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Arthur Chu

Arthur Chu (born January 30, 1984) is an American game show contestant known for his unusual playing style on the U.S.

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Being blocked by Arthur Chu has ruined precisely one joke I have but man is it a doozy
Discovered that some on the Left pass around "block lists". I discovered I was blocked by Arthur Chu, h…
Gamergate was terrible because it made people pretend to think arthur chu was cool for a bit.
Who is Arthur Chu and noticeable different galaxy
Arthur Chu and Ian Miles Cheong had ants, the ants were plague. I am blessed with a small colony of ants, I'll introduce spiders and plants
This hurts me more than the Arthur chu shoe pic does
I mean, how is it Arthur Chu and Big Al have blocked me but she hasn't?
Did arthur chu start out fat and get thinner or vice versa
I'm pretty whatever on Sanders and DemSoc atm but if your takedown of him includes rting Arthur Chu, put your phone down and go to bed
I showed you my Planescape soundtrack right?
Arthur Chu should be your bandleader
Congratulations to Arthur Chu on his new gig at. The Atlantic
He actually IS Arthur Chu, just playing a character to grift the red pill crowd.
This is like when Arthur chu called Margaret Thatcher a feminist badass or whatever
Didn't Arthur chu already do this but
I think Arthur chu was in my house...I didn't leave any food out but there are ants everywhere...
Well I look like Arthur Chu so I can't comment either. >.>
What if arthur chu and ian are the same person
The Arthur Chu fluffdoc in the program is a pretty good indication of how poor 2017's HotDocs lineup looks.
Slovenia. I walked into butcher shops ENTIRELY devoted to horse meat in Ljubljana.
Arthur Chu's list of his favorite musicals based on Dickens is weird, but I kinda get it. He's not so much pro-Scrooge as he is ants-Oliver.
The Bana/Arthur Chu combo comes up with some doozies
Ian is Arthur Chu's evil alternate universe twin
Ian is just the *** worst, it's like someone wished on a monkeys paw for Arthur chu to be less wome
Winning a bunch of money can do that to you. Though I think arthur chu was probably like that beforehand
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched Arthur Chu block whole DSA chapters.
We already know it will be Arthur Chu
The inverse of the Arthur Chu mindkill
David Oldfield going full Arthur Chu here. Choosing to interpret "Lisa and I have difficulties" as "I'm rubbish at…
I've been blocked by Mike Huckabee, Arthur Chu and Sady Doyle, so I'm pretty sure I'm on the wrong side of history here.
Didn't realize Arthur Chu was into death metal.
"Raw, unfiltered and poignant" our trailer is out on in time for our & premieres! https:…
Ian Miles Cheong and Arthur Chu in a Harry Potter-esque wand battle to make a video game girl's *** bigger and smaller respe…
The sentient ant colony inhabiting the Arthur Chu skin suit with some very 🔥 takes
Hey Arthur Chu's ants, thanks for the follow! We must do all we can to stop Soros and the establishment! follow me on stopsorosnow.
How does one get I myself have already been blocked by Arthur Chu (twice!) so I was just curious. 🤣
He must use the same list as Arthur Chu. I'm blocked and I've never interacted with him.
Wow. After watching his documentary I actually have a lot of sympathy for Arthur Chu:
arthur chu's hometown paper reviewed his documentary and it is Extremely Savage
So sweaty Arthur Chu and his ants, amirite?
i set my tinder profile to a pic of arthur chu and now i can't stop getting laid. i have nine STDs and my *** is chafing
Arthur Chu: online hero, real life scumbag.
"Feminist" Arthur Chu celebrates the assault of a woman who holds different political views from him. https…
People with the correct opinion on fascists today: Arthur Chu. People with the wrong opinion: Zaid Jilani, Jesse Singal, Michael Tracey
Arthur Chu seems like a late-series Trailer Park Boys character given how wet and greasy he is
Arthur Chu has hated wrestling ever since the Mark Henry and Sammie skit.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
today has been brutal. Blocked by Bill Mitchell & now Arthur Chu apparently lmfao
Has Arthur Chu creamed himself over Carly Fiorina yet?
not sure who Arthur Chu is but I assume I'm a fan. Thanks random Gator.
I have no idea who Arthur Chu is if that makes you feel better.
Arthur Chu blocked me because I said Margaret Thatcher was bad
Hey; Arthur Chu suggested I reach out to you; could you follow so I cld DM?
By the end of next week, Jeff Jarvis will have a block list that will shame both Arthur Chu and Vanguard Vivian.
Arthur Chu would join the AKP if someone told him Gulen had praised gamergate.
did they seriously out Arthur Chu on xfiles
lol @ any1 thinking Arthur Chu is fit to talk about trans issues. The guy blocked me for pointing out he was yucking it up w/ transphobes
Arthur Chu is a performative egoist with a malignant case of the "me too" complex. Look at most of the times he people
If you want Arthur Chu to block you, just tell him that actually, Margaret Thatcher was evil.
You've learned a valuable lesson about the importance of trusting Arthur Chu.
CelticSteel is almost as hilarious as Arthur Chu tbh, but for totally different reasons
I am sorry, did you just say Arthur Chu? Like, that Arthur Chu? Ooh dear.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
AND! A whole week on the Jeopardy narratives of Jennings vs. Watson and Arthur Chu as racialized villain accused of being too "robotic"
Literally, people are trying to kill us and the important thing to do is glorify Arthur Chu.
Listen to Arthur Chu on trans issues? *shakes phone* something must be wrong with this app.
The only people who have the right to talk about Black issues:. - Black people. - Arthur Chu
Arthur Chu is not someone you should listen to about trans issues why do cis people keep prioritize cis voices over trans ones
I've said many times- When it comes to Syrian issues, the following people are worth listening to:. - Syrians. - Arthur Chu. That's it.
You not even supposed to ask Arthur Chu questions. You're supposed to give him answers and he comes up with the questions.
I hit the eject button on Arthur Chu when he -- a guy -- told me -- a woman -- what women "should" be offended by. Bzt.
I would rather raw dog a blender than have Arthur Chu explain trans issues to anyone
I was right the first time: it was the Arthur Chu article.
I've literally never attempted to make any contact with or against Arthur Chu. This is the funniest thing ever to me
Sady Doyle and Arthur Chu are both terrible and not very smart
Unfortunately for me, genetics determined that I must look like Arthur Chu.
If I got into a WH briefing: "Mr. Earnest, Arthur Chu blocked me and I never even him..."
I wrote something for abt how online fans can be as troubling as haters, as someone who's been on both sides
Little Giant Ladders
Arthur Chu's piece after his death summarizes why his work was so vitally important:
Some one must of told Arthur Chu about me, since I had him blocked before he blocked me.
I'd say yes. Worse than Valenti. She's in Arthur Chu territory when it comes to her emotional state.
I wonder if I'm still blocked by Arthur Chu
still waiting for Arthur Chu to tell me what to think
She looks like a brother of Arthur "It ends tonight" Chu
Is Arthur Chu's whole career not based on pissing people off?
Reading Infinite Jest and can't picture a video people watch until they die? Just imagine Arthur Chu viewing the female ghostbusters trailer
sure thing Arthur Chu. Does it end tonight?
Arthur Chu is one of the most embarrassing humans I've ever seen.
You just have brain death yourself like Arthur Chu does every day. Not Hard...
I went to look up this arthur chu fella and apparently I'm blocked...pre-emptively? how does that even happen
If Arthur Chu had disappeared after making all the Jeopardy! viewers angry I'd consider him a minor hero. Too bad we had to ge…
Yo why she look like a white Arthur Chu?
are you blocked by Arthur Chu yet? I'd add that in there to get the real $$$ rolling in.
Arthur Chu announces founding of the Social Justice and Development Party.
Here's Arthur Chu on how much there is to be done in Hollywood, about how Asians are punching bags to be joked about
1. Everyone knows he's a *** with a sissy fetish. 2. There's an entire genre of that
In that case, I should lump you in with Arthur "BOMB THREAT" Chu, right?
And considering who you're RTing - Arthur Chu, one of the most TOXIC individuals to infect public discourse >
I don’t get the hate *** that some have for Arthur Chu. I’ve personally never seen anything as risible as the amount of mocking he gets.
I was going to do a Clinton-Sanders Traveling Wilbury's Arthur Chu riff but I said no politics. No politics. No politics. No Lynne. Roy poli
Arthur Chu '06 on "nerd culture," the new rules of communication etiquette, and his internet fame in 2015
. Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings and Arthur Chu all beat me up that day. I was forever disgraced and died alone.
Anakin's problem was not having a mother and a father at home, and the government intruding on his rights.
basically you got a X Y axis with Arthur Chu at the top left and Marine Todd at bottom right
That moment when Arthur Chu starts to realize the truth
I don't think Arthur Chu is actually intelligent. He just has a good memory for inconsequential anecdotes.
inspired by Arthur Chu I'm going with Thatcher
Arthur Chu quite literally does nothing but write about And these are just the ones with GG in the title https:…
Finally created a site to be a hub for my speaking career. Please share w all your diversity event planner friends! http…
NEW The Life and Times of Po Chu-I, 772-846 A. D. by Arthur Waley Hardcover Book
Arthur Chu is just the liberal equivalent of a "Shock-Jock" and should not be taken seriously.
Stop calling them Vanilla ISIS as its Racist. Oh Arthur Chu never change XD
"I don't want my or image 2B anything other than what I really stand4" 's Funded War
Arthur Chu is Suey Park, only with bigger ***
"I Arthur Chu - Chu- Choose You!" -Arthur Chu, while selecting Hillary Clinton on his ballot. Also in a Jon Lovitz voice because why not.
Who is Arthur Chu?: Hi guysIts been a while, I'm currently in Montreal working on a Canadian feature film play...
. Have any MSM hitpieces brought up Randi Harper and Arthur Chu as "GG victims"?. I know Jubbal is the newest one.
Who plays Arthur Chu, Brianna Wu and Randi Harper in GG movie
Jesus Christ, even Arthur Chu looks like Doctor Octopus from the 90's.
Little reminder that the bomb threats only appeared when Zoe Quinn, Arthur Chu, and Chris Kluwe took a stance against
Matt Jackson won big yesterday, taking home $40,000. Will he be able to tie Arthur Chu's 11-game streak today?
Arthur Chu links the arrest of to the ugly history of mistrust/prejudice against Asian-Americans.
then chances are you've also been BLOCKED by Keith Olbermann & Arthur Chu!
Arthur Chu has no room to talk. He wrote an article about why "outrage culture" and "social shaming" is great.
Arthur Chu on a diversity panel is important! We need a way to get Asian men interested in scifi and tech http:/…
. Should we add Adam Sessler, Brianna Wu, Ben Kuchera, Arthur Chu, & Colin Campbell to it?
Arthur Chu on Jeopardy. YES. (He's a rule breaker and Alex Trebek abhors him. This is the most I know about celebrities).
-uh "thought sorta, cool way Arthur Chu took that big championsh. while back but why not, Arthur Smith, ➡uh Pool, Black or Jones?"
I didn't know Arthur Chu wrote for Daily Beast, but that site's staff mainly consists of bottom-of-the-barrel sludge.
Arthur Chu and Chris Kluwe can be the annoying sidekicks whom you have to fight periodically from time to time.
Ew no. Even if some aspects of nerd culture (which is a dumb term btw) need reform, Arthur Chu is not your guy.
On the bright side, we found Arthur Chu's soulmate.
I'm more surprised he hasn't taken Arthur Chu's offer and jumped that cliff with him yet.
Him and Arthur Chu should hold hands and jump off a cliff together.
a video of. A rabbit raping a turtle? A monkey jacking off or Arthur Chu being run over 😊
.That's quite obviously Arthur Chu's voice. He's called in bomb threats to DC before.
Arthur Chu. Has tried many things, sucked at all of them except rules lawyering Jeopardy. Believer in "Dark Arts", which is HILARIOUS.
Faded - James Arthur (the lyrics in this song are so INCREDIBLY constructed)
What's the impulse behind changing to Do you crash funerals shouting "I HAVE FELT LOSS …
Posted on FB by my good friend via & just begging to be shared!
On the Red Couch with The Daily Beast Columnist Arthur Chu: Arthur Chu came to fame in 2014 after winning Jeop...
When you frame lack of logic in a calm manner, it means you are a sociopath. just like arthur chu
Where was the feminist outrage when Arthur Chu belittled a fundraiser for an actual rape victim?
Reform of the Nerds, Starring Arthur Chu ...from 10 sources.
I'm imagining Arthur Chu having a heart attack right now.
Arthur Chu says with Mad Men, Letterman, and other things, we need to stop obsessing over endings.
Also, for the record, I haven't even been doxxed and Arthur Chu is already riding in on his stallion.
This type of faggotry is to be expected when a million people marched for freedom and Arthur Chu used the time to whine about chan culture?
He might have been mistaken for Arthur Chu one too many times and had enough.
Post-panel pic with my homies Jenny Yang and Arthur Chu. @ UCLA
Nice geeking out today with "Jeopardy' master Arthur Chu and friends.
Arthur Chu shedding light on the problems behind the Model Minority myth among
Panelist praising Arthur Chu for the work he's doing to speak up for various communities including
Another of our panelists is Arthur Chu! Multiple-time Jeopardy winner.
At panel for Residential Life featuring and Arthur Chu.
Arthur Chu is secretly the main character of Hatred
Asians are fast becoming the most rabid start from Suey Park, Ellen Pao, Arthur Chu... = also Asian.
I recall it standing out at the time because many other antis such as Arthur Chu and IMC were disassociating from Tait.
Pssst. I'll be at UCLA this evening, hanging with homies Jenny Yang and Arthur Chu:
Arthur chu. zoe chan. must protect, me is important, me is somebody, jepoerdy champion, need documentary.
Mike learned his Sonic 3 game from the best.
SJW's eat their own. The Chu Chu train has arrived at the last station.
. The gate is open Chu . Strike while the iron is hot
Hopefully E3 is already aware of the possibility of threats done by Chu's supporters
"Why Owen Hart's death is proof of misogyny and white supremacy" a guest column by Arthur Chu
Arthur Chu should be questioned by the FBI. This is not a joke.
This is a great point . Why is protecting Arthur Chu threats against .
Arthur Chu showed wildly erratic behavior today. You become a "Person to be Questioned". Expect DC Police to call Arthur. …
It's no stretch to state that Arthur Chu has not explained "It ends tonight."
Arthur Chu wrote to the pub.Said I was part of anti-feminist hate group.Urged bar not to host the wel…
Srhbutts, AMIB and others irritate me, but Arthur Chu is literally the scum of the earth
.Here's Arthur Chu ranting about his desire to genocide males
Anita Sarkeesian, Leigh Alexander, Arthur Chu, Ian mile cheong, John I REALLY need to carry on?
always a good read from Arthur Chu - Eddie Huang is our Richard Pryor: “Fresh off the Boat” and TV history
Chris Kluwe and Arthur Chu should start a volunteer police force that tracks down rapists and then doesn't tell anyone about them.
it's legit. Scott Alexander wrote whole blogpost about the exchange "Andrew Cord" = Arthur Chu
I think by the time you start reblogging Chris Kluwe and Arthur Chu you needn't worry about "catching" stupid.
How did Arthur Chu win Jeopardy 11 times when his answer to every question is "Zoe Quinn"
And, I suspect, why they harass Ian Cheong & Arthur Chu so hard, because they want them as non-white men to go away. Narr…
Hi David, i sent you a couple emails for some questions to ask Arthur Chu, he has a very disturbing past.
Someone from should tell David PacMan about and Arthur Chu's
For Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Arthur Chu, America is not their country – and it never was
I reall dig this piece by Arthur Chu. // Breaking Out The Broken English
I have Arthur Chu on my show Tues "RT 'Jeopardy!': Alex Trebek Guinness World Record Hosting
Best/bravest/boldest Elliot Rodger articles are from men re: getting their own houses in order: Brian Levinson, Arthur Chu & Gene Robinson
This piece from Arthur Chu is an interesting read on nerd culture, rape culture, & Elliot Rodger.
Today’s highlights: Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned Friday amid the scandal surrounding unofficial wait lists at VA hospitals. President Obama also recently revealed his new approach to foreign policy. Former presidential speechwriters Paul Orzulak and Mary Kate Cary discuss the latest politics. [Produced by Johnny Kauffman] Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger declared that he resorted to violence because women weren't attracted to him. That manifesto drew the attention of many, including blogger Arthur Chu. He says he's heard a similar storyline from other so-called nerds and in the media, where the awkward but lovable guy wins over the hot girl. Chu explains why the storyline is uglier than it seems. [Produced by Johnny Kauffman] The Barbershop guys talk about what we can learn from the Isla Vista tragedy, and if narratives about the geek-getting-the-girl are really damaging. [Produced by Bridget Armstrong]
Arthur Chu ’08 (will talk at about SWIL and his appearance
I'm reading Arthur Chu's AMA on Reddit, and one of the most frequently asked questions is "What does Alex Trebek smell like?" 😳😂
Alex Trebek trying to act friendly toward Arthur Chu was almost as forced as John Fox trying to act like he liked Tim Tebow.
.champ Arthur Chu, who had a 12-day run and a renegade style, has been defeated:
Seton Hall stuns Nova in Big East quarter final in a 64-63 buzzer beater. Wow. You never which version of the Pirates is going to show up on a given game. We will stun Villanova and the loose to a fellow cellar dweller. Crazy right! Arthur Chu defeated on Jeopardy and now this. Life is good!
Thank god that arrogant *** Arthur Chu is finally gone. He is was even more pompous than Alex Trebek. It was obvious he was getting preferential treatment. Now I can watch the show without getting physically ill.
Thought for the day: Well, after yesterday's trauma I was overdue for a little mitzvah. And it came at 7:30PM Eastern Time, 6:30 Central. That smug little *** Arthur Chu was finally defeated on “Jeopardy”! Just before the show I was talking with my co-conspirator Janet and told her that I didn't want to watch the show again until that dude was no longer on. A little sprinkle of fairy dust and my wish came true! Not only did he not win, but he lost in disgrace. He missed the Final Jeopardy question and, as he had bet it all, he got zero, ended in third place, and the $1,000 prize landed him just shy of the $300,000 mark to which Alex Trebek had alluded ad nauseam in the past couple of days. The new champion has a personality and some sense of humility. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Just jumpin' for joy! (Yes, I am a vicious queen)
'Jeopardy!' champ: Arthur Chu defeated after winning $297,200 “Jeopardy!” champ Arthur Chu was defeated on the popular game show on ABC television after having won 12 days. In the time he continually won the game, he accumulated $297,200 in prize money, according to ABC on Wednesday. Alex Trebek gets revenge against Conan O’Brien “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek summed it up by saying that Chu had “a great run.” On Chu’s final appearance on Wednesday, he came in third place with $0, however. He was at $6,400 going into the Final Jeopardy question and risked it all. The question he lost his money on during his last day on the show was: “He was the last male monarch who had not previously been Prince of Wales.” The answer was George VI. Of the three contestants, only the new champion, Diana Peloquin of Ann Arbor, Michigan – got the answer correct. Chu made headlines in the first few days he was on the show by playing the game unconventionally. Rather than starting at the top of the board a ...
Arthur Chu finally lost on Jeopardy. I'm not sure who disliked him more: me or Alex Trebek.
Answer: ‘Jeopardy!’ champ Arthur Chu unseated after 12-day run and nearly $300,000 in winnings: NEW YORK, N.Y. –...
Lo, the mighty Arthur Chu (has fallen! But what a great run...congrats & thanks for the high entertainment value!
"Arthur Chu has terrible game, loses on Jeopardy!
was really weird under the dictatorship of Arthur Chu. His strategy was brilliant, but I won't miss it
Poor Arthur Chu. I was really hoping you'd get another one duder
I'm really gonna miss Arthur Chu on
Don't hate the player, hate the game. Go get'em dude!
Why has no one used Arthur Chu's strategy back at him?
Many are wondering whether is better (as the U2 song says) "With Or Without Chu"
Ruthless 'Jeopoardy!' contestant Arthur Chu is back on the show tonight
In praise of 's continued domination and his brilliant answer
Read deadspin article abt Arthur Chu on Jeopardy. Comments making fun of his last name gave grade school flashbacks
Arthur Chu in third place heading into double jeopardy. I'm kinda nervous.
thoughts on Arthur Chu losing on jeopardy? Best day ever?
Thanks Arthur Chu for applying game theory in order to ruin Jeopardy! It's a great accomplishment very much in the spirit of …
There's two types of people in the world: those like Ken Jennings, & those like Arthur Chu. The former should be allowed to e…
If this "Arthur Chu losing" info has been leaked so miserable *** like me will watch Jeopardy! just to see him's working.
Within moments of entering the San Berdoo Chapter Clubhouse of the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Gang, Arthur Chu knew this was no tournament
Arthur Chu finishes with $297,200, the third most winnings of all time:
Will Arthur Chu be able to win "The Most Dangerous Game" on my island fortress? No. He was shot in hour 2 while drinking from a stream
Jeopardy! Hacker Arthur Chu Has Lost: . Arthur Chu. 's streak of Jeopardy! wins has ended at 11, as he failed i...
Lmao people complaining about arthur chu devising a strategy for winning a game
I can understand people being upset by people exploiting clear flaws in rules and winning that way. That's not what Arthur Chu is doing.
Arthur Chu though. Kid smashes the boards
a hero must arise from the masses and end Arthur Chu's tyranny once and for all.
well at least now you don't have to worry that deadspin just spoiled Arthur Chu losing on jeopardy
Arthur Chu has terrible game, loses on Jeopardy!, finishes in third-place on all-time winnings list
Thank God, that arrogant, annoying *** finally got his comeuppance on Jeopardy. Good riddance to Arthur Chu !
Jeopardy. Arthur Chu now 11 wins and $300,000. was last after first round, but made the comeback
Northeast Ohio’s current Jeopardy! hero (or is he a villain?) Arthur Chu threw some shade at host Alex Trebek on last night’s show.
It was a close one last night for Arthur Chu, the Jeopardy! champion who has been filling up America’s hearts and minds with love and hatred. On the March 11, 2014 airing of the show, Chu appeared a little out of sorts and a bit unlike his usual… [ 381 more words. ]
ICMYI: "Highlights" from last night's Jeopardy!: Arthur Chu responds insufferably, then argues with Alex Trebek.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
To all the Valley Christian people..ARTHUR CHU is on Kelly and Michael this morning! :)
My cousin's wife is going to be on JEOPARDY! March 20! Rooting for you, Diane! Sure hope Arthur Chu is out of there by then...
Is today the day we finally get to see the bad boy of jeopardy, Arthur Chu, and Alex Trebek throw down in fisticuffs?
Streak continues as Arthur Chu wins his 11th Jeopardy! gameThe Plain DealerCLEVELAND, Ohio — Arthur Chu continues to chew up competitors two at a time on the Jeopardy! game show, and this time one was another local, Tony Knechtges, an engineering manager from Grafton. Chu, who lives in Broadview...
Arthur Chu just keeps on rolling on Jeopardy!
Arthur Chu is mopping the floor at the American game show Jeopardy!, a program that combines trivial knowledge, speed on a signaling device, game strategy, a mind for wagering, and flopsweat.
Two names that put fear in the hearts and minds of men everywhere: Arthur Chu, and of course, DENNY CRANE.
never thought I would see the day when I would dvr jeopardy, but I did last night. this contestant Arthur chu is on fire! the micheal Jordan/wayne gretsky/mark sanchez of game show players!!! this kid is awesome.
It's 2 a.m. and I'm watching Jeopardy. But this Arthur Chu though...
A. On last night's Jeopardy! he was unnecessarily argumentative and petulant. Q. Who is Arthur Chu?
Arthur Chu has ruined Jeopardy for me. Not happy. :-(
The latest from Arthur Chu (Mad genius, comedian, actor, and freelance voiceover artist broadcasting from the distant shores of Lake Erie. Broadview Heights, Ohio
Just watched Jeopardy Arthur Chu for 11 days got US$297,200. Wow
Hello my name is Arthur Chu and these other two contestants are just seat fillers ha this dude could make a run at Ken Jennings jeopardy record however he seems to be losing interest and could make a costly mistake
I don't like this Arthur Chu, currently winning on Jeopardy. He is being rude to Alex & I don't like that.
Where can I bet on the number of games Arthur Chu is going to win? Is there a second market?
Someone PLEASE beat Arthur Chu so I can enjoy Jeopardy once again!
People are criticizing current Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu about the way he's playing the game. You know what he's a good player and he's won in 11 days over $297,000 to show for it. As they say, don't hate the player. Did I hate Ken Jennings when he won over 2 million? Absolutely not. Did I hate Brad Rutter when he won over 3 million? No I did not. Theyre good players.
Arthur Chu needs to get off of Jeopardy!
Shame on you Jeopardy producers, for the answer of the real name of The Scottish Play - Arthur Chu most likely hightailed it outside afterward to spin and spit, curse and cleanse...
If anyone has been watching Jeopardy and observed Arthur Chu, who has won almost $300,000. I find him arrogant and irritating.
This guy on Jeopardy, Arthur Chu, may not lose for some time. He's won 11 straight games and nearly $300,000
I don't like Arthur Chu Someone please beat him!
Big Arthur Chu is a beast on Jeopardy!! And Alex tried him with some BS
Earlier this month, 74-time Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings reached out to reigning champ Arthur Chu to ask him about his polarizing win streak (which Jennings also defended in Slate). Now that Chu is back this week and extending his run, Jennings dug up the interview for his personal blog, and...
Crazy how Arthur Chu is never even in trouble on Jeopardy! Guy is money!
Wow! Have ya'll been watching Jeopardy? The 11 day champ Arthur Chu is averaging 27,000 dollars a show. He's won over 297,000 dollars so far and is returning again tomorrow. His technique is considered very unorthodox as compared to previous champions and contestants and is receiving a lot of negative feedback from the jeopardy community. Regardless, he is kicking *** and his strategy is paying off, literally. Keep ur eyes open and ears tuned to Arthur Chu (Cho?) cause I'm calling it now. He may go down as one of the richest champions ever
Arthur Chu is getting so comfortable on "Jeopardy!" that he and Alex are practically chatting with each other between questions. Chu is so calm and controlled, too. He misses Daily Doubles; he pronounce answers wrong; but nothing rattles him or slows him down. It's starting to get a little scary. :-)
I'll admit it - I love Jeopardy more than most normal people, but I can't stand Arthur Chu - someone needs to beat him soon!
Arthur Chu is a hero to all of us game theory fans out there.
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Really wish Arthur Chu would lose on Jeopardy already I can't stand him!
Arthur Chu just found all three Dailies Double and continued his destruction of a brand called Jeopardy!.
If Arthur Chu is wrong. I don't wanna be right.
Arthur Chu is ruining Jeopardy for me!!
Arthur Chu is receiving a lot of publicity and a lot of criticism this winter. As of March 10, he holds a $261,000, nine-game stretch of Jeopardy wins, and it’s causing unrest with some members of his audience. But it isn’t about the fact that… [ 602 more words. ]
I love how obvious it is that Trebeck doesn't like Arthur Chu...
Lol Arthur Chu.Pearl from different strokes is going to take you down
There is a young Asian man who has a 9 day winning total on Jeopardy of $277,000. His name is Arthur Chu. His brother Ah is nothing to sneeze at either.
Arthur Chu screwed up my dinner cooking times.PLEASE!!! Someone whip his butt!!! NO MORE CHU! NO MORE CHU!
Why these *** on Jeopardy Don't try and beat Arthur Chu at his own game is beyond me, smh
Is anybody else getting TIRED of ARTHUR CHU on JEOPARDY?? His smugness NEGATES his BRILLIANCE and GAME TACTICS! At least Ken Jennings was a LIKEABLE CHARACTER!!
Watching Jeopardy and that Arthur Chu guy is such a smug *** I want to slap him in his incredibly wealthy face and then ask him for $8,500.
Arthur Chu is still tearing up Jeopardy. If you haven't been following, it isn't too late to start!
Jeopardy is getting more boring by the day with Arthur Chu winning again! :(
My man Arthur Chu is about to take the stage!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Arthur Chu is kicking butt on Jeopardy.$277,200 in ten days.
Let's watch Arthur Chu wipe the board again!!!
Arthur Chu returning champion on $277,200 so far, is facing off against a woman from Caribou, ME.
The hero / villain of jeopardy Arthur Chu does it again. Struggled at first but he hit those daily doubles got into the lead and never looked back and won.
Arthur Chu time. Find you a station with Jeopardy! on.
Arthur Chu has been called everything from 'mad genius' to 'villain.' He's the current Jeopardy contestant to beat. Arthur Chu has been called everything fro...
Let's knock off Arthur Chu tonight, someone!
Anybody else been watching this Arthur Chu guy on Jeopardy? Or am i the only 97 year old who watches it every night...
Watched Jeopardy. That Arthur Chu is one *** of a contestant. 11 days and nearly $300,000.
Is pretty sure at this point Arthur Chu is taking on the real life persona of Sean Connery in the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skits. Trebek needs to put this clown in his place.
Arthur Chu might be the smartest man alive...or Neil diGrasse Tyson
Whatever this Arthur Chu strategy is, *** it's working. 11th day winning total is $297,200. He's effin' good sweeping the board!
I'm sorry, but I seriously can't stand Arthur Chu.
Arthur Chu is a *** beast. I feel like he fell behind early just to challenge himself, and and still managed to sass Alex Trebek.
Arthur Chu is annoying! He's making it hard to watch jeopardy What's the point of having other people on the show if Arthur is going to win everytime?
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Arthur Chu is in last place right now. By a lot. This absolutely has to be a work.
Would almost like to see Arthur Chu loose on Jeopardy tonight. Arrogance is not a very becoming quality on televised trivia shows.
Arthur Chu gets on my nerves... kick his *** ..
Go Home Arthur Chu, so I can get some order back in my Jeopardy!! He's driving me crazy!
Arthur Chu is back. All is good again
Arthur Chu. Still rackin' up them wins.
FINALLY! It only took us 8 1/2 years, but we got our third-ever 10-day Jeopardy! champion... ARTHUR CHU! Let's hope it does not take us another 8 1/2 years to get the next one... and keep it going, Arthur!
ANYONE FOLLOWING JEOPARDY? We have a brilliant young man I am really enjoying.. Arthur Chu. He is a master at playing the board in addition to having a vast knowledge base. I think it is premature to contrast him with Ken Jennings but I am very interested.. Take a look in 5 min or record and watch a great mind at work!
It's almost time for the Arthur Chu Show... oops... I mean Jeopardy!
Finally watched the second episode of Arthur Chu's Jeopardy run (the "tie game" one). Firstly, the next time you visit Swat, Arthur, you should visit the Brandywine River Museum, where many fine works of Egg Tempera can be found. Second, I think it is cool that they gave Eric Post (the person who did not win) the $2000 for second place instead of the $1000 for third place.
Arthur Chu plays Jeop like the kid at the birthday party who smashes the pinata as hard as he can on the first try and ruins …
Arthur Chu aka The Villain of is using Game Theory to win massive amounts of money --
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