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Arvind Kejariwal

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arvind kejariwal has no right fo utter the word curreption. Because he himself is currept.
Arvind Kejariwal is threatening voters with Dengue and epidemics. Please take notice of this mischievous person.
Frnds how many of you think that ' arvind kejariwal is much better comedian than kapil sharma 😉 😯
Arvind Kejariwal learned to keep himself in news while achieving Magasasay award unheard till emergence with Anna H…
Arvind kejariwal ji, please maintain such clean sweep abhiyan daily on the road in Delhi even you w…
Arvind Kejariwal has gone insane and needs to be dumped from Indian Politics. Delhi public should act immediately
Arvind Kejariwal and Kumar Vishwash AAP are making fool to public to…
This is the respect of Mr. Arvind Kejariwal and AAP supporters who are blindly supporting you because of you are...
You may see the hidden 'lovely' diamond carrying name of kejariwal Arvind+er in this picture also.
Nothing serious. It's effect of staying too long in company of Arvind Kejariwal.
Arvind kejariwal is nightmare for Delhi just make money from donation n Nothing .
Arvind kejariwal is biggest mafia, who deals our country with anti nationals. Recruited his own Relitives on gov jobs.
Don't worry about uncle...Age can be a big player in mental imbalance especially if u r in touch with ppl like Arvi…
Sir please call Arvind kejariwal also but I am sure he can't face you again as last time you wash him without Water
In India war is already started with Arvind kejariwal and EVM
Now . If news of Arvind Kejariwal's milk bursts, then the blame lies on Narendra Modi.
I added a video to a playlist Arvind Kejariwal Exclusive Interview after Humiliating Loss in By Poll
If there is anything so defective and dangerous to Indian democracy it is Arvind Kejariwal and AAP
Arvind kejariwal interview on EVM machinw election in up 2017 via
Arvind Kejariwal EVM is having issue, hence please use only one button of lotus so that you are rest assured what you did.
Delhi by poll is beginning of end of Kejariwal mindless politics -
And he is former CM of JK. One Arvind Kejariwal is enough for us.
wow ..u should learn how to tlk Mr. May be for u i might be dumb but m not dumb to support Arvind kejariwal
Ask them to give the proof to Arvind Kejariwal
Wake Up AAP Yogi AdityaNath is taking revolutionary actions whatever we expected from Arvind Kejari…
Arvind Kejariwal shown his aukat by Delhi's voters. His days in politics are numbered. His shoot and Scoot politics can't go on
Thats right but How much it will take to restore damage done by your ex associate Arvind Kejariwal?
Very Very hard and tight slap to Arvind Kejariwal by -Delhi peoples in by - election Rajauri Garden
Most shocking video of Arvind kejariwal and Barkha dutt Khan. 😭worth watching
The Biggest Mafia Gang is and sargana is
Is there any punishment for habitual lier like Arvind Kejariwal who playing with the judicial system? He cannot abuse the countries PM.
Win Punjab Arvind kejariwal truly this work is very fine
Arvind kejariwal good work for Delhi pls support Delhi sarkar
: Scam Queen Sonia Gandhi arranged a jolly good trip to Arvind Kejariwal to Italy so as to keep AK 's mouth shut.
Kanhaiya deserve CM seat of Punjab, not only ticket, ha has all the quality which Arvind kejariwal possess
why the people funniest with Arvind kejariwal.. They are best and nxt tym always best . Great prson
4 rth option should be : Sir Arvind kejariwal
Arvind Kejariwal one of the most popular leader at present no one can beat him
Arvind kejariwal How to save religion from extremism? Read here:
. journey to. IIT student to Delhi CM. I will salute Arvind kejariwal
If Arvind Kejariwal gives best Water thwn why not take from him?
We are almost 2800 teachers with no job after contract expired on 31 Mar 2016 work as an guest teacher by Mr Arvind Kejariwal
Perhaps Super Hero "Arvind Kejariwal" just after he gets free after Self Branding. Ironic character for Indian Politics
. No doubt, Odd - Even is good but Sh Arvind Kejariwal should have refrained himself from appearing in 'those' advertisements.
Mr. Arvind Kejariwal kindlly lead them who are unemployed , poor & farmer how to increase their income ? U have done .
Arvind kejariwal ( aam aadmi) must be busy in booking a ticket to UP..
I am great fan of arvind kejariwal against curruption
*What does AK-47 mean? Identity of Arvind Kejariwal gang or any other things?
Mr. Kejariwal you are not only one who can play around with figures. -
Sarcastically humorous act by Sumit!! Well done, Sir, but I am afraid Kejariwal will never learn. via
Mr. Arvind Kejariwal during magsaysay awards photo shoot in chappals. . Remember,he is a iitian ,a ex- IRS...
Arvind Kejariwal is just trying to make himself relevant for 2019
Arvind Kejariwal wants to.make him relevant for 2019. He is doing all nonsense for 2019
. Arvind Kejariwal must become UN president to get all the global issue resolved except congress and AAP curruption.. . Ha ha ha
I am fan of Arnab but he gets biased whenever he debates Arvind Kejariwal due his personal enmity with him, not good !
Arvind Kejariwal a product of BJP a byproduct of AnnHazareji and next Ramdev will bite. Then will feel pap ki Saja Pap Samajh
BJP. Should learn lesson by promoting in Anna Hazare movement but for power they has groomed Arvind Kejariwal nRAMDEO BOTHWLBI
this guy Arvind Kejariwal always talk nonsense and cheap.
Breaking news - - Payment up to January 16 will be given by delhi govt. to MCD despite no dues -Arvind kejariwal, . chief minister, delhi
death of 14 students in Maharastrs due to an incident is not vote catching incident for Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejariwal.
Mr Kejariwal,you misunderstood me,don't play your dirty politics with me,India is and was always a tolerant
Update your maps at Navteq
Arvind Kejariwal is a political version of Rakhi Sawant both are just atention seakers.
Housing just lost there best marketing guy. Rahul Yadav is Arvind Kejariwal of the corporate world.
AAP leader dreams about Arvind Kejariwal becoming next PM of lndia.
At this rate the whole cabinet of Arvind kejariwal will be prosecuted very fast, Delhi citizens fooled themselves
and remove the moral concessness by Modi and Arvind Kejariwal dramatic neuclear change! Middle and class and poors (12)
CM Arvind Kejariwal Ji asks CAG to fasten the audit of POWER Discoms
Delhi Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar resigns from his post; sends his resignation to CM Arvind Kejariwal .
Why for so long he didn't do this knowing well his missed, why arvind kejariwal was continuing him? Morality ??
nikhil wagle is chatu, honest pet of Arvind Kejariwal who licks his foot very honestly as he is expecting party ticket.
Arvind Kejariwal sud seriously investigate who leaked that Tomar has fake degree. I suspact did that
Sometimes wonder why Arvind Kejariwal even appointed law mineester? We in AAP never follow laws. Laws made for Sanghi / Na…
Now Arvind Kejariwal must resign for giving patronage to Tomar & keeping fraudster as his law Minister.
Nitish Kumar meets Rahul Gandhi & Wants to become Arvind Kejariwal of Bihar but He forgets People R regretting Having V…
Arvind Kejariwal achieved his plan with Gajendra's death,he could not do with Anna Hazare. A mean & kamina CM in his own words.
Arvind Kejariwal is a great person . Like a Second Subhash chandra Bose
It was a show of small mindedness of the organisers of Republic Day in the capital where an ex-police officer was given front row seat and ex-CM was not even invited. Who ordered and on what grounds the exclusion of ex CM Arvind Kejariwal and inclusion of Kiran Bedi? It was a show of petite partisanship which has blemished our supreme show of unity and cooperation. It is unfare and condemnable. It deserves enquiry and action to prevent such abuse of authority by puny power players. Arrogance of power must not make us blind of customs and proprieties. By ignoring and humiliating the challengers you cannot wish them away.
Once Rajnikant's lungs got infected so Rajnikant coughed out the sputum from which Arvind Kejariwal has been birthed!
Today again Arvind Kejariwal proved that as president of AAM AADMI PARTY, he is above than Aam Admi and not supposed to follow general rules / laws. Even hon. Court has to comment that follow general rules but he denied. Result being sent to jail. This is just a dirty trick to get media hype and he got success. Presently each channel is airing him.
People are asking where are AAP supporters now ? . We have not gone anywhere , we are still here as a constructive opposition in the parliament , outside the parliament , on the roads, in institutes, on social networking everywhere. We will clap on development ,we will slap on corruption..we will remind what they promissed..we will make sure they fulfill pre poll promisses..Bcz all we want a better india.. PS: " Ab to janta hisaab mangna bhi sikh gayi h" Thanks to Arvind Kejariwal. Sandeep Sharma Nimesh Kumar Gupta Anand Prakash Satyajit Rout Anand Singh Vishnu Pratap
In case you have 1% trust or sympathy for AAP or Arvind this video and decide about your vote share this to save India.
Some may like - others may dislike, but I'd write my views freely. We may support any leader, or party, but that should not stop us from pointing out any wrong act, or statement. We should not disable our capacity to analyse something, independently. Arvind Kejariwal is not reputed for making very discrete statements. His statements about BJP, Congress, their leaders, Ambanis, etc. has crossed all limits of decency. But, in Lok Sabha elections, his stake is not much, nothing to loose, but spoil others' game. But, recent utterances of Narender Modi about 'AK-49' are not in good taste. I do not think that it was good strategically to have given that much importance to Kejariwal. He fell in to the same trap, as Sheela Dixit did - ignoring AAP & then attacking them left & right. I could not understand- if it was a miscalculation of Modi's advisers, or he lost patience. He has done a favor to AAP, by his target. Calling him a 'Pakistani Agent' was certainly in bad taste. Even well-meaning Modi supporters may f ...
Rahul Kanwal really shot into the fame because of Arvind Kejariwal. People do remember even the bad man.
Arvind kejariwal not faithful for country.
Arvind Kejariwal missing news only on Doordarshan news...
Today, there is no brave politician across parties than Arvind Kejariwal
Stupid Mr. Arvind Kejariwal was selected as CM of Delhi by the common people. But he had higher dreams of becoming PM of India so he left the post. Now again he is contesting for PM post. What is d guarantee that even if he is selected as PM.he will not dream of becoming PRESIDENT and leave the PM post.Think well before u vote.DO share if possible.
AAP ka statement OK... what happened to Arvind kejariwal?? See this video
Similar code of conduct is desirable from Arvind Kejariwal and so called politician a well,dear.
Arvind Kejariwal has not capable to fight aginst his typical khansi then how he fight for country
FWD TO ALL Dear Brother and Sisters, Arvind Kejariwal is Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Varanasi. Can you please get him 10's vote from Varanasi. We need to Defeat Modi. please pass this message to your family, relatives and friend in Varanasi. Please get maximum volunteer for AAP to go to every voter in Varanasi. Now Gas price is $4. April 1st Gas price will be $8(double). Modi is UPA3. Modi is for Adani, Ambani and super rich. Not for poor and middle class. Modi will make it $11. Indians can't afford price rise. Modi never open his mouth on facts. Media is talking lies for Modi. Media is paid heavily by ads. BJP lost election in Varanasi in 2004. We need to repeat 2004 in 2014. God bless you. Thanks you. HARPREET SINGH BEDI CYSS YOUTH AAP PUNJAB
what the difference between Arvind Kejariwal and leaders of other poliical, Shivraj Singh Chauahan, cm Madhya Pradesh, Nitish Kumar of Bihar and most of the congress leaers includedm who are keen to wear skull cap to participate in Muslim gatherings. it seem they want to show that they are no less than muslim. instead indulging in this show bisiness, these leaders should do some thing positive of uplifting the muslim community
Arvind is getting ahead on FB An Uncommon Common Man : Arvind Kejariwal
Now a days all supporters of CONGRESS PARTY , B.J.P. ,S.P. & B.S.P. are corrupt & dishonest to INDIA (BHARAT). Only ARVIND KEJARIWAL & his supporters are HONEST & PATRIOT for INDIA. I pray to GOD for long life of ARVIND KEJARIWAL & HIS SUPPORTERS.
just found this new name for arvind kejariwal on one discussion board, it is cute - so here it is : Shri Shri 420 9 2 11, Dugdh-Dhwalit Satya-Vadak Charitra-Pramanpatra-Vitarak Arvind kejariwaal Ji. LOL
How much of this is true about Arvind Kejariwal?
.the second set back to our foreign policy came when an Italian judge has rejected a request by India to recover more than Rs. 2364 crore in bank guarantees backing a scrapped helicopter deal with the Italian defence group .560 million-euro AgustaWestland for 12 helicopters .while INDIA HONEST noted with pinch of salt that our defence minister is rejoicing to know the fact that the New Delhi government can still appeal against it.In another instance where our foreign credibility is tasted, the Indian AG. Ghoolam Vahanvati, told the supreme court that the prosecution did not intend to proceed against 2 Italian marines. He gave no reason.Italy's involvement in such incident is probably not for the first time, when they shot and killed citizens from Third World countries.INDIA HONEST asks the people do we need a prime minister whose one important cabinet member the Defence Minster, who is more then eager to protect the enemy soldiers who kills our soldiers brutally by cutting their head, by saying that th .. ...
We Have 100 reason to reject Arvind kejariwal BUT thousands reason to support Him. all the best. 2014 me aap hi jeet ke aaye.
Arvind Kejariwal always blames others instead proving himself..his attitude will never change..He says be part of the change but he never tries to be part of the change when time comes...he should learn ...and another point if a person is not able to deal with national issue he can not deal with international issues which need more diplomatics.
Arvind kejariwal ne dekhai Nayak(movie). kya Modi siva G the Boss(movie) dekha Modi nd vote for MODI...
I was listening to the speech of ARVIND kejariwal. He has made it a point to blame Narendra Modi on every occasion. He says that there is no development in gujarat but I am in gujarat and if you ask any random person in gujarat 80 percent will agree that there is definitely a development. Also corruption is very less in gujarat. I have experienced it. The main point which ARVIND kejariwal raises during his speech is that of the land of the farmer s of gujarat. But I would like to point out that most of the land in gujarat is not very fertile so it can not be compared to the land in up, bihar, haryana and punjab. Here modi has done good job by giving the land to industrial houses which developed it. The farmers got good price for the land. Normally the land was not of much use and the industries help it in developing it. Though I am of the opinion that many policies of Narendra Modi are not good for upper caste persons but they are good for the whole society. So Narendra Modi deserves a chance at ...
Arvind Kejariwal's Activities will sooner or later force All Newly joined Celeb Members of AAP to thrash their skull with their own shoes and while beating they will curse the day they joined this Drama Company.
Arvind kejariwal , akleish yadav, mulayam Singh, nitesh, Rahul Gandhi all are wearing Muslim cap (topi) to attract Muslim voters than why their wife don't wear burkha, why they don't do namaz that what it's means they also eat what Muslim eat in id I am not communial but I am showing my muslim friend see that all above political are corrupted for vote they can also change their religion and sell their family their is no Hindu Muslim we all are Indian so please vote Narendra Modi for corrupted free India jai hind
Arvind kejariwal mission only .Modiji.he forget all other issues.It shows some thing clear
I don't know why Sri Sri 108 Arvind Kejariwal says Narendra Modi left Gujarat & went for safer seat in Varanasi. "Are maharaj, When Modi won Gujarat hearts 3 terms each 5 years, not 49 days, so how come Gujarat isn't safest place to contest from. As far as Baba Vishwanath place (Varanasi) is concerned, its holy place for everyone including Sri Sri 108. So i think its a best chance for Sri Sri 108 Arvind Kejariwal to contest from Varanasi and defeat Modi. I am sure his doubts for entire life will be cleared.
WAR BETWEEN TRUTH AND FALES AT HOLY PLACE VARNSI SATAY MAY JAYTE Public of India knew the reasons for fighting against Narendra Modiji on the name of secularism which is not correctly understood and adopted by any party in India. The real reason is Narendra Modiji has given following truth of corruptions and Scams who developed price rise and crimes in India due to wrong policy of corrupt congress ruling party which never new some body questions to them. First ANNA Party including AAP Leader Arvind Kejariwal who now with parties believe in Corruptions and Scams due to black money bribe to work against the person took the fight against corrupt Congress ,SP and BSP. Mahtma Gndhi wished the congress party end after receiving the freedom due to above mentioned problem to public by holding the party by one family who had shown their working of this family against public of India as under: 1.Jawher Nehru became P.M of India due to Mahatma Gandhi's favor in Democratic way ignoring majority in favor of Sardar ...
Arvind Kejariwal says, defeating modi is his main target, so he made it clear he is not concerned about Aam Admi
This more one bluff of AAP Leader Arvind Kejariwal with the support of Corrupt Congress and SP and BSP whose present reality came to know by Public of Varansi and fighting against Modiji all are combining. This will open their combined strength of their wrong secularism propaganda against Narendra Moodiji during election 2014 at Varanasi.
added new photo arvind kejariwal .ZINDABAD
My dear friends, From last several days I was thinking/planning to write something to all my friends and other relatives and family members about myself and my ideology so that you all understand me well irrespective of any party line. May be, so many friends not agree with me or my ideology I do not mind because different peoples having different ideology and thinking . whatever I am writing or sharing with you that is my independent ideology or thinking and not related to any political party. It is also true that presently I am a part of AAP but its not the meaning that I am campaigning or forcing to you the ideology of AAP or also saying or convincing you to support AAP never . it is also true, in past I was the part of BJP and I like the BJP and its ideology today itself. The former PM shri Atal bihari bajpaiji is more respectable then shri Arvind kejariwal today itself and he is my ideal in politics. It is also true the 90% of my friends or peoples I know are the follower of BJP to which I also d ...
we have 100 reason to reject Arvind kejariwal but thousands reason to support him...Awesome
I m not sure authenticity of this post but can not be ruled out as Arvind Kejariwal has done in recent past to fix the interview with Punya Prasoon Vajpayee of AAJ TAK news channel. So such kind of cheap tricks by Kejariwal cant be ruled out.
Now it is clear that arvind kejariwal is either congress agent or mental patient. Finally NAMO will win from varanasi.
Uma Bharati, one of senior BJP leader described Narendra Modi as man of distruction not developement. The way we all Indians have been obeserving internal few bad developements inside BJP like asiding Murali Manohar Joshi ji, Lal Krishna Advani ji, Sushma Swaraaj ji, Arun Jetali ji, Raajnaath ji.we can see the gripping power of RSS & Narendra Modi on entire system. Trust me most of Indians are not supporting this right person. Pls support Arvind Kejariwal !! Aam Adami Party !! Jindabad !
Even though Arvind Kejariwal lost the electn he has chance to enter der are 12 seats in Rajyasabha of which 1 fr AK as actor
I added a video to a playlist Exclusive documentary on Arvind Kejariwal by AajTak
Same is with AAP m8!. Look I am all for changes in Indian Politics - But strongly appose Arvind Kejariwal to lead it!
let AAP kejariwal to dissappear ,,,but why you are so feared of them?. this time you didn't do photography of...
Flying high but not walking the talk!!! Arvind Kejariwal boards a private jet from Jaipur to Delhi NAUTANKI!!
Atishi Marlena 9h Attack by BJP workers on Gopal Rai's car happened in the Reliance Industrial area. Hmmm... What does that tell us? Singh Rana 9h Acid attack victim Laxmi is to be program Anchor on News Express! Bravo! Extremely laudable! Learn News nikhil wagle 15h By visiting Gujarat n challenging Modi directly, Arvind Kejariwal has shown way to Congress. They should have done this in 2002.
Arvind Kejariwal : Best PM Elegibility 1985: Joined IIT, Kharagpur, for degree in mechanical engineering 1989: Joined Tata Steel, posted at Jamshedpur. Took leave to study for civil services entrance 1992: Quit job. Spent time in Kolkata, at the Ramakrishna Mission in north-east India 1995: Joined Indian Revenue Service after clearing civils entrance in first shot. In between, met Mother Teresa, worked with her 2003: Rejoined IRS, worked for 18 months. Continued social work, activism 2006: Won Ramon Magsaysay Award for helping enact RTI Act. Resigned from IRS. Research Foundation 2011: Zoomed into public glare, political ire and national stage with Anna Hazare's fast to pass the Jan Lokpal bill 2012: Launched Aam Aadmi Party Dec 2013: Defeated three-term CM Sheila Dixit in Delhi assembly election by 25,864 votes Feb 2013: Resigned from Delhi Govt to save the people’s rights.
BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said AAP is a "Naxalite party" with no specific manifesto. "AAP is totally a Naxalite party, it has no specific manifesto except for water, power, and other services," Swamy told reporters after delivering a lecture on 'Indian Economy: Present Crisis and Way Forward' organised by BJP's chartered accountant wing here. "How AAP is Naxalite, I tell you. Arvind Kejariwal has written a book titled 'Swaraj' and it deals with Naxalites' issues. Kejriwal wants that every 'mohalla' (colony) should have a sabha and government administration runs under it. This is against the law," Swamy said. Quoting AAP leader Prashant Bhushan's controversial statement on Kashmir, Swamy said, "As per AAP, our country is not one country, and those who do not want to live here should be allowed to go where ever they want." Read more at:
Now US trying to keep the next PM in good muse, they should not waste time with Modi or Mamata. Nancy Powell should meet Arvind Kejariwal.
Yesterday (31st Jan 2014 ) Arvind Kejriwal came with a list of corrupt politicians. Lets see the creditability of this guy. Arvind Kejariwal was a joint commissioner in IT department. From November 2001 to 31st October 2002 he took leave for studying with salary benefits & also travelled abroad during this period. There are certain rules for going on such a leave and going abroad. One important rule is, a person who joins duty after such leave should continue for 3 years. If he doesn’t come to duty before 3 years or resigns his job he should pay his 2 years salary as penalty. All this set of rules should be produced in a bond paper with witness signature & surety before going for a leave. Kejariwal did all this and joined the duty on November 1st 2002. But he took other 18 months leave immediately and thereafter he didn’t return for the duty. On Feb 2006 he resigned his job. IT Department served him a notice in 2007 & 2008 asking him to return the 2 years salary and pay the penalty. At this time he wa ...
Arvind Kejariwal slept whole night in severe cold on a footpath. I want to know how many CMs can do that for democracy !!! And for people !!--an AAPian and former managing editor of IBN7.
I am happy to see more and more "AAM ADAMI" joining AAP party. Ms Sanyal, Mallika Sarabhai, Ashutosh Kumar, Medha Patker. :) :) :). Good, knives are out. It is getting clear and clear that AAP is turning into another anti Modi political outfit. Its a warning for Arvind Kejariwal and his bhakts, I hope he is not cornered in his own outfit.!
A house of 10 rooms for Arvind Kejariwal. Bigger than Sheila Dixit s bunglow. All Aam Admi are given brand new toyota innovas along with red beckons. Where is the Aam aadmi? Aam aadmi is still pulling rickshaws and sleeping in rain baseras at night. And that dedh pasli Kumar Vishwas was just found going in a toyota innova with a red beckon. Isse kehte hai gudh dikha ke eeta marna..a tight slap to all AAP followers. The so called sir ji must be laughing out loud looking at the faces of Delites. Ha ha ha...cant laugh out more... now AAP people will compare themselves with Modi, as usual. This is the difference between a chai wala and a fake IRS. One got this aura and status serving for more than 15 yrs. The other 1 just simply got it by putting his gun on a 70 yr old man and bluffed 2 crore people..
Before election Sheila Dixit is 'Symbol of Corruption', after election Dr. Harshvardhan need to give proof of corruption, since Arvind Kejariwal lost the 'sy...
Govt Schools of Delhi should be RTE Compliant; I am Happy that Mr. Arvind Kejariwal as Chief Minister of Delhi has raised the issue of bad condition of Govt schools in Delhi (where majority children are enrolled) and need to regulate fee structure of private schools in his reply during confidence motion...i will meet Mr. Arvind kejariwal soon for the speedy implementation of RTE, Act, 2009 in Delhi (which is in poor condition in Delhi,yet).to ensure strengthening of public system through the recruitment of qualified, trained teachers according to norms spelled out in the Act, teacher training through institutional mechanism, infrastructural facilities, strengthen teaching learning environment, bringing out of school into schools, making SMCs functional...20/ spending of state expenditure of total budget...if possible set up a time-bound high level committee for exploring the possibility of systemic changes through Common School System on the basis of neighborhood the words of prof. Kothari (c ...
In 1857,One man rises against the almighty British empire, Mangal Pandey. n In 2013,One man rises against the whole corrupt system, Arvind Kejariwal. The old saying that history repeats itself, It seems very correct to me. Dear Mr. Kejariwal, we all are with you. Keep doing which is correct and required.
Don't underestimate the power of . Aam Adami (common man)- Chennai express & Arvind Kejariwal.
Arvind Kejariwal is a person who has proved that nothing is impossible in first attempt::: I.I.T. in 1st attempt Assistant Commissioner in 1st attempt & Now CM of India's capital (Delhi) in 1st attempt
Heartly congratulation to Arvind Kejariwal, Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodia & Co. Madan Raheja People have voted you, hope you will pass the emams with flying colours!
Arvind Kejariwal is our real HERO who dared to fight against Sheela Dixit in her own favour its MODI's trun to fight against Sonia Gandhi. will H do so?.HA HA HA quite sure MODI will never dare to do so.kyo ki GCHAR ke SHER and BAHAR ke.
One day Arvind Kejariwal and AAP will be in the Row of Mulayam Singh and Lalu Prasad Yadav both used power of students & youth and decived them and Nation...!!
Day 1 - Rahul Gandhi reaches late in rally at Delhi ; Sheila Dixit requests all to seat for some minutes to listen to Rahul Gandhi... people leaving & Rahul Gandhi finishes speech in 6.5 minutes. Day 2 - Congress people justify Rahul Gandhi, why less people attended the rally :) Same day - Ink thrown on Arvind Kejariwal in Delhi in his Press Conference. Can we call this a co-incidence. :) ( Poll says AAP / Arvind Kejariwal gonna win & Congress gonna loose .. .)
Order Miche Bag Online!
Who so ever disagree with the tremendous development and progress of Delhi under Sheila Dixit are either politically motivated or are outsider. Arvind Kejariwal and his associates of AAP have their ulterior insatiable greed for political power, their campaign mostly based on lie, unbelievable proclaimed promises without responsibility and authority. Such proclamations have no future. AAP’s top manipulators and top fabricators are from outside Delhi. There is defunct, defeated and disheartened leadership of BJP whose performance was just average under Madan Lal Khurana and just not worth mentioning under Sushma Sawraj. Sushma Sawraj was another emplant of L K Advani in place of Madan Lal Khurana and was a total failure. BJP is the main political opponent of the ruling party. BJP to gain political power perforce have to mislead and created disbelief among the Delhi voters against the leadership of Sheila Dixit and the gains of ruling party. RAM RAM
Right to Information Act, 2005..!! -With the hope of an era of better,more transparent,accountable and responsive government,this law was passed by Parliament on 15 June 2005 and came fully into force on 12 October 2005. -The Act applies to all States and Union Territories of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has its own act called Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Act, 2009 - Right to Information is a corollary of the Fundamental Right of Freedom of Speech and Expression,Article 19 (A) Role of Arvind Kejariwal in RTI act - -Arvind Kumar Kejriwal (born 15 August 1968) is an ex - Indian Revenue Service officer and an Indian social activist fighting for greater transparency in Government. -He along with Aruna Roy and others, campaigned for the Right to Information Act (RTI), which soon became a silent social movement, Delhi Right to Information Act was passed in 2001 and eventually at national level Indian Parliament passed the RTI in 2005. -Thereafter, in July 2006, he spear ...
"Sheela Dixit has been proved to be a weak CM" said Arvind Kejariwal
"Sheela Dixit prooved to be a weak CM" said Arvind Kejariwal in a interview on a weekly program "Seedhi Baat", Aajtak.
Budget after budget after budget. Billions have been collected, pocketed, stacked or sent out since independence and nothing has changed. Every FM presents the budget as if it is panacea for all the ills and everything will be fine in this country. But nothings appears to have changed except some eyewash development. Farmers still commit suicide. Lakhs of people die of hunger, lack of health care, on account of no shelter. Sometime they die of cold and sometime of hot summer, sometime because they can not pay the medical bill. Corruption is so rampant that people have stopped believing that it can be removed. And that is the reason people like Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejariwal find themselves standing alone. Professionals and professional bodies who should be guiding and directing for good governance look to be subservient to the power that be. Kings are behaving like beggars and looters have managed to reach the kinghood, with some good exceptions of course. Budget after budget after budget. ...
Oh i am, getting chat from friends and replying them but they are not able to receive it. i think FB is not fair with me.
15 Feb. 2013 - Dwarka Delhi me Arvind kejariwal ki vishal jansabha Today's political parties are not getting people despite paying them, offering food, drinks etc. on the other side AAP has created environment in Delhi people come on their own vehicle, on their own pay and even one step ahead people give their donation as per his/her convenience Rs 2,5,10,50..this is called people by party for party - AAM AADMI PARTY!
friends like the page Arvind kejariwal aur AAP
2011: NDTV Indian of the Year along with Anna Hazare Arvind Kejariwal has also won an IIM Gold Medal. So tillnow u hv known d awards of AK.
vvip do lot of fraud and corruption but no body goes to jail. So non stop corruption. Why arvind kejariwal is chup
Now this time AAM AADMI PARTY President ARVIND KEJARIWAL addressing to the people just for corruption in Shastri Nagar, New delhi..
Nice suggestion, I will tell Arvind Kejariwal of Aam Aadmi Party to stop wasting manpower on so called VIPs !
I was knowing Lala Lajpat Rai and Dr, Ram Manohar Lohiya were from Agrawal dinesty. Just came to know that Arvind Kejariwal , Shanti bhushan , Prashant Bhushan are also Agrawals.
For them Osama and Haafiz are worth calling as "Jee and Sahab". But Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejariwal, people who spent their life in selfless service, are "Eccentric and enemy of the state". SHAME ON US!!! WHO VOTED FOR THEM!!
Anil Kumble Joins Mumbai Indians - Arvind Kejariwal was right when he said, "Mukesh Ambani runs this country"
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Thoughts on Mr. Hazareji : Some time ago, i find that annaji is the most influencing personality. but after some observations i think i was wrong. I find he was the just the face of the movement "India Against Corruption". The foundation of that movement was mainly supported by the strong pillars like Arvind Kejariwal, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia, Kiran Bedi, Kumar Vishwas and many others. So why i am telling you that I don't find him influencing anymore?? The reason behind is few days ago, I saw an interview of Annaji on Aaj-Tak. In that, one of the audience asked him the question, what is his political views? and he answered that, "Rajneeti ek kichad he.Politicians hame kabhibhi accha bhavishya nahi de sakte. Rajyavyavastha pe logoka ankush hona chahiye." i agree with the second half of answer but "to clean the mud, you should enter in the mud". One cannot change polytics in one day. Improvement is the constant process. He would not able to give any satisfactory answer to the any question asked b . ...
F 4- "SHOW TIME" Personalities in 2012: POLITICS: *Arvind Kejariwal: He is an Indian politician and social activist. He was an Indian Revenue Service official before joining social and political activities. He is famous for protest for Right to Information 2011 and Jan Lokpal Bill 2012 and he is found of Aam Admi Party. *Narendra Modi: Counting of votes completed on 20 December 2012 before evening which started from 8.00am across the Gujarat State at specified location in every district. Formation of new Cabinet from newly elected members is anticipated during last quarter of December, 2012. Narendra Modi won in his constituency Maninagar by 86,373 votes against Shweta Bhatt (wife of Sanjiv Bhatt who was given a ticket to contest against Modi by Indian National Congress. Bharatiya Janta Party has won the election consecutively for the third time in the state of Gujarat under the leadership of Narendra Modi. *Akhilesh Yadav: He was given credit for the party's rise from a meager 97 seats in the 2007 Vidha ...
@ In d coming election Arvind Kejariwal will be d chief Minister of Delhi is d prediction of d wind dat blows in cold administration f Delhi
Documentary on Arvind Kejariwal as Krantiwal, must share and watch,for more video update
Its a Beginning of New Era in Indian Politics with formation of AAP We all should support Arvind Kejariwal, who dared to take this step which no one could do in decades infact this must be the most unique step in politics on international level as well. we will see international community following Arvind Kejariwal in times to come ... I Salute him as a True Indian.u decide.
News Media. A big responsibility. News Media should present news as they are.just simple sensational spice added. Talk shows should just represent facts as they aggression on the invited guests. Just watched a talk show on Headline News. It appeared as if the moderator, Rahul Kanwal, is working on behalf of some special interest group. Literally attacking Arvind Kejariwal. I would not like to watch that show again. This guy easily forgot that he is simply a host not a contestant in a debate. Very sorry state of News Media in India.
Make a "sidhi baat" with Mukesh Ambani along with Arvind Kejariwal regarding swiss account, but i think u won't do it.
There is tremendous competition between Arvind Kejariwal, Mahesh Bhatt and Ram Gopal Verma on creating 'suspense thrillers' :P
Rahul Gandhi to become Arvind Kejariwal has to first win heart of Indians not South Americans :-)
K.Raghothamn Chief of enquiry in Rajiv Gandhi assasination says now after 21 years that the main video was hided. Ex army chief Gen.V.K.Singh too exposed bribery in army after retirement. Arvind Kejariwal too exposed many corruption facts after resining from IRS. y dont they open up on time n avoid so huge losses in all d Sense. How pity:(
The Cabinet Reshuffle:The more it changes, the more it remains the same:: During my college days I had read a book an autobiography “How to speak Dirty and influence people” by Lenny Bruce. A movie “Lenny” too was made on the said book by Francis Ford Capola (Godfather fame). The current reshuffle has proved the axiom coined by Lenny true. Salaman Khurshid who virtually spoke in gangster’s language Replacing Ink with Blood, Refusing Visa to Farukhabad to Arvind Kejariwal. Has been able to impress the Party and has received a promotion to be elevated to the post of PHOREIGN Minister. Manish Tiwari who was in the front line Informing the Nation that 2G Scam was Hogwash. He continuously broadcasted Nonsense and spoke dirty, has been inducted into the cabinet as I&B Minister. If these are the New King’s men I doubt if the Humpty and Dumpty read Rahul and Vadra have better days ahead.
Everyone in IAC including Arvind Kejariwal is a volunteer. Groups of people from various cities came together for this public movement for the betterment of our future. IAC Kangan Heri is a team of volunteers working day and night to spread awareness about this movement in najafgarh Region. Join th...
Open Letter To,India Today & AajTak T.V.Channel,&Likewise Media. North,East,West,South is Full Form Of NEWS.Yours is Called 24x7 NEWS chanels required Desh Aur Duniya ke Har Konese Aur Every Aspects/Field related Possibly Most of Happenings,Events,Stories NEWS.And Viewers/Customers Expensing behind TV chanels for the same. Regret to say Most of Channels & especially Your's one has completely failed on such Expectations of Viewers/Customers. WhenEver we opening chanel for what's happening in Desh & Duniya,We compelled to see Mostly only & only Your Dipak Sharma's Operation Dhrutrashta,Arvind Kejariwal on Salman Khurshid since last many a days.1 Example Today,15.10.12,at 21.48hrs.'Khas khabre'1 to 5 all related to above.Same way,at 22.02'Head Lines'Same way all related to above Khursid,aajtak & kejriwal.This is too much.Viewer Fed up of Such News.I can say,for you it's Not News,But becomes Personal Issue/Ego, Clearly seems from your 1-2 Host,Reportor with other 4-5 Penalist,all Anti Congress,except token1.W ...
Hon. Salman Kurshid called Arvind Kejariwal & the reporters of India Today group as "sadakchap", Manish Tiwari called them third grade, Rashid Alvi called them nonsense & Robert Vadra called people of this great country as "Mango people in banana republic". This is what the congress thinks about people of India. I think they are yet to come out of dynasty. for them they still Raja and we are still 'Raank'.
Appreciate and Support the courage of Arvind Kejariwal. Vadhera, Nitin Gadkari, Pratibha Patil, Khurshid and Many more on the list. Shankar Bhagwan said " If you have to test the Character and Sanskar of a Person, give him Power and Post and see how he behaves. That will show what they worth of or from which background they came." It applies to all the politicians of India. Today Kejariwal is the Real Freedom Fighter
People of India have every reason to believe the allegations of Arvind Kejariwal... against Sonia Gandhi and her family members...The Entire Nehru family is corrupt.
nowdays many person are taking abt robbert vadra, issues raised by Arvind Kejariwal may be right but one question is there why he targeted Vadra what is his intention is his intention good or he played a game . I ask this question bcoz he said within a shrot period vadra made property worth Rs 500 crore from 50 lacs , I ask a little question why only Vadra why he forgot Baba Ramdev and Nirmal Baba and many other person. 15 years ago Ramdev maintain a bycyle and now total value of his property is Rs. 2000 crore. Dhirubhai ambani who worked at petrol pump when he died value of his property is Rs 65000 crore. there are many exmple than Arvind Kejariwal raised a finger just only against Vadra.
A historical day in Indian Politics , Arvind Kejariwal launched a new party.This was the much awaited move from Team Anna . I personally request everyone to now think out of Congress and BJP and give this new party a chance. We now have an opportunity to clean the dirty Indian Politics and make our country a better place to live. Please share and like this if you are with me.
I support Arvind Kejariwal & Team. I respect Anna but the way he leave Kejariwal in between, is bad.
My scepticism does not allow me to keep silent. When everybody seems to agree that people with credibility should come into politics, then why not Mr. Arvind Kejariwal? When Anna Hazare himself reiterating his support for worthy candidates in next general election, then, does earstwhile 'Apolitical Team Anna' thinks that Mr. Kejariwal is not a worthy candidate who has been vouched openly by Anna himself? And if that is not the case then why not support the 'Brand New Political Team Anna' led by Mr. Kejariwal?
true man... Mr. Arvind Kejariwal... i support to him...
Team-Anna has fallen like Pack of Cards. Now, two erstwhile friends Arvind Kejariwal and Kiran Bedi have become thirsty of other's blood.
People & especially current MP's & Ministers are asking what is Team Annas Experience in other matters. Now do you really think current govt is of smart people? Ofcourse Team Annas Party will have smart & intelligent people like Arvind Kejariwal, Arun Bhatia, Kiran Bedi, Manish Sisodiya, Prashant Bhushan & lot other honest officers & businessmen.
My thoughts go out Arvind Kejariwal who is fasting since 8 days against corruption. I hope that the media and people's focus doesn't go away from the fact that this is a man who could have had a lavish life as Income Tax Commissioner but he chose to fight for us. Lets all get behind Arvind and Anna and show the government that we care!! I care!
Team Anna including Arvind Kejariwal,Kiran Bedi,Prashant Bhushan and Kumar Bishawas are coming in Noida on July 18,2012 at 6 O'clock at Nehru Yuva Kendra Sec-11 Noida. I shall be anchoring the entire event.This is in connection with indefinite ANSAN of Arvind Kejariwal and others at JANTAR MANTAR starting from July 25 of this month.Huge mass is expected.Plz do come if you are close by location.
Quote from Arvind Kejariwal's interview in Business standard: What is your biggest failure? We have made many mistakes and are learning from them. The biggest one was that we could have broad-based the organisation. We lost the opportunity to do that. We could have created space for groups who represented different interests, whether it was education or health or agriculture. For, there was corruption in every field. If we had seized the opportunity when our support was at its peak, we could have got a large number of people on our platform. That is what we want to do now. It is Team India’s movement. But it has got reduced to Team Anna’s movement. It should become everybody’s movement.
SM Krishna sent legal notice to Arvind Kejariwal and Prashant Bhushan on alleged defamation of govt. and its ministers.
A. Raja attends Parliament today, Kanimojhi has been attending the same since long. Miss. Mayawati herself has moved to Rajyasabha, she is involved in scams of more than 40,000 crore (NRHM, Eco-Park, Elephants-Park Scams). Even then all MP's ask Arvind Kejariwal to say sorry. Because he said, thieves, rapists and criminal are sitting in Parliament. I don't know whats wrong in it and why he should say sorry. All I know is that Mr. Kejariwal did a really commendable job. Hats Off to you 'Team Anna'!
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