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Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown (born Arthur Wilton Brown on 24 June 1942) is an English rock and roll musician best known for his flamboyant, theatrical style and significant influence on Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Marilyn Manson, George Clinton, Kiss, King Diamond, and Bruce Dickinson, among others, and for his number one hit in the UK Singles Chart and Canada, Fire in 1968.

Jameel McClain Kansas State New York Kevin Minter Sio Moore Daryl Smith Keenan Allen John Bonham Robert Plant Marquee Club Edwin Starr Jeff Beck Soft MacHine Collin Klein Mike Berry Anene Booysen Jet Harris Carl Palmer Atomic Rooster

now playing Circus Parade and then Arthur Brown's Fire on on raising awareness of
Okay, how about the first rock concert you ever went to? Mine was The Crazy World of Arthur Brown at The Blue Law. What a night that was. Also saw Canned Hear there, but I think it was The Bank by then. The first concert at a big hall was at the Pasadena Civic. The James Gang opened for The Steve Miller Blues Band.
Wolverhampton - April 17th 2014 Supporting the Crazy World of Arthur Brown on his Zim Zam Zim tour, Lifecycle are an energetic dance rooted sound machine claiming the genre ‘Alternative Tribal’. Playing at the well established Robin 2 famous for its continuous entertainment of live music from many…
"I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you... FIRE!" Arthur Brown, to Moses
The place where I was Ordained as a Bishop by my Grandfather, Bishop Arthur J. Brown.
Arthur Brown's "What's Happening, from the B side of the 1968 "Nightmare" 7" single on Polydor records. Not sure, but I think "What's Happening" only appeare...
"If That Don't Make It Better baby, then I'll stay up all night.Yeah!".
Chillin with the family,missing my cuzzin Yolanda Brown,and her husband Arthur Brown,,chillin in the yard,sausage on a stick,ribs,&hamburgers later,then to the other side of the fence,for round 2,,*team,Locketts..***Mims, Blessed, . living, life and loving it,!
i love the song unknown by arthur brown but i cant find it anywhere ufkcm y As
Another great Crazy World of Arthur Brown Concert at the Robin 2 in Bilston. Hey Julian Wolfendale, tell your dad Zim Zam Zim really ROCKS! Thanks to a great band with Arthur Brown, Nina Gromniak, Sam Walker, Matt Guest and Jevon Beaumont. You guys were great! And not forgetting Angel Flame.
would never have got that. Happily now engrossed in the wonder of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
if that happens to be the quick xword help me out with one across please while I'm waiting for Arthur Brown to come on.
Brown, Arthur, Grey. I'd love to see them instead of loanees. At least they should show passion for the badge!
opening for Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Too busy to get a decent photo!
The very best night in 2014 at The absurd potential of and the timeless Arthur Brown with perf…
Debbie Brown~Why the legend of Arthur? By Danny Adams. English Historical Fiction Authors: Chaos Between the Giants
If I said "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown," would you know what I was talking about? If so then thanks for nothin! How am I 35 and just now finding out about Arthur Brown? Where were you when I was 20? You're gonna burn!
Oh my Lord, I'm in love with this man twice. David Arthur Brown - kind-hearted man
Big congrats to my friend Arthur Ndaba on his first 15K.
Tonight we've got The Crazy World Of Arthur from x
Arthur Brown Fire written with Peter Kerr. Where are you now PK?
if loving the crazy world of Arthur Brown is wrong, I don't want to be right
Is it wrong to love Fire by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown so much?
Happy Bicycle Day folks. How befitting that I will be going to see Arthur Brown tonight! It's gonna be a trip and that's before we add any chemical stimulation into the mix!
This is us tonight supporting Crazy World of Arthur Brown at Greystones. Get on down, fire extinguishers optional x
oh but prat!Arthur looked sexy :). I want to sew his brown coat, I love it
excellent gig in Manchester with Arthur Brown, we really enjoyed it, and were impressed with how good the band were.
Looking forward to the god of hellfire in guise of Crazy World of Arthur Brown tonight. Got a spare ticket too - interested?
Arthur Brown, with Liz Kershaw on radio 6 for the next two hours. Tremendous! cc:
13:00 Liz Kershaw: Liz delves into the crazy world of 1960s star Arthur Brown.
2 great fights. I thought Gomez was an easy target, took too many and hadn't a hope. Totally destroyed Arthur
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
video clips from the soap set to te music Arthur Browns "Fire"
Crolla v Murray matchup later reminds me a bit of Arthur v Gomez. If its anything half as good we're in for a treat.
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire - 1975: via Amazing brings back Happy Memories!
It is Record Store Day, what was the first album you ever bought / got (if you are old enough to have bought an album)? My stepfather gave me 200+ 45's when I was given a record player at 7 years old. Everything from Arthur Brown's Fire to the 1910 Fruitgum Company to Cream and Zeppelin to Sam Sham's Love Me Like Before. I cut my teeth on music on those dusty old groves and it makes me think something has been lost with the advent of downloading.
Off to see Arthur Brown at the Greystones Venue in Sheffield - whoho
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown has a pledge campaign currently running to raise money to record what could potentially be their last album 'Zim Zam Zim'. As...
i must hear Todd Rundgren doing IN THE YEAR 2525 and Crazy World of Arthur Brown's FIRE from this tour. wish i could have gone to a show
Carlos P. Celdran, here is more on COIT TOWER (San Francisco) .. The art deco tower, built of unpainted reinforced concrete, was designed by architects Arthur Brown, Jr. and Henry Howard, with fresco murals by 27 different on-site artists and their numerous assistants, plus two additional paintings installed after creation off-site. The design envisioned a restaurant in the tower, which was changed to an exhibition area in the final version.
The Lightning, already down Ben Bishop and Ondrej Palat, just watched JT Brown go to the dressing room after a hit.
Nonchalantly taking a picture with arthur brown
Absolutely phenomenal show this evening with Arthur Brown and Lifecycle. Thanks to everyone who came down early,...
Just a few from last nights gig at the Robin2 , The Roz Bruce Infusion and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. More to follow after Hawkeaster :)
What can I say about the crazy world of Arthur Brown - other than I was there and so was the wifey. That was excellent, what a performer! Thoroughly enjoyed it and he stood before me briefly in the audience whilst singing 'Fire', took me right back to when I was 9 watching him on top of the pops. Thank you Arthur you made my day :)
Love this shot of Ann Tiley playing at Brown's Diner.
I mean the drummer's painted racing stripes on himself for god sake. What is this some poor attempt at Arthur Brown?!
GUESS THE SCORE LEAGUE There were 2 correct guesses on Wednesdays game, well done :- Peter Goldsworthy and Neil Kidd. The leader on 5 correct for the season is still Arthur Brown. Chelsea v Sunderland. This weekend see us at another title contender, can we get 1 over the ''special one'' ? I'll say probably not and go for 2 - 0 :-(
4 of 5 stars to Arthur Writes a Story by Marc Brown
Remember I posted about a horribly misogynistic character in one of my short stories, and how I had to go wash my hands afterwards? It's part of the Random Title series from G Arthur Brown's website. Now I have to go wash my eyeballs because I read it again...and so can you at The Strange Edge.
Support Arthur Brown's new album Shot in Zu Studios Lewes on the 9th September 2010 The Crazy World of Arthur ...
A pretty cool review of Black Earth in The Star. Be sure to check out our upcoming gigs. The 1st one is this Saturday at South Sea live - Broomhill - Sheffield for Fourth Cities' 2nd Birthday all day festival. Followed by us supporting The Crazy World of Arthur Brown at The Greystones, Sheffield. on Saturday 19th. Please get in touch if your interested in tickets. Thanks, Ben.
My wife had Ravens' Arthur Brown as a massage client today at Slate Creek.
so with the release of these new Gotham PD images, Bullock looks awesome and Gordon looks okay, I feel compelled to share my weird Batman ideas. Tag along kiddies, it's going to get weird Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a the Penguin. recreate him as an Anglo-Asian Chinese gangster from Hong Kong, head of an international triad (the red triangle?). give him hints of Britishness. his reason for adopting the penguin as a symbol? "in Chinese culture, we value Birds...I chose one to strike out among others." family business in Hong Kong ruined by the success of Wayne industries. Relocates to Gotham to conquer it. Roman Sionis, aka the black mask. black mask needs some freaking lobe, especially since he got screwed out of his own story in Arkham origins. make his organization a cross between a Mexican drug cartel and a high tech Finance Corporation. his mask is based on El Santo de Muerte. his resources include one Edward Nygma... Edward Nygma, aka Edward Nashton, aka Arthur Brown, aka The Riddler. Batman year zero in t ...
What a day of music this was. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Arthur Brown was on fire -literally - and having the honour of having a drink and a chat with the late John Peel.
I'm trying to be the next best thing out of East High since Bryce & Arthur Brown. It's going to be a long journey but I'm ready 🏈
In which Peggy Lee, David Byrne, & Arthur Brown come in out of the cornstarch to warm their mukluks by the fire
Amy Arthur Brown don't shoot the messenger
Holy crap. Look what I found. Philadelphia people will remember the Electric Factory, the great place for rock music this side of New York. This post card came in Jan. 1969. C'mon you old farts, who did you see there? I saw: Iron Butterfly, Chicago, The Who, Small Faces with Rod Stewart, the final show of Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company, Arthur Brown. brain is failing me, but there were tons of others. Tim Kane, Pete, Rich Hatfield, Jack, help me out here.
"It doesn't matter what you've done, what matters is what you choose to do from here." - Arthur Brown
Listening to Arthur Brown right now might now be sensible
I think you are confusing the Beatles with Billy Joel. Or maybe The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.
Arthur Brown - Fire: via thrown off a tour with Jimi Hendricks as fire antics too dangerous
would rather throw in Unathi who is no where near being a Kwaito Legend than include Arthur,Mdu Masilela,Alaska or a hit by Brown
just realised that Brown can be both Arthur and Ian.
the Kwaito no no no! Where's Arthur and Mdu?? Don't cut us short plz and Brown Dash no no no!!
Fire, I'll take you to burn. Fire, I'll take you to learn. I'll see you burn! You fought hard and you saved and learned, but all of it's going to burn. And your mind, your tiny mind, you know you've really been so blind. Now 's your time burn your mind. You're falling far too far behind. Oh no, oh no, oh no, you gonna burn! Fire, to destroy all you've done. Fire, to end all you've become. I'll feel you burn! -The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, "Fire"
Dan Jennings, Denise Jennings, Arthur Brown, Amanda Raynard Brown, Michelle Holloman Briley - if yall are near a tv, turn it to "Animal Planet", they are showing the cutest "bad dog", "sleeping dog", & "neat tricks" episodes. I've seen twins to all our babies! Lil Bit needs to step up his game of wanting food in the am, saw one cat that used the answering machine to wake up his "dad". One cat as a kitten looked like our "Daisy". Just saw a dog playing pool.
Hey just bought my tickets to go and see The Crazy World of Arthur Brown in April. Arthur always puts on a great show.
'Jeopardy Villain' Arthur Chu Plays for the Tie Again: Could controversial 'Jeopardy!' ch...
4 years ago today my baby John Arthur Brown lll took his first steps I love you baby let's go shopping:)
Thx Wife took me to Jacobs Steakhouse Tempted by Japan cut but had beaut Ont grass fed
Wouter Basson: acquited of 67 charges which included murder,fraud, drug possession,drug trafficking and theft in the country's most expensive criminal case which cost the state over R65m. Schabir Shaik:sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for fraud and corruption,served only 2 years & 4 months after been released on medical parole. He is still very much alive. Jackie Selebi:Also found guilty of corruption, released on medical parole after serving only 229 days.Still alive. J Arthur Brown: receives a R150 000 fine after been found guilty of only 2 counts of fraud out of the 192 laid against him by the state for stealing billions of rands and leaving thousands of widows destitute. Waterkloof Four: out on parole after serving 5 1/2 years of a 12 year sentence for murdering a vagrant.To be eligible for parole one needs to serve half of your sentence which would make it 6 years for them.Two of them were even released in December 2011 for 18 months which effectively makes it four years that they served for murder ...
Times: Arthur Koehler and Gabby Downey - 10:32 Ashley Brown - 11:20 Ryan Wisler - 1:16 All times are subject to change
I added a video to a playlist Arthur Brown - Fire
Isn’t it great to have the Tories in power, with their brown paper bags stuffed with cash, and their trusty swords of trut…
I've been with my husband 6yrs. He's never disrespected me. He loves me for who I am. We've been through thick and thin. But guess what? I have the best husband anyone could have. No matter what. Love you Arthur Brown
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Time for bed.. I think a little Crazy World of Arthur Brown will do it for me until tomorrow..
cute!! Omg Sparkle kind of looks like Arthur hah!! Same colors and has brown eyebrow things too!! Puppy playdate!!!
So you think Arthur Brown is over Josh Bynes right now. Assuming we hopefully resign Daryl Smith, would Bynes still get some time?
My love for Dr. Emmett Brown disregards all feeble attempts at opinionated contention. It's in there, Bruce.
Doesn't matter why, but I was having such a great night. Oh well... Memory and honesty. Delete those apps. Now, back on track. Listening to the Alan Parson's Project album "Tales of Mystery and Imagination." Had it, back in the day. Great stuff from Arthur Brown and Orson Welles. Poe-tastic!
Peyton Arthur with the best seat in the house! Thanks to Kayla Brown Hopkins for sending this!
so who told Perhaps a brown hairy elephant?
First time I tune in "Jeopardy" for Arthur Chu and he starts out as if he's a Cleveland Brown.
"It'll never be that way again.She walked away".
I liked a video The Crazy World of Arthur Brown-Fire (1968)
Pete Gleaves has just seen a poster with The Crazy World of Arthur Brown on it. He's playing here on the 18th April... We had to Google to see if he was still alive before we believed it!
Amy Arthur Brown how was your supper last night?
With my pick in I'll take Arthur Brown, LB. is up next.
What a gorgeous new profile pic. you should keep this one.
Happy birthday ! If winter ever ends, I'll come downtown & buy you a We can chat about
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If he did I bet he'd only drink flat, warm, twiggy brown beer with a subtle hint of vinegar.
No I don't think so. I think they're looking for Arthur Brown to step up into that role.
This is awesome for many reasons. Arthur Brown - Fire (1975)
I like Drake, Cody, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Leon Thomas III, Jay Z, Eminem, Jaden, James Arthur and Macklemore, but it's-
And McClain has a history of health issues. And we're deep at inside linebacker with Daryl Smith, Arthur Brown, and Albert McClellan.
I just added Arthur Brown to the Madden NFL 25 Auction House! You know you need him.
I got an Arthur brown auto out of a pack of crown royale today and it looks like the marker he was using was running out
I wanted Arthur Brown there. Not giving up on Bostic yet though. Looked ok to me before Briggs went dwn
As good as McClain and Leach are Baltimore will be fine without them. Juszcyk and Arthur Brown will step up.
Artist, Arthur Berry painted this for his wife of 60 years.
Doors ~ with the James Cotton Blues Band and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown ~ May 1968 ~ Cobo Hall Click on photos for a larger photo
The Eastern Brown Pelican is what state's official bird? Give me a break Couldn't you blow one - just for a laugh?
NHPR reporter Sam Evans-Brown interviews Arthur Richardson at the Mt. Major summit. Art told him the story of the...
"Dad we're about to go to Waffle House right quick"-Arthur Brown
'Jeopardy Villain' Arthur Chu Nearly Rampages to Record: Could his opponents keep up?    
According to Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens are releasing fullback Vonta Leach and linebacker Jameel McClain. Leach came back last year in one of the most drawn-out sagas ever for a veteran fullback, and helped the Ravens (so to speak) to the worst rushing season in franchise history. Cutting him clears $1.75 million off the books. The Ravens got McClain back on the field last year after his 2012 neck injury, and he started 10 games. But they can clear $3.2 million in cap space with the move and plug second-year linebacker Arthur Brown in to his spot.
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown play Fire Poem from the Fire album. Lucie Rejchrtova - Keyboards, Jim Mortimor...
Old Hazelrigg Hall and the Dr.Leland Arthur Brown Science Bldg.Look beautiful in the morning snow.
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown play Spontaneous Apple creation at the Ace Cafe at Classic Rock magazines High...
The Fabulous Arthur Brown performs his hit song "Fire" at Zu Studios
Arthur Brown is best known for his 1968 single, "Fire," a number one hit that played all over the world and still airs to this day. The song is a product of ...
"You are a paedophile, you are a nonce, you're a perv, you're a slot badger, you're a two pin DIN plug, you're a bush dodger, you're a small bean regarder, you're a unabummer, you're a nut administrator, you're a bent ref, you're the crazy world of Arthur Brown, you're a fence foal, you're a free willy, you're a chimney bottler, you're a bunty man, you're a shrub rocketeer..." Classic. .:) Gcw
Effusion Gallery is proud to announce a special appearance of renowned English drummer and percussionist Carl Palmer and his art collection for Winter Music Conference, Friday March 28th. Meet the Artist, drummer for famous bands like Asia, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Atomic Rooster and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and discover his wonderful art for the first time in Miami at Effusion Gallery. During WMC week end Carl Palmer will also perform locally for all his fans.
Best:the stooges screaming lord sutch Arthur brown Frank Zappa deep purple alice cooper (he started in the 60,s) mc5 the move Worst: bob Dylan
Arthur Brown - The God of *** Fire himself - if you could ask him one question, what would it be?
Asia (often stylised as ASIA) is a British rock band. The band was formed in 1981 as a supergroup of four members from different progressive rock bands, namely John Wetton (former bassist/vocalist of such bands as King Crimson, Family, and UK), Steve Howe (guitarist of Yes), Geoff Downes (keyboardist of Yes and The Buggles) and drummer Carl Palmer (of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and Atomic Rooster). /Leatherripper
February 8th: On this day in Music History 1964, On their first full day in New York, The Beatles (minus George who had a sore throat), went for a photo-opportunity walk around Central Park. Over 400 girl fans followed The Beatles and extra police were called in to control them. Later in the day The Ronettes interviewed The Beatles for radio. 1964, John Leyton, Mike Berry, The Innocents, Jet Harris, Don Spencer, The Leroys and The Rolling Stones appeared at the Regal, Edmonton, on the first night of a UK tour. 1968, The Band Of Joy, featuring John Bonham and Robert Plant, made their first London appearance, supporting Edwin Starr at the Marquee Club in London, England. The Marquee was witness to the London scene of the late 60's, represented at the club by bands like the Move, The Syn, Pink Floyd, (who played the club many times), Neat Change, The In Crowd, Soft MacHine and Arthur Brown. 1969, 'TBC' by The Supremes with Temptations went to No.1 on the US album chart. 1973, Max Yasgur died of a heart attac ...
"A guy called Arthur Brown...was a big influence of was Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull" -Bruce Dickinson
Since the the lowest the Ravens will be drafting is pick in each round, I thought I'd share the first two rounds' worth of picks between and from last year so we could all see what kind of difference in terms of talent and potential star acquisitions that span of 15 picks can make. Notice below the folks who went 17-31 in rounds 1 and 2 of last year's draft (note that the Ravens had to trade up to get Arthur Brown where they did): 17 Jarvis Jones LB 18 Eric Reid DB 19 Justin Pugh T 20 Kyle Long G 21 Tyler Eifert TE 22 Desmond Trufant DB 23 Sharrif Floyd DT 24 Bjoern Werner DE 25 Xavier Rhodes DB 26 Datone Jones DE 27 DeAndre Hopkins WR 28 Sylvester Williams DT 29 Cordarrelle Patterson WR 30 Alec Ogletree LB 31 Travis Frederick C 32 Matt Elam DB 17 Johnathan Hankins DT 18 Jon Bostic LB 19 David Amerson DB 20 Jamie Collins LB 21 Margus Hunt DE 22 Jamar Taylor DB 23 Vance McDonald TE 24 Arthur Brown LB 25 D.J. Swearinger DB 26 Montee Ball RB 27 Aaron Dobson WR 28 Robert Alford DB 29 Eddie Lacy RB 30 Christi ...
Michael Lang is celebrating his 68th birthday today. In 1967, Lang left NYU and moved to Coconut Grove, Florida to open a head shop. In 1968, after promoting a series of concert events in the Miami area, he produced the '"1968 Pop Festivall". It drew around 25,000 people on the first day with such acts as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, John Lee Hooker, Arthur Brown, and Blue Cheer. On the second day of the festival, it started to rain and basically closed the event down. But Michael didn't give up on the idea of music festivals. You may have heard of the one he put together in Aug. of 1969 in upstate New York. Woodstock. Happy Birthday Michael! Good idea on that festival thing.
San Francisco City Hall by night - Jon Hammond Band Francisco City Hall, re-opened in 1915, in its open space area in the city's Civic Center, is a Beaux-Arts monument to the City Beautiful movement that epitomized the high-minded American Renaissance of the 1880s to 1917. The structure's dome is the fifth largest in the world.[5][6] The present building replaced an earlier City Hall that was destroyed during the 1906 earthquake, which was 2 blocks from the present one. It was bounded by Larkin Street, McAllister Street, and City Hall Avenue (a street, now built over, which ran from the corner of Grove and Larkin to the corner of McAllister and Leavenworth), largely where the current Public Library and U.N. Plaza stand today. The principal architect was Arthur Brown, Jr., of Bakewell & Brown, whose attention to the finishing details extended to the doorknobs and the typeface to be used in signage. Brown's blueprints of the building are preserved at the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Ber ...
EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- So Adrian Peterson appears to have avoided the worst-case scenario with his right foot after feeling it pop a couple times when Baltimore's Arthur Brown tackled him on Sunday, huh? And he wants to try to play this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, you say?That might...
Arthur Brown takes out Adrian Peterson and Brother Brice Brown runs one on for a TD...WICHITA COWBOYS FBALL
I think McClain will get cut. We got Arthur Brown & Josh Bynes but I rather us resign Daryl Smith.
Arthur Brown pass Josh Bynes on the Ravens depth chart (in terms of amount of snaps per game)? Or is he just a nickel LB?
Jameel McClain on Arthur Brown: "They've got Morgan Freeman...we've got Arthur Brown."
After coming off of a spinal cord contusion, Jameel McClain has found his way back. But what does this mean for Arthur Brown?
It was my honor to "Play 60" with Mayfield's 6th graders today. We were joined by Matt Elam Marlon Brown # 14, and Arthur Brown # 59. All three outstanding young man represented the Super Bowl Champs in style. All three young man were well spoken and interacted in many positive ways with all of the students. Great Job Gentlemen! Also, another outstanding job by MWMS's related arts team and the PE Department. DK you are the BEST!!!
Ray Rice being listed as QUESTIONABLE for Sunday, will definitely impact our ground game. S. Draughn is also listed as QUESTIONABLE, which means Peirce will have to carry the load as our lone RB if both He and Rice are out. D. Thompson and B. Stokely are also listed as QUESTIONABLE for Sunday, leaving us with Smith, Marlon Brown, and Tandon Doss, respectively. Things could get pretty interesting in Buffalo offensively in the regard that our TE's are going to have to (or at least should) be called into service more for this game. No further explanation should be necessary there... Buffalo's D is pretty shabby in the backfield, but their front seven isn't bad with Mario Williams leading the charge. They will without a doubt be game planning for Williams. Defensively for us, Canty, Arthur Brown, B. Williams, and P. McPhee, are all listed as QUESTIONABLE for this Sunday. I'd like to see Chris Canty in there if at all possible, his past experience with the Bills O line would be helpful. Although generally spea ...
Week Four injury report roundup -Ravens at Bills Ravens running back Ray Rice (hip) is questionable, but sounded optimistic about playing if there were no setbacks. Several other Ravens are questionable, including defensive tackle Chris Canty (thigh) and linebacker Arthur Brown (chest). The Bills will play another week without cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore (wrist) and Ron Brooks (foot) again this week, but are holding out hope for safety Jairus Byrd (foot) and cornerback Leodis McKelvin (hamstring). -Jets at Titans The Jets ruled out running back Chris Ivory and cornerback Dee Milliner with hamstring injuries. Rookie tackle Oday Aboushi is also out with a knee injury and a slew of Jets, including tight end Kellen Winslow (knee) and defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson (shoulder), are probable. Running back Shonn Greene (knee) and defensive tackle Sammie Hill (ankle) are out for the Titans, while wide receiver Kenny Britt (neck/ribs) and tight end Delanie Walker (toe) are both questionable. -Patriots at Falc ...
The best part of this week's episode of MTV's The Challenge was the dubstep remix of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.
No Chris Canty, no Arthur Brown and an ineffective Elvis Dumervil, yet the Baltimore front seven was still dominant again vs Houston.
Still hurting from last night. Really shows how great Collin Klein and Arthur Brown were.
I love K-state but wow I really took Collin Klein and Arthur Brown for granted. Both of them were great
No, it is all Snyder. They werent amazing at all. Arthur Brown and Collin Klein were this whole team.
Breakdown of Akeem Spence-Mike Pouncey matchup, Rookie DBs finding home in slot, Ravens plan for Arthur Brown + more
Who would you rather start this week, Arthur Brown or Nick Roach?
Of course we'll be posting a pic today. But what do you think, Terrance Newman or Arthur Brown?
Hey thank God the Steelers didn't draft Tyler Eifert or Arthur Brown and let em go to division rivals cuz why would we want good players
Pete Townshend of The Who helped produce "Fire" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown? Hear:
No. 1 today in 1968: 'Fire' by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Scorching tune by an eccentric genius!
Arthur Brown is as good at using his hands as I have seen with a young LB, and Chris Canty is a perfect fit. Ozzie doing what he does best..
Once upon a time I wrote an airbrush book Part 2 So my publisher disappeared and there was never a second edition of my book. I was a little concerned but was too busy to really be concerned. I switched jobs becoming manager of New York Central Picture Framing- my partner was the manager of the art supply store and rescued me from Arthur Brown. The AIDS crisis had hit- friends were dropping like flies and my partner Doug and I were busy working for GMHC ( we met at a Volunteer's Training). It wasn't until several years latter when there was a internet that I did a web-search for Amiel Press and Leon Amiel. It was Google and very primitive back then -but someone had set up a website"The Great Dali Art Fraud". All of my information is based on Lee Catterall's website- I just ordered a copy of his book. It seems that book publishing was just one of the things that Amiel was doing on his presses. I knew that he was doing "fine art prints". One of the projects he showed me was working on was reprinting A ...
With Chris Canty, Arthur Jones, Mcphee at end & we still got Upshaw. Daryl Smith & Arthur Brown at ILB... Webb coming back. Top 5 defense.
The Ravens lost 6 defensive starters this offseason. How will that unit fare in 2013? Replacement include rookies LB Arthur Brown and and Safety Matt Elam, Michael Huff from Oakland, Jameel McClain and Corey Graham. -Jon
What rookie on your team are u most looking forward to this season? For me Ravens LB Arthur Brown! -boden
This weekend's Saturday Super Classics with Toni McDonald: 60s oldies but goodies from The Crystals, the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Los Bravos... Find your power suits or dig out your leather waistcoat for a trip back to the 80s with U2, China Crisis and Steve Winwood... And 10 of the best from the chart of this week in 1990 including New Order, Talk Talk, Kylie Minogue, Elton John and Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson covering Herefordshire's Mott The Hoople. The singalong starts at 11.
BORN TODAY JUNE 24th: (Don't forget to check out our ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC which is also on this site and LIKE the AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1939: Paul Michael “Oz” Bach (June 24, 1939 - September 21, 1998), bassist and co-founder of the 1960s group Spanky and Our Gang. 1944: Arthur Brown, born Arthur Wilton Brown, British rock singer (1968 UK No.1 and US No.12 single 'Fire', with The Crazy world of Arthur Brown). 1944: Jeff Beck, born Geoffrey Arnold “Jeff” Beck, British rock guitarist extraordinaire. Beck worked with Screaming Lord Sutch before replacing Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds, who had the 1965 UK No.3 and US No.6 single For Your Love. As a solo artist, he released the 1967 UK No.14 single Hi *** Silver Lining, before forming The Jeff Beck Group, which featured Rod Stewart on vocals and Ron Wood on bass. Having decided to dispense with vocals, his 1975 album Blow By Blow was produced by George Martin and set a new standard of jazz-rock fusion m .. ...
Arthur Brown (born Arthur Wilton Brown on 24 June 1942)[1] is an Englishrock and rollmusician best known for his flamboyant, theatrical style, wide ranging operatic vocal style and significant influence on Alice Cooper,[2]Peter Gabriel,[3]Marilyn Manson, George Clinton,[4]Kiss, King Diamond, and Bru...
Happy Birthday Jeff Beck. June Twenty Fourth Featured Artist Jeff Beck/Jeff Beck Group Legendary guitarist, Jeff Beck (front and center), is born. Beck joins the Yardbirds and starts The Jeff Beck Group before embarking on a successful solo career. 1944 1940's Drummer *** Fleetwood is born to eventually lend his name and talents to Fleetwood Mac. 1942 "I am the God of *** fire!" Arthur Brown (Crazy World Of…) has a birthday. He’s simply one of the coolest one-hit wonders that ever existed. "Fire" was the song." 1942 The late Christopher Gordon Blandford 'Chris' Wood, a founding member of Traffic, is born in Harborne, Birmingham, England. He was self-taught on flute and sax. 1944 The Zombies’ Colin Blunstone (great name) is born. 1945 Dire Straits founding member, bassist John Illsley, starts life in Leicester, England. 1949 1950's Nashville native and Black Crowes guitarist, Jeff Cease has a birthday. 1957 1960's John Lennon’s second book (his first was “In His Own Write”) is published. T ...
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Today in History -- Monday, June 24 (Al Molinaro, Arthur Brown, Jeff Beck, Colin Blunstone, *** Fleetwood) By The Associated Press Today is Monday, June 24, the 175th day of 2013. There are 190 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On June 24, 1983, the space shuttle Challenger — carrying America’s first woman in space, Sally K. Ride — coasted to a safe landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. On this date: In 1314, the forces of Scotland’s King Robert I defeated the English in the Battle of Bannockburn. In 1509, Henry VIII was crowned king of England; his wife, Catherine of Aragon, was crowned queen consort. In 1793, the first republican constitution in France was adopted. In 1813, American clergyman and social reformer Henry Ward Beecher was born in Litchfield, Conn. In 1908, the 22nd and 24th presidents of the United States, Grover Cleveland, died in Princeton, N.J., at age 71. In 1940, France signed an armistice with Italy during World War II. In 1948, Communist force ...
I think the Ravens Defense will be much better this season. The Ravens signed perhaps the free agent on the market Elvis Dumervil shocking the football world and especially the Denver Broncos. They also got Michael Huff and two solid veterans on the defensive line Chris Canty and Marcus Spears to go with H.Ngata and T.Suggs.. And 2 great rookies Arthur Brown and M.Elam. Like for the Ravens D last season Comment if u think they will be better this season and why? -Boden
Convicted fraudster J Arthur Brown, who claims to be living on charity, is living in an upmarket Cape Town suburb in a house worth R8m.
One person is recovering after a single car crash in Walnut Hill. It happened around 8:30 a.m. on Highway 97 just south of Arthur Brown road. The driver was returning home from working a night shift when he fell asleep at the wheel. After losing control of his truck he ran off the road and overturned in a field. The driver was taken to Atmore Community Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash.
June 14, 1775…The Second Continental Congress founded the Continental Army for the purpose of common defense. George Washington was appointed commander-in-chief the following day.1777…In Philadelphia, the Continental Congress adopted the "Stars and Stripes" as the national flag of the United States.1789…In a small boat, Captain William Bligh of the HMS Bounty and 18 crew members loyal to him arrived in Timor in the Dutch East Indies. Bligh then returned to Britain and reported the mutiny that had occurred on his ship to the Admiralty on March 15, 1790.1919…The first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight began. British aviators Captain John Alcot and Lt. Arthur Brown flew from St. John's, Newfoundland to near Clifden in Connemara in County Galway, Ireland in 15 hours 57 minutes at an average speed of 115 mph.1922…At the dedication of the Francis Scott Key memorial at Fort McHenry, Warren G. Harding became the first U.S. president to be heard on radio.1950…Hank Williams recorded "Honky Tonk Blues."1951 ...
TransAtlantic A Novel by Colum McCann Review TransAtlantic is a profound meditation on identity and history in a wide world that grows somehow smaller and more wondrous with each passing year. It might be tempting to interpret Colum McCann's brilliant novel, TransAtlantic, as a literary exercise in pointillism. After all, he presents us with a series of "dots" which slowly click into place and paint, when we take a step back, one breathtaking picture. But McCann, the winner of the National Book Award for his previous book, Let the Great World Spin, goes one step beyond. The "dots" here are not fuzzy and loosely pixelated. Instead each literary vignette is so precisely painted that there's beauty both when the camera zooms in and out. Three historical events, transatlantic crossings, create the scaffolding for the story: Frederick Douglass visits Ireland in 1845, at the start of the potato famine and is impressed by Irish emancipator Daniel O'Connell; in 1919, aviators Jack Alcock and Arthur Brown make his ...
Lardarius Webb, Jameel McClain, Albert McClellan, and Arthur Brown are all dressed out to practice and working on a limited basis.
Well done to all sailors at feva open, Saturday blowy! 1st place James HP and Tom, 2nd Arthur Brown and Niamh D, 3rd Flynn and Chay
The Baltimore Ravens have signed veteran linebacker Daryl Smith to a one-year contract, general manager Ozzie Newsome announced Wednesday. Smith, 31, is the Jacksonville Jaguars' all-time leading tackler. He was limited to two games last season because of a groin injury. The Ravens were looking to add depth at inside linebacker. Both starters from the Super Bowl, Ray Lewis and Dannell Ellerbe, are gone. The Ravens' projected starters at inside linebacker, Jameel McClain (spinal cord contusion) and rookie Arthur Brown (sports hernia), are expected to be sidelined until training camp. A nine-year veteran, Smith has started 124 of 126 career games.
The Times Editorial: The National Prosecuting Authority is in deep trouble - notwithstanding its protestations to the contrary. Its humiliation on Monday, when an internal disciplinary hearing cleared graft-busting prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach of the charges brought against her by her bosses, is the latest in a string of public beatings the NPA has been forced to endure. There was the embarrassment of the Andries Tatane case, in which seven policemen were acquitted of his murder because of lack of evidence; the dropping of charges against the main accused in the Anene Booysen rape and murder case for similar reasons; and the slap on the wrist given to J Arthur Brown, who managed to secure a stunningly favourable plea bargain in the Fidentia fraud case. Then came the Breytenbach saga, in which the NPA accused her of being biased in her investigation of the mining-rights dispute between Kumba Iron Ore and the politically connected Imperial Crown Trading. Advocate Selby Mbenenge SC cleared Breytenbach of a ...
I think Bostic and Arthur Brown will fit in and ease the minds of Bears and Ravens fans
The National Prosecuting Authority is in crisis. Crisis is, in fact, the wrong word. The right word may well be tatters. No capacity. No political will. No credibility. The failures can sear one's retina: J. Arthur Brown. Andries Tatane. Anene Booysen. A list of damning mistakes, disasters and possi...
absolute stud. It will be interesting to see how he performs without Nigel Malone and Arthur Brown. I've got a good feeling though
Brett Kebble case James Tatane case J Arthur Brown case And now the Anene Booysen case. Thanks NPA, and I'm sure soon it will be Oscar Pistorius.
Here is the setlist from last week's show. Stream it at the link below. Tune in tomorrow for a glimpse of what Ray Manzarak sounded like when not in the presence of that lizard king dude. Thanks for tuning in. MC5 “Ramblin' Rose” from kick out the jams MP3 Album (Elektra 1968) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band “Yer Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond” from Captain Beehheart at Frank Freeman's Dance Club(Dandelion 1968) Black Sabbath “Fluff” from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Warner Brothers 1974) Sight and Sound “Little Jackie Monday” Single (Fontana 1968) Bubble Puppy “Hurry Sundown” from a gathering of promises (International Artisis 1969) The Newmens “What Ya Doin' Down There” Single (1972) Big Star “The India Song” from Record CD Album (Ardent 1972) Arthur Brown “Spontaneous Apple Creation” from The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (track 1968) The Tiffany System “Wayward One” Single (Minaret 1968) —became The 31st of February Quatrain “Unconquered Islands” from s/t (Tet ...
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Why does our police flop? Jonathan Davids charges dropped. Charges were dropped on Tuesday against one of the men accused of raping and killing teenager Anene Booysen, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said. Regional spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said charges were withdrawn against Jonathan Davids, 22, in the Bredasdorp Magistrate's Court after a thorough investigation. "The investigation revealed there was insufficient evidence to secure a conviction. , State bungled Fidentia case - judge. State bungles, J Arthur Brown walks.17 MAY 2013 00:00 - LISA STEYN. Accused of misappropriating hundreds of millions and leaving orphans destitute, J Arthur Brown would have been the ultimate villain in any story line. People like Philip Bam, the head of the Grassy Park Community Police Forum in Western Cape, are with me on this one. He accused his local police of failing to follow protocol when dealing with the case of six-year-old Jennifer Williams, who went missing and was later found dead. Bam pointed out that ...
Selections from Murder by Death, Flo and Eddie, Widowspeak, Forro in the Dark, The Flaming Lips, Mogwai, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Baroness, Frank Zappa, Boredoms, Pepe Deluxe, They Might be Giants and the Kleptones.
Today's lesson from Professor Poster: The first Miami Pop Festival took place May 18–19, 1968. An estimated 100,000 people attended this concert, which was promoted by Richard O'Barry & Michael Lang, later famous as promoter of Woodstock. Bands featured at the festival included Steppenwolf, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Mothers of Invention, Blue Cheer and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Jimi Hendrix performed "Fire", "Foxy Lady", "Getting my heart back together" and "Purple Haze". Although far from his most famous performance, his appearance at the Miami Pop Festival is seen by fans as one of his best. The song "Rainy Day, Dream Away" was also written in response to the cancellation of the Sunday installment of the festival due to, you guessed it- rain. Chuck Berry, The Blues Image, Pacific Gas and Electric and Three Dog Night also performed. The opening act on the main stage on Saturday was a little-known group called The Package and the closing act on that same stage was Jimi Hendrix. There were ...
When the Chicago Bears selected linebacker Jon Bostic with the 5oth overall pick in last month’s Draft, many fans were disappointed that the team did not go after a different linebacker prospect in Kansas State’s Arthur Brown. Brown wound up in Baltimore, set to replace a legend in Ray Lewis, and Bo...
eNCAnews wrote: eNCA at 7am... Lonmin mine workers are back on duty but Amplats warns that any strike action will have serious consequences Cosatu says former Fidentia boss J Arthur Brown's sentence is an insult to the widows and orphans he defrauded Western Cape Police are on high alert after a 17-year-old pupil was shot and killed
Baltimore draftee Arthur Brown had a namesake who was an off-the-wall singer in the hippie era; his nom-de-guerre was The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Looks like the younger AB moved up on the Raven's depth chart after free agent...
One wonders where J. Arthur Brown's football club (Fidentia Rangers) would be had this case not swallowed it
For those who missed it, here is some video from last night's show at Nectar Lounge WESTSOUND REUNION! : Lucky Brown , Arthur Brown, Jason Gray, Nathan Spicer, Scott Morning, Elijah Thomas Clark, Delvon Lamarr, Thomas Deakin, Lalo Bello
ICYMI: My film analysis of new Raven linebacker Arthur Brown (with GIFs)
Look at this, Joseph Randle, drafted by the Cowboys, as a youngster. So who's next? Which young athletes will be following Joseph Randle, Chris Harper and Arthur Brown and Tanner Hawkinson and Bryce Brown and David Arkin?
Friday at Club Dingwalls, we host the Birthday Bash of Dirty Harry aka The Amazonica (Los Angles/London) is a singer/songwriter/producer who has worked with The Crystal Method, Tommy Lee and touring the world with her band and gaining Top 40 hits. Her current 2013 residencies are headline DJ for Club NME at KOKO in Camden, The Met Bar in Park Lane, The Hospital Club Covent Garden, and DJ duels with Arthur Brown and Nigel Godrich (Radiohead producer), not bad for former playboy babe of the month
Matt Elam, Arthur Brown picks another example of Baltimore Ravens balancing need, value in the draft TUESDAY
Ravens' MVP this season may not be on the field: Arthur Brown may be a rookie, but he su...
Just arrived in Owings Mills for rookie minicamp. We'll hear from Arthur Brown, Brandon Williams, John Simon, and Kyle Juszczyk.
Screw Reddik. I woulda took him. But I much rather would've had. Khaseem Greene, Kevin Minter, Kiko Alonzo, or Arthur Brown
The Ravens drafted ILB Arthur Brown & DT Brandon Williams in rounds 2 & 3 of the NFL Draft. -
Why are the the Bills and the the Ravens? Buffalo @ = LB Kiko Alonso, Baltimore @ = LB Arthur Brown.
GO CATS! Ravens say Arthur Brown is a 'four-down linebacker': Oregon running back Kenjon Barner is pursued by ...
Since Vaccaro was gone, Eric Reid. Then Jamie Collins or Arthur Brown, and now Stedman Bailey or Keenan Allen
than Arthur Brown, Brown goes to the Ravens and guess which front office I trust more when it comes to the NFL draft
Ravens draft Kansas State's Arthur Brown to replace Ray Lewis. Arguably the best ILB in the draft.
“With pick 56, the Ravens select LB Arthur Brown, Kansas State.” Uhhh who is this and why did we trade up for him?
I like Hunt's upside, but Arthur Brown would have looked nice at MIKE in Cincy.
With the 56th pick in the 2nd round, the select ILB Arthur Brown, Kansas State!
Baltimore just traded up…I know they love Arthur Brown. We'll see...
Man, been in Ormond Beach all day...haven't watched one lick of the draft, but if we steal Arthur Brown in the 3rd.
Arthur Brown still around. on my board. Would have been a great fit in Pittsburgh to finally replace James Farrior.
If Vikings trade up2grab Kevin Minter, or Arthur Brown. I'd be satisfied w/ how the draft would end.OR check out Jordan Campbell.
Arthur Brown would be great in Tennessee...Just sayin.
I'm thinking Arthur Brown. I would be happy with that
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I will shoot myself if the Patriots draft Te'o. Would much prefer Arthur Brown. We need cover LBs!
but I would love to see Arthur brown in a bear uni
3 linebackers to keep an eye on here...Arthur Brown, Kevin Minted, and Jonathan Bostic...
Since the Jags just took Cyprien, I'd say LB Arthur Brown or DE Tank Carradine
I highly doubt he'll be available, but if I could choose anybody for 2nd rounder, I'd take Arthur Brown.
Rather the bears get Arthur brown than Teo, but for what they need I think it's worth the risk
Who would you like the see the Bears pick? I'm hoping Arthur Brown drops. Not likely though.
That said, Joe will be giddy is Cincy gets Arthur Brown.
Arthur brown to giants. Gotta have some KState representation on big blue!
Kevin Minter of LSU, Sio Moore of UCONN, and Arthur Brown of Kansas St. are all > Te'o IMO
For Arthur Brown to be available to the Giants in the 2nd round.
I have my fingers crossed Arthur Brown is there when PIT picks tonight. I really like this dude and they need an ILB.
Hopefully my boy Arthur Brown gets picked up tonight. And Chris Harper.
Arthur Brown. Would be a great pick for you guys
The bears need Justin Hunter at WR, or Arthur Brown at linebacker
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Did any chance that we draft Arthur Brown go out the window when we signed Durant?
My out-of-left-field for the pick at Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State.
Arthur Brown is my favorite player in the draft. My No. 2 most talented in the draft.
are on the clock. I'm think CB Johnathan Banks, but K-State LB Arthur Brown is my dark horse, especially if they can trade back.
Not sure why jag fans excited about Arthur Brown. Under sized only a couple INT and never forced a fumble in his entire collegiate career.
if the Patriots actually take Teo over Kasheem Greene or Arthur Brown i'll be very sad
I would LOVE to see Arthur Brown in Honolulu Blue. Just sayin.
Arthur Brown is exactly what the need in a LB.
If you're trading up for a LB, take Arthur brown. Someone who can cover. Not teo
Arthur Brown! ESPN is obsessed with teo. Teo is not even that good.
yeah, Arthur Brown would allow that too, though.
if so, it would make sense to bring in an Arthur Brown who can cover.
Where do you guys think Arthur Brown will land?
1. Arthur Brown, 2. Jon Cyprien, 3. Johnthan Banks. I'm cool with all three, though.
To watch: Arthur Brown seeks to be the first K-State defensive player taken in the top-100 NFL Draft picks in 11 years.
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To watch: Arthur Brown seeks to become the highest-drafted linebacker in K-State history. (Terry Pierce No. 51, 2003.)
Cyprien or Arthur brown to the jags pretty pretty please
Only person on ESPN that I personally heard mention Arthur Brown's name was Cris Carter. Kudos to him.
Looks for Jaguars to draft FIU SS Johnathan Cyprien, Miss State CB Johnthan Banks or K-State OLB Arthur Brown at No. 33
My ideal pick for the in this round is Arthur Brown, but it sounds like he could be off the board soon.
Hoping that the Ravens are able to draft Arthur Brown or Manti Te'o in the 2nd round.
Add Arthur Brown to my best prospect available list...superior to Teo
put it this way rankings on my board: 7) Arthur brown, 23) Jon Cyprien, 51) Johnthan banks
New England is prolly gonna catfish Te'o by leaking this stuff, then select Arthur Brown.
I'm hoping Buffalo get Justin Hunter and Arthur Brown out of the 2nd round. Think they'd be good fits?
Would like to see the Lions take Teo or Arthur Brown in the second round.
Just in case anyone watching the draft is wondering... Arthur Brown isn't fun to ISO block.
Im hoping the same so that my Ravens get Arthur Brown
Just spitballing, but would you rather have Arthur Brown? Add some speed to that LB group.
Safer route: Bears trade down or stay at 50 and take Kansas State LB Arthur Brown. But with Emery you never know. And he likes it that way.
It's almost that time! I'd be looking out for us getting Arthur Brown.
If the are to go QB here, I'd roll with Geno no question. If not, I'd take Arthur Brown. Can't believe both are on the board.
UConn LB Sio Moore would be a good pick for tonight if LB Arthur Brown isn't available
Out of Arthur Brown, Sio Moore, and Kevin Minter, who do you guys like as the best MLB/ILB of the second round?
I think they'd have to assume both would be gone if they moved down. Jamar Taylor, Arthur Brown, Sio Moore are interesting though
Arthur Brown or Sio Moore to the Ravens with 2.64 and I'm good.
I'm going out on a limb. Maybe some Arthur Brown or Moore from Texas A&M
Dear John Dorsey, please trade up and get Arthur Brown. I will be forever grateful. I want "The Judge" in RED. COME ON
Would take K-State ILB Arthur Brown on rd 2 after taking Jarvis Jones? Did it in 07 w Timmons-Woodley. It's been discussed.
The have to be thinking Arthur Brown, Keenan Allen, or Zach Ertz in the 2nd round.
*** no not a MLB in the first round. They'll get Arthur Brown from Kansas St in like the 3rd round
.I like Ogletree at 20, or if they trade back, Arthur Brown, Kevin Minter, or CB Marcus Trufant.
We need to draft Sheldon Richardson in the 1st, Arthur Brown in 2nd and Jon Bostic in the 3rd
Who I'll be rooting for to fall into the 2nd: Datone Jones, Sylvester Williams, Johnathan Hankins, Arthur Brown,Travis Kelce, Johnthan Banks
Draft prospects - Tony Jefferson, Justin Pugh and Arthur Brown reflect on RG3 and Duke Williams talks ST21:
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Nice chat with Arthur Brown before Thursday's Draft. Got to meet one of his heros Mike Singletary during process. Hear him at 6 on
Ken Zalis final mock is out, and he has the taking LB Arthur Brown
Using a file from stalker files for Arthur Brown
I for one don't see the Bears taking Te'o if Ogletree is still on the board and I think they value Arthur Brown and Kevin Minter very high.
let Brian Urlacher go, and now need to find his replacement. Arthur Brown is the best ILB in this class and a draft gem.
Arthur Brown and John Alcock did it in 1919, June 14-15. Pays to be a History Major.
Two guys I'm struggling to pinpoint spots for as I (pointlessly) try to mock draft: Arthur Brown and Tyler Eifert.
Arthur Brown is the Adrian Peterson/Andrew Luck of Linebackers. Dude can be successful and great in any scheme imo.
oh, We're on the same page then. I think they should go after Dion Jordan, Arthur Brown or even take Star Lotulelei
J Arthur Brown is such an arrogant *** He's boasting about running the biggest pyramid scheme SA's ever seen
Coming up this morning... Buster Olney, Omar Kelley on his article on potential Branden Albert trade and LB Arthur Brown.
Todd thinks the first pick (No. 56 overall) could be DT Brandon Williams, Arthur Brown or CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson.
Arthur Brown reminds me a lot of Curtis Lofton when he came out of Oklahoma.
Tavon Austin reportedly visiting Bengals this week. Would be nice if he fell, but won't happen. (same with Kenny Vacarro and Arthur Brown)
MT “Adam Teicher's first-round mock draft (will update weekly ... Arthur Brown at No. 32 to Ravens
The embezzlement trial of former Fidentia boss J Arthur Brown is expected to continue in the Western Cape High Court on Monday.
I'm a big Alec Ogletree fan but Ryan Shazier, OSU is better than him or Arthur Brown
Getting close on my 5 for the first round. Leaning Austin, Vaccaro, Sheldon, Lacey and Arthur Brown.quick thoughts?
2013 NFL mock draft: Arthur Brown to Chicago Bears: The Chicago Bears are overhauling the linebacker position ...
So Todd McShay and Mike Mayock left Arthur Brown out of their two round mock drafts? ... And you wonder why I don't read or pay attn to them
Can't Believe he Cyprien was still there. with Keenan Allen, Arthur Brown, and Jonathan Cyprien add 3 starters
Justin Hunter, Sylvester Williams, Arthur Brown, Tyrann Mathieu. That's pretty good in a perfect world. May take trading.
No. 2 LB Arthur Brown, Kansas State. Tried talking myself out of it, but I love his fit. Next Patrick Willis in my eyes.
if u have Sean Lee, Bruce Carter & Arthur Brown for a Tampa 2 Defense..I suppose Carter would be the Sam LB..Who'd b Will & Mike?
that would mean Bruce Carter to SLB...between Sean Lee & Arthur Brown whom do u play at MLB & whom at WLB ?
what Collin Klein, Arthur Brown, and Rodney Mcgruder have done.
The bit in the paedophiles episode of Brass Eye when he calls the dude, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown is too funny to have been broadcast.
Tough to say, best avail I guess. Either of the Tenn. WR's or Keenan Allen. I'm a big Arthur Brown fan at ILB as well as K. Minter.
Tonight we will be Lighting The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, we'll have fire extinguishers on stand-by! Tickets...
Arthur Brown's crazy world tour heads to region
they don't want him. They will draft Arthur Brown I bet if we don't.
Grabbing Keenan Allen/Tavon Austin and Arthur Brown in the 1st round gets my pants tight. $Skol
4 of 5 stars to Arthur's April Fool (Arthur Adventure... by Marc Brown
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