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Arrested Development

Arrested Development is an American television sitcom created by Mitchell Hurwitz for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Ron Howard Mitch Hurwitz Gob Bluth Jason Bateman Michael Bluth Tony Hale Bob Loblaw Will Arnett Jeffrey Tambor Buster Bluth Ann Veal Always Sunny Donald Trump Tobias Funke Mae Whitman Alia Shawkat George Bluth Sr Jessica Walter

Wait. I heard Jason Bateman signed on for another season of Arrested Development. So why is the show only on for 10…
Jason Bateman has “officially signed on” for Arrested Development season 5 via
One player is basing an elf character on Jason Bateman from Arrested Development who will be responsible and try and hold the party together
And if you haven't already, do yourselves a favor and watch Arrested Development and Trailer Park Boys. Great shows.
Do I now hate seeing Ethan Phillips in Arrested Development more than I hate seeing Martin Short?. Tough call.
Arrested Development if you want to laugh
Can't wait for Arrested Development season 5? Read excellent memoir to pass the time. htt…
It’s Official: Arrested Development Season 5 is coming to
'Arrested Development' returns to Netflix for fifth season - CNET
We just blue ourselves. is officially returning for Season 5 on Netflix (with the entire cast)
Not an illusion, Netflix has just ordered Season 5 of “Arrested Development”
YES! is doing season 5 and I'm so excited I blue myself. -…
My face when they announce a new season of Arrested Development for 2018
It’s official: There will be a fifth season of ‘Arrested Development’ on Netflix:
is returning for a fifth season of Bluth family dysfunction on
Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development is a bit like CatDog in that we may never know how he poops
The biggest netflix news today though is obviously Arrested Development getting another season. *** yes.
Who saved arrested development and who doomed us all with terrible puns next year? I demand answers!
MFW I found out about Arrested Development season 5.
Arrested Development isn't just a TV show. HT
Arrested Development season 4 was good, actually.
THIS MAKES MY LIFE!!!. The Bluths are back! ‘Arrested Development’ greenlit for Season 5 on Netflix via
Arrested Development back next year for season 5!
If ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT got cancelled after 3 seasons, then yes, LAST MAN STANDING can be cancelled after 6 seasons, no matter the reason.
Great news, Bluth fans: ‘Arrested Development’ has been confirmed to return for a fifth season
returns to for 5th season! Because narcissistic, families are underrepresented on TV
When you hear Arrested Development is coming back
Netflix has renewed Arrested Development for a fifth season
.season 5 is officially coming to Netflix in 2018!
The Bluths are officially returning for a fifth season of ‘Arrested Development’
Arrested Development’s long-teased fifth season is officially hitting Netflix in 2018
Representatives are calling for the impeachment of Trump, Arrested Development is coming back, and I'm not completely depr…
BREAKING: Netflix has confirmed via email that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (with Mitch Hurwitz and the entire cast) will retur…
Arrested Development is coming back for a new Netflix season in 2018 🙌🙌
YES! Arrested Development is coming back for a Season 5 on Netflix in 2018. Aww yeah!
A new season of arrested development?!
why is my cousin named jude?. bc ur aunt loves beatles. then why is my nam—. no more questions, Arrested Development SE04EP11 "A…
Arrested Development is officially returning to Netflix for a fifth season
Netflix revives Bluths for fifth Arrested Development season.
If I pitched "In Praise Of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT S4," would I get more or less hate mail than TRUE DETECTIVE s2 piece?
Inspired by Trump, Netflix revives Bluths for new 'Arrested Development'
'Arrested Development' is officially back for season 5 on Netflix
officially renewed for season 5 at Netflix
"Arrested Development" season five is officially happening .
just bought tickets to see my girl Tasha LaRae and Arrested Development at City Winery 6/1. I'm sure it's gonna be a great show!
Anyone else feel like this administration is like a season of House of Cards, but cast with the characters from Arrested D…
August - Arrested Development with How cool is it that they just announced another season and we have these plans!
Jason Bateman is signed up for 'Arrested Development' season five
YAY! Love ⚡️ “Jason Bateman officially signs on for more Arrested Development 🙏”.
Look very probable I'm going to put some miles on the Stair Car this summer. Just officially signed on to more ARRESTED…
My brother is re-watching Arrested Development and now whenever he sees me he says "hey brother" in a Buster Bluth voice
Oh my gosh I'm sorry for the spam, but I just HAD to share some great TV shows, "Arrested Development", "The Office", & "Big Little Lies".
Think this isn't a problem for TV? Ask Bill O'Reilly how he's doing these days... or Mitch Hurwitz when Arrested Development was on Fox.
Arrested Development alum Tony Hale is making an appearance on FiOS1's Build Series this Friday, 5/5.
Eamon de Valera looks a bit like Buster Bluth from Arrested Development...
Me, every time I watch the Andy Griffith Show: I can't believe this kid is the narrator of Arrested Development
I think Trump got his wall idea from George Bluth Sr. Don't believe me? Watch season 4 of Arrested Development
Was just thinking about you guys! Wondering when you're gonna have Arrested Development back. Hopefull…
Arrested development is funnier than the office, I love both. Don't @ me
Arrested Development is next on my list
How is this $400 juicer a real thing and NOT a satirical plot element of Arrested Development to be mined for callbacks a la the cornballer?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I never saw Flaked, but did you watch Arrested Development???
Arrested Development the rest is irrelevant
Arrested development have people who are 30 acting 12. Forever. They're not growing up anymore.
How is love trumps hate not an arrested development banner
Yeah friends is alright but have you watched Arrested Development ???
Love how the Tozawa/Kendrick feud is based around J. Walter Weatherman off Arrested Development.
Funny how none of the people on Arrested Development know what a chicken sounds like.
Read last sentence in Ron Howard Arrested Development voice.
WATCH: Tony Hale dishes on 'Arrested Development' reboot: The stars reveals the latest details on the…
Tony Hale: 'Arrested Development' cast is 'all on board' for reboot
WATCH: Tony Hale dishes on 'Arrested Development' reboot -
a. Arrested development. b. Malignant *** golfing again. c. Narcissist. d. Incompetent. e. All of the above
Overweight, out of shape, poster boy for arrested development, compensating for his feelings of inadequacy by posti…
I've been recommended this show to everyone, I cry I laugh so hard! Funniest show since Arrested Development, hands down.
The best Arrested Development gag ever tbh
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
They canceled Arrested Development years ago. I blame Danburys elected leaders for this as well.
[Arrested Development narrator]. Gen Kelly did not moderate the racist and xenophobic views Trump advocates daily.
I used Shazam to discover Tennessee by Arrested Development.
trav scenes on Southern Charm often seem like scenes from Arrested Development???
"When you're binge-watching Arrested Development, TSA is arresting actual developers."
Judd Trump - so much talent yet so much arrested development.
I just started rewatching Arrested Development again. Oh yes!
While I'm binge-watching Arrested Development ... sir, step out of the line now!
Gonna go back watching arrested development
I need season 3 of true detective, season 4 of hannibal and season 5 of arrested development.
no, in a couple of months Arrested Development will be as old as Seinfeld was when are you above inserting temporaries
[Ron Howard narrating Arrested Development voice]. Trump listed him as an advisor. .
Kinda hoping Ron Howard makes the Hillbilly Elegy movie into a fifth season of Arrested Development.
So has basically turned into Ron Howard narrating Arrested Development.
James Lipton as the warden on Arrested Development is just wonderful.
4OD - The Goldbergs. Amazon - Sneaky Pete. Netflix - Arrested Development. although it does depend on what you're into of course
"That's not a Vol-VO" via Michael Bluth~via Arrested Development. . That quote was ALL I could think of, over and...
Bluth explains why the Trump family is 'Arrested Development' IRL
Newspol for Malcolm Turnbull today (only for the real Arrested Development fans)
Arrested Development, The Armando Iannucci Shows, Veep, Peter Cook, Stewart Lee and this gif in particular htt…
Tantamount to George Bluth... This administration suffers from a bad case of Arrested Development.
He's also George Bluth from Arrested Development, but without being entertaining.
Maybe Kislyak is like the Russian version of Ann Veal from Arrested Development. Remember meeting Ann Veal? Yeah, me neither.
Florence Foster Jenkins looks like something Tobias would audition for in Arrested Development.
It's sad I can never use the Arrested Development character reference "Bob Loblaw" again.
That Scottie Lindsey foul was like the cop in Arrested Development who runs in super late to beat Oscar Bluth with the baton.
They are only reporting on ONE Arrested Development reference in the LEGO Batman movie, but we noticed TWO! Spanish names/finish sandwiches.
Arrested Development: Season 2 is now on sale for $9.99 at Amazon. Product page:
'Arrested Development' Season 5 storyline to mirror current events? Original cast ... Read more: $NFLX
I finally figured out who I think Bryan Alvarez sounds like. It's Tobias from Arrested Development.
We're watching Arrested Development but it's season 4 with the Mexican border wall joke and it isn't working as an escape plan 🤔
I spend half of the time watching Arrested Development fighting over whether I love Will Arnett or Jason Bateman more
When Obama Derangement Syndrome, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Arrested Development and Wealth combine, you get
Will Arnett A.K.A. Gobe from Arrested Development at the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey match on Saturday.
Ok i've now seen Will Arnett around Cardiff twice in 3 days. Arrested Development hero like.
did you ever watch Arrested Development or the Larry Sanders Show? Think you'd really like both of those sitcoms.
Michael Cera has stayed in character since season 1 of Arrested Development
if you've mentioned "George Michael" in the last decade in a context other than Arrested Development then you get a pass
Jeffrey Tambor played both George Bluth Sr. in Arrested Development and the mayor of Whoville in the 2000 Grinch movie. Merry Christmas.
.Why don't you do Arrested Development on this no mention of ban RR says likely moot post-ban:.
At first I had trouble believing that was the same Jeffrey Tambor who was on Arrested Development. Then I got to Hank's Look-Around Cafe...
In Larry Sanders, Arrested Development, and Transparent, Jeffrey Tambor has created 3 of the most wonderful characters in TV history.
I don't believe I'll be in the new 'Arrested Development' unless t...
Arrested Development: Why Strathcona County loves its hydrocarbon projects
Having seen part of Fuller House, all of Arrested Development, and episodes of Gilmore Girls: I will avoid future new seasons of 💀 shows
When Tobias Funke got A NU START as his number plate in Arrested Development. Or when he paints himself Blue and sa…
Judge Reinhold played a judge named Judge Reinhold on Arrested Development and Clerks cartoon. Good times.
All these kids acting like Tobias Funke from Arrested Development.
I suppose I could finally make a start on Luke Cage or Stranger Things, but there's also Always Sunny, Bojack, Arrested Development...
Jessica Walter from Arrested Development. She is a CHARACTER! Glad I could help!
Time to start rewatching Arrested Development. Just the thought of the Mrs. Doubtfire episode has me laughing.
This could be a Arrested Development - George Bluth and Sadam Hussein situation
This week's hot takes you've grown to tolerate: Unified Theory of QBs, sports astrology, and Arrested Development.
Fun fact: I'm watching The Final Girls based on the presence of Arrested Development's Alia Shawkat.
It's a good night when Arrested Development is on the speakers at Drinking Liberally. Cc
2016 feels like an episode from arrested development I'm screaming
What do we watch next... Arrested Development 😉😜❤️
Mitch Hurwitz REALLY likes following the comedic rule of three in Arrested Development
Veronica Mars, Community, Arrested Development, The OC, The Simpsons probably. I watch a lot of TV, I could go on forever.
I'm sure arrested development plays a big part.
Donald Trump is a lot more fun to listen to with the Arrested Development voiceover:
Just watched The Accountant, otherwise known as a side story to Arrested Development because Jeffery Tambor plays a prisoner in this one.
Any arrested development fetishists out there? I went to see the new Japanese Godzilla movie, then picked up the ne…
ew, Little J. If anything it's arrested development minus the 4th season
Arrested Development is honestly one of my favorite shows
Martin Short Arrested Development... Don't know if the show could have been funnier
the best S1 episode of Arrested Development is Public Relations, don't ya know
Omggg I didnt know lindsay on arrested development is ellens wife in real life I'm shook
I need somebody to come watch Arrested Development with me to validate my love for it
Cinemasins just made a reference to Arrested Development and I'm overwhelmed with joy
If you're gonna be offended by anything it should be the fact that Arrested Development got canceled
I want Ron Howard to moderate the next debate as the Arrested Development narrator. TRUMP: I never said that. NARRATOR: H…
the most shocking development of the fourth season of arrested development is the ATROCIOUS wig they put on my precious daughter portia
You're lucky Arrested Development got picked up by Netflix or we'd have a problem right now.
Think I'll watch some Arrested Development til I knockout 😴👌
totally, Arrested Development anyone? . Trump stopped mentally at 12, that's pushed it!
Whenever the play the Canes I have nightmares because of Ward. Take the Arrested Development quote "Her??" and change it to "Him??"
Brilliant time to tune in to with - Arrested Development. Those days baba
I'm listening to Mr Wendal by Arrested Development on the
Arrested Development is such a great show 😂
by cool date I mean I took a shower and now I'm watching arrested development with candy
toddlers lack sense of irony because they have no sense of 'self.' Obama and Hillary - classic case of arrested development.
Jane the Virgin or arrested development
between five and 12 years of age children stop having imaginary friends-except for Chri…
Why did I wait this long to watch arrested development? Funniest show ever I'm on the floor.
Truly an example of a bully resulting from arrested development. Emotionally like a 7 year old. Just a sad human being.
I've just watched episode S03E03 of Arrested Development!
I've just watched episode S03E02 of Arrested Development!
Marquei como visto Arrested Development - 1x9 - Storming the Castle
Charlize if for no other reason than her run on Arrested Development
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Everybody go and listen to Mr Wendal by Arrested Development right now
I need to rewatch Arrested Development sans season 4
Donald Trumps facts checked by the Arrested Development voice over – Viral Vira… see more
Melania admits her husband suffers from arrested development; compares him to 10-year-old
Watch arrested development it's even better
omg it's a trailer for The Ocean Walker from Arrested Development.
Best Sitcoms of all time. 1. Arrested Development . 2. The Office. 3. Community . 4. Parks and Rec
That's being generous. He's definitely a case of arrested development. But he only has the obnoxious attributes, none of the sweet
Hilarious Trump meets ‘Arrested Development’ video makes the debates feel less like death
Someone Turned the Presidential Debate into an Episode of 'Arrested Development' via
I miss Arrested Development.This 1 is for the good old-days and bad recent-days: Trump-rested Development
Fun Fact:. This is prob one of my favorite running gags from "Arrested Development"
OMG, this is FANTASTIC! . I'm a YUGE Arrested Development fan, LOVE the Ron Howard narration. WATCH THE CLIP!.
I saw an old episode of "Arrested Development" today and it was amazing :') *Oscar's fatherly theme plays in the background*
it's because she can't have him. as soon as she *can* she realizes (arrested development) I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE
I liked a video Arrested Development - People Everyday
Love the positive message in this from who are brilliant live. Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal
The mashup Earth never knew it needed. 'Arrested Development' x US Prez Debate
De La Soul & Arrested Development in the building! What you know about International. HipHop Royalty! 😎
After shows we Development & staff often go visit those in need. This time we were blessed t… htt…
Arrested Development released our 1st song in years, Chk it out.
Get your Rs.5,000 PLATINUM ticket for Grammy Award winning band, Arrested Development Live in Concert. . Book Now:
I'll see Inferno this weekend if you can update with me Arrested Development 5...
"Space ain't man's final frontier, man's final frontier is the soul." Arrested Development https:/…
A sneak preview of Arrested Development Season 5: Thank you !.
I had a flat evening. Put on first episode of season three of Arrested Development and I feel so much better.
It took me several days of watching Arrested Development to know the girl that looks just like a young Mae young Mae Whitman
I wonder if Arrested Development's Bob Loblaw was inspired by Bob Balaban,of Gosford Park fame(?).
Lowkey only just found out Lindsey on Arrested Development is Portia de Rossi (Who's married to Ellen) WHERE HAVE I BEEN THE LAST 10 YEARS
Portia de Rossi being in Arrested Development is the best thing ever
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
.. or some of them. Parks and Recreation. Arrested Development. Misfits. Young Justice. Bates Motel. The Flash. Veronica Mars
Arrested Development season 5 is still happening. Creator Mitch Hurwitz says filming may start in 2017. Not sure if excited or cringing.
Please put the re-edited Season 4 of Arrested Development up Mitch Hurwitz says it's done!
Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz says S5 will begin filming in early 2017 if everything goes according to their current plan.
We all have been waiting for season 5 of Arrested Development but you may get a recut of season 4 first & we love it
Mitch Hurwitz says Season 5 of Arrested Development could start shooting in early 2017
Hope the recut Arrested Development doesn't stay a myth like the 'one movie' cut of Kill Bill.
Arrested Development - People Everyday (Edit) now available as a free download :). https…
A new favorite: Arrested Development - People Everyday (David Grant Edit) by on
a joke on Arrested Development about Liza Minelli - something like she was Tennille - unthought of since 2nd grade 😰🤖😎
Rap’s Arrested Development still making music on their terms
GP Missed that one. I look like a shorter, pudgier Anthony Edwards or that guy from Arrested Development (David Cross).
LIVE on international black film festival with Arrested Development...imagine me summer film series for…
I've been watching Arrested Development so much lately that I'm starting to hear Ron Howard narrating my life
OK Im soo into Arrested Development season 4 now that Ben stiller and Will Arnett have fallen in love.
Electronic Device Insurance
Arrested Development was so sly, and Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast is so educational
Arrested Development are hitting Melbourne on a greatest hits tour:
Arrested Development (are bringing their greatest hits tour to Australia
Feels like Ron Howard as Arrested Development narrator wrote this caption
from Arrested Development petitions urban radio
you are the best part of Arrested Development, beige watched it recently for the first time!
I feel like Arrested Development would be more up my alley because I like Michael Cera and Jason Bateman?? I'll see. :))
You mean Jessica Walter (who was also in Arrested Development)
Arrested Development might not always be the funniest comedy but it is probably the most well constructed.
Watching Arrested Development it is rather good!!
David Cross Tour on sale! The star of Arrested Development, Mr. Show, Todd Margaret & more:.
How can vibe with someone who can't quote Arrested Development? How?
NowPlaying arrested development people everyday - arrested development people everyday 08:07
dunno.should be good if it's from Arrested Development writers but that promo vid was a bit "meh".
happy first day of summer!! I watched the entire first season of arrested development!!
I'm not sure what channel Pivot is, but they're airing a documentary on Arrested Development right I'm in!
Last Week in TV: 'The X-Files', 'Arrested Development', Stanely Kubrick's 'Napoleon', 'Star Trek' and more - First…
theres also a 10 ep series from 2005 they made thats now streaming on Showtime. its Arrested Development-esque and funny
I added a video to a playlist Arrested Development - Tennessee
Lady Dynamite is quite the hoot. Also, the Hurwitz jingle at the end was a nice Arrested Development nostalgia blast.
I feel like I'm falling through an abyss, just waiting for another season of arrested development.
True, scary cost of living for free
Is the true cost of 'living at home', 'arrested development' ?
Arrested Development is so offensive lolol
OMG Arrested development: True cost of living for free: Whether it is due to saving money to move into a *** .. #
My heart hurts but I'm just tryna watch Arrested Development
Arrested development: True cost of living at home via
some of the top of my head: Manhattan, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The Wire, Rick and Morty, Broadchurch, Boardwalk Empire
Charlize peaked with Rita on Arrested Development. She's wonderful but I mean come on, RITA CORNY MICHAEL!
The nod to Arrested Development in Captain America: Civil War automatically secures it as movie of the year.
All purpose parts banner
you said lawyer and I instantly thought of arrested development
Arrested development has to have the best pilot episode
I'm about to start Arrested Development! 😄 Have you watched it yet?
I think I'll try Arrested Development 🤔 A lot of people have told me it's pretty good, thanks!
Arrested development: True cost of living for free - MORE young Aussies then ever are staying at home for longe...
The episode "Save Our Bluths" of Arrested Development hurts in the best way
This show is 10x the Arrested Development that 4th season of AD was.
--> "My fear locked me in a state of arrested development for so many years." ~Such a Pretty Fat via
Rachel can always come through with an Arrested Development meme or reference 😂
Arrested development: True cost of living for free
Arrested development: True cost of living for free (Business)
The Russo brothers, who directed Civil War, also directed a few eps of Arrested Development so
Arrested Development : george Michael Bluth campaign video
I have started watching Arrested Development and can already tell Gob Bluth will be my favorite character
So, I think hacked my Apple TV. Just got a 10second flash of a Ben Carson interview in the middle of Arrested Development.
It's funny, because 'Arrested Development' is tied to Andy Richter in a few...
Check out Chance the Rapper's album, "Coloring Book". Rich Jazz, Gospel, Rap. Sounds like Arrested Development, Prince, and John Legend.
The Blue Man Group won't cure depression, but Arrested Development might, if we let it.
Veep creator casts Jeffrey Tambor (Papa Bluth, Arrested Development) & Steve Buscemi in new comedy about Russia
Good to know that the Bluth family and Arrested Development world is officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe LOL
I really do think Arrested Development is one of the best comedy series ever ☝🏻️
Man, the Wet Hot American Summer revival is so much better than the Arrested Development one.
Win a Pair of GA Tickets to Brew at the Zoo and a Meet & Greet with Arrested Development! - Miami New Times
Buster Bluth is on GMM. I had no idea Tony Vale did anything after Arrested Development
Jeb Bush as he is now could so easily be a character on Arrested Development
Look at what Opie Taylor (about as white as they come) aka Ron Howard did with Cain mockery on "Arrested Development."
Arrested Development and are the only two Hip Hop artists to ever win a Best New Artist Grammy.
if you feel like laughing go for Arrested Development. Best wishes. See you in the fall on the sidelines.
Also why they call Larry Middleman Einstein in Arrested Development - he's played by Brooks' brother Bob Einstein
I get all my Arrested Development-themed Thai restaurant reviews from Bob Loblaw's Larb Blog
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I just got that Gob Bluth was Arrested Development's JEB Bush.
Can Ron Howard make a funny commentary video about how I started doing my homework regularly, then started watching Arrested Development?
"Square rep Aaron Zamost replied with the following GIF of magician Gob Bluth from “Arrested Development.”
Bob Loblaw is a character on Arrested Development
Ann Veal from Arrested Development became Tinker Bell from Tinker Bell and Jake & The Never Land Pirates.
I got: 'You got, Gob Bluth!' on 'Which 'Arrested Development' Character Are You?'
News: The stock market tanked today. [cut to picture of exhausted stock broker who looks exactly like Gob Bluth from Arrested Development]
Have you done the Eliminator for 2000s sitcoms?. -Curb Your Enthusiasm. -Always Sunny. -The Office. -Arrested Development.
Gene Parmesan is the most underrated of all the Arrested Development characters
'Arrested Development' is great; Mitch Hurwitz is great. Plus, it's the one...
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks & Rec and Arrested Development are the greatest comedies shows ever.
Video: Bronwyn Bishop reimagined as scandal-prone mother in Arrested Development parody – its spooky
I have it on good authority that this new Arrested Development record is super dope.
Still not convinced Donald Trump doesn't get all his brilliant ideas from Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development.
By far my favorite running gags in Arrested Development are forgetting Ann Veal's name
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Speech of Arrested Development performing at One Year Anniversary on Sweet Auburn Seafood.
Turns out I've been wearing Michael Bluth's tie this past year and a bit... Arrested Development rewatch is so enlightening.
snapchatted that she is watching Arrested Development while eating Girl Scout Cookies and now I am certain she is my soul sister
Next week on Arrested Development: The plot to The Walking Dead
he has a great resume. Gary Shandling show, Arrested Development. 2 of the best ever
Humble celebrities like (Michael Bluth from Arrested Development) walk among us. 🙌
the difference there is I can only picture Garry Monk as Pastor Veal in Arrested Development
Actresses in Arrested Development, Mae Whitman and Alia Shawkat, have been in season 4 episodes of JAG. Alia as Young Mac was only in one.
Do you like Arrested Development? Then you're don't want to miss David Cross @ Carpenter Theater this Sunday:...
OMG I was watching Arrested Development and I found baby Armie Hammer insulting a younger…
Am I the last person in America to realize Gob Bluth is an allusion to JEB! Bush? Arrested Development: The gift that keeps giving.
A dumb name used to substitute a personality. Also it's his initials, & where Gob Bluth gets his name in Arrested Development
and me on set of Arrested Development in 2003. Or is that Justine Bateman?.
Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday . Lovin' You by Minnie Ripperton . Go Down Moses by Louis Armstrong . Tennessee by Arrested Development
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