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Arthur Spooner

Arthur Eugene Spooner is a fictional character played by Jerry Stiller on the sitcom The King of Queens.

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imagine Arthur Spooner vs Ron Swanson?? I hope I never have to make that decision
Ava St. Clare's cans are bigger than Arthur Spooner's noggin!
. Can't stop thinking on Arthur Spooner (king of queens) everytime talks...
I love people that just make crazy statements constantly on here like a digital Arthur Spooner. Muted.
I hope when I'm old and useless to my family, I'll have adventures like Arthur Spooner on my own
Cosmo Kramer, Frank Costanza, and Arthur Spooner are the greatest television characters ever created. A trend in writers/actors?
doing some research in Greenland, just like Arthur spooner.
And home field advantage thru playoffs. "is back baby!!!" (In my Arthur Spooner voice)
I just discovered The King of Queens tv show, man, I found my all-time favorite character in a movie/tvshow - Arthur Spooner, legendary dude
"You ain’t getting any of this. Candy shop closed!" “Arthur, Spooner” is on tonight!
Arthur Spooner was an underrated TV character
do you remember Hey Dude? Or the secret world of alex mack? I will draft Arthur Spooner from king of Q
Al Bundy, Arthur Spooner, and Uncle Bobby from Proud Family have to be my 3 favorite TV characters
I liked a video Best of Arthur Spooner 1st Season King of Queens
Arthur Spooner is a great character and Jerry Stiller is an American treasure.
Want to grow up to be Arthur Spooner. Just living life, making stupid mistakes because I'm old.
I've always wanted Arthur spooner to be my grandfather
because team Arthur Spooner must reign supreme
Arthur Spooner is the greatest TV character of all time.
Arthur Spooner is the greatest tv show character ever
Can always count on Arthur Spooner for the lols.
Let me not get started on Arthur Spooner .. Lord 😭
Arthur Spooner is one of my all time favorite TV characters. So *** funny
The funniest older man television has ever seen. Arthur Spooner 'King of Queens' .Jerry Stiller.…
Couple of episodes of The King Of Queens is the best way to start the day. Doug Heffernan and Arthur Spooner are insanely funny!
“Ben and Jerry Stiller in NY, circa 1978 Arthur Spooner doesn't age
Arthur Spooner wreaks havoc on King of Queens
I always imagined if my dad grew older he would be just like Arthur Spooner on Kings of Queens
never ever gets old. Arthur Spooner makes my day
Arthur Spooner and the Telephone: via Classic Funny Scene! lol!
Are the Kings handing out Stanley Cup rings or playing an elaborate game of "Who's in my mouth?"
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maybe I can steal one of those folding gadgets from the stores...
Then may i suggest something that makes folding laundry more exciting. It seems to be his favorite pastime
I got him a spa trip last year... I need some fresh ideas
I know for a fact the man loves pedicures
You wanna know why Arthur Spooner is the GOAT? Because he spent Carrie's college tuition money to buy the right to The Lou Rawls story.
Rene has the best mustache and celly game I've ever seen.
Arthur Spooner 4 President & like he said he invented coffee GENIUS
wrong. He was Arthur Spooner in Frank Costanza in
Arthur Spooner is from king of Queens. He was Frank Costanza on seinfeld
Arthur Spooner is in King of Queens, Frank Costanza is in Seinfeld.
actually He is Frank Costanza in Seinfeld , He is Arthur Spooner in King of Queens
Arthur Spooner is from King of Queens.. He was Frank Costanza on Seinfeld
Arthur Spooner is a character on the show King of Queens. Frank Costanza is the character on Seinfed. Same actor plays them.
“"Arthur Spooner" from the Seinfeld show is Ben Stiller's dad. he is Frank Costanza in Seinfeld
correction. He's Frank Costanza on Seinfeld and Arthur Spooner on King of Queens. Come on now!!
Jerry Stiller played Frank Costanza in "Seinfield", then Arthur Spooner in "King of Queens".
Arthur Spooner is from King of Queens. But he was also Frank Costanza on Seinfeld. Most anyone with IMDB can tell you that.
This King of Queens episode is called Arthur Spooner. I have to watch this.
"Arthur, Spooner" Only Doug! Doug using Arthur as a placeholder for Carrie so he can sleep...
Did Arthur Spooner even have a driver's license?!
Bwa ha haaa ! Love it ! Where's Arthur Spooner when u need him !!! LOL !
Arthur spooner is the best way to start any day!!!
George's father and Arthur Spooner ( his best) on King of Queens.Ben Stiller's father, the one and…
Doug Heffernan and Arthur Spooner are quite the duo.
“Arthur Spooner supposed to be my grandpa.” Nah grandpa Phil from hey Arnold!
Arthur Spooner supposed to be my grandpa.
Part of the joy in THE KING OF QUEENS Jerry Stiller's wonderful physical comedy as Arthur Spooner.
"Don't hang the meat in the window if it ain't for sale"~Arthur Spooner
Jerry Stiller as Arthur Spooner is one of the greatest acting performances ever! .
It would be a privilege to be Arthur Spooner's friend.
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Am I the only one who wants to grow up to be Arthur Spooner? Lol
Youre lying if you dont think arthur spooner is the funniest guy in king of queens
I really hope there's an old man out there just like Arthur Spooner.💭💭
Any day your professor shows Arthur Spooner answering the phone in class is a good day.
you think she's related to Arthur Spooner?
Arthur Spooner and Frank Costanza are two of the best characters ever on tv
"Arthur, Spooner" Only Doug what end up doing what he did, LOL
I've never been more happy to hear anyone say Carrie, Doug, Arthur or Spooner
they would've like um Arthur spooner?
Whoa whoa!I do it one time n now it's an everyday thing lol. In the words of my man Arthur Spooner
Im on top like the roof you in the basement Arthur spooner
Arthur Spooner is in the top 10 of greatest sitcom dads
"I don't want cheese out of pity, I want cheese out of love!" - Arthur Spooner
Watching Airport 1975 and I Discover Arthur Spooner sleeping next to Stanley Roper
I'm going to be like randy marsh when I'm middle aged and like arthur spooner when I'm a senior citizen
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Arthur Spooner is the funniest man on tv 😂😭
With Arthur Spooner one of the greatest ever Comedy characters.
Arthur Spooner is the best character. Love love love King of Queens
Arthur Spooner is like Frank Costanza, except he's customer of the month at the coffee shop
I wish Frank Costanza had on Seinfeld the kind of role Arthur Spooner had on King of Queens.
this just in: is Arthur Spooner from the King of Queens' son
I have a feeling in 25 years I will be like Arthur Spooner and probably living in Janae's basement.
I swear Arthur Spooner is one of the greatest sitcom characters of all time
'the invitation says 'all family welcome' , I am family & I like free shrimp' -arthur spooner
"Douglas, would you do me a favor and discretely set the drapes on fire?" -Arthur Spooner
and I've been dulling the pain of your presence with Miller high life.
I've been a bit quiet lately. Doped up on the because has been home for the holidays.
I hope Arthur spooner is somehow my father in law someday
"If I wanna go left I go left, no dog on this earth has that kind of leeway" Arthur Spooner
With George Bailey, the town is boring. Without him, there's nightclubs and bars. It's fabulous. I wish he hadn't been born. ~ Arthur Spooner
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'The King of Queens' is on all day! Featuring my Hero Arthur Spooner. Lol.
"Ice cream cones are NOT meant to be eaten on the move!!" Arthur Spooner
I've never been more IN my mind! -Arthur Spooner (with all this mental health research I've got going on, Arthur came to mind lol. One of my favorite characters)
"I miss the days when alcoholism was bright, easy entertainment." Arthur Spooner
Arthur Spooner: What do we have here? Carrie Spooner Heffernan: Vacation brochures. It looks like we're going to the Caribbean next week. Arthur Spooner: We are? Oh, goody. Doug Heffernan: Well, I hope you mean for us. Arthur Spooner: I see. Once again I humiliate myself by assuming I'm a member of this family. Carrie Spooner Heffernan: Come on, you'll have fun. You can invite Spence, and we'll buy you something from St. Croix. Arthur Spooner: You think you can buy me off with some cheap island trinket, a linen shirt 42-long? How dare you? [Arthur calls Doug in St. Croix] Arthur Spooner: Douglas? It's Arthur Spooner. Doug Heffernan: Okay, last name not necessary.
Arthur Spooner portrayed by Jerry Stiller...awesome one of my inspirations to be an
Who's a better character: Frank Costanza or Arthur Spooner???
The greatest television character ever is Arthur spooner.
Had lunch next to Arthur Spooner today.
Gonna be Arthur Spooner when I come 70 year old, cos sexy man
on, such a great show, realized I'm the Rap Game Arthur Spooner
Someone should create a tv show with Walter Bishop and Arthur Spooner as main characters.
I hope I'm like Arthur Spooner when I get older...
"In my book, it's the losers who are the real winners." - Arthur Spooner
nobody tell Arthur Spooner what to wear dawg
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Arthur Spooner from king of queens as the relative
arthur spooner is Ben Stillers dad no ONE TOLD ME THIS
If my father-in-law is like Arthur Spooner then I will either put him in a home or drop kick him, whichever comes first
Even if you expand Frank Costanza's role, it can't touch Arthur Spooner's.
"You never came to any of my show" . "Thats because I have talent and shame on you for making me say it" - Arthur Spooner
Any chance Kevin James brought Arthur Spooner with him?
I wanna be Arthur spooner when I get older lol
Arthur Spooner might be the best character on cable television
Y'all rappers out here acting like Arthur Spooner
“Arthur Spooner is my role model. I would rather be like a father to you.
getting my Arthur spooner fix, watching king of queens
"Douglas, that is one badass motorcycle you got out there!" - Arthur Spooner
"There's a new thing out called 'ambition', get some."-Arthur Spooner
If Arthur Spooner isn't one of your favorite tv characters of all time then u have a problem
“Arthur Spooner making an appearance on Seinfeld..just legendary” woah we all know is name was Frank Costanza way before
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"In my book, the losers are the real winners." -Arthur Spooner "Then what are the winners?" -Doug Heffernan "Well, they're still winners. They won. You can't take that away from them." -Arthur
Happy 86th B-Day Jerry~ Gerald Isaac "Jerry" Stiller (born June 8, 1927) is an American comedian and actor. He spent many years in the comedy team Stiller and Meara with his wife Anne Meara. Stiller and Meara are the parents of actor Ben Stiller (with whom he co-starred in the movies Zoolander, Heavyweights, Hot Pursuit and The Heartbreak Kid) and actress Amy Stiller. Jerry is best known for his recurring role as Frank Costanza on the television series Seinfeld and his supporting role as Arthur Spooner on the television series The King of Queens.
Happy Birthday to Jerry Stiller. He continues to crack me up on all the Seinfeld re-runs. The one where Steinbrenner comes to tell him that his son George is dead and then he starts ragging on Steinbrenner about bad trades, always gets me. From The Ed Sullivan Show with Stiller/Meara to creating not one but two classic t.v. characters (Frank Costanza/Arthur Spooner) is truly amazing. Love the Capital One ads as well.
On Monday Wednesday and Friday I feel like Doug Heffernan but Tuesday Thurdays Saturday and Sunday I am definitely Arthur Spooner.
"Arthur Spooner from The King of Queens is one of the greatest TV characters ever."
Arthur Spooner from The King of Queens is my idol.
Arthur Spooner 😉RT Just want a chick that watches king of queens with me
"Dont hang the meat in the shop if it isnt for sale" -Arthur Spooner
Arthur Spooner is just living the dream...And we have already had enough quality spooning time ;)
yes Arthur spooner ha I don't want to spoon you ha
Just left a floater. I hope is the one to find it
actually I caught Douglas and in the garage having sex. Disregard his earlier sex twit involving Carrie
I'd like to let everyone know that me and Carrie just had sex. Yeah, you jealous.
Some Arthur Spooner when I get home>>>> I'm startin from season 1 again!!
Arthur Spooner is one of the best characters on television
Arthur Spooner from King of Queens is the funniest dude ever
also before I go to sleep I have to say that Jerry Stiller in King of Queens (he plays Arthur Spooner) is just the best character ever.
I hope my father in law is exactly like Arthur Spooner.
I'm a perfect combination of Kitty from That's 70s Show and Arthur Spooner from The King of Queens.
hey how many jobs has Arthur Spooner lost in his life time?
Arthur Spooner is my all time favorite.
and I don't think good old Arthur spooner would have it in em for one more season..and I think richies currently in a rehab
Arthur spooner will always have a place in my heart
Arthur Spooner needs an appreciation day
I love Arthur Spooner "I looked it up on the Internet. That joke you said was ironic. I always thought irony meant completely full or iron!"
Arthur Spooner has the most random and hilarious outbursts
"Well usually I don't dabble in the black arts, but this would get me out of quite the pickle" Arthur Spooner ily
"I wanna kick it with Arthur J. Spooner"
I wanna kick it with Arthur J. Spooner
Scott Dudley speaking about King of Queens: “Arthur Spooner is my Fonzie.” Take THAT, Universe.
“welcome to my world. Gets me every time 😩”arthur spooner voice-this is BRU TELL!
"It is a known fact the Nixon is the Rolls-Royce of potato chip figures."- Arthur Spooner from King of Queens
Arthur Spooner and Doug Heffernan...King of Queens re-runs never get old!
jimmy you have turned your back on Doug Heffernan & Arthur Spooner
Arthur Spooner is my hero. Nuff said.
Its a relaxing Saturday since the package donkey is working today.
I just saw Arthur Spooner. I must be in Queens.
You have what I call the Arthur Spooner problem:
Arthur Spooner and the arm rest is too funny
not until you actually get popcorn in his mouth. Your shooting skills suck!
Give my crazy father in law a follow.
Rough ride for Arthur Spooner qb A. Dalton. Kept trying to make up for his mistakes, and just made more.
I wanna hang out with Arthur spooner
"I bought a will pay for itself in 50 uses" - Arthur Spooner
Arthur spooner might be the greatest side character of sitcom history
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”Why any fool could tell these are the charges of the tiny”- Arthur Spooner
Omg Mr. Feeny and Arthur Spooner together is almost too good to be true
In battle of best Jerry Stiller character, Arthur Spooner puts up pretty good fight vs Frank Costanza. I'd take Arthur 3-4 times out of 10.
Arthur Spooner is an all time television great
That Arthur Spooner always tells it like it is.
Arthur Spooner on The Kings of Queens is absolutely hilarious
Mickey Arthur has it right. I'm setting the 3rd team a task like this every week.
"You can kiss me where the sun doesn't shine.. And I don't mean London!" , Arthur Spooner.. Epic, truly epic..
have you been in Arthur Spooner's closet?
Doug Heffernan and Arthur Spooner. Too funniest sitcom characters. And they happen to be on the same show.
““Arthur Spooner is one of the best television characters ever. seem like a good egg.” NO!!!
“If I'm not exactly like Arthur Spooner when I'm older I will be highly disappointed” You want to live w/
How is it, that after years of watching King Of Queens, did I not know that Arthur Spooner (played by Jerry Stiller) is Ben Stiller's Dad?!
Arthur spooner keeps me in stitches 😭😭
Arthur Spooner from King of Queens has the best sweater game I've ever seen!
Cosmo Krammer from& Arthur Spooner from warped minds but what a comedy combo it would be
"Kiss me where the sun doesnt shine and i dont mean London" - Arthur Spooner
For all the Arthur Spooner fans out there
ur having too much fub on PBS. Lol while im watching you beat Arthur Spooner at cards. Apparently you "rubbed it in his face"
** Halloween on TV - Mon 01/28 thru Sat 02/02 ** (all times Eastern USA) Family Guy - Halloween on Spooner Street Mon, Jan 28, 2:00 AM / TOON-E 58 Peter and Joe team up to perform a series of painful and humiliating Halloween pranks on family and friends; Brian takes Stewie trick-or-treating; Meg has high hopes as she sets out to attend her first high school Halloween party. The Parkers - Mummy's the Word Mon, Jan 28, 2:00 PM / BET 19 As the Halloween holiday approaches, Kim expects that her friends are planning to surprise her with a birthday party, but she is dismayed to learn that they are preoccupied with tenting a space to record a demo tape for the record companies. Roseanne - Halloween V Tue, Jan 29, 5:00 PM / CMTV 45 The arrival of Halloween brings unexpected family tensions when Nancy decides to tell everyone at the holiday dinner that Dan doesn't like her; Roseanne has opinions of her own after learning that Darlene and David have decided to see other people. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant - ...
lot of homage paid to Arthur Spooner last night
"How can I say this nicely... Your mother is annoying and hideous"- Arthur Spooner
Arthur Spooner is realest dude on TV.
Spending my friday night with arthur spooner.
Somedays I wanna crawl into a deep dark hole and stay there forever.. :(
Arthur Spooner has to be my favourite TV character ever.
Arthur Spooner from King of Queens is Skip's clone. Both are clowns.
the homosexuals. It's wonderful, the things they've given to our culture. I'm a big fan
Ddan and Spooner doing a Arthur Alexander song
As a kid, I liked the character Opie on the Andy Griffith show. Lately I've found myself admiring the character Arthur Spooner on King of Queens. Something bad is happening...
"Arthur Spooner likes 'em lean and mean, like a feral cat." -Arthur
Ipswich: TV show test for amateur antiques experts: Do you know your Arthur Spooner from your Arthur Da...
Jerry Stiller, aka Frank Costanza, aka Arthur Spooner, is the most under rated comedic actor of all time.
Arthur Spooner and Frank Barone. That'd be an interesting dinner to be at.
your slippin if you don't think Seinfelds 17374849 times better. Arthur Spooner goes though
Kevin James and Jerry Stiller?!? Timeless. Arthur Spooner is the reason I wake up every morning.
Arthur Spooner has got me through these last 2 days being of work!
Rewatching King of Queens & I'd clearly forgotten how much I love Arthur Spooner. Jerry Stiller's amazing.
Arthur Spooner & Doug Heffernan.. more than hilarious. I just love the King of Queens
If im not exactly like Arthur Spooner when I get old ill consider that a serious failure on my part..
Arthur Spooner: Why do we have to sit so close to the kitchen? Is it because we're black? -- Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.
Ohhh... home to my friends Doug and Carrie Heffernan with a side of Arthur Spooner, Deacon Palmer, and Spence Ulchin.
I am torn between who is the greatest sitcom character, but it is definitely between George Costanza and Arthur Spooner
Jerry Stiller plays the role of Arthur Spooner on the TV show, The King of Queens, who is his son in real life?
If there's anyone in this world (tv world) that can make me smile it's Arthur Spooner.
Arthur Spooner may be the greatest television character of all time.
Arthur spooner is great and produces great daughters
Arthur Spooner is part of a jury lmao!
First item of business over this break is to get my body back in some short of shape. Gotta quit looking like a shirtless Arthur Spooner.
I wish I had a grandfather like Arthur Spooner. Lmao
Arthur Spooner would be best the father-in-law.
You don't like Arthur Spooner geeyt owt
"I've been in the market for a tote bag for years. I just didn't have the guts to pull the trigger." -Arthur Spooner
I wish Arthur Spooner lived in my basement.
Arthur Spooner seriously makes me laugh. Best character on TV! 😄📺
is there no Festivus for the restivus?
Who's funnier Frank Costanza or Arthur Spooner? One of life's greatest mysteries.
So last night Tera told me I was a combination of Mike Baxter (Last Man Standing), Hank Hill, Arthur Spooner, Barney Stinson, and Frank Barone. Compliment ACCEPTED.
Reconsidering [Hurricane] Sandy, a screen play by Arthur Spooner
your father.. Funnier as Frank Costanza or arthur spooner
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Omg Arthur Spooner is who I dream of becoming when I'm old :')
"The man just made lawyer...why do you have to *** all over it?!" -Arthur Spooner
What is Arthur Spooner's real name from King of Queens?!
I feel like Arthur Spooner of King of Queens. Getting slightly addicted to nasal spray.
me too, probably my favorite comedy. Arthur Spooner is so funny. Lol
Did you know Arthur Spooner worked as a (1:10)
Can't decide if Jerry Stiller is more funny as Frank Costanza or Arthur spooner.Either way a comedic genius.
"Sure, Douglas, you're white hot. You rode the frog to the top, but lady luck can be a fickle *** "- Arthur Spooner
"You know, we're quite a team. Like Jake and the Fatman. Needless to say, I'm Jake."- Arthur Spooner
Arthur Spooner.. One of the top 5 funniest characters in tv history.
Play El Backo with your father in law you fat lard!
Greatly needed. Arthur Spooner on in the background
When Wifey asks what I'm laughing at the answer is normally one of 3 people: her, Arthur Spooner or Frank Costanza.
There are very few tv characters anywhere near as hilarious as Arthur Spooner.
I learned ping pong in streets where you either got better or died! - Arthur Spooner
The last time Tessie left you alone for two minutes, she found you shingling the roof with no pants...and no shingles!
Idk what I would do if Arthur Spooner was my dad lol
watching the classic 'the king of queens' Ep: Arthur Spooner. Hilarious!! You are to pretty.
"Walking up behind u and seeing your chiseled buttocks 1 might mistake u for a valumptuos lady trucker" Arthur Spooner - King of Queens
what's your favorite episode. Arthur Spooner makes the show
The more you watch Arthur Spooner in King of Queens, the funnier he gets.
Doug Heffernan and Arthur Spooner both inspire me! :)
I wish arthur spooner and kramer were running mates
Who would win in a ping-pong match: Frank Barone or Arthur Spooner?
Taking a much needed break to go to the movie with Jana. She went to Walgreen's and bought Halloween candy at 75% off. She just asked me if she should put some cokes in her purse. I guess she'll want me to go in first and open the emergency door for her. It's like going to the show with Arthur Spooner!
Life is one long line, except at the end of it, there ain't no merry-go-round. -Arthur Spooner
Arthur Spooner is one of the funniest tv characters going
When you've seen just about every episode of and reciting Arthur Spooner then its time to say goodnight.
Dad: a day without arthur spooner is a day without sunshine
lmao bottle of black label Jim beam I'm a recovering alcoholic really for the last 7 years lol
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The great Arthur Spooner once said "Life is one long line. Except at the end, there ain't no merry-go-round!"
Biden as VP is like...having Arthur Spooner as VP.
I would quote Arthur Spooner from The King of Queens every single day, but I kind of want to keep him all to myself, because if anyone ever finds out how truly funny he is he will be an instant sensation.
You mean Arthur Spooner! Are you a fan of The King of Queens?
"I worked in retail, if a little person walked into my shop it was all I could talk about for years " - Arthur Spooner
My mother is the love child of Sophia Petrillo and Arthur Spooner. Taking my ambien and hoping I have the dream where I'm adopted!
"Why yes I am unhappy with my long distance provider" Arthur Spooner
What would King of Queens be with Arthur Spooner? LMBO
"Tough night at the senior center. I had to flip the checkerboard in a fit of rage earlier than usual." -Arthur Spooner
I want to be like Arthur Spooner when I get old.
"You're all just a bunch of hypocrites led by your queen mother Lou Ferrigno!"- Arthur Spooner
bought Holly a new pink bicycle. What's going on, Dad?
My grand pop is just like Arthur spooner
Can we just elect Arthur Spooner president and send these guys home?
Obama is speaking like Arthur Spooner on King of Queens
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"I'm a crusty curmudgeon with a heart of gold!" --Arthur Spooner
Lets toast Arthur spooner, an all around good guy... And a little racist *leaves stage*
“I wish I could record my dreams and watch them later.” You can't eat your dreams!!
I wish I could hangout with Arthur Spooner for a day.
Arthur Spooner, you sir, are my favorite television character.
Arthur Spooner followed by Cosmo Kramer is great tv
Arthur spooner is one funny character
"If it's one thing I know about it's how to get man." Arthur Spooner
Mess up my job interview by trying to file your case with the firm I'm trying to get hired by!
I don't know who was funnier last night Arthur Spooner or Tony Romo
Arthur Spooner is solely responsible for molding my sense of humor into what it is today
My fav "King of Queens" epsiode is the one where Arthur spooner bully his way to customer of the month
Whatever helps you sleep at night, you douce -- Arthur Spooner
Arthur Spooner in the 'King of Queens'. Never gets old.
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