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Art Pope

James Arthur Art Pope (born May 5, 1956) is a North Carolina politician, businessman, attorney and philanthropist.

North Carolina Pat McCrory Koch Brothers Koch Bros Thom Tillis

Pope Francis gazing in contemplation of the beauty of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. https:…
Features: Discussion of construction of identity via possession of "legitimate" art; a Pope that'd just whine until people gave him stuff.
“Many powerful people don’t want peace because they live off war.” . - Pope Francis.
because their Art Pope agenda is to bankrupt public schools and privatize them. ***
“So vast is art, so narrow human wit.” –Alexander Pope
The Art of being Clooney.George Clooney Apologizes for His Horrible Italian in Pretty Fluent Italian
Art Pope, Duke Energy & Koch Brothers are all behind Pat with Big $
I demand your art banned. I also demand Raphael Sanzio banned for offensive depiction of a priest and pope.
"True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, . As those move easiest who have learned to dance" . - Alexander Pope
The work of art, just like any fragment of human life considered in it...
So vast is art, so narrow human wit.
One science only will one genius fit so vast is art so narrow human wit. Pope
not till they get rid of Art Pope and Pat McCrory
A mom & her kid changed the world. Not religion, not science, not art, not musicians, lama's, pope's, churches, "great minds" or temples.
The pope said to him what has to be said for his wall. Islamophobie is his allday win bread! A modern art! fashism
George Clooney, his wife & Salma Hayek all smiles as they meet Pope Francis at the Vatican (photo)
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Art Pope and other funders of legislators cry uncle
How can one write story on Art Pope fixing w/o noting he's 1 of NC's most polarizing figures & a key biz owner? ht…
Ideologically and $ driven by Art Pope. doesn't care about data.
I'm gonna change my icon back to pope's art my stomach kinda hurts every time I look at this one
I guess he hasn't looked at the Vatican bank ledger recently either, sure could sell some art too.
We have a new enemy. Art Pope in North Carolina. Watch the redistricting without Congressional approval
The future starts today, not tomorrow. ― Pope John Paul II
Pope Francis : Social media helps you build an identity: . “Blessed art though who create content,” writes tee...
All nature is but art unknown to thee. Alexander Pope
Pope awards Actors Gere, Clooney and Salma Hayek "..actors agreed to be ambassadors for art project" WOW! Brave ppl
"Communication is an art learned in moments of peace in order to be practised in moments of difficulty.". Pope Francis
Imagine lunch with Art Pope:. "OK, we got 'em right where we want 'em...".
Poor Humpty Patty. All the Art Pope money and all the straight men can't put Humpty Patty back together again.
George and Amal meet the Pope: George Clooney got a chance to say, Oh Father, how art thou?
With all the money gets from Art Pope, you'd think he could get his suits tailored. Looks like a 90's NBA drafte…
Electronic Device Insurance
A work of art that contains theories is like an object on which the price tag has been left. . Alexander Pope RIP today 1744.
John William Pope Foundation, which Art Pope owns, accounts for 90% of the income of the leading right-wing groups in Nort…
Two historic shames of our state. Don't forget Phil Berger, Art Pope
I can't believe he's our governor. Probably an Art Pope birthplace…
Pat McCrory is a dope or a puppet on strings pulled by Art Pope. This H2 bill is far more than a joke. Pat and his cabinet of crooks have relabeled North Carolina "First in Flight" to " NorthCarolina State Where Bigotry is the law!" Also the a acronym NC is know known as "Nibody Cares." North Carloina is now the laughing state of this country. How great would it be to go back in time and not elect such an arrogant, ignorant pig as Governors. His legacy will be limited to the man that came out of the closet as a bigot. Soon B of A is certain to re-locate their headquarters and one can also count on no new businesses evercoming to North Carolina again. And let us not forget that Pat McCrook was strongly behind the NASCAR Hall of Fame with a forecast of over 500,000 visitors annually. Unfortunately the average visitation is approximately 100,000 if thT many. McCrook is not a smart man and he's taking North Carolina down quickly due to his complete ignora necklace.l
NC used to be a moderate southern state until Art Pope (think local Koch Bros) took over. I'm ashamed of my state.
Art Pope is a close ally of billionaire conservatives Charles & David and is a regular invitee of the Koch's secret…
Fastest growing for Art Pope & the 1%. running away from their abysmal record.
After one term, he'll get bored and want to be Pope or King of the Netherlands.
Pope Francis painting encouraging the year of Mercy - another piece of Art in Art - AiA!! Enjoy!
please cover the NC political coup by Art Pope
: Religious leaders, worldover, aghast over mega quasi Hindutva event, Art of Living, Delhi, Will India be governed by Pope/Italy?
Benny O.K, but AOL should learn Art of Leaving. Pope ok but spiritual guru No! We need freedom in India from vested Indians
has sold 1,000,000 copies in Europe! The game's Art Director Mr Inoue made this drawing to thank you all! htt…
Vile school? Is that where the pope schools priests in the art of Christian child molestation and coverup? .
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
.Just heard Mikey was taken to the woodshed by Art Pope. Was supposed to back Marco Polo. New majority leader soon!
Interesting. Art Pope is a longstanding influential figure in conservative circles in NC
Great to hear Art Pope and Rep. Skip Stam speaking at the convention and endorsing
Knowing how Art Pope operates, he wouldn't put his name or $$ behind a candidate that was on his way out.
Art Pope and Rep Skip Stam just endorsed and spoke on behalf of at the convention.
Art Pope and Skip Stam endorsing leads me to believe that rumors of his demise are premature and also $ coming.
Art Pope and Rep. Skip Stam now speaking at the on behalf of, and endorsing !
Yep. NC, now owned by Art Pope and the Popettes and brought to you by puppet Pat McCrory has returned to 1950's!
This would be true for anything though, because there is absolutely nothing less cool than Art Pope the person.
The concept of Art Pope is way cooler than the person.
Lol DMV rappers cover art is always cliche...
"Not to go back is somewhat to advance." Alexander Pope
"Your painting is beautiful but false." Even the Pope is an art critic.
Art Pope: Still a path to victory for Rubio even if he doesn't win Florida
The Pope County Library System (PCLS) is excited to celebrate Youth Art Month with the 2016 PCLS Bookmark Contest.
.a dutiful puppet of Art Pope and Kochs
But today Art Pope, & UNC BoG are tearing down that foundation.
And my piece on Brent Pope and his outsider art "mission". Let The Right Ones In
we even read enviro literary criticism at my ~snooty art school~ getting a BAVCS with focus on environment not hard at SAIC
I love how art pope thinks Rubio fights on to the convention with only superpac money. This thinking is why they are losing.
NC Supremes' 4-member majority are a wholly owned subsidiary of Art Pope and the . Paul Newby doesn't even hide it.
I dream of a Johnny Manziel that drinks tea before games and reads The Art of War for fun.
Olivia Pope with so many deadbolt locks, state of the art alarm system, yet people get in effortlessly. What's up?!?
Lee Roberts leaving post as NC budget director served for about 16 months after succeeding Art Pope.
Roberts had replaced Art Pope about 1.5 yrs ago
We've noticed some cabinet members arriving at the mansion. Art Pope is also inside. announcement.
Don't forget the Kochs, Adelson, Art Pope, and the DeVos family in Michigan. They're funding this RW takeover using ALEC, SPN, AFP
.Facts show failed record so he relies on Art Pope's echo chamber propaganda instead
I'm gonna go be a religious man so I can go stay at the Buddhist tiger temple and learn the art of taming tigers and not eating after midday
He's Back – resuming Domus preaches, Pope says "pastoral plans" that shirk "God's path" are of the "antichrist": https:…
Update your maps at Navteq
Art Pope is one of the most powerful political operatives in with orgs that get funding from the
Resuming morning Mass at says 'abiding in God is the breath of Christian life, and style':
.attacks for doing its job tthats what happens when you're a McCrony owned by Art Pope.
Have you seen the art of Dean Heezen You should!
Sean Payton is doing a press conference this afternoon? Sports Pope mentioned it.
Your art is awesome and your laugh brightens up any call. There you go!
Every good Catholic NEEDS a poster of every single pope, right?
That goes for Buddha, Hindu, Muhammad, mother nature, satan, the pope and anything else you wish to make up...
The Republicans are worse. Adelson, Braman, Walton heirs, Singer, Art Pope, Murdoch, and many more.
In July 2016 Pope Francis will meet over 2 million young people in
Incredible Hulk Watercolour effect canvas on website http:/…
.Gotta go with Art Pope. The man has a huge one. Wallet, I mean.
All nature is but art unknown to thee.
Coming soon in January II art book! Re-print of Dark Souls: Design Works will be available as well.
Pope wishes you Merry Xmas ART challenge by Lily Bhattacharya (Indigo/Crystal) via
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
What do Pope Francis, and Jennifer Lawrence have in common? They’re all in my year in review!
Pope Francis to meet youth in Krakow - Polska - Official Promotional Website
.raised taxes on working poor, middle class, seniors & military families so Art Pope could get a tax cut.
is preparing for Follow 2 mln visitors expected in July 2016.
Planning any new Overwatch art or cosplay this year? Check out our hero reference kits! | https:…
The art of Robert Pope. A short article on his drawing Aesculapius.
why did NCGOP eliminate judicial public financing w/voter ID leg? b/c that's what Art wanted?
is preparing for 2 mln visitors expected in July 2016.
After a brief stint in public office as NC Gov. Pat McCrory's budget director in 2013-2014, Art Pope is now back...
Planting Randy Voller in the NCDP was the best idea Art Pope has had in years.
art works outside of their setting would only be worth a fraction of their value.Pope Francis nogain
I didn't know who Art Pope was. When I looked him up I saw his foundation donated mega bucks to charities, such as habitat for humanity. What did he do to the poor? Boycotting the store is not a good thing no matter what his political views. Who this hurts is the working guy who needs a job. Who do you think it would help by boycotting the stores?
Not bc of his looks, well maybe a part of it (forgive me) but his "art" turned me off, esp that one with the pope :---(( pls no~~
Events | York Curiouser Simon Pope talks 'walking as art for FestofIdeas free drop in 12.30
Exciting designs proposed for Pope's Urn & text in seating imagining how public art could look
I just wonder how thinks he's going to compete with Art Pope and the Koch Brothers.
I'll be back in the fall with you fools no worries. But yall would die for the street art in phil for real
Art Pope is bad news for every campus in the NC system.
Next time please get and the on your panel I am sure they have many lies tell all the public
Thanks for investigating Art Pope's effort to redirect $$$ to Rich White Men, Inc.
Inspirations for my art right now are Paul Pope, Infinite Kung Fu, Toppi, Sandman, and the books I've read lately
When the pope comes, the Franklin Institute will get art from the Vatican that has previously never left Rome
Philadelphia Gets Rare Vatican Treasures to Accompany Pope Francis: A projection at the Franklin Institu...
Today's including Francis Bacon's Study for a Pope I to be auctioned by
For pope's visit, art that blends knots and have-nots via
Art Pope-funded Civitas Institute publishes mug shots of activists arrested at protests in NC
If you are not for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, you are My first nominee is Art Pope.
Visiting Make sure to pop in to to see this avant-garde exhibition
First look at £25-35m Study for Pope I - set to be the star lot of our 1 July Contemporary Art Sale
At NC state GOP Convention in Raleigh had lunch paid for by Art Pope with Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker. His bald spot is HUGE!
Philadelphia museum to display treasured Vatican art, his
‘Wake the soul by tender strokes of art, raise the genius, & mend the heart’- some inspiration therapy for our Pope event
Philadelphia museum to display treasured Vatican art, hi
Philadelphia museum to display treasure
Delighted to announce public consultation for Pope's Urn, poetry inspired public art on riverside h…
Yes surplus but u screwed everyone but your rich friends such as Art Pope at the expense of hard working North Carolinians.
The search for Art Pope - The search committee to find the successor to UNC President Tom Ross has been announced.
Pope's speech to the UN next September to focus on sustainable development -
Onthe blog: Richie Pope, mp3s, humor, art, broken pottery, fancy chicken, and more.
Cut Education, Cut Transportation, Give Tax Breaks to Art Pope + Duke Energy. Do I have that right?
One Science only will one Genius fit;. So vast is Art, so narrow Human Wit. Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism.
Everyone should get to know who is + explore his extreme RW agenda. He's ruining w/
St. Edward’s hosts the first art exhibition in SW about Francis’ in via
Red Guard to papal portrait: An profile
Are your recruiters taking on the role of a marketer and embodying your brand?Read WilsonHCG’s Kim Pope’s latest art…
The art and science of beer: a video feature on the "Pope of Foam" - Boing B..
An example of how when someone is giving you money you shouldn't necessarily take it.
😜🎨💕 - I miss having art with you 1st block I used to be snappin on Smith Pope 😭😭
Here is an oldie but a goodie by Saint Wolfgang.
It's just an art museum. You don't need to dress like you're meeting the pope.
.1. No $ after paying for Art Pope's tax cut. 2. just plain doesn't like teachers & public education
if this guy becomes president of the UNC system our school is so effed its not even funny, lets not let this happen
policy until just 40 years ago) . Also are you just a uni student or?? I'm studying English, fine art and Japanese :)))
glide. on white blue. light of. Now. -C. "
life & art FrancisBacon Judith Wright Cntr 13th14th March
"A society where the elderly are discarded carries within it the virus of death." Pope Francis htt…
"One science will only one genius fit. So vast is art. So narrow is human wit.". - Alexander Pope
.poll, like everything else from Art Pope's propaganda mill, is garbage. Look at real polls like PPP
“Living together is an art. It's a patient art, it's a beautiful art, it's fascinating.” . ― Pope Francis
TIL Pope Leo X of the Medici family personally spent $500M on art. He discovered Raphael and employed Michelangelo…
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*** it, I wanted him firmly in the fire
bro I would smash a pope art right now 😂😂
Imagining Björk cares what NYC art critics think of her MOMA show like imagining the Pope cares what a racist grandpa in Iowa thinks of him
visited old arabs traditional art and painting exhibition in . Some photographs for u frnds.
Art Pope-backed conservative group targets NC leaders in ‘vast left-wing network’. :
Profiles and Smiles at the Art Museum-The Pope Cometh...'The Sermon on The Mount' willbe there too!
Pope Francis and the Dali Lama have cancelled the Pope's meeting with the Dali Lama and Nobel Laureates because...
Our Father who ART is in the Heavens NIEMEIER would be thy Name- MsAnnie Hey Pope David
Pau, Pope's Escapo makes one of the 10 best Graphic Novel reprints by Paste Magazine. Really happy they loved the art
My Homie Marcos Almeida said it best: "I guess I can never buy anything again"
“I literally get an art question every time in trivia crack” !
"Not to admire, is all the art I know, . To make them happy, and to keep them so." - Alexander Pope ❤
you know there's a problem when instead of having final exam stress dreams I'm having nightmares about Art Pope and the BOG...
Pope urges global war on human trafficking, appeals to consumers
So what - you're the perfect queen of 'dieting art' and I am around here and widely over America the so called 'diet pope'.
Art Pope btw is worse than the Koch Brothers in NC
Funny and sad how life imitates art or is it art imitating life...? Either way looks like Kerry Washington needs real life Olivia Pope!
anti-gg is like the pope and is the statues. Don't let them destroy the art. if you get it you get a cookie.
Koch Brothers, Art Pope and ALEC using influence on NC High School history curriculum
Just filmed a tribute to North Carolina's John Locke Foundation's first 25 years. Great progress. John and Art Pope changed the world.
Rap battles, Pope visits, Fine art, Robotic Hearts, Fountains of Youth (technically only one), and Rey Pescador
"Why are we all trying to be Olivia Pope?" -
Pope Francis Inspirational Quotes Poster Artwork designed by MustacheShoppe. Made by Zazzle Art in S
Some of those cross-stitch yokes? You can get them with that cute tatty teddy design. Art & hobby stock 'em I think
Art and Hobby Shop in Liffey Valley or Omni SC has fantastic stuff!
make up your own dealz Tesco & MrPrice are great for art things I get a lot there for my art mad 8 yr old just put in a nice box
(ART) There are two ways of disliking poetry; one way is to dislike it, the other is to read Pope. -- Oscar Wilde
"More ominous than the Trump call was a long letter from (NC) magnate Art Pope that arrived the week before the book was published"
The Holyfield helped me meet the people to open up a Chrch where Art is the religion. Im the pope and The Holyfield is the Genesis. But not
Film is considered to be the art that most mimics the human mind.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Is that 'popin', as in the art of being the pope, or 'popin' as in, crackling?
The North Carolina history program brought to you by ALEC/Koch Bros/Art Pope...what could possibly go wrong?
Thank you to Mr. Russ Pope for the amazing piece of art!! This just made my day. Dude, I can't thank…
Luv when people steal my art projects !!
a translation can outlive its time if it becomes a work of art in itself - like Pope's beautiful Iliad, notoriously divergent from Homer's
Project& artist Cheryl Pope featured in for her performance at
I'm surprised NC isn't in there. and his Koch/Art Pope cronies haven't destroyed it enough yet?
like the new robber barons. My fav example is Art Pope and project red map!
there's no way you aren't motivated by Art Pope and other conservatives.
73. The pope justly thunders against those who, by any art, contrive the injury of the traffic in pardons.
I can see a pope growing in the art of diplomacy and wise ness before the media.
Fan art is awesome, but why do people keep sending me photos of my face? I have a mirror. I wanna see YOUR face. SEND ME YOU…
The apostolic journeys by Pope Francis commemorated with a new issue:
Photo: tmagazine: Clockwise from left: Genieve Figgis, BP Laval & Andrew Pope Art Matters | All the World’s...
North Carollina comments: you missed the role of ART POPE, billionaire who funded the R takeover of NC.
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Your question is the wrong way round. The Pope's actions directly quotes the Bible which what all the art history =>
Italy24 Pope centralizes management of the papacy's finances via
Pope centralizes management of the papacy's finances via
Vatican24 - Pope centralizes management of the papacy's finances via
Today me and brought our art teacher a pope hat
Pope Francis to Venerate Shroud of Turin in June 2015 | ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome
Does this pope even realize all of the art history references he's making?
Project& artist Cheryl Pope awarded a studio residency by beginning in May 2015!
Evangelii Gaudium - Pope Francis on the Way of Beauty and Sacred Art
Get $5 off + free shipping on this awesome Bible art design by today!
The is like a never-ending episode of Scandal. Olivia Pope, where art thou? 😕
Didn't vote for Thom Tillis but you support Art Pope businesses or nope?
The whole Nightmare Crew in the Village Halloween Parade! Thanks to "Pope-arazzi" Steven Rosen for the group shot! :D
In class notes, she commented on the pope's art funding & the the Medicis. Artists then, as in her own time, struggled with patrons.
3 Reasons the Pope Should NOT Sell the Vatican's Art to Feed the Poor. - Read & Share -
If I live to 75 it'll be 2038. I think I'd be ok with that, barring advanced anti-aging techniques only available to folks like Art Pope.
Pope Benedict breaks silence: The risen Lord instructed his apostles, and through them his disciples in all...
so it looks like the suppress the vote plan worked. happy night at the Koch Bros. and Art Pope party.
NC is so messed up. What's happening re: US Senate is nothing. It's all ALL Art Pope owned. Talk more about Moral Mondays.
"CALLED: No open LGBT rep in NCGA in 2015. Sole openly *** candidate loses to GOP incumbent. . Art Pope don't buy no ***
Found it, couldn't link it to you via tumblr
I Understand that POLITICS Has been Defined as "THE ART OF COMPROMISE!" But when You COMPROMISE Our Nation's HONOR That …
Grace is not part of consciousness; it is the amount of light in our souls, not knowledge nor reason. ~Pope Francis
Check out this article: Anagni. The city of the slap. -
*drives by campaign sign with Art Robertson on it*. I thought that was the pope for a second.
thru Pat McCrory and specifically Art Pope they have infused NC with a backward conserv. agenda
true...we have Art Pope to thank for selling NC to the Koch Bros and giving us
I believe we need to raise revenue from the private sector. That's why I cut Art Pope's taxes. Hope no one notices we're …
Tapestry in the Vatican Museums displaying the election (conclave) of the Pope Urban VIII.
Editor-in-Chief of EATT Magazine: CULLEN POPE = great mag - Eco Art Tech Travel
I adore | I enjoyed watching your Olivia Pope Inspired Style LOOKBOOK
Guard of the heart through an examination of conscience every night - Pope Francis
An english major, an art major, and a theatre major walk into a bar. They all get ridiculed for pursuing their dreams.
So urmm drops a single "23" this week... Cover art designed by Kobby Jabben. Spread the word!
"While on others thou art not pass me by"...
"Momma! Check out the art the water made on the sand!!!" thatssolola ninarubel
Yes, Art Pope is the 3rd Koch brother and he controls PAC money in NC.Think about it as u shop Dollar General.
Follow the money, notice Art Pope's family is at the top of the list.
Neilson Carlin's aesthetic bucket list item: having the pope see one of his paintings...
and the next pope covered them up. Look up the great emasculation. . Art history is my wheelhouse ;)
I had a dream , Chaplin told me to tell u that if u don't want my my art , I'll give it to the Pope.
Books on Art. Also Book Marker magnets available in National Gallery. Fantastic and useful.
No disrespect, but Thom is a schill for Art Pope. He'll be the Koch Bro's Tool if he gets Senate!
This knows the has seen, or will soon see, his painting; my article
365 Days of Art After a good long break of 14 months (to track down money from the Pope and for an...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Quinn taking lessons in the art of reading from Olivia pope herself.
I wouldn't be surprised if one day all of Olivia Pope's coats will be displayed in an art gallery type fashion.
Foto: nightonvenus: Fan art to pope emeritus
A world without art exposes himself to it, it will be a world closed to love,,. ~ Pope John Paul II
jfc - why don't you just rename yourself the Art Pope station? Playing extended clips of Limbaugh & Savage? Sad. Turning off the dial.
because the "Hood Pope," "Trap Lord," and/or "Fergivicious" wouldn't be expected to have a degree in fashion and art
Photo: Beautiful art of father-daughter science hero family the Wests. Find out more in Paul Pope’s...
Making a colourful neighbourhood even more vibrant. Abstract art and watch repair, Pope's Rd.
had to save your art work so when you become Pope or PM I can say I knew that guy!
Hi Art students! There is a Guthrie & Pope exhibition at involving video installations + participatory projects. Come along :)
No. It's not. The Pope hates you for mocking his close friend, Ray Pop.
Perhaps Tillis can borrow the $ from Art Pope since the GOP is bankrupting NC.
Had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying Monica Pope's Culinary Art: yummo!!
Pope Francis: history has separated Christians, "but we're on the path to reconciliation and communion"
Democrat Tom Hill, his Democratic opponent Keith Ruehl, and Kay Hagan's local organizer, Haley Wilson, were scheduled to speak at today's Senior Democrats meeting. Hill and Wilson showed up; Ruehl did not. Mr. Hill spoke for quite a long time and showed that he knows a heck of a lot about what's going on in state and national government. We may not agree with all of his positions, but at least we know what they are. Personally, I agreed with a heck of a lot with what he shared. He made a lot of sense. He is not after donor money and prefers to share his viewpoints face to face, appearing at as many venues as he can find time for. He would welcome an email from you: ThomasWHill. Here's Keith Ruehl's website: . Kay Hagan's website: remember, we want to get as many Democrats into office as we can. A non-vote is a vote for the continued Republican debacle that is running our government with their strings being pulled by big money as scripted by ALEC, Art Pope, and the Koch Brothers.
These amazing dudes, Blind John Pope, are playing a benefit art show for animal rescue tonight at 6:30pm.
mostly as a result of art pope single handily funding infrastructure that allowed GOP's 2010 revolution. Great value
Pope Francis worked as a bar bouncer in Buenos Aires.
In the Spirit: Madison-connected artist creates pope portrait out of 17000 c..
Tonight's reading: Paul Pope's Battling boy. The art is so good it makes my heart aches. (& Vinnie in…
Battling Boy's art is what would happen if a kindergarten scribble were refined to perfection. Paul Pope is a talent.
Thanks Art Pope /RT North Carolina to cut jobless benefits again to lowest in nation via
0nly when Art Pope is not pulling his strings or has his hands up McCoward's ***
What a week! Props from Art Pope propaganda mill AND schmoozed w/ Koch Brothers toadies at the Hog Hammer!! I have arrive…
"I'll bet Art Pope is crying a river right now" and trying to buy a recall or impeachment.
"To wake the soul by tender strokes of art,To raise the genius, and to mend the heart-Alexander Pope"
Catholic Art Friday: Here's another reflection on the importance of sacred art by Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict...
loving the fun of your Pope Francis work & the insight into humanity u capture in formal works -art is the signature of humanity
Tony Abbott takes the Ice Bucket Challenge, art by David Pope
Art Pope and House members in Senate Appropriations for budget conference committee.
...what? "Art Pope is saying Senate budget too conservative, leads to unnecessary teaching asst and Medicaid cuts"
North Carolina billionaire Art Pope is on the Bradley Foundation board &until recently on the board of David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity
Meet Art Pope: Last year, Governor Pat McCrory appointed Art Pope to serve as the state’s budget director. But Pope has a long history in North Carolina politics and government. The attorney and businessman served in the legislature before launching several charitable organizations and think tanks centered on libertarian principles. The North Carolina native has become an increasingly influential and controversial figure in the state. Monday at noon, Frank Stasio talks with Pope about his life, career and politics. (Show repeated at 8 p.m. and available for listening later Monday on the web site.)
Art Pope making friends & influencing people in NC with contributions is topic of US Senate testimony
"“[Art Pope] could afford to spend lavishly, and he certainly did,” Sen. Floyd McKissick said. He then noted that...
.Art Pope takeover of politics in shows need to via
I kept scratching my head trying to figure out why Thom Tillis, Pat McCrory and Art Pope were so scared of Moral...
We thank him for standing up for us! NC Senator Congressional testimony focuses on Art Pope
Pope fund 75% of outside money in 2010 & 22 races in 2012. McKissick's Congr testimony focuses on Art Pope
NC state senator's Congressional testimony on the influence of money on elections focuses on Art Pope
Durham County Rep. McKissick testified in Nat'l Congress on the control of Art Pope in NC politics
McKissick’s Congressional testimony focuses on Art Pope (via
NC senator tells Congress about conservative money man Art Pope, urges constit’l amendmt for more reg of political $ http:…
McKissick’s Congressional testimony focuses on Art Pope | Under the Dome Blog |
The NC Chamber of Commerce has purchased nearly a quarter million dollars in advertising against Robin Hudson through ads supporting both of her opponents. They've bought $80,000 worth of ads in support of Levinson and $145,000 worth for Jeanette Doran. While Levinson has served as a superior court judge, Jeanette Doran served as general counsel and executive director at the N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law, a group backed by Art Pope. Who is funding the Chamber's independent expenditures? Between October 2013 and April 19, 2014, the Chamber raised $410,000. Those donors included: Reynolds American - $100,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC - $75,000 Piedmont Natural Gas - $75,000 Glen Raven, Inc. - $50,000 **Koch Industries Public Sector, LLC - $50,000** Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co - $25,000 Captive Aire Systems - $15,000 Medical Mutual Insurance of NC - $15,000 Art Pope and the Koch Brothers want this seat in a bid to take the NC Supreme Court in an off-year election. Spread the word to vote for Justi ...
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Orange County, NC Friends: Election Day is May 6 but early voting for the first primary election begins tomorrow. For those of you who want to vote near campus that means voting at UNC Hillel, by Little Frat Court (see comments for details). I'm making the following endorsements: Justice Robin Hudson for Reelection to the State Supreme Court Republicans have mounted a sneak attack to split the nonpartisan primary vote, unseat her, and give Art Pope control of all three branches of State Government. This may be THE MOST IMPORTANT VOTE YOU CAST THIS YEAR. David Caldwell for Sheriff As leader of the Rogers Road Community and a former Deputy, he will bring unparalleled experience to address racial and class disparities in local justice. This will also be the first time OC has elected a new sheriff in 40 years. Mark Chilton for Register of Deeds The former Carrboro Mayor, who is unmatched in his knowledge about Orange County land, just finished an atlas of the county AND will refuse to recognize Amendment 1 as ...
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