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Arron Banks and David Cameron's former adviser to unseat 103 Remainers | UK | News |
Galloway is standing in the Gorton by-election and is writing about it for Arron Banks' website. Riiight.
Arron Banks who has funded UKIP with his vast fortune has been suspended by the party. Reports are this follows a fight with…
I'm going to have to go to one of Arron Banks' new party meetings - just so I can see what turns up 😂
Hey any thoughts on Arron Banks suspension from UKIP?
When Arron Banks launches his new Party, I'm in! UKIP have lost their way and under soft lad Nuttall they will never get out of the maze!
.Hi, James. Did you know that Arron Banks could be starting UKIP2? I shall be voting for him
I'm afraid that was always his intention,must admit took a while to…
Same way he can write to me begging for money while blocking me on social m…
UKIP's biggest donor launches 'UKIP 2.0, the Force Awakens' after being 'suspended'
my hubby told Nuttall he was putting ego b4 party
You'll have to start another party made in your own image .
me too, I said Farage would start o new party, but not sure what it will be about yet
Have you suspended your standing order in retaliation?
Arron Banks' new political party has it's first ex-UKIP member 😂
I am with Nigel. A new party needs a stalwart, principled leader and he'…
Can you come to the ECC Conference 2017 – English Constitutional Convention? Here is a link >>>.
I encourage this zero-watt bulb to continue to pour money into the most doomed ventures possible
Why is Carswell allowed to criticise the party incessantly but isn't allowed to voice an o…
The time has come! Let's follow the winners and leave squabbling .behind! .
You'd think *** faced moguls with shonky ideas for a netizen "Patriotic Alliance" would get nowhere. You'd think...
A house divided cannot stand. Politics lesson 101
Is anyone keeping a tally of Nuttall's lies? They must be well into double figures by now
UKIP getting rid of their top supporter Arron Banks sounds dumb, but Paul Nuttall claims he won Euro Millions last week,…
No "crashes". You are not in control, I doubt that anyone is. It's a car crash, a total disaster!
Any new party must have a purpose otherwise it's pointless and doomed to failure.
Can't believe it! Is Nuttall going to do the same with Nigel?
Arron Banks has quit UKIP to set up UKIP 2.0. IS ONE NOT ENOUGH?!
I always have a movement when looking at banks, Nutty and farage
How Ukip’s biggest donor is "planning a new movement" after being suspended by the party
Millionaire donor plans 2.0 after 'suspension'. All the details here:
"If no one wants to play with me, I'm taking my ball and going home" says
Does Arron Banks just really like leaving things?
UKIP in its present form is finished we will follow you start a new party now
As falls out with another political party, let's remember he's a fascist not just some amusingly doltish sq…
good point, how is Nuttall going to respond this time?
UKIP's biggest financial backer is going to start a "UKIP 2.0" following fallout with current UKIP leadership.
Arron Banks is giving the fruitcakes a new home 😂.
Arron Banks says he has quit party to set up 'Ukip 2.0' >Orherwise known as the facist/racist cooperative
Star Wars and Taylor Swift? Who knew Arron Banks was capable of so many pop culture references!
Arron Banks starting Ukip 2.0 'be like that time they renamed Marathon as Snickers except we've got even more nuts!…
Does anyone else think Arron Banks looks like the horrible dad from Matilda?.
A logo for your new party. Should appeal to the workers.
Please respond and RT. When Arron Banks starts his new party what will you do?
Arron Banks has said he wants to set up "Ukip 2.0." Last year he spoke to Prospect about his future plans:
Don't ever let Labour's achievement in Stoke be played down. Thanks to the people of Stoke, UKIP was broken there:
Go on, Arron Banks, make David Icke an offer.
Worth reading this thread to savour Brian Reade running rings round Arron Banks.
Well done to Brian Reade for putting Arron Banks truly in his place. If it was a boxing match the ref wouldve stopp…
Brian Reade: The likes of UKIP's Arron Banks have no time for the working-class
Ukip's Arron Banks says there are no Muslims in Japan. (Source: he went and didn't see any)
"Arron Banks" is about as anti-Establishment as Prince Harry's old Nazi party outfit.
BREAKING. Recent studies now suggest that Nigel Farage is in fact "Arron Banks" with a slow puncture.
Why Arron Banks? because this cup is actually relevant and recognised..
always says he is in the sun some place, having a cocktail. Happy people tend to stay home & don't need to 'prove' contentment
reminds me of that other blowhard , Robert Maxwell. He too used to travel the world pretending to have influence.Fell of a boat
Unelected metropolitan elite Arron Banks setting up his own version of Breitbarf Spews to excert even more undeserved power. ***
You never did have the stomach for a fight. Always the easy option.
Arron Banks: UK can get a bumper US trade deal because Trump is a HUGE FAN of Brexit
Expert Kipper Arron Banks tells us prices will actually fall because of Brexit despite the £ trading at 167-year lows.
Ex-donor Arron Banks, who bankrolled campaign, attempts to ape Breitbart with new website.
Little Giant Ladders
The most interesting and promising interview for years. and on modern politics.
I was in a bar tonight and spat my beer laughing, watching the trying the best to portray as the Brit Al…
Day 1. Watch the sparks. Ukip donor Arron Banks to drain Westminster swamp taking on most corrupt MPs
Looking forward to the launch of 😈 a new anti-establishment news site at 8am from &
Excited for the launch of by and Make sure you're following...
Seems a good man and he is learning from America all looking good both sides of the pond.
Billionaire Arron Banks is launching an anti establishment website? Banks IS the modern establishment - he bought Brexit…
Hey guys can u fact check while u over there? Oh lordy Popov are you on dr…
My understanding is opposes a pan-European undemocratic state. I think that would have put him at odds…
Arron Banks launches anti-establishment website. I predicted this late last year. The unions need to fund new media https…
No, UKIP are a Neo-Nazi party. The website is funded by He is a known fascist!
Arron Banks is no friend of the NHS. . Like many in UKIP, he wants it privatised.
well said arron and , another good reason why we voted2leave the eu whenBureaucrats jack up insurance
Arron Banks' new anti establishment website. . Should be worth a punt. . WESTMONSTER.
UKIP wanker Arron Banks has set up his own news site for insecure men who live in their parents basement & can't handle real n…
Arron Banks. Married to a Russian. Wealth from Jewel mines in Africa. Educated in S.Africa funded this..
READ: Our founder reacts to the latest absurd EU ruling on car insurance. https:/…
David Lidington and Gisela Stuart are both appalling. They are making Arron Banks seem like an orator. .
Tim Martin, David Davis, Liam Fox, Arron Banks, Nigel Farage, all names I would trust and support.
Arron Banks and his puppet Nigel. Also Philip Davies MP for being a blot on humanity
‘Merkel may as well have been driving’ Arron Banks condemns Chancellor over Berlin attack
Grim new low from Farage & Arron Banks today - they just don't care who they attack as they try to spread hatred https:…
somewhat weirdly, the RMT gave fifty grand to (Arron Banks's "even more racist than Vote Leave" group)
Arron Banks, rivaling Seumas Milne for the most commonly misspelled name in politics
Ukip donor Arron Banks said unelected judges had declared war on British democracy after High Court ruling
"It's been fun" trills Arron Banks. Not for generations whose future has been trashed. Toe curling chuminess on
Arron Banks getting a very easy ride by John Humphries on Says Farage could come back again as leader - no challenge from Humphries
"Next week Arron Banks is taking time away from his South African business interests to lecture us about Sigh.…
Ukip donor Arron Banks backs Raheem Kassam for party leadership This is irony. Also, he is vile.
Another from Luke Harding, bane of autocrats, Russian and otherwise: Offshore secrets of Brexit backer Arron Banks
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> Arron Banks threatens to leave Ukip after being 'utterly disgusted' by party member's re...
Don't let FACTS get in the way of a good Fantasy, eh Arron Banks?.
And Lord Ashcroft will join with Arron Banks to support the new party.
Arron Banks gives backing to Andrea Leadsom: 'I think Project Fear is becoming Project fear'. Says Theresa May would kill Brexit
Arron Banks is like a Marvel Universe version of Lord Ashcroft.
Ian Duncan Smith on C4 News denied that Andrea Leadsom has received any funding from Arron Banks or that he has any role.
Leave.Eu donor Arron Banks plans new party to replace Ukip – without Farage
"Facts don't work," says Leave.EU's Arron Banks, revealing how he helped win the referendum.
Leave.EU founder Arron Banks tells the Electoral Commission: "Bite me"
and Ian Dale throws the Hitler question into the interview to Arron Banks
no it's not - is this a real thing, is this your doing?. Cc
Why haven't promoted yet? I'm on street, knocking on doors - no one's heard of it. Incompetence.
Stay or Leave, prices will rise... it has nothing to do with economics, its simply opportunistic greed.
Just look at & - nobody in their right mind would trust them as Economists!
farage mate Putin wants GB out of the EU.. so does ARRON Banks.. no EU PROTECTION.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Is LOL really best you can do in response to these nutters ?.
Recently noticed fems wearing them further back. Now this & women being women they'll pull them fwd again.EU Ugh!!
Barbara Castle: What kind of internationalism puts a German over an Indian or a Frenchman over an Australian?
It's David Cameron who will have to negotiate for us after 24th June. Help!
Yes but what about greedy UK business owners like Phillip Green who used to own BHS while pension scheme left empty
nope didn't say that but money taken out of UK doesn't help our defecit/economy
What all 3 billion? Not easy if on PAYE as an employee !
These are sound-bites from juvenile No: 10 staffers. Don't blame them! Children do as they're told!
And when migrants contribute net over 3billion a year how will Brexit help !
Leave.EU Co-Founder responds to the latest Treasury report from
Borrowing £90bn a year and doubling the national debt in 6 years takes some beating.
Britain is a brand. Leaving the EU means looking ahead to a brighter, globally orientated future.
doesn't make those three the Govt. anymore than makes Blair, Salmond & Osborne (already Cha…
Childish. Boris, Nigel & IDS do not become Govt. after anymore than Blair, Salmond & Osborne do if we stay. ht…
A poster shimmering in the evening sun, is there a more glorious sight to behold? Yes Independence, 23/06 htt…
We are happy to endorse BpopLive where will be speaking NEC on June 19th!. h…
Tensions rise in Germany over handling of mass sexual assaults in Cologne | World news | The Guardian...
Some are lacking balls and honesty here.
We remember that day well. . Let's Vote Leave
Take a look at the riots in France. The EU is not about workers.
LabourLeave are sponsored by Vote Leave and Tories they are not Labour
.Of course Black Wednesday had nothing to do with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who was Norman Lamont!
This man advocated the euro & allowed interest rates to climb to 15%. Vote Leave.
Judging by Labour's shambolic pro-EU campaign agrees. are the REAL Labour voice on thehtt…
Sign the petition to get Nigel Farage a spot in the BBC debates:
I was, obviously from context and capital letter, referring to Arron Banks.
Wonder if that pic would worry Arron Banks :D
Having canvassed a number of solid Labour wards, I can tell you that the majority will
Their self-justifying conceit blinds them to the actual effects of their involvement. LOL
is proof that money can't buy you class or a decent BPop Live line-up.   10% Off
Just don't tell them unelected leader Farage has to run everything past his boss Arron Banks first
but support austerity. Even unelected ukip leader Farage supports austerity, as does his boss Arron Banks
Leave EU Backer Arron Banks laughed about Neo Nazi involvement in the Brexit campaign :( https:/…
But Nigel isnt one of the front runners... Think of it this way. There's no reward without RISK
.takes a look at Arron Banks' description of Vote Leave's £350m figure as a lie
You haven't obviously from what I've seen have posted anything positive either.
Major was one of the worst PMs Britain ever had. He can only provoke more arguements when he sbould know better
The head of the campaign to leave the EU wants to privatise the NHS
A class wordsmith who covered up wars for his boss and spun his way through life. So wrong then a so wrong now
mate coming back from Australia on 22nd want to help on 23 ideas ?point me in right direction want to help out In some way mate
Arron Banks promised a full line up would be announced days ago, they're stuck with not Bucks…
Interest rates went to 15% under John Major because he wanted the UK in the euro, no thought for how many ppl lost thei…
Gove: Will french farmers say, 'wonderful we'll sell less cheese etc. to the UK market' once trade barriers go up afte…
His face always looks like I've looked at a moustache shaped light bulb and then looked at him.
350m is the Gross figure what about that do u not understand?if we stay it's about 2 go up
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I think the Puppet talked more sense
You want to privatise the NHS. Time to stop giving your opinion?
Copper bottom nonsense was staying in the ERM and destroying millions of jobs because you are a euro fanatic ...
Arron Banks loves Britain so much he registers his companies in Panama and Gibraltar.
LeaveEU funder and Brexit leader Arron Banks wants to privatise the NHS .
"If it were up to me, I'd privatise the NHS." Brexit & Ukip bankroller Arron Banks is a gift for Britain In
BBC - Arron Banks anger at Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove payments. So its not a matter of principle, MPs, money, opportunity, no change
My interview with millionaire Arron Banks, the British Trump, who is pulling strings on the Eurosceptic campaign
Arron Banks wants to work with who has no interest in leaving EU and wants to enrich his friends
Do you know the answer to the questions I have asked Arron Banks?
Arron Banks apologises for saying Douglas Carswell is ‘borderline autistic with mental illness ...
Exclusive: Ukip donor Arron Banks calls for Douglas Carswell, Suzanne Evans and Patrick O’Flynn to leave the party. http:…
Arron Banks, who William called a ‘nobody’, donates £1m to UKIP: A former Conservative supporter has donated…
Multi-millionaire former Conservative donor Arron Banks has donated £1 million to Ukip after William Hague called...
BREAKING NEWS: Arron Banks donates 1 million to the UKIP campaign! GET IN NIGEL! Poor old Dave - another kick in the Camergoolies! UPDATE: He had been intending to give £100,000 but had raised that to £1m after, he said, William Hague suggested he was a "nobody".
William Hague's remarks about Arron Banks - will do the Tories untold damage it is a Gerald Ratner moment
If William Hague calls UKIP donor Arron Banks a "nobody" - Can you imagine what he thinks of the rest of us??
The former Tory donor and multi-millionaire Arron Banks has announced he is upping his Ukip donation to £1 million to spite the Conservatives, after William Hague made a joke at his expense.
Arron Banks, who William Hague called a 'nobody', donates £1m to UKIP
UKIP offer William Hague the role of deputy Treasurer for his success in raising funds for by riling donor Arron Banks
Ex-Tory donor Arron Banks announces he'll donate £1m to UKIP, up from original £100k pledge after William Hague calls him nobody
Former Conservative supporter Arron Banks is donating £1m to UKIP after joining the party.
Ex Tory donor Arron Banks donates £1 Million to UKIP. Banks was previously going to donate £100,000, but upon derogatory marks from William Hague who claimed to never of heard of him, Banks multiplied the amount by ten. This afternoon Banks stated "I hope he knows who I am now."
£1,000,000 donation to UKIP from former Tory supporter Arron Banks. Well done that man! As you say, I'm sure William Hague will know who you are now!
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