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Ashley Benson

Ashley Victoria Benson (born December 18, 1989) is an American film and television actress and model.

Shay Mitchell Tyler Blackburn Lucy Hale Vanessa Hudgens Pretty Little Liars Selena Gomez Los Angeles Troian Bellisario Sasha Pieterse Emma Watson Taylor Swift Ocean Drive Kendall Jenner Indiana Evans Margot Robbie Lily Collins

Or at the very least Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, and Ashley Benson all hate one another.
Elle Fanning, Rita Ora and Ashley Benson showed off more glam looks at
posted by Ashley Benson at the Ruth's wedding.
Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson are the only ones who can act okay. I didn't know Shay Mitchell was such a horrible actress
Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn are so cute ❤️
Congratulations to: for winning Ashley Benson. Out of 70 votes, you earned 31 of them!
"Shay Mitchell is my other half and I’m proud to say, also happy to say."-Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson tried to slip Shay Mitchell a little tongue at Paleyfest
So, can Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell just get married already?
Convinced Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are actually married.
Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell at the Pretty Little Liars event at Paleyfest in LA
Don't like the weather today? Ashley benson. Ur food is too hot or cold? Ashley Benson. U don't like the smell of something? Ashley Benson.
Ashley Benson in Red Skirt Leaving her hotel in New York
Geena Davis, Elizabeth Montgomery, Marie Osmond, and Ashley Benson. all rolled up into a BB. You & Deth enjoy
In some pictures Margot Robbie and Ashley Benson look alike.
Very nice. You look just like Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars.😊
My one goal for 2017 is to meet Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Janel Parish, Tyler Blackburn & Keegan again.
Anna Todd liked this video of Ashley Benson as Molly on Instagram. Post by
Do you know Ashley Benson and Nina Dobrev and Lucy Hale and Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift? And can you German?
- Actress division - Choose wisely: Emma Roberts or Ashley Benson?
Abby seen ej first with the casting of Ashley Benson sorry to burst your ignorant bubble
Ashley Benson has liked this Ashlena fan post on Instagram! 👭💗
I already voted for Ashley Benson as Favorite Cable TV Actress and you? Vote for this link:
My heart only has room for one person: Ashley Benson
I just voted for Ashley Benson to win Favorite Cable TV Actress at People's Choice Awards 2017
Ashley Benson/December 18, 1989. The funniest person ever. Her smile >>. Deserves the world . Cares about her fans sm. Haleb qu…
Sometimes I wonder if Ashley Benson is real because it is so adorable
Wasn't Ashley Benson in the Hot Chelle Rae - Honesty music video or something?
Sometimes wonder if Ashley Benson is real or an angel, maybe she can be both.
Never stop smiling Ashley Benson, because your smile is the reason of my smile.
In liayn there's a family and the guy is called Benson and his sisters name is Ashley lmao
snog, marry, avoid out of; Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Ariana Grande?💘
Okay so no Shay Mitchell or Ashley Benson, i'm not going then
Get the Look! Ashley Benson's flawlessly bouncy bob with our NEW! CURLS SERUM.
my heart is happy, Shay Mitchell & Ashley Benson singing along to Side To Side🚲💙
Ashley Benson, Emilie de Ravin, Meghan Ory, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgerpoulous, Alycia Debnam Carey, and that's all I can think of right now
ashley benson is too good looking bYE
Ashley Benson reply to my snapchat plz:/
It's so funny that John Stamos has Ashley Benson and Betty whites' number lol
I can not imagine my life without Ashley Benson
Can't even deal with having Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell on snapchat, they look so good even after working out, how😳
Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell no BTS do novo photoshoot de ButtahBenzo 📸
I love Dylan O' Brien, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Tyler Blackburn, Emma Watson, Sabrina Carpenter and a lot more lol -Jess
Who needs a girlfriend when you can watch pics/videos of Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, Ashley Benson, Taylor Swift, daisy Ridley, emma stone
++ . - Zendaya Coleman. - Kendall Jenner. - Vanessa Hudgens. - Ashley Benson. Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne are taken. . People should ++
All purpose parts banner
july 3rd, I saw Ashley Benson with Esther outside the American Airlines Arena
Hey guys I just got off of Snapchat and Shay Michael and Ashley Benson and Sasha Pieterse said that today is no Bra Wednesday. Love to all 3
😈. 1) Mutual but we should be friends. 2) Logan Huntzberger. 3) Ashley Benson. 4) 5/10. 5) 6/10
My woman crushes are Ashley Benson, Sasha Pieterse, and Lindsey Shaw. They're all total babes.
This week I'm resisting donuts and working out a TON so I can feel like Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson at the
I remember how much I used to love Jack and Abby's bond when Ashley Benson was in the role. Nothing else compares!
.and all look amazing tonight at the See pics:
Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are standing right in front of you, please get excited
Ashley Benson wore an ivory Fall 2016 dress to the iHeartRadio
I spy Ashley Benson in a high cut dress at the Much Music Video Awards…
[+9] Fotos em HQ de Ashley Benson no Red Carpet do
Ashley Benson has never been ugly oh my god
Shay Mitchell x Ashley Benson x Troian Bellisario out in NYC ☁️
Lol they're also excluding ashley from the talk too? Ashley Victoria Benson deserves better i'm pressed
.and just had a MAJOR twinning moment on the red carpet:
Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson will all attend the IHEARTRADIO MMVAS awards this weekend.
Ashley Benson - Going to the gym in Los Angeles, July 2015
|| FCs I want to RP with:. Ashley Benson. Daisy Ridley. Shay Mitchell. Liz Gillies . Please Dm me if you have one of these and want to RP
So am I!Award for to gorgeous Ashley Benson!
if McKaley Miller and Ashley Benson had a child, it would be you.
Um, did Ashley Benson just hint that Hanna Marin won't be...
Former All-American, Ashley Benson, has been named one of the honorary Co-Chairs of the Capital Campaign.
I liked a video from Ratter Official Trailer (2016) Ashley Benson, Matt McGorry
Ashley Benson backstage at the I Love Coco Cocktail party
[PHOTO] Laura posted this photo of Ashley Benson on instagram
All the reasons we're obsessing over RN:
We need to know how looks this great just getting coffee? Secrets please. Now. :D https:…
Great read: Ashley Benson Gets Candid About the Pressure to Lose Weight in Hollywood .
My first celeb crush was Hanson. I loved all three of them. My sister and I...
The best thing to ever happen to me is when Ashley Benson replaced Emma Roberts in Spring Breakers. I can't stress that enough.
Website Builder 728x90
Step It Up was filmed at Universal Orlando?? Ashley Benson was in Hogsmeade before thats what it was.
Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are friendship goals!!
All Shay Mitchell & Ashley Benson do is workout, go out for dinner, and events. Give me ur life.
“Besides Indi Evans, which of these actresses would you like to see as Tessa? Ashley Benson or Gabriella Wilde
Ashley Benson wears an orange romper as she celebrates Ocean Drive magazine cover
My first choice for Tessa Young will always be Indiana Evans. I'll support Ashley Benson as a second choice tho💕
"Anything else you want to say to the PLL fans?". Ashley Benson: who wants haleb back together? I do..
Again you become Ashley Benson hope you like it as I do not lie and you are insane literally
Ashley Benson for Ocean Drive: "I was just told I was too fat for a part. I’m a size 2! I cried for 30 minutes"
I forgot Ashley Benson was in a Bring It On
Ashley Benson talks about Taylor Lautner in interview for Ocean Drive. Read more >>
Ashley Benson as Emma Taylor on RATTER. Check this amazing trailer 👇.
Ashley Benson called 'too fat' for Hollywood role - Fox News: Ashley…
Brace yourselves: Ashley Benson opens up about all the Taylor Lautner/Nat Wolff dating rumors! (vi…
FOR - Holland Roden and Crystal Reed. LIKE FOR - Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell
Ashley Benson rings in 26th birthday with famous friends
Ashley Benson is something else man 😍
Hi guys I decided to do a bday video for Ashley benson if u want to b…
[PHOTOS] Ashley Benson out and about shopping in Los Ángeles, 14th December {1}
Ashley benson will be the reason for my demise
can we just appreciate Ashley benson in this 😍👀😩
Ashley benson just slays my entire life
Shay Mitchell in a SS'15 blazer & Ashley Benson in a SS'14 dress for the new h…
Alyssa: Ashley Benson. Jebediah: Maybe Liam Aiken?. Morpheus: What about Freddie Highmore or Bob Morely works too ;). maybe ;)
Ashley Benson rocks a MAJOR brunette bob for Flaunt mag & we almost didn't recognise her
I wish I had a body as amazing as Demi Lovato's, the talent of Adele, the beauty of Ashley Benson, and hair as gorgeous as Harry Styles'
Ashley Benson said that we would see in the special episode that Hanna and Caleb moved to NY. William…
Remember when... ?. Ryan Good and Ashley Benson . One of the most sweet couples ever!
Hannah Davis, Ashley Benson, Jaime King & more at the T-Mobile Un-carrier X Launch Celebration .
📷 Ashley Benson in West Hollywood on November 2nd 2015 - [HQs]
Ashley Benson at the launch tonight :)
that's literally ashley benson??? let her live her life. be unique. invent your own THING
Ashley Benson in Bikini at the Beach in Hawaii PHOTOS -
So shay and Ashley benson are with justin and Ryan..hmm
Are Ashley Benson and Ryan Good not together anymore ??
Ashley Benson is Belieber i love her so much ❤👌
Ashley Benson Shows off Her Bikini Body at the Beach in Mexico WATCH -
Ashley Benson on Justin Bieber: "He's the best. I've always been a fan."
Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson will be attending Paley Center for Media on October 11th
TIME: Ashley Benson apologizes for Cecil the Lion costume
So the white media will get mad Ashley Benson for her costume but not Rebel Wilson for poking fun @ police brutality.
Ashley Benson in the video honestly by Hot Chelle Rae
We love Ashley Benson because she's incredible, talented and amazing. 💘
Ahhh it's so weird starting from a new account again🙈 new Ashley Benson account and all things Tyshley!!
We love Ashley Benson because she's an absolute angel! ❤️
impossible not to fall in love, she is the best! We love Ashley Benson
if Ashley Benson make you smile everyday. We love Ashley Benson 💘
We love Ashley Benson because she's so funny
We love Ashley Benson because her smile makes us happy 💙
best person in the world We love Ashley Benson
We love Ashley Benson because she's pretty, funny, talented and our inspiration
Your smile makes the bad days better 💗 We love Ashley Benson
We love Ashley Benson, because she inspires us every day and because she always can make us smile💘😌
We love Ashley Benson because she always makes us laugh.
Pls reacquaint yourselves with hottness in these bikini pics
Ashley Benson liked Selena's last Instagram picture (via
Ashley Benson liked Selena's recent post on instagram.
Ashley Benson seriously looks like Amanda Steele. Can they just meet
Rashida Jones & Ashley Benson hit up Birchbox’s summer dinner with Jamie Schneider:
FOR - Jennifer Morrison and Colin O' Donoghue. FAVE FOR - Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn
Ashley Benson was in Palm Springs last weekend when I was there and we were both at The Parker 😱
I liked a video from Suzie & Ashley Benson prank call her manager
Ashley Benson's new movie is out now!
just another reason to love Ashley Benson
FOR - Emily Bett Rickards and Katie Cassidy. FAVE FOR - Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell
Ashley Benson with her brown hair was my fave.
Who do you ship Harry with? — Ashley Benson, Emma Watson, Adelaide Kane, Taissa Farmiga, Taylor Hill
for Ashley Benson. for Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson always stan BBHMM in their snapchats
and one of Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson too
"Do you think people are wondering if we're Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson..?" -
Ashley Benson posted this video on snapchat of singing "Reflection" at her album release party
4 people whose smiles makes me smile tagged by . +Ashley Benson, Sophia Bush, Stephen Amell & Shawn Mendes …
the blonde from the photo is Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars
it makes me happy that Ashley Benson was listening to Alt-J and I heard Crave You thanks to Shay Mitchell. they got some good taste in music
Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell are best friend goals af
for Ashley Benson . FAV for Emma Watson . QUOTE for both
Relationship goals. Ashley Benson and Ryan Good. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield . Patrick J Adams and Troian
I hope that's just a rumor! However, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine seem like pretty good candidates.
Laura looks like Ashley Benson and Hayley looks like Britney Spears!
I just love Troian Bellisario Lucy Hale Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson goodbye
Ashley Benson will forever be goals/bae
So it turns out that PLL's Ashley Benson has a secret twin - and they are scarily identical
I love Shannon Ashley Mitchell, Ashley Victoria Benson and Troian avery bellisario so so so much!💖🔥
Shay Mitchell's and Ashley Benson's videos on Snapchat are pure gold 😂
mine says Ashley Benson ... I'm not sure of the username. check her Instagram she has it on there probably
Ashley Benson in the March 2015 issue of FHM Magazine.
LOL JILL! ❤️🌵 “Everyone thinks this actress is http…
As if we need proof that is hilarious, but has some seriously good examples!
Photo: Dwayne Johnson being tempted to cheat at Dwayne, paper, cissors with Ashley Benson.
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It's so surreal watching Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell's snapchats when they're on set for PLL, ahhh👏🏻
Can anyone tell me why Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn are not dating even though they're clearly in love? 😍😍😍
36. What I find attractive in women: I'm not sure but my girl crushes are Ashley Benson, Lily Collins, and Lily James
I liked a video Ashley Benson on Her Nickname… Benzo
BK and chillin' in NYC! Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson and Brandon Kaplan. what y'all think of Shay & BK?
Ashley Benson is truly an Angel inside and out! She has a heart of gold!. Benzo makes me happy💕
Just by being herself Ashley Benson makes me happy. Benzo Makes Me Happy.
Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are just something else😻🙀
Ashley Benson is on the bieber roast pre show are you watching? she's pretty
John Shahidi, Alfredo Flores, King Bach, Ryan Good, Ashley Benson, Carly Rae, Florido, Josh Gudwin and more will be at…
Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson are lit goals
Ashley Benson is literally every single goal I've ever had in life 😩😍
ashley benson is every goal I have ever had
Looking like Ashley Benson is my goal in life
“Ashley Benson is my ultimate goal, she is such a babe ✨”
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Ashley Benson at Peter Travers and Editors of Rolling Stone Host Awards Weekend Bash at Drai's Hollywood - Red Carpet
Dylan Penn, Cara D and Ashley Benson . Plus Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey. Great cast it seems 2 bad
I love Teenage Mutant Ninjas, eyebrows that are on point, Michael Clifford, Liam Payne, Ashley Benson and Julinha Boo.
if like this T-shirt and if you're proud of Ashley Benson
I used to stan ashley benson so hard
The Cupcake Girls send out our support and love to the family and friends of Ashley Benson.
“Check out Official Ashley Benson "BENZO" Tee at via I gotta order Ashley's and keegans
Judge warned Ashley Benson before murder - KOIN.comJudge warned Ashley Benson before mu...
This judge warned Ashley Benson of her risky lifestyle before she was found dead in December.
All I want in life is for my hair to look like Ashley Benson's...💇💁
All eyes on Ashley Benson at the LA Lakers game
it's incredible!! And Hanna, she's always been my favourite bc Ashley Benson is my all time favourite actress (after Audrey)
Have the biggest crush on Ashley Benson tbh
Heyy, can you please do me an Ashley benson lockscreen, if you don't mind?
Ashley Benson - Having lunch with a friend at La Boulange in Los Angeles - January 5, 2015
WAIT OMG Vanessa Hudgens was with Ashley Benson for new year and Austin Butler was with Ryan Good fjslfjdfg
Especially when you have to stalk so many people (JUSTIN, Ari, Nicki, Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson and my other 12345 crushes)
Ashley Benson and Beau Ryan Good Split: . The 'Pretty Little Liars' star once again parts ways with the former ...
actually no Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lauren Jauregui and Ariana are all my moms
All I want in life is to look like Lucy Hale, Lily Collins, Camila Cabello, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellsario, Bea Miller and Lycia Faith
hey Britney Amber Allen here with Ashley Benson's fc im on jocks clique
What is Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson doing on instagram, I'm dead
Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn look crazily good together and so perfect for each other 😍
I love the way Ashley Benson is calling Tyler Blackburn "my baby love" 🙈🙈🙈🙈 | same cuteness 😄
I got this movie today loving Ashley Benson
Ashley can't guard a real, physical big man for a whole game.
Ashley Benson at urth caffe in west hollywood -
watching Ashley Benson in Christmas Cupid further reminds me how much I love the woman :)
Is there any character that has an Ashley Benson fc?
'Tis the season for a exclusive from
So someone DM me and thought I'm Ashley Benson. Awww she's so cute and innocent... Lol😄
Hi Ashley, im voting you 24/7 on the PCA page, so much love from Spain. Vote Ashley Benson On PCA
I also met Ashley Benson at the airport but I also live 10 minutes from the airport and she posted a pic of her ticket so
Ashley Benson is my idol,i love everything about her,she's an amazing person and she deserves all beautiful things in this…
bought a new shirt with some red head, Vanessa Hudgens, ashley benson, & Selena Gomez all in bikinis.. that's hot 🔥
Ashley Benson, Paul Wesley, and Phoebe Tonkin attend the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Party!
Started watching the shortlived Eastwick (2009) and I spotted Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars) and Matt Dallas (Kyle XY). Oh my what a small world this is.
Just a regular Saturday night in the one with Ashley Benson and
Ashley Benson attends the REVOLVE Pop-Up Launch Party at The Grove on November 4, 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif …
Santa baby! Ashley Benson is revealing her holiday wish list:
“why couldn't I be in that three some with Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco.. come on now” *ashley benson
Don't ask Selena about her ex, ask her about her wife Ashley Benson
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CL is so adorable with amazing social skills and good personnality , it's amazing how fast people fall in love with her , Scooter Braun inviting her to his baby shower tells everything. CL was with Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson , Steve Aoki and many other celebreties.How not admire and love her
I just voted for Ashley Benson . Vote now for People's Choice Awards 2015!
Ashley Benson at the David Webb Presents 'The Tool Chest Collection' event in Beverly Hills, CA. -
But like Natalie Williams, Kendall, Linnea, Ashley Benson. They remind me that Anna Elizabeth from 2011 still exists 100%
Ashley Benson arriving to Halloween Party with Kate Hudson, yesterday, in Los Angeles . [+] h…
don't know if i wanna be Tyler Blackburn or Ashley Benson more mmm.
Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell with Tyler Blackburn. The Paparazzi's need to chill man.
remind me why Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson are not dating yet
Smh can't believe they got Ashley Benson, Blake Lively, and Hayley Williams nudes too
so Justin and Selena with Ryan Good and Ashley Benson, Ryan Butler and Ashley Guindon, then Fredo, John, Carl Lentz and the rest of the crew
I want him with Ashley Benson or Indiana Evans. 😍
But the new Ashley Benson and Leelee Sobieski leaks are a wonderful treat as well.
Morgan just told me I look like a hybrid between a Kardashian and Ashley Benson. I am so blessed.
Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson give me life😍
Rare of Selena, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine on the set of the “Spring Breakers” photoshoot! http:/…
Love always your idol because it will never disappoint you and I love you Ashley for the way you are♥…
Ashley Benson will be in the audience on Monday supporting Janel on Dancing with the Stars.
Should I fake ashley benson or stay as sam
If you like Justin,Selena,Union J,Chris Brown,Ashley Benson,Vanessa Hudgens,Trey Songz we can be friends😊
New hacked pics still being leaked of Mary Winstead, Aubrey Plaza, Ashley Benson:
I love how Ashley Benson rocks the no make-up look! ♡
When James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson robbed/tortured people to Brittany Spears I changed a…
Ashley Benson everywhere. Huhahuhahu my idol ♥ Her pictures and Tyler's are all over my computer. Huhahuha
30 - Everlark, Joshifer, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, Ashley Benson and Ryan Good, Haleb, Ezria, Spoby, Sheo, Newt and Alby, and others but
Taylor momsen and ashley benson can be siblings 💞
GUYS! Ashley Benson (who plays Hannah Marren in Pretty Little Liars) is in 13 Going On 30!!! 😱
“goals for relationship like cam and austin pls” danks Ashley🙈
Why is Ashley Benson low key so insanely hot. ... 😍👌
you don't want have a date with Ashley Benson?
Ashley Benson is insanely gorgeous omg
Hoping when I chop off my hair this weekend that I can pull it off as good as Ashley Benson with her short hair. Please hair gods bless me.
And THIS is how you fake a side shave:
The celebrities I see as Courtney Diamond in The Secret Diamond Sisters are Ashley Benson (left) and…
i'd definitely do Ashley Benson in a heart beat.
Where are all of the Ashley Benson fakes though?
I always forget how hot Ashley Benson is until she posts a selfie on Instagram and I have to put my phone down to collect myself
Ashley Benson Net Worth: As the latter, she’s likely generally understood for the younger generations as a res...
A bit blurry but, here they are with Ashley Benson. -N
Now watching bring it on in it to win it. HOT ASHLEY BENSON IS HOT 😭
OMG. and I are watching The O.C., and Ashley Benson and Janel Parrish are in an episode together.
Tyler Blackburn and Ashley benson are a beautiful thing on set of 5x17 😍 be care full guys high voltage
I want my icon to be a revealing picture of Ashley Benson, but I can't find any revealing pictures of her.
Ashley Benson hurt her hand on set while shooting, Hanna's not -A!
I wanna wake up one day and be Ashley Benson.
The is airing live now. Hosts and are joined by to talk htt…
she's not even the hottest chick on Spring Breakers! Ashley Benson is mad cuter lol
serieslover: Favorite off-screen friendships/relationships [ 52 / ? ]: Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn
I just realized Lucy Hale, Brendan Robinson, and Ashley Benson all played in how i met your mother
Hanna Marin is the best thing that ever happened in you for choosing Ashley Benson to play the …
"quote this Cobain and Benzo like Kurt Cobain and Ashley Benson ✨
Hilary Duff and Ashley Benson could be related🙉
The real question is why Ashley Benson isn't at the awards
But why isnt Ashley Benson at the TCA :')
False Ashley Benson and Sasha Pieterse plus ash is ma mom
I do like pll specially bc of Lucy Hale & ashley benson but I think if a show is changing ppls lives . Then they should win
I had an hallucination of Ashley Benson guys
Where is the Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario ? Turkey Loves You Pll! thanks marlene king ilysm!!
No Rita Ora, no Ashley Benson, no/not enough mentioning of Shay Mitchell, too many viners. Ugh.
Brooklyn is there with ex Chloe moretz, kylie jenner who has a crush on him and his crush ashley benson I can't breathe
but honestly with this new season Ashley Benson needs to win that award next year
she looks like Ashley Benson in these pics to be honest
Ashley benson has a cute middle finger if that makes sense 😂
Breast Cancer Awareness
I smell beef, Lucy didn't even bother to thank Ashley Benson. Isn't she part of the cast, too? 🐸☕️
I was blessed with you Ashley Benson I love you more than life
Ashley Benson is starting to morph into Scarlett Johansson.
Ashley Benson kissing Vanessa Hudgens on Spring Breaker. I'm I the only one who wish that was Shay instead?
Scarlett Johansson reminded me so much of Ashley Benson. She did a killer job though.
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