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Art Van

Art Van Furniture is a major furniture retail store chain based in Warren, Michigan. Thus far, thirty-six stores have been opened in the state of Michigan, including many locations in Metro Detroit.

Art Van Furniture Zendaya Coleman

Alert!. Join us TOMORROW, Sunday, Jan 29 from 5-9pm. We are coming to Toledo! At the Art Van (1301 East...
Art is way beyond to hippocracy.but PAK should taught lesson so STOP communication and help with PAK.
Member when game critics defended video games as an art form instead of demanding censorship?
Swiss police seize Monet and Van Gogh art linked to 1MDB
Making some last minute Van Helsing Fan Art & screencaps from one of the preview videos.
My entire day was crap until my art teacher gave me van gogh socks after school
Art & cuisine combine for a memorable night in
Who's getting excited for We're thrilled to be part of this free and fun-filled night:
Painting was his all, but Van Gogh was unable to work during attacks
Million dollar idea: mechanic shop with an art studio for a waiting room. Advertising tag line: come see us and make your van go!"
Van Gogh reproductions from S1. Is this talent or what!?
I think most people agree there is a component of skill in art making; you have to lear
Anthony van Dyck. 'Susanna Fourment and her Daughter' 1621. National Gallery of Art
Art Van PureSleep commercial "take the test, or take your chances"... Yeaaa I think that slogan could be better served elsewhere.
From professional marketplace from john van brakel .
Vincent Van Gogh Day! Collaboration today painting beautiful sunflowers!
Future Art Gallery site home to a new installation by Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
If you think that art only can be sad Vincent Van Gogh probably want to slap you in your stupid face
Van Gogh had various love affairs during his life, most of them rather unfortunate
This might be a great fit for you: Assistant Sales Manager - MI
Art Institute re-creates Van Gogh's bedroom to rent on Airbnb
This might be a great fit for you: Sales Associate Part Time - MI
This might be a great fit for you: Flooring - Sales Associates - IL
A fine work of art: the Van Gaalian 3-3-1-3 (each outfield position, associated with several basic tasks, is represented by…
'Total Frat Movie' is a totally bad movie: … Van Wilder,” but “Total...
We're counting down the hours until Hope to see all of our neighbors at the community stage
We're Read about our latest opening here: Flooring - Sales Associates - IN
See our latest MI and click to apply: Store Shuttle Driver - CDL A -
The Tents are UP ... The Prices are DOWN! Shop all Art Van stores today til 9pm and save up to 80% Off under the...
No surprise. So let's add more retail/tavern on Ford Road for Art Van & World of Beer, says our planning commission.
laytonpaul Vincent van Gogh, lust for life - 1956 on ArtStack
Sun over Olive Grove (1889). Vincent van Gogh. this print at Amazon.
I put my heart & soul into my work & have lost my mind in the process. -Vincent Van Gogh. Self-Portrait.
I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. -Vincent Van Gogh. Les Alyscamps.
"The Van (Redux)," a video work by Alex Bag premiering this week at the ICA, lampoons speculative contemporary art culture.
‘Dance Hall’ from 1885 in paper.Technique: chalk. Van Gogh Amsterdam, Netherlands http…
"Shoes" by Vincent van Gogh found via Similar piece at the MET. Stare at it for hours https…
Poetry surrounds us, but putting it on paper is, alas, not as easy as looking at it. -Vincent Van Gogh. Irises. ht…
In the wild, the artist will often watch Van Damme movies, to make his cartoon problem animal art look legitimate by comparison
When The 11th Doctor brought Van Gogh to the present to see how loved his art was, I cried like a baby http…
Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it an knowledge can raise men to the divine. . -Ludwig van Beethoven
What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?. -Vincent Van Gogh. Red Field.
I fancy a trip to an art gallery. Anyone know where there's a Van Klomp collection?
I think the truly greatest Art is to love people ... Vincent Van Gogh
Procrastination is an art... and I'm Vincent van Gonna do it later.
Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. -Vincent Van Gogh. The Starry Night.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Van Gogh portrait in coffee grounds and acrylic, 20 x 16 inches
As much as we believe in sleep... we were up early for America's Thanksgiving Parade p/by Art Van
Out looking for a new couch... . Other than Art Van, Gardner White, & Ethan Allen where else can we find...
Day 2 of training, & I'm already excited to get started on the sales floor. Also, I want to buy all the furniture Art Van sells. Goodbye $.
There's a Talsma Furniture less than a mile from my house and Art Van is a half hour away. Naturally you go to Art Van
u ain't sending him anywhere but to the living room so he can *** on that good Art Van Furniture
Mr. Lin Che Wei & Ton Van Zeeland at the opening of CONTEMPORARY EYE OF INDONESIAN ART & CULTURE HERITAGE last weds
"VAN DEN HUL LAVA INSTRUMENT CABLE. This is the first member of the new state of the art FUSION…
Check out this magnificent piece of art "Frolicking With The Dolphins" by Arthur Van Masters
Check out this magnificent piece of art "The Skies Of Jupiter" by Arthur Van Masters
logija:. Branches of an almond tree in blossom (1890) . by Vincent van Gogh.
Tour guide at the Art Institute of Chicago to teens: "So this is Van Gogh's selfie. Why do people take selfies today?"
Van Gogh's left ear, cloned for science and art
What a title. Van Gogh, Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity), April-May 1890. http…
Our art history lessons on Impressionism and Van Gogh have come to a close. Take a look at our Creative Process
You could call my house an art gallery considering all the Monet's, van Goghs's and originals by my sis hanging on the walls.
I dream my painting and I paint my dream. - Vincent van Gogh [
La Oreja de Van Gogh has easily some of the best lyrics of any band or artist I've ever pieces their songs w…
Happy Birthday, Vincent van Gogh! (162 if you're counting). We have plenty of poetry, art and astronomy books at the… htt…
Vincent van Goat: This animal has become so good at painting people are buying his pictures
Tonight calls for a bit more research on Van Gogh, brushstrokes, and art authentication before my writing session.
The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. - Art Van Der Leeuw
Also don't judge my art like youre van Gogh you don't even draw
wanting to go to Amsterdam to go to the Van Gogh art museum
Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation by van der Heijden, Kees
Van Gogh’s actual ear, cloned from stem-cells. Here's what happens when scientists make art:
Beautiful and powerful by Charlene van den Eng
From Van Gogh's cloned ear to indoor rain: 13 sculptures made by science
Got AMAZING service from our Art Van rep Ray Ahee at the Hall Rd and Schoennher! Great job!
The midterm elections are over and TV ads will now have Christmas and Art Van sales instead of political rhetoric. To ALL elected officials – I don’t want to see your face on MSNBC or Fox explaining to me how the “other side” is preventing you from doing your job. I only want to see you on C-Span with your red and blue hats put away, working your butt off. It’s time to create solutions instead of being the problem. Recess is over - get to work.
Selling my new furniture set has a lifetime fabric protection from Art Van and would I like $600 pu Lincoln Park
MICHIGAN FASHION DESIGNERS: Detroit Garment Group Guild and The Pink Fund present a new competition opportunity! Detroit Garment Group Guild (DG3), in partnership with The Pink Fund, are calling for Michigan-based fashion designers, especially those who specialize in costume design, to submit electronic portfolios to be considered for a fashion design competition. Seven designers will be chosen to go on to create dance costumes for seven breast cancer survivors participating in this year’s Dancing With the SurvivorsSM event, created by The Pink Fund. Dancing With The SurvivorsSM is a signature fundraising event in conjunction with Fred Astaire Dance Studios to benefit The Pink Fund. The evening celebrates breast cancer survivors who thrive in their recovery and make a difference in the lives of other cancer patients. This year’s event takes place at 6:30 PM, October 2 at Art Van in Novi. The seven selected designers will receive two types of education. First, Evan and Lada Mountain, owners of Fred Ast ...
County puts off decision on Art Van site: The purchase of the former Art Van building in downtown Port Huron b...
Shout out to my Father and Mother-In-Law, for raising such a wonderful Man! The support he gives me is unmeasurable. I've started a new career at Art Van Furniture, so with the training, and time away from home, I've felt guilty that I'm not taking care of our household. But he's been holding it down for me, making sure I don't have to worry about it, which makes the smile on my face at work genuine, not fake. Thank you Hugh Lawson Pettway III I love and appreciate you. And thank you Rodolfita Moya for your part in it too. I love and appreciate you too Mija!
WOMC is helping to promote the circus this year. Jim Johnson, longtime Detroit air ace, will be at the Art Van...
Okay, so I have read all types of articles about Amanda Knox over the years, and I have come to a few conclusions. 1. Harlow and Dylan will NEVER study abroad! 2. Perugia's are *** for blindly following Giuliano Mignini for his made up allegations. 3. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were raped and murdered along with Meridith Kercher 4. Giuliano Mignini clearly has the the EXACT SAME delusional personality as my old boss Bill at Art Van, and Art Van follows him just like Perugia's people follow Giuliano Mignini! Just sad!
And the *** on Cedar Ave have started celebrating like you would expect. How many Art Van couches are on fire this evening? Over/Under has to be around 8.
A letter I sent via website to the Detroit Lions Organization. I wanted to share it with you all. Please send them more. To Whom it May Concern, I am not sure that your organization is aware of the fact that there are many loyal fans who live in the Upper Peninsula, specifically in the Central to Western Upper Peninsula who cannot watch the Lions on Sunday on regular cable because the television station in the area has instead chose to put the Packers on ahead of the Lions because it seems to believe that this is Packer country ahead of Lions country and their advertisers seem to believe that this is the case as well. And because of that in the fans from Michigan cannot watch their true home team play. I know that Art Van, one of your major advertisers, has begun the process of opening up a store in the Marquette area. I know that there is a very successful Big Boy's restaurant in this area as well as in the Manistique area. The fact is most "yooper" fans up here still like the Red Wings and the Tig ...
The official start to the Parade season! Our chairman, Art Van on the air with Paul W. Smith, WJR Radio at the...
Jim Belushi and his band at the Art Van store opening! @ Art Van Furniture
Join me tonight for cocktails, bites, music by at the Art Van Furniture store opening in Logan Sq
Art Van is the new presenting sponsor for this year's America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit!
Art Van to be presenting sponsor of Detroit Thanksgiving parade: Sherri Welch - Art Van Fu...
If my bedding set doesn't hurry up imma shoot up Art Van!!!
Gardner white is okay, but I just love the scent of art van ya know? Rolling around in the beds, using their display toilets. Yolo
I like kung fu and going to art van
I was getting it at Art Van Atta last night! Lmao.
excited about the new apartment I'm not bringing nothing but my clothes everything else gotta be shipped or picked up from IKEA or Art Van
About to just take a nap in art van on this amazing couch
People who frequent Art Van Atta park on edge after stabbing victim was found in the bushes there. Butler Twp. Police are …
I want huge princess furniture.where do they sell pretty furniture other than art van?
Going to the Art Van tent sale.. Alone. This is just asking for rape
and reviewing the Big Joe Dorm Chair! Check out all the wonderful Back to products!
You can buy the humongous tent and pay NOTHING until 2015! And they'll pay your sales tax! “ART VAN IS HAVING A TENT SALE!!”
I don't think Art Van has had a tent sale in a long, long time! Like it's been almost 10 days!
okay I don't move in till sept 20th. And their gonna be black or dark brown! I bought a couch and chair from art van tent sale
Butler Township police are investigating a stabbing that occurred in Art Van Atta Park. More details as they become available.
Art van called me bright n early this morning, it's funny how stuff mysteriously opens up after I act a b-word lol
Just got woken up by art van knocking at the door *** was trying to flirt too
I wonder if art van is having a sale right now
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
And one guy was just in a hippy art van and yelled at me...alright
Art Van Furniture converting 31 of its Mattress World stores into Art Van PureSleep stores by year-end | Grand...
art van was having a good sale last weekend l. I'm not sure how long it was going on.
So my mom came home tonight and told me that she had a present for me. She handed me a hot guys business card that she met at art van.
I was trying to make this Art Van trip quick, but since they taking so long I'm just going to take a nap on this nice *** bed
Me & Kyle are at art van just chillin in the massage chairs. 😂😌👍
These businesses makes up the dumbest things for filling out for a application... Like art van.. Smh moving on
Art Van Furniture CEO talks about expansion plans (video):
Art Van Furniture CEO talks about expansion plans: ORLAND PARK, Ill. - Furniture/Today was on hand for the ope...
Check out this Q+A with Cambrian artist and cartoonist, Art Van Rhyn:
if I get this loan from art van today I'll be the happiest girl in the world.
Senator Young was proud to recently honor Wellsville World War II veteran Lt. Col. Art Van Tyne for his induction...
I haven't slept for two day and I have to work... Driving. Ill probably end up driving through Art Van.
Confused why Art Van Furniture sends me emails and how they know my name ..
As we were coming home from the Darius Rucker concert last nite (12:30am) we were engulfed in think smoke, lots of flashing lites and a very large semi-truck fire (Art Van Furniture) on I-75 just north of the 14 mile exit!!! I prayed as hard as I could that everyone was alright but sadly I just read that the 2 in the car that crashed into the semi have died. Apparently, their car got stuck under the semi near the crushed and leaking gas tank. What an awful, smelly mess and so so terribly sad :( I-75 won't be open until sometime later this morning. My prayers are with the families of all involved :(
The Fairfield Inn and Suites welcomes the Art Van Furniture job fair located in the lobby and business center at our hotel Come check the opportunites. Your future begins with Art Van!
If anyone is looking for employment: my sister's company, Art Van, is looking for people for their pure sleep stores.
Art Van - Part Deux: Bed arrived at the appointed time. I asked the Driver to check the side rails BEFORE bringing it in. The Side rails were correct. In came the headboard, the footboard with the two drawers. Bed assembled. Cross braces were for a Queen (not King) bed - about a foot too short! There was a universal cross bracing kit but the center member, to reduce sagging wasn't long enough. On the phone I went and had a pleasant (not) chat with the store manager. I asked him if everyone that worked there except for the 2 delivery guys was a Moron? He declined to answer. While I was in the other room Julie discovered that one of the slides on the footboard drawer had slipped causing a long gouge in the wood. Back into the truck went the whole sorry mess. I asked the store manager what happened to the cross braces that were with the bed on Tuesday. They had been shipped back to the factory. I told him that I didn't understand WHY it would take 3+ weeks to get 4 cross braces when I could make the *** thi ...
JOB FAIR!! Julie's List Website AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - Art Van is hosting a job fair Thursday at its Great Lakes Crossing store. The fair will run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The store is located at 4612 Baldwin Road in Auburn Hills.
Sgt. Dumars & wife Dana moved into their new Macomb home today, thanks to Kid Rock Foundation, Pulte Homes & Art Van!
Hope everyone is having a good day!!! So far so good:) work later:( I took my children to Art Van so they could see Zendaya Coleman from Shake it up ( Rocky) Thank's to my Girlfriend for getting us the passes to see her you are awsome!
This Saturday Art Van of Novi, across from 12 Oaks, is hosting a Meet and Greet (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.) with Zendaya Coleman from the Disney show "Shake it Up". There will be a live DJ, Face Painters, Glitter Tattoo artist. There will be snacks throughout the event. Some of our students will be participating in the event by being involved with performing at the Meet and Greet at Art Van of Novi. Please come out and support or dancers but to also meet Zendaya from "Shake it Up"! Look forward to seeing you there Saturday morning.
You never know who you'll meet at Art Van! Coleman is coming to Novi, Lakeside & Lansing stores Jan 26- Wow!
talked to Monique van Steen yesterday... WOW. what a lovely and talented person.
I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is? - Vincent van Gogh
Red in the light: follow me here: [link]photo: Jose Ricomodel: Stephanie van Rijn
If sleep deprivation is an art, then I'm Van Gogh up in chea
A bright moment at school was an encounter with Judith Mason who spoke to my Form 5 art class on the mysteries of Vincent Van Gogh’s life.
'Deadly Virus TNM' by Mark Van den dries -
“The photograph as contemporary art - Picasso with a Camera"
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Kelly Olynyk two-stride tomahawk jam elevates him from McIlvaine-class church van."--Remember he played 1 for Kamloops in HS
Van Ryzin: Unusual art exhibit is staged in Austin's alleys - Austin American-Statesman
Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess? (Ludwig van Beethoven)
ok so like about a year ago, I heard that they were going to exhibit Vincent Van Gogh's artworks in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Just shared Self-portrait at the easel by Vincent van Gogh
Art of Nature: African wildlife photographed by Heinrich van den Berg.
Just came out of Denver Art Museum Van Gogh exhibit. So amazing! We spent three hours there! If you live close to Den- GO! On through Jan 20
In case you just missed it... Scott Nason ... Planning Commission Chairman just Confirmed 100% BWW coming to Sault Ste. Marie, and Denied 100% Art Van (at this point) Coming to Sault Ste. Marie. He also Says there is a 50/50 chance we'll see Menards and Bed Bath and Beyond...
Celebrate the season in a new, old fashioned way. Visit Wonderland inside Art Van in Warren - 14 mile and Grand Rapids - 28th Street... Take photos of yourself with something you love from Wonderland... Tell us why YOU want to win a $5000 Holiday Shopping Spree from Art Van... or just share your holiday memories... Share your entry with your friends and get the most VOTES to win a $5000 Shopping Spree! To learn more:
Trying to win the Dyson Animal Hair vacuum and a $500 Art Van gift card at the United Way raffle today at work! Tactic: Trying to guilt people into not putting tickets in for the vacuum by talking to them about how my husky blows her coat twice a year and I'm planning to offer the gift card winner $300. I'm so determined to win.
Hour magazine best dressed party at Art Van was fabulous tonight. Fashion is alive and well in metro Detroit. Everyone looked amazing!
pretty funny we were in Art Van in Great Lakes crossing walked around the whole store for 10 to 15 minutes not 1 person said hello or asked if they can help us if you guys are overstaffed looks like they need some good help up there
What a MAGICAL NIGHT! Mr. Art Van gave Santa the KEY to the Santa House
OK, its over...GMA is back to talking to Kirstie Alley...Art Van and Car City ads are back on the air...
Hey everybody, it's a huge weekend at Art Van, tired of your old sofa? Come see me, it doesn't matter if its 5 bucks or 5 thousand, ill make sure you get the best deal on anything you need! Ask for "ET"
On Sunday mornings I like to predict which cars are going to which places, and I’m almost always right. The white conversion van with a small basketball team and the license plate “Tolsma Ten” to the Reformed church, the SUV with 2.5 kids and the Ichthus or Praying Calvin to the big-box-mega-church, the Pontiac Vibe with no kids, hipster frames and haircuts to the Grandville Mall (where Rob Bell used to work), the Subaru Outback with the Breast Cancer Ribbon and Obama sticker to the mainline Methodist church. Everyone else is going to St. Pius X, Art Van, or IHOP.
Art Van to open first mall store at Great Lakes Crossing
Beautiful day, happy children ... Thank you everyone for coming out yesterday! It was a blast! Thank you to those who helped out Andrew Cleary, Melanie Scott, Art Van't Wout, Mark Bambi, Phil Warden, Shona Arcuri (Mark Arcuri)... and anyone else I missed I am sorry! But THANK YOU!!! This is a great way to bring 1189 closer together as a family. Solidarity is what we need most now adays. These are your brothers and sisters. Dont forget it!! :) Thank you everyone for the support. It is so nice to have a day that is just to get together and forget all the work problems!! Looking forward to next year!! :)
Bought an entire queen size bed set from someone on Craigslist last night for $400! Included mattress, box spring, chest of 6 drawers, long dresser with mirror, night stand, bed frame, and headboard. All originally purchased at Art Van last summer. Today I'm picking up a vintage oak dining room table and 4 chairs for $50. Reservations at 6 with Ethan Allard at P.F. Changs, and movie at 8:30. What an awesome opening to the weekend!
Saturday August 4 10a-8p All Art Van Furniture Stores Bring the family to Art Van on Saturday, August 4 for refreshments and more under the big top... - Brought to you by
Headed into work. If anyone needs anything, Art Van's Friends and Family event is coming up this month. We may run a lot of sales, but this is the way to know you're getting the best deal. Even those of you who live in Grand Rapids, Saginaw, and Flint can benefit, just contact me by phone or on here and I can get everything set up for you!
Art Van got the best independence day sales. Take advantage of it!
4 years of blood,sweat,and tears have come to an end today. It was a wild ride, but I'm saying goodbye to Art Van. To those of you who I've met and became friends with over the years.keep hustlin' those sofas and mattresses to SE Michigan. I, however, am excited to begin a new chapter in my life (which hopefully will be the new shooting guard for the Pistons)!
Congrats and good luck! Saw you and Jeff at Art Van not long ago!
Metro Detroiters dressed in spring chic attire for the second annual Spring Trend Party, hosted by Art Van Furniture and sponsored by StyleLine magazine. The free event Thursday, April 19, at Art Van in Shelby Township launched the company's 100-page spring catalog and featured the season's fashions in clothing and home furnishings. Guests mingled with StyleLine editors and local designers, such as Emily Thornhill of Homeslice; Lyudviga Shneyder of Lyudviga Couture; Paulina Braiz Harb of Paulina BH; Fotoula Lambros of Fotoula Lambros Design; Luke Song of Mr. Song Millinery; and Diana and Julie Verdugo of Gemela Design. The event also featured prizes, including a trip to this summer’s London Olympics, and free food from Ollie's Lebanese Cuisine, Peteet's Famous Cheesecakes and Ross Fine Candies, and drinks, including Korbel champagne. www.stylelinemag.comPhotos by Olga Gamburg
Marvin A. Craner died on Monday, May 7, 2012 at the age of 39. He was born in Royal Oak, MI on May 31, 1972 to Sonja (nee Sundae) and Marvin Craner. He married Cynthia (nee Stemzynski) on September 29, 2007 in Clinton Township, MI. Marvin was a veteran of the US Army and was employeed at Art Van. Marvin is an avid sports fan and loved the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the University of Michigan. He loved to go deer hunting and fishing at his father's cabin in Hale, MI. With his dogs Baylee and Murphy by his side, he relaxed by watching movies. His favorite was the "Three Stooges." Beloved husband of Cynthia. Loving father of Alyssa (Rodney) Marintette and Devin. Cherished grandfather of Anthony and Lily Ann. Beloved son of Sonja and the late Marvin. Brother of Renee (Brad), Kim, Donald, Natalie (Terry), and Marnie (Chuck). Also survived by many loving nieces, nephews, and cousins. Visitation will be held on Thursday, May 10, 2012 from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm at the A.H. Peters Fun ...
Did you know... 34 people won a $1000 shopping spree last Sunday at Art Van? 1 winner per store... So much fun! We love making people happy!
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