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Arthur Blank

Arthur M. Blank (born September 27, 1942, in Sunnyside, New York) is an American businessman and a co-founder of The Home Depot.

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Arthur Blank is a great owner and has the patience of Job. He's had his share of disappointments & I hope he wins a SB someday.
This is ridiculous. At what point is Arthur Blank gonna realize Thomas Dimitroff is the problem? Sheesh.
.Everyone has failed Arthur Blank except Thomas Dimitroff. Who is left to fire? Equipment managers?
scapegoat... TD should be the one let go! Typical soft Arthur Blank!
Dumb Arthur Blank firing the wrong guy..
owner Arthur Blank promised changes. Was this the right one?
Carolina Panthers trying to win a Superbowl but Arthur Blank *** after a regular season win. .
I'm starting to hate McKay and Arthur Blank as well
DTs dominating. But Arthur Blank mocked Coach Smith for wanting to build the defense from inside out.
The team killed handing Arthur Blank it's developed market? You're Brain dead dude
Robert Kraft & Arthur Blank are worried about NFL. Do we really want these guys to have exclusive control of U.S. soccer D1?
what's the incentive for Robert Kraft and Arthur Blank? I'm sure they toss and turn worrying about U.S. soccer.
Question for Arthur Blank after Cards-Packers. How can both teams have four good WR's & yet Dimitroff can't find one without trading up?
probably another reason Arthur Blank and his stooges went into hiding and didn't have a REAL season-ending presser
-The seconds pass by. Arthur observes him with a carefully blank expression- ... Are we friends in my future, Al?
Arthur can you show the character grid with everyone blank except our first few characters?
LMFAO dead dead dead dead “Arthur blank made the best move in franchise history by signing Merced…
Wire: Arthur Blank says Quinn/Dimitroff pairing is 'the right way forward'
this guy isn't seriously talking about Arthur Blank is he??
Did you dab like Julio, Bosher, Schofield, & Arthur Blank after the win over Carolina?
Jeb Bush has the same blank nervous stare as David Blatt did early last season.
All thanks to D1 stamp. If Arthur Blank were starting in D2 or D3 with glass ceiling, how many tickets sold?.
F one, marry one, kill one: Arthur blank, TD, DQ?
Arthur Blank (Atlanta Falcons) om Home Depots framgång:. "Firstly we're not that smart. Secondly, we know we're not that smart"
I think its more Arthur Blank then it is TD imo
If I win the lottery I'm going to pay Arthur Blank and however much to rename "Saints Suck Stadium" has a nice ring
Arthur Blank you need to end the Falcons relationshi…
Arthur Blank you need to end the Falcons relationship with this clown
Arthur Blank looks like he has ghosts in his house.
Which means after next season we will ONCE AGAIN need a new coach and hopefully a new GM.. And *** Arthur Blank will look like a fool.
I have to spend just 2 min trashing Arthur Blank who decided to keep Tommy D.
lol jerry didn't buy out arthur blank like I told him to.
Falcons owner Arthur Blank: Team not about rebuilding
Yeah cause Arthur Blank shut the rumors down the next day, saying Falcons are staying in Atlanta
If I win the Power Ball i'm gonna buy out Arthur Blank and fire Thomas Dimitroff
If you win the lottery, you still won't be the richest person in Georgia. Arthur Blank, Ted Turner and Bernie Marcus will …
owner Arthur Blank in the press room dabbing.
Arthur Blank please stay in your box
Apparently, Arthur Blank had to come down on the field to tell Dan Quinn to bench Matt Ryan. He couldn't do that at the start of the 3rd QTR
Arthur Blank you moron, you need fire Rich McKay, Thomas Dimitroff, Scott Pioli, and Joe Banner tonight. Wake up.
remember that time yall drafted Prince Shembo? I go to Lowe's just cause Arthur Blank owns Home Depot
I think there's a chance both Dan Quinn and Sean Payton are gone next year. Arthur Blank doesn't play around.
Why would County tear down its only animal shelter 2 build soccer fields 4 Arthur Blank,30 yrs tax free. No funding for animals
Arthur Blank says MADD is about making better choices! SBC honors Michael Kennedy & Alexander Hentz
If the don't fire Thomas Dimitroff they will never reach another Super Bowl. Him and Arthur Blank are butt buddies.
Could u ask him what compromising photos he has of Arthur Blank? Can't think of how else he's survived.
Six years, $81.426 million for Julio Jones on a deal that owner Arthur Blank says makes Jones a "Falcon for life" http…
Falcons owner Arthur Blank remained optimistic today re: Julio Jones' contract but sources say talks stalled significantly …
A month after former ATL COO Geisler resigned, Reed appoints Dan Gordon, an exec with ties to Arthur Blank.
We told you Friday it's the Arthur Blank officially announced today & gave us a 1st look. At 5.
Just announced the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium together with Arthur Blank, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan. Great day!
Timing just about right for Rooney, isn't it? And we know Arthur Blank doesn't mind splashing cash on has-beens.
But... Arthur Blank please don't sign onto this. You do know your rivals stadium has the same... Nvm.
Just saying, our lord & master Arthur Blank, would have none of this. When he says jump, we MLS bots say "how high?"
these have increased more than that in just the last year. Annoyed. Blaming Arthur Blank.
Thank you to arthur blank for not having to pay taxes on the new practice fields for atl united. Now my taxes have increased 4 times.
Dkb Commissioners present key to county to Arthur Blank for bringing MLS Atlanta United to Memorial Dr.
Arthur Blank holds secret meeting on development of ...
Arthur Blank is committed to making the new Atlanta Falcons stadium a reality. Enos Stanley is committed to himself.
Great production of Motown the Musical at the Fox. Even Arthur Blank emjoyed the show! The cast was amazing!...
Somebody said that they would rather go to a football game but Arthur Blank says, "I'll...
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So, I had a meeting with Arthur our interviews via - /
this team is really lacking in overall talent but Arthur Blank can't take the PR backlash that a Ray Rice signing would bring
NFL to Arthur Blank - all our number 2's are better than your number 2's.
if he thought dan was bad, wait till he starts dealing with Arthur blank
I hope Arthur Blank has Rex Grossman on speed dial.
Still hope Falcons don't make playoffs the look in Arthur blank trash can nose be priceless
Arthur Blank holds secret meeting on development of soccer complex
when we lost to y'all, he texted me our logo, our slogan, a GIF of Arthur Blank looking sad then a picture of Cam 😒
When Arthur Blank shows up at your job
U can't tell me that Arthur Blank don't look like he's a mob boss
I can’t see Arthur Blank doing it. He knows what the rivalry means. No fan wants our stadium named like the Aints.
Personally, I like the ring of "Arthur Blank’s Ultimate Sportsball Extravaganza Brought To You By Mercedes Benz."
an overpriced monument to Arthur Blank.
As Arthur Blank pockets another few million $ per yr. so that his kids can continue to season their food with caviar instead of salt.
Troll of the yr award goes to my c.e.o Arthur Blank ... our house gonna be sexy as *** .. meanwhile in new Orleans 😂
Arthur Blank should have done better. Delta, Coke, Home Depot?
Mercedes must of flown in airplanes full of money for Arthur Blank to sign off on this.
Arthur Blank, a bastion of originality. Atlanta United FC, Mercedes-Benz stadium. Home Depot soon to be renamed "Lowes."
Thank you Arthur Blank. Because we aren't a big enough joke as is.
Arthur Blank don't really care about winning. He just want money. I respect it.
Wow! Arthur Blank, , and ! Three iconic, class acts in the new stadium!
Ah, Peter Konz. Another high round Dmitroff failure. What photos does Dmitroff have on Arthur Blank?
"that's an oddly specific number of things, but lemme check *looks at blank hand* Yup!"
No one told the Falcons staff to pipe in crowd noise but Arthur Blank the the whole team has to pay anyway.
Arthur Blank promised Atl fans a championship. Do you think we will see that in our lifetime?
The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation promotes positive change in peoples' lives and builds and enhances the...
The most popular player characters are just blank enough to let the player project. Ppl don't generally write women as "blank"
Arthur blank can almost fill up the GA Dome with the Ashley Madison cheaters.
This blank, silent YouTube video got 100,000 views via
its me looking into my crystal ball and drawing a blank... Sorry
Any 1 of these 12 is more deserving than billionaire Arthur Blank! | by
Prophet write, Prophet want Arthur Blank to ask "why Atlanta didn't hire Coach Bowles"? This is a MUST WIN GAME FRIDAY. Must win
Arthur Blank don't care about yall he just want you to buy tickets and 2 by 4s at Home Depot
I thought Arthur Blank and had this all fixed...
Butt so big, I could prolly sell a blank disc
Learning about Sports Marketing. Turns to 1st pg and sees Arthur Blank & the All for this!!
How AMAZING is this mashup of Black Magic, Taylor's Blank Space and Want to want me by 😍🙌🏽
Listen to Matt Stone and Trey Parker read from White Man's ...:
yes ma'am, mostly the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation but they're all under the same umbrella so I do Falcons stuff too
Piece of trivia. First time we got our kitchen re-done, 20 years ago, our "consultant" was also doing a re-do. For Arthur Blank.
Chief Running Bear will have Atlanta Falcons owner ARTHUR BLANK calling into THUNDER BOX SHOW 8:00am SIRIUS XM170
My Dekalb County property taxes just DOUBLED so we can pay Arthur Blank and his buddies to build a soccer...
Welcome to Atlanta! Arthur Blank asking for blank check.
Julio Jones agrees with Arthur Blank, wants ‘to be a Falcon for life’
Atlanta - Sports - Football - Falcons>Police probe theft at home of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank
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Crazy morning I ran into Arthur blank literally as I was on my run this morning congrats on win one
Even if you combine the total sales of 'Blank Space' and 'Bad Blood', it won't outsell 'Dark Horse' by Katy Perry. htt…
Chief Running Bear has been talking with Atlanta Falcons owner ARTHUR BLANK he is selling remainder of team to me looking forward to task👈🏽
Top 10 Richest Team Owners in the NFL - Top 10 Richest Team Owners in the NFL : 10. Arthur Blank – Atlanta Falco...
Arthur Blank and meet with national and local soccer reporters at a media roundtable.
MLS Atlanta & Falcons owner Arthur Blank will reveal his club’s name before the CONCACAF Gold Cup semifinals in July. http…
Arthur Blank told that he told the staff to go get Grady Jarrett some clothes after the fire happened.
oh wait nvm remember that video I showed you? That Falcons fan threatened to kill Arthur Blank lol
Falcons' Arthur Blank on crowd noise: 'What we've done ... is wrong' via
Blank upset over Falcons crowd noise probe: Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is upset about the circumstance...
Nice to see Arthur Blank living up to his word about not being Jerry Jones.
Falcons and HC Dan Quinn have reached an agreement on a 5-year contract. Arthur Blank will fly Quinn out to Atlanta on his…
Falcons owner and chairman Arthur Blank's statement regarding the death of New York Giants co-owner Ann Mara:
Several NFL owners are here: Arthur Blank (with elbow brace), Dan Rooney, Clark Hunt ...
Arthur Blank ain't letting Mike Tice or Bryan Cox go anywhere lol
Other Theory - Arthur Blank is a kindly old man who wouldn't have the heart to fire anyone...except Dan Reeves, Mike Smith & Jim Mora.
Arthur Blank very much interested in Ryan. Naturally process delayed when Blank had a death in his family. Surprised Re…
Arthur Blank is the Dread Pirate Roberts. He will most likely kill Dimitroff tomorrow.
Arthur Blank don't stop there with Mike Smith. Your offence cord need to be gone to. With all the weapons the offence have we shouldn't lose a game.
The Falcons say they are parting ways with Coach Mike Smith Monday after a dismal season. Falcons owner Arthur Blank said the team has released Smith from his contract.
When asked about his coaching future after Sunday's blowout loss, Mike Smith responded: "I'll continue to prepare and coach this football team until Arthur Blank tells me otherwise."
Jim got to take these phone calls from Woody Johnson & Arthur Blank offering to make great grandchildren rich. Relax:
Arthur Blank quoting Hyman Roth from The Godfather. Funny, I always had Art pegged for more of a Fredo man.
Arthur Blank just made a "Godfather Part 2" Hyman Roth Reference: "This is the Business that We have Chosen." Nice quote.
Arthur Blank with a solid Hyman Roth reference. "This is the business we've chosen."
General manager Thomas Dimitroff is sitting next to Arthur Blank at Mike Smith's firing press conference.
"[Arthur Blank] looks like Adrian Brody dressed up to look like a rich guy." –
Krafts, Kroneke, Lamar Hunt, Arthur Blank. there are more examples.
Krafts, Kroneke, Lamar Hunt, Arthur Blank. I'm sure there are more examples.
Falcons gone be Tampa Bay status when them Saints get done wit em' tomorrow. Arthur Blank gone fire Mike Smith at HALFTIME BUBBA.
Arthur Blank hates Hue Jackson. It will never happen. He left a bad taste at Flowery Branch. He will never work here agajn.
“Where’s that pic of Arthur Blank looking at Mike Smith in disgust?”
Arthur Blank does it, no one cares. Tom Benson danced on sidelines, all thought it was cute.
. I think Mike Smith is gone and I think Arthur Blank should have Rex Ryan's agent on speed dial. Rex would be great there.
Man if the Seahawks don't find a way to keep Marshawn Lynch happy in Seattle they are crazy. If I'm Arthur Blank he'll come into Falcon nation with the bigger contract than Matt Ryan (sorry Matt) steal the franchise tag from Roddy White (sorry Roddy) and take the key to the city from Mayor Kassim Reed.
Arthur Blank need to sell the team cuz Atlanta will NEVER win a Super Bowl
Oops. Mistakes do happen. Falcons win ! Almost threw up when Arthur Blank kissed his...
Arthur Blank currently finding out much money he can overpay Harbaugh
Wow, the high-five attempt between Arthur Blank and his wife was.awkward.
Why are the Falcons sorry every year? What is going on with this program? I say get rid of Arthur Blank. Mike Smith too.
WTH Arthur "Blank" Check? I just jumped off of the Falcons wagon..
Arthur Blank celebrates an interception with a kiss?
Arthur Blank new piece is already on the sideline ...smh
Arthur Blank is the most awkward rich guy I've ever seen. He's like the anti-Gatsby.
I love seeing Arthur Blank on the sidelines. 😃
Aww, that's Arthur Blank's wife, she's pretty.
Falcons owner Arthur Blank looks happy on the side-line; nobody sleeping with the fishes this evening
Arthur Blank and his new wife are happy.
awww Arthur Blank and his wife are so cute lol
I'm not here to start rumors, but Arthur Blank is probably like 1/4 black. My great-grandfather looked like him.
I wish I gave a *** about the Falcons. Really do. But not after Arthur Blank was revealed as Øbama's biggest Georgia donor and supporter.
Look at Arthur Blank on the field like a second rate Jerry Jones.
I’m assuming they are gonna look at that since it’s under 2 minutes. Unless Arthur Blank’s check has cleared.
Refs were trying to get to Mons Venus early with Arthur Blank.
Arthur Blank looks like he's capable of giving a great hug and also making you kill ur own family
Arthur blank on side lines again! We lose win he decides he needs to help coach
Arthur Blank and Jerry Jones have to be related! They both start the game in the sky box, and end on the sideline!
*Arthur Blank puts Goodell on Home Depot board of directors*. **Falcons get to play Tampa five times a year**
Don't know why Arthur Blank is on the sideline... I hate him as a owner and I hate Mike Smith as a coach
Arthur Blank standin on the sideline lookin like I'm still gonna fire you Mike don't let this win fool you
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Arthur Blank on the sideline ready to handout termination letters
Arthur Blank couldn't look more miserable.
Uh oh...Arthur Blank is down on the sideline...
Is that Arthur Blank's daughter? I definitely wouldn't mind marrying into that family 😍💵💰
Arthur Blank wanna fire somebody. He has that look in his eye
Arthur Blank looks happy. FIRE someone already. GEEZ. Let Robiskie coach the rest of the yr
Phantom call. Arthur Blank isn’t quite worth $1.4 billion cuz he clearly spread around some cash to refs today.
Arthur Blank can afford to eat whatever he wants, yet he prefers to eat his fingernails. SMH.
If the Falcons lose this could be Mike Smith's last game by looking at Arthur Blank
Arthur Blank has a blank look on his face.
Arthur Blank in the booth looking disgusted like he's inside of a Lowe's
He's smarter than that lol "I wonder if Arthur Blank bets on the Falcons?"
Arthur Blank has the look of a man who IS GOING TO MURDER SOMEONE
Arthur Blank "irate" with the season and is headed after "big-name" coach; Mike Smith not expected back
With Falcons reeling, Arthur Blank expected to go after A-list coach -
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Anything short of SABAN will be failure for Arthur Blank's next hire.
Falcons owner Arthur Blank is not pleased with Sunday's results.
Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is extremely unhappy about loss to Detroit Lions
“Arthur Blank dismayed by Atlanta's collapse get that resume ready Mike Smith!
"Arthur Blank dismayed by Atlanta's collapse I bet...
Arthur Blank dismayed by latest Falcons loss
He thinking of PSL invoices Arthur Blank dismayed by Atlanta's collapse
Man.. I have got to get this off of my chest.. To the Atlanta Falcons.. wow.. you looked great in the first half.. I was happy and starting to embrace 3-5 as a turnaround.. but then the inevitable happened.. the bad part of if all.. I knew they'd blow chunks.. why do I feel this way?? All three professional teams absolutely positively without a doubt suck... but I don't want to digress on this one..who is to blame. I really don't know.. I'm so confused.. does coach need to go?? Thomas Dimitroff?? The whole team?? I know Arthur Blank can't be happy when he has a team that is 2-6.. I'm going to take the highroad on this and say yes our O-line is injured.. but you know what?? 3/4 of the Lions werent even dressed to play and they still beat us.. let that marinate Mr. Blank.
Somebody ask Mike Smith about a new job like they did Jim Mora and see how fast Arthur Blank fires him 😭
Falcons: Arthur Blank remains optimistic that Atlanta can turn around its season - via
Lowe's is closer, but Arthur Blank didn't found that hardware store. (@ The in Hollywood, CA)
NFL fined Falcons owner Arthur Blank $75,000 for hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy after the Falcons' Super Bowl victory.
:Falcon PKWY will be bad with traffic, cmon Arthur Blank, Home Depot is a mile away
Didn't we have this conversation while killing time at an owners' meeting? I believe we thought it was Arthur Blank.
and the obvious fact that Arthur Blank is a racist he didn't like …
Geeked to see my boo Ms. Arthur perform tonight. Point. Blank. Period (
Interested in the Falcons, MLS, or ATL in general? Join us for a breakfast conversation with Arthur Blank Aug. 20
Have breakfast with Arthur Blank as a part of the Conversation Series.
Arthur Blank doesn't belong on the sideline. This chick does.
Arthur Blank is 100% right to get the Falcons on Hard Knocks. It's an "intervention" on last yr sucky season!
Mike tice and Bryan cox ready to take his job but will help for now as great position coaches . Arthur blank went and got him the best
Meh, the SunTrust club is mostly rich folks, not really famous folks. Arthur Blank, the guy who owns Superior Plumbing...
it's gone be for our new soccer team too ( Arthur blank trying to get a Super Bowl I there ASAP too
This is why I like our owner Arthur Blank, he wants to win!! Football has been very good in ATL since he took over ownership.
If Arthur Blank is smart he'll implement something like this for when AtlantaFC comes around. via
The way to think of it is to understand blank votes aren't "neutral", they're effectively the lowest-"ranked" vote
Right, b/c that person still left other entries blank.
Falcons fans, soccer fans, ATL fans: Join for a breakfast conversation with Arthur Blank on Aug. 20.
the new Falcons stadium is similar. public money being used there as well. Arthur Blank could surely pay for it himself or privately
I run because it’s so symbolic of life. You find your inner strength & realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought. -Arthur Blank
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Arthur Zimmermann writes “that Vienna, timid and undecided as it always was, was almost sorry” that Germans gave “blank cheque” of July5 '14
How about promotion/relegation, except David Beckham and Arthur Blank teams are immune!
Arthur Blank wants the same thing Kraft and soon Ross do: money for NFL stadium, more international soccer games. That's it.
If Arthur Blank is into soccer ... . with pro/rel, he could've bought Silverbacks. Silverback owners get ROI. Arthur builds towards D1.
Now several yrs later happens and ppl lookin like similar 2 how Arthur Blank was lookin after he gv Mike Vick all that bread.
so this one may hit home. My first deal when I worked for Champs was w the Falcons & Arthur Blank
thing is.. Arthur blank prolly loves that dude for saving the falcons after Vick. He prolly won't get fired.
unveil 3D video of new Atlanta Stadium. Arthur Blank leads 1st class operation
This is me and Arthur Blank in the same photo 😳😎
Goal for the day: Shake hands with Arthur Blank.
Arthur Blank been Looking out for the City..New Stadium gon be Lit
Pay off Georgia MASTERS, they'll make me pay through Arthur Blank, PopeYes Spiceworld pros, Im ScarySpice WEak
If you could ask Arthur Blank, Thomas Dimitroff, or Mike Smith one question, what would it be?
News: Tim Tebow has said he is still training and wants to continue to pursue his NFL dream. Tebow played for the Broncos (2010-11), Jets 2012 and was on the Patriots practice squad (2013). He is a Heisman trophy winner and has a playoff win. Tebow might have been successful if he was under better circumstances in New York, what's to say he can't be successful now. Arthur Blank the owner of the Atlanta Falcons has said that London could end up with a franchise of their own or more. He said "I think it will start with an increased number of games. That will be translated into a very successful series of games, and eventually, I think a franchise. And maybe more than one. London's a big City. There have been talks about a London franchise for many years that have since been talked down. Speaking of International games the NFL should consider coming to Australia again. They came out here in 1999 for what was called the "American Bowl" between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers. Jermichael Finley was s ...
Considering it's one of America's largest cities, many view Los Angeles as a logical place for the NFL to expand. It's been 20 years since the league had a franchise in the city, but Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank thinks we'll see the NFL return to L.A.
Imagine an entire television station devoted to taking down a president and democratically elected officials in favor of ONE PARTY, gerrymandering and voter control. They claim NOT to be racist, yet Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling and even Paul Ryan's "poorly chosen words" all identify themselves as...REPUBLICANS. They claim NOT to be pro corporations and yet, Home Depot owner Arthur Blank, Koch Bros. Verizon's CEO, Healthcare industry CEO's ALL happen to They claim to be for the people, yet not ONE jobs bill, blocked wage hike bill and they cut food stamps, SNAP and unemployment benefits for those most in need. They claim to love the military, but what they're saying in actuality is they LOVE MILITARY CONTRACTORS. They claim to be religious yet break every teaching Jesus taught or stood for. Sure, let's not fight them. Let's gladly reelect individuals determined to rid us of every safety net, every air and water anti-pollution bill and existing laws. Let's elect those who benefit from the ...
Arthur Blank and Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber invite you to be part of Atlanta Sports history. With World Cup icon and MLS Legend, Alexi ...
“Commissioner Garber & owner Arthur Blank the decision to bring MLS to ATL:
Seems that Arthur Blank will soon add Major League Soccer to his resume. Nice.
Arthur Blank gets new Major League Soccer franchise in Atlanta
Thank you to Arthur Blank for bringing to Atlanta! We can't wait!
LB and DE are here to support Arthur Blank and http:/…
Major League Soccer and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed plan a "major announcement" Wednesday on a proposed expansion team to play in Atlanta's new downtown stadium. Read more here:
MLS and Arthur Blank are planning a "major announcement" Wed. on the Atlanta expansion team to play in the Falcons new sta…
Roddy White *** for not living up to that bet!! C'mon Arthur Blank... Give the kid the tickets!
16,133 for the tonight in Atlanta. Strong turnout considering weather. Maybe Arthur Blank should look into an
. I hope Arthur blank pushes for an nhl team once the new stadium is open... Maybe the rebirth of the Thrashers..?
Also, his godfather is supposedly Arthur Blank.
ATL is a true melting pot of fans. Fans support tons of teams. Arthur Blank is an extremely smart man, though. The renderings of
you said early this week Arthur Blank is a business Man so why wouldn't he trade for Clowney. Tickets would b hard to get!
Update your maps at Navteq
Legendary accountants like J. P Morgan & Arthur Blank should be ur muse
. You Were Created To Soar To Success. "Come to the edge of the nest," said the mother eagle to her babies. The three eaglets peered over and looked down, daring not to go too far near the edge. "We are afraid," they replied, as they hid under the safety of their mother's comfortable wing. "Come here," she encouraged. "And I will help you." They came and with a loving, watchful eye, the mother eagle gently pushed the young eaglets out of their nests. And with a courageous spirit, the eaglets flew upward and onward to fulfil their destined calling. In our journey through life, like the eaglet, we were created to soar upward and onward to new, exciting experiences and a meaningful future. So take a step out of your comfort zone. Extend out; reach ahead, stretch further than where you are today, to get to where you desire to be tomorrow. What really matters to you? Have you clearly defined what you would like in your life? Now, do you believe you can attain it? Factors may be weighing against you, but do not ...
Atleast five times a day, I completely blank out from what's going on around me.
and ownership makes me thankful for Arthur Blank.
Scott of Blank Slate Brewing preaching the beer and food gospel at Arthur's.
Campaign GEORGIA 2002... Why Sonny Perdue Won Shortly after the election, in the company of chief Barnes backer Arthur Blank, Sonny Perdue said of his election, “I feel like I just won the Super Bowl, and I didn’t even know I was in the game”. Not too surprising, really. Sonny Perdue was not supposed to be elected Governor of Georgia in 2002. Roy Barnes had everything and everyone who mattered in politics on his side. Sonny Perdue had less than a sixth of Barnes campaign money, no organization, and not much a of campaign. These imbalances alone should have been enough to defeat him, but there was another factor which worked against Perdue. The Republican party didn’t aim for Perdue to win. Governor’s races usually dominate state politics, but the Bush White House had other plans for 2002. The White House used it’s muscle in state after state to concentrate on keeping the U.S. House of Representatives, win back the Senate, and further George Bush’s re-election in 2004. State Go ...
Hey Richie, Arthur Blank owner of Falcons said our team is too soft, perfect place for you, we need a OT with sum ballz
I'm excited & honored. They've had Arthur Blank, David Seidler (writer of The King's Speech) & Joe Biden in the past.
There is never a second when a mind goes blank. They are eager to know everything in a short time.
Want to separate fact from fiction on youth sports injuries? Let's help kids Join The Arthur M. Blank...
call Arthur blank and get that discount!
Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has pledged millions of funds he claims will go towards uplifting…
Tomorrow's Oglethorpe Day celebration featuring guest speaker Arthur Blank and the annual Petrels of Fire race will be rescheduled.
By Maria Saporta Published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle on January 17, 2014 As important as it has been for Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank to select a leading architect to design an ic...
Frank Fernandez to lead Westside’s rebirth for Arthur Blank’s foundation via important to future of ATL
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
That's why Arthur Blank needs to grow a sac and trade up
Genius is the recovery of childhood at will _ Arthur Rimbaud
The Cleveland Browns: making me thankful for Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitroff, imperfect as they are.
Falcons owner Arthur Blank has pledged to spend millions to revitalize neighborhoods around the new stadium. There's a slight problem
dm me a blank Arthur one so I can use it to edit it
Matt do you have the eyes or ears of Arthur Blank or Dimitroff? if so please contact me
I just know the Falcons are going to draft Michael Sam. Arthur Blank will commit a 2nd rounder if necessary. Ugh.
Hear Neneh Cherry and Robyn's white-hot collaboration "Out of the Black"
Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus lost their jobs, created Home Depot with annual sales of $1 Billion in less than 3 years. What will you do?
Just spent the night with Arthur Blank's son
Passion and standing up for things can help create a sense of unity. But you still have to act a certain way. Arthur Blank
I know this sounds crazy and far-fetched...but when I get on, I wanna become a minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Hopefully Arthur Blank would be cool with that.
Lisa Rosenberg Patterson. We are front row at Mormon. Arthur Blank a few seats away. Gena and her mom keep saying Who Dat
Arthur Blank sitting next to us at the Fox Theatre
I've e-mailed Arthur Blank over last 10 years on how to draft etc, I've been spot on many pro bowlers but he doesn't passito
Now that Tony G gone, I only respect 2 ppl in that org. I respect Julio Jones & Arthur Blank.
Thanks. I'm sure will have a solid group of Atlanta MLS supporters. Arthur Blank is smart.
Okay, so Beckham's Miami franchise received official approval this last week, but things are picking up for the four remaining slots. San Antonio seems like a lock and may get league approval two to three years ahead of schedule (probably this summer). Next in line is Atlanta where Arthur Blank is in the final negotiation stage with MLS. Strange rumor that LA may get a third team that would be a sister team to Arsenal. The team would be the "L.A. Gunners". Sounds like a gang to me!
Early Morning Flow: YMCA of Metro Atlanta Branch-Metro Board Retreat representing the Arthur Blank YMCA as a new board member :). 200+ people attending representing all local branches.
This is going to be a wonderful event. Congratulations to Arthur Blank and Billy Payne for their inductions as Georgia Trustees. (Savannah, GA next weekend)
I'm on the phone with Arthur Blank right now. We can use you in Atlanta 😂😂👌✊
Just saw Arthur Blank getting his mail out his mailbox, so that's cool.
I hope they blow it up over the top & he says I wish arthur blank wasnt selfish & traded me to a contender
Arthur Blank may be a good football owner but it's obvious he doesn't understand soccer.
You can watch the INXS or Schapelle biopics or grab the Oily Boys, Gutter Gods, or Arthur Russell vinyl and ya know, live.
I've been fortunate enough to get to do some pretty cool things over the years but I have never been this excited over a gig. I have the extreme honor of being the keynote speaker at the 2014 National Stuttering Association annual conference. To some of you, it might not be a big deal. You don't get it. I understand. That's ok. But for me, it's like being the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl. In the past few years, speakers have included NFL players, Arthur Blank (owner of the Atlanta Falcons & co-founder of Home Depot), David Seidler (Oscar winning writer of The King's Speech) and VP (then senator) Joe there's this little ole fella from Opelika, AL. I promise to make this the best, most memorable speech in the history of the NSA. If you were ever going to come to a conference, this is it. See you in DC.
yup. We all were. Arthur Blank nuked the deal
Only two ppl from the Falcons I give respect to: Julio Jones & Arthur Blank
Tony Gonzalez said Matt Ryan isn't elite.Someone should tell Arthur Blank that
Tony Gonzalez say tony did arthur blank bribe u with unlimited supplies at Home Depot for u too make such a foolish statement?
he needs more adjacent land. And ATL is getting the next MLS team; Arthur Blank of Home Depot as owner.
Lol thats bc Arthur Blank keep that *** in check, fr tho he do look like an OG you dont wanna cross
This is GREAT NEWS!!! Asante was a horrible acquisition! I can think of some more people who need to go as well.. Hey Arthur Blank, give me a GM job so I can come clean house!!!
Arthur Blank is on a mission to bring a World Championship to ATL A.S.A.P. Watch for the Falcons to regroup, reload, and rebound big-time from last season's mess.
The Arthur Blank Family of Businesses has changed the "About Us" on their jobs website to "Additionally, there will be two new businesses added to the portfolio including the new Atlanta Stadium and, potentially, an Atlanta MLS team."
FYI/ the coach gotta go too Arthur Blank. LOLOL/ i cant make that happen. im NOT GOD. I CAN ONLY TELL YOU WHAT I SEE/FEEL.
David Beckham buys MLS team and looking at Miami as host other MLS teams in the south, they are gonna need some close rivals/opponents to survive. C'mon Arthur Blank, bring the MLS to ATL
Thank u Lord for another beautiful day in Jesus name Amen... Keep praying FB and have a great day! OMG THE SUPERBOWL!! I had always said it would be anybody's game but Seattle Defense totally dominated! The Broncos just wasn't there... Seattle just got so much going on the 12th man, legion of boom, beast mode, Richard Sherman, earl Thomas 3rd, Chancellor & Malcom smith and don't forget coaching... Man that's what the Falcons need Arthur Blank some guys that play like that! # Falconnation!
Most years on the day following the bowl I have "post football depression" (it's a medical term, look it up). Well, not this year! After a disappointing Falcons season, and a CRAP bowl game, you should have seen the dance routine I executed down the street at the final play of the game to Hall and Oates "You Make My Dreams Come True"! It's over!!! Now to prepare for next season! Arthur Blank, meeting at 9! LETS GO BRAVES!
Paul Allen and his Microsoft money just bought a Superbowl. Obviously Jerry Jones and Arthur Blank aren't spending their money right.
I want my owner the great Arthur blank to hold that trophy over his head.
I hope you Arthur Blank learned scouting is everything!
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