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Art Schlichter

Arthur Ernest Schlichter (born April 25, 1960) is a retired college and professional American football quarterback, known for his compulsive gambling and the legal problems that arose from it.

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Art Schlichter got banned for life from the NFL for gambling in the 80s lol it's wild how different things are now
Like the white guy Art Schlichter, convicted of forgery, fraud, and theft of over $2 million.
If Ohio State can recognize Art Schlichter, it can recognize Terrelle Pryor
The Baltimore Colts are the most famous ones to do it. Art Schlichter got into too much trouble, they too…
Been saying it for several years. The parallel between him & Art Schlichter was obvious. I was at OSU in 78. Too similar.
Did you say book club? Like. sports book? If so, count me in. I'm winning this time, I can feel it!. -Art Schlichter
Art Schlichter advances to the round of 32!
he'll end up like Art Schlichter. Waste of time and talent.
a few more arrests and we could have an Art Schlichter on our hands!
Woman convicted in ex-Ohio State quarterback fraud scheme: 'I cry every day'.
You and Art Schlichter should hang out.
This is when you invoke the Art Schlichter axiom to Ohio State: Don't bet on it.
my first childhood heroes were Art Schlichter and Pete Rose. I came out okay. Mostly.
if you remember Art Schlichter from before he was an embarrassment.
What if we bring Art Schlichter into this?
add QB Ryan Lindley to roster...Leaving Bert Jones & Jack Trudeau as only remaining options since Art Schlichter is still in jail
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Grigson puts call out to Art Schlichter.
fan Chris Harris from wears rare Art Schlichter jersey given to him by neighbor fan.
Art Schlichter said that Cardale Jones is starting. He made $50 from that.
Why can't Bucknuts Nation understand the only pro QB to come out of OSU in ages was Art Schlichter?
I added a video to a playlist 2 Bust or Not 2 Bust - Art Schlichter
you should read about Art Schlichter's relationship w/ former teammates. Going thru glove boxes in the middle of the night.
. like Gerald for true-frosh Art Schlichter in '78, getting bumped to WR as a senior.
A QB-to-receiver move is not unprecedented at Rod Gerald did it in '78 upon arrival of Art Schlichter.
If daily Fantasy Baseball had been around when I was in college, I might be sharing a cell with Art Schlichter. Will destroy a lot of lives.
Saying last freshman to start QB for OSU was Art Schlichter is true, but he was true Freshman. JT is redshirt.
"Joe Paterno recruiting letter to Art Schlichter (1977) Joe+Woody going all out 4 Schlichter
Art Schlichter sat down next to us on a Saturday in 1990 at the Stardust asking for some college hoop sides LOL
Wow: J.T. Barrett’s 409 yards of total offense ranks second all-time, behind only the 412 posted by Art Schlichter against FSU in …
If Miller returns for 2015, he could do something last accomplished at OSU by Art Schlichter: win twice as starting QB in Ann Arbor.
- Who is all time leader in passing TDs: Art Schlichter, Bobby Hoying, Troy Smith or Joe Germaine?
Which Buckeye QB holds the record for the most passing yards in a single game? Art Schlichter. He threw for 458 yards against Florida State in 1981.
Unless your QB is Art Schlichter, pro football..
Former NFL quarterback Art Schlichter is recovering from a devastating gambling addiction that resulted in him going to prison.
Apr. 27, 1982: At the NFL Draft, the Baltimore select QB Art Schlichter with the fourth overall pick.
Turning 54 years old today is football alum Art Schlichter. In Heisman voting, he finished 4th, 6th & 5th from 1979-81.
Art Schlichter, the Football Player, was born today |
Ex-Colts quarterback Art Schlichter was sentenced to 11 yrs in prison for scamming participants in a million-dollar sports ticket scheme
I think Art Schlichter has bet on nearly every Super Bowl though.
Miami Trace HS is the alma mater of former OSU QB Art Schlichter. Their girls Bball team has only one loss on the year.
Braxton Miller's name will be all over OSU record books: Several school records are within his grasp next season. He needs 2,256 passing yards to top Art Schlichter's total of 7,547; with six more touchdown passes he will surpass Bobby Hoying's Ohio State total of 57; and he can pass Schlichter's marks for touchdowns accounted for (85) and total offense (8,850) with just two more TDs and only 505 more yards, respectively.
Braxton Miller still has a lot he wants to get done at Ohio State. That's why the junior announced Thursday night he'll return for his senior season. The 6-foot-2, 215-pounder, a two-time Big Ten MVP, had been contemplating jumping into the NFL draft a year early. "I want to help this team win a Big Ten championship next year," Miller said in a statement issued through the university. "Plus, I want to improve as a quarterback in all aspects of my game. I'm looking forward to working for another year with (coach Urban) Meyer and (quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator Tom) Herman. And I want to graduate, so this will help get me closer to my academic goal." An acclaimed recruit out of Springfield, Ohio, Miller has started for almost three full seasons. After taking over during a 6-7 season in 2012, under Meyer he led the Buckeyes to a school-record 24 consecutive wins before losses in the Big Ten championship game to Michigan State and Discover Orange Bowl to Clemson. "He has been an extremely valuab ...
Bomb Threat at Scioto Downs Raceno? Someone not know when to walk away? Where is Art Schlichter?
Andy Dalton looks like a classic points shaver. Perhaps he's under the tutelage of Art Schlichter.
Well 35 years ago in 1978 I had just graduated from GW earlier that spring but I'm watching the Woody Hayes Coached Ohio St. Buckeyes taking on the Clemson Tigers in the Gator Bowl & late in the game with Ohio St. Trailing 17-15 but driving deep in Clemson territory the Buckeyes freshman QB Art Schlichter threw an interception to Clemsons Charlie Bauman & he started up the sideline where he was run out of bounds & as he started to run back on the field Hayes grabbed him by the jersey & punched him in the throat & then proceeded to fight about everyone on the field LOL. The old man blew a fuse & was fired the next day. I only bring this up because tonight the Buckeyes & the Tigers meet for the first time since that game in 1978 & there have been a lot of jokes flying around about that game, when I was watching it live in 78 I was like what the *** the old man has lost his mind 󾍇
I 'bet' Art Schlichter didn't think he would get his coach fired by throwing an interception.
Isn't Art Schlichter supposed to be in jail?
I just watched Woody Hayes hit Charlie Bauman on YouTube for the millionth time. In retrospect, I have to wonder if Art Schlichter had actually bet on Clemson to win and therefore threw that terrible interception on purpose? Beat Clemson!
Ohio St vs Clemson...since my cousin FB Vaughn Broadnax played for Ohio St in 1980 - 1983 and came down to OU in '83 and BEAT my Sooner's I can't go with anyone but the BUCS over Clemson.Luv u CUZ.OSU 34 - Clemson 24! .Vaughn I still remember the block you threw late in the 1981 Michigan game at Ann Arbor. On a chilly November day, the sophomore fullback wiped out three Wolverine defenders on a single play to spring quarterback Art Schlichter for the winning touchdown run in a 14-9 OSU victory.
I have a funny feeling this time in 2016 they will be calling "Johnny Football" a sad excuse for Art Schlichter!
Some comments about Coaching changes••• 1. Texas is using an Executive Search Consultant (headhunter) from one of the major search firms to assist in finding a coach. An athletic director needs a headhunter to help find a coach the way a fish needs a bicycle. Except as a CYA device. 2. The names being bandied about for NFL vacancies seem to indicated that some of these teams are not paying much attention to the Rooney Rule. In case you are among the uninitiated, the Rooney Rule requires coaches to interview at least one minority candidate for each head coaching job. It is named for The Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, who actually proposed it and then followed it when Bill Cowher left the team. What did Mr. Rooney get because he took time to follow the rule? The best young coach in football, Mike Tomlin. (pictured on left) 3. The Cleveland Browns dropped the hammer on their coach after exactly one season. Surely, even Art Schlichter would turn that job down, even if meant he could leav ...
Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said Friday afternoon that all of his frontline players are eligible (eligible being the operative word) and healthy as the Tigers wrap up their Clemson bowl preparations before heading to Miami Sunday for their appearance in the Discover Orange Bowl. The last time Clemson met Ohio State was in December 1978. Ohio State Losing by two points with a little more than two minutes left in the Gator Bowl, Ohio State was driving, and had moved the ball into game winning field-goal range. But then noseguard Charlie Bauman intercepted freshman quarterback Art Schlichter's short pass over the middle. (This was before Art’s unprecedented gambling habit forced him to declare bankruptcy.) Bauman was knocked out of bounds on the Buckeyes' sideline. An irate Coach Woody Hayes went over and threw a punch at Bauman before he was restrained by several of his players. The morning after the 17-15 defeat, Hayes was fired. He never coached again. He also never apologized to Bauman for hitting ...
Ford reflects on first game as coach December 13, 2013 By Steven Bradley, Seneca Journal CLEMSON — Danny Ford vividly recalls the best piece of advice he got during his first game as Clemson’s head coach: “If you don’t do something stupid, y’all are going to win this ball game.” It was the 1978 Gator Bowl against Ohio State, and the 30-year-old Ford had been hired 19 days before to replace Charley Pell, who had resigned to take the helm at Florida. “Bill McLellan and Dr. R.C. Edwards and the Board of Trustees, that crowd that took a chance on me — I was way too young,” Ford said. “I don’t know how in the world they figured that out. I wouldn’t have done it.” Clemson led 10-9 at halftime and marched the ball 83 yards on 18 plays to score the only points of the third quarter on a 1-yard run by freshman Cliff Austin. With 8:11 left in the game, Ohio State freshman quarterback Art Schlichter scored a touchdown to bring the Buckeyes within two points, but Clemson defensive tackle Jim ...
The last time Clemson played Ohio State (1978), Clemson won and a legendary Ohio St coach (Woody Hayes) got fired as a result of punching one of our players (Charlie Bauman) after he intercepted a top 5 Heisman candidate (Art Schlichter), thereby sealing the win. On January 3, Clemson plays Ohio St again in the Orange Bowl against a legendary coach (Urban Meyer) and likely top 5 Heisman candidate (Braxton Miller). Will we see a similar storyline?
Prepping for the "Buckeye Rewind" show tonight from the Hollywood Casino. No, Art Schlichter has not rejoined our broadcast team.
Who could forget the arrest of the last starting QB for the great Woody Hayes. Former Colt QB Art Schlichter:.
I was headed for Woody Hayes, Archie Griffin and Art Schlichter but stopped myself. :)
Wow, the Ravens vs. Broncos playoff game today had so many aspects of it being that of an all-time legendary game that I bet this game will be talked about for many years to come. I would have loved to see Peyton move forward but I think he definitely proved that he's still on of, if not the best of the elite QB's in this league and he'll be back next year! I actually look forward to watching both Manning and my Colts next year, I have two teams to root for... At least until Manning retires. :) For now, my son Dominic has been a HUGE Ravens fan for many years now so I guess I might have to help him root for his team now but I'm also keeping my eye on that other great former Colt QB, Jimmy "Cpt. Comeback" Harbaugh and his 49ers. Jimmy Harbaugh, Peyton Manning and Super-Rookie Andrew Luck all doing well this year, all QB's for the Colts. Next thing you know Art Schlichter, Gary Hogeboom and Jeff George will be making an impact on the NFL again! :)
I'm watching a replay of the 1978 OSU v Michigan football game. Chris Schenkel just said, "Art Schlichter is learning how to not gamble so much with his passes." Yeah, right. Just 40 days later, Art would throw an interception that would lead to Woody Hayes punching a Clemson player. Marking the end of the Woody Hayes era. 41 days later, Art Schlichter would be at Scioto Downs betting on ponies with known gamblers and future head coach Earle Bruce. Strange.
Oh yea, the second most important thing happening 31 years ago yesterday...Ohio State at Michigan (1981) With Woody Hayes watching from on high, Art Schlichter, the quarterback who had brought the pass back to Ohio State football, beat Michigan with a run. Playing his last regular-season game, Schlichter avoided three Wolverines on a 6-yard run with 2 minutes 50 seconds remaining that gave Ohio State a 14-9 victory at Michigan Stadium. Made our wedding day even that much more special :) Hoping for a repeat performance by The Ohio State University football team on Saturday!!!
Here's 10 reasons Ohio State *** 1. The pretentious use of "the" preceding "Ohio State." 2. Ohio State has a losing bowl record. 3. Reggie Germany somehow maintained his academic eligibility at Ohio State with a 0.0 GPA. 4. Placing stickers of pot plants on their helmets, in some scheme designed to reduce the importance of team achievements. 5. Woody Hayes is idolized by Buckeye fans, instead of shunned due to his violent nature which consists not only of hitting Clemson players, but assaults in other incidents. 6. Art Schlichter's career as a compulsive gamber and criminal began and was nurtured at Ohio State. 7. Sammy Maldonado was a fine student and citizen in high school, and then became a problem child and poor student at Ohio State. He resurrected his education, career and life, transferring to Maryland. 8. Maurice Clarett developed from a decent high school student and football player into a criminal at Ohio State. 9. Jim Tressel is responsible for the Maldonado and Clarett situations, as well a ...
Suggestion to the PGA of America: in 2014, look past Michael Jordan for golf inspiration and just go with Bill Murray and Ray Romano!! Same thing as going to Art Schlichter for gambling advice
Anderson Cooper revealing that he is *** is akin to knowing that the Miami Heat won the NBA championship, believing that O.J. Simpson has anger management issues and faced the fact that Art Schlichter *** at gambling. Cooper, really? Your secret wasn't well kept, especially since the door to your " closet " is made of glass.
I read where Indianapolis Colts former and first QB's ,when the Colts moved to Indy, lawyer is trying to say Art Schlichter got too many blows to the head that has caused him to make too many bad decisions when he was in college. Don't you have to actually be on the field to suffer the concussions that these other players have suffered. When he was in college he had a drinking problem and gambling problem. His gambling got him kicked out of the NFL. So he hardly ever played.
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) A federal judge has sentenced former Ohio State and NFL quarterback Art Schlichter (SHLEES'-tuhr) to nearly 11 years in prison in a fraud case stemming from a million-dollar ticket-selling scheme.
Former Ohio St, Colts QB Art Schlichter sentenced to nearly 11 yrs in prison in ticket fraud scheme
Art Schlichter will go to federal prison for a million-dollar ticket scheme
Art Schlichter sentenced to 11 years - ESPN
Braxton Miller became third true freshman to start at quarterback. He joined Art Schlichter and Terrelle Pryor.”
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