Arnel Pineda & Steve Perry

Arnel Pineda (born September 5, 1967) is a Filipino singer-songwriter who has served as the lead singer of the American rock band Journey since 2007. Pineda has had a successful musical career in the Philippines for the last 25 years. Stephen Ray Steve Perry (born January 22, 1949) is an American singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Journey during their most commercially successful periods from 1977–1987 and 1995–1998. Perry had a successful solo career between the mid 1980s and mid 1990s. 5.0/5

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I added a video to a playlist Steve Perry vs Arnel Pineda (Round 1)
I like Arnel Pineda better than Steve Perry. I said it.
Arnel Pineda received several racist remarks when stepping into Steve Perry's shoes after his passing.
Arnel Pineda debuted as the lead singer of Journey in Feb 2008, replacing vocal Steve Perry.
Her: Do you do karaoke?. Me: I do some Journey songs. But not the Steve Perry versions. Only the Arnel Pineda versions.
Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda backstage, just before was inducted into the April 7, 2017. https:/…
Steve Perry didn't perform with Journey tonight, but here's a look at current singer Arnel Pineda at the mic:
And props 2 Arnel Pineda. Ok, he's not Steve Perry. But he's living the dream of all my…
OMG stop...what next? Struggle between Arnel Pineda and Steve Perry?
- So are u gonna stick to Steve Perry era Journey or sneak in some Steve Augerri-Arnel Pineda era stuff?
If you think Arnel Pineda is better than Steve Perry you're wrong and we can't be friends.
Six /6 is the number. Gregg Rolie, Robert Fleischman, Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Arnel Pineda, and Jeff Scott Soto.
I know Steve Perry will always be the legendary voice with Journey but Arnel Pineda is no joke.
Arnel Pineda just isn't the same as Steve Perry, you know?
Just saw Journey in concert. Yup, Arnel Pineda sounds just like Steve Perry. It's a bit spooky actually but pretty cool.
It was great. Arnel Pineda sounds just like Steve Perry.
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Anyone who listens to Journey needs treatment. I'd like to super glue Arnel "Steve Perry" Pineda's lips shut.
any journey that doesn't involve Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda singing.
Steve Perry, Deen Castronovo, Arnel Pineda... but Journey fans already know this.
I was going to ask you "Journey with Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda?" But that would just be silly because everyone...
superbowl ht. Journey with arnel pineda and for a 1 night return Steve Perry duet all the classic hits.
Arnel Pineda is just as good as Steve Perry was, there i said it
No disrespect to Arnel Pineda but my heart belongs to the Journey that has Steve Perry as lead singer. Always...
Dear Arnel Pineda, nothing against you, I'd rather pay 2 see a Journey concert if Steve Perry was back as the lead singer
I'll be "that guy" when it comes to Journey and say I like Arnel Pineda's vocals better than Steve Perry's.
So the Journey w/ Steve Perry at Hard Rock rumors turned out to be Journey w/ Arnel Pineda at Hard Rock. I’ve stopped believin’.
The only person who comes closest to Steve Perry when it comes to "Open Arms" is Arnel Pineda, it'll never sound right to me unless its them
Arnel Pineda is awesome & everything but Steve Perry will always have a special place in my heart!
I wish I had the voice of Steve Perry, Arnel Pineda, and Peter Cetera!!
Journey Part II: Most know about the Steve Perry voice doppleganger (Arnel Pineda) but pleased to hear that Neil Schon hasn't lost anything.
Here's my review of the Journey concert last night at the packed to the gills with 20,000 folks of all ages White River Amphitheater. The show started off with Tower of Power who thankfully only blew their horns & sang soul music (huh) for a 1/2 hour. The Steve Miller Band then took the stage & played many memorable songs from their long career. Steve talks like Tommy Chong from Cheech & Chong & looks like The Dude from the Big Lebowski. Finally Journey hits the stage & I gotta say that little guy Arnel Pineda' s voice is Steve Perry. With Neil Schon still ripping & snorting on lead guitar their blistering set was a throw back to their glory days. If you love old Journey I'd recommend seeing this show when it hits your area as you won't be disappointed.
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Although I would've loved to seen Steve Perry.. Arnel Pineda did a kick *** job.
Steve Perry sends wishes to Arnel Pineda; Perry returns to his old band?
My gosh what a concert. Of course Steve Perry is a legend but Arnel Pineda is so good. So much fun with my sister!!! Cassandra Harrison Neely I think my voice is gone!! And good seeing you Chelsea Katz ...
Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry was recently asked about the offer from current Journey singer Arnel Pineda to step down in order to make way for a Journey reunion.
ICYMI - we found out what Steve Perry thinks of Arnel Pineda...
I just used Shazam to discover Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. - Steve Perry version, before Arnel Pineda.
idk about that dude Arnel Pineda is pretty good. Not no Steve Perry but he is really good!
Steve Perry on Arnel Pineda's offer to come back to Journey.
Steve Perry responds to Arnel Pineda's offer to return to Read it here!
Yes I am fully aware that Arnel Pineda is not Steve Perry. I still love him.
Since I woke up I've been listening to Journey songs. I listen to Steve Augeri and Arnel Pineda singing all the old favorites of mine, they sound really good but there's just something about Steve Perry that just hits the spot for me. Steve Perry just has this caress in his voice that the others don't. I wish that things could've been different for Journey that Steve Perry would still be with them today, it would be just so magical to see Journey live with Steve Perry and I want to see them live, but I'm having reservations about it because Steve Perry isn't with them anymore. I don't think I'd enjoy it as much.
64 and frustrated. With all due respect to the Office of the POTUS, it is now occupied by someone who, in my opinion, is an enemy of the State. To save what little sanity I still have, I am going to stay away from the news channels and stick with NetFlix, expanding my mind with things like Arnel Pineda replacing Steve Perry in the band Journey (Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey), House of Cards, Longmire, and all 96 episodes of My Name is Earl. However, I will continue to take in a little Imus in the Morning on FoxBusiness. Gotta begin the day with some laughter.
Im watching Journey 2014: Don't Stop Believing Concert pn PBS n im nor really liking the new lead singer Arnel Pineda...I so want Steve Perry back. Not the same without hearing his voice
yes I did Enjoy it it mad me happy cause I like Journey I met the real Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda there both awesome to !
I don't care how good Arnel Pineda sounds, or how close his voice is to Steve Perry's... Steve Perry IS Journey, and anyone else singing in his place is nothing but a really good cover band!
says if Steve Perry returned to Arnel Pineda would be let go. Steve can't hit the high notes anymore for the Journey songs.
Thats one song. Steve Perry's voice actually makes me cry. Even the new guy Arnel Pineda is excellent. You know about his story?
Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda says Steve Perry should come back to the band! Details here:
Nineteen years since his last public performance, Steve Perry is back. What does that mean for Arnel Pineda?
Arnel Pineda (Singer for Journey) said he'd step aside if Steve Perry wanted to "come back". What a stand up guy. Just became an Arnel fan.
Ok so one of my favorite singers ever sang again after 20 years. The questions is…Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda? I...
Steve Perry returns on stage, not with Journey, but with Eels. So what happens to Arnel Pineda?
I mean, Arnel Pineda can sing. But he's no Steve Perry. Steve Perry WAS and always WILL BE Journey. Journey isn't Journey without him.
Deep in a YouTube hole last night, accidentally replaces Arnel Pineda with Steve Perry.
Who needs Randy Jackson and Steve Perry when you've got Arnel Pineda and Deen Castronovo?
Steve Perry sang onstage for the first time in 19 years. Watch your back, Arnel Pineda?
The more Steve Perry's one nighter w/ The Eels trends, the more it shows how insignificant and small Arnel Pineda-fronted Journey really is.
I was never a Journey fan, really---but I thought this song was beautiful. So I just saw this, & I have chills because I have never heard a voice sound so much, exactly, like another voice. Apparently this Arnel Pineda dude was able to clone Steve Perry. He even sings this in the same key. This is not new news, I was just listening to it again & it struck me that it's highly unusual for this to happen. WHAT must Steve Perry have done when he first heard this guy sing? I have goose bumps. I MUST KNOW WHAT STEVE PERRY DID WHEN HE HEARD THIS! Does anyone know Steve Perry? Was anyone in the room with him when he first heard Arnel Pineda? There must have been a violent something-thrown-at-the-wall reaction, because that's what I'd do if I quit a band & then this happened. And if this voice-cloning thing is scientifically possible, may I have Dame Kiri Te Kanawa's voice, please?
I mentioned seeing JOURNEY in concert last wknd with Dwayne Patterson and guess who's in the news? Steve Perry the former front man for Journey. Arnel Pineda sounds just like him!! Both are AMAZING!
I'm happy for Steve Perry that he's getting back out there -- but the two Journey numbers he sang with these guys are in a totally different (MUCH lower) key, so different as to be hardly recognizable. It seems he has lost his range as he got older and stopped performing. His range was incredibly high during his prime so it doesn't surprise me really -- except that this was obviously a REALLY conservative performance. Journey has a new frontman now, Arnel Pineda, who is amazing and has pumped new life into the band. Many Journey fans have wished for Perry to return and/or for Journey to have him back. I was one who wondered if that COULD happen, but frankly, after hearing this, I think it's best that it DIDN'T happen.
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Hey Journey fans! Look who surprised in Minnesota this past weekend. Who do you prefer Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda?
i don't know Steve Perry's intension. but pls don't say anything bad about Arnel Pineda. AP respects SP. AP's a great guy wt warm big heart.
What are the chances Arnel Pineda is quaking in his boots? Steve Perry returns to the stage in a surprise visit...
So many people are excited about the video of Steve Perry on stage singing old Journey songs...that's cool and all, but the keys of those songs were changed so that he could still hit the "high" the point that he could barely manage the low ones. It's nice to see Steve on stage again, but honestly, he's way past his prime. I imagine this is is what it was like to see Elvis near the end. Journey with Arnel Pineda singing lead is still pretty awesome.
QUESTION: When comes to MN in at the would you rather have a rusty Steve Perry or a spot on Arnel Pineda as lead?
Steve Perry performed live for the first time in almost 20 years. Sounded better than I expected, but I'd still take Arnel Pineda.
Was very impressed with Arnel Pineda, Steve Perry's replacement in Journey.
Wound up watching "Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey" which chronicles the band Journey hiring Arnel Pineda, to be their lead singer after watching videos of him performing in a cover band in the Philippines. I will now take back every negative thing I said about this decision. I am a huge fan of Steve Perry, and this guy is like him mixed with David Lee Roth! Just amazing! I am an *** for waiting 7 years to give this guy a chance. That being said, who wants to go see Journey on June 11th at PNC Bank Arts Center with me?
Hubby and I geeked out tonight in a major 80's rocker way. Bought tickets to the Journey concert in July. Don't hate me for saying this, but I think Arnel Pineda sounds better than Steve Perry. if it's possible. We are so excited to go!!!
Arnel Pineda is no Steve Perry.. but I still get chills listening to him sing with Journey.
Journey Tickets : Journey Found Success On Billboard's Adult Contemporary Chart Journey is an American rock band formed in 1973 in San Francisco, California, by former members of Santana. The band has gone through several phases; its strongest commercial success was in the late 1970s until 1987, when it temporarily disbanded. During that period, they released a series of hit songs, including 1981's "Don't Stop Believin'", the top-selling catalog track in iTunes history;and their highest-charting U.S. hit, "Open Arms". The band enjoyed a successful reunion in the mid 1990s with a Grammy-nominated hit, "When You Love a Woman", and later regrouped with a series of lead singers. In 1998, Journey replaced Steve Perry with Steve Augeri, formerly of Tyketto and Tall Stories. The band hired drummer Deen Castronovo, Schon's and Cain's Bad English bandmate, and drummer for Hardline, to replace Steve Smith. The band released their next studio album, Arrival, in 2001. "All the Way" became a minor adult contemporary h ...
Journey's new lead singer Arnel Pineda is quite good. His story is fantastic. The recarnation of Steve Perry.
Who would of thought Steve Perry was trying to sound like a Philippino. Just kidding. Arnel Pineda is amazing.
Hey if its not Steve Perry, its not Journey. No donations for you this year. Maybe Arnel Pineda can save your programming.
awolnation might be working with Arnel Pineda, Journey's new lead singer who sounds identical to Steve Perry
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Wow Arnel Pineda is amazing, just watched Journey live in Manilla on Palladia...did not know a human could hit those notes, not to take anything away from Steve Perry but he had his day..
Listen up. Arnel Pineda DID NOT replace Steve Perry. He replaced some replacements. Is not the big miracle like you think.
My Journey movie makes me realize how humble Arnel Pineda is and what a blessing it was for him to be the lead singer after Steve Perry. 👌
People who post "Journey" videos with Arnel Pineda instead of Steve Perry are the worst kind of people
Hi, Graham! I'm doing good, thanks. How are you? It's Journey with Arnel Pineda who sounds unbelievably just like Steve Perry.
I watched a pretty inspiring documentary that I'd recommend to you so you round out 2013 in fine form. It's called Don't Stop Believing. And it's all about a poor kid from the Philippines who made his wildest dreams come true. Here's the backstory... A few years ago the '80s supergroup Journey was looking for a new lead singer after legendary vocalist Steve Perry left the band. The guitar player Neil Schon spent weeks surfing the Net hoping to find someone to at least get them through the big tour they'd planned. He watched video after video but no one even came close to the mastery they needed to forge ahead. Late one night, seriously ready to give up, Schon went onto YouTube. He happened to see a video by a young man named Arnel Pineda who was singing Journey hits, belting them out like his life depended on it. Pineda had experienced a rough ride: --His mother died of heart disease when he was just 13 years old. --The family couldn't afford rent so he lived in the streets. --He worked odd jobs and often ...
OH MYYY GAAAWD. I am so going to see Journey next time they are anywhere near here. I just saw the best documentary on the little Philippine dude that sounds and almost looks like Steve Perry!!! His name is Arnel Pineda. He is so fine with his little tiny self. Hard body but he has a wife cute as a button and a child. He came from Poverty with a capital P. His friend recorded him at some tiny bars and posted on YouTube. The other dudes from Journey were looking for a singer and BAMM! they saw him on YouTube. Money has not gone to their heads (him and his wifey). She is not all hoochied out and stuff. It's call "Don't Stop Believing" dam that was good.
Is it wrong that I prefer Journey with Arnel Pineda singing over Journey with Steve Perry singing? If so, I enjoy being wrong.
Who's the best Journey singer Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda? I'm going with Steve
People always call Steve Perry, Arnel Pineda, & Neal Schon the masterminds of Journey, but whenever that...
And I must admit, I'm pleased with Arnel Pineda being the front man for Journey. There I said it. And I am a HUGE Steve Perry fan.
Wow, I am so embarrassed as a musician, to admit that I lost complete touch with the band "Journey" all the way back to when Steve Perry left the band. I was in protest but I am listening to the band play live right now on Palladia and I must admit.Arnel Pineda kicks *** !
Steve Perry is NOT the lead singer of Journey now. It's Arnel Pineda. Steve was fired in 97.
Ok, for all of you 80's music fans, have you checked out journeys lead singer that took Steve Perry's place? This dude can rock!! Check h out on you tube. Arnel Pineda
I mean Arnel Pineda is talented, but it's just the fact that Steve Perry sang that with such passion I could feel the radiating emotion.
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But I mean when Steve Perry sings it. Not Arnel Pineda.
Although Arnel Pineda has great stage performance, Steve Perry will always be the better lead singer for Journey
Arnel Pineda..he sounds so much like Perry..he has an awesome voice! I still love Steve Perry..but Arnel is a close 2nd.
There was also Steve Augeri and Jeff Scott Soto. They were between Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda.
Journey still isn't the same for me with Arnel Pineda taking Steve Perry's position..
Journey was wise to hire Arnel Pineda as Steve Perry replacement not just for voice but to bring down median age of band.
Hard to believe Arnel Pineda has been touring w/for 5 years already. Seen him twice. He's phenomenal (but still, no Steve Perry).
"Journey fans are avid Journey fans. They love Steve Perry still." - Filmmaker Ramona Diaz on Arnel Pineda taking over the band's vocals.
I would love if Steve Perry was still a member of Journey but Arnel Pineda and Neal Schon are still as awesome!!
Always amazed by how much Arnel Pineda sounds like Steve Perry 'til I realize I'm actually listening to Perry!
Just watched Journey: Live in Manila on Palladia. Arnel Pineda is pretty good but Steve Perry is still a way better lead singer.
Finally watched, "Don't Stop Believin": Everyman's Journey, with my husband tonight. If you're a "Journey" fan it's a must see. No one could ever replace Steve Perry but Arnel Pineda does a great job signing his music. I can't wait to see them in concert, sometime soon!!
OK, here are the rules. Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands -- or as many as you can remember -- that you’ve seen in concert. List the first acts that come into your head. An act you saw at a festival and Opening Acts count. Oh, and list the first concert you ever saw first. 1. Harry Chapin 2. RUSH (I think it's been 32 times?) 3. Yes 4. David Byrne 5. Steve Vai (G3) 6. Joe Satriani (G3) 7. Yngwie Malmstein (G3) 8. Heart (6 times?) 9. Aretha Franklin 10. Jorma Kaukonen 11. *** Yankees 12. Stevie Wonder 13. Laura Love 14. Ruthie Foster 15. Santana 16. Van Halen 17. Billy Bragg 18. Journey (with Steve Perry and with Arnel Pineda) 19. Robert Plant 20. The Who 21. The Residents 22. P!nk 23. Fiona Flanagan 24. Cheap Trick 25. The Neville Brothers 26. Roger Waters 27. Lyle Lovett & his Large Band 28. Steely Dan 29. Steppenwolf 30. Richard Thompson 31. Reverend Billy C Wirtz 32. Marcia Ball 33. George Porter Jr. 34. Squirrel Nut Zippers 35. Alanis Morisette 36. Sarah . ...
My 2nd favorite group next to KISS but with Steve Perry, no offence but Steve Perry Was the voice of Journey sorry Robert Fleischman, Steve Augeri, Dean Castronovo, Arnel Pineda, all good singers but There is only 1 Steve Perry!!! If they reunited for a farewell tour I'd sell my truck for front roe tickets!!! and everyone knows how much I love my truck!!!
Listening closely to Arnel Pineda of Journey, I can still hear little Filipinisms in his accent. There's really no replacing Steve Perry.
Arnel Pineda (journeys new lead singer) sounds just like Steve Perry. I mean, he really does.
Great evening of music at the "Journey" concert at Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fla. The lead singer, Arnel Pineda, was awesome !! He has a great voice, was energetic, and was very cool !! Journey performed all of their biggest hits such as Any Way You Want It, Don't Stop Believin', Faithfully, Open Arms, Separate Ways, Wheel in the Sky, Who's Crying Now, Stone in Love, Escape, Be Good to Yourself, and also Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'. They sung other songs, too, and guitarist Neal Schon played an awesome Star-Spangled Banner on his guitar. The concert lasted one and a half hours and the sell-out crowd loved every minute of it. Journey is such a legendary group and, thanks to Arnel Pineda, it will live on for many years. Steve Perry was great for so many years as the lead singer, but the baton has been passed on to Arnel and it is in great hands. A super fantastic evening of great music by Journey !! Magnificent !!
We just got back from the Journey concert. That new kid who replaced Steve Perry was beyond belief.
Thanks to my nephews my Journey library is complete except for the new albums with Arnel Pineda Revelation and Eclipse. I had the box set Time 3, but it did not have all the material from their 6 classic albums from the Steve Perry era. I down loaded the 27 songs I did not have and burned them to CD's. All good stuff. Raised on Radio sounds more like a Steve Perry solo album more than Journey. Also downloaded Asia Alpha. Listening to the song "Last To Know" while typing this.
The great American band Journey is performing this weekend at the Hard Rock Live Hollywood. You will be surprised at how much Arnel Pineda sounds like Steve Perry! There are limited tickets left so don't wait. Check here for all the details.
Just watched Don't Stop Believing, the Arnel Pineda story of his life and in joining Journey. Very cool and what a voice. Much respect. But. It doesn't compare to Steve Perry!
I never thought that I would say that Journey was awesome but I have to admit after seeing them tonight that they KICKED A***. Neil Schon has always been great and proved it once again tonight. He does have a bad facelift now though, you can see that when you are 30' from the stage. Dean Castrovo has always been an incredible drummer and most would know him from Bad English. Jonathan Cain while I thought he was great with the Baby's & Bad English I always thought that he wimped out with Journey but he changed my mind tonight playing keyboard, harmonica & guitar. Just talented, multi style. Ross Valery, well he has always been Ross Valery. Journey bass player. I have to say that Arnel Pineda has the voice to replace Steve Perry and actually is a very, very good front man. So I have to say that Journey was FREAKIN' AWESOME tonight.
Every year i re "discover" Arnel Pineda. Best mimic ever. A talent in his own right, he can't help that his voice sounds like Steve Perry
When 'Journey' redid their greatest hits with Arnel Pineda, the songs sound great but it loses that Steve Perry passion and presence.
Watching the Journey concert from Manila and it always amazes me how much Arnel Pineda sounds like Steve Perry
Steve Perry of Journey left the band after suffering an injury hiking up a volcano in Hawaii before a concert. He had developed some form of joint problem that has plagued him ever since. He has written some 60 songs since then and has sung backup for many young rising stars. Of course, there is a rift between him and the band. But, in this day of bands coming back together (i.e. Judas Priest, Van Halen) do you think Journey with Arnel Pineda (the reason the band has not disappeared into obscurity) would take Steve (the uncontested best voice ever in Rock music [ sorry Mr. Plant, he edges you out in my mind]) back and boot Arnel to the curb? Just a thought.
Watching Journey Live from Manila which is from 2009. Arnel Pineda doesn't cut it. He's not half as good Steve Perry was or even Steve Augeri, sorry Journey, I can't watch this any more with Arnel as lead singer he's not good. I still like them, but only with Steve Perry as lead singer.
Watching "Journey: Live in Manila". This is the first time I've heard the lead singer, Arnel Pineda perform. It's scary how he sounds like Steve Perry. Very, very good.
Have you seen the documentary, "Don't Stop-13" (on On Demand now a days)? It's about Journey's new front man, Arnel Pineda. Wow what a voice!! Do you think he's sounds just like Steve Perry?
and what a secret weapon he is! My FAVORITE part of the show is when Andrew Freeman sings "Separate Ways" he just BLOWS IT OUTTA THE WATER..HANDS DOWN the BEST singer EVER of that song (sorry Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda but its the truth!!) and that aint NO JOKE!!! :-)
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I love Journey.. Always see them when they come to the area... But until today I always assumed Steve Perry was dead... Because why would he not still be a part of such a rocking group? Please tell me I'm not the only person who assumed this?
Former Journey vocalist, Steve Perry, revealed that he had a cancerous mole surgically removed from his face last May. This came just five months after he lost his girlfriend to the disease.
I don't care how close they sound, Arnel Pineda will never replace Steve Perry as the frontman of Journey.
Arnel Pineda is good, but Steve Perry is Journey!
I love the Journey/Arnel Pineda story and his voice is great, but nobody can do Steve Perry like Steve Perry's pure voice...
Arnel Pineda better than Steve Perry? I DONT THINK SO! Sorry AP has no charisma
Just watched Crossroads with Rascal Flatts and Journey. I really love Journey and their music and have seen them a few times in concert... I've also really tried to like the new lead singer for them ( Arnel Pineda ) , but i just can't do it. :-( PLEASE PLEASE bring back Steve Perry or Steve Augeri. My opinion is if your going to replace a singer, you better sound pretty *** close to them... Like when Steve Augeri replaced Perry we hated to see Perry go, but Augeri did an EXCELLENT job in sounding and looking like Perry. Now that Arnel is with them, i don't care for them... Not sayin Arnel isn't a good singer, he just isn't a good replacement in my opinion for Journey. So Journey, please fix whatever issues you had with either if the Steve's and bring 1 of them back. Well that's just my 2 cents, i'm going back to ask that midget again if he needs help with his flatscreen again , maybe he's in a better mood. LMFAO
I thought my heart would always belong to Steve Perry of but after watching Pineda on Crossroads, I think I have found a new love.
Just watched Rascal Flatts and Journey perform on Cross Roads. Arnel Pineda...WOW! I loved Steve Perry back in the day but this guy blew me away!
Watching with & I miss Steve Perry but Arnel Pineda is good too.
Arnel Pineda is no Steve Perry.. Seriously it makes me so mad they just picked up and continued Journey without him... They should have waited on him to have his surgery.. Best vocalists EVER in my opinion Steve Perry & Freddie Mercury... Who do you think are the best vocalist EVER??
Watching Journey on VH1 classic one thing is certain Arnel Pineda sure isn't any Steve Perry
So we spent last night...well yesterday evening watching Don't Stop Believin: Everyman's Journey. Such an awesome documentary. Never thought anyone could fill Steve Perry's shoes, but WOW!! Arnel Pineda is amazing and so is his story. I love Journey and now so does my child..cause she is awesome lol.
I liked a video Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda "Duet"- Don't Stop Believing
I am totally in love with Arnel Pineda!! He sounds so much like Steve Perry from the original Journey band it's...
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question, who do you like better Arnel Pineda or Steve Perry?
Scott Walker at 3pm today has all the details about Steve Perry
A new documentary about Arnel Pineda, the Filipino singer who replaced Steve Perry in Journey. (cc
Journey always seek vocalist with same tone/voices/type of singing. Arnel Pineda is good on ballads. But I prefer Steve Perry, rougher voice
Listening to both Steve Perry & Arnel Pineda versions of "Don't Stop Believing" over & over again it becomes quite clear...
Steve Perry is Steve Perry... Arnel Pineda is Arnel Pineda, Steve Perry was before Arnel (-
If Arnel Pineda suddenly falls sick and Steve Perry takes over for Journey's concert this Tues, I don't mind paying $200 to watch them live
As my wife is Filipino and loves Arnel Pineda and I am White and therefore must love Steve Perry, we are a house divided.
Watching Journey: Live in Manila 2009 on Palladia.I was a huge fan of Steve Perry, but boy can Arnel Pineda sing almost identically!
This week The Eck Brothers Adrenaline Rock Show will coincide with the recent birthdays of veteran guitar playing legend Neal Schon and chief songwriter and keyboard master Jonathan Cain. Journey is the Featured Artist. Formed in 1973, Journey has taken their position firmly as one of the most successful rock bands of all time. They have sold 80 million albums worldwide. And was in fact voted in the USA Today Opinion Poll as the 5th best American rock band in history. The band's inclusion of lead singer Steve Perry would forever change the course of their destination. Originally and primarilly an instrumental band, Journey would now be considered pop/rock. Neal Schon, the founding member and mainstay of the band, is still thrilling its listeners with his soaring signature guitar leads. This is evidenced by their latest release, Eclipse. This features current lead vocalist Arnel Pineda. When Jonathan Cain replaced keyboardist and sometimes lead singer Gregg Rolie in 1981 for Escape, the band was set to bec ...
Arnel Pineda, you're brilliant. But you're no Steve Perry.
Deep Purple and Journey at Vector Arena last night was a blast from the past. Journey's lead singer Arnel Pineda was a mighty showman. Just a wee chap from the Philipinnes taking over Steve Perry's role was an impressive achievement. Not one to stand still, he was jumping and twisting while engaging the punters at the front endlessly. With an assured vocal Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin hit the spot as did Open Arms. Original guitarist Neal Schon layed down an impressive array of tasty licks amidst assorted tones and sustain, driven by the unstoppable drumming of Deen Castronovo, relentless and powerhungry Journey were impressive. Deep Purple began its powerful set with Fireball and carried on via The Mule, Strange Kind of Woman and Space Trucking. Lead singer Ian Gillan proved why he deserves to be belting out the hits from his legendary past. His formidable vocal was in top form and even accentuating his high pitched screams with former Dixie Dreggs guitarist Steve Morse on Strange Kind of Woman. Bassist Rog ...
Journey had an Asian singer and not Steve Perry, however, he did get the high notes, Ian Gillan on the other hand should have stayed in the rest home home, he really struggled, it was a shame and sad to watch. The rest of the band were awesome.
Here's a real obvious and bold statement!! Someone please tell Journey to wake up and stop wasting time with Arnel Pineda and get Steve Perry back in the band!
As a Kid I heard "Journey" songs, as a teen they were not as underground rock & cool, but I still was blown away with Steve Perry's voice. They broke up, no biggie I had Nirvana, Alice n Chains & Soundgarden. I knew that I would not hear a voice like/similar unless by a faraway chance. Recently I saw Journey live in Manilla, I got chills from this & could actually smell the beach, & taste food, see faces, from where I was when I first heard these tunes. I personally feel a band is different when the lineup changes. Marriage & bands, there is just a plethora of nuance's that change dynamics when someone is missing. Not knowing this Arnel Pineda... I was beyond impressed... Sings his butt off. Catch it if you can. Not Steve, but the closest I never thought they would find. featured in NBC s Science of Love
We went to see Loverboy and Journey last night. Great show. Mike Reno has, er, blossomed a bit over the years (as have I.) I wasn't sure what to expect from Journey without Steve Perry, but yowsa, Arnel Pineda can flat belt it out. It was great. Weird, a little, but great.
I woke up to Journey's concert in Mantilla on I am and always will be a Steve Perry fan, but I challenge anyone to watch Arnel Pineda performing in front of his countrymen and not leak a little from the old eye region. I knew he had pipes, but to see how quickly he shaped into a frontman and a rockstar. Never thought I'd say this, but Journey is doing fine without "The Voice".
Arnel Pineda better be channeling his inner Steve Perry tonight. Journey is too cool to let a tiny Philippino man bring them down.
Just watched the recorded Crossroads with Journey and Rascal Flats. It was an awesome performance, but Arnel Pineda is definitely no Steve Perry. Just my opinion, but no one sings like Steve especially Faithfully!
Recorded a pre super bowl concert in New Orleans, on the DVR that was shown on CMT Sat. night. Journey and Rascal Flatts together. There is a short, asian guy who sings for Journey now, as lead. I miss the days of Steve Perry. Just does not look right to me but may be the new look for Journey.
lol. my mom just discovered that it was Steve Perry singing when she seen Journey instead of Arnel Pineda.
I'm watching the Journey Live concert on VH1 Classic, and I must say Arnel Pineda kicks butt as the lead singer. Steve Perry is untouchable, but Arnel is doing as good as can be. Of course, Neal Schon still Rocks!!
I'm watching a Journey concert on TV, and those of you that know my obsession with Steve Perry will find this shocking coming from me, but Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer, actually does sound amazingly similar to him and does a great job!
You mean Steve Perry. Also that "Asian" has been there for several years. His name is Arnel Pineda
Arnel Pineda is definitely no Steve Perry.not a Rascal Flatt fan either but the Journey / Rascal Flatts Crossroads wasn't too bad.
Observations about the Journey/Rascal Flatts Crossroads on CMT: 1. Rascal Flatts *** live for the most part. They should stick to studio recordings for the benefit of auto-tune & multiple takes. 2. Who knew the best replacement for Steve Perry would be Filipino? Arnel Pineda is my hero. 3. Journey does a better job at Rascal Flatts songs than Rascal Flatts does.
Arnel Pineda is KILLING it. Who knew Steve Perry's best replacement was a Filipino?
As most of you know, I lead a somewhat sheltered, friends, work, baseball. not much else. This can lead to some shock when things change. I am watching Journey and Rascall Flatts on a crossroads episode on CMT, and, evidently, at somepoint between 1983 and now, Steve Perry has been replaced by a small Asian gentleman. Should I Stop Believing now?
Watching Crossroads on CMT with Journey and Rascal Flatts...Not liking the new lead singer of Journey very much and he certainly can't take the place of Steve Perry! Rascal Flatts, of course, is awesome.
Quite gutted that I can't strike Journey off my list of bands to watch live even though they're playing this March. Sorry but it just isn't the same without Steve Perry. However good Arnel Pineda (Asian pride!) is, it'll still be like watching a cover band.
Watching the band Journey on Palladia, man the new singer Arnel Pineda sounds just like Steve Perry! amazing!
...well maybe steve perry doesn't, but Arnel Pineda sure does!
*** neighbors, butchering my favorite Journey song. Don't you know the only person who can out-Perry Steve Perry is Arnel Pineda? Jeez
were you hating on Arnel Pineda to replace Steve Perry? Journey couldn't have found a better replacement
Why can't we have more singers with the like of Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda?
I don't care what anyone says. I will never get tired of listening to Journey. Tell it like it is Steve Perry...I'm listenin'...
Well, went to Journey and Loverboy concert last night. Loverboy was great! Mike Reno still got the chops! I LOVE Journey and Arnel Pineda is a great singer BUT nothing can compare to the real thing. Miss ya Steve Perry. Oh, and poor Arnel pooped the bed at the end of the concert when he wished us all a Happy Thanksgiving. hmm, Thanksgiving was a month ago are in Canada remember...
Wants to go to Journey concert. But it's just not the same without Steve Perry. No disrespect to Arnel Pineda.
Arnel Pineda, his a Filipino, and kinda sounds like Steve Perry, but his still not Steve Perry!
You're right - Arnel Pineda isn't Steve Perry.but I'm okay with that! I thought I approved and now I know, I really do!!!
Journey will never be JOURNEY again with out STEVE PERRY as Lead Singer; and Arnel Pineda not only sounds NOTHING like Steve Perry. Arnel Pineda can not sing
Loverboy, Pat Benatar, and Journey were awesome! What a fantastic show. Arnel Pineda did a great job replacing Steve Perry. Mike Reno is looking really old but he still did a great job.
Wanted: A man with hair like David Coverdale who loves 80s bands as much as I do and will go to concerts with me. Persons who like NEW Guns and Roses, who make fun of Bret Michaels, or who like Arnel Pineda more than Steve Perry need not apply. Musicians who will write songs for me will be given preference :) :) :) :) Long Live Rock!!!
I have to say Journey was pretty good last nite. The new singer Arnel Pineda a Filipino sang just like Steve Perry.
I love Steve Perry but Arnel Pineda isn't bad! Loving Journey! :)
had an 80's eargasm tonight : Journey in concert.. one of the most underrated bands, in terms of musicianship.. Arnel Pineda is a great singer / frontman ; not sure who else could've replaced Steve Perry.. Neal Schon is one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time... Opening Act: Pat Benatar.. her voice is STUNNING.. Nicki Minaj can go blow a goat...
Steve Perry will sing the first part of the National Anthem, just to be replaced by Arnel Pineda.
I'm watching Journey on VH1 Classic with Arnel Pineda singing. I don't miss that arrogant Steve Perry at all.
Thanks Julie for the Bday gift to see Pat Benatar, Journey and Loverboy!! It was great to spend it with you and Sam. The concert was amazing. Miss Steve Perry but dang Arnel Pineda you have kept this great music alive. Always good to revisit my 20's and 30's. Jake and Nan thank you for the Quilted Bear gift card!!! You guys are great! What a fun weekend!
I wish Steve Perry was still alive. I'd be jumping on some Journey tickets!! No thanks, Arnel Pineda.
Arnel Pineda has a good voice but Steve Perry is outstanding! Better lead singer by a mile
Me too. I guaran *** tee you I can sing just like Steve Perry (now Arnel Pineda) ANY Journey tune.
This is a great song titled Faithfully from Journey Band, sung by Steve Perry (Previous Vocalist) and Arnel Pineda (Present Vocalist). Clips were taken from ...
Ya know, while heading over to the store get some cough Medicine, the tune playing on my man-made cd just happened to be , "I'll be alright without You(ex-wife)". So many rocknroll love songs that tie in to my wife wanting her split from me. The band if your asking ,'JOURNEY'. I will be there later this summer on tour with them here in ATL. Arnel Pineda is so realistic to Steve Perry. Hopefully I will be with my new Flame when that show comes to town.!!! :)
Okay ... I've said it before. I'll say it again. Arnel Pineda pisses me off. He's the replacement singer for Journey they discovered on youtube from the Philipines or something. He's just a musical impersonator. He's good at it. But he's just mimicking Steve Perry when he sings for Journey. Here he is imitating Steven Tyler way back when People are under the impression he was some poor guy they stumbled on. He's been an impersonator over seas for decades.
Arnel Pineda is a really good singer and is excellent replacement frontman for Journey.But Steve Perry is the original article, he created the vocal style that Arnel now emulates, not to mention wrote most of the songs. Steve Perry brings an element of soul to the songs that Arnel can't touch. If you were to put Sam Cooke in a rock band you would have Steve Perry.
Arnel Pineda sounds so much like Steve Perry it's crazy.
CMT Awards 2012: Journey's Arnel Pineda is no Steve Perry, but the Rascal Flatts performance was still fun via
(( But seriously, Steve Augeri and Arnel Pineda aren't bad. But, they're not Steve Perry. Nope. Steve is the best of the three.
No disrespect to Arnel Pineda - you definitely hit the notes, but Steve Perry hit my heart.
(( Someone just said that Arnel Pineda has a better voice than Steve Perry. ))
When journey made all of their good music Steve Perry was their lead singer. Now its some Arnel Pineda who sings steves part
Arnel Pineda does a better Steve Perry than Steve Perry
Arnel Pineda. The world now knows of him as the lead singer of the legendary American rock band, Journey. However, not many are familiar with the hardships h...
If you have not had a chance to hear or watch Journey with new front man Arnel Pineda, if you close your eyes you would swear it was still Steve Perry at lead. Like a flashback to the 80's. Watched their Phillipine's tour after work last night. awesome.
Didn't realize that Steve Perry of Journey was Asian...who the *** is Arnel Pineda?
Originally sung by Steve Perry (former vocalist for the Journey, but Arnel Pineda's version can be heard by anyone as even much better than that of Steve's! ...
A beautiful ballad by one of my favorite bands. Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda on vocals, both are truly amazing. Enjoy
Journey on the chances of a Steve Perry reunion
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