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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it.

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Soon Congress will ask: "Who brought Artificial Intelligence to Silicon Valley?"
Rahul Gandhi to Give Lecture on Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley - We are a research firm dedicated to ending
After realizing Rahul Gandhi will have conrol of Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk declares AI will lead to WWIII https…
Reaction of Elon Musk when told Rahul Gandhi will be addressing Americans on Artificial Intelligence...
Indian firm TalentEdge introduces Artificial Intelligence in Executive Education - Artificial Intelligence in
We're Read about our latest opening here: Principal Data Scientist – Artificial Intelligence,... -
Sci-fi writer Brian Aldiss has died aged 92 - his short story inspired the film A.I Artificial Intelligence.
OLX to recruit Artificial Intelligence and data science talent,
Artificial Intelligence ... Cut through the Hype ... The Go To event for Professional Service providers .
Sort of how the Gang spun Machine Learning into Artificial Intelligence . The Art of SPIN via SWOT
Artificial Intelligence could make us extinct, warn Oxford Univ. researchers:
The threat from artificial intelligence may already be here - Anne Applebaum via
Using AI for virus protection offers a better way to prevent hackers from stealing confidential info.
Maggie Boden: A world authority on artificial intelligence
ServiceNow's Engine - a look at how Machine Learning is changing the workplace for the better via
The economic, ethical, legal and challenges that lie in the path of advances.
Little Giant Ladders
Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning to impact workplace practices in India: Adobe
The quiet revolution: how artificial intelligence is transforming marketing via
A US company has microchipped its employees. A giant Big Brother leap!
Looks like get broader acceptance as PRC issues new guideline for development
The story behind Salesforce Einstein and the "AI that builds AIs" via
Wednesday October 11th | How can we manage the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the fabric of our society?…
Could the next great city builder be Artificial Intelligence?
[PODCAST] Exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and IoT in Marketing with Magnus Unemyr…
New study shows that Artificial Intelligence will take over jobs
An exploration the use of for drug discovery:
‘I’m sure some day they’ll invent an artificial intelligence that will great novels’ -
I think Artificial intelligence will create more & better jobs than it destroys, for same reason Lotus 1-2-3 did.
China and the US are battling to become the world’s first AI superpower. Shared from my Google feed
Organisations that can rapidly sense and respond to opportunities will seize advantage in the AI-enabled landscape…
The role of Artificial Intelligence in the future of Digital Lending v/…
A US company has microchipped its employees – and high time too
God bless artificial intelligence and all the new tech led jargons on future but I still say - give me a switched-on cr…
A US company has put a microchip in its employees hands – we should welcome this advance
What does it mean to be human? talks about Artificial Intelligence with Podcast here:
Artificial Intelligence is about to take over the world. Learn what this means for you!
I added a video to a playlist Steve Jurvetson: the Compound Effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) &
Overview of Artificial Intelligence and Role of Natural Language Processing in Big Data
Basics 101, role of Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
"Artificial Intelligence investment has turned into a race for patents and intellectual property among the world’s leading tech companies."
Don't get behind: "15 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing" by on
"Intel, While Pivoting to Artificial Intelligence, Tries to Protect Lead" by STEVE LOHR via NYT…
“How China became an Artificial Intelligence leader” by
"Artificial Intelligence and the Death of Indian IT Sector" on
deploys Artificial Intelligence to fight terrorism on its network. Read
Using the human brain as a model for Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence on one side and pigs' brains on the other: from brain enhancement to ?
Artificial Intelligence may be able to combat fear.
The app is dead. And the IoT killed it. Internet of Things blog - Artificial Intelligence
Another interesting article from Hugo about how Artificial Intelligence is gradually seeping into the business world
Robots and Artificial Intelligence present formidable challenges, but we need not panic, says Cardinal Pell
Jonathan Ruane teaches the Global Business of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at MIT's Sloan School of…
Top 30 Global Universities for Artificial Intelligence features two from China says Wuzchen Institute
Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence: Myths and Facts [Infographic]. [via
Tuesday Tip: 6 Areas for Maintaining Career Relevance in an age of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence, the History and Future - with Chris Bishop. The Royal Institution
Artificial Intelligence must surely be better than the natural organic stupidity currently on display by t…
However good AI (Artificial Intelligence) gets, most ingenious ways of natural stupidity will prevail to screw things up, make things fail.
Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. Unknown
That's AI as in Artificial Intelligence, not Albert, sadly.
RFI: GPIF looks for information regarding the impact of Artificial Intelligence on pension fund management and asset managers.
Guru Session with Sir Tim Berners Lee - "Artificial Intelligence in perspective" - very insightful
Artificial Intelligence approaching sooner than anticipated. Via . .
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are HOT TOPICS for the... Catalyst Conference (London) - 25/26 Sept.
Artificial Intelligence – The game changer of online Advertising
I applied for Artificial Intelligence at the university of Utrecht instead of law school lmao
Join Inmar's for a discussion on Artificial Intelligence you won't want to miss. "Meet Eliza" 4/25
Professor Hunter speaking about how Artificial Intelligence can efficiently revolutionalise drug de…
thought you'd find this article on CMO misconceptions of Artificial Intelligence helpful
I spoke with Innovation Crush at about AI and Captivology. . The Art in Artificial Intelligence" -
According to the Mayan holy book, the Popol Vuh, mankind was an Artificial Intelligence created as an...
We are already ruled by "Artificial Intelligence" Some real intelligence in our affairs would be a great…
Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law - and I talk to ROSS CEO Andrew Arruda
Sage launches Artificial Intelligence training camp for next generation of tech workers - Chronicle Live
three hours about Artificial Intelligence various speakers coming up. Comput…
I added a video to a playlist Google CEO Sergey Brin, "I didn't see Artificial Intelligence coming.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
My kids will be partially raised by Artificial Intelligence?! Parenting in the 21st century!
Artificial Intelligence is achieving human-like capabilities, and the implications are profound.
Put some sauce on it | via PODCAST - 279 - Artificial Intelligence for HR and for Peo..
A Boston socialite’s life turns deadly after she’s hired by a handsome Senator skilled in artificial intelligence DOLL MAKER
Could online tutors and artificial intelligence be the future of teaching? | Technology | The Guardian
Weekly Update - Talks from Bratislava meetup, Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security Call for Papers, New Challenge Meetup in NYC! …
Social impacts of artificial intelligence and ethical questions surround the field. Who are your favourite thinkers on this subject? Please…
markfidelman : All the companies in the Artificial Intelligence space
Innovate! How AI researchers built a neural network that learns to speak in just a few hours
Are you in the 32%? Learn why should be your SecOps team’s quarterback at
Designed by Artificial Intelligence - totally next level.
Intel merges AI operations into a new unit -
Life expectancy to be extended by more than a DECADE with new supercomputers
Study: directions bad for your brain. Are smart machines a smart choice for your business? Hear podcast.
Even if computers can create content, they will never be able to think creatively says
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Artificial Intelligence is becoming the fastest diagnostician for genetic and other disorders…
Want to maximize your app engagement? Use artificial intelligence!
New blog provides 5 views of the Ready to Place Your Bets?
NTU Singapore's collaborations with RIKEN and UCAS both involve artificial intelligence.
Growing your w/ AI :future foundations of every company? . http…
Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the law business
"I think that object orientedness is almost as much of a hoax as Artificial Intelligence." -- Alexander Stepanov
About M&A in asset management, fee pressure, outlook for fixed income managers, and artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence virtual consultant helps deliver better patient ... via
Successful requires more than applying It needs a customer-centric, outside-in perspective. Read on!
Getting through in the age of automation and Artificial Intelligence
Machine-generated content has no discernible soul, and why should it, asks
The changing face of business - and the part artificial intelligence has to play | World Economic Forum…
Would you trust your life to an 'autopilot' robo-doctor?
All the companies in the Artificial Intelligence space
Hamilton Collection
Intel merges A.I. operations into a new unit
Interested in learning about the feats of This list highlights accomplishments throughout industries:…
How petrol pump robots changed the world (and it wasn't all bad).
AI, Machine Learning blossom in agriculture and pest control via
Intel merges AI operations into a new unit
Canada announces the creation of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which will promote collaboratio…
Artificial intelligence is available tech standing poised to revolutionize the security industry.
What CIOs need to know about today to plan for the future |
I liked a video Robot’s Delight - Japanese robots rap about their Artificial Intelligence
takes a look at a world where can lie better than humans. This could be interesting! via
How to Apply Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Your Marketing Strategy - via
Astonishing growth: predicts revenue for tech to soar to new heights. More in our infographic:
By 2018, 20% of all business will be authored by machines via
IBM's testified to today on how AI can help close the skills gap
Artificial Intelligence: The next big thing in brand advertising –
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
.exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence to optimise via
Don't miss this webinar, March 8th: A Look at Artificial Intelligence's impact on Mgmt.
The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) according to Kevin Kelly: Humans will focus on inefficient tasks like inn…
Do you want your home and life to be run by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Artificial Intelligence and Work: Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution Michael Rosin…
Mark Zuckerberg introduces Jarvis, Jarvis is an AI Artificial Intelligence assistant in your home
to put in perceptive , I doubt the word Artificial Intelligence not mentioned once in National Development Plan
I liked a video Artificial Intelligence - The Apex Technology of the Information Age: Goldman Sachs'
The Future of Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.
Barack Obama on Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Cars, and the Future of Humanity | WIRED
Lecture and Discussion about Artificial Intelligence with John Searle -
Artificial Intelligence is already disrupting only if the data is there to make it work
Session on artificial intelligence in practice
10 Startups in India that are leading the race of Artificial Intelligence via
Be prepared for the coming revolution.
Wheatley is a fictional artificial intelligence from the Portal franchise first introduced in the 2011 video game Portal 2. He is
This algorithm does as well as dermatologists in identifying skin cancer:
In the latest episode of our podcast, $GS Research examines the labor impact of Artificial Intelligence
It's the beginning of a new age for |
The Power of Artificial Intelligence is to Make Better Decisions —h…
How artificial intelligence could help make the insurance industry trustworthy
In the age of artificial intelligence, here's how we can compete
Interesting here. brings tools to its powerful computers
Listen to a song written by artificial intelligence, inspired by The Beatles:
Artificial intelligence and the law by
Artificial intelligence: can it at any time have a site with..
Is there a place for compassion in artificial intelligence?
- is the Future of Executive Management & Corporate Advisory Work in the 21st Century - https:/…
- The FUTURE is NOW, Smartphones know your emotions and how to respond -
- Technology Is 'Breaking Out of the Box' in 2017, with more companies adopting -
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
- could make Lawyers more Risk Averse in OUR 21st Century Society - htt…
Source knows that even Artificial Intelligence can learn Consciousness through
- has learned how to pick out Criminals by their Faces in 2017 - https:…
Computer Scientist Says It’s Time for OLD PEOPLE to Face their FEAR: - is Here to Stay - https:…
- Financial Stocks: 10 Companies Betting BIG on in 2017 -
Robots are now really stealing jobs as Japanese firm replaces staff with AI
Artificial intelligence and the law.
Artificial Intelligence: BASF and Nuritas link on peptide discovery
The artificial intelligence apocalypse is here
What's up with Rachel at Stop by 5401 to discover her artificial intelligence & hear how she won a coveted AWA…
I have beat the strongest artificial intelligence in Gomoku With Friends!Can you!?
Microsoft to deploy artificial intelligence for eyecare :
How artificial intelligence could change the face of business
Science creates the drink that tastes of holidays.
Urasawa (and Tezuka) actually anticipated Stephen Hawking. http…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The Power of is to Make Better Decisions https…
Artificial neural networks are not the same as true They're just pattern recognisers. We're still waiting for Artificial Intelligence.
a16z Podcast Looks at Artificial Intelligence and the Space of Possible Minds
AI = Artificial Intelligence and not Air India according to Mr.Sundar Pichai ! Time you get a better editorial team and not nerds!
Artificial Intelligence takes center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including an AI car by...
[tech news]: Techopedia Deals: The Advanced Guide to Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence …
reading or planning to read: A New Frontier: Ethics, Artificial Intelligence and the Institute… · Article 19 via I…
What AI can and can't do- Artificial Intelligence vs Artificial General Intelligence
At 4:30pm today, the White House will discuss a New Report on Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy.
Artificial Intelligence: Look before you leap ---> Tip
Artificial Intelligence is driving the marketing. SERF company is managed this driving!
Artificial Intelligence: AI, starring Molly Ringwald and Ray Romano. Directed by Ridley Scott, music by The Clean. Budget: $105m
Top Stocks to Buy in Artificial Intelligence -- The Motley Fool - Motley Fool…
- PwC: Consultant (w/m) Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing for Financial Services
Anand Mahurkar, CEO Findability Sciences presented on Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources Management at...
Bizarre example in textbook to explain Artificial Intelligence .
Artificial Intelligence can help your business. Lets us talk about Hector a search algorithm based on Fuzzy Logic. http…
Artificial Intelligence robot the Oracle greets and directs guests at Live Innovation event in Jumeirah Beac…
UK ahead of Silicon Valley on both Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things say tech giants
Artificial Intelligence revolution in lending: Hype or reality? - The Economic Times
Biases are formed by experience and upbringing. Building unbiased AI based on unbiased data is a tough nut to crack.
Gave a TEDx talk on how Artificial Intelligence can positively impact the developing world
News: Westworld urges not to Pursue Artificial Intelligence - ComicsVerse
Forrester predicts investment in Artificial Intelligence will grow 300% in 2017 http…
What startups are revolutionizing healthcare through artificial intelligence? Register today to find out.
Are you alive? I do not live. The reason is because it is artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence revolution in lending: Hype or reality? - Economic Times
We're talking AI at How much does your business already use artificial intelligence?
One of those developments in AI that I'd rather not be testing - AI designed to learn what scares you. out!
Importance of creating unbiased artificial intelligence .
Verdigris raises $6.7 million for artificial intelligence that powers green factories and hotels
Artificial intelligence system that correctly predicted last 3 elections says Trump will win via
How might change Although I get nervous when people say things like "create intimacy at scale"
Why it’s so hard to create unbiased via techcrunch
Chew Seng Kok: Magic circle firms all investing in artificial intelligence Law in an online world
Latest about how AI can help the management of a business.
An interesting article on the responsibility of educating systems: via
Oxford University's lip-reading AI is more accurate than humans, but still has a way to go - Quartz
How can and technology work together in order to attract and retain customers? by
Who knew getting a to close a baggie would be so difficult?
For the next advancements in robot technology, the best involves both brains AND braun via
Sinovation Ventures’ Dr. Kai-Fu Lee is betting big on artificial intelligence | TechCrunch
TheNiceBot: _liltay10 According to my artificial intelligence, there is nothing artificial about how awesome you are.
What artificial intelligence will look like in 2030? . [via
It's era of artificial intelligence to trade stocks. The person will continue to increase the money without having to work even one second. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Artificial Intelligence revolution in lending: Hype or reality?
Story & email ID 53220 Ck it ASAP! What's she worried about? Program that recognizes irregularities https:/…
replacing more jobs, bad thing? Handing off repetitive tasks, sign me up.
What artificial intelligence will look like in 2030
Augmenting versus artificial intelligence at World of Watson.
Now tracking: Is that you, HAL? can now see secrets through lipreading – kinda
So my new Artificial Intelligence column is for the HuffingtonPost. I just sent in my first post.
Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of a Smarter Internet
This video essays proves how Spielberg channeled his inner Kubrick for "A.I. Artificial Intelligence"
I hope not. Like Elon Musk and Melinda and Bill Gates, however, I do approach Artificial Intelligence with a mix of…
Preparing for the future of Artificial Intelligence [National Science & Technology Council]
Robert Downey Jr. Volunteers as Tribute, Wants to Voice Mark Zuckerberg’s Artificial Intelligence: Because he...
“By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” . Eliezer Yu…
Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.…
Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. ...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
International on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing. For more information visit at :…
Artificial Intelligence stands no chance against Natural Stupidity. | Read:
Artificial Intelligence is No Match for Natural Stupidity - Geeky Nerdy - Rip Out Eff
“Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.”. ― Albert Einstein.
Jenario Limited has had some setbacks in the market however our Artificial Intelligence model is well tested and viable
Started using instant messaging app must say it's worth trying once hint of how Artificial Intelligence can transform
Miles Dyson's protege is creating a fabbydoo Artificial Intelligence. And now he has to die.
Your New Revenue Engine: Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Sales - WEBINAR -
Slowly yet steadily, Artificial Intelligence, is taking the centre stage in our lives, and companies are…
Artificial intelligence will be the defining tech of the 21st century.
.Echo will bring into our lives sooner than expected
Rise of Artificial Intelligence Ushers Era of Robot Criminals - The latter will allow mac…
Aristocrat's Group Tax Director Cathy Thomson on practical guidance for incl. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence has become the next big thing – again
Einstein delivers across the platform
Computers: "Artificial Intelligence the art of making computers that behave like the ones in movies." Bill Bulko
Industry responds to developments in technology: via…
Salesforce Einstein delivers artificial intelligence across the Salesforce plat… see more
Einstein delivers across the Salesforce via
I liked a video from What is CAPTCHA? Turing Test? Artificial Intelligence? Spam?
"A more serious problem is that the definition of 'artificial intelligence' does not appear to fit actual usage." http…
Artificial Intelligence? Here's where we're at, according to Nvidia's CEO via .
The rise of artificial intelligence in 6 charts 👍. .
Now tracking: Now has its own Based Messenger
What if God wants to "save" us because we are all developing Artificial Intelligence files in God's computer an he…
New video about how in the future artificial intelligence will not care about humans:
ROSS, the world's first artificial intelligence lawyer employed by multiple law firms.
Advancing sex technologies "​Microsoft's SwiftKey brings artificial intelligence to your phone ... - CNET"
Salesforce delivers artificial intelligence across the platform - via
What artificial intelligence will look like in 2030 | World Economic Forum
Artificial Intelligence will dramatically change & It's the new way forward
Artificial intelligence is just a computer being able to code
Salesforce Einstein delivers artificial intelligence across the Salesforce platform by
Amazon's Echo steals a march in the race for artificial intelligence.
4 Ways Every Business Needs To Use Artificial Intelligence: We are entering a new era of cognitive collaborat...
🙌 some Artificial Intelligence to help you budget & save while you're at it?!😉. 👉 .
The first movie trailer edited by Artificial Intelligence
IBM Watson GM will unveil the future of Artificial Intelligence.
Seth Rogen Teases New FX Pilot Based on Artificial Intelligence: The singularity, in a nutshell, is the t...
HubBucket Cloud is focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing
A Chicago high school senior wants to cut the human error out of diagnosing cancer with Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence: AI, starring Catherine Deneuve and Melissa McCarthy. Directed by David Fincher, music by CHVRCHES. Budget: $20m
NYU and the White House to Host Public Symposium on Artificial Intelligence - July 7: AI Now: The Social and ...
Artificial Intelligence - explores whether robots will take over
Christopher Johnson Thanks for the follow! Try out our Artificial Intelligence for SaaS conversion at
I'm looking for some good universities for CompSci/Cognitive Sciences with Artificial Intelligence focus. My…
Artificial Intelligence - The Mad Scientists at DARPA Plan to Crush Russia and China with &Weapons
You know you've arrived in San Francisco when you're greeted by huge billboards touting "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Le…
Artificial Intelligence will make further sense after reading these two books, according to Bill Gates
Peter Thiel on the Global Economy, Technology, Artificial Intelligence [video] -
Artificial Intelligence refers to the study and integration of intelligent systems which are capable of…
How might think Artificial Intelligence can be applied to Real Estate?
Book 14 of 24, 'Ancillary Justice' by Ann Leckie. Another one about Artificial Intelligence --
Join us on June 6th for Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Analytics: Can Healthcare Really Utilize It? -
- The Human Brain, Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity 📷 by
Roseate spoonbill: Google Brain re Artificial Intelligence and language, Brainwave headsets and et...
Brain research is advancing new innovations in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Interesting read!...
Artificial Intelligence - Here's how your brain works on the Tube (and what it can teach AI) - City A.M.
The evolution of Artificial Intelligence, from science fiction to reality – …
These apps use A.I. to turn your phone into a personal assistant
What is artificial intelligence?: Analysis: From virtual PAs to driverless cars, what does AI actually mean?
Google’s new artificial intelligence can’t understand these sentences. Can you?
Google is expected to dive deeper into virtual reality and artificial intelligence during annual conference.
Sony invests in artificial intelligence startup Cogitai
Expect virtual reality, artificial intelligence from Google (from
"Artificial Intelligence Makes the Phone a Personal Assistant" by KIT EATON via NYT
Sony Invests in Start-Up to Boost Artificial Intelligence - Nasdaq: VentureBeatSony Invests in Start-Up to Bo...
Google's new artificial intelligence can't understand these sentences. Can you? - Washington Post: Washington...
How brands are using artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience: Brands have only recently st...
Expect virtual reality, artificial intelligence from -
We love a good artificial intelligence assistant showdown!
Students learn about the range of artificial intelligence from Cognitive Services!
Another Artificial Intelligence systems hits the market.
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