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Art Pope

James Arthur Art Pope (born May 5, 1956) is a North Carolina politician, businessman, attorney and philanthropist.

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North Carolina's second congressional district was carefully drawn to skirt Fayetteville in the south and Greensboro in the north and to stay clear of Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Democrats live in those cities and Art Pope's bought and paid for legislature was determined to make sure this Piedmont swing district would be safe territory for a conservative Republican who could vote for any unpopular, crackpot legislation Pope deemed important without worrying about reelection. Drastically altered, it went from a Republican-leaning district Democrats could win (R+3) to a solidly red hellhole (R+10). Obama won the old 2nd in 2008 and reelected conservative Democrat Bob Etheridge. In 2010 the new boundaries kicked in and a right-wing Tea Party activist Renee Ellmers eked out a narrow win-- 49.5-48.7%. In 2012 Obama lost to Romney 58-41% and Ellmers was reelected against Democrat Stephen Wilkins 56-41%. Although he beat her in Wake (300 votes) and Hoke counties, the margins she ran up in deep red Randolph and Har ...
Governor Pat McCrory, NC, has the audacity to blame the Affordable Care Act for the mis-management of NC Health & Human Services. Who and what else could possibly be responsible for children NOT receiving their needed Medicaid cards? In addition, what rationale could he possibly use for denying the expansion of Medicaid? I agree with North Carolina's Legislative Black Caucus, Aldona Wos MUST GO!!! North Carolina's chnsildren, elderly and citizens deserve better!!! Aldona Wos, Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis, Phil Berger and Art Pope - Not Good for North Carolina!
Attack on Democracy in North Carolina Who elected Art Pope to run (destroy) NC?.
Made the list of "The Greediest People in America!" Our very own State Budget Director and political manipulator. "In the run-up to the 2012 elections, Art Pope invested over $40 million of his personal wealth to gerrymander how North Carolinians cast their votes. The gerrymandering worked. This year opened with the state sporting — for the first time ever — a conservative GOP governor, Supreme Court majority, and legislature all at the same time. The state budget director? Pope himself. One of Pope’s first acts was coercing bureaucrats and lawmakers to move on his agenda – cutting the Unemployment Benefits rate the state pays the recently unemployed and denying benefits to 170,000 people. The state also cut social benefits and transferred a portion of the state’s tax burden from the rich to the working class. Protesters have been demonstrating outside his Variety Wholesaler discount stores accusing him of only opening his stores in poor neighborhoods, profiting off the poor, and then taking a . ...
Fitzsimon: McCrory's mediocre 2013 Saturday, January 4, 2014 Governor Pat McCrory has complained often this year that his critics never gave him a honeymoon after he was elected and started attacking him as soon as he took office. It’s hard to imagine, though, that he ever expected one when he named prominent funder of right-wing causes Art Pope as state budget director. But the voters did seem inclined to give McCrory the benefit of the doubt initially. Public Policy Polling reported last January that 53 percent of voters viewed him favorably while only 25 percent had an unfavorable view of the new governor. Even Democrats were evenly split on McCrory, presumably hoping he would govern the state as he ran Charlotte as mayor, conservative maybe, but not a radical tea partier. Then came the 2013 session of the General Assembly, where McCrory’s close allies in the General Assembly started working to pass their far-right agenda as soon as the session began. McCrory seemed lost at first, asking the Senate ...
The African American Caucus - Wayne County Democratic Party (AAC-WCDP) will coordinate its third Art Pope informational picket this Saturday at the Maxway store on Center Street in Goldsboro from 12 noon until 3 pm. The weekly picket is gaining momentum and we'll continue to distribute information to potential Maxway shoppers to ensure that they’re armed with critical information that will determine if they'll continue patronizing Art Pope stores. I am proud to report that a broad spectrum of shoppers – Black, White, Asian, Latino, Democrats, Republicans, Independents – were outraged about the Art Pope’s business model and vowed to never shop at Art Pope chains in the future. Pope’s Variety Wholesalers chain targets low income and African American neighborhoods and then use profits to develop policy to oppress those communities. The two biggest stores in Pope's Variety Wholesalers chain are Roses and Maxway. The smaller stores rounding out his business, which targets low-income and African-Ameri ...
THIS SUNDAY, DEC. 22ND 2013— The Durham Branch of the NC NAACP will be holding our General Body Meeting! Come join us at 4:00 p.m. at St. John’s Baptist Church located at 917 Onslow St., Durham, NC 27705—Everyone is welcome, so come and bring a friend! Topics for discussion include the Informational pickets of Art Pope’s Roses and Maxway stores, and the upcoming Moral Monday event! Art Pope uses Roses and Maxway stores as a means to further the repression of minorities and the poor by paying poverty wages, and utilizing the profits to fund right-wing radical think tanks, and ensure the passing of laws that benefit only the $RICH$ And now, in the position of State Budget Director in the administration of Governor Pat McCrory, Pope has even more influence and power to hurt people. We must stand together as a community and STOP patronizing these institutions of oppression! Quick question: What’s the best day of the week? MONDAY! You read that right—MORAL MONDAY IS BACK!! On Monday, December ...
.on updates on the NSA's illegal spying and Snowden's letter to Brazil, the pope is not an ally http…
North Carolina: Pickets at Art Pope's stores gain steam, go statewide.
To Governor McCrory and State Budget Director Art Pope,. As scholars from institutions of higher education...
Have you seen this mural of the Pope? via Buenos Aires street art
It's the 30th anniversary of Leo Steinberg's “The Sexuality of Christ," quite possibly my favorite art history book
Art Pope in Protests Aim at One Man Who Moved North Carolina to the Right
Posting belatedly, but this anatomy of Art Pope and William Barber's debate will be there whenever you need it
Picketing in front of Art Pope owned Maxway in Raleigh Forward Together, Not One Step Back!
Fascinating New Yorker article about the sexuality of the baby Jesus in Christian art.
What's the true value of Art Pope's political agenda? - Yes! Weekly
Make sure to come out to Maxway in Raleigh (1905 Poole Rd) at 12pm today to join us on the picket line! We are joining the NC NAACP led Informational Pickets effort happening statewide to hold Art Pope accountable to the people he continues to hurt by funding regressive policy!
I put up the full 2-minute debate between two of NC's biggest liberal and conservative voices. Belated but interestng
yes, but it has been very successful in Hawhurst. I'm not convinced Sevenoaks appreciated an art house cinema.
The benefits of a synthetic conscience Lately, it’s become fashionable for those in the political arena to make any wild exaggeration or twist of logic to get notoriety. The trick is to say these things with biblical conviction. Hang the truth. Spout these ideas as though they come from Moses on Mt. Sinai and a lot of people believe them. Here’s a gem from one of our Republican state senators, Bob Rucho of Matthews: “Justice Robert’s pen and Obamacare has done more damage to the USA then the swords of the Nazis, Soviets & terrorists combined.” Think about that for a moment. The justice of whom he speaks is Chief Justice Robert of the US Supreme Court, himself a fairly conservative sort. But Obamacare . . . worse than the death of soldiers killed on D-Day . . . worse than the pilots lost over Germany . . . worse than the 2,977 people killed on 9/11? Shame, Senator. Where did you purchase your conscience? Closer to home, we have our own NC senator, Jim Davis, and some righteously inspired legislat ...
Response to Art Pope by Eric Preston (Fusion Films) on Livestream -
The picture next to the word imbecile would be Tom Tillis. He and Art Pope are quite the pair of compassionate conservatives.
Here's the open letter to NCGov McCrory and Art Pope on the Gene Nichol records request, signed by 300 NC scholars htt…
The Civitas Institute, a conservative think tank founded and bankrolled by N.C. budget director Art Pope, sought funding to portray the Medicaid program as "failed" and to urge funding cuts, according
Art Pope, Money in Politics Protest at Maxway in Burlington, NC (+playlist): via
“True ease in writing comes from art, not chance/ As those move easiest who have learn'd to dance.” Alexander Pope
Former American Academy of Art Student, Jason Seiler, illustrated cover for TIME Magazine's 2013 "Person of th
My anatomy of the accidental encounter of NC's biggest liberal + conservative voices. Belated but still useful
"To wake the soul by tender strokes of art" . . ~*Alexander Pope.
That looks so YUMM! Did you make that amazing piece of culinary art?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
good to hear from you ✰ Please contact Mr Pope regarding your GCSE Art work.. Hope you are continuing to be creative
In America, our aristocracy is made up of corporations and the super-rich. Modern robber barons the likes of Art Pope and the Koch brothers.
Here are the 10 Greediest people in America.what are your shopping habits? 10. Angela Spaccia: Pint-Sized Pilfering We start this year’s top ten with garden-variety greed, the sort that inevitably grows in the shadows of escalating grand fortunes. In that shade, people in positions of modest power and authority regularly — and clumsily — try to emulate the avaricious high and mighty they see all around them. In Bell, a small Los Angeles County working class community, that modest power and authority once belonged to Angela Spaccia. As Bell’s assistant city manager for a seven-year span that ended in 2010, Spaccia helped stuff hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pockets of the city’s top officials, including herself. Spaccia in one year alone took in $564,000 Prosecutors eventually caught up with Spaccia and her pals. Her boss, the Bell city manager, cut a plea deal in October to 69 corruption charges. He pulled in $1.18 million in his most lucrative year. Spaccia chose to go to trial inst ...
Lexi, we only talk in art, of course I don't know ya. Don't worry I'll give ya a hug in the morning
Hey this is some art inspired by , keep up the good work.
The speaks with great love of the Time to sell some jewelry, art or a palace or two to feed them. Words are…
We need to practice the art of listening, which is more than simply hearing. -Pope Francis
Protesters gathered at Art Pope's Maxway store in Burlington, NC to protest political spending in North Carolina.
Now that I know Art Pope backs republicans I will shop his stores. Especially the one on Sunset Ave in Rocky Mount. I hope that phoney NAACP guy Barber is out there so I can tell him to go get a job instead of collecting money from the poor. He is a big PHONEY.
This is the sort of crap that's put out by the Kochs, Art Pope, and the swinish minions who want to rip off the American Public just so Big Pharma, Big Hospital, and Big Health Insurance can continue to make money and give you zilch! If I were "King of the World," I'd hang both Kochs by their--sounds almost like 'Kochs'--and I'd put a peaked hat on Pope the dope and run him out of NC on a really rough rail.
NC Art Pope came in at I can't believe he came in so low!!!. America’s Greediest: The 2013 Top Ten . via
I will do without before I make a purchase at one of the Art POPE stores. - Thanks for info Rev Barber
Pope Francis and the Naked Christ: Thirty years ago, the art scholar Leo Steinberg published a book that helps...
Watch Eric Preston (Fusion Films)'s Response to Art Pope on Since December 2nd, the NC NAACP and the Forward Together Moral Movement have been holding statewide informational pickets outside of Budget Director Art Pope-owned stores. This campaign has shined a light on NC Budget Direc...
"At a critical moment for the future of North Carolina's Medicaid program, a conservative think tank that was...
Hamilton Collection
Professors ask Gov. McCrory to speak out against Civitas records request | Not likely since he's owned by Art Pope
Art Pope think tank behind campaign to discredit and defund Medicaid
I just signed a petition to Art Pope: Mr. Pope: As the owner of Roses and Maxway stores, you profit handsomely from African-American and low-income communities, but you are using that money to elect extremist politicians and promote policies that keep people poor. Now you're North Carolina's budget…
**ACTION ALERT** WHAT: Informational Picket WHERE: in front of Maxway 1905 Poole Rd., Raleigh, NC WHEN: Wednesday, 12/17/13, 12 Noon WHY: NC Budget Director Art Pope is the owner of Variety Wholesalers Inc, a retail chain including Roses and Maxway. Pope literally depends on black and working class communities to finance his political operation; African-American and poor shoppers at his stores supply a large share of his income, which he then uses to promote policies that keep them too poor to shop elsewhere. Many of his workers are also trapped – they’re paid less than a living wage, with few benefits, and they wind up relying on public assistance to support their families. In reality, Pope’s business is heavily subsidized by government funds, yet he uses his profits to promote an elitist, anti-government agenda – against voting rights, against public education, against campaign reform. [LL]
I encourage anyone with conservative values to shop at Roses of Dunn this afternoon. The NAACP is scheduled to picket Roses of Dunn at 4pm. They are doing this against Art Pope. Just because he supports conservative issues. It i his money to support who he chooses. So make a stand and shop at Roses.
Art Pope, a businessman with a chain of discount stores and now the state’s budget director, has used his personal fortune to further a...
In 2012, Art Pope’s family contributed $16,000 to Pat McCrory’s gubernatorial campaign and $125,000 to the N.C. Republican Party, which campaigned for McCrory. Outside spending groups affiliated with Pope spent another $496,560 benefiting McCrory’s campaign. Soon after the election, Pope was appointed first to McCrory’s transition team, then to one of the most powerful positions in the governor’s cabinet: Budget Director. The John William Pope Foundation, of which Art Pope is chairman, supplies more than 85% of the income of the leading groups pushing an elite, right-wing agenda in North Carolina, including the Civitas Institute, the John Locke Foundation and the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. Key members of Pope’s group have found their way into the halls of state power, including Gov. Pat McCrory’s chief of staff.
Protest of Roses here in Greenville at 4. Roses is a chain owned by Art Pope. (I am working so I will be unable to attend)
Good morning USA! According to Transplant Living, the average total cost of a single heart transplant in 2007 was $658,800. Transplants that involved both a heart and a lung cost an average of $874,800, while heart and kidney combination transplants cost an average of $758,700. These costs have increased since then. So the NC General Assembly has decided that the way to address this is to pass legislation that would deny health care to more than 500,000 low-income people even though the federal government would pay the entire cost of the care for three years and 90 percent after that. I wonder how many NC conservatives blinded by the propaganda that "health care subsidies to the poor is FREE STUFF for Obama's friends" are aware that they are Obama's friends. Because the numbers expose that maybe Art Pope can afford the above mentioned medical procedures, but the duped republicans in the middle class and the poor that voted in this NCGA super-majority of Republican plutocrats can't afford to get sick. PROP ...
Made two different batches of cookies today and went to a protest rally at Roses owned by Art Pope the man funding the right wing teabag destruction of NC. Was able to talk some folks out of shopping at Roses. All in all A very productive day.
OKAY!! I'm up, bought my poster board and markers last night, and as soon as I get some coffee flowing in my veins, I'll set about making my sign. I am NOT scared of weather, I am scared of Art Pope!! There will be plenty of traffic to get our message seen!! Let's get out there and INFORM VOTERS!
Today was statewide picket of Art Pope owned stores. Please click *like* if you participated in one of the pickets. And please tell which city or town you represented. Thank you.
Art Pope Exposed traces the web of influence Art Pope's low wage empire has purchased
Great link for Everything You Need to Know About Art Pope, but will be sick to hear. s
You wanna know one of the things that REALLY scares me? "Dear Lord. We thank you for your many blessings upon this house, and we give you the praise. AND thanks for helping us to deprive millions of children a good education and proper nutrition. Thank you for helping MY FAMILY to prosper as other families deteriorate. LORD, WE THANK YOU FOR THE COMING YEAR, and FOR THE VICTORIES you will give us in eradicating poverty among the millionaires and billionaires of this great land. and thank you for helping us ALSO to eradicate poverty in America by pushing away from us the poor who make us feel guilt-ridden and unhappy and we KNOW YOU don't want that do you Jesus. IN YOUR NAME we pray We the (ARROGANT GREEDY *** people" Sounds extreme right? AND perhaps even the most depraved of the elites sorta amongst us (but not really) don't QUITE put it that way at least publicly. BUT BY THEIR ACTIONS, THEY DEMONSTRATE THAT THAT IS INDEED their prayer. God help US. Cause the Waltons, Art Pope, The Kochs, and thei ...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
You see, Pat McCrory is controlled by a very wealthy conservative by the name of Art Pope. Pope is looking to make the purple state red with his money. Pope has purchased a faithful servant in McCrory. Here’s what Wikipedia says about him: “A North Carolina politician, businessman, attorney and philanthropist. In January 2013, he became Budget Director for North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (who officially calls Pope his “deputy budget director” because, he said, the governor himself is the state’s budget director). At the time, he was serving as CEO and board chairman of Variety Wholesalers and president and chairman of the John William Pope Foundation. According to the News and Observer Pope “has invested millions in a network of foundations and think tanks, and advocacy groups, both in North Carolina and nationally, that are designed to further conservative and free market ideas.” He has supported organizations including Koch-backed American’s for Prosperity, of whose board he is a mem ...
For my FB friends in the Fayetteville, NC area; come and join me tomorrow at Roses at Westwood Shopping Center at 1:00 pm for the Art Pope Informational Picket.
If you subscribe to the magazine, you probably read the article about buying power and understanding as a consumer how purchases can change the marketplace and political platform. Today a boycott will take place at 11am at Maxway on Center Street. If you know nothing about Art Pope you really need to get in the loop and understand how spending your money there and at Roses even on Senior Citizen Wednesday, is more than a discount, it supports a tea party propaganda that undermines Gods people. This is the news we cover. This is the Gospel. We can't tell it all but we are working to tell all what the real story is. Be there at 11 and take a stand to move forward!
"I believe that a free society is both the most just society and the one that's going to help eliminate poverty and bring the greatest prosperity for the most people."Barry YeomanNovember 14, 2013Art Pope J.D. '81 wants you to know that he did not buy North Carolina’s 2010 elections. “Depending on y...
Art Pope Picketing tomorrow at 11am on Center Street. Don't miss it.
NC Sen. Thom Tillis watch: Did Thom Tillis enjoy pricey hors d'oeuvre at the American Legislative Exchange Council meeting last week? We'll probably never know, but we do know that Tillis is an "outstanding" member of the very conservative organization that some say serves as a sort of "dating service" for state lawmakers (mainly Republican) and big biz. ALEC even named him legislator of the year in 2011! They love him; he delivers. If you think that's no big deal, you should brush up on the ALEC backers -- which include Art Pope (Civitas Institute founder and funder) and his friends the Koch brothers -- and its big-business-worshiping agenda and perhaps ask yourself why they want to hide their activities from you. Following the GOP take-over of the statehouse and the Assembly in 2010, NC has borne the fruits of ALEC-spawned legislation. The N&O reported: "The 'ALEC bills' that passed in Raleigh included a bill requiring voters to produce a photo ID, a measure providing vouchers to poor children to attend ...
An informational picket campaign focused on Maxway, Roses and other stores owned by Republican donor Art Pope is attracting new followers and generating fresh scrutiny of Pope's political network in N
This week, the North Carolina NAACP and other groups launched an informational picket at stores owned by North Carolina mega-donor and state budget director Art Pope -- highlighting the disconnect bet
I was glad to hear that the state NAACP is protesting in front of Roses department stores to inform the public that master Art Pope is using profits his family stores to oppress poor people in North Carolina. Let's join the effort and hit Mr Pope were it hurts in his pocket book .Inform your family and riends not to shop at Roses
Boycott roses store cause art pope is taking our money and not putting it back in the coumity
Thoughts today on the legacy of Nelson Mandela from a great North Carolinian - archivist and educator, mentor and friend - Steven Hensen. Since I could not state it better, I quote: Contemplating the life and death of a man and statesman such as Nelson Mandela just makes the minds and moral universes of John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Art Pope, Pat McCrory and their ilk seem so small and pitiful by comparison. I weep for the "departing" (as RSA President Zuma put it) of Mandela, but I weep more that our own lives have become so constricted and diminished by the petty mendacity and venality of what passes for government in our own country and state.
He's not, really: Why is GOP mega-donor distancing himself from controversial big-money groups?
Yes, I know. Art Pope's program is a whole different thing, and something that actually deserves to be cut
The Art Pope program is a recent addition that was added after I graduated in 2002. Pope started out...
I would be happy for UNC to cut Art Pope's Western Civilizations department, but somehow doubt that's on the chopping block
at Citizen Koch film viewing at the Stone House. We have our own Koch Brothers here, Art Pope
.Yeah, when you do Art Pope's bidding, he gives you an award. Good for you, sycophant.
Medicaid coverage gap is a disgrace to the state’s good name | NC continues downward spiral under McCrory & Art Pope
He is bought and paid for by Art Pope
MUST-SEE: Bill Maher exposes how Art Pope is destroying North Carolina via
Leads his state back into the 19th Century
because we have McCrory beholden to. Art Pope who hates the poor and despises women.
Art Pope on move to establish a Western-centric at "Not all is equally valuable."
.Raleigh! And your state would be a lot greater if you tarred and feathered Art Pope, his governor and his legislature
Art Pope imagines a UNC where thousands of people with diverse interests study only things that he finds important:
Okay but on a less eloquent note Art Pope is a privileged ***
Art Pope epitomizes the close-mindedness of so many Americans that halts our country from making substantial educational & cultural progress
She is part of a group who is doing much harm to NC. An (Art) Pope addict. Another
Art Pope seeks to align curriculum at UNC-CH more closely with his own ideology, using his “think” tank front group:.
The long arm of Art Pope now trying to determine "university values" at
He is a Art Pope puppet and loves ALEC template for America.
however Charlotte helped McCrory win. I knew he was in Art Pope's pocket
Thanks, Art Pope. But we don't really need your help with UNC-CH curriculum
Art Pope is one of the most powerful political operatives in with growing national ambitions, his orgs get funding from the
Art Pope is a close ally of billionaire conservatives Charles & David Koch, and is a regular invitee of the Koch's secretive gatherings.
This ought to help explain Moral Mondays in NC! Art Pope, Citizens United, and North Carolina Politics via
Is Shaun McCutcheon the Art Pope, for Alabama? Another Citizens United—but Worse via
Your beautiful state is under attack from Art Pope, the Koch Bros and their band of loonies, but your people have had enuf!
If Bush's brain was Rove the Art Pope is NC governors soul!
To NC's poor and unemployed from Gov. McCrory and Art Pope: We feel your pain. Really. Have some turnip greens on us.
Well good. NC can send Art Pope too.
.Visualized: Poisoner of environment, frackhead owned by and Art Pope
Family foundation of Art Pope giving $185,000 to charities to mitigate partial federal budget shutdown.
Art Pope prevents NC from funding programs for poor during donates to food banks w/ own foundation
Art Pope is a man who gets what he wants
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
We have the blank contracts ready for Art Pope's signature so we can pay above and beyond! Send them down.
"Pat McCrory" is an anagram for the line on the bottom of Art Pope's memos: "cc my parrot"
. Art Pope wouldn't let him. Why is Art Pope running NC?
It's CHILLING: Art Pope exposed starving the poor, elderly, disabled for
.You're proud of getting an award from Art Pope for doing Art Pope's bidding?
What sort of leaders cut many of our veterans off of their support? Art Pope, , rest of
Art Pope and could learn a lesson in class from This is real leadership!
Art Pope and the Cadre of Malfeasance are getting a lesson in the diff btwn running corporation and a gov't.
Art Pope ordered free-market sunshine only for the rich. This "sun that shines on everyone" stuff is socializims.
to Budget Dir Art Pope: failing to discern role of gov't in protecting most vulnerable
...And will highlight spikiness of leadership capacity. Exhibit 1: Budget Dir Art Pope
Lord of the Flies redux. Art Pope's letter to dept heads related to state funding during shutdown.
Chilling: Art Pope. Wos. McCrory. Trying to scrap poor people.
You have made MY home state a laughing stock. NC has become a state to be pitied thanx to you and Art Pope pack.
You & your "Art-Pope-Selected" cronies put North Carolinians in peril. Thx to your vote slaughtering, the nation is watching.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
That is all. Art Pope is a GOP MESS. p2 & p3.
Already had the story in the paper, based on Art Pope interview.
Art Pope ltr/ DSS ltr re Work First How will we take care of kids, poor & elderly.
Art Pope says no $ 4 NCs most vulnerable. Didn't his buds & get us in2 this?
Art Pope letter to Department Heads about shutdown and Wayne Black letter to DSS offices re shutdown:
.Art Pope letter Sept 30 ltr to dept heads.
Sept 30 ltr from Art Pope to Dept heads. How will we take care of kids, working poor & elderly.
Art Pope letter to Dept Heads @ spending. How will this affect working poor/elderly in NC?
Is Civitas really not under Art Pope’s thumb?
A shameful distinction: did Art Pope's memo have anything to do with NC being unique in shutting down WIC vouchers?
Great post!. NC was already 'business friendly' before Gov. McCrony and Art Pope took office back in January.
Just met Art Pope, who worked for Ford and put the first disc brakes on the Mustang! At Hershey with 2013.
[BlueNC Update] 2013 Popies winners - Several NC legislators, many of whom are bought and paid for by Art Pope, ha...
NC misses the Bev Perdue days. Art Pope, have forgotten the least of us. Servants of the 1%.
This man is a Art Pope puppet and a complete crooked *** He and his GOP buddies have destroyed North...
MT Great article exposing Art Pope & his big money influence in NC politics
.Yes indeed. Due to NC GOP temper tantrum. Way to go -Art Pope muct be proud of you minions.
.You must be proud to be honored by Art Pope for doing Art Pope's bidding!
Fast Facts about Art Pope's political network and electoral machine in North Carolina and beyond.
Debbie Wonders via Murray Kravitz. "The Money of Koch and Art Pope owning North Carolinians lives of the...
Terry Stoops blasts NC teachers and schools, but has months of teaching exp. no insight irrelevant Art Pope goon
classroom issues. Check his résumé. Just a propaganda piece for Art Pope
Bill Maher rails Art Pope, all the crazy NC laws and asks Jay Z to buy North Carolina -
Art Pope's purchase of North Carolina is solid proof of why MUST be reversed.
What's happening to NC?! Art Pope is what's happening. Love the end of this New Rules discussion about it.
Don't stop at buying a senator, Be like Art Pope: buy an entire state, & force it back to 1873.
Jay Z on HBO is brilliant. I agree with Bill Maher. Spielberg, Oprah and Jay should buy states. Art Pope bought NC.
John William Pope Foundation, which Art Pope owns, accounts for 90% of the income of the leading right-wing groups in North Carolina.
Thanks to for exposing how Art Pope is buying & destroying our state. New Rules 8/2/13
an informative video on one of our least known but most powerful propagandists: Art Pope Exposed: via   10% Off
Has Art Pope "bought" North Carolina and imposed right-wing policies opposed by most residents? Bill Maher says yes.
Bill Maher did a segment on Art Pope tonight on Real Time - Democratic Underground
morning turn NC blue and muzzle art pope!!
Work to turn NC blue today. The crazies have taken over. Really one guy. Art Pope. People suck up to money.
Wonder if a grocery delivery service for people who can't drive would make a good non-profit, but Art Pope hates moochers, so no NC funding.
Nice to see all the money Art Pope spent on NC's election went to a noble cause of making sure poor people starve.
Guess what on exposed the fact you're not a Koch *** but a Pope *** How does Art Pope's *** taste?
.informed how billioniare Art Pope bought N. Carolina, creating laws no one wants. We need liberals to step up and buy a state.
lend me $200 million and I will buy back NC from Art Pope. I'm keeping the Sharia Law bill though... the Muslims are coming.
Well there ya go Gov Pat, Tom Tillis, & Art Pope - first Colbert, and now the state is a laughing stock on HBO's Real Time. So proud.
NC residents...I hope this Bill Maher episode isn't the first time you've heard of Art Pope
The Art Pope empire: Media outlets, think tanks and election machines
Why you should know Art Pope via In
Congrats to on for mentioning North Carolina on his show this evening! If the US didn't know who Art Pope is - they do now!
Leave it up to Art Pope, screwing over NC.
I hope a group of armed drunks follow Art Pope home.
.You do know that Art Pope is Gov. Pat McCrory's (NC) chief of staff, don't you?
The states that used ALEC were bad enough, but Art Pope took it too a whole new level in NC.
Bill Maher refers to Art Pope of NC as . "The Koch brother from another Mother."
So Art Pope is running NC and allows guns to be concealed on play grounds and at bars. Aka
Bill Maher hits NC for insanity. Finds the problem--ART POPE.
LOVE IT! is going after craziness and its author, Art Pope
Art Pope, Koch brother from anotha motha! BINGO!
What happen in NC: 1. Art Pope and 2.Dems staying their *** home in 2010.
actually the root of all of NC's problems lies with Art Pope.
Art Pope's Civitas is not happy with education strategy of Art Pope's boss
disappnted in Benghazi questn today - did it come from Art Pope? How abt talking about Groundswell & Thomas' ethic problems
We saw what happened to North Carolina when it was bought by Art Pope - who's gonna buy Alabama?
"What this article fails to mention is the influence Art Pope' deep pockets had in shaping NC's…" — Suzus Petals
Letters to the Editor: Abortion, unemployment, Tata, GOP, fracking, Art Pope, retirees
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Please Gawd tell us Art Pope has ties to
I'm not sure even knows truth anymore. Art Pope may be providing the gov with cookies laced with ???
Praise Report from Art Pope Shirley is better and will probably be back hone soon. It was her heart, and with medicine it is under control.
Between the periods of 1984 and 2011, Art Pope gave $5.00 to help Poor People in North Carolina.
CREW ranks is 'one of worst' governors because he made Art unaccountable leader of NC
This is who Art Pope and his puppet Pat McCrory are afraid of:
I guess Art Pope forgot to register
Is there anyone who likes your plan outside of the Art Pope think tanks? Haven't found one
Art Pope Bradley Foundation Stand in line 2014 is coming and so are cuffs
“By making Art Pope the unelected and unaccountable leader of NC, Gov. McCrory earned his title as one of the worst governors in America."
OhioPat and his so proud to "Protect" Art Pope and ALEC donors. DO NOT FORGET 2014 / 2016 Purge
We are fighting for the Soul of America You have been bought by Art Pope and Kochs.You are not a Patriot you are a traitor 2 American values
Sure Art Pope and ALEC sponsors are ecstatic over this WIN for them. They PAID good money to get these favors from OhioPat
I'm pretty sure when David Koch or Art Pope speak,they all pay full,wideeyed attentionThe ppl of NC? Not so much
Bill Randall at GOP rally says in closing: "I love Art Pope" & "Stand your ground!" Ppl applauded so must just be me who is confused.
Yeah, when McCrory said "it will put money back in the pockets of hardworking North Carolinians" I knew he only meant Art Pope.
Art Pope doesn't like to be taxed. He'd rather the poor shoulder his burden.
yes.. the Art Pope and friends crowd.. I just hope we start voting these *** out in 2014.. and continue to clean house
Even ALEC, Koch Bros & their good buddy Art Pope (Gov.'s Budget Director) can't control media on this disaster!
This guy won handedly. Did I show you his ads? His funders (Art Pope) spent hundreds of K on him. PAID. SEAT.
(Luckily I know my rep and she's awesome, but my senator basically bought his seat. EXTREME conservative. Art Pope pawn.)
Of course he does, GOP great at giving DONOR positions of authority-look at ART POPE, Donors after all are RW money cows
The goal of Art Pope and many billionaires. Money is not enough.
Governor offers special thanks to Budget Director Art Pope and Revenue Secretary Lyons Gray, and other members of his staff.
They Never work for the people just The lobbyist,Koch Bros,Art Pope,Shelly Adeleson,that's who they work for.
is the Puppet being controlled by Elitist >Meet Art Pope: NC's very own Karl Rove via
Pat McCrory just the faceplate for Art Pope and his agenda >Art Pope gets his way. Again. | BlueNC
Like its his own little state to run, >Art Pope back in glare of national spotlight
Also Art Pope is big influence peddler and buyer of politicians.
BlueNC | What happens to failed Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor?: Dale Folwell and Art Pope were...
NC Republican extremist agenda or Art pope's agenda continues to get national and state attention.
have Art Pope the Koch of south controlling our state. They just passed that drug test law
McCrory says he will sign House abortion bill Of course he will b/c he's part of Tea Bag Nation & Art Pope's puppet.
i bet you are hoping Art Pope will give you a job, you effering scum bag..
King, NC ~was~ the seat of the Klan. Guess who's from King... ART POPE. Where do you think his heart lies?
All Governor Art Pope needed was a hand with 5 digits. You have faithfully fullfilled that requirement.
ALL of the the GOP in NC were bought and paid for by Art Pope who works for ALEC and the Koch Bros
"needs a professional SOB" sez Christensen but wasn't that Art?
Fall in line behind Art Pope, thumb your nose at change and hope cheat the youth out of their vote, build your castle, dig your mote
responds to NYT: 'NC is on powerful comeback' If you want to be a moderate leader, jettison Art Pope.
I have too, but it was in North Carolina and I assumed that it was BB&T or Art Pope. (The Fountainhead was in AP English. . .)
.I'm not proud of NC. You were a decent mayor till Art Pope bought you and the rest of our state. Now you're a puppet
Art Pope back in glare of natl spotlight and yes VA TX WI OH NC campaign $ is behind GOP lockstep
McCrory sold his soul to Art Pope's bankroll.
he is an amazingly ineffective leader - can't Art Pope do a better job of telling him what to do?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A good point, Troy. It is also political. NC an example--Art Pope has channeled millions n2 crippling pub ed
Art Pope back in glare of national spotlight NC bad guy !!!
Been in for decades. NYT is right, the state is sinking into a right-wing miasma courtesy of Art & Bros.
Art Pope outside the earlier speaking with
Me,too. The first time I read "Budget Director, Art Pope., I felt like it was the opening line for Lord of the Flies sequel
Ok, friends, looking for book suggestions again! Last books I've read and enjoyed are: The 19th Wife, Sweet Tooth, The Girl on the Cliff, Wash, and Pope Joan. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
THE VOICE OF GOD FIRST BIBLE LESSON: ROMANS 8:14 For as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God. SECOND BIBLE LESSON: JOHN 15:9 As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. GOLDEN TEXT: REVELATION 2:4-5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent and do the first works or else I will come unto you quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. Brethren that is the theme of our lesson today. I am standing in the highest heaven to declare this lesson to all parts of the world. All the nations of the world should listen attentively to this lesson. Let all the trees, the animals in the forest, the birds in the air, the fishes in the sea, the human beings, angels and all created and uncreated things listen to this message because it is a message that constitutes life and eternal life. The time for the judgment of God is at hand. You have already been told that judgment will begin in the house of God (1 Pet 4:17). ...
Richard Dawkins, even sith lords do not phase him.
Rome, Italy : Attractions: Illuminated Rome /Magnificent Tivoli Marvel at the lavish Hadrian's Villa, complete with imperial gardens and fountains. Papal Audience : The Vatican is a spiritual site. Discover its striking monuments before seeing Pope Benedict XVI himself, in St Peter's Square. Borghese Gallery and Gardens : The magnificent Borghese Gallery is home to an immense array of fine art, and the tranquil Gardens are sure to enchant Art & History Walking Tours/Guided,English Speaking,Lowe Priced day Tours in Rome/Limousine Guided Tours Hop-on Hop-off Rome Tours / Ancient Rome and Colosseum Walking Tour / Wine Tasting Tours Best Value hotels, Many Restaurants, Taxis, Travel Agents near Rome Leonardo Da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport - Most traveler friendly
All a Dream Chapter 28 Once we arrived in front of my house can see the movements of my parents by the shadows in the window and by the way my father walked from one side to the other uneasily. When we walked in the house my parents were on their way to the kitchen, when I followed my father said to them: Father: Daughter takes as podi forget dinner? Me: Dad I'm sorry, but now we are here please do not be evil with Ray Father: Let's see what this kid is, then I'll decide that. Me: Dad ... More (Cut) Mother: Honey, trust your father. I: I trust mother, most do not know is enough. Mother: Let's see what he'll get ready. To emerge in the room it appears with the ugly face to intimidate and soon starts questioning fast. Father: What is your name boy? Ray: Raquan ... Father: Age? Ray: 16 Father: Study? Ray: Yes Father: Work or stay home alone hunting? I do not want my daughter to walk shaved not heard any. Ray: No sir, yes work. I am part of a musical group, Mindless Behavior. Father: At just, know who they ar ...
When Pope Pius VII came to Notre Dame Cathedral to perform the marriage of Napoleon and Josephine, he intended to crown the dictator at the same time.. However, the dictator removed the crown from the popes hands and proceeded to crown himself.. Jesus is no dictator.. He won't crown Himself.. The church will crown Him with many crowns! ~rw Rev 4:10-11 10 The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying, 11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.
When you own, your own state like Art Pope, you can do what ever you want!!
By Billy CorriherFor the Salisbury Post This is the story of how one very wealthy man stopped a government program endorsed by three North Carolina...
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life and the life was the light of men, and the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not. There was a man sent from God who's name was John. The same came for a witness to ear witness of that light. that all men (ALL) through him might believe. He was not that light but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the True Light that lighteth every (ALL) man that cometh into the world. He was in the world and the world was made by Him and the world knew Him not. He came unto His own (Israel) and His own received Him not. But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God. Even to them that believe on His Name, which were born out of Blood, not of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH ...
The Vatican says Pope John Paul II is to become a saint. Pope Francis has authorised a second miracle attributed to the late pontiff, clearing the way for his canonisation, which is expected later ...
The Vatican hailed a "Palestinian" state and called for an internationally guaranteed special status for Jerusalem. In a statement the Vatican said it was a "propitious occasion" to recall a "commo...
So, I've been doodling around with some design. Let me ask you that highly awkward and (oh boyeee - i'm gonna follow up and hound you to buy one if you say "yes") prophetic question: Would you buy one of these? ($15 range)
Important read:The Vatican's Catholic religion is composed against the Bible: Matthew 23:9 warns us...
Dear Pope Francis, I admire your dedication to helping the poor, and while many people are demanding that the Vatican sell off its artistic treasures to raise money for the less fortunate, I think there is a better solution. Instead of liquidating the whole collection, all you need to do is sell one work of art: The Last Supper by da Vinci. Dan Brown will gladly pay a billion dollars for that, and it would be nice to see you two working together for a change.
Watch the video Stam predicts McCrory will sign abortion bill on Yahoo! Screen. Gov. Pat McCrory will not talk about what he would do if lawmakers send him a bill to restrict abortions in North Carolina.
RrethUrbino Qytet The Ducal Palace. View of the Duomo. Urbino listen (help·info) is a walled city in the Marche region of Italy, south-west of Pesaro, a World Heritage Site notable for a remarkable historical legacy of independent Renaissance culture, especially under the patronage of Federico da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482. The town, nestled on a high sloping hillside, retains much of its picturesque medieval aspect, only slightly marred by the large car parks below the town. It hosts the University of Urbino, founded in 1506, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Urbino. Its best-known architectural piece is the Palazzo Ducale, rebuilt by Luciano Laurana. History[edit] Antique plan of Urbino (1689) by Tommaso Luci. The modest Roman town of Urbinum Mataurense ("the little city on the river Mataurus") became an important strategic stronghold in the Gothic Wars of the 6th century, captured in 538 from the Ostrogoths by the Byzantine general Belisarius, and frequently mentioned by the his ...
Monument to St. Michael Unveiled at the Vatican Gardens Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Present at Inauguration By Junno Arocho Esteves VATICAN CITY, July 05, 2013 ( - A new statue dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel was unveiled this morning at the Vatican Gardens and inaugurated in the presence of Pope Francis. Notably present was Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who, according to communique released by the Holy See, “was specially invited by Pope Francis.” “[Benedict XVI] was greeted with great affection by the assistants and staff of the Governorate,” the communique stated. “The two pontiffs remained united throughout the ceremony and sat together in front of the monument.” Pope Francis addressed those present at the unveiling and spoke on the significance of the artistic representation of the Archangel Michael. “In the Vatican Gardens there are many works of art, joined today by this one which however takes a position of particular importance, both for its location an ...
"Mary is the image and model of all mothers, of their great mission to be guardians of life, of their mission to be teachers of the art of living and of the art of loving." -Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
66 on the 6th, guess I am 666, LMAO
Part 2 of this gender-bending, pansexual, theological extravaganza! Joan, now living as a seminarian in Athens, starts to grow up and embrace what it really means to live as a man for good. She works diligently to look, think and 'feel' like a male - as simply being a 'woman in disguise' would be...
How Art Pope killed clean elections for judges in North Carolina
Starting summer with the nice weather, come to the music scene, new singers to show their full potential. This is the case of Steve Grand, a singer-songwriter based in Chicago, a sexy guy with a gr...
The NAACP has made overturning of Citizens United a priority. So we hope to see you at this gathering! IT’S TIME TO GET BIG MONEY OUT OF POLITICS We have seen what big money can do to our political system. Art Pope and his cronies bought and paid for our current General Assembly and Governor. In the past 5 months this administration has approved legislation that will devastate our state and its citizens. As Moral Monday protests have shown, we must fight back. One of the keys is the get big money out of politics. So… THE CAPE FEAR COALITION TO OVERTURN Citizens United invites you to join us for an organizing meeting Friday, July 12th 6:30 pm SEACC Community Action Center 317 Castle Street Speaker: David Cobb, Move to Amend National Projects Director of Democracy Unlimited Democracy NC Video: Your Voice, Their Money: Who Should Our Government Serve Light refreshments will be provided
On a sunny summer's afternoon such as this, it is good to reflect on this thought. Britain has given much to the world. Shakespeare, Wodehouse, Adams, Dryden, Pope, Coleridge, Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth, George Eliot, Smollet, Austen, Laurie Lee, Byron and many more in the field of literature. The steam engine, antibiotics, the computer, television, clean drinking water, railways, immunization, antiseptic surgery, anaesthetics, moving pictures and many, many more important technological advances. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who, Clash, Led Zeppelin, Kinks, David Bowie, Elton John and too many giants of popular music to count, as well as Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Purcell, Britten, Tallis and others in the field of classical music. In sport we have given the world tennis, football, rugby, golf and several other sports that the rest of the world can now beat us at. Socio-culturally, Britain led the western world in the abolitions of slavery and child labour, prison reform, socialized medicine, invented par . ...
The Rev. Barber of the NAACP responds to Civitas & Art Pope's attack of his church.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Slow going today. Trying not to let having a crown fall off my tooth get me down, but it's not easy- it hurts!! Shake it off. First order of business, a little brunch with Kristina Covey and Derek Pope( a little taste of HOME) and then, museums:-)
WHY THE ROSARY? . The Rosary of the Virgin Mary, which gradually took form in the second millennium under the guidance of the Spirit of God, is a prayer loved by countless saints and encouraged by the Magisterium. Simple yet profound, it still remains, at the dawn of this third millennium, a prayer of great significance, destined to bring forth a harvest of holiness. ... With the Rosary, the Christian people sit at the school of Mary and are led to contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and to experience the depths of His love. Through the Rosary, the faithful receive abundant grace, as though from the very hands of the Mother of the Redeemer. ... The most important reason for strongly encouraging the practice of the Rosary is that it represents a most effective means of fostering among the faithful that commitment to the contemplation of the Christian mystery that I have proposed in the Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte as a genuine “training in holiness”: “What is needed is a Christian ...
“Faith makes us appreciate the architecture of human relationships because it grasps their ultimate foundation and definitive destiny in God, in his love, and thus sheds light on the art of building; as such it becomes a service to the common good. Faith is truly a good for everyone; it is a common good. Its light does not simply brighten the interior of the Church, nor does it serve solely to build an eternal city in the hereafter; it helps us build our societies in such a way that they can journey towards a future of hope. ” ~ quotes from Pope Francis’s new encylical, Lumen Fidei (“Light of Faith”)
If you haven't been yet, make time to see the exhibit on Blessed (soon-to-be Saint) Pope John Paul II at the New Orleans Museum of Art.
You can add Art Pope of North Carolina to that list. Founder of Civitas. He now works for our governor. We are doomed.
I’ve said many times before that I believe that some people who were Christians and left the faith or those who reject Christianity altogether do so not because of any objection to the teachings of Jesus Christ. They object to the actions of Christians themselves
The Italian mafia is ramping up investment in wind farms to launder money and benefit from EU subsidies. Europol reports winds farms, and renewable energy in general, are the most popular target for laundering money, after analysing the financial activities of Italy's four mafia groups.
July 6, 2013 ( Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI met at the Vatican gardens for the unveiling of a new statue representing St. Michael Archangel, the universal protector of the Church and patron of Vatican City. Benedict XVI, who was invited by Pope Francis, was welcomed wi...
So you see babies being birthed into this world and people swooning over them and speaking about their innocence and then out of the same mouth the Christian professes being born into sin and being nothing but filthy rags. I ask of you, which one is it? That is double minded theology and will never serve you, God nor anyone else. Sin is a choice. Love is a choice. Love will overcome sin because that is the power of God. So if you want to see all of that darkness around you diminish stop seeing through the lies of culture or shall I say the lie that is culture and love and help light the way for those around you by an example. It is never hopeless. I mean, of course, unless you want it to be. Knock yerself right out with that one. But I'd rather you not. Your own thoughts and fears or lack thereof and attitude toward yourself and others will lead you on a path to healing and restoration or will lead you on the path to self destruct. We make choices everyday to either delude ourselves so as not to ...
The largest library of over 674,000 free MP3 audio sermons and podcasts from conservative Christian churches on the web, live audio and video webcasts, video and pdf sermons, web stores, online bible + online hymnal
Considering Catholicism??? QUESTION: Where does scripture EVER say Peter was head of the church? NOWHERE! Where does scripture EVER say Jesus is head of the church? ANSWER: "And he is the head of the body, the church." Colossians 1:18 and Ephesians 1:22 "And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church."
FEAST OF ST. MARIA GORETTI: Feastday:July 6 Patronof youth, young women, purity, and victims of rape 1890 - 1902 Born in Corinaldo, Ancona, Italy, on October 16 1890; her farmworker father moved his familyto Ferrier di Conca, near Anzio. Her father died of malaria and her mother had to struggle tofeed her children. In 1902 an eighteen-year-old neighbor, Alexander, grabbed her from her steps and tried to rape her. When Maria said that she would rather died than submit, Alexander began stabbing her with a knife. As she lay in the hospital, she forgave Alexander before she died. Her death didn't end her forgivness, however. Alexander was captured and sentenced to thirty years. He was unrepentant until he had a dream that he was in a garden. Maria was there and gave him flowers. When he woke, he was a changedman, repenting of his crime and living a reformed life. When he was released after 27 years he went directly to Maria's mother to beg her forgiveness, which she gave. "If my daughter can forgive him, who ...
Man of Destiny an elegy for John Paul II by Joe M. Ruggier He was mighty. He was strong—a Super-Power ... He was a Pillar of the Faith, a Tower. He lasted longer than any Pope but two. He rent the Iron Curtain, adored the Poor. He adored Youth; Youth adored Him. He honored Suffering. He was likewise gentle with the ignorant ... yet He was worthy of the name of "intellectual", "man of letters". He had mastered the Art of body-communication arising from His genuine theatrical flair— a dramatist's unerring sense of timing— conveying innermost Spirit through outward stance. He was of all the Popes the most widely-traveled with a reputation for building community wherever He landed ... His Parish the wide, wide Earth! He honored five hundred Saints and thrice as many "Beati", whose glorious ranks He yet may join, as Time confirms His Holiness ... a total Man of colossal Honor and Integrity— "breadwinner" to all the Church. Yet He was gentle and forbearing with me, a total stranger: He noticed my writi ...
It's unnecessary to review all the diaries on the subject of the NSA, the recent postal service info and so on. You've either read them or you haven't. If you have, perhaps you've taken a position ...
is a sort of criminal conspiracy funded by Art Pope, who approves everything which goes into it. This address from Rev. Barber are great.
By Isabella Cota SAN JOSE (Reuters) - Suffering a potentially fatal swelling in the brain, Costa Rican grandmother Floribeth Mora says a voice spoke to her through a photograph of the late Pope John Paul II, miraculously curing her and sealing the late pontiff's sainthood. The Vatican said on Friday...
Elephants are the world's largest land mammals and are keystone species for the savannah and forest ecosystems. However, these gentle giants are being...
A very important event happened while on our trip to Canada. Easton decided what he is going to call me. He says, "Popee". So there you have it!
Got nothing useful to do over the weekend? High Archivist Von Skir of the Unirat Collective (Liverpool branch) has some suggestions: * Wake up a random girl in the middle of the night and tell her that all the rats in the sewers think that she’s the hottest gal in town. * Eat a person every day (by alphabetical order) until the Book of Ee-Ee is part of school curriculum. * Declare an all out war on a rat pack that exploits mice until the mice get a union and proper compensation for their work. You don’t have to do anything else, the declaration is sufficient. * Write “property of rat” on all unattended objects in the city. Demand local courts accept your statement of ownership. Start terrorist campaign if they refuse. * Poison a large shipment of breakfast serials with rat poison. Do not use one-liners involving "taste of their own medicine." * Go door to door and convince people to learn more about Ee-Ee and donate for the church. Forgive those who chase you away. * Find any person previously for ...
Poems by Robert Browning : 116 / 147 « prev. poemnext poem » User Rating: 5.6 / 10 ( 55 votes ) Print friendly version E-mail this poem to a friend Add this poem to MyPoemList Add this poet to MyPoetList What do you think this poem is about? Report Poem The Boy And the Angel Morning, evening, noon and night, ``Praise God!; sang Theocrite. Then to his poor trade he turned, Whereby the daily meal was earned. Hard he laboured, long and well; O'er his work the boy's curls fell. But ever, at each period, He stopped and sang, ``Praise God!'' Then back again his curls he threw, And cheerful turned to work anew. Said Blaise, the listening monk, ``Well done; ``I doubt not thou art heard, my son: ``As well as if thy voice to-day ``Were praising God, the Pope's great way. ``This Easter Day, the Pope at Rome ``Praises God from Peter's dome.'' Said Theocrite, ``Would God that I ``Might praise him, that great way, and die!'' Night passed, day shone, And Theocrite was gone. With God a day endures alway, A thousand yea ...
1979: Making bagels by hand in Brooklyn, NY.
                        Anthony Mary Zaccaria       Cofounder of the Barnabites. Born in 1502 in Cremona, Italy, Anthony became a medical doctor. In 1528 he was ordained a priest and cofounded the Barnabites, the religious congregation so called because it was headquartered in St. Barnabas Monastery in Milan. The Barnabites occupied the monastery in 1538, having been approved in 1533. Anthony popularized the forty-hour prayer ceremony, promoted the use of altar sacraments, and introduced the ringing of church bells on Friday. He is depicted in liturgical art in habit.   Anthony was born in the city of Cremona, Italy in 1502 to noble parents. When he was two his father died and he was brought up as an only child by his mother. At an early age, he took a private vow of chastity. He studied philosophy at the University of Pavia, and, from 1520, medicine at the Univer ...
I...I just cant believe how many people trying to make Anime and Cartoon as synonyms,which makes me laugh hard,and almost cry to the stupidity level they have earned. Just trying to make this straight now and for all... I think that the first thing a person would notice in an anime is the eyes, which really stand out. Actually almost every anime has it’s own unique drawn eyes. To be honest I first look into the character’s eyes and see if they appeal to me. The problem is that I haven’t managed to find an anime that has “ugly” drawn eyes. On the other hand, cartoons often show us the same old characters, with non unique personalities. Also the drawing is often kind of dull and as you can see the character shown here has 4 fingers instead of 5. The second thing which is also important is the hair. You can see that the cartoon character’s hair can be drawn very easily by practically anyone and the color is just to plain. Whilst in the anime character we can clearly see a difference, the hair ha ...
Made it to the Vatican tonight. Reminded me a lot of being at Disneyworld with the lines of people. Though back in the day I think it would have only been an A ticket ride (I know some of you remember the Disney ticket system). Ran into some guy wearing a weird looking hat. Told me his name was Francis. I told him that it was about time that a Jesuit was named Pope. He didn't show any emotion. So I said to him, "lighten up, Francis." He laughed and said "that's the fact, Jack." He also told that he won't refund me the 20 Euro it cost to get into the museum but on my deathbed I will receive total consciousness. So I got that going for me, which is nice. As I mentioned, we also went to the Vatican Museum where everyone was going ga-ga over some painted ceiling. I wasn't all that impressed. I painted all of the ceilings at my house and it only took me a week (and I had to paint around light fixtures).
Art Pope = Koch Brothers. He is their disciple. While these people are not fascists exactly, they have a very similar intent and agenda.
Your enemy the devil is not fearful of you...and if you think so you've been told a lie...Prove me wrong by the WORD of GOD...and not your personal shallow interpretation of it...The insanity of Darkness is that it fears no just waits for a room to fill, a void to dominate, of a soul that will not fulfill the Command from the LORD to dominate in righteous living...that's why you need to make the value, desire, and pleasure your SOUL the LORD (Jehovah, YHWH ADONAI, JESHUAH) SHALOM to your souls my friends! If...the liar satan...was fearful of you...then why is he not fearfull of YHWH of WHOM he tried to lift himself higher?...We see a few scriptures mentioned of demons that tremble...from what? They see the ONE WHO would have the KEYS to their's not the LORD they's the AUTHORITY HIS FATHER GAVE HIM...notice...JESUS didn't throw the demons into *** or the lake of fire...HE sent then into the pigs which then ran into the sea, HE even told the unclean spirits who "croaked" out T ...
When Art Pope tells Pat how he should vote on the bill, you'll be next to know. That's how democracy works in NC under NCGOP.
Today I'm happy to say that I've taken "pissing people off" to a new level.
In the spring of 2010, the conservative political strategist Ed Gillespie flew from Washington, D.C., to Raleigh, North Carolina, to spend a day . . .
Hey Burners - any of you know of a camp that needs extra help working on an art project? I have a friend who want to go to BM this year and be part of/work on a project - and maybe/hopefully/ideally camp and get a ticket out of it...anyone know of anything? - Napalm, Pope Rajulio, Arturo Cruz Guerrero, Julie S. Jacobson, Doug Jacobson
 One of the "colleagues" of Adelgonda that preceded it was a woman of a temper not indifferent (ed)(Article appeared on First Page of 2 June 2013)The premature death of Alfonso IV d'Este (who died July 16, 1662, struck just 28 years from gout) handed over the reins of the state in the hands of Laura Martinozzi Este, wife of the late duke and niece of Cardinal Mazarin. Mentioned in the will of her husband guardian of the two sons Francesco and Maria Beatrice (respectively two and four years), Laura was only twenty-three when he assumed the regency of the duchy, especially burdensome task for worrying financial situation. The wars of Francis I, in fact, but also the large sums allocated by Alfonso IV for the purchase of works of art, to the point where they had drained the state coffers to make inevitable drastic measures to contain expenditure, especially as the credits that the house of Este had against Spain were such now only on paper.Laura resolutely faced the emergency. "Woman manly, of which his min ...
De vijfde editie van Kunstenfestival Watou tegen poperingen (west-vlaanderen in belgië) Over de liefde die we niet begrijpen staat in de steigers. The fifth edition of Art Festival against pope rings (West Flanders in Belgium) About the love that we do not understand is in the pipeline.
I rarely sign online petitions, I did for this one.
Reading the article below, made me think about the lack in quality of life in Greece. We never really payed attention in quality and experience. We just learned to count everything with money and personal wealth. Have a read on what Monocle things a liveable city is: "A liveable city has low crime rates, decent weather, good education, superb healthcare, reliable transport and an airport with a host of international destinations. It's the sort of place where you can be *** or Muslim, or *** and Muslim, and no one cares. Its art galleries open late and museums are free. It takes recycling seriously and encourages independent stores."
THE BACKPACKING ELITIST BAZILLIONAIRES MANUSCRIPT~~~ The Olympic muse greatest treasure... My darling, you make a fine peasant... Eyes as brown as hazelnuts... I spent months grinding pigments and polishing parchments to fashion a book of beauty worthy of you... On the cover was an emblem, a splendid burnished medallion... He revealed his hallmark... A rose, enveloped by dragonfly wings... Carrying a backpack with few possessions, he traveled for many years on a quest for something of value... He found it... The artisan had placed on display all the gold from his pockets... The hand of the lord has given me a weighty purse straight from the makers workshop... This book was his oldest and most prized possession... No one must know it is the ladies... She was the only trustee... Courtesy of the bazillionaire. He thought of all the poor sods out there struggling with cardboard... He was the poorest of them all, with a glorious book to rival the finest Christian psalters that gained him a reputation among the ...
Billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch have been dominant financiers for conservative front groups and nonprofits for nearly three decades. Their money has flowed to organizations dedicated to lobbying for corporate and upper income tax cuts, as well as to groups responsible for mobilizing Tea…
The Catholic intellectual life needs to be resurrected .. and that process is already beginning under the summer sun in Italy.
There are comparisons to be made between lightning and the spirit world. And, a great lesson to be learned.
It is all about a FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN! For the Kochs, Art Pope, the Murdochs of the world.those with interests that see only to the next financial quarter.It would be wonderful if you had to pay your true debt to society!
The North Carolina Association of Educators is calling on shoppers to boycott stores owned by conservative powerbroker Art Pope this holiday season. The teachers are targeting stores in Pope's Variety Wholesalers retail chain, which includes Roses and Maxway, in response to what they call his "anti-...
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