugh is the greatest. I'll never forget his laugh when I called in as fake Ashley Judd
We are so excited to announce Ashley Judd as our keynote speaker for the 2016 Evening of Hope!
I think that, as with marriage, you just know when it's time to have k...
He kissed Ashley Judd on an episode of TNG. That's cred.
I dreamed about Ashley Judd to god I wonder can hold her leg above her head while I eat it
UNFPA’s Goodwill Ambassador Ashley Judd visited our center which is established in Istanbul…
Double Jeopardy, very good film. Nice mystery/thriller, good performances from Ashley Judd & Tommy Lee Jones.
Cant remember mag bit there was one of Ashley Judd once with "others' and it was Dario🙄
I rated Double Jeopardy (1999) 6/10 'plot holes! I counted 3 or 4 in the first 30 mins. Ashley Judd tho...'
Hot for Ashley Judd providing spice to Eye of the Beholder
Ashley Judd on the Set of Extra in Los Angeles - April 2015
Now playing HIGH CRIMES, a classic Morgan Freeman/Ashley Judd joint from whenever it was that they were constantly making movies together.
I wish I had that film where Ashley Judd played Marilyn Monroe. It was pure camp.
Just rewatched the movie Frida. Still cant belive Ashley Judd snuck into that. Seriously what were the odds.
Ruby in Paradise and the intensity and quality that I was able to expe...
Ashley Judd. She is the youngest daughter of Naomi Judd and Michael Cimi
Ashley Judd is such an amazing actress
she looks like an actress, I can't remember which. Ashley Judd maybe?
Ashley Judd's character in Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood is definitely in the top (bottom?) 10
won't be the same. That chemistry was second to none, although it has Robert Knepper, Ashley Judd, Amanda Seyfried, and Tim Roth.
The cast list for this is crazy. Michael Cera, Eddie Vedder, Ashley Judd, Tom Sizemore, Trent Reznor, et al?
We've got celebrity birthdays coming out of our ears today! HB to James Franco, Kate Hudson, Ashley Judd, Hayden Christensen and Tim Curry!
Auction EXCLUSIVE: Big Stone Gap movie guitar signed by cast: Patrick Wilson, Ashley Judd, Whoopi, me,etc
Julia Roberts may be developing Harlan Coben's mystery thriller 'Fool Me Once' but this project screams Ashley Judd
just watched Big Stone Gap. Thought u and Ashley Judd had great chemistry.
The KY loss isn't the worst thing today for Ashley Judd. Wynonna is still her sister
Kentucky hoops team known for Ashley Judd at big games. Stony Brook countering tonight with Suffolk Cty Exec. Steve Bellone.
Sitting down now to watch "Olympus Has Fallen" I'm a fan of Gerard Butler Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd
I watched DELOVELY. I know what I'm talking about! Kevin Kline as Cole Porter, Ashley Judd as his then wife Linda.
Ashley Judd introduced as new UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador The acclaimed humanitarian, writer, & actor
Update she went to an law event where Bonnie Wright was speaking & a Unicef party with Ashley Judd. We need to get to get there.
Ashley Judd fights for young girls' rights by combating child marriages .
Ashley Judd: Child marriage violates 'every human right'
Full Disclosure: March Madness hours away. Ashley Judd 100% freaking out w/ anticipation won't stop texting me. But she's gon' be all right.
Actress Ashley Judd has been appointed as the newest UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador for empowerment of women!
It's like that ST:TNG episode where everyone on the ship got addicted to that game and Wesley & Ashley Judd had to save them
A great piece on the issue of featuring & ICRW's via …
UNFPA appoints actor, activist, Ashley Judd, as Goodwill Ambassador.
"Being a girl is not a crime, it's a privilege" - via
When you're visiting the UN and reppin hard: ashley_judd's photo
Ashley Judd vows to combat child marriage crisis via
Whatever happened to coral lipstick color? Ashley Judd in Someone Like You is rocking it 👑
"Being a girl is not a crime, it is a privilege" - new Goodwill Amb
Fox Mulder has a puffy face now. . Like an Ashley Judd who needs a shave.
I do like the Val Kilmer/Ashley Judd thing in HEAT, however. Cue Sequencer.
Ashley Judd involved in new project that will document online harassment directed at women: ht…
Okay, fine, gambol with your irony, but San Fran DID play host to Twisted w/ Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, and Mark Pellegrino.
Michael Mann, Ashley Judd and Robert De Niro on the set of 'Heat' (1995)
So we've got Ashley Judd and Idris Elba. Who is the husband? Got to be William H. Macy, right?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
OMG Ashley Judd made the same argument in the movie Double Jeopardy. Worked for her.
"Robert De Niro owning Ashley Judd in Heat". "Colbert makes bill O'Reilly mad on his own Show. 11807.flv". "Giannis dunks on Whiteside"
(Administrator-Sharon) Posted on Adriana Trigiani's FB page. Watch Patrick Wilson, Ashley Judd and the rest of...
I thought you meant Ashley Judd and I was trying to figure out which part she played in the movie. :)
she looks a little like Ashley Judd in this picture
Up there with Ashley Judd getting revenge
and you got to kiss Ashley Judd. That's good in my book.
In 1997, Ashley Judd was nominated for a Golden Globe for her spectacular performance as "Norma Jean" in Norma...
I just discovered this on Poshmark: Purple Ashley Judd Blouse. via
- Your round 1 winner over Julia Roberts with 81% over 19% - Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd movie for the afternoon . Yes God
High Crimes USBOUNCETV: An attorney Ashley Judd tries to prove her husband s Jim Caviezel innocence after the ...
Wesley has unusual ideas on what to do on his date with Ashley Judd. Running simulations and scans?!
Even worse than the Bengals thuggery is turning to BBCAmerica and seeing Weshley Crusher getting attention from Ashley Judd {puke emoji}
You'll need Ashley Judd and Wil Wheaton to save you, though.
Speaking of Ashley Judd... - The Game- is on…. And with that, I sleep Perchance to dream…
I think all the residuals were forfeited when he negotiated an on screen kiss with Ashley Judd ;)
its pretty good - spends the movie chasing Ashley Judd around
You also got to flirt with Ashley Judd during Star Trek and that's pretty cool.
Alaina Huffman could be Ashley Judd's twin. I'm just saying.
I want to be Ashley Judd so naturally beautiful back then and now 🙌🏼
Oh hey! and Ashley Judd on This is a good one!
Baby faced Ashley Judd!!! Also, that headwear game could be in our future. Kinda scary!.
Well no one can beat the clock for looks.Unless you pull a Joan Rivers, Marie Osmond or Ashley Judd...
Next round 1 match - in our hottest 90s film actresses tourney - Julia Roberts Vs Ashley Judd
good one, yet no say anything about Ashley Judd visiting with the players..Everyone wants to get UK...
Poor girl to many punches to the head by her boyfriend gave brain damage liberal dead cells
Ashley Judd flaunts her tiny titties and creamy round seat meat:
There are two people in this world I would marry without meeting: Ashley Judd and Meg White...(OK, Taraji P. too)
Whoopi and Ashley Judd have a new movie out next year Big Stone Gap
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Seriously, there's probably more sweat on Ashley Judd's clavicle in one scene than in all of Amistad.
Life is better when you are in love with Ashley Judd.
Karl Rove’s stupid ad made Ashley Judd hot—now everybody is talking about her.
Matt, is there anyone's cup you would pick up and keep?? Ashley Judd's??
Yes. We have to stop seeing systems like patriarchy as only one group of ppl. Well said Ashley Judd.
a film about an blind Iowa boy who played with ready to roll
According to my therapist I've dated way too many Greg Kinnear's in 90's movies opposite Ashley Judd. She really knows how to speak to me.
Ashley Judd Hand Signed Magazine Cover : actress ( kiss the girls ) .
The second round of Jeopardy! should be hosted by Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd.
Looks like the new target for his comments on Ashley Judd. The lefty media loves to ignore...
OH the one where everyone gets addicted to that game because Riker is a *** and Wesley falls in love with Ashley Judd?
Online shopping for Amazon Video from a great selection of TV, Movies & more ... via
Filming starts Jan. for film about Brian Knapp, blind Iowan/musical prodigy & son of late Bob Knapp via
Iowa boy's story being made into Hollywood movie: Ashley Judd and Bill Paxton will play major roles in the movie.
Just looked up Ashley Judd. She's got dark hair. Am I getting her mixed up
Ashley Judd I think, she's lovely. Also got Henry Rollins in too which is a bonus!
I dont know yet. I found it on this article:
Last week was quite exciting at NuMynd Studios! We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Ashley Judd and...
I think Ashley Judd is such a pretty woman.
[RUMOR] Ashley Tisdale set to appear on the upcoming movie “Life Briefly” with Ashley Judd and Ty Simpkins!
Film about the blind Iowa boy who played with Johnny Cash finally ready to roll via
I guess the Dems can still run Ashley Judd. It would be fun to call the race when polls close
Don't really care about basketball. Does this mean Ashley Judd will press charges again?
Ashley Judd: Obama supporters sure do get ostracized
Ashley Judd: Obama supporters sure do get ostracized -
Ashley Judd's story of Hollywood sexual harassment is depressing-- and, it seems, depressingly common
tMC Spotlight: My interview with Adriana Trigiani, Ashley Judd, Paul Wilson and Jenna Elfman of "Big Stone Gap"
Ashley Judd says she was by a executive: For the first time…
homie he's a drill sergeant you see him in the St with athletes good Ashley Judd going yo ciao
Ashley Judd: ‘I was sexually harassed by a powerful Hollywood executive’
And neither one could adjust their iPhone ringer. So Hillary Clinton and Thomas Jefferson are running even there. ht…
amber heard, Ashley Judd for both xx
+ READ ARTICLE Ashley Judd has lost her patience. She’s done taking the kind of…
Ashley & Wynonna Judd, Hayley Williams and Kesha went to my high school and Miley was supposed to go there lol
Ashley Judd revealed to Variety that she was sexually harassed by a male studio executive; however she did not release his name.
Saturday morning Buddy cuddles with coffee and Ashley Judd…
I also recommend the amazing Double Jeopardy with Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd for New Orleans research.
Music to our ears! The soundtrack's being released by
though Ashley Judd was right to ditch him
womens size xl turquise top from Ashley Judd
The Internet ruined us. Today, Ashley Judd would never be able to find fame through a column and love with Hugh Jackman.
Patrick Wilson on Ashley Judd and the real characters of .
PHOENIX!!! We are giving away guaranteed seats to the premiere of “Big Stone Gap” on 10/06 at 6pm! Ashley Judd, Je… htt…
Adriana Trigiani and JENNA ELFMAN and Paul Wilson and Ashley Judd are gonna be on The View Thursday 10/8 ..check...
One actress that can get me to cry when she cries.Ashley Judd. I swear it's not the tequila.
SNEAK PEEK: Ashley Judd, Patrick Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg star in Big Stone Gap, based on the novel! SBN-03SU
Tom waddle is the preppy villain in every Ashley Judd movie
An amazing friend made my partner & me Naomi, Wynonna, & Ashley Judd prayer candles for our birthdays.
Hank Azaria: great actor, amazing voiceover talent, and most widely known as the guy who had his head up Ashley Judd's *** in HEAT.
Ashley Judd in her prime is my dream white girl ...
First trailer for Big Stone Gap starring Ashley Judd, Patrick Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg
Can we look forward to a Melissa Gilbert/Ashley Judd ticket sometime in the future? Just give them time to finish high school.
I like Shelli and everyone hates her and it makes me question my life! Lol. But I love Johnny Mac. Reminds me so much of Judd!
Fab 5 Michigan, 90s UNLV, and Duke say "Hi"... Ashley Judd, UCLA and Georgetown send their regards as well...
Biggest surprise in this game so far...not one Ashley Judd or Rodgers/Munn cut away.
Ashley Judd has a strange last second plea to anyone who has not voted -
Do we want Ashley Judd assigned for Allegiant Part 2?
It's 101 degrees today so I will take "Sweating like Ashley Judd in a Time to Kill" for $500, Alex.
Sometimes when I'm having a great day, I think about Ashley Judd in the Frida movie, just to challenge my happiness.
His stance on harassment of Ashley Judd: "That's the Internet". On concerns of campus rape: "Sex you regret is not assault."
a movie called Bug. Has Ashley Judd in it. Its insane.
I spent the last forty minutes of TRUE DETECTIVE praying that Ashley Judd would give everyone the "Walk Away" sign.
That's the young Ashley Judd one right?!
Yeah, like Planed a Parenthood is where Ashley Judd gets a PAP Smear
HOW STUPID DO WE LOOK? Actress Ashley Judd wants us to believe that is her regular health care provider
SandraBullock1v: L Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (DVD)- Ashley Judd, …
More for Ashley Judd revealing her *** in 'Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996)'
Hadn't seen it in so long... Matthew McConaughey, Samuel L. Jackson, Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock, Kiefer Sutherland are great in it.
And in America it can be done too Actress Ashley Judd took a fan to court earlier this year too who abused her daily online.
Ashley Judd providing body to Eye of the Beholder
Saluting Hillary Clinton, Frieda Pinto, Ashley Judd, Helen Mirren and all the amazing women speaking today Summit NYC
judd ashley, Wanna get Iphone6 for FREE? I'd like to offer you a chance, check my bio for the link
Just found out that Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd are sisters.
The ce ... has posted Celebrity Ashley Judd Before After Plastic ... a new pin find and view -
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A photo about Celebrity Ashley Judd Before After ... was published on c ... under category -
celebrity ... has publihsed about Celebrity Ashley Judd Before After ... under category -
To watch Ashley Judd movie or move to find something better to watch ??
Oohhh, cool. I haven't gotten into Scandal. I do love Ashley Judd too:)
Women in the world summit is happening today. So excited for Helen mirren, Ashley Judd, Hilary Clinton and so many more inspiring women!!!
Happy birthday! Celebrities James Franco, Kate Hudson, Ashley Judd, and Tim Curry have the same bday as y…
If you switched out Diane Lane for Ashley Judd like halfway through a movie. I don't think I would notice.
Ashley Judd: "ppl will question me abt my therapy dog because my disability is invisible" - and yet she thinks she's qualified for US Senate
So now that Ashley Judd is off tv my new favorite person they cut away to during games I hate, this Clippers owner, you are no Robert Pera!
Oh, Ashley has her place. Without her, I never would've been able to sell my Freshman year UK yearbook to a crazed Judd Fan for $200.
I'm confused here... What does Ashley Judd have against stimulating the economy?
As a Kentuckian I'm ashamed of Ashley Judd's playing into and exhibiting the Kentuckian stereotype we all labor mightily to disprove.
You put out a laughable statement and so did Ashley Judd herself. Sorry if you can't deal.
Who knows what goes on in a marriage, but Dario Franchitti's hero is class act Jim Clark. Heaven only knows who Ashley Judd's heroes are.
Even casual motorsports fans likely thought Ashley Judd an insufferable narcissist. Nothing she's done or said in the interim refuted that.
my store has a consignment section, please stop by. I even have an Ashley Judd fashion top.
Don't miss this Great Opportunity to see Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Ashley Judd, Savannah Guthrie &...
The Truth About *** Shaming - Monica Lewinsky has been talking about it. The Actress Ashley Judd has railed again...
CNN is interviewing Ashley Judd about Hillary. . No tough questions. Just gush.
Ashley Judd attends the 2015 Moves Power Forum at Red Door Spa in New York
Ashley Judd, 46, goes for the plunge in sexy black jumpsuit while ...
Let's all have a moment of silence for Ashley Judd.
Ashley Judd at the Moves Power Forum in New York today :)
Q: TV/ Movies: Born April 19, 1968, She starred in this movie: Natural Born Killers - 1994. A: Ashley judd
Like new played once Eye of the Beholder Ashley Judd Ewan McGregor.
Ashley Judd pressing charges against misogynist trolls who threatened her over sports via
Hey I found out what Ashley Judd is famous for
The beautiful Ashley Judd on the red carpet at the Power Women Forum host by NY Moves Magazine.…
as Ashley Judd says, "you can make a mistake without being a mistake"
Somewhere, Ashley Judd is staring teary eyed at a UK roster pic murmering "it's ok boys, we're gonna be ok, mommy still loves you."
my teacher mentioned ashley judd and i SQUEALED
Tatum can decide between Michael Jordan, Ashley Judd, Tony Romo, or John Stamos as his celeb fan. I think the choice is obvious.
Getty Images Ashley Judd and Salma Hayek Cartier and Interview Magazine Celebration of Love -
Recruiting: come to Kentucky, where you get one night with Ashley Judd. Come to Duke where you get one night with Tony Romo
The only thing that topped that Ashley Judd deal was being belittled by Mike Timlin and a BBWAA member live on NESN a few years ago
I was trying to think of a headline that might catch Ashley Judd's fancy (Loved you in Double Jeopardy!) but I failed.
At halftime CBS is going for a live look in at Ashley Judd's house where she is watching Double Jeopardy special features.
Rosamund Pike is a great actress. . She reminded me of Ashley Judd in Double Jeopardy.
Chance meeting with Ashley Judd in deserted parking lot.
Ashley Judd gets no sympathy from conservatives after the way she blasted Sarah Palin's Alaska conservation efforts which Judd doesn't get
Ashley Judd on the 1st thing smoking. 😂
These refs really want to see a battle of the blue bloods or Ashley Judd gave them the death stare at the replay monitor.
word bruh, I'd give Ashley Judd all I got like John Salley in Eddie with his bum knees
.Ashley Judd is so annoying if I was forced to switch places, I'd choose Magic & that man has AIDS
Best celebrity fan? Kentucky has Ashley Judd, Wisconsin has Aaron Rodgers, Michigan State has Magic Johnson and I'm not sure who…
Just two games away from a Magic Johnson - Ashley Judd fist fight in the stands...
Does Ashley Judd owe it to the media too? She gets extra access to her team.
Baby Sabonis is only a freshman. Can Arvydas be the designated Ashley Judd super fan for the Zags at the tournament? Want camera check-ins!
Ashley Judd was originally scheduled to be here as well but she is not in attendance. Campaign says she's under the weather.
I hope Ashley Judd catches your scrunchy faced expression creeping on her, and calls the proper authorities.
Can Aryvdas Sabonis get a little camera time? He's just as big as a celebrity as Magic, Aaron Rodgers, and Ashley Judd
Movie directors, I will pay you to cast Ashley Judd in a film that shoots in March, so we don't have to see her 50 times during UK games.
I have to credit TBS with their restraint in excessive Ashley Judd cut-aways.
Took the kids to see this afternoon. Ashley Judd was on screen less time in that than she was during
I'm with ya, I was saying your pic was Ashley Judd-quality beauty :)
What, you don't want to make magic boom boom to Ashley Judd?
Fun fact: Magic & Ashley Judd are apparently the only fans that matter. You don't even see the Prez that much in an Army-Navy broadcast
what about all the TV attention paid to Ashley Judd during the Game?she goes on the court after a game for kentucky
Kentucky has Ashley Judd, but has and Advantage:
Add Magic Johnson to the famous-face Final Four crowd shots of Ashley Judd and Aaron Rodgers. Which celeb will rep Duke/Gonzaga?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
UK has Ashley Judd. MSU has Magic Johnson. Wisc has Aaron Rogers. Who does Gonzaga or Duke have to bring to Final Four?
Does he even count though? I mean, he's in the company of The Ashley Judd. 😂
More camera shots of Magic at Final 4, or Ashley Judd.
Oh great, can't wait to see Ashley Judd, Aaron Rodgers, Olivia Munn & Magic Johnson on TV next weekend.
I think Ashley Judd is beautiful. Every human being, man or woman, ages, and I respect those that age gracefully
John Calipari said that he wasn't nervous at half, when the Kentucky Wildcast were tied …
“Having said all this, I will not say a word when Ashley Judd shows up at KU pressers in Indy.” Complete double standard
Why does Ashley Judd get so much attention? She's old, a C as far as Hollywood goes, and has never been in a worthwhile movie.
It's better than watching Ashley Judd do anything.
Watching Magic Johnson cheer for his team > watching Ashley Judd cheer for her team
Ashley judd hope to meet you in Indy big blue Kentucky nation
I want Louisville to win because the thought of a possible Louisville vs Kentucky championship game will make Ashley Judd'…
Not that I particularly liked her before, but Ashley Judd is unbearably annoying now.
We don't look at Magic Johnston half as much as we looked at Ashley Judd last night? Lol
Something lovely for a Sunday Night - Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd in a perfect love song.
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don't see you crying over Ashley Judd
.Ashley Judd is a fan of a different team from the state of Kentucky. The Wildcats and Cardinals are similar but different.
No issues with UK team and/or their success but PLEASE do not show anymore of Ashley Judd!!!
Honestly am surprised the CBS cameras haven't panned to Ashley Judd yet. I need to see her acting ridiculously!!
Andrew Harrison's victory hug last night from Ashley Judd (h/t Yeah, buddy!
Ashley Judd did not base her portrayal of Val Kilmer's slutty wife Charlene on real life experience. Her hottest role IMHO.
Ashley Judd will not tolerate digital abuse. The Insurgent star unfortunately fell victim to some extreme social media bu…
I asked what was the last good movie Ashley Judd was in. After he went home, I turned on the TV and Double Jeopardy was on.
On a scale of Ashley Judd in the crowd to Julius Randle vs. Loserville, how excited are you to be a KY fan?
When you watch Ashley Judd in the stands at a UK game, it makes sense why her husband in the movie Double Jeopardy tried to kill her.
You win tonight, Ashley Judd, you win tonight! But you know Double Jeopardy so like. Yea, I still don't know what that means!
It's no Hail Mary but I am saying Baptist curses against Ashley Judd. Put her on a church committee.
Sam Malone is an upgrade for Ashley Judd over *** Vitale. Just my two cents on the matter.
Plus Octavia Spencer & let's not forget Ashley Judd. So many of my favorites! Insurgent
NEXT! Here is Ashley Judd going crazy last night! If you sat behind her would you tell her to sit down?
I think Ashley Judd just scored against West Virginia.
Ashley Judd is Fired Up as Kentucky is Rolling Over West Virginia via
Did the feminists who support Monica Lewinsky and Ashley Judd on cyber-bullying also support Mo' Ne Davis?
Ashley Judd, Kentucky basketball fan, becomes the unsuspecting target of *** Vitale's kiss:
Ashley Judd pens essay about violence against women
Ashley Judd talking about the wow. Never woulda thought
Ashley Judd writes harrowing essay on rape ordeal - Join her fight to end sexual harassment and verbal abuse online.
I can't watch Ashley Judd without sitting up straighter.
I really can't stand Ashley Judd. She's not as smart as she thinks! Plus UK sux!
Ashley Judd looks and sounds awkward when talking about sports..
Ashley Judd has been generating headlines after speaking out against cyber bullies. This am she's talking w/ about that & more.
I really don't find Ashley Judd as attractive as everyone else seems to. She is ok but not all that and a bag of chips. Good actress though
Ashley Judd fires back at online threats, misogyny.
Ashley Judd and Sexism on the Sidelines | | What do you think ?
Heck yeah! is taking a stand against online bullying from trolls on
But i think this change all started bcuz Ashley Judd really filed police reports from ppl online
After reading Ashley Judd on abuse against women, I think man is filthy deep inside and throws it up in the secrecy & anonymity.
→ Ashley Judd brings dog to Kentucky game, naturally some people angered 837
How did I miss this movie? Good stuff. Double Jeopardy (1999) starring Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones.
Ashley Judd brought her dog to last night's game —
Anyone see *** Vitale kiss Ashley Judd on the mouth? That was Richard Dawson creepy.
Did you all know Ashley Judd was a CATS fan? Also WCS played football in high school.
Why do they still show Ashley Judd at KY games? What was her last role? Val Kilmer's baby mama in 'Heat'? That was like 1995
Shut up Ashley Judd. You weren't mugging for the camera when lost to Robert Morris.
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