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Arsene Wenger

Arsène Wenger, OBE (born 22 October 1949) is a French football manager and former player.

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Both Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez want to leave Arsenal, despite Arsene Wenger committing his future to the club. [
Arsenal fans on a day where Arsene Wenger agreed a new contract and both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez confirmed they want…
Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil want to leave Arsenal despite the news that Arsene Wenger will sign a new two-year contract…
Arsene Wenger makes final push to keep Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil at Arsenal
Chelsea vs Arsenal FA Cup Final team news: Arsene Wenger's starting XI – David Ospina and... -
Daily Star: Martin Keown: FA Cup final would be perfect time for Arsene Wenger to leave *** ..
- Arsene Wenger warns English football not to follow Chelsea, Arsene Wenger warne...
Fabregas sweats over Chelsea Cup final starting place as he looks to prove Wenger wrong again
You know who else has a fire cup final trim? Mr Arsene Wenger
Antonio Conte says Arsene Wenger is "one of the best managers in history" even if Arsenal lose the FA Cup final.
Arsene Wenger promised his future does not depend on winning FA Cup
to give away Cup if Arsenal beat Chelsea
No one seems to give Arsenal & Arsène Wenger the respect they deserve for guiding us through 2006/14 so well. Unbelievable r…
Decision on Arsene Wenger's future will not depend on the FA Cup final result
– FA Cup final: Arsene Wenger one of the game’s greats – Antonio Conte
Can Arsené Wenger get a chance to resurrect in the FA finals?   10% Off
YouTube auto generated caption just captioned Arsene Wenger into Awesome Beggar, no kidding
Arsene Wenger has dropped an FA Cup bombshell by picking David Ospina to play at Wembley ahead of No 1 Petr Cech. (Daily Mirror)
Wenger mulls second chance for 'great player' Wilshere. LONDON: Arsene Wenger is weighing up whether to end Jack
What's taking Arsenal, Wenger so long to divulge a decision, and how does the final factor in? (by
If Arsene Wenger wins the FA Cup tomorrow he will have won it as many times as Chelsea have in their history (7)
Accroding to the papers, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, 67, will sign a new two-year contract. .
Thank god arsene Wenger is staying at arsenal more classic and golden moments at to come and enjoy now
bbc: 'FA Cup final: Arsene Wenger one of the game's greats - Antonio Conte'
Another FA Cup win won't help Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. Chelsea prove change is the way forward.
express: 'Arsene Wenger treasures one thing more than winning trophies at Arsenal'
dailymail: 'KEOWN: Arsenal FA Cup win would be perfect ending for Arsene Wenger'
.No matter what happens tomorrow, Arsenal need to fire Arsene Wenger.
Watch what Antonio Conte said about Arsene Wenger's departure from Arsenal: via
Arsenal legend David Seaman gives insight into what Arsene Wenger is really like
If Arsenal beat Chelsea in tomorrow's final, Arsène Wenger will become the sole most successful manager in Cup History with 7…
Arsenal win FA Cup would be Arsene Wenger's great goodbye
Arsene Wenger opens up about the difficulties of managing Arsenal since 2006:. ✔️ Sell best players. 💰 Pay for the Emir…
With 9 major trophies won in six full seasons in England, Jose Mourinho has matched Arsene Wenger's tally of 9 major trophies…
There is evidence that both Dortmund's Thomas Tuchel & Arsenal's Arsène Wenger could leave their respective clubs by next month.
Antonio Conte on Arsene Wenger: "When you stay for so long time in a great team, we must consider him one of the best mana…
Petr Cech will be dropped by Arsene Wenger for tomorrow’s FA Cup final against his former club [Telegraph]
Arsene Wenger has taken the decision to drop Petr Cech for the FA Cup final against Chelsea and instead play David Ospina.…
Arsene Wenger told his future and contract will not depend on winning FA Cup ahead of tilt at record 7th win:
Arsene Wenger is set to sign a new 2 year deal at Arsenal regardless of the result in the FA cup final. [
1) Arsene Wenger set to sign new two-year Arsenal deal regardless of FA Cup final result. https:…
ARSENAL: Arsene Wenger is confident will be fit to face in the final.
Arsene Wenger talking about Arsenal winning the Premier League title is surely proof he is not living in the real……
Arsene Wenger says his future was a factor as Arsenal fail to make Champions League: Arsene Weng..
In fact Arsene Wenger doesn't think one bit.. I can't believe this man still wants the club to give him 2 more years to fight for 4th smh
In terms of winning the PL this won't change much .
Arsene Wenger + Arsenal moving to agreement on structural changes and new contract. Finals talks after Cup final. Kroenke…
mirror: 'Arsene Wenger and Arsenal fans to be frustrated by latest Alexis Sanchez news'
Arsenal need the kind of change Arsene Wenger is too stubborn to deliver via BRIL…
Arsene Wenger is like the rich kid who owns the ball but can't kick it to save his life
Alexis Sánchez doesn't agree with the brainless WOB protests and also confirms that Arsène Wenger built the Emirates as w…
Arsene Wenger dismisses Tony Adams's 'sad' criticism and challenges him to prove himself  
Tony Adams on Arsene Wenger: "As much as I respected him for his long and successful tenure, he couldn't coach his way out…
mirror: 'Arsene Wenger reveals his thoughts on ex-Arsenal players returning as coaches'
Arsene Wenger will be praying for an unexpected slip from Liverpool or Manchester City .
Olivier Giroud is prepared to quit Arsenal this summer if Arsène Wenger revamps his strike-force. (Source: Daily Mirro…
Wenger looks certain to stay at Arsenal after agreeing to backroom reshuffle
Arsene Wenger to stay at Arsenal with structural changes in place
- Arsenal news: Arsene Wenger 'hates himself' when he loses, Arsene Wenger does n...
Tony Adams saying Arsene Wenger can't coach when he gets relegated with Granada. 🤔
Arsene Wenger desperate to *** Champions League berth Wenger has been under fire like never before in his 21…
Wenger's way? Arsene agrees backroom reshuffle that will keep him in charge with streamlined workload
mirror: 'Dinner with Arsene Wenger tops bids at Arsenal fundraiser for club foundation'
Arsene Wenger's future at Arsenal will be decided at a board meeting after the FA Cup final. Full story:
If Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is troubled about his future, he's not showing it.
Arsene Wenger was definitely justified in the decision to make Alexis Sanchez a striker. 23 EPL goals. 10 assists. Great stats.
Tony Adams says Arsene Wenger 'couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag'
1) Arsene Wenger HAS agreed to a back-room shake-up that will see him stay on as Arsenal's manager
BREAKING: Arsene Wenger prepared to stay at Arsenal under new structural change at the club. (https:/…
Arsene Wenger prepared to stay and accept structural change at Arsenal
BREAKING: Arsene Wenger refuses to say if match against on Sunday will be his last ga…
There's only one Mr. Arsenal, and his name is Arsene Wenger
Arsène Wenger feels sorrow for Tony Adams after negative comments -
Usmanov has put in a billion pound bid to buy Arsenal. Arsene Wenger has claimed he once tried to buy Arsenal in 1886
I'm convinced Arsene Wenger is staying on as Arsenal boss. Here's the details and why:
Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez 'behave' like they want to be at Arsenal, feels Arsene Wenger
mirror: 'Arsene Wenger reveals when his Arsenal future will be decided'
Arsene Wenger insists he is not duty-bound to employ ex-Arsenal stars after Tony Adams criticism | https:…
Arsenal FC news: 'It's like me telling Tom Jones he can't sing!' – Fans react to Tony…
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger snaps back at Tony Adams
Arsène WENGER's former club RC Strasbourg is coming back to Ligue 1 !
Arsene Wenger confirms Arsenal future will be decided at board meeting following FA Cup final with Chelsea. *** ..
theguardian: 'Arsene Wenger says Arsenal future to be decided at board meeting after Cup final'
mirror: 'Arsene Wenger gives Arsenal fans hope on Sanchez and Ozil's futures'
"Arsene Wenger is essentially not a coach" - Arsenal club legend Tony Adams has his say about the Gunners' boss in his new book
Also, on the flip side. We have Tony Adams criticising Arsene Wenger's ability to coach. Pot, kettle, black. It's all a bit messy isn't it?
Premier League legend: I held talks with Arsene Wenger... I felt embarrassed for Arsenal
Tony Adams: Why Arsene Wenger will never let me back at Arsenal.
Tony Adams has some harsh words for Arsene Wenger
If you're directing abuse & hate at Tony Adams for having an opinion about Arsene Wenger that you dislike, you need to ser…
Tony Adams reveals why Arsene Wenger blocked his return to Arsenal FOUR times .
20 - Arsene Wenger secured his 20th victory in all comps vs David Moyes, more than any other manager he’s faced with Arsenal.…
REPORT: Alexis Sanchez strikes twice late on to spare Arsene Wenger's blushes and keep Champions League hopes alive
Arsene Wenger reminds Alexis Sanchez he has not 'wasted' his time at Arsenal as he urges forward to stay: Weng..
Arsene Wenger making digs at West Ham & Bilic saying it was holiday mode. . If you rely on West Ham to get you top 4 y…
'I told them they could become immortal' - Arsene Wenger recalls the Invincibles on the anniversary of that tea...
EVERYONE! I've figured it out. I've done it. Arsene Wenger has purposely fallen short of CL qualification so that Arsena…
Arsene Wenger says a failure to qualify for the Champions League will not affect his future or Ar...…
Arsene wenger has been the best manager arsenal has ever had period but his time is surely OVER and he needs to step d…
Arsenal news: Arsene Wenger slams teams 'on holiday'
Modern football. You have to read this, even if it's only the first two paragraphs
Arsene Wenger is NOT happy with West Ham's performance against He has accused the Hammers of being on holiday. https:/…
Suspect Arsène Wenger has done more for this club than the plane wankers have done for their families.
"Arsenal are an Arsene away from being a genuinely huge club. We’re a Wenger away from being elite.". Right *** .
.."EU had it easy" arsene wenger says.hope they win the league next season cause.obvious no qualifying for the Champions League
This season:. Pep Guardiola - 30 wins, ''breath of fresh air''. Arsène Wenger - 32 wins, ''past his best''
Arsene Wenger accusing West Ham of being on holiday is banter!!
Gabriele Marcotti on Arsene Wenger's future. Those close to Wenger reckon it's more likely he goes if we get 4th/The FA…
Arsene Wenger slams teams who are 'on holiday' - Hmmm I wonder who he is talking about, Maureen…
"It's an exceptional achievement.". Arsene Wenger: He has become the complete player -
Arsene Wenger realising top 4 is still a possibility..
What happened when Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp and Arsene Wenger went for a drive together? (via with
Pep Guardiola rejects Arsene Wenger's claims about mid-table teams going 'on holiday' towards the end of the season
Arsenal vs Sunderland: Arsene Wenger's message to Gunners fans as Black Cats head to Emirates …
Arsene Wenger: "I congratulate Chelsea for what they’ve done but when you see them play in Europe next season it will be a…
Kolasinac is a smart signing and a firm indicator that Arsene Wenger plans to stay.
Arsène Wenger seems to take a cheeky dig at West Ham, insisting some teams are playing 'like they're on holiday'. .
Arsene Wenger: I will win Premier League title with Arsenal again inside three years:.
Arsene Wenger has dig as West Ham as he accuses teams of 'being on holiday' for Premier League run-in
so Europa League next season? What's more worrying is the prospects of Arsene Wenger being our manager for another season 😱😱😱😱
Arsene Wenger's team is fighting like they will fit in the top 4
Arsenal fans give up on top four after Arsene Wenger names Francis Coquelin and Olivier Giroud in team to face……
Mark Hughes is unbeaten in 8 home PL games v Arsene Wenger's Arsenal, with Blackburn (1), Man City (2), Fulham (1), QP…
Slump was Arsenal's chance to 'show character', says Arsene Wenger after Alexis Sanchez shines at St Mary's.
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger makes Monaco ace his top summer target
In my news feed, Jeremy Corbyn and Arsene Wenger are essentially the same person.
Paul Merson: Arsene Wenger is a SQUATTER who won’t leave your house!.
'Out of Their League' from 730 als hears from Rick Parry & Arsene Wenger with &
Mourinho helped arsene Wenger save his job so he can have another year of EPL *** whooping
Wenger can't hide his delight as he poses with 'In Arsene We Trust' photo
On Arsene Wenger and the Director of Football comments
Arsene Wenger rubbishes talk of Arsenal appointing director of football -
. Arsene Wenger. Taking the absolute *** out of journalism for at least a de…
'As long as I am the manager I will decide what happens' . . Arsene Wenger . . Yet the cult still blame Kroenke 🙄
Arsene Wenger trying to sign a player...
Rare image of Arsene Wenger smiling and wearing glasses.
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not to dis arsene wenger'but ask gary macalister and he'll say howard wilkinson did sports science at Leeds well before AW.
"No, no, no. Sorry, no.". Arsene Wenger was pretty emphatic when asked about hiring a sporting director.
Arsene Wenger blows hot and cold with Lucas Perez not his Arsenal 'Goldilocks'
*** Law talks about Arsene Wenger renewal at Arsenal, backing of fans and club’s board. https…
I think the autobiographical from Arsene Wenger will tell us a lot. Maybe as fans we don't know the real truth & details to w…
Arsene Wenger when asked about his future.
Arsene Wenger says he's not surprised at how well Rob Holding has adapted PL life: "I always expect good performances wh…
WATCH: Arsene Wenger: “What does a Director of Football do?”
- Arsenal news: Arsene Wenger can be best ever FA Cup boss, Arsene Wenger is just...
Arsene Wenger apologises to Lucas Perez for not playing him enough via Read it here:
A message to Arsenal's board? Arsene Wenger mocks the director of football role. Full interview: https…
Arsenal tell Arsene Wenger he must accept restructuring of club - sources
Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva has revealed that he wants manager Arsene Wenger to stay at the club. 'Arsene Wenger defends Arsenal players after tunnel hugs and jokes'
Arsene Wenger 'surprised' by images of Arsenal and Man United players hugging and kissing each other before game…
Arsene Wenger admits he visited Kylian Mbappe’s hospital room the day he was born in attempt to sign him
"I visited Kylian Mbappe's house last year and almost signed him.". - Arsene Wenger.
Fans show support for Arsene Wenger with photo gift from T
Arsene Wenger explains what how Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka has improved
OFFICIAL: Arsene Wenger confirms that Granit Xhaka will not be available for Arsenal's match against Manchester United. ht…
Arsene Wenger only concentrating on Arsenal after breaking Jose Mourinho duck
Arsene Wenger has beaten a team managed by Jose Mourinho in the Premier League for the first time in his career. Finally. htt…
Arsene Wenger got the better of managerial rival Jose Mourinho for the first time in a competitive game as Arsen...
Arsenal vs Manchester United team news: Granit Xhaka and Danny Welbeck start as Arsene Wenger retains 3-4-3 ... - Evening Standard …
"Losing to Arsene Wenger, so that he gets a contract extension". Jose Mourinho tactical masterclass. 😏👈
This is Arsene Wenger's first victory over Jose Mourinho throughout their league matches
A first-ever competitive win over Jose Mourinho for Arsene Wenger...
.Arsene Wenger beat Jose Mourinho for the first time in a Premier League match in his career.
I was alive when Arsene Wenger beat Jose Mourinho in a PL game.
So finally Arsene Wenger gets to beat Jose Mourinho in the league. This calls for a BIG celebration 😂😂😂😂
I lived in a time when Arsene Wenger ended Jose Mourinho's 25games unbeaten run.
Full time: Arsene Wenger beats Jose Mourinho for the first time in the Premier League htt…
Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United FT: Arsene Wenger has beaten a Jose Mourinho side in the PL for the first time
13 - Arsene Wenger has beaten Jose Mourinho in the Premier League at the 13th attempt (D7 L5). Hex.
He's finally done it. Arsene Wenger gets his first Premier League win over Jose Mourinho.
Arsene Wenger manages to find Jose Mourinho for a post-match handshake. Almost as unusual as him winning the match.
Arsene Wenger finally beats Jose Mourinho in the Premier League. . Howbowdah?
Arsene Wenger ma sun atun to sile lale yi. (Wenger's gonnna sleep and bedwet tonight). 2nil to the
Jose Mourinho going soft on Arsene Wenger?. "I hope the club [Arsenal] trusts him to make things better."
Arsenal should look at Monaco boss Leonardo Jardim to replace Arsene Wenger, says former defender Mikael Silvestre https:/…
Jose Mourinho will be relishing the chance to upset rival Arsene Wenger . Tony Evans Steve Nicol would call Jose Mo……
George Graham was a fantastic manager, Arsene Wenger was a fantastic manager. I'm sure Herbert Chapman was a top manager also
Jose Mourinho's men go to Arsene Wenger's house at the Emirates for another chapter in their long-running battle...
In his 21 year raign at Arsenal; Arsene Wenger has never mentioned George Graham. NOT EVEN ONCE. .
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says he expects a strong Manchester United on Sunday, regardless of Jose Mourinho's team se…
Arsene Wenger on 3-4-3 formation: "It looks like it gets the best out of every player. It's not a new system, I played it…
Arsene Wenger advises Kylian Mbappe to stay at Monaco for one more season
BBC Sport - Arsene Wenger: Arsenal boss refuses to answer questions over future
Jose Mourinho vs Arsene Wenger: How the feud has developed down the years https…
The stats which show why 2016/17 is Arsenal’s worst season of the ENTIRE Arsene Wenger era
Imagine finding faults in Massimiliano Allegri but none in Arsene Wenger.
. Arsene Wenger: I went to Mbappe’s house to try to ... Short Details: . See full DETAILS (
Is this loss also blamed on.Arsene Wenger???
💥 Brilliant 💥 . . Graeme Souness rips Arsene Wenger to shreds and suggests he's been LUCKY via…
Arsenal get defender boost but midfielder blow ahead of Manchester United. By Nia Griffiths Arsene Wenger deli...
Wenger ready 'for peace' with Mourinho
Premier League: Arsenal must be at their best to beat Manchester United, says Arsene Wenger -
Arsène Wenger on not winning the League since 2004: . "You also have to accept that Real Madrid hasn't won La Liga for 5 y…
This is classic Wenger. When will he learn! 😡
Big up Solange for repping the Arsene Wenger collection the other night at 😂😂.
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Arsene Wenger ready 'for peace' with Jose Mourinho ahead of United clash
Arsène Wenger has revealed he travelled to Kylian Mbappé's house to try and convince him to sign for Arsenal.
Arsene Wenger on Manchester United: "They have a massive squad with quality players. We will not speculate on any weakness…
Arsene Wenger: he and Jose Mourinho have mellowed and have respect for each other
Arsenal’s Arsène Wenger says he is open to making peace with José Mourinho - the guardian
"His performances have been convincing and positive, and he looks like he has moved forward.". - Arsene Wenger on OX's PO…
"I'm sorry he kicked the door. His frustration was at the match - not the drugs test.". - Arsene Wenger on Mesut Ozil htt…
"I love to win, and the hope to do well. We want to bounce back [this weekend].". - Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger went to the house of Kylian Mbappe last summer as he tried to secure a deal to bring the striker to Arsenal…
"I hate myself when I don't win matches". - Arsene Wenger
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has suggested he is ready for "peace" with Manchester United counterpart Jose Mourinho
Arsene Wenger suggesting on TV last night that Arsenal will try to sign Kylian Mbappe is the biggest hint that he is staying…
Arsene Wenger: I went to Kylian Mbappe’s house to try to sign him - Ghana News, World News, Sports, and Business
Arsene Wenger will look at Prince Philip & think: 'Great, I've got another 27 years at Arsenal!'
Even this class photo from Australia is trolling Arsene Wenger 😂
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Well spoken 👏🏻👏🏻 I've wanted him out since the day he put his foot in Highbury.
Arsenal: Arsene Wenger challenges one key vice - Pain in the Arsenal
"We have Xhaka who is still out from the kick he got in the game. Mustafi is back in normal training.". - Arsene Wenger h…
Arsene Wenger explains why Mesut Ozil kicked door after Arsenal defeat at Tottenham
Arsene Wenger says he went to Kylian Mbappé's house last year to try to get him to sign for Arsenal: "The decision was very,…
Arsene Wenger said he'd announce his future plans in March or April. It's now May. "That means I was wrong!"
.According to are considered favourites on landing Arsenal Manger Arsene Wenger. ..
BREAKING: boss Arsene Wenger says Granit Xhaka is out of the Super Sunday visit of with an…
Arsenal vs Manchester United: Arsene Wenger ready to make peace with Jose Mourinho
Prince Philip retiring from royal duties and Arsene Wenger still refusing to say if he'll stay. Surely we can see what's…
Arsene Wenger comparing not winning la liga in 5 years to us not winning in 13 is a madness. They're CL champions ffs.
RB Leipzig midfielder Naby Keita has revealed that he rejected an approach from Arsène Wenger this summer. [Squawka]
Arsene Wenger laughs off contract renewal date
The year is 2040 Arsenal are relegated from League 2. Still manager..Arsene Wenger claims they be better in 2040-2041 s…
Arsenal preview press conference with manager Arsene Wenger ahead of their match against...
Patrick Vieira with manager Arsene Wenger after signing for Arsenal in 1996 .
PSG have not ruled out the possibility of Arsene Wenger taking over from current manager Unai Emery at the end of t…
"Arsene Wenger is like an uncle who doesn't want to leave the party.". Strong words from Chris Sutton
Arsene Wenger: "I will win the Premier League title inside three years."
absolute legend. Rumours of a straight swap involving Shug and Arsene Wenger for next season...
Spurs fans are singing: "Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay."
Arsene Wenger has won the league at White Hart Lane as many times as Tottenham have in their entire history...
FourFourTwo gave me Arsene Wenger 😂😂😂.I'm more like Ottmar Hitzfeld or Jupp Heynckes.
Arsene Wenger adamant Arsenal will be ready to fight in north London derby
Arsene Wenger has never ever apologized to the fans after any defeat. Not once. .
No one can question him. No one can criticise him. No one gets paid more than him. No one can sack him. Arsene Wenger.
Wait for it:. Arsene Wenger will sign a 2 year extention & win us the Quadruple.
Arsene Wenger says Tottenham will struggle to keep their best players on lower wages
🏈 'The best players want to be paid' - Wenger warns Tottenham over wage structure
"Arsène Wenger Reaches the End of the Road at Arsenal. Or Maybe Not."
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I guess it depends what you class as success Phil. many suggest Arsene Wenger should go?
West Ham's Karen Brady doesn't back Arsene Wenger to keep Alexis Sanchez beyond this summer
Because there is only one Arsene Wenger!
Photo: Banner flown over the Etihad stadium in support of Arsene Wenger.
West Ham United vs Arsenal: Arsene Wenger backs Theo Walcott to turn his form
Arsene Wenger expects Alexis Sanchez to sign a new Arsenal contract this summer
Arsene Wenger reveals the clubs he's unwilling to sell Alexis Sanchez to
Alexis Sanchez will sign a new contract with Arsenal according to Arsene Wenger. The Chilean striker continues...
Arsene Wenger confident Alexis Sanchez will sign new Arsenal deal - Irish Examiner
Arsene Wenger fires warning to Chelsea over Alexis Sanchez transfer via
🔴⚪️ Arsene Wenger: Alexis Sanchez will not leave Arsenal like Robin van Persie did | ✍️
Arsene Wenger is "sure" Alexis Sanchez won't be sold to a Premier League rival
Alexis Sanchez will sign new contract, says Arsene Wenger
bbc: 'Alexis Sanchez: Arsenal forward will not move to Premier League club - Arsene Wenger'
Arsene Wenger has revealed Alexis Sanchez will sign a new contract at Arsenal and has confirmed negotiations are ongoing…
Arsene Wenger says Arsenal will not sell Alexis Sanchez to another English club: "That's for sure." Thinks Sanchez will stay…
Alexis Sanchez will sign new Arsenal contract, says Arsene Wenger
Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez will not be sold to a Premier League rival, according to manager Arsene Wenger. ➡️
James_Sharpe published Arsene Wenger reveals Jamie Vardy would not have been first-choic...
Arsene Wenger explains psychological benefits of Arsenal’s switch to 3-4-3 | Metro
Laurent Koscielny reckons new-look defence has injected renewed confidence into Arsene Wenger's men…
Arsene Wenger has picked more English players
Think there's a solid argument that Petr Cech is Arsene Wenger's worst ever signing
It feels like Petr Cech has always played for says Arsene Wenger
Cracking game. Great win for Arsenal. Look forward to the announcement of Arsene Wenger's new contract tomorrow.
Arsene Wenger on Alexis Sanchez: "He is an animal, always ready to kill the opponent. He will never give up."
The Times claim Arsene Wenger is unhappy with the board over the lack of support they have shown him this season. h…
Arsene Wenger speaking on FA cup final at d Wembley stadium. Its is a good experience for our…
Arsene Wenger. your players are taking the *** Dont let them take your dignity away. Time to start sacking players for g…
Arsène Wenger banks on Wembley factor to unite Arsenal masses | Football | The Guardian.
Arsene Wenger at 102 years of age. . Still at , still not won the Champions League. "Errr I have managed ove…
independent: 'Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal's confidence is shaken but calls on Gunners to show fight against City'
Wenger claims he was under more pressure on 2014 as he chases FA Cup history.
Ian Wright on "I think there's a massive amount of blame on the board. Arsène Wenger is the only football person in tha…
Arsene Wenger on his love for the FA Cup, creating history and why he's not under same the pressure as in the past htt…
Arsene Wenger hoping the FA Cup can be his and Arsenal's saviour again
Arsene Wenger on the win & his team's fighting spirit:. 🗣"When you have negative results like we had it can...
The perfect send-off for Arsene Wenger or the start of something special for Spurs: Who needs the FA Cup most?
Arsene Wenger's love for the FA Cup may be strong as ever but his cause looks to be irretrievable - The Independent
League form not a factor for FA Cup showdown, says Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger 'Arsene Wenger claims Arsenal's dire run can unite the club'
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists that his side's Premier League form will not affect their semi-final agai…
Arsene Wenger claims Arsenal's dire run can unite the club via
Arsenal transfer news and rumours: Arsene Wenger ‘frustrated with Gunners board’
Arsene Wenger is a genius, he does not sign world class players cos he knows they deserve better than a 4th positio…
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Is Wenger really to blame for Arsenal's lack of a title challenge? A piece on fair expectation:
Mesut Özil on Wenger: "Arsène manages Arsenal differently from the way Mourinho ran [Real] Madrid. His [Wenger] rules are str…
Arsene Wenger is frustrated by the lack of public support he's received from the Arsenal board during recent months. (
Özil: "Arsène Wenger helped me acclimatise to London. He & his family made every effort to ensure that my friends & I felt co…
JUVENTUS are confident Massimiliano Allegri will not quit the Serie A champions for Arsenal this summer, says cl...
Gotta love Özil and we can see how much he admires Arsene Wenger. Everyone will admire a man like him. What a human bein…
Arsène Wenger has made enquires for Virgil Van Dijk as he is keen to switch to a back three on a long-term basis. [Mirror…
Arsenal's dire run can unite the club - Arsene Wenger
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