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Asa Butterfield

Asa Maxwell Farr Butterfield (born 1 April 1997) is an English actor known for starring in the Holocaust film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008), playing Norman in the 2010 film Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, and taking the title role in Martin Scorsese's 2011 fantasy Hugo.

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Watching asa butterfield on my tv at 1 am is honestly goals
Asa butterfield no. I love him but no
can i just say, that Asa Butterfield has the bluest eyes i've ever seen
Oh my god I remember when someone in my form said asa butterfield was going to be spiderman I flipped so bad
exclusive interview is here watch it via book now to be part of A…
my for is Asa Butterfield from The Space Between Us
I still hate the casting of Asa Butterfield to play Mordred, because I can't hate Asa and I really want to hate Mordred!
If i make Asa Butterfield gc will someone join ?
CORRECTION i love that asa butterfield, bill milner & Maisie Williams are friends i can die any day now
hiii pls vote for asa butterfield in this poll bc I really want him to be finch in the all the bright places movie➡
Asa Butterfield w/ Robert Singletary at the Championship Event today!
meanwhile melee stream is talking about Ice Cube and Asa Butterfield lmao. Christ almighty.
Asa Butterfield's thoughts on the A.B. Masterclass (that took place in June) will be released soon! // 📸:…
via /asabopp Instastory // Asa Butterfield arrived Gatwick Airport (LGW/Las Vegas, NV) this morning for the Champions…
I liked a video Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield on why they will never forget their first love
Check out Britt Robertson & Asa Butterfield in this exclusive clip!
Smash is popular: a reminder. Seth Green, Taylor Hicks, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Asa Butterfield, it's cool
Asa Butterfield reveals what it was *really* like to make out with Britt Robertson for 😘😘😘…
Asa Butterfield or Tom Holland as Billy. For Captain Marvel/ + kindliness is a rare combination. Cody Rhodes?
Little more info on DEPARTURES. Thrilled to have this amazing cast, a wonderful director & two terrific producers. .
Progress for teen drama Departures starring Maisie Williams & Asa Butterfield. via
Asa Butterfield has said Gary Oldman was "very down to earth" on the set of sci-fi film The Space Between Us,...
[News] ‘Departures’, new project for Tyler (with Asa Butterfield, Maisie Williams and Nina Dobrev) -
Voltage Pictures has come on board to fully finance and co-produce 'Departures'
New movie project for Hoechlin - with Nina Dobrev, Maisie Williams and Asa Butterfield! WOW! IM SO PROUD, OMG!.
On the show tonight... Andrew Garfield, Annette Bening, Harriet Harman and Asa Butterfield with music from Elbo…
Stunning images for feature Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman, Scott Takeda and...
Asa Butterfield sitting so far away from Andrew is breaking my heart
Britt Robertson & Asa Butterfield prepare for a crash landing in this scene:
Good heavens, Asa Butterfield is adorable af in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Everytime I see Asa Butterfield in a movie commercial I think about the Artemis Fowl movie that could've been
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Asa Butterfield (Alex Wolff to star in 'House of Tomorrow' adaptation (EXCLUSIVE)
Even though I think Tom Holland is PERFECT as Spider-Man, I still I think it would've been to cool to see Asa Butterfield's Peter Parker.
asa butterfield is literally whiter than mayo AND he's 19 can he PLEASE stop being the go to damian fancast it's ugly and racist
I have loved Asa Butterfield since I was 12 and I'm thankful for his existence
Since his new movie comes out this weekend (which I'm excited for) , my goes to the lovely Asa Butterfield
Asa Butterfield needs to be more popular asap.
Can't wait to see Asa Butterfield in the movie ❤️❤️
This is why I have to marry Asa Butterfield.
I added a video to a playlist Asa Butterfield Is Heartbroken He Can’t Drink In America - CONAN on
In a few days, magiging mainstream na si asa butterfield, stay with me b :-(
"Asa Butterfield is quite good as Jake, a nervous dreamer whose voice couldn’t get any lower if it were in his shoes." Ha.
Asa Butterfield (has joined in the loop... HOLD TIGHT!
Off to for Can't wait to talk eyeballs with Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Ella…
5 new video uploads including a "Peculiar" challenge with Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell 😂 don't miss it.…
Hugo. Maybe it’s the same with people. If you lose your purpose, it’s like you’re broken – Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterf…
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.& are the September Just Jared Spotlight cover stars!
[GUIDE] Meet the hero in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children via PEP Online
— The first meeting. Elle Fanning as Polly Plummer & Asa Butterfield as Digory Kirke
Asa Butterfield is so handsome and cute, I can't deal with it
I always thought Asa Butterfield looked alot like Damien Wayne . It's a shame that he's too old now .
The best cast for a " true story movie " would be : Dane Dehaan, Alicia Vikander, Felicity Jones, Aaron Johnson and Asa Butterfield
Just realized Asa Butterfield's name is pronounced as the name of a mexican actress named Eiza Gonzalez: "EH"- "EEE"- "SAH"
love me some Asa Butterfield and Freddie Highmore
For years I've tried to convince myself I'm not in love with Asa Butterfield but I'm just lying to myself really.
British actor Asa Butterfield displays 9 feelings in our new Spring Summer issue.
Okay Asa Butterfield is very attractive, just putting that out there.
what is Hollywood going to do when Asa Butterfield grows up and can't play every small child ever anymore
Maude apatow is in a film with asa Butterfield yas
I always think that trying to push yourself as an actor in a direction that you've never...
I don't usually watch sci-fi films but Ender's Game was pretty good, you guys!!! And Asa Butterfield is such a qtp2t
If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to? — with Asa Butterfield
Does anyone else agree that Asa Butterfield would be the PERFECT Finch?
Asa Butterfield's eye is so gorgeous than me why?
How meta would it be if the cast Asa Butterfield as Venom
I think I can speak for a lot of people in that they would be pretty nervous about meeti...
I highkey feel like watching son of rambow coz baby will poulter my love and then that split second of baby asa butterfield yes
Watching X+Y with Asa Butterfield makes me realise how bad at maths I am 🙃
I'm curious.. is there any Asa Butterfield's roleplayer out there??? show yourself kkk~
People have started saying I look like Asa Butterfield again im so confused
People think when you're moving in Zero-G, it's like moving in jelly. But it's not. You'...
[RV] change his face claim to Asa Butterfield -Carol
When you have a book as material as it is, it's a lot easier to create a character becau...
Space Between Us with Asa Butterfield seems like a really cute movie! I can't wait till it hits theaters
I have this irrational hate towards Britt Robertson because she's dating Dylan O'Brien, now she has a romance film with Asa Butterfield smh
Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson star in the trailer for space-set romance The Space Between Us
‘The Space Between Us’ trailer starring Asa Butterfield follows the first human born on Mars
Find out what it's like to spend a day with British actor Asa Butterfield.
'The Space Between Us' Trailer: Asa Butterfield Travels from Mars to Earth Just for a Girl
What's your favorite thing about earth? Discover what it means to be human in the new trailer
Asa Butterfield is the first child of Mars in The Space Between Us trailer
Novo still de Britt Robertson e Asa Butterfield em
•Imagine• Going on a date with Asa Butterfield (Vine by Soda Please // Break)
Watch the first trailer for Asa Butterfield's sci-fi movie The Space Between Us
Asa Butterfield travels to Earth for love in the exclusive. trailer: 🌎❤️
trailer shows the first human born on Mars
The Space Between Us trailer: Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson are in a cosmic love story
Excited for Britt Robertson's new movie with Asa Butterfield & Gary Oldman
copy of the film A Brilliant Young Mind starring Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall, and Sally Hawkins pls
Asa Butterfield is totally growing into his Are You Afraid of the Dark "Tale of the Dark Music" counterpart
Eva Green and Asa Butterfield star in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Asa Butterfield as Nathan (A Brilliant Young Mind). never knew math genius could look this god.
Happy birthday to us Asa Butterfield a.k.a Jacob Portman! Yes, we have the same birthday! Stay strong and God bless you!
First still of Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield in The Space Between Us.
Still of Britt Robertson & Asa Butterfield in Read more about the movie:
First look at Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson in via
Harrison Ford is in enders game and I look like Asa Butterfield and he's in Sabrina and that's my name. Coincidence I think not
If Percy Jackson becomes a tv series PLEASE can we get Asa Butterfield as Nico di Angelo PLEASE
no he's obviously *** as Aaron Paul is Jason and Asa Butterfield is Tim Drake.
Asa Butterfield's movies makes me think he's a genius.
Asa Butterfield set to replace Andrew Garfield as new Spider-Man via
Asa Butterfield gave a fine performance in Hugo, he was also functional in Ender's game.
I liked a video from A BRILLIANT YOUNG MIND Trailer (Asa Butterfield - 2015)
unfollowing Asa Butterfield because he is of no use for Hailee Steinfeld.
i was watching Ten Thousand Saints and it's so bad. i liked it tho for Asa Butterfield and Hailee lmao
I'll be so happy if Asa Butterfield gets cast as the new Spider-Man
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This guy looks exactly like Asa Butterfield
I think asa butterfield looks like skandar keynes😍
"King of the Kastle" with Clive Owen & Asa Butterfield was not on IMDb. It is there now. Might be the next film he's in
Hugo star Asa Butterfield is all grown up in
oooh boy Asa Butterfield's eyes got me 💘
Remake "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" as a thriller movie starring Lily James and Asa Butterfield
.stars as a math prodigy opposite Sally Hawkins in the trailer - htt…
I actually had a crush on asa butterfield before
I'm waiting for Asa Butterfield to play a *** role
Asa Butterfield on the set of Cap 3: Civil War
Oh SNAP!! Asa Butterbutt is gonna be in this! Last time I saw him he was in Asa Butterfield , that's cool :D
Ten Thousand Saints: After the death of his best friend, Teddy, 18-year-old Jude (Asa Butterfield) moves to th...
Just posted something re; the fantastic and incredibly talented Don't be afraid to read it here:
I saw a trailer for a film with Asa Butterfield. He would've been a cool Peter
Nobody is perfect . But is perfect . Nobody loves me . Conclusion :. Thus asa butterfield loves me
If they ever do magicians nephew, asa butterfield for Digory please
I blame Butterfield for all my short commings in life..
So Asa Butterfield playing Spider-Man would be double bae like lawd. Still I'm excited for Civil War to come out
Asa Butterfield gives me heart palpitations
Don't get me wrong Asa Butterfield did a great job in it and is a great actor I just wonder how good it would be with as lead
+. Asa Butterfield as Jude Keffy-Horn😍🙊💘. _. How many of you can't wait for.. Ten…
Finally got to see X+Y. Asa Butterfield and Rafe Spall were brilliant as always.
they should cast Asa Butterfield in it and have Harrison cameo as some guy from Endor.
Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfield with an additional of Ethan Hawke. Can't wait man.
I'd cast Asa Butterfield as Billy Batson and Tom Welling as his alter ego Capt. Marvel/Shazam ⚡ that would be awesome
That's a lie. Asa Butterfield never mentioned INTERNET FOOLS bashed his height wrongly & he told them his actual height
While I don't give a crap about Sony-Marvel's now with Asa Butterfield out over silliness, testing Chandler Riggs was shrewd.
So I hate to say "I told you so" but... Asa Butterfield reportedly OUT OF THE RUNNING for Spidey... ;)
Asa Butterfield and Chandler Riggs are out of the run because was meant to be Spidey since day 1. Like, PLEASE
"Asa Butterfield is too young to play Spiderman” — people who don’t know anything about spidey
Asa Butterfield out of the running for Marvel & Sony "at odds" over 3 finalists
Asa butterfield,dakota goyo,dylan o'brien. I will be so happy if one of them will play as the new spiderman in the
Asa butterfield was the best option to play spiderman. He young and like 6 feet. He woulda been the biggest and youngest spiderman on film
Nice to known Asa Butterfield isn't gonna be Spider-Man after all!
Who's gonna land the role of Spidey in ?
Asa Butterfield will be replacing Andrew Garfield for real?
Asa Butterfield is out of the running for Spider-Man. It's now down to just and
Asa Butterfield out of race for ''Spider-Man'' lead role via
so apparently Asa Butterfield had the role for the new spider-man down pat but then he went on reddit to defend himself from people saying
Favorite actors from left to right: Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Colin Morgan, Asa Butterfield, Matt…
The best version of the Spider-Man movie is that Asa Butterfield dies immediately and then is replaced by a black unknown as Miles Morales
When I see fan rage about Peter Parker being Spider-Man or Asa Butterfield being our new Spider-Man
Seems like Asa Butterfield will be our new Peter Parker/Spider-Man...
Not excited about another highschool age Peter Parker, but Asa Butterfield is a good actor. I hope he does well in the role.
I wanted Asa Butterfield as Peter Parker. I love "Hugo" and he was the best part of "Enders Game". Very talented kid.
No hate to Asa Butterfield but I still think Dylan O'Brien would make a perfect Peter Parker
For all the people saying Asa Butterfield is "Too small to be Spider-man", he's taller then Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner
Last week we were all talking about Billy Unger, now we're talking about Asa Butterfield.
Someone just said this is Andrew Garfield and Asa Butterfield and I know it's wrong but I can't stop laughing.
The Vision and either Asa Butterfield or Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
So, if Marvel goes with Asa Butterfield for Peter Parker, it'll take some getting used to, but it may work out pretty well.
Idk. Asa Butterfield isn't who I'd choose for Peter Parker. But there's something about him that encompasses the character well.
Tom Holland and Asa Butterfield? Who the heck are those guys? You need and actor who can be both Peter Parker and Spider M…
No offence but if your choice is Asa Butterfield as the new Spiderman for Civil War, then I've gotta say youve made a bad choice...
Asa Butterfield or Nat Wolff...I'm on board for either as Spidey.
VOTES ARE IN! Most of you voted Asa Butterfield for our new young Peter Parker out of the short-list options! ht…
Set up: His lead star Asa Butterfield was on set, as he takes on the role of 16-year-old Jacob Portman, waiting ...
Asa Butterfield and Nat Wolff on short list of actors for Spiderman. Great list but I was hoping for Logan Lerman.
Miss P's cast (for now) :. Asa Butterfield as Jacob. Ella Purnell as Emma. Eva Green as Miss Peregrine
Eva Green as Miss Peregrine and Asa Butterfield as Jacob Portman. Not bad 😊😊
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Asa Butterfield's gonna be Jacob Portman in Miss Peregrine's Home of Peculiar Children omg so pumped for this
||Well, I've got two at the moment. Which are Asa Butterfield and Skandar Keynes...
Asa Butterfield makes more sense for SPIDER-MAN considering he's worked with Martin Scorsese, Joe Johnston and Tim Burton..
Watch reporter Chris get the lowdown on mathematics fuelled drama X+Y with actors Asa Butterfield and Rafe Spall
Next on my list, saw x + y today, very good film starring Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins
finally saw X+Y the other night. A wonderful little film. Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins were all great. I was blown away.
"Imagine Logan Lerman, Thomas Sangster and Asa Butterfield in one movie I'…
Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld and several cast members that portray Battle School cadets in the film went to Space Camp to train
but seriously Asa Butterfield is the cutest human being ever and then there's me
I would prefer Thomas Brodie-Sangster but I like Freddie Highmore's acting range also Asa Butterfield would be in my top 5.
My latest project, X + Y: watch exclusive clip of drama about teen maths prodigy
Asa Butterfield on set of Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children! It's the supermarket scene! Don't touch me! 😱 h…
Asa Butterfield staring in the remake of Jean Kelly's singing in the rain.That would be a weird movie to watch but you'd be amazing.
If no one already noticed, I kinda have the biggest love for Asa Butterfield... 💕💕💕💕
'X+Y' go unnoticed in Taipei. 'X+Y' director Morgan Matthews and cast member Asa Butterfield on the slight culture…
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Watch an exclusive clip from X + Y, Morgan Matthews' new film about a teenage maths prodigy
Yas! Asa Butterfield will be the one playing Jacob Portman in the movie adaptation of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.
See, I'm a whizz with people but numbers confound me... ~ X + Y: teen maths prodigy drama clip
looks like he could be the love child of Freddie Highmore and Asa Butterfield
Hello Mr. Asa Butterfield you really like and say because of this that you are my dream dreams and I'm very sexy on you crazy biz.
I just saw a film trailer with Asa butterfield in it and I'm having actual war flashbacks
Asa Butterfield for the role of Spider-Man?No? just me I guess
X + Y: watch an exclusive clip from the drama about a teenage maths prodigy - video
Do I watch this ep just to see Asa Butterfield or do I postpone till tomorrow to read fanfics? Hm.
If you could meet a famous person, whom would you lik... — ariana grande, asa butterfield or any person/member f...
Post a picture of somebody or something you find inspiring! — Asa Butterfield
What was the happiest moment of your life? — can meet Asa Butterfield probably?
Harrison Ford. Spot on casting for Graff. Asa Butterfield...remains to be seen.
I swear Asa Butterfield is the only actor that can make me cry
Can u tell me asa butterfield's house address??i want to send letter to him. I'm totally an asanator
Update your maps at Navteq
i really want to watch ender's game it seems gr9 and also asa butterfield and vioLA DAVIS
"Maxwell Thornton" is on Asa's birth certificate but he never use it. He says his passport/real name is Asa Bopp…
There’s a great new film about autism coming out: stars Asa Butterfield, Sally Hawkins and Rafe Spall https…
Asa Butterfield will play some role in the Peregrine's movie. Kshare
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who wou... — Ariana Grande, Asa Butterfield(bae) and any member fr...
I'm on set watching Tim Burton direct Asa Butterfield and this officially feels real.
Great morning of interviews with Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins. Now off to speak to... WILL SMITH!
Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Green and Asa Butterfield in Miss Peregrine Peculiar Children movie and Tim Burton is going to be its director !!!
Asa Butterfield, Eva Green and now Samuel L. Jackson? It's getting so hard to wait!!!
Into Film sat down with X+Y stars Asa Butterfield and Rafe Spall at the London Film Festival to talk about their... http…
Hurry up and waiting for Asa Butterfield, Ethan Hawke, Hailee Steinfeld, Emily Mortimer at premiere of 💤😴⌚️
"Asa Butterfield doesn't believe in God, he's atheist.". Yasss
Blowing the dust off some of our archived videos — Chloe Moretz & Asa Butterfield join us in the studio to talk Hugo
The smile *0* big love for our King Asa Butterfield!
I just remembered that Asa Butterfield exists and I am grateful
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Still a bit in love with Asa Butterfield
Asa Butterfield is brilliant. I wish he'd been around in the late 90s for Star Wars Episode I.
asa butterfield and chloe gmoretz join THE WHITE CIRCUS
Asa Butterfield and his brother are on the slopes today, why not come and join them? …
Asa Butterfield at the premiere of X+Y 👌
All grown up Child and Bruno actor Asa Butterfield hung out with the Hollywood masses on Sunday.⁰Photo…
i love you.I'm a fan of you from Indonesia.I really like the movie you are together asa named enders game
I wish Asa Butterfield , Tom Felton, and Sam claflin would all do a movie together because it would be amazing
The latest imdb picture of Asa Butterfield
Eva Green and Asa Butterfield are going to star in Miss Peregrines 👍
Asa Butterfield is perfect to me. Your comments are invalid. 😏 👌
I completely forgot about Asa Butterfield. being in Merlin ^__^
Asa Butterfield (from Ender Games) is like 4 people in front of me in the queue!
Plan for 2015. 1. Get dengue and die before Os. 2. Meet asa butterfield before 1.
Free movie Jan 4 4:30pm X + Y Stars Asa Butterfield from 5 time Oscar winner movie
Teen Maleficent , and Asa Butterfield (the guy from Ender's Game) maybe jadi Jacob
See Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins in the uplifting new British film X+Y:
♡ Asa Butterfield ♡. _. What would you if you ran into Asa on New…
Am in that episode with Mordred. O M G ASA BUTTERFIELD
Eimee be like i like to date asa butterfield 😂😂😂
I got Yes, you two are made for each other on "Is it possible for you to date the actor, Asa Butterfield?"
Asa Butterfield in the house again.😍😍😍
Asa Butterfield at Nanny McPhee Returns and The BigBang. Aa you so cute;*
Charles Manson ditches new wife for Asa Butterfield
"if we had a titan's curse movie Asa Butterfield would make the perfect nico" I AGREE TO THAT!
game Hailee Steinfield and Asa Butterfield is love . "THE WAY WE WIN MATTERS..."
Asa Butterfield is a gift to humankind
Asa butterfield makes me so mad because he's not too old for me which makes it even worse that it's never gonna happen
Asa Butterfield used to be a really cutiepatootie now he's grown up to be a really hot bae. This is unfair.
Asa Butterfield • roaming. Went shooting with this talented guy today - Sybren Jonas…
Seeing Asa Butterfield casually sitting on a tree unleashes the primate in me.
Watch the new trailer for X+Y, starring Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins and out 13 March, 2015:
Asa Bopp Farr Butterfield. Was born on April 1st, 1997 in Islington, UK.
I ship myself to Asa Butterfield.. walang aangal
NW: Ender's Game . Yep. 100th time I've watched this movie cuz it's awesome and Asa Butterfield.
So I'm guessing it's confirmed then that Asa Butterfield will be portraying the role of Jacob Portman for the "Miss Peregrine" movie! 😀
the asa butterfield fandom/ asanators? are SO cringy i love asa with every fibre of my being but ..
Tonight's X+Y. Lovely, affecting, understated Brit flick. Asa Butterfield and Rafe Spall are just phenomenal.
Ella Purnell & Asa Butterfield to Star in Tim Burton’s "Miss Peregrine’s’ Home for Peculiar Children"
Asa Butterfield's blue eyes tell it all. 👀 ❤❤❤❤
he looks like when he was young but when he grew older he looks like asa butterfield Justin Bieber
But asa butterfield in adidas ads losing me oxygen
please please please let asa butterfield play Jacob Portman in the movie adaptation of Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children
As Ender's Game is released on DVD, we talk to young protagonist Asa Butterfield. READ
but how can Asa butterfield be 5'10 at the age of 17 *** he's gorgeous tf
2 ppl I really want to 😏😏 Peter Parker (from the comic NOT Andrew Gragfield) and Asa Butterfield
Check out Asa Butterfield of Merlin by gregchapin on
What do u mean asa butterfield is jacob?
Asa Butterfield just became one of my celebrity crushes and him being born on 1997 is an added bonus
My two favorite people in the world. Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game & Asa Butterfield in TBITSP 👌👍
[[ can I book Asa Butterfield's fc as Law student? ]]
OMGGG! Just read the plot of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight! Asa Butterfield is so perfect for Oliver's part! OMG!
like, asa butterfield is mine. I'm sorry I didn't ask for this to happen it just did.
Asa Butterfield in Talks to Star in Upcoming Tim Burton Film ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell in negotiations for 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'
Asa Butterfield will potentially play Jacob Portman in Tim Burton's adaptation of 'Miss Peregrine's Home for...
Really liked these books! Excited to see Tim Burton's name on this
Trying so hard to find cinema thats showing X+Y with asa butterfield in the states.. Anyone know where to go in florida?
This Asa Butterfield guy is pretty good!
So happy for Asa Butterfield for his nomination for best actor award , Asa is very well deserving of this award, good luck Asa.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
“Love Asa Butterfield & can't wait for X + Y? Well, catch him & co-star Rafe Spall on our website now ☺️
Nothing like a nice cup of tea, cloudy/rainy nights and well Asa Butterfield…
I'm praying to the comic gods they get somebody young and old for example say Asa Butterfield and Joe Manganiello.
"Miss Peregrine movie news: we may have a Jacob! 🙌
Asa Butterfield is this scrawny little seventeen year old with this beautiful deep voice that some 30 year olds don't have. I'm so confused.
Only follower is Asa Butterfield don't know if I should feel honored or sad :D :(
My new friend Jacqueline (Jake) Butterfield. Asa's mom. Having some Savannah fun with our happy band👍💕
Asa Butterfield offers insight to aspiring student actors -
Oh just look Who I'm having fun with- young actor Asa Butterfield and his mom, Jake💕
Asa Butterfield at the Savannah Film Fest for the opening of 5 to 7!
Savannah Film Festival opens with Rising Star Award for Asa Butterfield On Miss Peregrines: "We'll se…
Relatedly, I'm a bit amused that in the first sentence this article seems to imply that Asa is 9.
"Acting is about imagination" I love this interview with one of my favorite actors:Asa Butterfield! .
Asa Butterfield reminds me of Nash. Idk why😂
Enjoy interviews with Alan Rickman, Kit Harington, Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall & more on our website now
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Asa Butterfield, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer that's all I know so far. They're guest for the talkback events
theres a boy who looks a bit like asa butterfield here and he is So hot
I supposedly used to look like Asa Butterfield... Supposedly...
Asa Butterfield as Jacob Portman for "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" movie pls 😁
one young guy who has 2 beautiful shining blue eyes => Asa Butterfield :D
His face looks so funny in this. I'm actually not wearing my Billy jumper! . I feel my Asa Butterfield…
Asa Butterfield & Rafe Spall talk to BBC Films about challenges, research, & working with Sally Hawkins on X + Y
i freakinglove Logan Lerman asa butterfield and thomas sangster
But Asa Butterfield is so beautiful. I crei lol
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