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Arun Bhatia

Arun bhatia (born 3 August 1942) is the President of People's Guardian Party. He was an IAS officer and ex-Municipal Commissioner of the Pune Municipal Corporation before he entered politics.

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FM Arun Jaitley, resign immediately 4 ham-handedness: . I) Cashless ATMs. Ii) Shortage of new notes. Ii) ATMs not equipped for 2…
Just see very small part of Arun S interview. Sure to understand, what disaster bring to us by Modi. If like this we move…
Car owners can buy petrol with old notes but farmers can't buy seeds by via
Welcome to Adam Kohl, Arun Bhatia, and Kimberley McDonald, who have joined our expanding operations team
BJP MLA Rajesh Bhatia office worker caught live on camera taking back door money from Bank.
“Kisan had faith onUPA”-Rahul Gandhi’s sharp answer to Arun Jaitley during his Padyatra
I feel pity for Mr. Arun Bhatia an upright officer whole his life who comes now and then to defend all these lumpens
It's time economicist get FM give law to lawyer Arun jaitaly. Jiski jasi skill usko wasie kaam
Modi has no say, RSS has set on to cut him down to size | |
PM how. many polls will it take to acknowledge mood of Indians on Arun Jaitley h…
Arun Bhatia: Wonderful listening to interview.convinced that you r…
What has done is very good, it’s brilliant: Arun Bhatia, Former IAS Officer .
Why did Arun Jaitley lose in AMRITSAR? Yogi ji has repeatedly won that shows love & respect for him. Bhatia's judgement is poor.
Gaurav Bhatia: If people like Arun Jaitley, who's well respected, are sent to Dadri it'd help, but people like Yogi Adityanath won't
CBI arrests Special Metropolitan Magistrate RP Bhatia in Delhi for allegedly taking bribe of Rs 25,000 from a shop own…
Is Arun Bhatia looking to exit AirAsia India? - The Times of India via
Is Arun Bhatia looking to exit AirAsia India? - Times of India
Arun Bhatia, IAS, knwn2 fight coruptn4m within systm. Transfrd 26 tyms in 26 yrs. Thts how it works.
pj77in: -. Arun Bhatia. 12:29pm May 21. I. do.
aaj to maza as gaya congrats captain. Well played.
My in laws went for passport renewal at herald house. for old and invalid people.
you seem to back to your old ways. Bad shot from the captain.
all the best. Show them what Delhi is made of.
IMHO, still not too late for ji to bring Arun Shourie in...
Hi,Thank you for the information.we have escalated to fraud control team for further investigation
Ordinances not to bypass Parliament: Arun Jaitly: Defending the Modi government's decision to issue a number o...
Subsidies to be rationalised, joint session on insurance: Arun Jaitley - The Hindu: The HinduSubsidies to be r...
Arun Bhatia: You need to have some track record. has not raised her voice against corruption when she was…
Arun Bhatia, Ex-IAS officer: during her tenure as police officer did not fight against the corruption und…
Country can't wait if one House of Parliament does not work: Arun Jaitley - Daily News & Analysis: Daily News ...
Jaitley to go to J&K to discuss govt formation: Keeping "all options" open, BJP decided to depute a two-member...
Yogi Adityanath is very important and that’s why his statement has never been condemned: Gaurav Bhatia, SP
Maharashtra always had that administrative culture. No officers are needlessly transferred, few exceptions like Arun Bhatia
Arun Jaitley making good recovery from respiratory infection
right Kalmadi is optimal solution whereas honest person like Arun Bhatia not credibal enough wow!!
carrier Air Asia got approval of Foreign Investment Promotion Board. Air Asia would set up a 49:30:21 Joint Venture with Tata Sons and Mr. Arun Bhatia to launch the new airline.
Amit Bhatia been appointed as independent and non-executive director Airasia Director.He is a british citizen and currently chairman of English Premier League football club Queens Park Rangers. He is son of Arun Bhatia of Telestra Tradeplace Pvt Ltd
Pune Mirror gave a HUGE write up of Arun Bhatia because the editor said he is THE celebrity to join AAP, What logic? Now AAP trashed him.
Subhash Ware is AAP candidate from Pune. Is he more deserving than honest IAS Arun Bhatia who was a whistle blower and transfered 26 times in 26 years? India and AAP need Arvind Kejriwals and Arun Bhatias work together not Arvind Kejriwals surrounded by opportunits and controversial personalities. What do you think? I trust Keriwal and I trust Arun Bhatia equally.
indian wants to know what AAP doing about arun bhatia letter regarding bhushan nioda land plot
Do you think there is going to be more disillusioned and realisations as AAP selects its candidates?
who bothers what time u go home or get up. Time ro realise the fact u rvyet to reply to arun bhatia letter regarding bhushan .
Game plan of CONGRESS & AAP to Stop Modi from becoming PM? HOW AAP can spoil even loosing their Deposit- Classic Example- The close ties of Yogendra Yadav with the Congress party’s NAC and his postulation of BJP being the primary enemy of AAP give credence to the theory that the AAP is in the game for helping the Congress. Even giving AAP the benefit of doubt, a fine example of how well-meaning actions of a clean candidate can actually fuel corruption was demonstrated a few years ago in the city of Pune. Arun Bhatia, a former bureaucrat (now an AAP hopeful) stood for Lok Sabha elections on the same anti-corruption platform. The total votes he polled, though small, was much more than the difference between the runner-up and the eventual winner SURESH KALMADI of the Congress. The rest, as they say, is history. Can India afford this on a national scale? STILL DO YOU VOTE FORE AAP?
Sir there Synonym to honesty and that is Arun Bhatia
reply to by Arun bhatia letter regarding bhushan nioda land plots
Arun Bhatia with 26 yrs in IAS 26 transfers for exposing corruption not given ticket
only 1 request. Check history of honest Arun Bhatia, y he's denied MP ticket of aap? I am BJP supporter.
As per AAP Arun Bhatia was thrown out for asking ticket. Why this anti national still in AAP ? Can you sack him?
My respect for you has grown up by leaps and bounds,Arun Bhatia!
Why are you not replying to Leader Arun Bhatia (ex-IAS)..??
Thanks! I dont think the real Arun Bhatia is spewing any venom on AAP. Only fake handles.
I am also very surprised. I can’t understand why Arvind Kejriwal couldn’t have waited and gone to court: Arun Bhatia
Ask arvind to reply to arun bhatia reg Bhushan Nodia plot.
Arun Bhatia seems a changed man from what he was as I remember him,NOW EGOISTIC ARROGANT VENGEFUL UNREASONABLE
Aim of the "People's Guardian" Party of Sh. Arun Bhatia IAS Main objectives as stated in the party constitution: i. To Bring Honest People Into Politics - Many good persons do not contest elections because they fear the mafia that manages elections. The party will make mainstream politics more inclusive. ii. To Focus On Pune As A Demonstration Model Initially the party will exclusively focus on the election of Arun Bhatia to parliament from the Pune constituency which is the first objective of the party and for which party resources will be fully utilised. Later, the party could expand its activities. Arun Bhatia, the first party MP, will not accept any salary or free trips abroad. iii. To Transform Pune Into A Modern City To Serve Its Citizens And Attract Domestic And Foreign Investment Especially For Job Creation - Ensuring immediate commencement of piped water schemes for all, upgrading roads, municipal transport and public hospitals, facilitation of IT and other industry, cleaning the river by sewag . ...
arun bhatia wrote to Arvind Kejriwal asking about Bhushan noida land.AAP suppoter got no reply.
ARUN BHATIA THE LONE CRUSADER AGAINST CORRUPTION - Many many years before Arvind Kejriwal’s fight against corruption ,there was a serving IAS officer , Arun Bhatia , ex Collector Mumbai & ex Commissioner Pune ,who combated corruption and crusaded, for three decade, to enforce honesty in a totally corrupt society. After his commissioning as an IAS officer he became very clear about this deep rooted malaise in India. For fighting corruption tooth and nail he had to pay a heavy price through damage to his bright budding career. He was denied promotion, with 26 transfers in 26 years, in 35 years of his career span . All sorts of oppressive techniques were used by the corrupt centers to torment and torture him . He got several life threatening calls and letters from various sources which did not deter him. Besides damaging his appraisal reports , false charges and enquiries were also framed up against him. For a genuine public cause and to cleanse the corrupt machinery he was out casted and ridiculed by ...
. I believe that Arun Bhatia used to do better job of defending AAP than you KP. You sound very childish.
rathar you have to take them heads on now.. your decency has given them boost to ignore you. They also sidelined arun bhatia
. Does it mean if we dont support aap we are pro-corrupt. Arun Bhatia respects democracy n constitution. Sadly AK does not!!
Arun Bhatia has been a well known anti-corruption activist who as an IAS contributed in exposing several scams related to land mafia in Maharashtra. He was transferred 26 times in his 26 year career. He has been an active supporter of Aam Aadmi Party, was seen vehemently defending the party on Times...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
hope mr Arun Bhatia will also agree with revolutionary moments..
BJP should have made a case of Arun Bhatia's claims! Punjab DGP to quit AAP-recently read. Now only TV *** will be with him.
He is dangerous.That's it. You have to be loyal to be in AAP,he has shown this! From Arun Bhatia to Binny everyone suffered.
what about binni, captain gopinath and latest arun Bhatia. Oh yes I forgot Anna?
AirAsia set for takeoff The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Friday dismissed objections raised by top Indian private carriers and cleared AirAsia India’s proposal to start greenfield operations in the country. However, industry lobby group Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) wrote to Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh and Director General of Civil Aviation Prabhat Kumar seeking a hold on the grant of permission to the proposed budget carrier, pending the Delhi High Court’s decision on related issues. Earlier on Friday, DGCA disposed of all objections and said AirAsia India would shortly be given an air operators’ permit (AOP) on completion of formalities. The decision also got a fillip from the Supreme Court, which refused to pass any interim order to restrain the Centre from giving a final approval to the Tata-AirAsia deal. The court, however, held that any decision taken by the government on the deal would be subject to the outcome of the case pending in the Delhi High Court. “We ...
It will be interesting to see Arun Bhatia's application answer to question on what he will do if ticket is denied.
I know nothing about Arun Bhatia. But as a supporter I expect unconditional support to AAP without personal expectations
I wish Medha Patkar,Arun Bhatia and other AAP members respect the decision not to engage with discredited Time for s…
Arun Bhatia has started accusing AAP of cheating. Aare bhai kya hua, ticket nahi to accusation ?
Take Arun Bhatia's home ride as well by AAP pune. Led by Loksabha Candidate . Subhash Ware
Prerna Arun Bhatia is far superior character than any of AAP leader. Lets support him.
You are wrong. Arun Bhatia is not BINNY. He is greater than any leader of AAP. his work is greater than AAP.
Ashutosh, Arun Bhatia is a strong and respected name in MAHARASHTRA far greater than
Please do check-out what Arun Bhatia (Ex-IAS) has to say about the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), before people jump to the conclusion that Arun Bhatia is a BJP or Congress member let me remind you that Arun Bhatia is an AAP Member..
"There is no difference between Congress and the AAP, Prashant Bhushan's property scam is as good as Adarsh scam - Arun Bhatia, AAP candidate" This is a sign of experimenting party. We want Experience and not Experiments. This time vote responsibly. Vote for Modi !
Arun Bhatia WHY HAVE I WOKEN UP LATE? IS IT BECAUSE I WAS REFUSED A TICKET? Please see my open letter to Kejriwal on my timeline sent long before tickets were finalized. I have mentioned that the law minister should either explain his actions or step down. I have also stated that the leaders of the movement should not run away from the media and should defend the movement. Similarly sometime back I had written to Kejriwal regarding Prashant Bhushan obtaining two govt plots in Noida but received no reply. I have always defended the movement but on all TV shows I have also stated that corrective action regarding AAP leaders should be taken. If these leaders face allegations they must answer and face the media and its questioning. To defend these people blindly without any clarifications coming from them would weaken the movement and make it no different from the political parties we criticize. If the movement has to survive, then truth and honesty must prevail and AAP leadership should not be immune from be ...
Certificate giving authority should reply to Arun Bhatia first. He just wants to play KBC like Amitabh Bachchan...
Arun Bhatia 23m (Ex IAS, AAP Member Who Was Denied Party Ticket) Instead of supporting good candidate AAP tries to destroy him.
This one retired IAS officer Arun Bhatia once AAP supporter defends Arvind Kejriwal's U-turn.then see next post, now after knowing the truth about Arvind Kejriwal's real motive (not removal of corruption at all), Arun Bhatia parted ways from AAP and bringing the truth the people. see the above blog by him.
'Honesty not respected in AAP', Arun Bhatia attacks Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan for double standards | Feb 17, 2014, 19:56PM IST MORE:AAP Pune: Aam Aadmi Party claims to be an honest party, but its members are slamming it for treading the path of dishonesty. First Dr Rupa from Nagpur alleged the AAP is not maintaining transparency in ticket distribution and decisions are being forced down their throat by party leadership. Now, former bureaucrat Arun Bhatia and realtor DS Kulkarni have waged a war against the party. After being denied ticket, Bhatia has decided to contest from Pune as independent candidate. Although Arun Bhatia is not a member of AAP, he was trying hard to get the party's nomination. According to a report in The Indian Express, after being denied nomination, Bhatia wasted no time in slamming the AAP leadership which, he said, did not believe in supporting honest candidates. “I am disappointed and surprised AAP did not pick me,” said Bhatia while stressing t .. ...
Arun Bhatia should have been AAP candidates from Pune. He is an ex-IAS officer and has impeccable credentials as Anti-Corruption crusader in Pune. Would like to ask my AAP friends, what criteria was followed to give these tickets ? Was it chosen by the ppl of Constituency itself as Kejriwal said, or by High Command in Delhi ? Please enlighten.
what an Irony - if any AAP member is denied LS ticket he stops fighting with corruption n starts fighting with AAP n his leaders - earlier Binny n now Arun bhatia r such examples
AAP's Doublespeak: Party ready to accept donations from Ambani despite pressing corruption charges! Bhaskar News | Feb 19, 2014, 14:16PM IST MORE:AAP|Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani|Narendra Modi New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party has been waging a war against Mukesh Ambani on the Raliance gas issue. Arvind Kejriwal has been trying to frame BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for alleged bonhomie with the corporate giant. Arvind Kejriwal, during his stint as chief minister of Delhi, had initiated an FIR against Ambani. The FIR was filed by the Anti-Corruption Branch of the Delhi government. But, now in a startling revelation, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav has accepted that party has no objection in accepting big donations from Mukesh Ambani. While talking to reporter in Mumbai, Yadav accepted that party would have no objection accepting money from Mukesh Ambani and normal procedure will be followed in this case too. "If the money is less than Rs. 10 lakh, then Mumbai Unit of the party can accept the donations, .. ...
DGCA may decide on AirAsia’s flying licence soon Mumbai: India's aviation regulator is likely to decide on the fate of AirAsia's local venture in the next couple of days after it sifts through the various responses to its recent public notice, seeking opinion on whether a flying permit should be given to the airline. Among the negative responses includes an 18-page note from BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and observations from four former directors at Air India, a person close to the development told ET. "We will carefully look at the responses and decide whether or not to give a flying licence to AirAsia," an official at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said . Two senior executives at AirAsia said they have been replying to the various questions raised. The issues raised are "nothing really" said one of them. Swamy's note raises the issue that the airline doesn't have a single largest Indian shareholder. The Malaysian carrier holds 49% in the venture, saltto-software conglomerate Tata Son ...
Who will make the laws for these makers of law.It does not reflect democracy.Absence of such laws smacks of arbitrariness meaning that we the masses are under plenty dictators who are also the VVIPs; who enjoy such prolific perks and privilege which no other citizen can have.It is only the brevado ,dare and might of Arvind Kejriwal and Arun Bhatia IAS who can make such laws.
Arvind Kejriwal yesterday took on the combined might of the BJP and the Congress. Spirited and fearless he answered the quasi-legal arguments of the LG which did not recognise his right to table the Jan Lokpal Bill without the clearance of the Union Home Ministry. This once again raises the moot question if the Delhi Government is actually part of a federation. Authoritative interpretations by former Attorney General and legal luminary Soli Sorabjee and legendary civil servant Arun Bhatia who pointed out that the Centre had no jurisdiction to countermand the ruling government in moving a non finance Bill, and it was clearly ultra vires the Constitution. As expected, the BJP and it's B team the Congress successfully opposed the introduction of the Bill that the Delhi CM had promised. In a short speech Kejriwal politely questioned the behaviour of the opposition members pointing out that as a newcomer to the Assembly he expected to learn from their accumulated wisdom. Instead the opposition on 13 February c ...
AIRASIA INDIA ALLOWED TO IMPORT 10 AIRCRAFT'S OVER THE NEXT YEAR AirAsia India has received permission from the Ministry of Civil Aviation to import aircraft. This is seen as a step closer for the tripartite joint venture between Tata Sons, Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia and Arun Bhatia's Telestra Tradeplace to securing an air operator's permit. Persons in the know at the civil aviation ministry said the airline has been allowed to import 10 aircraft over the next year. This includes the three aircraft that came with the no-objection certificate AirAsia India received in September. The import permission is required before the Directorate General of Civil Aviation can issue an air operator's permit. DGCA officials will also evaluate AirAsia's training facilities in Malaysia later this month. One of the officials in the know said the airline is expected to bag the permit in January. "But after this, they will need to go to airport operators for slots and route clearances. So, realistically, AirAsia India ...
AirAsia India aims to launch flights by October Wednesday, July 03, 2013 New Delhi: AirAsia top brass and Ratan Tata, their advisor, Tuesday met several ministers here in an effort to speed up clearances for their proposed low-cost airline venture, saying they aimed to launch it by October. Besides Tata, who is the Advisor to AirAsia India, AirAsia Group chief Tony Fernandes and AirAsia India's newly appointed CEO Mittu Chandilya held separate meetings with Finance Minister P Chidambaram, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh and Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma through the day. The series of meetings came over three months after AirAsia got the FIPB nod to establish the joint venture for the proposed airline. The company is a 49:30:21 joint venture partnership between Malaysian carrier AirAsia, the Tata Group and Arun Bhatia of Telestra TradePlace. 02/07/13 PTI/ZeeNews
JUNE 18th NEWS: PERSONS IN NEWS: RAMADORAI: S Ramadorai, who headed Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for over a decade till 2009, has been confirmed chairman of AirAsia India. Ramadorai, who played a key role in the international development of TCS, is currently advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the national council on skill development, and holds a cabinet minister’s rank in the government. He is also vice-chairman of TCS. He is a recipient of the Padma Bhushan and Commander of the Order of the British Empire awards. The civil aviation ministry in 2009 had considered Ramadorai for the post of independent director on the Air India board to revive the loss making carrier’s fortune. But Ramadorai had said he had not been approached for the post. With Ramadorai’s selection, a majority of the AirAsia board will be Tata Group representatives. AirAsia is in a joint venture with Arun Bhatia of Telestra Tradeplace and the Tata Group. AirAsia holds 49 per cent in the joint venture and the Tatas hold ...
Ratan Tata will be the chief advisor to the board of AirAsia India, the joint venture between the Tata Group, Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia and Arun Bhatia, a close relative of steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal. The announcement came three days after HT had
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Roller coaster Ride: And what a roller coaster of a ride its been,these 17 years. Resignation that was admired & upheld by people & media alike then. Foiled attempts to join politics. Resounding anti-corruption movement with Anna Hazare: our dream then was an all india anti corruption movement on the lines of JP movement of 1974-75,when my 'career' as Karyakarta had begun. Contesting Loksabha election in 1998 & filling nomination papers for the 1999 one-but withdrawal at the behest of national leaders. Mass movement to make govt reinstate Arun Bhatia as Municipal Commissioner. Being with Indian army at Dras & Kargil during the war in 1999. Participating commando action against terrorist infiltrators in Kashmir. Relief work in Kutcha after the earthquake of 2001. Delhi stint as Director General of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghatan under ministry of youth & sports affairs, govt of India. I was a close witness of the terrorist attack on our Parliament then. Now a decade of globe trotting-the same way I did 'Bharat ...
Tata Group has clear focus, they don't go wrong: Arun Bhatia, AirAsia India - The Economic Times
The new airline,to be launched by AirAsia,Tata Group & businessman Arun Bhatia,may start flying from this year-end
Fernandes Lures Tata Into Air With Low Fares: Corporate India Tata Group which started India’s first airline in 1932, is set to return to the industry as new Chairman Cyrus Mistry plans a budget carrier with Tony Fernandes’s AirAsia Bhd. Southeast Asia’s biggest low-cost airline will own 49 percent of the venture. Tata Sons Ltd., the holding company of India’s biggest business group, will control 30 percent, while the balance will be owned by Arun Bhatia, whose son is married to the daughter of billionaire Lakshmi Mittal. Fernandes and Mittal own Queens Park Rangers Football Club. Partnering with the $100 billion conglomerate, which controls Corus Plc and Jaguar Land Rover, will help AirAsia gain a foothold in a market that’s set to triple to 159 million passengers annually by 2021. The venture is the first to be announced after the government allowed foreign carriers to buy stakes in local airlines in September. “We couldn’t have picked a better partner,” AirAsia (AIRA) Group Chief Execut ...
Tata, AirAsia JV to constitute 6-member board The board of the proposed new joint venture between AirAsia and Tatas to start a domestic airlines will be constituted with six members which includes entrepreneur Tony Fernandes. AirAsia with a 49% stake will have two board members which includes Kamarudin Bin Meranun apart from Fernandes. Tata Sons with 30% will also have two members which include R Venkataramanan and Bharat Vasani and Telestra Tradeplace with 20% stake will be represented in the board by Arun Bhatia. The sixth board member shall be an Indian national who will be appointed as non executive chairman of the board upon agreement of all the three shareholders. Fernandes is trying to rope in Ratan Tata for this slot. The move of having four of the six members in the board as citizens of India is in consonance with the FDI policy that permits foreign carriers to invest up to 49% only if the board is made up of majority of Indian citizens. In its application to the Foreign Investment Promotion Boa ...
Here are stocks that are in news today: Budget session of Parliament start today Results Today: ABB, Gujarat Gas, Gujarat Pipavav AirAsia in JV with Tata Sons, Arun Bhatia of Telestra Tradeplace: CNBC-TV18 exclusive -Tata & Bhatia to give local support & expertise to JV -India JV to have brand name AirAsia; JV management to be Indians -AirAsia to hold 49 percent, Tata to hold 30 percent, Bhatia to hold 21 percent -Willing to invest in India; have cash reserves of USD 800 million AirAsia says -Chennai to be hub for AirAsia India operations -Expect Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) approval in one month -Expect starting operations by year-end, early next year Tata Sons says -Merely an investor in proposed venture with AirAsia for 30 percent stake -Have no operating role in JV with AirAsia -Will nominate 2 non-executive directors on proposed JV's board AirAsia CEO to CNBC-TV18 -To start operations with 3-4 planes; to scale up as per market needs -Have plenty of aircraft deployed in the market Shriram ...
Raju Narayanswamy - Transferred 24 times in 20 years. Khurshid Anwar - Transferred 56 times in 36 years. Arun Bhatia - Transferred 26 times in 26 years. Many Civil Servants like these are Punished for saying "NO MINISTER". When are we as Citizens of this Country going to stand behind them and say "NO" to the Politicians who do not allow them to do their Duty ? Share if you care ...
This guy Arun Bhatia rattling of his shallow view on Spirituality calls devotees slaves oops,he looks like Jonah Jameson-Anti-Spider man :)
Need more doers like Arun Bhatia, Kiran Bedi, Praveen Kumar, Nitish Kumar etc.and less armchair administrators.
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